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Even if you've never heard of Belaire, you might recognize one of the members in the picture above. You can catch the Austin band TONIGHT (June 27) at Cake Shop with Adventure and Jeffrey Lewis and then again tomorrow at Market Hotel with the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. All tour dates below.

Speaking of Jeff Lewis, he's been so busy lately playing shows with everyone and their mother including two local ones just this past week with Herman Dune. Now tonight he has two shows scheduled. First is the Cake Shop thing (he's on at 8pm) AND then I guess he's rushing over to Sound Fix as quickly as possible because they've also got him listed:

Jun 27, 2008 8PM Jeffrey Lewis & more (Jesse Garbacik benefit)
Jeffrey Lewis (anti-folk on Rough Trade) + Kate Ferencz + Archipelago + The Best Thing Ever + Laura Stevenson. Benefit for the Jesse Garbacik scholarship at USM. Free show/donations accepted.
All dates below....

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photos by Zach Dilgard

Loto Ball Show

Loto Ball Show played Knitting Factory with Silver Apples last night (June 24, 2008).

Loto Ball Show reminded me of Fugazi if you fed them a boat loat of crack cocaine. I was very surprised that they were the band preceding Silver Apples set - it was a bit of an odd pairing but somehow worked well together. -Zach
Tonight (June 25), Loto Ball Show play another NYC show - this time at Cake Shop with Indian Jewelry (one of their 3 NYC shows). Silver Apples (who Loto Ball show is on tour with) isn't playing, but Simeon Coxe is DJing the show that also has Pocahaunted and a couple of other bands on the bill. The flyer and more pics from last night below....

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photo by Accidents Will Happen, words by Nick Masi

Love is All

Love Is All played their first of three NYC area shows last night at Cake Shop as a part of the annual NYC Popfest (June 12, 2008). The sold out show had a solid bill and included Oh! Custer, who, like Love Is All, hails from Sweden.

The band played a few cuts off their soon to be released album A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night. The songs were great and had that classic Love Is All sound. They also covered A Flock of Seagulls' "I Ran (So Far Away)," which is available on their tour-only covers EP. Nothing compared to the old stuff though! Songs like "Busy Doing Nothing" and "Aging Had Never Been His Friend" got the crowd fired up. As the band came out for the encore, they asked for requests. Their frantic song "Spinning and Scratching" won. and the show ended with lead singer Josephine Olausson joining the crowd on the floor - jumping around, and screaming the lyrics!

Love Is All have two more NYC shows to go - one at Market Hotel on June 14 (tomorrow) and the other on June 16 (Monday) at the Bowery Ballroom. They're also playing a few more places on the East Coast. NYC Popfest continues tonight at Pianos and Don Hill's.


"just announced: this show is RSVP only! there is a hold limit of 2 per person. Please email your full name to: cakeshopnyc@gmail.com to insure entry & pay at the door."

This is a NYC Popfest show. Popfest passes are sold out. That means they opened this RSVP for the difference between Cake Shop capacity and the total number of passes they sold.

You can also see Love is All @ Bowery Ballrom and Market Hotel.

Love is All

soon. very soon.

i tend to wake up way too early when excited. and getting up at five this morning must indicate that i'm very, very excited about leaving for new york soon. it could also have something to do with the fact that the sun rises around 3 am these days. or the seagulls that live outside my window. oh, well. i still don't have the visa in my hand, but it should be on it's way to gothenburg as i type.
yesterday we made another 100 copies of that cover cdr to bring to over to sell at the shows. and last weekend i screen printed a bunch of tote bags in my kitchen. we are all set.

so, yeah, there's another show booked, at the bowery ballroom. i understand that the place is big. and the tickets kind of pricey. that all makes me very nervous. for those of you who decide to come we promise special treats, we will sell our merch a little cheaper and maybe play songs we don't play that often. requests are welcome.

it looks like it's going to be another very sunny day here today (it hasn't rained here in over a month), i must try to go swimming in the sea again before we're off.

can't wait.

josephine (Love is All)

Crystal Stilts have been added as opener to the Bowery show. Crystal Stilts lost a van back in February. Crystal Stilts got a really high Pitchfork review in May.

Crystal Stilts are also playing Cake Shop on June 29th with Tickley Feather, PWRFL Power, and Rings. Tickley Feather and Rings are on the same record label.

caUSE co-MOTION! have been added as opener to the Love is All Market Hotel show. caUSE co-MOTION! and Love is All are on the same record label.

The Love is All show at Cake Shop is part of NYC Popfest.

All Love is All tour dates HERE. All Crystal Stilts tour dates below...

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Olive Juice

"Jeffrey Lewis, Paleface, Roger Manning, Schwervon, Toby Goodshank, and Huggabroomstik, are Among the 30+ Bands and Artists to Perform May 24th and 25th at Cake Shop...."

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R Stevie Moore

R. Stevie Moore will be performing at Cake Shop in NYC every Tuesday this month. That includes tonight (May 6, 2008) with Half Handed Cloud (Asthmatic Kitty) and next week (May 13) with Double Wonderful. The May 13th show is being presented by the Anton Kern Gallery, Bridget Finn and David Schrigley in conjunction with the David Shrigley exhibition that will be running at the Anton Kern Gallery from May 15-June 21. More info on the May residency at Cake Shop's website.

R. Stevie Moore recently performed at another David Shrigley party in NYC too.

Check out a 1980 video of R Stevie Moore on the Uncle Floyd show, below....

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photos by Leia Jospe

Teenagers @ CAke Shop

The Teenagers' performance at Mercury Lounge last time around was so-so. The thing that stuck with me the most was how "Nada Surf - Popular" their style of singing and talking was (not a good thing). That said, they're back and they've moved up the venue ladder with shows at Music Hall of Williamsburg (TONIGHT/Saturday) and Bowery Ballroom (Monday). They're also playing a free show at American Apparel in Park Slope on Sunday, and a show at Maxwell's in a week. All non-clothing store dates are with Team Robespierre. All dates, and more pictues from their February Cake Shop in-store, below....

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Cake Shop

Cake Shop is celebrating its 3rd birthday by hosting 12 hours of music (3-3) on May 3rd for $3.00. The 2-stage lineup includes caUSE co-MOTION!, Oakley Hall, White Hinterland, Jana Hunter, a lot of other bands, and at least one special guest ("LAL")......

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Lighspeed Champion sweating @ ML, NYC - March 5, 2008
Lightspeed Champion @ Mercury Lounge

This show tonight...a sold out show by Lightspeed Champion at the Mercury Lounge...could be one of my most favorite shows in the city in a long time. Maybe it is because Falling Off The Lavender Bridge is already gunning for top spot on my "best of 2008" list and as such has made me look forward to this show with great anticipation. Maybe it is because "Midnight Surprise" can't be played enough recently by me; it is definitely one of the best 8 minute tracks of recent memory. Could be both. I don't know. But I do know I will do my best to try to relive this experience next week at SXSW like 12 times. [Fresh Bread]
He covered the Strokes' "Heart In A Cage" and Olivia Newton John's "Xanadu." He plays Philly tomorrow, and a show in Brooklyn on Saturday night.

A few hours later a couple of his labelmates played a last minute gig down the street at Cake Shop....

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The Last Shadow Puppets (Alex Turner) @ Sound Fix Records (Leia Jospe)
Last Shadow Puppet

Despite the fact that Cake Shop's website currently says used to say that the Arctic Monkeys and The Rascals are playing a free show there tonight at midnight (March 5, 2008), I'm being told that it's just a Lost Shadow Puppets show. The Last Shadow Puppets consist of one (very important) member of Arctic Monkeys, and one member of the Rascals, and they played their very first-ever show in NYC at Sound Fix last night (so this will be their very-second).

Jared McGuinness

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Some bad news.

We were on hiatus and preparing to head to Berlin, however Jared McGuinness passed away on Jan 24th. He had been drinking heavily and took some of his Grandmothers prescription pills. They got him to the hospital were he was unconscious but stable. The doctors all thought he would come out of it and he was responding. His mother stayed with him all night. In the morning he took a turn for the worse went into seizures and his heart stopped.

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DOWNLOAD: These Are Powers - Chipping Ice from Taro Tarot (MP3)

These are Powers @ Cake Shop, NYC - Feb 14, 2008 (Tod Seelie)
These Are Powers @ Cake Shop

You'll also find the above song on These are Powers' Taro Tarot EP - out April 8th on Hoss Records. More of Tod's Valentine's Day photos, and where to find These Are Powers on their current tour, below....

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Santa Dads

That Santa Dads picture up there was drawn by Wham City (Baltimore) artist Dina Kelberman. You see,....

Mostly now in their mid-20s, the members of Wham City came together at Purchase College, the arty wing of the State University of New York system, in the early part of the '00s......Dan Deacon and cartoonist Dina Kelberman had already met; Connor Kizer, a friendly, lanky goof who now beatboxes and sings for Santa Dads, lived just above Deacon in a Purchase dorm. While the crew would only really begin its incestuous collaborations once in Baltimore, Endres says it was already "making a shitload of noise for no reason in the middle of the afternoon," in communal houses and dorms across the Purchase campus. Shows were booked at house parties where rooms would end up wrapped in plastic or shit got set on fire. A lifestyle of noise and mess as art and play was developing..... [Baltimore City Paper]
...and now Wham City's Dan Deacon is kinda famous, he just finished a tour with Wham City's Jimmy Roche, and he is soon playing the Whitney Museum in NYC where you'll also be able to buy Wham City's Dina Kelberman's new art book "A Year for Me". AND, you'll also be able to see Dina's art on display in NYC at Cake Shop from February 1st (tonight) to March 1st, AND tonight (February 1st) is the opening reception....
featuring the likes of comedian Mason Ross, & conjoined twins of rock, The Creepers and Santa Dads! Upstairs early show 6pm - 9pm cuz i procrastinated! It's at Cake Shop! Also see that this mini-catalogue of the show will be available to buy! Oooh!
That's right, you can check out Wham City's own Santa Dads at Cake Shop tonight. Just don't expect a whole lot from them....

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Todd P

"Dirty Projectors. Or High Places. Or The USA Is a Monster. They’re basically making this pop music that is appealing to a lot of people but has textures that are very avant and very experimental, while at the same time being accepted by mainstream crowds. That’s something that didn’t exist in New York. When I moved to New York, pretty much the best bands in the scene sounded like Gang of Four. You know?"

"Cakeshop. I like Glasslands. Those are two places that have all the legal things they have to have to be a club while at the same time being relaxed places that are about the music. I like the Knitting Factory."

"I was handing out the fliers on the sidewalk outside of Bowery Ballroom. The bouncer came over, knocked me down and knocked the fliers out of my hand."

That and more in today's Gothamist Todd Patrick interview by John Del Signore.

Todd is currently on a break, but his page still lists a few shows - like a High Places show at Death By Audio on Monday December 10th, and a Team Robespierre one at Silent Barn on the 14th.

DOWNLOAD: The Clean - Tally Ho (MP3)

I saw The Clean at Cake Shop on Saturday night (Dec 1, 2007). It was sweet...

The Clean @ Cake Shop

the Clean played a career-spanning smattering of songs, augmented at one point by guitar from Richard Davies (formerly of the criminally underrated Moles). At a time when so many bands of the Clean's stature are cashing in on outsized reunion tours, the whole evening was nothing short of inspiring. [Pfork]
The Clean @ Cake Shop

Yep, that's Ira sitting to the right of Joly in the front row. He was way into it. Georgia was there too (she even played guitar with opener Times New Viking The Mad Scene). That's when it occured to me that The Clean were probably going to open one of the eight Yo La Tengo Hanukkah shows this week. And they did - and on the rumored night - aka last night at Maxwell's (Dec 5, 2007).

The show I went to was one of five scheduled Clean shows - four of which were in NYC, and three of which were at Cake Shop. The other NYC show was at Other Music. Maxwell's was their sixth show in two weeks. I'm not sure when their next show will be, but they say they're planning on touring when their new album comes out - the album they're working on right now. Their last new album came out six years ago.

The dB's open the third Hanukkah show tonight (Dec 6, 2007).
Versus opened the first night.

The Clean

The Clean played Other Music yesterday (about 8-9 songs), and they're playing Cake Shop on November 29th, 30th & December 1st. Cake Shop's MySpace says, "(no advance tickets. to rsvp, send an email to cakeshopnyc@gmail.com specifying the amount you need and the day you want.)". They're also playing Philly on December 2nd.

The Clean were a band that formed in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1978. Led through a number of rotating line-ups by brothers Hamish and David Kilgour, the band (usually a trio), forged a distinctive and quirky sound that relied heavily on organ melodies and simple chord progressions.
See who else is playing Other Music.

High Places @ Cake Shop, NYC (CMJ) - Oct 2007 (CRED - Tod Seelie)
High Places

High Places have three interesting NYC shows coming up. The first is tonight (Nov 7) at Knitting Factory with Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. The second is part of an Esopus Magazine event at the Kitchen next week, and the third is opening for Yeasayer and Team Robespierre at Mercury Lounge - as if that bill wasn't strong enough (tickets still on sale). All tour dates below....

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