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Former Carissa's Wierd singer Jenn Ghetto's S project will continue to support last year's great Cool Choices (her first full-band album) on tour this fall. She doesn't have exact NYC shows announced yet, but we know she'll be here once again for CMJ (she was one of the artist we were excited to see at CMJ last year).

All dates are listed, with a stream of "Brunch" (one of our favorite songs of 2014), below...

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by Bill Pearis


Seattle resident John Atkins has an impressive indie rock resume, having been in Hush Harbor and 764-Hero in the '90s, and Magic Magicians in the early '00s. Atkins recently formed Sun Breaks with James van Leuven, who you may know as Plan B (but not the UK Plan B or the Puerto Rican reggaton Plan B or the early-'90s German punk Plan B). You can definitely hear his past in Sun Breaks' music (and Atkins' vocals, which have always been similar to Built to Spill's Doug Marstch), but this is not a retro project. The band just let forth their first EP, five hooky pop songs given clattering percussion and appealingly kitchen-sink production.

Opening cut "Side of the Road" features Jenn Ghetto of S (and Carissa's Wierd before that) and you can stream that and the whole EP below.

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Onetime Carissa's Wierd singer Jenn Ghetto has been releasing records as S since the band broke up back in 2003. (Carissa's Wierd would also spawn Band of Horses and Grand Archives.) But up until now they were four-track home recordings. With the forthcoming Cool Choices (9/23, Hardly Art), S is now an actual band. Says Ghetto:

At the start of 2012, in the middle of a break-up, I started writing this record. As with the others, the songs all started in my bedroom, but I convinced my metal drummer friend Zach McNulty to help me flesh them out (you guys, he uses a lot of restraint), along with my longtime friends Betsy Olson (bass) and Carrie Murphy (guitar) because I knew they were talented, I liked being around them, and they both had cars.

We spent about a year getting the new songs livable. We played around Seattle, and then Hardly Art was like, "Hey if you are gonna make another record we would like to put it out." I got to know them when they reissued the Carissa's Wierd catalogue in 2010. And I was like "Yessssss!" So I tracked down Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie) to engineer and produce this thing. I had worked with him on a few Carissa's Wierd albums some years back, and thought he would be a perfect fit.

Chris Walla brings a similar production style to Cool Choices that he did to Now Now's Threads and you can hear for yourself via first single "Vampires" which is streaming below.

S will be touring this fall, hitting the East Coast in October, including a visit to NYC during CMJ. No details beyond they'll be here then have been announced, but all other dates are listed, along with the song stream, below..

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DOWNLOAD: Sera Cahoon - Deer Creek Canyon (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sera Cahoon - Naked (MP3)

Sera Cahoone

Sera Cahoone is currently on the road supporting Deer Creek Canyon, her third album which was released on Sub Pop back in September. You can download a couple MP3s from that record above and stream the whole thing below (via Rdio). She played Maxwell's a couple days ago and will play NYC at Knitting Factory on December 13 which is the finale of her tour. Tickets are still available.

The Knit show is two days after her old Carissa's Weird bandmate Ben Bridwell rolls through town with his current outfit Band of Horses (whose opener is Grandaddy frontman Jason Lyttle). Tour dates are listed below, along with that Sera Cahoone album stream.

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Carissa's Weird @ Neumo's in Seattle on 9/24 (by joshc)
Carissas Wierd

NYU Local reports:

Many believed [their 2003 breakup] was the end for Carissa's Wierd, but last year, the band got back together for a one-off reunion show in Seattle, and last month, they released a new single entitled Tucson. Now the band [played] their first non-Seattle gig in more than 8 years at Kimmel's E&L Auditorium this [past] Monday. For a very small group of people, this show is the equivalent of Godspeed You! Black Emperor's five-day stand in NYC last spring.

The Program Board's New Music Chair, Nicole Cobb, who was responsible for booking Carissa's Wierd, explained that she had been in touch with Jen Ghetto, one of the band's two vocalists, to try and book her new project S. "I asked about the possibility of getting Carissa's Wierd to play. I knew it was a long shot, but I had to ask. At first, she said that it probably wasn't possible, but this July, she let me know that it could be a possibility, and at that point, I did everything in my power to make this show happen."

To round out the bill, Cobb booked Kayo Dot and Arms & Sleepers. "I think they both bring interesting things to the show. Kayo Dot, similarly to Carissa's Wierd has a really strong underground following. Not a lot of people know their name, but those who know them tend to love them," she explained.

How was last night's Carissa's Wierd show? S plays Bruar Falls tonight (10/11).

A video from the above-pictured Seattle show below...

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Carissas Weird

The previously-announced Carissa's Wierd reunion show happens in NYC tonight (10/10). Here are the final details:

Carissa's Wierd
Kayo Dot
Arms and Sleepers

A music and visual arts event.
Doors and Gallery open at 6PM, show at 6:30 PM.

NYU Eisner & Lubin Auditorium
60 Washington Square South, 4th Floor
New York, NY
18+, $4 with NYU ID, $8 non-NYU

Tickets will be sold day of show at the NYU ticket central box office.

Tyler Ramsey of Band of Horses also plays a show in NYC tonight.

Carissa's Wierd
Carissa's Wierd

Carissa's Wierd are reuniting again for a pair of shows in celebration of the new Tucson 7" out now on Hardly Art! The 7" is the band's first new material in over seven years. Listen to half of it, "Meredith & Iris", below.

Carissa's Wierd may be unjustly known as the springboard for Band of Horses and eventually Grand Archives. Benjamin Bridwell and Mat Brooke were both members of the Northwestern crew before their 2003 dissolution, though note that Bridwell is not part of the reunion. Everyone else is.

The live dates are 9/24 at Neumo's in Seattle and 10/10 at NYU's Eisner & Lubin Auditorium in NYC, and the NYC show WILL be open to the general public -- $4 with NYU ID, $8 non-NYU, sold day of show at the NYU ticket central box office. Very exciting news.

Coincidentally (?), Band of Horses lead guitarist Tyler Ramsey is playing NYC the same night, October 10th, at Joe's Pub. Tickets are on sale for that. His show is part of an October tour in support of his new album The Valley Wind. You can see all dates and stream the title track below.

Stream the Carissa's Wierd track too, and check out the video of Band of Horses performing "Infinite Arms" on Conan O'Brien last week, with all dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Carissa's Wierd - Fluorescent Lights (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Carissa's Wierd - Die (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Carissa's Wierd - Sofisticated Fuck Princess Please Leave Me Alone
DOWNLOAD: Carissa's Wierd - A Loose Hair Falls Into a Glass of Water Without Ice
DOWNLOAD: Carissa's Wierd - The Color That Your Eyes Changed With the Color of Your Hair (MP3)

Sera Cahoone

Sera Cahoone is currently on the road supporting Sea Wolf (who is playing solo acoustic this time around). That tour, which also includes singer-songwriter Patrick Park, hits Mercury Lounge in NYC (with Golden Bloom) on Sunday (tickets) and Knitting Factory in Brooklyn the next day (tickets). All dates are below.

Sera isn't out promoting anything really, but she is involved in some new records, sort of, and those are the Carissa's Wierd reissues that are coming soon (October 12th to be exact) from Sub Pop-related label Hardly Art. Pre-order all that stuff, and get a taste (if you're not already familiar) via the five free MP3's on the top of this post.

And though Sera isn't signed to Hardly Art (she's on Sub Pop), La Sera is! (sorry)

Going to the shows? Look out for a new Sea Wolf 7"...

...Also, my label will be releasing a 7" vinyl-and-digital-only single for 'Turn the Dirt Over' (from White Water, White Bloom), which will be available during the tour. The 7" single will include a remix by Broken Social Scene's Brendan Canning, and the digital version (which you may purchase on it's own, or will come free with the 7") will also contain an unreleased Sea Wolf track called: 'Where the Wind Blows'. -Sea Wolf
All dates below...

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Hardly Art says, "I am very happy to today inform you that on July 9th of this year Carissa's Wierd will be playing at the Showbox here in Seattle [tickets]. This will be the band's first show since 2003, and is their only show currently planned. In addition to principals Mat Brooke and Jenn Ghetto, the band will include Sarah Standard, Robin Peringer, and Sera Cahoone. As previously reported, Hardly Art will be releasing a Carissa's Wierd retrospective (They'll Only Miss You When You Leave: Songs 1996-2003) on July 13th, 2010 and subsequently reissuing the band's three studio albums, all of which have been long out of print and never before available on vinyl or digitally."

Band of Horses' Ben Bridwell doesn't seem to be participating.

DOWNLOAD: Grand Archives - Torn Blue Foam Couch (MP3)

Sera Cahoone @ Sub Pop SXSW 2008 (more by Ryan Muir)
Sera Cahoone

"How far will this thing go? And what the heck do we call it?

To answer the first question we need to look at the scene's origins. In the beginning, there were two bands.

The first is Carissa's Wierd, a Seattle "sadcore" band whose members included Sera Cahoone, Mat Brooke and Ben Bridwell. (Brooke and Bridwell went on to form Band of Horses, from which sprung Grand Archives). They were true originals, quiet, mournful and eerie; were briefly signed to Sub Pop; and were local favorites from the mid-'90s until their 2003 demise.

The second is Beachwood Sparks, a Los Angeles collective whose music was a clear and proud homage to the Byrds, Neil Young and Buffalo Springfield, the very same godfathers of the Moondoggies, Fleet Foxes and Grand Archives. Beachwood Sparks was also signed to Sub Pop, somewhere around 1999 until the band's dissolution in 2002."
[The new Seattle sound is pretty, pastoral and mellow]

Grand Archives @ Sasquatch 2008 (more by Chris Graham)
Grand Archives
Grand Archives is an American indie rock band, formed in Seattle. The band, originally called Archives, is composed of several noted musicians from that city, led by Mat Brooke, former guitarist and vocalist for Carissa's Wierd and former guitarist for Band of Horses.

The band emerged, under their previous moniker, to little fanfare in March 2007.... [Wikipedia]

Grand Archives are on tour with Sera Cahoone. That's a lot of Carissa's Wierd. This Friday the 13th they'll be at Bowery Ballroom in NYC - part of a four band bill that also includes The M's and Centro-Matic. Then the next day you can catch both of them again at Union Hall in Brooklyn. All tour dates and some videos below....

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