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Bastard Sapling at The Charleston, April 2010 (more by Samantha Marble)
Bastard Sapling

Bastard Sapling is another one in a long line of young and promising bands from Richmond, VA. Featuring members of CR, Celebrity Murders and Inter Arma, the band recently released their debut LP Dragged From Our Restless Trance via Forcefield Records. Bastard Sapling mixes in their fair share of crust with their epic black metal jams, and are streaming the entirety of their LP below.

Bastard Sapling has only one date on their calendar at this point, a Richmond show at Strange Matter on December 7 as part of the Vomitor / Negative Plane trek. Until more dates surface, check out the LP stream below.

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"Dear NYC - Rorschach owned you." - Dawn Geary

words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Chloe Rice


As part of their short burst of reunion tour dates, Rorschach played TWO NYC shows on Friday night (9/25). The first was at Santos Party House with Celebrity Murders (their last show EVER) and The Degenerics.

It was an early show for a Friday. Santos was packed to the gills, which was amazing to see when I arrived at 9:15 - a testament to the legacy that Rorschach left. The openers had already played, and Rorschach were 15 minutes into their hour-or-so set. The water-tight NJ band were barreling through their classics with unmatched precision. They played like they'd been on the road for 16 years, not dormant as they actually have been. Precision start-stops, wild guitar/bass swings while delivering killer riffs, and tons of energy. This is how all reunions should be.

Not only was it a fantastic performance, the energy in the crowd was palpable. Even Ted Leo got into the proceedings. To kick off the encore, Ted joined the band for a cover of the Black Flag classic "My War" before diving into the crowd. (video below). They closed with "Recurring Nightmare 105".

In the course of an hour, Rorschach tore through nearly every single song they knew. "It's so awesome you're doing this!" screamed one of the faces in the crowd.

It was clear throughout the evening what a special occasion this was for a band whose name has been dropped countless times since their breakup but who received little fanfare during their brief existence.

"If I thanked everyone in this room for the support they've given us," said Maggio in a rare break between songs, "we'd have to cut the set off right now." [Grudge City Activities]

This show was one for the record books, and was only matched by what would happen later that night across the river at The Charleston (pics & review of that one coming soon).

The above-mentioned video, and pictures of Celebrity Murders and Rorschach (we completely missed The Degenerics), below...

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by Black Bubblegum


According to the great folks at Prank Records, you now have the ability to mark a date on the calendar with respect to the impending Rorschach reunion.

"All original lineup, all original roadies, Jon Hiltz of Born Against on the sound board." September 23rd to the 27th. Details are Still being worked out, but so far it looks like this:
"this", below...

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