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by Andrew Sacher

Trans Am

Post rock pioneers Trans Am released their tenth album, Volume X, this week (5/20) via Thrill Jockey and have just given video treatment to one of its singles, "I'll Never." The song's a vocoder-led ballad with repeated refrains of "Come a little bit closer" and "I'll never get over you" and there's a kitschy intimacy in the video (based on this video) to match. See for yourself -- it premieres in this post and can be watched below.

The band also begin their previously announced tour in DC tonight (5/22) and come to NYC on Friday (5/23) at Knitting Factory with Dan Friel and Chron Turbine. Tickets for that show are still available.

Updated tour dates are listed, with the new video, below...

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Freshkills on a Rocks Off Boat Cruise (more by Keith Marlowe)

"See you in hell, world." - Freshkills

And with that statement, post-punk favorites and BV-SXSW veterans Freshkills are throwing in the towel. No acrimony or malice though, so help send the Brooklyn band into the sunset with one final party on Friday (3/1) at Union Pool. Violent Bullshit and Chron Turbine will play support and $8 gets you in at the door.

Chron Turbine also features members of Rye Coalition, who will play with The Sonics at the upcoming Norton Records benefit on April 13 at Bell House (tickets). Members of Rye Coaltion will also play as part of the upcoming Merel reunion at Grand Victory on April 5 which ALSO features Freshkills vocalist Zachary Lipez behind the wheels (tickets). Oh what a tangled web...

RIP Freshkills. Check out some tracks from the band below to salute them one last time.

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pictures by Caroline Harrison; words by Doug Moore

Future of the Left @ Knitting Factory, 11/27/2012
Future of The Left

Future of the Left wrapped up their US tour with a triumphant BK set at the Knitting Factory on Tuesday (11/27). Baltimore's Roomrunner, NY's own Chron Turbine, and bicoastal act The Simpsons provided support.

The Simpsons features Bomb the Music Industry! main man Jeff Rosenstock (and an utterly un-Google-able band name). The band has evidently existed for a year, but this show marked their first live appearance. Like most debuts, The Simpsons' set had its share of hiccups -- clumsy songs, off-key vocals, and awkward between-song pauses. Still, a small collection of BTMI! fans responded to The Simpsons with visible enthusiasm.

Chron Turbine's set was considerably tighter and more rehearsed. Their staccato clatter is visibly primitive: their drummer led with his left on a right-handed kit, and guitarist Chris Turco seemed to have only a passing familiarity with the notion of upstrokes. Despite some technical difficulties, Chron Turbine retained a sense of levity. "Hear that?" asked Turco over his amp's drone. "We're a buzz band."

Roomrunner's tagline is "death to false grunge." They're not exaggerating. The band has more similarities to Nirvana than they do differences - -battered Fender Jaguars, quiet/LOUD songs, two and three-chord riffs, horizontal stripes, button-up sweaters, homemade band shirts, and oodles of feedback. (They deviate with their four-person lineup and their fondness for funky time signatures.) The style has aged well, and Roomrunner has the charisma to carry off the pastiche.

Future of the Left has played six shows in the New York area since June of this year. Their set has changed little over this period, aside from the slamming new tune "Future Child Embarrassment Matrix." Still, they remain endlessly entertaining. Frontman Andy Falkous is preternaturally witty between songs, and the performances themselves more than do the records justice. Here's hoping that they play six more NYC gigs next year.

More pictures from FoTL at Knitting Factory are below.

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Future of the Left at Maxwell's - 11/26/12 (via @smashleyzombie)
Future of the Left

Future of the Left have been on a North American tour which hit Hoboken's Maxwell's last night (11/26) and wraps up TONIGHT (11/27) at Knitting Factory Brooklyn with Roomrunner, Chron Turbine, and The Simpsons. Tickets for tonight's show are still available and we're also giving away a couple pairs. Details on how to enter to win tix to tonight's show are below.

Before coming to the NYC area, the band played Buffalo, NY on Sunday (11/25) and you can check out a video of them playing "Adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood" from that show and the setlist from their recent Dallas show (11/21), below.

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by BBG


With members of Deadsea and Teeth of The Hydra amongst their ranks, you'd think that Columbus, Ohio quartet Eye would be on a quest for riff-supremacy. In fact, Eye is more concerned with the spacey moments of Pink Floyd, Yes, King Crimson and heavy psychedelia on their new LP Center of the Sun. The LP is due via Kemado Records Tuesday (4/3) and you can stream the new song "Rik Rate" from that LP below. Order your copy.

The band will celebrate the release at a show at Grand Victory on April 7th. Tickets are on sale for the show that includes appearances from Chron Turbine and Gentlemen.

Check out the stream of "Rik Rate" below.

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DOWNLOAD: Oberhofer - "Gotta Go" (MP3)

photos by Bryan Bruchman

Les Savy Fav

A Les Savy Fav show is a parade of ridiculousity mixed in with taut post-hardcore/punk. They're the perfect mix of seriously good band and seriously fun - a perfect band to have playing on the occasion of a four-year anniversary celebration. Brooklyn venue Music Hall of Williamsburg blew out the candles on four years last night (9/6) with the sometimes-scantily-clad-but-always-zany antics of LSF vocalist Tim Harrington, whose band headlined the rainy evening with cheery Brooklyn band Oberhofer and opener Chron Turbine. Pictures from the show are in this post.

The show was one of only two US dates scheduled for LSF in 2011 (10/7 in DC is the other), and one of only three total shows scheduled for LSF if you include their upcoming appearance/curatorial duties at ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas in Minehead in December (featuring the return of Hot Snakes and Bitch Magnet, along with appearances from Battles, Sun Ra Arkestra and many esteemed others).

For Oberhofer, their appearance at MHOW was the second in the past few weeks including their appearance at the Spotify show at Mercury Lounge on August 25th with The Suzan and Exitmusic. Oberhofer recently dropped a new song "Gotta Go" due on their upcoming debut full-length for Glassnote (who, after a long label bidding war, Oberhofer recently announced they signed to). Download it above.

More pictures from the show below...

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Blood Orange @ PS1 on 8/20 (more by Erez Avissar)
Blood Orange

One of the many casualties of Irene was the free Spotify-sponsored CANT/Blood Orange show that was supposed to happen at Mercury Lounge on Sunday. Luckily that show had no trouble rescheduling and will now take place this Tuesday, August 30th. Doors for the free late-night show are at 11:30pm. Expect CANT to hit the stage around 1am. As previously mentioned, this will be CANT (aka Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear)'s NYC live debut.

CANT's debut record, Dreams Come True, is out on September 13th on Chris's own Terrible Records. You can listen to two songs, "Answer" and "Believe", now on Spotify.

The last free Spotify show featured The Suzan, Exitmusic and a headlining set by Oberhofer who, in addition to having a bunch of songs streaming on Spotify, also made a Spotify playlist that you can listen to if you have the application.

Oberhofer's next NYC appearance has also been announced. Catch them opening for Les Savy Fav, along with Chron Turbine, at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Tuesday, September 6th. Tickets are still on sale.

You can also catch CANT at Music Hall of Williamsburg, but only DJing, on September 13th. CANT and Blood Orange head out on a tour in October that hits Bowery Ballroom on October 25th.

Speaking of Exitmusic, they have a new video for "The Hours" which you can watch below...

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DOWNLOAD: The Diamond Center - Dos Fridas (MP3)

Diamond Center

Fielded's Coco66 show on Saturday also features sets from The Phantom Family Halo, Chron Turbine, and Richmond pscyhe band The Diamond Center who are currently on tour and play Deep Heaven Now 3 in Somerville, MA tonight/Friday, and Austin Psych Fest at the end of the month. All dates are listed below.

Grab the "Dos Fridas" MP3 above. Fans of the band might recognize the song from their 2009 self-released album My Only Companion, but this is a re-recorded version (recorded at Richmond Black Iris studios). The Diamond Center are about to release a new 7", Caraway / 20Twin, via somedaythiswillallmakesense. Stream that in full below, with a bunch of other songs/videos and all dates and some flyers...

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