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Chuck Biscuits

I can now say with 99,99% confidence that legendary drummer Chuck Biscuits is in fact alive and well! So what the hell happened yesterday? How did the rumor that he died of throat cancer start? Why did everyone believe it? Well, before the chain reaction of irresponsible blog posts and news stories (guilty), it all began with one James Greene Jr. James, according to the Boston Herald (one of the sources I read before posting myself) (and whose story credits Blabbermouth), is "a freelance music writer from Brooklyn, New York".

Though I didn't completely realize it at the time of my own hasty posting, James's Chuck Biscuits obituary was THE source of it all. Before I re-posted his words I had read about Chuck's death - in addition to at the sources mentioned above, in the BrooklynVegan comments, and was told about it via an IM, and saw that someone had updated Wikipedia with his death info (reliable, I know), and noticed via Google that Punk News had even put a "-2009" after his name and date of birth. The news was spreading fast. By the end of the day, at least 50 websites had reported that Chuck was dead.

At first glance James's blog post seemed super legit too. First of all, who would make something up about Chuck Biscuits? (Lars Ulrich maybe, but Chuck Biscuits????). It was a well thought out obituary which even sourced Chuck's family members (a "mass email" even), and (ironically) the post was tagged "Shit That Can't Be Real Yet Somehow Is"!

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UPDATE 3: Chuck Biscuits is alive!

UPDATE (good news): Chuck's death may be a hoax!

UPDATE 2: Chuck Biscuits is not an easy man to get a hold of these days, but someone is now claiming that Otis Link did in fact do that.


Legendary hard rock drummer Chuck Biscuits, whose lengthy résumé included stints in such flagship underground acts as Black Flag and Social Distortion, died Saturday after a prolonged battle with throat cancer. He was 44.

Chuck Biscuits"In response to the inquires, thank you for all the support," an anonymous family member wrote in an e-mail sent this morning. "Chuck did not survive his battle with throat cancer. He passed surrounded by his family on 10/24/09."

Chuck Biscuits was probably best known to the general populous for his work with Danzig. Beginning in 1988, Chuck played on that group's first four albums, which are often hailed as Danzig's best (thanks in no small part to Chuck's powerful drumming style). The percussionist also appeared on 1993's Thrall: Demonsweatlive EP; that release yielded an unexpected chart-burning hit for Danzig in "Mother," a song the band originally included on their self-titled debut. [JG2 Land]

Chuck Biscuits, known not only for his drumming, but for being the member of Danzig without black hair! Chuck also played with the Circle Jerks, D.O.A., Fear, and even drummed on a RUN DMC album. He died way too young. R.I.P. DIDN'T DIE

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