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Fuzz @ DbA in June (more by Devin Councill)

Browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows. Here are some highlights...

Fuzz, CCR Headcleaner, Beech Creeps @ Death By Audio
Do you pine for the early '70s monster riff days of Blue Cheer and prime Black Sabbath? Ty Segall does too, hence his proto-metal band Fuzz in which he sings and plays drums, heavy on the fills. Even on a Sunday, this show is sure to be nuts.

Ólöf Arnalds @ Le Poisson Rouge
Mere days after male Iclandic composer Ólafur Arnalds played LPR, we find female Icelandic folk singer Ólöf Arnalds at the same venue tonight. Yes we're still a little confused too.

Quasi, Jeffrey Lewis @ Knitting Factory
Long-running indie duo of Sam Combes and Janet Weiss bring their organ and drums to Knitting Factory tonight, their first of two shows in NYC with tourmate Jeffrey Lewis.

Antibalas, Song Sparrow Research @ Highline Ballroom
NYC Afrobeat band Antibalas play their second of two local shows this weekend.

Wolf People, Golden Animals, The Golden Grass @ Mercury Lounge
If you'd like Tull vibes in a younger package, UK band Wolf People sound like they could be from 1973 -- proggy, riffy, and the occasional wind instrument. Opening are NYC psych duo Golden Animals and power trio The Golden Grass.

Iron Chic, Rvivr, Nude Beach, Giant Peach @ The Acheron
Long Island punks Iron Chic make the kind of uplifting punk anthems that sound destined to be shouted by a club of sweaty kids with half-empty beers flying everywhere. Perhaps that will be the case tonight. Nude Beach make Replacements-y heartland pop.

Alice Cooper @ The Capitol Theatre
Before the pro-am golf tournaments, appearances on Wayne's World and pontification on the origins of corpse paint, Alice Cooper was a ripping hard rock musician. Relive those early records and get your air guitar on.

Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band, Leverage Models, Invisible Familiars @ Union Pool
This is the first date of HWBMB's (side project of TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe) October residency at Union Pool which will happen every Sunday this month. Don't miss Leverage Models if you're going, they make Big '80s art pop ABC and Spandau Ballet would be jealous of.

Ginger Baker @ Iridium
One of the greatest living drummers of any genre, Ginger Baker is best known as one third of Cream but is a master of many styles. His five-night run at Iridium, continues tonight with 8 PM and 10 PM shows.

Clean Teeth, Pigs, Marching Teeth @ Saint Vitus
How do you like your teeth -- Marching or Clean? Tonight you don't have to decide, they're both playing Vitus.

Hannibal Buress @ Knitting Factory
Big league comedy talent (Chris Rock, Louis CK, etc) show up regularly (and unannounced) for Hannibal's very popular free comedy show at Knitting Factory's front bar. Get there early.

For all of tonight's shows, and tomorrow's, check out our full NYC show calendar.

For laughs, check out the NYC Comedy calendar too.


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Sannhet at Saint Vitus, November 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)

BrooklynVegan and Invisible Oranges are proud to present an exclusive East Coast appearance from Deafheaven, who will join Sannhet, Clean Teeth and Theologian at Saint Vitus on February 22. Tickets are on sale. The show will also work as a coming-out party...

We are Sacrament Recordings and Merchandise, created by the owners of Brooklyn's premier dark music institution Saint Vitus. Sacrament's mission is to proliferate the culture that is experienced by thousands every year at our club through recordings, merchandise, mixtapes, and of course EPIC shows... we have a lot of exciting things coming up, especially from our favorite band Sannhet.
As you may know by now, Brooklyn instrumental trio Sannhet (who played the BV-BBG CMJ show) expertly mixes soaring post-rock with elements of black metal tremolo-picking, hardcore, and more. Think Russian Circles meets Altar of Plagues. Look for their new LP Known Flood on February 19 via Sacrament (the show is their release party), and in the meantime check out their new video for "Absecon Isle," as well as some recent live video below.

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photos by Lukas Hodge, words by Lauren Jackson


"Hey Brooklyn... kill yourselves."

With those words, Eyehategod frontman Mike Williams described the band's first of two shows at Saint Vitus last night (11/27) in a nutshell. The air was thick last night not only with a mingling of body odors, but also with a slack-jawed, drooling rage that carried through each band's set--including Long Island's The Communion, who kicked off the night with a noise-laden, screeching set in the tradition of sludgy-grindcore.

Next up was the sludgier Brooklyn band, Clean Teeth, who peppered in the second major element of EHG, the heavy-because-I'm-so-miserable-I-can't-hold-my-head-up, similar to The Communion's homage to EHG's raw ferocity.

Then, rumor has it someone dosed the whole crowd with uppers as Magrudergrind took the stage. Compared to the other two openers, their set was blisteringly short, and whipped the crowd into a buzzing frenzy that ended with the launch of the night's first projectile--a full pint of beer, aimed at frontman Avi Kulawy's head right at the end of the band's set.

The anxiety buzz bled into the final set of the night. As Eyehategod took the stage to a chorus of approving grunts and played the first, sludgy chords of their set, bodies and beer cans flew willy nilly. Another pint glass narrowly missed the drummer's head. The stench of sweat, something in the vein of wet socks and warm beer was overwhelming. EHG, who were not only unfettered but comfortable in the scene before them, played for over an hour, stopping inbetween songs to taunt concertgoers and shout for beer (and water). At one point, Williams asked, "Does everyone feel alright?"

A resounding "NO!" echoed back. But that was alright. That was what they wanted--they wanted to feel bad, get covered in shit, bruise and get bruised in return. No one went (or will go tonight) to see EHG because they make you feel good. They went to have their misery shouted back in their faces, and know that, even if every other person in the audience acted like a total shithead (and most did), at least one person--one band--knew how badly they wanted to raise hell and burn the place to the ground.

Eyehategod will play again tonight at St. Vitus (11/28) with Villains, Mortals and White Widows. Tickets are still available. More pictures and video from last night's mayhem (though unfortunately none of The Communion) are below.

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Eyehategod in Australia

With a tour down under officially behind them, Eyehategod are here and ready to take on Saint Vitus tonight (11/27) and tomorrow (11/28). The shows are a rare look into the band's highly elusive new material (some of which recently surfaced via A389) and will feature different sets each night, with support for tonight coming from Magrudergrind, Cleanteeth and The Communion and tomorrow featuring Villains, Mortals and White Widows (mems Primitive Weapons, Grudges, Goes Cube). Tickets for both tonight and tomorrow are still available OR you can try your luck at winning a pair for BOTH nights! Details on how to enter are below, along with streaming audio.

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words by Klaus Kinski, photos by Sarah Coulter and Maclyn Bean

All Pigs Must Die (by Sarah Coulter)
All Pigs Must Die

On Friday March 9th, I toddled over to the Knitting Factory to see the triple bill featuring Clean Teeth, All Pigs Must Die, and Narrows. To be honest, All Pigs Must Die was literally the only reason for my being at that show, but the acts that book-ended them made me glad I got there early and left late.

Cleanteeth blasted off pretty much at 9pm on the nose. This particular show marked the first for their new drummer, who absolutely dominated the kit with incredible skill and aggression. The band was really great; they were heavy as hell and lacked a lot of the slow plodding monotony a lot of metal bands suffer from nowadays. It drives me absolutely fucking crazy that metal bands feel the need to drop their guitars down to some low ass note such as B; as though that somehow makes them heavier. Weren't the guitars on Obituary's Slowly We Rot, one of the heaviest albums to come out of the late 80s/early 90s metal scene, tuned to a standard E tuning? Yes. They were. Write heavy songs and stop leaning on the cliche low tuning crutch people. Anywho, Clean Teeth were great! They had my massive bald skull banging, that's for sure.

Next up was the centerpiece of the evening (for me), All Pigs Must Die. As a person very much into the whole late 80s, early 90s death metal stuff, newer metal is a lot harder for me to get into. There's is a lot of horseshit bands out there, bands who are covered in ink copping nice vintage gear and huge stacks and essentially just looking the part and producing nothing worth anyone's time. APMD, on the other hand, are the real article, creating some of the heaviest music to hit my ear drums in a loooong time. Sonically, they encompass a lot of elements that your man Klaus can't get enough of; speed and vocals bordering on Sick of it All, a guitar tone that reminds of me Entombed's monumental debut record Left Hand Path, and a dash of good old fashioned hardcore, grindcore, thrash, and death metal. I have missed every single NYC-area APMD since I saw their debut show at Union Pool in January 2011, so this was a show I had been looking forward to big time. Few front men have the power and presence of Kevin Baker. I've met him twice off stage and he couldn't have been nicer, but onstage he is the epitome of fury. If there was ever to be a systematic destruction of earth, whoever is in charge of the project should hire Kevin as project foreman. As he screams his way through the songs, his body language gives off the impression that he is about 1 second away from snapping and destroying everyone in the room. This was the first part of the evening where the crowd sort of woke up and started shoving which was good on two scores; first, it's great to see a typically flaccid NYC crowd actually get cranked about something. Second, someone dropped 10 bucks which I promptly ganked and used to buy an APMD shirt. Thanks, whoever you are!

Last up was Narrows who really shut things down with a big sweaty bang. Holy. I've been a huge fan of Botch forever, so for a Dave Verellen project to be happening in my backyard (with APMD no less) was double dope. What a phenomenal band to follow up APMD. I don't want to trivialize what they do by comparing them to other acts or bringing up their related projects, but Narrows is absolutely crushing. Do yourself a favor and seek them out any way you can; buy their shit, look at their vids on youtube... I cannot think of a better pairing than APMD and Narrows.


APMD and Narrows play together again at the BV-BBG/Thrasher/Power of The Riff Official Showcase at Scoot Inn on 3/16, part of an all day BV/POTR event at the venue. Narrows will ALSO play the BV/Chaos in Tejas bridge show scheduled for the night of 3/15 at 2AM with Regents, Darkest Hour, and a special "Nighttime" guest. Make sure and see that bridge show... don't sleep!

More pictures from Knitting Factory below...

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photos by Greg Cristman, words by BBG

Santos Party House

Weedeater played Santos on Feb 24th as part of an ongoing tour for the North Carolinians in support of their new LP Jason... The Dragon. The band's current trek has them splitting time with ASG (who played Santos and are now done with their part of the tour) and Zoroaster, who is currently out with the band. Shortly after this weekend's Scion Rock Fest, Kvelertak will link up with the tour and they'll head on down to Austin for SXSW, teaming up with Trap Them, Hull, Rwake, All Pigs Must Die, and the recently added Goes Cube to play the BrooklynVegan/1000Knives stage at Full Metal Texas on 3/17 (Emo's 12 - 7PM). More details are forthcoming.

Weedeater is also scheduled to join on to the Austin date of the Metalliance tour, which will also feature Helmet, Saint Vitus, Crowbar, Kylesa, Howl, Red Fang and The Atlas Moth. The Austin show goes down on March 18th show at Dirty Dog Bar in Austin. There are no advanced tickets for that, but tickets are still available for the NYC date at Irving Plaza on March 25th.

All tour dates, and more pictures from Santos are below.

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by BBG


Constants have a new Justin Broadrick-produced record called If Tomorrow The War, out NOW. The band will celebrate by embarking on a short east coast tour which will include on 10/15 at Union Pool with the unstoppable (and unmissable) Rosetta and Cleanteeth (a BrooklynVegan/1000 Knives production). $10 gets you in to the Brooklyn show. The band will then take it on the road for a month+ tour in the US with Translation Loss representatives Irepress.

Rosetta dropped their new LP A Determinism of Morality via Translation Loss, and recently played NYC with KEN Mode at Union Pool on 5/28.

Constants dates, and some video is below...

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by BBG

Landmine Marathon & Salome @ Emo's (more photos by Tim Griffin & Brian Reilly)
Landmine Marathon

It's with the utmost excitement that I can announce Landmine Marathon and Salome will team up for a TWO nights of carnage in NYC! The pair will swap headlining duties over the two dates. LM headlines Union Pool on July 13th (with the return of Wetnurse). Then two days later Salome will headline at Cake Shop (on 7/15) with Batillus and Cleanteeth. The pair of dates are part of a stretch of shows that Landmine & Salome will do together, and part of a longer set of dates for Landmine Marathon that will also land them at Dudefest 2010 (alongside Arab on Radar, Voetsek, Trap Them, Weekend Nachos, Coffinworm, and many notable others). Most of these dates are still TBA.

Current tour dates, some video and the show flyer is below...

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by BBG

Gospel at Union Pool (more by Samantha Marble)

The last benefit for Matty No Times featured Gospel, and the band is back again with a similarly awesome lineup of Cleanteeth, Psychic Limb, Rats In The Walls, and Black Kites at Public Assembly on 4/17. All of the $10 cover goes toward Matty No Times and his staggering medical costs:

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Toby Tenenbaum


Kylesa played the first of two NYC shows in the humid, obscenely packed basement of The Charleston on 1/28, supported by Tombs, Tournament, Clean Teeth, and The Brass. Due to a family emergency, Clean Teeth (mem Made Out of Babies, ex-Destructo Swarmbots) replaced Black Anvil (hope everything is OK, my dudes). I arrived late to catch part of Tournament's set (The Brass & Clean Teeth were finished), and while I thought they sounded great, it's hard to truly enjoy a performance when you're standing in the back of a room and can't see the band. I made sure that didn't happen for Tombs & Kylesa, but Tournament requires further investigation.

Though this was my umpteenth experience seeing Tombsin the past few months, it was my first chance to hear the Winter Hours material in a live setting (and recognize it as such). The Brooklyn trio stuck to the script and delivered their usual pummeling performance, but what I found most fascinating was the fact that Winter Hours engineer Ian Whalen had done gone and done it.... The record definitely captures some of the raw emotional and destructive power of the live show. Winter Hours is definitely an early contender for record of the year, so look for it Feb 17th dammit!


Kylesa was next, mayhem ensued. Maybe I should have realized it when the Tombs guys could barely get their equipment off "stage" in the crush of people. Move it people!

"OK everyone, there isn't enough room to play. I need everyone to take three steps back..."

Vocals/Guitarist Laura Pleasants yelled to the back of the room. It wasn't enough.

"OK. Two more steps."

With the crowd a full five steps more "contained", the amplifier tubes-a-glowin', and both drum kits set up diagonally and semi-facing each other, Kylesa launched into their set, sending the packed audience into a oceanic ebb & flow with a "lucky" few in front acting as riot police. For the first few songs I managed to stay up front, and it was definitely a combination of fear and utter jubilation: fear of being smashed forward into the metal hardware of the drumkit and a herd of stampeders falling behind and on top of me, and utter jubiliation because, well, they destroy. A really lot.

My worst fears were semi-realized though... halfway into their second song, a rogue tsunami pushed me head-first into the mic stand, pushing Laura Pleasants back a bit, disconnecting the mic cord, and making me personally responsible for an instrumental first verse of "Scapegoat" from Static Tensions.

continued with more pictures below...

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