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photos by Rachel Carr, words by Daiana Feuer

Jay-Z, Beyonce & Johnny Rotten
Coachella 2010
Coachella 2010

This year, the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival reveals that tattoos are more ubiquitous among social scenes than ever before. A walking museum of quotes and legendary faces from Jesus to Michael Jackson decorates the backs, shoulders, calves and fingers of people fashionably reliving their favorite historical decades at this heat-stroke inducing music marathon.

I thought Wale didn't show up, but later found out that he showed up late. Baroness demonstrated the art of rocking out at least three to five times before each song reached a satisfied climax. Metal can be a real turn on, especially surrounded by sweaty good-looking people. Deer Tick performed an R+B version of "Ashamed" followed by John McCauley caressing his nipples. LA band Iglu and Hartly had enthusiasm, but is this Mickey Avalon without the drugs and prostitutes? Which leaves what? Sleigh Bells began with a booty melting bass line palpable from the VIP section across the field, soon overtaken by hipster hop metal pop for people that like beaches and children. The Avett Brothers made an exciting second Coachella appearance on the Outdoor Stage. Two years ago, the band played Sunday gospel time, all manners and simplicity, but the Bros returned with a full band, and a few thousand people singing every word, stomping to the banjo, and hugging during the sweet parts. The banjo will take over America. Just wait. Country music is infiltrating avant-garde and above ground indie worlds alike.

Standing midway between the big stages, just a few feet from yet another girl with the words "Have u seen my friend Molly?" scrawled on her back, the Avett Brothers' heart-wrenching "January Wedding" got a reggaeton remix from Calle 13 booming on the Main Stage. This Puerto Rican dancefloor marvel used a tea kettle for a mic effect, and taught the audience to say "No me jodas las pelotas" against negativity ("Don't fuck my balls"). Speaking of balls, Yeasayer's crowd went absolutely nuts screaming, but the guys barely seemed aware, transported as they were to some space station cloud. The harmonies rocked like angelic aliens-but, smile, guys. Hockey demonstrated a genuine interest in moving indie rock standards forward, especially attracting the PG-13 festival contingency. M. ward raspy singing "Roll Over Beethoven" during She & Him's set delivered tingly shivers, but Zooey Deschanel's approach to "I Put A Spell On You" did not crumble souls. Her jazzy voice and bouncy energy otherwise made for a good time that elicited repetitive shouts of "I Love You!" from the first row.

Gil Scott-Heron
Coachella 2010

Music should be at least marginally weird or infinitely classic, but Tom Morello's band, Street Sweeper Social Club, brings nothing new to either category and so seems a waste of great musicians. Get weird or the future will never arrive. That being said, the musicians Coachella digs up from history often present the most exciting moments. Rock steady ska pioneers The Specials sent a crispy, warm message to Rudy that every witness appreciated immensely, but it was outrageous that barely any photographers showed up for Gil Scott-Heron's smooth, soulful set [editor's note: ours did!]. The man is partly responsible for getting Martin Luther King, Jr. a holiday, godfathered hip hop, and that doesn't merit attention? A large crowd attended his every word, but the photos won't show it. Later on, James Murphy screamed Gil Scott-Heron's name during "Losing My Edge" as if it were the name of God. Glad he gets it. LCD Soundsystem's first single in 2002, "Losing My Edge" is a historical document worth preserving for the ages, an essence that speaks to what Coachella seems bent on capturing and rewriting every year. Echo & The Bunnymen rode the high-hat zealously-as many have copied since-giving chapped lips sugar kisses. Public Image, Ltd., could not take Jay-Z's audience away from him nor unglue Fever Ray fans from Karin Dreijer Andersson's encompassing fog spell, but I'll be damned if PiL wasn't the best show all day. John Lydon's hair stood on edge and he rolled his rrrr's heroically. His gang of old men put the good junk in post-punk.

As this first 12 hour music summary comes to a close, a few acts remain worth giving a hoot about. Grizzly Bear's hypnotic power hardly needs mentioning and Vampire Weekend knows you love "Horchata." New cool La Roux magnetizes with a disco flavor that Anita Ward might approve. As hoped, Little Dragon's gentle fire breathing soul pop fronted by Yukimi's sexy voice and adorable stage presence comes in as Friday's second favorite. The music's weird enough, bent on discovering surprises. One-woman band Imogen Heap, as well, is the queen of surprises. She moves around her instruments, looping this and dubbing that as if casually mixing a magic potion or prepping a sandwich. Jay-Z's "On To The Next One" is an appropriate theme song for the attention span needed to get your money's worth at Coachella. And then Beyonce came out. We all bowed down before her short shorts.

Them Crooked Vultures, Passion Pit, Dillinger Escape Plan, Yo Gabba Gabba, and The Whitest Boy Alive also played sets on Friday. The Cribs were among those who could not. Coachella continues for a second day today/Saturday (Record Store Day). More pictures and videos and stuff from the first day, below...

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Say Yeah Yeah!
Posted on: Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Wow...we [Hypnitic Brass Ensemble] missed our flight to Ireland, some quick thinking got us on a flight to Kerry! We stayed and practiced in Dolans on Monday and then hit the radio and colleges on Tuesday Afternoon. The last two shows in Limerick were aiiight, but fuck, for a Tuesday, this even blew us away, thanks to Joe & his team in Limerick, we really love it here, it just keeps getting better and better.
We should have bought a house here, cause we have more fans and friends here than anywhere in the world...

...Looking forward to Galway & Cork and praying the volcanic ash does not prevent us from getting to Coachella for the Gorillaz show..peace

That's a message Hypnotic Brass Ensemble posted on Thursday. It was confirmed today that the ash did in fact keep them from Coachella. Same goes for Talvin Singh. Along with Gary Numan, Bad Lieutenant, Frightened Rabbit, The Cribs, and Delphic, that's at least seven volcanic Coachella cancellations this year.

That obviously isn't stopping the California festival from continuing. There are more than enough artists to go around, and Frank Turner and RX Bandits just kicked off the second day. You can see the full schedule HERE, and start streaming today's performances around 7PM EST.

Video of Beyonce performing with Jay-Z, and Public Image Ltd performing Death Disco, during their respective Day One headlining sets last night, below...

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Gary Numan

Gary Numan was set to play Coachella this weekend and then additional sold out shows in both LA and San Francisco while visiting. We already knew he was in danger of missing Coachella (which he definitely is now confirmed as not playing) , but based on the two statements he released today, it looks like all three are not very likely to happen. Those frustrated statements below:

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"The Specials prove that old age doesn't mean you have to be boring. Dudes danced, ran, kicked, while playing for an entire hour." - A Thousand Grams

Ra Ra Riot @ Coachella - 4/16/2010
Ra Ra Riot
Ra Ra Riot

Traffic is moving smoothly outside the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, as attendees make their way onto the grounds without any problems. Guests are slowly making their way through the front gate after earlier delays caused crowd members to become impatient. Staff kept running out of wristbands they hand out to indicate an attendee submitted a valid ticket to enter the event, Indio police spokesman Ben Guitron said.

"As far as I know, it's moving right along now," he said. Bumper-to-bumper traffic continues to fill the streets surrounding the Empire Polo Club, although not as much as before. Traffic on Monroe Street is backed up to Avenue 48, while traffic on Jefferson Street is moving smoothly after being backed up to Interstate 10 for several hours. Police are monitoring everyone to prevent any criminal activity. As of 7 p.m., seven people were arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs, Guitron said. Meanwhile, officers caught about six people selling T-shirts without business licenses in the area.

"We're shooing them away," Guitron said.

Police learned at least two people, including a 16-year-old girl, were turned away at the front gate because they bought fake tickets from outside the area. [The Desert Sun]

Like Bad Lieutenant, Frightened Rabbit, The Cribs, and probably Gary Numan, UK dance act Delphic will not get to play Coachella this year due to the lack of flights caused by the Icelandic volcano. Delphic's only other US show, April 22nd at Popscene in San Francisco, is cancelled too.

As I type this, the not-live Coachella stream continues with a fine performance by Ra Ra Riot (pictured above). Yeasayer and Deer Tick (who played new songs, an MG&V song, and a ZZ Top cover while crowd surfing in a sundress) have been among those streamed too. The Specials played in real life and will be streamed soon.

Delphic's video for "Halcyon" below...

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Deer Tick on stage @ Coachella now (BlurtMagazine)
Deer Tick

Coachella 2010 is underway, and Deer Tick have the honor of being one of the first bands to play the fest this year. In fact they're playing the Outdoor Theatre stage as I type this, complete with frontman John McCauley in a sun dress (see above). You'll be able to watch the performance later on the not-live stream. Hopefully they cover a Sex Pistols song in tribute to Malcolm Mclaren, and to Johnny Rotten who plays with Public Image Ltd on the same nine hours later (p.s. tickets went on sale today for the recently added PiL show at Terminal 5).

After Deer Tick (who went on after Alana Grace) comes The Avett Brothers and then not The Cribs, though the website still has them listed there.

Speaking of not playing, Frightened Rabbit won't be there on Saturday, and now CNN confirms that Bad Lieutenant, who already cancelled tonight's San Francisco show, won't make it to Coachella on Saturday either. "Bad Lieutenant will not be able to play Coachella tomorrow," a spokesperson for the band told CNN. "They are stuck in the UK and unable to get a flight out. Everyone is very bummed about it." Damn volcano. It remains to be seen if the band will still come to the U.S. just for Chicago and NYC (if they even have the choice).

Coachella headliners tonight/Friday also include Jay-Z, LCD Soundsystem, Them Crooked Vultures, and The Specials. Fever Ray, Echo & The Bunnymen, Gil Scott-Heron, Grizzly Bear, Lucero, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Yeasayer are other highlights on today's schedule. Full reviews and picture sets coming later.

UPDATE: The stream is happening now.

"@brooklynvegan unlikely... unless they allow us to headline Sunday night. In other words, no." - Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit @ Siren Fest 2009 (more by Tim Griffin)
Frightened Rabbit


LOS ANGELES, April 16, 2010 - Due to unforeseen circumstances, Frightened Rabbit will not be appearing at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival on Saturday, April 17 as planned. As of Thursday, April 15, airspace in the UK has been shut down due to the recently erupted Icelandic volcano, which clouded the sky with volcanic ash. As a direct result, the UK has issued a no-fly deadline and all flights are reportedly shut down until 7 am GMT tomorrow, which ensures the band will miss their 2:45 pm scheduled set.

Eurocontrol, the European air traffic agency, said the delays will continue into Saturday as the ash cloud moves south and east. The ash has closed the three busiest airports in Europe: Heathrow in London, Frankfurt in Germany and Charles de Gaulle in Paris.

Having just released their new album, "The Winter Of Mixed Drinks," Coachella was to serve as Frightened Rabbit's kick off to their North American tour. The tour is expected to begin Monday, April 19 in Tempe.

They're dropping like rabbits, I mean flies. Frightened Rabbit join the Cribs in the Coachella Volcano club.

Frightened Rabbit's NYC show at Webster Hall on April 28th is sold out, but, assuming they make it here by then, you can still attempt to catch them at Sound Fix earlier that day. The post-Record Store day show is one of five U.S. in-stores the Scottish band will play over the course of their previously announced, spring, post-Coachella-cancellation tour. All of those dates are below...

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UPDATE: the stream info is below, but check out pics from day one of the fest HERE.

Coachella campground Thursday night (via)

Coachella kicks off today and for those of us that can't be there, at least part of it is streaming online again this year. The method is slightly different though. Sponsored by a brand of gum, you can view the player at either Facebook or MySpace. There's also something if you have Verizon V Cast Video on Demand on your phone. I'm not sure if the schedule applies to the phone app, but the Facebook and MySpace webcast schedule is listed below...

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Gary Numan

"The last thing I expected this morning when I woke up was to hear that volcanic ash might be preventing us from flying to America. At the moment the very best British Airways are offering us, and this without any guarantee, is to put us on a sunday flight that gets in to Los Angeles in the afternoon on sunday. That is one step away from useless and means that, if we are very lucky, we might just make it to the festival site (a three hour plus drive from Los Angeles) in time for our slot but without a single second of rehearsal with Robin Finck, the American based guitar player for the US shows, who has never played with us before, and no real chance of collecting and checking the equipment that we have hired for those shows, which includes all the keyboards, guitars, drums etc etc.

We are still waiting to find out if British Airways can offer any better alternatives. Very upsetting though to see such a huge opportunity slipping through your fingers. I am glued to the TV news at the moment." [Gary Numan]

Bad Lieutenant may or may not make it to Coachella. The Cribs are definitely not coming. Los Campesinos! aren't playing Coachella, but they cancelled a show for the same reason too.

Bad Lieutenant

Bernard Sumner's Bad Lieutenant hasn't had a lot of luck when it comes to playing in the US. They cancelled their first scheduled trip here which included a NYC show at Webster Hall and slots opening for the Pixies in November of 2009. Then they rescheduled their North American debut to take place in conjunction with an appearance at Coachella. In total, they were set to play four US shows with April 21st at Webster Hall being the last one on this trip. So far, thanks to the Icelandic volcano, that number is now down to at most three...

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As you can see in the above picture, The Cribs are bummed out that they're not going to make it to Coachella this year. Read their full statement about it, below...

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British rockers THE CRIBS have been forced to pull out of California's Coachella music festival this weekend - because all flights out of the U.K. have been grounded due to the ash clouds from a volcanic eruption in Iceland.

The Cribs were due to fly to Los Angeles on Thursday (15Apr10) from Britain, but their plane was cancelled at the last minute and they have no way of flying to California before their scheduled slot on Friday.

They are now hoping festival organisers will allow them to reschedule their gig and are so desperate to appear at Coachella, they're considering taking a ferry across the English Channel and driving hundreds of miles to Amsterdam, Holland to try and catch a flight from there.[Contact Music]

UPDATE: The Cribs have officially cancelled.

BBC reports that: "Representatives for UK artists such as Muse, Gorillaz [performing with Clash members Mick Jones and Paul Simonon], Florence & The Machine, Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Little Boots, all due to play this weekend, have confirmed they're already in the US and unaffected."

We also know that Iceland's Jonsi is already here (and somewhat ironically, major airports in Iceland are still open). The Specials got here early too.

Frightened Rabbit is stuck in the UK but hasn't canceled yet.

Los Campesinos! cancelled their Culture Shock appearance for the same reason.

The hazardous conditions and airport closures are expected to continue at least into tomorrow.

The Cribs were scheduled to play the fest Friday before She & Him.

The Specials on Fallon...
The Specials

Central Park SummerStage
has yet to announce their schedule of free summer shows, but when they do, it will include The Specials on August 22nd. Speaking of the Specials, the band appeared on Fallon last night as a kick-off to their very short April North American reunion tour. The next show is Thursday, April 15th in LA followed by Coachella on Friday. Then there's a Toronto show and two NYC gigs at Terminal 5 (April 20th & 21st). The first of those still has tickets.

The songs they played for Jimmy Fallon were "Message to You, Rudy" (on TV) and "Little Bitch" (which Fallon posted as a web-only clip). Videos of both of those, and all dates, below...

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Set times have been announced for this weekend's now sold-out Coachella Festival in Indio, California (April 16-18).

Promoter Paul Tollett of the Los Angeles-based Goldenvoice company said no single or three-day passes will be available at the box office for the festival running Friday through Sunday at the Empire Polo Club in Indio.

In addition, no three-day passes will be pro-rated for people only attending the Saturday or Sunday mix of indie rock, hip-hop and other genres of popular music.

Camping passes were already sold out.

The city of Indio issued a permit for Goldenvoice to admit up to 85,000 people a day for the festival, but Tollett said he's cutting off attendance at 75,000 people a day.

With the set list came the addition of Interscope-signed South African rap group Die Antwoord, who play the fest on Saturday night (as Boing Boing said they probably would when they announced the signing).

For reunited bands Pavement, Public Image Limited, the Specials (on Kimmel tonight) and Faith No More, the fest will be among the first of their US shows, though all have California dates before Coachella. They're all also scheduled to play NYC (with dates that range from next week to September).

Grace Jones was part of the original Coachella lineup announcement, but has since dropped off. Set times posted below...

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Faith No More @ the Warfield (Dina Marie)
Faith No More

"Faith No More really kicked ass tonite at their first hometown show in many years....Neil Hamburger killed as MC and the ladies (and gents!) of Trannyshack put on a bloody good show too!" [Dina Marie]
Faith No More played their first U.S. reunion show last night (4/12). The show was also their first of three nights in a row at the Warfield Theatre in their hometown of San Francisco. A video, the poster and the setlist is below.

Mike Patton & band (that doesn't include Jim Martin) also revealed more shows, in part via a t-shirt at the show (pictured below). In addition to the previously announced (sold out) July 5th show at Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn, the band will play a show at the same venue three days earlier (Friday, July 2nd), and a show at The Mann Center in Philadelphia one day after that. Tickets for the new Brooklyn show go on sale Friday (4/16) at noon.

All together that makes seven upcoming U.S. dates - the three in SF, two in NYC, one in Philly and this weekend at Coachella. The t-shirt seems to imply there won't be any other dates in 2010. Maybe they'll do a bigger tour later in the year or in 2011? The "Second Coming" dates and other stuff below...

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hi guys

just wanted to say a huge personal apology for the remaining US tour dates being cancelled. i really hope you can understand this is due to circumstances completely out of my control, i hate cancelling shows and was so much looking forward to coming to all the places we've never been and returning to the ones we have... i'm truly gutted and hope you can forgive me and hopefully we will try and reschedule as soon as we are able.

thank you so so much everyone who has bought the record state side i really appreciate it and hope to have some new music for you very soon!

love boots x

Little Boots, who is currently in Austin, is referring to the news that "Due to unforeseen circumstances and commitments in the UK Little Boots is postponing all US & Canadian tour dates after her April 18th Coachella performance." The cancelled dates include Philly, DC, Boston and Atlanta. There wasn't a NYC date, probably since she just played here on March 2nd.

"The decision on the part of Coachella organizers to no longer sell single day tickets for the three-day 2010 event has provoked the ire of many a fan. "Make it fair for all us people who obviously want to attend but cannot afford $269," reads a note on the Facebook group created by 22-year-old San Diego resident Brian Lozano." [LA Times]

by Andrew Frisicano

Mumford & Sons @ Bowery Ballroom on February 18th (more by Sarahana)
Mumford & Sons

London four-piece Mumford & Sons will make good on the promise made at their sold-out Bowery Ballroom show earlier this February to return shortly to NYC. The band heads out with Australia's the Middle East across North America this May and June, and they'll both be at NYC's Webster Hall on Tuesday, May 18th. Tickets TBA. You can also catch Mumford at Bonnaroo.

At the Bowery, Mumford & Sons played to an enthusiastic, considerably British crowd (they took a mid-set poll), who had no qualms with singing out the choruses. The UK showing was understandable considering that Mumford's debut, Sigh No More, has been out for almost six months in their home country. In the States the band is still a relatively new arrival (kind of like fellow major label Brit Little Boots, whose Hands came out in the UK last June and is just getting to the US on March 2nd, the same night she plays Highline Ballroom).

That said, the recorded product is both immediate and familiar. Sigh No More benefits greatly from the production of veteran studioman Markus Dravs (whose credits include Bjork and Arcade Fire's Neon Bible and a forthcoming third album). The harmonies on the record are air-tight and brightly polished. Live, the varnish wears off a bit to reveal the affable, passionate, skilled musicians underneath. They benefit from a concert-hall of voices in support (a thing facilitated by the lyrics, which are clear and earnest). Currently, the band is all potential, and their new songs at the Bowery Ballroom showed promise and an encouraging desire to further loosen the neck ties.

Part of their tour with the Middle East includes Sasquatch Music Fest this May (a lineup which also includes Mumford collaborator Laura Marling). Before that, Mumford & Sons will play shows across Europe.

The Middle East will be at Coachella this April, and even sooner they'll be playing SXSW. Their first of four Austin shows will be at the BrooklynVegan official SXSW showcase at Club DeVille on Wednesday, March 17th (also with Dawes, Here We Go Magic, Bowerbirds, Califone and Serena Maneesh). Their full SXSW schedule, all tour dates and Mumford's new video for "The Cave" are below...

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As previosuly mentioned, Echo & The Bunnymen are going to be touring North America after Coachella. Tickets for the May 1st Irving Plaza show are on sale now. All dates below...

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Thom Yorke in L.A. last October (more by Darren Kim)
Thom Yorke

hey everyone

ok so in April the other band.. that i got together to do the eraser and other stuff u know .. Mauro, Flea, Me, Joey and Nigel is going back out to do some shows in the US.. ending with playing with Coachella. we had too much fun to just leave it there...

it has been decided that we call ourselves Atoms For Peace. hope you like the name.. it seemed bleedin' obvious.

these are the shows + Flying Lotus is opening for us -
New York Roseland Ballroom 5th + 6th
Boston Citi Wang Theatre 8th
Chicago Aragon Ballroom 10th + 11th
Oakland Fox Theatre 14th + 15th
Santa Barbara Bowl 17th

all warmth

Thom [via]

As you can see above, they play NYC's Roseland Ballroom on Monday April 5th and Tuesday April 6th. Tickets (4/5) / tickets (4/6) go on sale Saturday, March 6th at 10am ("No phone, box office or outlet sales. Tickets are non-transferable").

Thom Yorke appears on the new album from Flying Lotus (who has other shows coming up too). That includes March 30th at Le Poisson Rouge. Tickets are still on sale.

More date and ticket info below...

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Public Image Ltd

After reforming for UK dates last fall, Public Image Ltd has announced North American dates for this April and May. The tour kicks off at Coachella, and comes to NYC for a Tuesday, May 18th show at Terminal 5. They're also scheduled to play Saturday, May 15th at Atlantic City's Borgata Music Box. Tickets for the tour go on sale March 5th and 6th.

The 'reunited' band includes frontman John Lydon, former members Lu Edmonds on guitar and Bruce Smith on drums, and new addition bassist Scott Firth. Original guitarist Keith Levene and bassist Jah Wobble both declined to participate in the tour.

[Jah] Wobble says the original line-up could have reconvened under the right circumstances, but that will now never happen.

"I was asked last July and I definitely did think about it and talk about it to an extent, but it just wasn't the right move for me," he says. "It just wasn't the way I would do it. I don't care, I think it's great and I'm not bothered at all."

"I suspect with John it's about two things - raising money efficiently and quickly and reactivating the PiL brand as his vehicle," Wobble says of the comeback. "That's just business."

The fee Lydon offered the bassist to go on the road was not appropriate for such a tour, with tickets costing up to £39, he said. [BBC]

The tour will be the band's first US shows in 18 years. The current schedule (more dates are planned) is below...

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Gossip have announced a Coachella-to-NYC April tour that includes an April 30th show at Terminal 5 (the same venue they played last time they were here) with Rye Rye and The Phenomenal Handclap Band. Tickets go to that show go on AmEx presale on Wednesday at 11am. General sale starts Friday at noon.

Still no word on Lilith Fair dates which they are also supposedly a part of. All April dates below...

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photos by Benjamin Lozovsky, words by Andrew Frisicano


Devo will be performing at the Olympic medal ceremony tonight (2/22) in Whistler, BC, at 10:30pm. They aren't the only band to play the daily ceremonies - Feist and Stars and Wilco already performed and there is still a full schedule of performances through Feb. 27th (The Roots and Burton Cummings both play on February 25).

The Akron band will be putting new song "Fresh" up on its website as a free download after their performance. The site is currently hosting a "color study," which is a survey that asks you to match colors with various scenarios ("What color is this neglected step-child's hair?" is one). It's part of a larger market/faux marketing campaign by the band that's connected to their forthcoming album. They'll also be unveiling new costumes and songs at the Olympic performance.

After conferring with Warner Bros. Records and Mother LA we have decided to permit Devo to debut some new songs and a new look at their Olympics concert. We couldn't have wished for a better testing ground from such a fantastically diverse crowd.

Shortly there after Devo will have the opportunity to adjust their set and songs driven by the Olympics crowd input so they can present a truly "kick ass" show (pardon me) as they say, at Coachella. Their desert show will also coincide with the pre-release of new, focus group approved songs from their forthcoming 12 song CD.

There's one problem however. Right now, Devo is committed to more songs than the new release allows. Word from on high is that songs must be removed from the new CD. 12 is the target number. Help DEVO Inc. and its corporate partners to determine the outcome of the album by participating in the proven system of focus-group testing at the Devolution tent. Your involvement is essential and will grant you a free Energy Dome for your efforts.

A video from Devo Inc.'s COO is below.

Devo played two shows at Irving Plaza on November 20th and 21st. The second night they performed Freedom of Choice in full, photographed here. The first night was Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! , which is pictured in this post. More pictures, videos and dates are below...

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Echo & the Bunnymen @ Mercury Lounge last November (more by Bao Nguyen)
Echo & the Bunnymen

Echo & The Bunnymen have scheduled a return to the US (after their shows last November were canceled because of visa/work permit issues). They're on the schedule for Coachella, and they'll be touring after that. One of those shows will be May 1st at Irving Plaza in NYC (a venue significantly smaller than the one they were supposed to play in on the cancelled tour) , with opening band Hatcham Social (who were the opener on that canceled tour). Tickets will be on sale through Live Nation.

Full dates are forthcoming; current dates are below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: The Middle East - Blood (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Middle East - The Darkest Side (MP3)

The Middle East

Way back in November, we mentioned that Australian band The Middle East would be making their first US appearance around SXSW 2010. Well, we can announce one of the shows on that trip (if not the first) will be the official BrooklynVegan SXSW showcase with Here We Go Magic, Califone and Serena Maneesh at Club DeVille on Wednesday, March 17th. With those four bands announced, that leaves just two more TBA (stay tuned).

The Middle East will also be at at Coachella in April. And they're on the currently-unannounced lineup for Sasquatch Fest, which is being revealed at a show tonight (2/15) in Seattle with Surfer Blood and Atlas Sound. That festival will be happening in Gorge, Washington, over Memorial Day weekend (5/29-5/31 this year). Pavement will be there. Pictures from last year are here and here. Three day passes for 2010 are on sale.

We also reported back in November that The Middle East would share a few bills with Grizzly Bear while the headliner was touring Down Under, but, as abc.net reported on January 13th, "The Middle East pulled out of their shows with Grizzly Bear after singer and guitarist Rohin Jones broke his collarbone in a bike accident." Ouch.

The two stellar songs above are off the Middle East's debut EP, The Recordings of the Middle East , which came out in the US last October. "Blood" is a slow-build anthem that erupts about 2/3rds through into a joyful group chorus (bolstered by an actual chorus in one of the live videos below). "The Darkest Side" is a more straight-through downtrodden moper - for that reason the hook is all the more sticky.

"Blood" three different times and all tour dates (currently only the festivals) are below...

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Bernard Sumner of Bad Lieutenant/New Order/Joy Division
Bad Lieutenant

After canceling their four US shows last November because of visa issues, Bad Lieutenant aimed to reschedule for the spring. They've confirmed those dates, one of which is at Coachella. Another is NYC's Webster Hall, the last of their four stateside shows, on Wednesday, April 21st. Tickets go on sale Friday, February 12th.

The shows will be the band's first in the United States. Their debut album, Never Cry Another Tear, came out last October on Original Signal Recordings.

Bad Lieutenant is: Bernard Sumner (guitar, vocals) and Phil Cunningham (guitar), along with Jake Evans (guitar, vocals).

The core members of Bad Lieutenant - Sumner, Cunningham, and Evans - will be joined on these dates by former Joy Division/New Order drummer Stephen Morris (who also played on the new album) and bassist Tom Chapman. According to Sumner, "The bulk of the set will be Bad Lieutenant songs, but we'll also play some songs from my past, some New Order songs, some Joy Division, and a few other surprises."
All tour dates are below...

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