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photo: Om at LPR in 2014 (more by Greg Cristman)

Al Cisnero (Sleep) and Emil Amos' (Grails, Holy Sons) band OM have a few dates coming up this year. They were part of today's initial NXNE lineup announcement, and also playing Santa Ana's Psycho California Festival (May 15-17) with Sleep, Pentagram (performing First Daze Here), Cult of Luna, Earth, Kylesa, Russian Circles, Eyehategod, Indian, Pallbearer, Old Man Gloom, Cave In, Tombs and more. Tickets for that fest are on sale, full lineup below.

RIght after NXNE, they'll stop in NYC for an Invisible Oranges-presented show at Saint Vitus on June 21. Other bands TBA, but tickets are on sale now.

Full tour schedule, a video, and the Psycho California lineup, below...

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by Wyatt Marshall

Agalloch at MHOW in August 2012 (more by Wyatt Marshall)

We are still recovering from SXSW (it was a blast, and we know you don't feel bad for us) but did manage to post photos of our Invisible Oranges showcase featuring Black Tusk, Mutoid Man, Kayo Dot, Yautja, Wild Throne, and Venemous Maximus. Check 'em out, and let us know if you went in the comments.

Despite the aforementioned SXSW hangover there were plenty of heavy happenings this week, which turned out to be a great week for new music. Black/grey metal kings Agalloch streamed a new song, "Celestial Effigy" off of their forthcoming album The Serpent & The Sphere, which is due out on May 19 on Profound Lore. After 2010's blistering Marrow of the Spirit, "Celestial Effigy" takes a step back towards an earlier Agalloch sound -- it has a similar lilt to "Hallways of Enchanted Ebony" at times. Give it a listen over at Pitchfork.

It happened late last week so it didn't make our HLD, but Tom G. Warrior's (Celtic Frost) Triptykon dropped two absurdly awesome and heavy tracks on everyone without any warning. Give them a listen below, and give a listen to another new Triptykon track that the band recently performed live. Triptykon's new album Melana Chasmata is out on April 15.

We premiered new Sargeist over at Invisible Oranges -- it's filthy, necro sounding black metal of the highest caliber. Look for Sargeist and the related, also Finnish bands Behexen and One Tail, One Head at the loaded Martyrdoom Fest at Saint Vitus from June 27 through July 1. Tickets are still available.

Metallica played a new song, "Lords of Summer," live in Colombia at the beginning of the week, and a couple of days later, a "Garage Demo" version of the song was posted to Youtube. Give it a listen it below.

As usual, there are a few good shows to check out this weekend. Tonight (3/21) at Saint Vitus, loud as hell creeps The Body play with Theologian and Couch Slut , and on Sunday (3/23) NOLA sludge masters Thou invade Vitus with support from black metal acts Anicon and Vorde and the punked-out Skelptarsis. Tickets to both shows are on sale. Over at The Acheron on Saturday (3/22), Swedish old-school death crew Obliteration will level the place with help from Fantom Warior, Flesh Temple and Iron Force. Tickets are on sale.

For a little further down the line, Florida sludge trio Floor announced a tour that will land at Saint Vitus on 5/5. Floor also streamed another song from their upcoming album Oblation, due out on April 29. For all upcoming heaviness, visit the NYC Metal Show Calendar. It rules.

Deafheaven front man George Clarke announced he created a record label called All Black Recording Company that will focus on underground releases. The first release will be Oakland d-beat/metal band Black Monolith's debut LP.

Over at Invisible Oranges, we ran down all the metal that came out this week worth buying, reviewed the new Coffinworm album, and talked to Ringworm on the Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio show, during which we also gave away tickets to the Children of Bodom / Halo of Blood North American Tour stops in Charlotte, NC and Silver Springs, MD.

Triptykon and Metallica streams below. Anything else?

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By Doug Moore

Coffinworm at Power of the Riff East, 2012 (more by Greg Cristman)

Metal is full of unlikely success stories, and Indianapolis's Coffinworm are among them. This reclusive band virtually never tours (though they are fond of one-off visits to NYC); they play a head-spinning amalgam of virtually every extreme metal style; and with song titles like "Spitting in Infinity's Asshole," you can tell right away that the subject matter is unpleasant, to say the least. And yet this band has built a sizeable international following -- their upcoming second album IV.I.VIII., which comes out on 3/18 via Profound Lore, is hotly anticipated. You can stream one of its tracks, "Black Tears," over at Pitchfork.

We interviewed Coffinworm vocalist Dave Britts over at Invisible Oranges as part of our ongoing series about harsh vocalists. Here's an excerpt:

What new things do you feel like you've done on the new Coffinworm record?

For starters, almost all of the lyrics were written in the studio over the course of the two sessions. Some really serious stuff happened to me personally just before we recorded. When I looked at what I had written previously for the album at the time, it all seemed very, very fake. It seemed like it was written by a different person for a different band, a thousand fucking years ago. It just seemed irrelevant. I tore the lyrics out of my lyric book, which I don't normally do, and destroyed them. We had already recorded "Instant Death Syndrome" for the split with Fistula, so I already had that. But otherwise, I had my work cut out for me, since I'm ordinarily very meticulous. I like to take time to really approach it like I'm writing a book or something. But this time, I had to come up with everything on the spot. We had a week where we recorded, then a week off, and then another week where we recorded, and that was it. Before that, my lyrics had always been written over long periods -- years, in some cases. So that was a huge change.

I don't know the fuck I'll ever top that record. I don't have any children and I'm not married; when I listen to it, I imagine that it's what giving birth to your first child must be like. I felt extremely proud of the first record, and I didn't think we'd ever top that one. Frankly, it's a minor fucking miracle that we even did a second record. With all the shit we've been through as a band and as people -- I don't know how the fuck I'll ever top that second record.

You can read the full interview over at IO. Listen to the first single from IV.I.VIII., "Lust Vs. Vengeance," and an older Coffinworm jam below...

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photos by Greg Cristman and Samantha Marble

sunn 0))) by Greg Cristman
Power of The Riff

The final day of The Power of The Riff festival at Warsaw in Brooklyn over Labor Day Weekend featured a headlining set from sunn 0 ))) who are currently on the road and played a show at Union Transfer in Philly last night with Dead in the Dirt. If you missed them, take David Pajo's word for it... it was a "Triumphant evil assault!"

The Brooklyn show Sunday also featured hefty names like Winter (with their original organist, his first live show!), Repulsion, Double Negative, Coffinworm, Salvation and Dead in The Dirt. Pictures and video from every set are in this post (day one pics are HERE).

Like Xibalba, Power Trip and Lecherous Gaze did on Saturday night (a show announced last minute via Twitter), Coffinworm and Batillus played an afterparty late at Saint Vitus on Sunday (also announced last minute via Twitter). Video of both after-parties and more pictures and video of from the main show on Sunday, below...

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Updated flyer... now with more Agnostic Front

The circle is complete. BrooklynVegan is proud to announce the final additions to The Power of The Riff East lineup, which will go down 9/1 and 9/2 at Warsaw in Brooklyn. Sadly, Unearthly Trance have just called in quits (their show at Acheron last month, which saw them perform In The Red in its entirety, turned out to be their last) but in their stead we have added another THREE BANDS: Agnostic Front, Double Negative and Coffinworm. The new line-up in full:

September 1st and 2nd 2012

Agnostic Front playing Victim in Pain/United Blood in its entirety*NEW*
Poison Idea
Negative Approach
Alpha & Omega
Power Trip

SUNN 0)))
Double Negative*NEW*
Dead In The Dirt

That's correct, Agnostic Front will play all of their landmark Victim in Pain and United Blood records as part of their 30th Anniversary celebration. The set will differ completely from last night's appearance at Webster Hall (7/5) as part of the CBGB fest. On the second night, you can look forward to appearances from the great Coffinworm and Double Negative!

Tickets are on sale for single shows (Saturday HERE and Sunday HERE) or you can purchase a single weekend pass.

On a related note, both BrooklynVegan and Southern Lord are proud to present tonight's show at The Acheron (7/6) with Black Breath, Martyrdod, The Secret, Burning Love, Enabler and Grudges. Tickets are still available.

Check out video of all three additions below.

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by BBG

Coffinworm 2012 (photo by Kris Arnold)

Between Coffinworm's When All Became None LP and their Great Bringer of Night demo, the Indianapolis black metal-doom quartet is currently batting 1.000. And though the latter has always been freely/widely available via the interwebs, its popularity has demanded a physical version which The Flenser Records have been more than happy to provide.

Unlike the first incarnation of the demo, this is no barebones release. The Flenser has stuffed the vinyl with bonus tracks and the whole thing has been remastered and is available in a "heavy jacket with an insert." Order yours at The Flenser now.

We popped in to Coffinworm's dark cave to prod the band about demos, the new record, touring, Liz Phair, Diamond D, Cliff Burton's hologram and much more. Full details of said conversation with vocalist Dave and guitarist Carl, and a stream of the new version of the demo is below.

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by BBG

Loss in Nashville (more by Diana Zadlo)

After their injury and subsequent cancellation from last year's megashow with Disma, Oak and Coffinworm, Loss has been itching to make it back up to NYC to make up the lost date. Now the band has done it, and will team with the mighty Pallbearer for a show with Sewer Goddess at Saint Vitus on May 19th! Tickets are on sale for this BV/Order of The Serpent production.

It's Loss's only East Coast appearances thus far and one of only three shows scheduled tor them at the moment. They also play the Gilead Media Festival and Chaos in Tejas.

Loss's Despond landed on my favorites list for 2011 and Pallbearer, who released their debut LP Sorrow & Extinction this week, is currently streaming their excellent LP at NPR. Pallbearer will be down at SXSW this year for shows including a thus-far-unannounced-BV event. We'll keep you up to date. If you missed it, I interviewed both Loss AND Pallbearer in the past year.

Stream all of Despond below.

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photos by Greg Cristman, words by BBG


Disma headlined Saint Vitus on a rainy Saturday night (8/6) in Greenpoint. They were celebrating the release of Towards The Megalith, their debut LP out which is now via Profound Lore Records. The show, which originally featured an exclusive Northeastern appearance from Loss, instead saw opening performances Coffinworm (who ripped), Unearthly Trance (back from the live-grave!), and Baltimore's Oak (fantastic). Pictures and video are in this post, including virtually all of Disma and Unearthly Trance's sets, a new/unreleased Coffinworm track ("Instant Death Syndrome"), and footage from the dimly-lit Oak set.


The show was one of only two Coffinworm shows on the East Coast, Disma's only NYC date, Unearthly Trance's first NYC date in more than six months, and was one of two Oak dates in two days. They also played Stolen Sleeves on Friday (8/5) with Convulsions and Grudges (who also play The Acheron on 8/28 with Victims).

We interviewed Daryl Kahan of Disma before the show. Check that out if you missed it.

More pictures, the videos and the Disma/Unearthly Trance set lists from Saint Vitus, below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Disma - Spectral Domination (MP3)


The NYC area is rich with veterans of the hardcore and metal scenes, but not quite as fertile with people who have done time in both. Daryl Kahan is one of those. Equally as likely to be found in an SSD shirt as he is to be seen in a Demigod one, Daryl's past is littered with multiple hardcore, blackened, and death metal bands that bear names like Funebrarum, Citizens Arrest, and Abazagorath. One weekend, Maryland Deathfest 2011, called for Kahan to hit the stage with both the blasting hardcore of Citizens Arrest and the unholy death metal of the reactivated Funebrarum. Kahan is an example that the word extreme isn't limited to any one scene.

Daryl's new project, the bulldozing death-metal machine Disma, recently released their latest LP Towards The Megalith and are preparing for their record release party with Coffinworm, Unearthly Trance, and Oak (at Saint Vitus on 8/6, tickets).

I sat down with Daryl to discuss Disma, Citizens Arrest, Funebrarum, Assuck, and cassette trading culture. The results are below.

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by BBG


Foul, dejected, inhuman. There are a plaethora of adjectives that go into the sound of a record by Cleveland doom killers Fistula, but here comes a rare one: new. Fistula will release their new 12" EP, Loser, in September via Patac Records and are streaming said monster-piece below. Behold nine tracks of downtrodden, face in the gutter doom, listenable for the first time below.

In addition, Fistula will share a split with the mighty Coffinworm, and you can check out a demo for Coffinworm's contribution below as well. The split will appear as part of the "Hell Comes Home" split 7-inch subscription, which includes contributions from Black Sun, Burning Love, Fight Amp, The Fucking Wrath, Kowloon Walled City, Lesbian, Suma, The Swan King, Thou, and many many esteemed others. Get your subscription at the Hell Comes Home site.

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Phil of Kylesa at Public Assembly (more by Markus Shaffer)
Philip Cope of Kylesa

Kylesa are having a great end-of-year thanks to many accolades for their 2010 effort Spiral Shadow. I'm sure they'll see many new fans in the audience while touring at the end of Dececmber and through most of January. Tickets are still on sale for their headlining show at Santos Party House.

We asked Phillip Cope of Kylesa what he listened to in 2010. His list makes me think that maybe Beach House is the answer to world peace, or at least that Beach House is something that Broken Social Scene, Kate Nash, S Carey and Kylesa can all agree on (and an album that SPIN and Rolling Stone BOTH put at exactly #17 on their lists). His full list of favorite songs, most of them with video streams, below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Thou - "By Endurance We Conquer" (MP3)

Sleep at Brooklyn Masonic Temple (more)

Lists are very subjective. A "best of" list is always an amalgam of personal experiences - that fateful moment when you press "Play" for the first time, in addition to a grade of excellent songwriting. The records I've listed below had a profound impact on me this year, as did many of the shows that I attended and put on in the past twelve months. I'd like to thank all the artists who made this list as well as the ones who didn't, in addition to people like 1000 Knives, Osiris, Bill Dozer, Ian Dickson and venues like Union Pool, The Studio at Webster Hall, Acheron, Santos Party House and a slew of others for keeping heavy music alive in NYC. But mostly, thank YOU, the reader and the listener!

Alright, enough with the sappy bulshit, let's RAGE...

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pics & words by BBG, Archon pics by Ilya Blokh

Unearthly Trance

Unearthly Trance

Unearthly Trance headlined a night of doom-y destruction at The Charleston with the ridiculous Coffinworm, along with Archon (who will play Acheron with Wolvserpent) and Syphilitic Lust. Unfortunately, I only caught the tail end of dueling-vocal doomers Archon from afar, and missed SL entirely. The show was one of a short set of shows for Coffinworm, as the band drove directly from Indianapolis (their home) to Philadelphia on Friday before damning The Charleston on Saturday night.

Coffinworm was a four-piece for the evening, as the recent departure of Tony McGuire on guitar left guitarist T Garrett O'Sha on double duty. Though some complementary parts were missing, the band was nothing less than ferocious and the next time that the Indy band swings through it'll be as a five piece; Coffinworm will replace him with When All Became None cover artist Josh 'Chubbs' Shrontz on drums and current drummer Carl Byers moving from behind the kit to guitar (Josh also plays in World Eater with Coffinworm vocalist Dave). Coffinworm kicked things off with the driving and acidic punk tones of "Start Saving For Your Funeral" before moving into faves from the new LP like "Blood Born Doom", "High on the Reek of Your Burning Remains" and the set closer "The Sadistic Rites Of Count Tabernacula". A pit erupted multiple times during their incredible set.

Unearthly Trance was last up, closing out the evening with two new nods ("The Horsemen Arrive in the Night" and "Solar Eye") to their upcoming LP V due on Relapse this fall. In addition to the new horned beasts, the NYC band burned through UT faves like "Raised By Wolves", "God is a Beast" (the encore) and their cover of Winter's "Servants of the Warsmen" (viewable below). As usual the band delivered a searing set of fiery doom, and I already can't wait to see them with Doomriders and Sleep at Brooklyn Masonic Temple on Septmeber 6th (one of two Sleep shows, 9/8 is sold out)

More pictures and videos from the show below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Pollution - "smut sts" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Coffinworm - "Start Saving For Your Funeral" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Coffinworm - "High On The Reek Of Your Burning Remains" (MP3)

Coffinworm in Austin (more here)

Besides supporting High On Fire and playing with the reunited Deathcycle, Unearthly Trance has a new show in our midst, playing The Charleston on August 14th with Archon, Syphilitic Lust and the great Coffinworm! The show is part of a short string of East Coast dates for 'da Worm, who will welcome their incredible debut When All Became None (that was released on Profound Lore earlier this year on CD) on gatefold vinyl via Seventh Rule. The pressing is limited to a scant 500 copies, so order that bitch when it hits the Seventh Rule store kiddies.

Meanwhile, Ryan of Unearthly Trance is not only prepping the release of V via Relapse as well as his split with The Endless Blockade for Chrome Peeler, but also has a new release out for his another project, Pollution. Out now via Pollution guitarist Light's imprint, C6 Recordings, the ®SMUT is currently available at the C6 webstore with the first 93 orders coming with a baggie of "smut confetti". I'm guessing you don't use that for grandma's birthday party.

And while we're on the subject, Ryan's other other project, The Howling Wind, released Into The Cryosphere via Profound Lore earlier this year.

Both Pollution AND Coffinworm are scheduled to play Dudefest 2010 this year, alongside Arab On Radar, Municipal Waste, Trap Them, and many esteemed others. We interviewed Coffinworm earlier this year.

Full tour dates and some video is below...

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by Kim Kelly

Dave of Coffinworm (photo by Samantha Marble)

Coffinworm play ugly music for ugly people. The doomhauling quintet first came crawling out of the primordial ooze of Indianapolis' D.I.Y. underground in 2007, and have kept themselves busy doing the devil's work ever since. On the strength of an incredibly nasty 2009 demo, Great Bringer of Night, Coffinworm were recruited by Profound Lore to unleash the wretched, heaving slab of noxious, blackened death sludge they christened When All Becomes None, which came out earlier this month. A successful infiltration of the hipster hustle of SXSW, including a triumphant performance at BrooklynVegan's showcase at Hoek's Death Metal Pizza (and the Profound Lore/20Buck Spin official showcase sponsored by BV), marked their place on the map in blood. Now, with a fan-fucking-tastic new record on the loose and plans for further domination set, Coffinworm have embarked on an unstoppable death march towards destruction. Start saving for your funeral....

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by BBG

Arab on Radar
Arab on Radar

Arab on Radar are a Providence, Rhode Island based noise rock band founded in the mid-1990s. They went on hiatus in 2002. Members of the band went on to form or join the bands The Chinese Stars, Athletic Automaton, Made in Mexico... Arab on Radar's early sound was typified by thickly distorted, repeated bass grooves, 4/4 drum beats, and two deafening guitars that employed contrasting melodies and near-unison chords that drew comparisons to the Contortions.
Arab on Radar will reform to headline Dudefest 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 9th and 10th. The band will join a stacked lineup that includes Municipal Waste (playing Knitting Factory Thursday, tix), Trap Them, Voetsek, Landmine Marathon, Weekend Nachos, Get Rad, Coffinworm, and many notable others. Full lineup for the show is below. More info is forthcoming.

It's one of two notable shows recently announced for the Midwest this summer, with the incredible 25th anniversary of Amphetamine Reptile being the second! That show goes down in Minneapolis at Grumpy's on 8/28, and features a plethora of the label's greats including Melvins, Boss Hog, Today Is The Day, God Bullies, a Hammerhead reunion, and many others. For those considering the trek to Minnesota, the label has set up group rates for a hotel. Show flyer is below. Somewhere I hope that Unsane and pre-Betty Helmet's phone is ringing....

The Melvins are touring and playing NYC with Isis. Tickets for Webster Hall are still on sale. The Melvins will welcome their new LP, The Bride Screamed Murder via Ipecac on June 1st.

Weekend Nachos have a new EP on the way, while Get Rad was recently profiled in the latest edition of Short Wave Warfare.

Full dudefest lineup and AmRep flyer/more detals are below.

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words by BBG, photos by Diana Zadlo, Samantha Marble, BBG

Grace of Landmine Marathon (by Samantha Marble)
Landmine Marathon

A hearty thanks go out to everyone who showed up to the BrooklynVegan/1000 Knives/Crustcake show at Hoeks Death Metal Pizza on 3/18! Though the hot sun was blaring down, the bands in the shade somehow made it hotter with their scorched earth policy and unbridled energy.

Trash Talk was beyond violent, The Atlas Moth was soaring/epic as usual, The Funeral Pyre was furious and powerful (as I found out the previous night), Book of Black Earth's crusty metal was ferocious, and Kill The Client was just as punishing as they were at Emo's. Due to some scheduling issues, we bumped Speedwolf to the last slot after Trash Talk and I missed them entirely, though reviews from the trustworthy point toward badass. Zoroaster played mostly newer material from their promising new doom-crust-leaning LP, and managed to hold back their massive firepower on stage to just "loud as fuck" as opposed to "bleeding ears". Landmine Marathon were fun and elblematic of what is great about metal today. And Coffinworm? Just plain sick blackened doom.

More pics and and a bunch of videos are below...

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble, BBG

Coffinworm (by BBG)

If there was a single SXSW show that intrigued from top to bottom, it'd have to be the Profound Lore/20 Buck Spin official showcase at minuscule Headhunters on 3/19 (we were proud to be a sponsor). With an estimated capacity of no more than 100 people (and probably considerably less), the show was packed from top to bottom with a wide palette of heavy music that dabbled in doom, noise, powerviolence, and everything in between. All my favorites were present and delivered predictably blistering sets (Salome, Dark Castle, White Mice, Liturgy, others), and there were other bands on the lineup that delivered to the fullest (Yakuza, Coffinworm).

By the time their set rolled around at Headhunters, I had already seen Coffinworm once (one day earlier) at the BV show at Hoeks Death Metal Pizza. Promises offered on their demo were delivered, and the band played a punishing set that realized all of the bite of their recorded output. The theme of focused and taught blackened doom continues on their new album, When All Became None, which is a contender for one of my favorite debuts of the year. Must.

Another band that I hadn't caught in the flesh, Yakuza, is a bit of a peculiar character. This Chicago band's progressive metal is punishing live, with seriously heavy and catchy riffage that, in itself, would be very distinctive.... and in comes the saxophone! Frontman Bruce Lamont's replaces guitar leads/solos with a saxophone that, despite what you are thinking, sounds nothing like a metal Dave Matthews Band. Though it was admittedly off-putting the first time I heard it, I have come to find the sax to be a crucial part of their sound, with all of the parts tailored around it compelling and awesome. Yakuza ripped it at Headhunters.

More pics from the show (except The Atlas Moth and Liturgy ones which are forthcoming) are below, as well as a few videos of Coffinworm, White Mice, Hatred Surge, and Salome...

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Doveman @ Mercury Lounge in January (more by )

tonight in NYC
* Air, AM @ Terminal 5
* John Mulaney @ Caroline's
* Something in Spanish @ Coco 66
* Doveman & Nico Muhly @ The Kitchen
* Weasel Walter (QWOC) @ The Stone
* Nation Beat @ Brooklyn Academy of Music
* The Anvil Experience @ Gramercy Theatre
* Jolie Holland, Rain Machine @ 92YTribeca
* Joseph Arthur, Kevin Devine @ City Winery
* Alex Terrier, Amayo's Fu-Arkist-Ra @ Zebulon
* Fake Blood, Surkin, Boy 8 Bit @ Webster Hall
* Allman Brothers Band @ United Palace Theatre
* Roy Haynes 85th Birthday Celebration @ Blue Note
* Magik Markers, Mick Barr, Spectre Folk @ Union Pool
* The Wood Brothers, Joe McGuinness @ Bowery Ballroom
* Gospel, Pollution, Giancarlo Bracchi @ Death By Audio
* Portugal. The Man, Port O'Brien, The Dig @ Highline Ballroom
* Alicia Keys, Robin Thicke, Melanie Fiona @ Prudential Center
* Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band, The Black Hollies @ Brooklyn Bowl
* Archipelago w/ Matt Marks's The Little Death, Build @ Galapagos
* Oneida, Sightings, The Library Is On Fire, Spreaders @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn
* Cudzoo & The Faggettes, El Diablo Robotico, Meet Me in Norway, DJ Sambaraella @ Glasslands
* Under The Elephant, Atlantic/Pacific, Earth Minor, Katia, Mike Falzone @ Studio at Webster Hall

Sorry about not getting as many posts on the site as I wanted to this week. Today is the third day of SXSW and the third day in a row of BV day parties in Austin. This afternoon you can find us at Club DeVille.

We had two competing shows yesterday - one with 19 bands at Spider House, and an intimate metal show in the backyard of a Hoeks Death Metal Pizza. A video from the latter below...

What else?

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: The Howling Wind - "Teeth of Frost" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Palace of Worms - "Rite of Blood" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Unholy Grave - "Little Bastards" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Coffinworm - "Start Saving For Your Funeral" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Darkthrone - "Eyes Burst At Dawn" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Wolvhammer - Dawn Of The 4th (Zipped MP3, Mediafire)
DOWNLOAD: Panopticon - "Beginning Of The End" featuring Rob "The Baron" Miller (MP3 Snippet)
DOWNLOAD: From Ashes Rise - "All In Due Time" (Live) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Alcest - "Percées De Lumière" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Wormrot - "Indonesia" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Jucifer - "Rifles" (MP3)

Ryan of The Howling Wind w/ Unearthly Trance (more by Samantha Marble)
Ryan Lipynsky of Unearthly Trance

Ryan Lipynsky probably best known for his role as doom-destroyer in Unearthly Trance, but he's been around the block with projects as varying as Motive, Pollution, Thralldom and The Howling Wind, who will release their latest LP Into The Cryosphere via Profound Lore in April. The Howling Wind, which includes Tim Call of Parasitic Records, Aldebaran, and others, toils in icy doom and black metal much like the ripping "Teeth of Frost" available above. The band also has the Mortuary Library 7" due out later this year via Parasitic.

In related news, NYC doomers Unearthly Trance have hit the studio to record their new album V with Sanford Parker. The band currently has one show on their calendar, April 21st at The Charleston with Lair of The Minotaur as part of a string of East Coast dates in celebration of Evil Power, their new album due out on their own The Grind-House Records imprint. Look for that LP in middle April.

Raw and punishing Japanese grind returns with Grind Killers, the new LP from Unholy Grave! Recorded live in a Dutch studio in September 2008, these 23 tracks were mastered last year and will see a release on Selfmadegod Records in March 2010. Check out "Little Bastards" available for download above. Meanwhile, Selfmadegod will also release a Peel Sessions disc with Agothocles recorded in 1997 and The Grind Years from Psycho.

Coliseum with new drummer Carter Wilson (far right)
Coliseum 2010

Coliseum has signed with Temporary Residence Limited! The band has completed recording their new LP with J Robbins which will see the light of day this summer and will feature appearances from Will Oldham, members of Young Widows, Jason Noble, and many others. Congrats boys!

Harvey Milk will release their new album, A Small Turn of Human Kindness via Hydrahead on May 18th! Can't wait. The current tracklisting is below. Make sure and catch Harvey Milk with Coalesce and The Atlas Moth on tour and at Le Poisson Rouge on 3/8 (tix).

The "De-cancellation Tour" routing is almost complete! Make sure and catch Ludicra on the road this spring doing select dates with Krallice including Europa on 4/18 as part of a BV/Osiris presentation! Tickets are on sale. Full tour routing is below.

The dark forces of Coffinworm have revealed more details from their upcoming shadowy effort for Profound Lore, When All Became None. Sanford Parker has helmed the sludgy blackened doom LP, which features six tracks and is due for release in April. Dig on "Start Saving For Your Funeral" from the LP, downloadable above. Coffinworm will appear at the BV/CC/1000K Pizza Party alongside Zoroaster, Landmine Marathon, and many others. Album art is below.

That album art, and news on Corrupted, Triptykon, Autopsy, Black Shape of Nexus, Virus, Darkthrone, Rosetta, and so much more, as Short Wave Warfare continues...

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by BBG


So a few weeks ago,I sat down with Crustcake.com and Rich Hall (1000 Knives) to decide the greatest Austin venue for a metal show. BrooklynVegan metal is already going HUGE this year between a show on 3/17 at Emo's (with Torche, Fucked Up, Salome, Dark Castle, The Atlas Moth, Javelina and more TBA), and another day party at Red 7 on 3/20 (lineup TBA), so we figured why not go small. REALLY small.

BrooklynVegan/Crustcake/1000 Knives Present a Pizza Party at Hoeks Death Metal Pizza! The day show happening on Thursday, March 18th will be headlined by a special guest we can't announce yet and feature nine of our favorite destroyers. This show promises to be one of the biggest- um, I mean SMALLEST metal shows during SXSW. Who's on board?

* Special guest
* Zoroaster
* Coffinworm
* Kill The Client
* Landmine Marathon
* Book of Black Earth
* The Atlas Moth
* The Funeral Pyre
* Speedwolf
Anyone from or who's been to Austin knows Hoeks. Even if you've never eaten there you can't miss their appropriately themed locale, conveniently located right on 6th Street between Red River and Neches. It's practically spitting distance from Emo's. The show itself will take place in the new venue that is actually the backyard of the restaurant.

The party kicks off at noon. More details are on the way. Check out the flyer and some videos of other recent shows at Hoeks below...

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by BBG

The Atlas Moth @ Union Pool (more by Samantha Marble)
The Atlas Moth

BrooklynVegan is proud to announce Salome, The Atlas Moth, and Dark Castle as on board for the BrooklynVegan Day Show on 3/17 at Emo's along side Torche, Fucked Up, and Javelina! Stay tuned for more announcements, it's gonna keep getting bigger, I assure you!

In addition, BrooklynVegan is also proud to announce sponsorship of one of the best official metal showcases at SXSW 2010, the 20 Buck Spin/Profound Lore showcase at Headhunters on 3/19! Featuring an absolutely jaw-dropping lineup of Yakuza, Liturgy, Coffinworm, White Mice, Salome, and The Endless Blockade, the show will be punched up by some of our favorite bands that currently don't reside on either label, The Atlas Moth, Dark Castle, and Hatred Surge! Set times and the show flyer is below, so get there and stay there... it's gonna be pretty amazing.

Both The Atlas Moth and Salome will be in NYC in the coming weeks, and both on unmissable shows. The Atlas Moth will open the night at LPR on 3/8 with Coalesce and Harvey Milk (tix), while Salome will play NYU on 3/11 with Shrinebuilder and Wolves In the Throne Room. Tickets for the NYU show are currently on sale for NYU students, while details for non-NYUers are forthcoming.

20 Buck Spin/Profound Lore flyer and some videos below...

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by BBG

Salome at BV-BBG at CMJ (more by Samantha Marble)

Wow just turned into OMFG. Wolves In The Throne Room and Salome have been announced as support for the previously discussed 3/11 Shrinebuilder show at NYU. Ticket Info is forthcoming, but NYU students can expect to pay $2 and non-NYU-ers pay a whopping $5.

And while we are on the topic of killer bands, we'd like to announce that Salome will play the two-stage BrooklynVegan Day Party on March 17th at Emo's in Austin, Texas! For those counting at home, that's Salome plus Torche and Fucked Up! More artist announcements are on the way.

Salome will also play the 20 Buck Spin / Profound Lore official SXSW showcase at Headhunters in Austin on 3/19. As expected, the labels have teamed up for a killer lineup of underground metal greats: Yakuza, Liturgy, The Endless Blockade, Coffinworm, White Mice, + two more bands TBA.

That same night (3/19) at Spiro's, just down the street from the 20 Buck Spin/Profound Lore Showcase will be the WFMU/Aquarius showcase which, much like last year, is brimming with great and forward thinking music of heavy/punk persuasion. Liturgy will also be featured at the two-stage show along with Speedwolf, Iron Man, Moon Duo, Shit and Shine, Pierced Arrows, Dengue Fever, Epileptinomicon, Drunkdriver, Home Blitz, Headdress, Sonny & the Sunsets, True Widow, and Todd. For more on the upcoming WFMU show, head to their site. Decisions!

Drunkdriver's other upcoming shows include other SXSW gigs and Cake Shop in NYC on 3/14 with Todd.

Pierced Arrows are scheduled for two NYC area shows with Lullabye Arkestra, March 5th at Mercury (tix) and March 6th at Maxwell's (tix).

by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Shadow Of The Torturer - "The Walk" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Fatalist - "Internal Misery" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Mala Suerte - "Wine Like Clotted Blood" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Coffinworm - "High On The Reek Of Your Burning Remains" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Clone II Snippet Sampler (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sleep - Demos 1990 (Mediafire Link, courtesy of Chunklet)
DOWNLOAD: Thou - "Don't Vote" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Thou - "I am the Leviathan" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Nirvana 2002 - "Mourning (Projections of a Stained Mind)" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Mala Suerte - "Entrance/Black Art" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Brown Jenkins - "Ashes In Her Mouth" EDIT (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Brown Jenkins - "Lords Of Suicide" & "Lifetaker" (Mediafire Link)
DOWNLOAD: Witchmaster - "Two Point Suicide" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Witchmaster - "Total Annihilation" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Gravehill - "Rites Of The Pentagram" (MP3)


Consider this the "Swedish Death Metal" edition as we'll focus on a few bands that have taken cues from the great sounds of Entombed, Dismember, Grave, and so many others. As such, lets start off with Fatalist! Though they hail from the land of sun and surf (California), Fatalist have nailed the tone of early (Stockholm) Swedish Death Metal sound, putting their own spin in their songwriting. Featuring ex members of Exhumed, Fatalist's debut album The Depths of Inhumanity is out on 11/23 via Ibex Moon and for a taste of the killer riffs that the band has cooked up, dig on "Internal Misery" above.

Lets get it out of the way, Nirvana 2002 is not a boxset from a certain Seattle band. In fact, Nirvana 2002 is the name of a lost Swedish Death Metal band who will finally release their full recorded output via Relapse Records, Recordings 89 - 91. The band that featured vocalist/guitarist Orvar Säfström (ex-Entombed) have released the "Mourning (Projections of a Stained Mind)" MP3, available for download above after it recently premiered on Decibel. If you love the sickening Swedish Death Metal buzzsaw sound, these long lost tracks are a welcome surprise. Orvar Säfström recently discussed his top 6 favorite Swedish Death Metal albums.

Much like Fatalist, Gravehill is also a sickening early death metal worship act from California. Gravehill's Rites Of The Pentagram LP is out NOW via Enucleation and the title track is available for download above. The band recently played the NJ Death Fest along with Acheron, who are releasing their latest LP and first in six years, The Final Conflict: Last Days Of God, on Ibex Moon.

Mala Suerte doom away on their latest crusty, dimly lit LP, The Shadow Tradition, available via Hellride Music. Download a pair of tracks from that Austin band's LP above. Mala Suerte have been around since the 90s and released a few LPs of their filthy Grief-like psychotic doom as well as a split with Japan's Coffins.

A Mala Suerte video for "Non Servium", Coalesce, Ghast, Eyehategod, Fuck The Facts, Zoroaster, Graveyard, thoughts on the new Slayer, and more as TWIM continues...

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