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by Andrew Sacher

Whirr at Saint Vitus in 2013 (more by Lukas Hodge)

Nick Bassett might be one of the busiest guys in shoegaze right now, as an active member of Nothing, Death of Lovers, and Camera Shy (he also used to be in Deafheaven), and now his band Whirr are ready to release their new album, Sway, the followup to 2013's mini LP Around. As we've come to expect from Whirr, the first single "Mumble" is a thick, beautiful wall of sound that's seeming like a sign this album is one to look forward to. The record's produced by Jack Shirley (who also did both Deafheaven albums and a ton of other great stuff) and it'll be out September 23 via Graveface. Stream the new single, with the artwork and tracklist, below.

Whirr have also announced they'll head out on the road with slowcore/emo-gazers Cloakroom which will make for some very great and very appropriate double bills. The tour hits NYC on September 16 at The Studio at Webster Hall. Tickets for that show will be on sale soon via Ticketweb. All dates are listed below.

Meanwhile, Nothing will be in NYC sooner when their tour with Ceremony and Iron Lung hits Brooklyn Night Bazaar on July 18. That show is free.

In related news, Jack Shirley, in addition to producing a bunch of great records over the past few years, was also a member of the late, great Comadre. Fortunately, he's teamed up with his brother/former Comadre bandmate Steven (and members of No Babies and Know Secrets) to form the new band, Everybody Row. They put out their debut EP, The Sea Inside, at the end of June on Vitriol Records (also home to Comadre). Unlike in Comadre, Jack takes co-lead vocals this time, splitting them with organist Jasmine Watson, and they make shouty post-punk/post-hardcore. It's a different style than Jack's former band, but that signature bass sound Steven got on Comadre's self-titled swan song is still all over this. Stream the EP in full below.

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by Andrew Sacher


LA's Calculator make a similar kind of post-hardcore/screamo to fellow Cali bands Touche Amore or the now-defunct Comadre; raw, honest, and uncompromising. They've been at it for a few years now, and finally released their official debut full length, This Will Come To Pass, this past June. It was recorded by Comadre member Jack Shirley (who also recorded another Cali punk band, Joyce Manor, among many others), and the band self-released it for the punk-friendly price of pay-what-you-want on bandcamp (or just free on mediafire).

Today, the band are releasing the video for the album's first full song (track 1 is an 18 second intro), "Overture," which makes its premiere in this post. The black-and-white video splices images of the band recording with a David Lynch-ian bath tub scene, and the ominous mood of the whole thing fits the song really well. Check it out below.

The band are also reissuing their out-of-print 2010 collection, These Roots Grow Deep, on Melotov Records next week (8/27), and it can be pre-ordered now.

Watch the new video, along with a stream of the This Will Come To Pass, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Comadre and crowd (photo by Matt Gill)

Thanks to everyone who has ever been involved with something that we did. Our debt of gratitude can never be repaid and we can not be more thankful for the experiences that we had and the friends that we made along the way. We apologize to those who were expecting to see us in Europe and all around the US this summer, but this West Coast tour will be the last tour that we do in the foreseeable future (a final show in the Bay Area will most likely be done afterwards). Thanks again and much love. Sincerely, the same 5 people who started this band.
The above statement is the unfortunate news that Comadre posted to their facebook today announcing their break-up. They formed the band in 2004 and released their fourth (and final) album, simply titled Comadre, earlier this year. It's one of the strongest albums I've heard this year so far, and if you haven't given it a listen yet, it's a very deserving record.

I hate to go down the route of comparing an album this unique to other bands, but if you want an idea of how it sounds, picture Neutral Milk Hotel/Arcade Fire-style indie rock but with harshly screamed vocals more akin to Circle Takes the Square, The Blood Brothers, or Trophy Scars. And while clean vocals in post-hardcore can too often veer towards pop, when they do show up in this album (which isn't often), they're sung with a gothic/post-punk baritone.

Comadre will be going on one last farewell tour at the end of this month into April, but unfortunately it only features West Coast dates. The tour flyer with all dates, a Spotify stream of Comadre, and a video below...

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG


My best guess is that you'd probably call Bay Area band Comadre's sound an offshoot of screamo, but that dirty word is far from fitting for a band this adventurous. On their fourth and self-titled effort, due via Vitriol Records in January 2013, the band mixes bits of emotional hardcore with post-punk, Murder City Devils-style punk-n-roll, and all manner of rocking to come up with tracks like "Cold Rain", "Summercide" and the latest to slip out of the gate, "King Worm," which makes its debut here. Order yours via the label and stream it below, along with a few other tracks and live video.

Don't forget, Vitriol's Ghostlimb will play one of the last Precious Metal shows ever on January 7 at Lit Lounge, alongside The Year is One, new addition Old Wounds (who last played NYC with Gaza) and myself, Fred Pessaro, on the wheels of steel.

Streams are below...

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