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Fucked Up @ 285 Kent's last night (via @thatwhatdo)

Todd P, 285 Kent's current leasholder, has responded to the flurry of interest in that Craiglist ad for the space that went up yesterday (and was soon flagged for removal):

people seem all up an arms about this, and while this particular ad is not my doing, so what if it had been? The place closed for good reason: it couldn't be made "legal" and people were going to end up in jail if it kept operating, plus would have seen their legal records tarnished against running "legit" spaces in the future... now that's one thing if that happens to me or to Ric Leichtung, but if it happens to the staff that's really not acceptable. But you know what, it's over. It has to become something else now. New York City is expensive for rent, Williamsburg especially, and this space is actually cheap, sadly. But either way, it's not like we can put a exhibition rope around it and preserve it as a museum.

a graffiti-less 285 Kent
285 Kent

As you probably know by now, Brooklyn DIY music venue 285 Kent is officially closed for good, having hosted its last-ever show earlier this month. Now that the venue is fully vacated, the space is available to rent for $8,000/month on Craigslist. The listing specifies that "you can make all the noise in the world at night if you desire" (oh yeah?) and says it's "perfect for any kind of commercial use, pop-up store, architect's studio, a photographer's studio, etc... or an amazingly well-located loft space." ... OR A MUSIC VENUE? Maybe someone who can afford it can turn it back into one? Maybe Jay Z and Beyonce?

UPDATE: The listing has been removed from Craigslist. Venue curator Ric Leichtung also tweeted, "I can't verify that this Craigslist ad is real. I would never put 285 Kent up for sale, not that I even could-- I was the space's curator," followed by, "Todd Patrick is 285 Kent's leaseholder. Please forward all inquiries to him about the Craigslist ad at toddpnyc@gmail.com."

UPDATE 2: Todd P responded.

Crowd at Mad Decent Block Party, last weekend (more by Dylan Johnson)
Mad Decent

I was the guy awkwardly raising my hands while sandwiched between two bros rolling on molly. You were every girl there. Hi. Your butt looked awesome.
We, the staff of BrooklynVegan, believe in love! Please help this guy find his soulmate from the Mad Decent Block Party.

Were you there also and missed your long lost love by the end of the night? Check out pics from Saturday's Mad Decent Block Party (some NSFW).

"I think I want to cry and die all the weeknd tickets are sold out" - Tasama TAH-SA-MA

Weeknd tickets being scalped via Instagram...
Weeknd tickets

Not since... Kraftwerk, have we seen a ticket as in demand as the one that will get you into one of the just-announced Weeknd shows. Many people that got shut out are very upset, and some (like us right now in this post), are writing about it.

The San Francisco Weekly points out that one alleged woman is allegedly offering sex for Weeknd tickets on Craigslist, though some quick searching reveals that the artful naked picture posted with the ad belongs to "Julia S From FEMJOY" (who happens to be posing in the Tyrolese Alps) (NSFW). Of course it is possible that Julia S is a huge Weeknd fan currently residing in or near San Francisco. Or maybe the offer is real, but just not the picture.

Craiglist NY is also busy just one day after tickets went on sale, and so is Stubhub (where the cheapest ticket is $170!), and Instagram.

Meanwhile the Weeknd plays his/their first show Sunday at Coachella (which starts streaming online for those of us not there, momentarily)

"i am so desperate to get into the bowery show. ive tried every avenue imaginable with zero luck. even bowery staff cant get in unless theyre lucky enough to be working that night. its just sheer craziness down there." - Craigslist person

Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor recently said something along those lines when he was asked why he'd announced his band's current tour would be their last.

Of course, when you say you don't want to be an aging rocker, you inevitably have to compare yourself to someone...

"I'd never want to be Gene Simmons, an old man who puts on makeup to entertain kids, like a clown going to work," Reznor told the Philippines' Daily Inquirer last month. "In my paranoia, I fear that if I don't stop this, it could become that."

Simmons fired back in the Letters From Fans section on KISS' website.

"Trent grew up on KISS and cut his teeth on our toons," he wrote. "When he was recording Downward Spiral, he had two action figures on his mix console -- Jesus and Gene Simmons.

"Once you're a self confessed heroin addict, who used the stuff for years, you don't look at life the way the rest of us do... I'm told.

"We all wish him well." [Chart Attack]

Nine Inch Nails kick off their 10-date, pre-hiatus tour this Saturday night (8/22) at Bowery Ballroom in NYC (with The Horrors). Sunday is Webster Hall (with Horrors), and then Tuesday (Horrors) and Wednesday (Mew) are the shows at Terminal 5. Did you get tickets?

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It seems like a lot of people are stuck with very-expensive, very-far-out-of-town tickets. I know at least two people who are pretty sure they're going to eat a pair.You could probably go to the sold out ATP Festival this weekdend for free, or almost free, if you try hard enough.

photos by Bao Nguyen

Siren Fest 2008

Siren Fest 2008

Siren Fest 2008

Siren Fest 2008

Siren Festival Girl - m4w - 32 (* see below)

hey...you know who you are...we exchanged glances, (or was i suffering from heat stroke and imagining the whole thing??). you are the adorable indie-looking girl
approx 25-30. * this was either at the dodos, ra ra riot, steven malkmus, bss, the boardwalk, surf ave...

after i saw you i had to jump in the ocean to cool off, and i think i may have ingested discarded medical waste in the process, so don't you see...i am very deserving of your reply. [Craigslist] (via)

Pictures Continued below...

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Ben Kweller

Rare 1960's Kay hollowbody archtop elecetric guitar. - $600 (williamsburg, brooklyn)

i am currently downsizing my collection and decluttering because i am moving to texas! this is a totally weird, totally cool hollowbody made by Kay in the 60's.
i took it to matt brewster (the best tech in NYC) at 30th street guitars and he made it more of a player than Kay ever could! it is a custom color that i can't even find the name of in my reserch. let me know if you are interested in this cool piece.
ben kweller [Craigslist] (thx Philip)