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WhoMadeWho @ Webster Hall (more by Chona Kasinger)

Last Thursday night (10/23) I headed over to Webster Hall. Lymbyc System, a duo from Brooklyn and Texas, opened. When they initially emerged and positioned themselves opposite each other - one behind drums, the other behind keyboards and various electronics, I thought I was tripping. With similarly thin builds and curly brown hair glowing under Webster's green light it was almost like looking at 2 people mirroring each other. The next 40 minutes or so of atmospheric, shoegazey jams which at times reminded me vaguely of M83 (minus the full band) and sometimes even Radiohead, perfectly suited my initial hallucinogenic impression.

After Lymbyc System my new favorite band (there, I said it), Whomadewho, took the stage. As much as I enjoyed their set the night prior at Mercury Lounge, the sparsely filled room was not ideal for dancing. While many would argue that Webster Hall isn't either, the crowd enthusiastically danced along to the Danish trio's funk meets disco meets rock beats. Definite highlight of the show: the crowd suddenly going absolutely crazy - jumping up and down, and singing along when the band broke into "Satisfaction".

Fujiya & Miyagi followed and played an equally tight set as their one at Mercury Wednesday night. Unfortunately the crowd at Webster seemed a bit less appreciative as F&M's performance fell on a number of deaf ears, evidenced by the constant, faint murmur of people talking throughout the show...such a shame.

Unfortunately things spiraled down from there, at least for me. After hearing people near me going on and on (I don't remember how long set-up took between sets, but suffice to say it was too long) about how great Crystal Castles are, I was honestly hoping they were right and worth the wait. Unfortunately, my Webster Hall neighbors were only right about one thing - the hell that was going to break loose when Crystal Castles started. It was absolute mayhem that I could've handled had I not been running around all week for CMJ.

Crystal Castles @ Webster Hall (more by Chona Kasinger)
Crystal Castles

I quickly cut through the crowd until I was over near a much calmer section on the side and watched, baffled, as everyone went apeshit to Crystal Castles 8 bit beats which for me were rendered completely unenjoyable due to vocalist Alice Glass' screaming over them. I was hoping it would get better, but even when they played "Courtship Dating" (one of their tracks that I like) I couldn't get into it.

continued below....

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by Showtrotta

DOWNLOAD: The Whip - Trash (South Central remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit - The Very Best Mixtape (ZIP)
DOWNLOAD: The Whip - Divebomb (FFS remix) (MP3)

Shout Out Out Out
Shout Out Out Out

It's CMJ time again. In a city where there are almost always some good acts passing through it's hard to understand what exactly the big deal is about the CMJ Music Marathon. Then you realize there will be "over 1,000 artists, in more than 65 venues in 5 days" and you have yet to even look at the schedule! Get crackin', run around, and get down! While last year's marathon (which featured Simian Mobile Disco, the Black Ghosts, MSTRKRFT, and Justice to name a few) will be hard to top in terms of dance music, this year's is by no means shabby.

What looks good to me on the official schedule is here (though note that the Little Boots Annex show is actually on Thursday). Explanations & more info is below. Also, be sure to read the official CMJ schedule carefully, as typically late night dj events will often be listed under the following day (ie: a Tuesday night dj set starting at 1am will actually be listed on CMJ's schedule under Wednesday)....

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DOWNLOAD: Crystal Castles - Air War (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Fujiya & Miyagi - In One Ear & Out The Other (MP3)

Fujiya & Miyagi
Fujiya and Miyagi

Fujiya & Miyagi and Crystal Castles each have upcoming U.S. shows scheduled, and although they're not actually touring together, they will intersect for one massive dance show with Denmark's Who Made Who at Webster Hall in NYC on October 23rd. Tickets for that show are on sale at noon. Fujiya & Miyagi are also playing a smaller show at Mercury Lounge one day earlier. Their new album "Lightbulbs" is out September 16th via Deaf, Dumb + Blind Recordings. All dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Women - Black Rice (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Women - Group Transport Hall (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Parenthetical Girls - A Song For Ellie Green (MP3)

Women @ Sled Island 2008 (more by Rae Holtsabum)

"Recorded by label-mate Chad VanGaalen and the band members, the 10 song (2 of them above), self-titled album by Women is an explosion out of the gates for this young band. Sometimes light and spacious, at other times eerie and dense with an ominous weight, this debut flirts with the noisy beauty of the Velvet Underground and effortlessly toys with the intricacy and playfulness of Deerhoof as crude percussion beats out a pulsing tattoo of clatter."
* WomEn recently played Sled Island
* WomAn play Death By Audio tonight (July 17)
* Parenthetical Girls release Entanglements Sept 9 (MP3 above)
* Girls play Market Hotel tonight
* Girls play Glasslands w/ Crystal Stilts Saturday
* Vivian Girls are playing AAS w/ Sex Vid Friday
* Vivian Girls are going on tour w/ Crystal Stilts
* Crystal Stilts recently played Southpaw
* Crystal Antlers just played a bunch of NYC shows
* Crystal Skulls are now (some of) Fleet Foxes
* Crystal Castles recently played Studio B and Glastonbury

Glastonbury 2008 (BBC)

Check out the videos of Crystal Castles live at Glatonbury below. In case you were wondering what all the fuss is about....

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DOWNLOAD: Crookers at Gatecrasher (07/05/2008) (zSHARE MP3)

DJ Spun
DJ Spun

Hopefully you found some dancing to do these past two nights. If not there's no shortage of dance events tonight through Sunday. Here's what's going on tonight...

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by BrooklynVegan Mike

DOWNLOAD: Woodhands - I Wasn't Made For Fighting (MP3)


Woodhands are a keytar and drums electro-pop duo that have been making waves in Canada and are poised to take their act stateside. After a series of introductory shows south of the border (including SXSW) Paper Bag Records have announced that their debut record Heart Attack will be available this fall. Their quirky, frantic sound falls firmly in the space established by label-mates Tokyo Police Club and You Say Party! We Say Die!.

Arrive early at the free show at Studio B tomorrow (June 19th). Woodhands are playing with fellow Toronto natives Crystal Castles and there will be DJ sets by Frankie Chan and Radioclit. Live video and other tour dates below...

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Crystal Castles @ NYU (more by Bao)
Crystal Castles @ NYU

Crystal Castles are playing A FREE SHOW at Studio B in Brooklyn on June 19th. Woodlands and DJs Frankie Chan & Radioclit are also on the bill. Last time they played Studio B (with Health) it wasn't free and it sold out. All dates below....

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NIN The Slip

Last week Nine Inch Nails gave away a song. Today Nine Inch Nails are giving away a whole album called The Slip. Trent says....

as a thank you to our fans for your continued support, we are giving away the new nine inch nails album one hundred percent free, exclusively via nin.com.

the music is available in a variety of formats including high-quality MP3, FLAC or M4A lossless at CD quality and even higher-than-CD quality 24/96 WAVE. your link will include all options - all free. all downloads include a PDF with artwork and credits.

for those of you interested in physical products, fear not. we plan to make a version of this release available on CD and vinyl in july. details coming soon.

Unlike the last surprise album ("Ghosts I-IV"), you don't even have the option of paying for this one.

White Williams, Crystal Castles, Deerhunter, A Place to Bury Strangers and Does It Offend You, Yeah? are the bands that will be opening various upcoming NIN shows. NJ gets Does It Offend You, Yeah? which actually does kind of offend me given the choices. The NJ presale starts Wednesday. Regular sale begins Saturday. All dates with openers and presale info, below....

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A good reason to visit Philadelphia in June. Tickets are on sale. Info below...

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DOWNLOAD: Crystal Castles vs. Health - Crimewave (Lazrtag Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Thee Oh Sees - Ghost in the Trees (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: N.E.R.D. - Everything Nose (ZShare MP3 link)

Soylent Green

today in NYC & NJ
* Hot Chip is DJing R Bar
* Paul Simon & friends @ BAM
* Diane Cluck is playing Cake Shop
* a flea market in Maxwell's from noon-four
* Rogue Wave is playing The living Room for kids
* Tyler Ramsey of Band of Horses is at Joe's Pub
* Deer Tick, Castanets AND Titus Andronicus @ Knitting Factory

Colin Meloy's solo tour reaches Brooklyn this week. Tickets are still on sale for both shows.

Mike Ness added even more NYC-area shows since his recent tour announcement.

Watch the recent Portishead webcast.

Crystal Castles used Trevor Brown's art without permission (or so Trevor Brown claims).

Heartonastick continues his quest to get you to hate Vampire Weekend (who are playing Summerstage).

RIP Charlton Heston (even if he liked shooting things so much). They say he was nice. Stars attended his LA funeral. Fox News called Michael Moore the "most sanctimonious sack of feces on the planet". Charlton Heston dominates Michael Moore's "link of the week".

La Blogoteque video of Bon Iver below. What else?

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Cool Kids and Obama (VIBE)
Cool Kids & Obama

As previously listed, the Cool Kids are playing NYU on April 3rd. But also:

Crystal Castles, The Cool Kids, and El-P will be performing at NYU next Thursday, April 3. Tickets are $12 for NYU students & $15 for the general public and all proceeds will go to benefit the non-profit organization Chill.

Tickets will be on sale later this afternoon.

Crystal Castles just played Mercury Lounge and Studio B.

DOWNLOAD: Surkin - Hoes Get Down (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Gorillaz - El Manana (TTC Remix, prod. by Para One) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Para One - Midnight Swim (Surkin Drowning Mix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bobmo - Legally Dead for 4'31 (YOUSENDIT MP3)

Crystal Castles @ Mercury Lounge, NYC - Mar 26, 2008 (Ryan Muir / Metromix)
Crystal Castles @ Merucry Lounge

Digitalism @ Webster Hall, NYC - Mar 22, 2008 (Madaes)
Digitalism @ WEbster Hall

We're in the last week of March dance madness. Despite it seeming like every good deejay is down in Miami for WMC the line-up in New York this weekend is surprisingly awesome.

Thursday night (March 27) New York's Cut celebrate their 3-year anniversary bringing French electro label Institubes here to host the Paris Terror Club at Studio B. Cut has done a lot over the past 3 years to bring some of the top dance music talent to New York. You can check out a short video about them and what they do here.

Last August's Paris Terror Club party at Studio B was great. Thursday's should be no different as Para One and Surkin are back again with the addition of label-mate Bobmo.

Para One is a great producer out of France. He got people moving with his album 'Epiphanie' in 2006, specifically with the smash hit ' Dundun-Dun'. He's done production for French rap act TTC in the meantime, as well crafted a beautiful soundtrack (a great departure from his dancefloor jams) for the French film 'La Naisssance Des Pieuvres'. No stranger to manipulating beats, expect a clean set full of knob-twisting from Para One that will leave you with no option but to get down.

Next of KinSurkin and Bobmo are two very young, successful deejays out of France. At ages 22 and 17, each of them has already produced some great tracks. Bobmo recently followed up last year's 'Let's Go Bobmo EP' (featuring the B-more/electro hit 'To the Bobmobile') with his '3000% Yes EP' which has more of an electro-ravey feel (be sure to check out the great track 'Legally Dead for 4'31'). Surkin's 'Ghetto Obsession' and 'Radio Fireworks', as well as his countless remixes have been devastating dancefloors over the past year. In the meantime he's been working on his follow-up, the 'Next of Kin EP' due out on Institubes shortly. The cover art features a black knight printed on a silver foil pattern, designed by Gaspirator who you might know better as Gaspard Auge (the moustached half of Justice). The EP features equally impressive tracks:

A1 White Knight Two
A2 Kid Gloves
B1 Next Of Kin (as heard in Justice's XMAS mix)
B2 Next Of Kin (Todd Edwards' re-kindled Mix)
$10 advance tickets available here, $15 tickets at the door, AND.....we have three pairs of tickets to give away courtesy of Cut & Finger on the Pulse (who are coordinating this contest and who are celebrating a birthday of their own this weekend). To win a pair of tickets, be one of the first 3 people to email them now (subject: cut).

More events, flyers, & whatnot, below.....

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photos by Leia Jospe

Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles played their first of two NYC shows at Studio B in Brooklyn last night (March 25, 2008). More pictures below....

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"anna plays crystal castles" (schtephie)
Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles @ an NME Party, SXSW 2008 (Ryan Muir)
Crystal Castles

Hopefully now fully recovered, Crystal Castles are in town with (no pun intended) Health to play two shows. The first is tonight at Studio B (March 25, 2008), and the second is the Friction party at Mercury Lounge on Wednesday (March 26).

Crystal Castles' debut self-titled album is out now. Stream the whole thing at AOL. All tour dates and an official video below....

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Crystal Castles @ Wrongbar - Feb 21, 2008 (danepstien)
Crystal Castles

Due to an unfortunate injury suffered by Crystal Castles lead singer Alice Glass in a car accident late last week, the band will have to postpone the following tour dates while Alice recovers from two cracked ribs. The tour will resume as planned beginning 3/14 in Austin, TX at SXSW. Tourmates HEALTH will continue to play at all scheduled tour dates in their absence.

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DOWNLOAD: Crystal Castles - Air War (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Crystal Castles - AirWar (Streetlab vs Eamon Harkin FUN remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Klaxons - Atlantis To Interzone (crystal Castles Remix) (MP3)

Crystal Castles

Not to be confused with the Atari game of the same name, Crystal Castles are a bouncy electronic duo from Toronto. I haven't seen them live, and I doubt there's that much to see, but they could be fun (see video below) - especially if they're playing the right party....like something at Studio B (May 25) or at the Museum of Natural History with another band named after a videogame (May 25) (tickets), or something.....Video & tour dates below.....

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