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Broadway Backyard (more by Tim Griffin)
Broadway Backyward

Woodsist and Captured Tracks have joined forces with Todd P to present a two-day festival of bands at Broadway Backyard in Brooklyn this July 3rd and 4th. More info and full lineup (so far) below....

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Thao @ Mercury Lounge last year (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)

tonight in NYC
* The Damned @ Irving Plaza
* P-Bingo Night @ the Living Room
* Lez Zeppelin @ Webster Hall
* The English Beat @ Maxwell's
* Dave Deporis @ Mercury Lounge
* Grand Mal, Team Genius @ Union Hall
* Paleface, Creaky Boards @ Joe's Pub
* Bill Frisell Trio @ Village Vanguard
* Local Correspondents Festival @ Bar 4
* Womb Sharks, (Lone) Wolf and Cub @ Union Pool
* Mice Parade, Hauschka, Acme @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
* Steve Curtis (of Hem), Erikia Simonian @ Sycamore
* Black Strobe, Arnaud Rebotini @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
* The Dig, Pretty & Nice, Middle Distance Runner @ Union Hall
* The Bad Plus, Benevento/Mathis/Barr Trio @ Merkin Concert Hall
* Club NME w/ Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, Gildonworks @ The Annex
* Acrylics, Pursesnatchers, Joe & Flying Spoons, Sisters @ The Cameo
* Surfrider benefit w/ Weird Owl, Condo, New Idea Society @ Fontana's
* Great Night in Harlem w/ Lou Reed, Dr. John, more @ Apollo Theater
* The Sundelles, Rifle Recoil, The Tony Castles, Darlings @ Bruar Falls
* Thao With The Get Down Stay Down, Sister Suvi, Samantha Crain @ Bowery
* Marc Ribot plays Frantz Casseus w/ Marc Cappelli, Ribot's Sun Ship @ the Stone
* Spiral Beach, Chandeliers, Buffalo Stance, Brother Raven, @ Death By Audio
* Impose show w/ Crystal Stilts, Gary War, Nerve City, Nice Face @ Don Pedro
* Miracles of Modern Science, Kittens Ablaze, Phil & the Osophers @ Public Assembly
* Goes Cube, Red Beard, Constants, Austerity Program, Jones Street Station @ the Studio
* NYC Popfest: The Ballet, My Teenage Stride, Metric Mile, Dream Bitches, Soft City, Knight School @ Cake Shop

Crystal Stilts are a local band that prove just because you can play bigger venues, doesn't mean you should stop playing regularly in your hometown. Catch them at Don Pedro's tonight.

The Punch Brothers have the same point of view.

Dave Deporis surfaces once again. Tonight at Mercury Lounge.

Marc Ribot's birthday week continues.

The Damned are here!

The English Beat are here!

Jarvis Cocker's new video for "Angela" below...

What else?

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Crystal Stilts @ The Shank - Sat, April 25 (Ryan Muir/Metromix)
Crystal Stilts

Crystal Stilts are playing Cake Shop tonight (4/30). This show is not to be confused with the previously announced CS Cake Shop show which isn't until June. ,

Tonight's show, which was curated by Liam of caUSE coMOTION, is also Cake Shop's The World's Birthday Party show which means if you were born in April, you can get in for free. Prince Ruperts Drops (formerly The Woods and The Frams) and Beachniks are also on the bill.

Crystal Stilts last few local shows were Sunday night at Maxwell's (happy birthday Musicsnobbery), Saturday night at The Shank (courtesy of Topman), and opening for The Dead Weather at Bowery Ballroom. All future dates below...

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WAVVES SUXX (Psychedelic Horseshit) @ BV day party @ Emo's - March 18, 2009
Psychedelic Horseshit
Psychedelic Horseshit

Washington Post: Vivian Girls, Wavves - why is everyone in a lo-fi band now?

Psychedlic Horseshit's Matt Whitehurst: I have no idea. I don't know. It became in vogue sometime in the last year due to a few figureheads talking a bunch of [expletive] on Terminal Boredom. And now it's exploded into this thing there where Wavves is getting $30,000 to [expletive] crank out this [expletive] generic [expletive].

There's a lot of one-person things now.

Right it's one person with GarageBand and a few chords and like -- Wavves to me sounds like [expletive] TV on the Radio. That band sucks [expletive]. It's one of the worst bands to get popular in a long time. They [expletive] trump No Age because I think it's worse than No Age. No Age is just like, [expletive]. It's really [expletive].

But you're playing at least one show with Wavves down here.

Three of them, yeah.

So how do you reconcile that?

We made "Wavves Suxx" t-shirts with it spelled S-U-X-X. We got tons of people taking pictures with us in those. People are all into it. And actually Wavves came up to our drummer and our drummer had no idea it was Wavves. And Wavves took like six pictures with Rich with the "Wavves Suxx" t-shirt on. So, you know, that little [expletive]'s probably into it or something. And is probably like, Oh, it's like hip-hop, man!

The interview continues at Washington Post's site.

Psychedelic Horseshit is on tour with Quintron. They played Santos Party House the other night. Tonight (4/24) it's at Market Hotel. Bill just talked about Wizzard Sleeve. They're also on the bill.

Friday April 24th @ MARKET HOTEL

:::: Psychedelic Horseshit
:::::: Wizzard Sleeve

1142 Myrtle Ave @ Bdwy | Bushwick, Bklyn

WAVVES is playing a free show in Brooklyn on Saturday. Students can go get their tickets today (4/24). Crystal Stilts also play the Topshop/WAVVES show, and they're at Maxwell's on Sunday.

Updated WAVVES flyer and Psychedelic Horseshit dates below...

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Topshop (TURBOW)

There's a free show Saturday, April 25th at The Shank (98 Bayard St @ Leonard St) with Crystal Stilts, Wavves, These Are Powers, Crash Diet Crew, and Muggabears (who are apparently now called Grooms).

It's free...but you have to have a ticket. The Topshop/Topman store in Soho will be giving the tickets away on Friday, April 24th between 2-7pm to those who present a college ID.

Crystal Stilts also have shows coming up at Maxwell's, The Bell House, and Cake Shop. WAVVES, who lives in California, was just here in March.

Topman flyer below...

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"met jack white for the first time tonight at the dead weather show." -David Pajo

Dead Weather

"It's only fitting that it was a gloomy and rainy on the night of the first ever public performance by music supergroup The Dead Weather. And while the cold clammy weather was bummer for those hovering by the entrance of the Bowery Ballroom in hopes of snagging an extra ticket to the sold out performance, for the lucky folks who made it inside the outlook was positive.

Judging from the pre-show audience chatter it seemed as though the major draw of the night was to see Jack White strut his stuff with his new side project, but as soon as the band came out on stage and started in on the first rock-fueled tune, all eyes were on frontwoman Alison Mosshart.

Known as the female half of the rock duo The Kills, Mosshart is familiar with being in the (shared) spotlight. But where The Kills's energy comes from the push and pull between Mosshart and her bandmate Jamie Hince, the dynamic of the Dead Weather is hinged upon Mosshart's role as the ferocious, fearless leader and the rest of the band acting as her dutiful, capable soldiers."
[The Modern Age]

Crystal Stilts opened last night's show with a short set right at 9:00.

By 10:05, The Dead Weather were on stage and playing. Before the two-song encore that would end their hour-or-so (12 songs total?) headlining set, Jack White came out from the drums (his main instrument in this band) and played a song (as everyone hoped he would) on guitar. He also sang a bunch, mostly while playing drums.

More pictures from the show, and some videos, below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Comet Gain
Comet Gain

NY Press: This is the 17th year of Comet Gain's existence. How has the band changed in that time?

David Feck: We lost a few and the ones that have stayed got hairier. There was a moment in our history where it became clear that Comet Gain was going to be a band about carrying on. That for every joy and blunder and hard time that goes on we have our songs for it... and that keeps happening... unfortunately there are more blunders and hard times but fortunately there are tons good times


Is there anything in New York that you're excited for? When was the last time you were here?

We were here 10 years ago...and it's been about that long since we've seen a lot of friends.

Comet Gain played Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn last night, April 12th (Easter). Time Out says,
The venue was not packed, but the cluster of fans were enthused--a cult defined.

The New York label What's Your Rupture? recently issued Broken Record Prayers, a compilation of singles that Comet Gain released over the past decade. It's an apt showcase for the sloppy band, and the ostensible reason for its presence in Brooklyn last night. Comet Gain came to town short a member--guitarist Jon Slade does not fly--appearing as a five-piece. They were fronted by singer-guitarist David Feck and Rachel Evans, who stands at center stage, singing and vigorously clapping like a cheerleader. Feck is Comet Gain's songwriter and sole original member; Evans is its secret weapon. The interplay between the two singers, along with the group's ragtag charm, was reminiscent of the Mekons. Its tiny jumpy songs, with Velvets guitars and drone from a Vox, funnels an army of the stubborn and underappreciated: the Clean (whose "Beatnik" is covered, beautifully and loudly, on Broken Record Prayers); the Pastels (namechecked onstage during a Hitler joke); and Television Personalities (whose "Part Time Punks" was requested and performed, briefly, as an audience sing-along led by Evans).

Bill said it was a good show with lots of witty stage banter by David Feck. One highlight was when opener Crystal Stilts joined Comet Gain on stage for a cover of Teardrop Explodes' "Sleeping Gas". Comet Gain, who concentrated mostly on their garagier/punkier material, played two other covers: Felt's "Ballad of the Band" and New Order's "Love Vigilantes." Both CG and CS shared a drumkit that read "Love is All" (another What's Your Rupture band). CC (Cold Cave) was the first of three bands on the bill.

And speaking of Crystal Stilts, they were added as the lucky opener for Dead Weather at Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday.

More pictures from Sunday's show below...

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DOWNLOAD: Comet Gain - Skinny Wolves (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Comet Gain - Why I Try To Look So Bad (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Comet Gain - Love Without Lies (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Crystal Stilts - Love is a Wave (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Pants Yell! - Magenta and Green (MP3)

by Bill Pearis

Comet Gain
Comet Gain

The big news this week is this Sunday's (4/12) Comet Gain show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Tickets are $13 and still available. Crystal Stilts, who are opening for them on all three of their U.S. dates, wrote this about them in a MySpace post:

It is our tremendous honor to be reminding you all the we will be playing a series of shows over the next few days with Comet Gain, about whom we could string together some words that would inevitably fail to say what it is that makes them the best band in the world. We tried, failed and decided to spare you the embarrassment of that rambling. Perhaps in that failure there is something that proves the point but that isn't worth delving into. Suffice to say, the best they are and we are floored to be playing with them, so do come out, it has been far too long since they have graced these shores with their presence and it is certainly not to be missed.
As you may have heard, Crystal Stilts just did a killer Daytrotter session that included two new songs, one of which, "Sycamore Tree," has been a highlight of their live shows for some time. (Their new Slumblerland single "Love is a Wave" is great too. You can download it at the top of this post. Also playing with Comet Gain and Crystal Stilts are Philadelphia darkwave synth trio Cold Cave who I'm looking forward to seeing for the first time. All three played last night in DC and tonight (4/9) in Philadelphia.

Pants Yell!
Comet Gain

Almost as exciting for me is that Boston's Pants Yell! are playing Saturday (4/11) at Dead Herring. Their most recent album, Alison Statton (named after Young Marble Giants lead singer), was one of 2007's best records you might not have heard. This is indie pop done just about perfectly, great songs, arrangements full of horns and glockenspiel yet never falling into the dreaded "twee" abyss. They were one of the best bands I saw at last year's NYC Popfest, where I wrote at the time, "On their excellent third album from late last year, Alison Statton, they sound polite, but live it's more hyper-kinetic. You could even say they rocked." They'll play this year's Popfest too (on 5/16 with Radio Dept) but, despite living as close as they do, don't play NYC all that often, so I highly recommend going. The whole bill at Dead Herring is a good one, with Brooklyn locals Knight School, Sisters, and World Atlas.

Eugene Chadbourne
eugene chadbourne

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, Eugene Chadbourne will be playing the Issue Project Room next week, but first he'll be playing an early show on Saturday (3/11) at Cake Shop. The 1991 edition of The Trouser Press Record Guide says this about him, "On his compulsive own, the guitarist/leader of the late, lamented Shockabilly has spewed forth a ceaseless stream of records and cassettes that easily represent the oddest version of country and folk music ever." From what I can tell, Chadbourne hasn't really mellowed or slowed down since. Chadbourne has collaborated with a Who's Who of improvisational/experimental musicians, including Marc Ribot, Henry Kaiser, John Zorn, and Fred Frith, as well as bands like Camper Van Beethoven and They Might Be Giants... many of whom performed at the two-week Chadfest in August 2007. I don't claim to follow Chadbourne's career closely, but he is a legend and there is a direct through-line from his work to bands like Animal Collective (who just added another Brooklyn show) and Dirty Projectors (who just released the first track off their new album). A chance to see him up close somewhere like Cake Shop should be a treat.


More shows this weekend: If you're looking for something weird and funny, San Francisco's bizarre Borts Minots is at The Studio at Webster Hall tonight (4/9) with Uni & Her Ukulele, Rachel Trachtenburg and Kiwi comedian Griffin Point.

The Wooden Birds, the new group from American Analog Set's Andrew Kenny, play Mercury Lounge on Friday (4/10). Their record is lovely and I caught them in Austin during SXSW, definitely worth seeing.

Flyer, videos and tour dates after the jump...

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DOWNLOAD: Crystal Stilts - Love is a Wave (MP3)

Crystal Stilts @ Less Artists More Condos (more by Gabi Porter)
Crystal Stilts

NYC's Crystal Stilts have four New York City-area shows on the horizon. The band, fresh off '09 shows in NYC, Europe, and a NYC-to-SXSW tour, will open for Comet Gain at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Sunday, April 12th. (Tickets are still on sale.)

Two weeks later, the band plays Maxwell's in Hoboken on Sunday, April 26th for MusicSnobbery.com's 4th Anniversary Party with Mahogany and Motel Motel. (Tickets are on sale.)

Then, Friday, May 8th, Crystal Stilts play a Deli Magazine/After The Jump show with Blank Dogs, Religious Knives, and Dinowalrus at the Bell House. (Tickets are on sale.)

Finally, after touring Europe at the end of May, Crystal Stilts will play a Cake Shop show with The Pains of Being Pure of Heart on June 18th.

The Crystal Stilts' Bell House show (5/08) is not to be confused with the
Crystal Antlers show happening three days later at the same venue. (Tickets for that show are still on sale.)

In between the two "Crystal" shows, the Gowanus venue will host Horse Feathers with Joe Pug on May 9th (tix) and Chairlift, Takka Takka and The Secret Life of Sofia on May 10th (tix). Chairlift has lots of other 2009 dates, too.

All upcoming Crystal Stilts tour dates and two live videos of the band from 2008 below...

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DOWNLOAD: Crystal Stilts - Love is a Wave (MP3)

Crystal Stilts @ Less Artists More Condos (more by Gabi Porter)
Crystal Stilts

For a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg, tonight's lineup is jam packed with bands (3/14). Originally just a stop on the Women / Crystal Stilts tour (which goes from Brooklyn to Austin for SXSW), the show now also includes Blank Dogs, Naked On The Vague, and Silk Flowers on the bill. Tickets are currently still available.

The new Crystal Stilts song linked for download above comes from their upcoming Love is a Wave 7" which will be released by Slumberland on March 31st.

Once in Austin, Crystal Stilts will be keeping busy by playing at least five shows, one of which is Cake Shop's showcase, and another at Ms. Bea's for Todd P. Crystal Stilts also have a show coming up at the much smaller Cake Shop (in NYC) with Pains of Being Pure at Heart in June. All dates below...

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photos by Jonny Leather

DOWNLOAD: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Come Saturday (MP3)

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

As mentioned about a zillion times, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are playing The Bell House in Brooklyn on March 13th with Let's Wrestle and Knight School. That show is now sold out, but if you don't have a ticket, don't worry... Let's Wrestle has other shows scheduled while they're in town, and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart now have two more NYC shows on their calendar. One of them is the just-mentioned May 12th Bowery Ballroom show which is now on American Express presale. The other is a month after that - June 18th at Cake Shop with Crystal Stilts. That last show is sure to be packed.

Between the Bell House (March) and Bowery (May) there will also be plenty of chances to see TPOBPAH elsewhere in North America, especially if you're going to SXSW where they currently have TEN shows scheduled including the TBA BrooklynVegan day party at Radio Room on Thursday March 18th, and the previously announced Pitchfork party happening at Emo's on March 20th.

Just the other day, the band opened one of the two NYC Midnight Masses/Trail of Dead shows. The So So Glos were the third band on the Bowery one in Manhattan, and the Pains of Being Pure at Heart were the third band on the Brooklyn show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Jonny was at the latter, took some pics, and said,

Also on the bill for this show was pop shoegazers, and equally-long-moniker-possessing, Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Hot off of well-deserved Pitchfork praise for their new self-titled full length, Pains of Being Pure At Heart did not disappoint. Every minute of their all too brief set was just as sweet and luscious as their record, and though the vocals were never quite as enchanting, the rest of their sound was heightened by the great sound system and sheer volume which always seems to enhance shoegaze.
More pictures from that show, and all tour dates below...

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Frankie (Crystal Stilts) mans the drums @ Market Hotel (more by Tim Griffin)
Crystal Stilts

Crystal Stilts, one of the many high-profile "Crystal" bands to pop up in 2008 (see also: Crystal Antlers, Crystal Castles), has drawn comparisons to everyone from The Velvet Underground, Joy Division and The Jesus and Mary Chain to less obvious '60s groups like The Seeds. But by exploring these depths and darkened corners of British Invasion psychedelia and brooding post-punk, the Brooklyn band's debut, Alight of Night, shakes up its predecessors enough to propel itself into newer territory. [NPR]
Currently on a tour of Europe, Crystal Stilts will team up with Women on March 14th to play a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg followed by a short tour together to SXSW in Austin. Tickets for the Brooklyn show go on Am Ex presale today at noon and then regular sale Friday.

Women are also heading to Europe this month, and then also have some North American dates lined up in March and April with their friend, collaborator and prodcuer Chad VanGaalen. All dates and some videos below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Crystal Stilts

Crystal Stilts, Tyvek, Box Elders, Medication, and Kid Romance played a sold out show at Market Hotel in Brooklyn on Saturday night. I walked in to the second floor venue a fan of Crystal Stilts and Tyvek, and left with a crush on Box Elders.

The Box Elders were one of those bands that caught everyone by surprise last year, and with their one little miraculous self-released 7" EP making the rounds and winning over everyone in it's path, they even one up themselves in the live format, which is always a nice touch. [Victim of Time]
Medication, who are from CT (and not the nu-metal band from LA), were good too...
If you've checked out and absorbed their debut 7" released on HoZac last fall, you'll know the eerie vibes and echo-soaked mantra that Medication disseminates so well, and how quickly it gets under your skin. Although the recordings tend to be a one-man job, Medication's brain, Mr. Hyde is joined onstage by a few others for the full effect, and should snare you into a trance of ghostly guitar reverberations and gypsy drum beats that will split your mind wide open. [Victim of Time]
I unfortunately missed Kid Romance.

People were crowd surfing during the Crystal Stilts set, which, if you know their music, is a little weird, but the rowdiness fit right in since the previous bands, and the crowd in general, were just full of (possibly drunken) energy. Crystal Stilts sounded great, but were plagued by technical difficulties that included a crackling coming from the speakers, and at the end, a broken string... which caused them to quit one song (and possibly an encore) early.

More pictures from the night below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

DOWNLOAD: Box Elders - Hole in My Head (MP3)

Box Elders

Box Elders, the "garage punk trio" from Omaha, Nebraska (home of Saddle Creek), stole the show Saturday night at Market Hotel (1/10). I didn't catch Blood Romance. I liked Medications. Tyvek and Crystal Stilts were great, but Box Elders left a lasting impression and had the whole, sold-out, Brooklyn room going crazy.

First of all, the bassist/vocalist Clayton McIntyre, wasn't wearing any underwear. I know this from those standing close enough to get the occasional, accidental glimpse under his loin cloth (just thought I would get that out of the way). The guitarist/vocalist, Jeremiah, is Clayton's brother. Dave Goldberg is the drummer and his skills were part of the reason this band stuck out. Dave Goldberg simultaneously playing a keyboard/organ that was run through a Leslie speaker was another. Great songs can go on their list of achievements too.

It's been documented that Matador's Gerard Cosley is a fan of this band. I am now further documenting that Gerard was in attendance at Market Hotel on Saturday night. (Fun Fact: Pavement have a song called Box Elder. Pavement, who will eventually reunite probably, are signed to Matador.)

Bill Pearis was thinking of The Clean after listening to "Hole in My Head", and before seeing Box Elders live. Now he, who was also at the show, says "they're more bratty punk meets Nuggets-era garage rock". In that same vein, I think they would fit in on the Warped Tour, in Little Steven's record collection, and at the Pitchfork Festival. Most of all I think they were fun.

More pictures and tour dates below...

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Crystal Stilts @ Less Artists More Condos (more by Gabi Porter)
Crystal Stilts

Popcorn Youth: What led to the formation of Crystal Stilts?

JB Townsend: Brad [Hargett], the singer, and I had just been playing around for about a year before we really started playing out around 2002. We met in Florida, before we moved to [Brooklyn], and we both wanted to get out of there. We really didn't take it too seriously -- we were just playing for fun. But then we ended up able to record at a space in Greenpoint called Junkyard, which was used by a lot of bands on the Social Registry label. We started recording and released a 7". Someone sent it out to college radio, and it did ok. We were really surprised; we had absolutely no expectations whatsoever. And that was a big encouragement to take it all a little bit more seriously.

today in NYC
* NO Pants event
* Aziz Ansari @ Comix
* The Lisps @ Zipper Theater
* Patti Smith @ 92YTribeca
* Dengue Fever @ Maxwell's
* Marco Benevento Trio @ Sullivan Hall
* Street Meat (comedy) @ Cake Shop (free)
* Freaks Ball IX @ Southpaw w/ Rana
* Takka Takka & Tamar Eisenman @ BAM Cafe
* Camper Van Beethoven & Wormburner @ Bowery Ballroom
* Holy Ghost!, Trouble & Bass & Lemonade @ Studio B
* Great Lake Swimmers & A Hawk and a Hacksaw @ Mercury Lounge
* John Doe, Exene Cervenka & Justin Townes Earle @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* Crystal Stilts, Tyvek, Box Elders, Medication & Kid Romance @ Market Hotel
* Tony Conrad & Genesis P Orridge @ Issue Project Room
* Hey Willpower, Hot Lava, Math the Band, Mixel Pixel & Hologram @ Death By Audio
* Golden Triangle, K-Holes, Suckers, Ian Svenonius (DJ Set) & Jonathan Toubin (DJ Set) @ Glasslands
* Elevated Entity w John Medeski, Vernon Reid, Amayo & others @ Hiro Ballroom

Marco Benevento at Sullivan Hall, Freaks Ball at Southpaw, and John Medeski at Hiro Ballroom - all in one night. That doesn't seem like very good planning.

Donald Fagen of Steely Dan was born today in 1948.

Howlin' Wolf died today in 1976.

Tickets are now on regular sale for both of the upcoming Levon Helm shows at Beacon Theatre.

Taylor Swift is playing Saturday Night Live tonight and Fleet Foxes are playing it next week.

The end of Zune?

Lillo Brancato sentenced to 10 years in jail.

Okkervil River recently played The Bell House in Brooklyn. They were in town to play Letterman. Video from that TV performance below...

What else?

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The band formerly known as Tyvke, TVK and Tyvek are back in NYC in a few days to play three shows in a row...

  2. Jan 10 - Market Hotel - Tyvjk w/ CRYSTAL STILTS, BOX ELDERS, MEDICATION, KID ROMANCE New York City
Their friends Psychedelic Horseshit don't have any any other shows listed. Crystal Stilts also don't have any other local shows scheduled.

Cause Co-Motion do have more shows listed. They're also opening for The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at Mercury Lounge on February 7th, playing Monster Island Basement on March 12th, and perrforming at Silent Barn on April 25th.

All Tyvjk dates below...

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by Bill Pearis


This time of year is usually pretty slow, show-wise, but this seems to be an especially-packed week for shows. Here's some of the stuff I'm considering attending while I procrastinate on holiday gift shopping and doing all my year-end lists over on my own blog.

Crystal Stilts @ Less Artists More Condos (more by Gabi Porter)
Crystal Stilts

Speaking of, while I haven't posted my Best Albums of '08 yet, I will tell you Crystal Stilts' Alight of Night did make the Top Ten. They're playing tonight (12/17) at Le Poisson Rouge and even though I've seen them more times this year than I'd like to admit (and will probably see them again later this week), I will probably be in attendance. They're opening for Bay Area neo-fokies Vetiver, whose new covers album, Thing of the Past, is rather lovely.


Hot Snakes
Hot Snakes

Also tonight (12/17), is that double-shot of ex-Hot Snakes/Drive Like Jehu/Pitchfork bands at Santos Party House: Obits, that's fronted by Rick Froberg; and headliners The Night Marchers, which features John Reis and two other members of Hot Snakes. I have to admit Obits is more of a draw for me, as the band also features Sohrab Habibion who used to front Edsel, one of my favorite bands from the '90s DC scene. Obits just released their debut 7", "One Cross Apiece," which I like a lot. Will there be a mini Hot Snakes reunion tonight? Probably not, but you can always hope for a Christmas miracle.

Plus Minus
Plus Minus

Speaking of '90s indie rock survivors, Thursday (12/18) at Music Hall of Williamsburg is +/-, which is the band/solo project James Baluyut formed when Versus called it quits in the early part of this decade. Versus are playing shows again - and maybe recording new material (so I hear) - but +/- are still very much their own thing and going strong, having released their fourth album Xs on Your Eyes, back in October. Actually the whole line-up at MHoW that night is pretty great: Philly duo Pattern is Movement (who played a BV CMJ day party this year), Brooklyn indie royalty The Ladybug Transistor, and In Interview who I caught at NYC popfest back in June and who don't play nearly enough.

Also on Thursday (12/18): That A.C. Newman Get Guilty listening party at Stanton Public, which I originally thought was last week but wasn't. You can still RSVP for it at Insound. 8-10PM, free beer n' booze.

Sic Alps
Sic Alps

And last but absolutely not least, the can't miss show of the week has to be Saturday's (12/20) three floor-event at Knitting Factory curated by indie rock's original keyboard-drum duo, Quasi. Mates of State, Matt and Kim, etc, bow down to Sam Combes and Janet Weiss. The line-up is kind of staggering: awesome San Francisco garage rock duo Sic Alps (who I've plugged before), the aforementioned Crystal Stilts (a late addition to the bill), Jeffrey Lewis, Soft Circle (ex-Black Dice), plus films by legendary animator Sally Cruikshank (one of which is where Quasi got their name) and Craig Baldwin. Oh yeah, Marnie Stern is also playing. Tickets are $20, and worth it.

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words photos by Gabi Porter

Crystal Stilts

The show had a late start and sold out just about as the second band started. The space, Less Artists, More Condos was weird in a fun way, or fun in a weird way. It's a strange feeling to go to a show and realize in line for the bathroom, that you're really in someone's house as you stare at their kitchen shelves full of jars of tomato sauce and whole wheat pasta.

German Measles were fun and sloppy, not exactly rockabilly but definitely something the greasers would've listened to post-Elvis. And you have to love a drummer with a barely stuck on fake moustache, and a bass player who is a dead ringer for Buddy Holly.

When you see a guy in a band wearing bright red lipstick and guyliner, if you're me you hope they are more like the New York Dolls and less like Fall Out Boy/the Killers, and Cheap Time (from Nashville) were thankfully definitely more David Johansen than Brandon Flowers. For one brief moment I thought they were opening their set with a Ramones cover, a couple of chord changes and the vocals started, and it turned out I was wrong, but the energy was definitely good ol' three chord early garage punk.

It was my second time seeing the Crystal Stilts, and for a second time I was surprised by what a great, dance-y party band they actually are, despite all appearances to the contrary.

Crystal Stilts

Tickets are still on sale for the show Crystal Stilts are playing with Love is All at Bowery Ballroom on December 7th. All tour dates HERE. More pictures from Friday night (11/21) below...

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DP's Angel Deradoorian @ Knitting Factory (more by Ryan Muir)
Dirty Projectors

Tickets are still on sale for the show Dirty Projectors and Dan Deacon are playing at Brooklyn Masonic Temple on December 11th. Last year Dirty Projectors played Knitting Factory on New Years Eve, and this year they might do it again, joining the bill that we already know includes Deer Tick, Deerhoof and Akron/Family, and maybe Crystal Stilts too?

Speaking of Crystal Stilts, they play their record release show at Less Artists More Condos tonight/Friday.

More New Years Eve shows are listed HERE, and a bunch of them just went on sale.

A beautiful video of Dirty Projectors playing in a big purple van in Paris, below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Crystal Stilts

Friday November 21st @ LESS ARTISTS, MORE CONDOS


:::: Cheap Time ----------------- In The Red records
:::::: German Measles

132 W 3rd St btwn 6th Ave & MacDougal | West Village, Manhattan
ACEBDFW-W 4th St, 1-Christopher St | 8pm | all ages | $7

[ curated by Mike Sniper ]

The above is one of three NYC shows Crystal Stilts have coming up. The pictures in this post are from a show they played at the Fader House during CMJ. Some more of those below...

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DOWNLOAD: Crystal Stilts - Crystal Stilts (MP3)

Crystal Stilts

After a busy CMJ in their own city, Crystal Stilts have announced at least three more NYC shows they'll play before the end of the year including one at Bowery Ballroom with Love is All who they're going on tour with, and one at (le) poisson rouge with Vetiver. All dates and ticket links below...

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Photos by Gabi Porter

Gang Gang Dance

The Stereogum Tuesday (10/21) late night party had a LATE start. Got there a little before doors were advertised (midnight), and they weren't letting anyone in - the bands were still soundchecking. When they finally let people into the new Studio (an hour after the promised start time), Gang Gang Dance were still soundchecking. The GGD soundcheck eventually blended seamlessly into their set, and I don't remember ever liking the band as much as I did last night. The new space at Webster is intimate, and I'm used to seeing GGD in much more grandiose settings. The set was really hypnotic, but at 2:30 I had to call it a night and go home, so I unfortunately didn't get the chance to see any of the other bands on the bill." - Gabi
Free shows at The Studio continue all CMJ week. The bands Gabi missed were Marnie Stern, Crystal Stilts, and Ponytail who played the BV show at MHOW earlier in the night. Gang Gang Dance and Marnie Stern are going on tour together. Marnie Stern is also playing the free BV show at Knitting Factory on Saturday. More GGD pictures below...

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Wye Oak
Wye Oak

In the short time Bill has been here, many bands have been featured in his Week In Indie column on BrooklynVegan. At least 19 of those bands are playing shows for, and during, CMJ in NYC this week. Each of those bands is listed below with links back to what Bill said about them...

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Kickball Katy playing with Fucked Up (more by Chris La Putt)

The L Magazine (aka Marc Hogan): I know you've covered one of the Wipers' songs. Is there an album in particular of theirs that you guys are big on?
Kickball Katy (aka 1/3 of Vivian Girls): We love Youth of America. Like, the first couple. Youth of America, the Over the Edge album and Is This Real, those are three of the best albums ever made, in my opinion. Cassie definitely agrees, and so does Ali. We just wanted to write some crazy songs like that. We're not that good, but we do like those albums a lot, and those are the things that we really had in common. We also really liked Dead Moon. They're in that new band, what is it? Pierced Arrows. I haven't seen them yet, but I saw Dead Moon like two years ago and it was awesome.


The L: Not to belabor the point, but with Frankie, that was officially a "kick out" not an "I'm quitting" kind of thing?
KK: Yeah, I wouldn't want to harp on this too much, but yeah, we had to ask her to leave. For various reasons that I won't get into.

The L: You guys are still friends with Crystal Stilts?
KK: We love Crystal Stilts. JB [Townsend, guitar], Brad [Hargett, vocals], and Andy [Adler, bass] are three really, really cool dudes. We were just hanging out with them the other night. We're still good friends with them. Things are cool, still.

Pierced Arrows play Maxwell's in Hoboken tonight (Oct 17). All tour dates below...

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STudio Free Webster Hall

The new space at Webster Hall is hosting free shows all week long during CMJ 2008. More details below...

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