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words by Andrew Sacher / photos via @bvaustin

Mineral / Run the Jewels / King Diamond fans @ FFF Fest 11/7/2014

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Austin's annual music festival Fun Fun Fun Fest kicked off on Friday and, apart from the line troubles stemming from its new location, featured a stacked lineup like always, spanning punk, metal, hip hop, dance and more, with plenty of the old as well as the new. On top of that you could walk by wrestling matches, BMX competitions, standup comedy and more fun.

Over at the Orange Stage early on, Knapsack and Mineral repped '90s emo. Knapsack had reunited in 2013 and initially said that was it but fortunately they still had more in them and came back for this, while Mineral have been on a reunion tour for a couple months. The two bands pulled from totally different sides of the spectrum. Knapsack's punky songs were the more "fun" of the two, and those guys looked like they were having a blast on stage too. Mineral on the other hand brought the delicate guitars and post-rock crescendos, giving the crowd something to zone out. Both bands played like the seasoned veterans they are, but they've still got that youthful spirit that music like this came from.

After that on the Blue Stage came two veterans who are pushing things forward, Run the Jewels, the collaborative project of Killer Mike and El-P that sounds entirely modern. They take the hardcore rap that both of them came up and revitalize it with futuristic beats that doesn't really sound like any of the other hip hop at FFF this weekend. Both Killer Mike and El-P have a fair share of serious songs, but they have fun with RTJ -- including some lighthearted Sun Kil Moon ribbing -- and got the crowd going harder than anyone else I saw that day.

The Blood Brothers

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Then the Black Stage made it feel a little more like 2004 as post-hardcore maniacs The Blood Brothers came on, followed by dance-punk duo Death From Above 1979, both of whom expressed mutual admiration for the other from the stage. The Blood Brothers have been reunited this year, have only played less than 10 shows so far, and they're still the totally wild band that made Burn Piano Island, Burn. It only took seconds for the front of the crowd to turn into a crazed mosh pit which one of their singers spent about a third of the show in.

While Blood Brothers was all old favorites, DFA1979 put out their first new album since their 2004 debut this year and played a lot of that. It pretty much just sounds like their older material though, so the whole thing sounded like classic Death From Above. Plus by then the sun had set and their light show was killer, lightup elephant trunk faces included.

Going back further in time was the headlining set on the Black Stage from Judas Priest, who brought 40 years of metal to their hour and a half set that had zero dull moments. Priest gave classic after classic and even when they worked in stuff from their new album they ripped as hard as the old favorites. Rob Halford is still the amazing frontman you'd want him to be, and really the whole band was on fire -- even the new guy Richie Faulkner they have on guitar. I'm usually iffy when the young, recently-added member of a legendary band tries to show off at all, but that dude shreds.

We'll have a recap of the rest off FFF Fest 2014 (as well as full picture sets from all three days) soon. Meanwhile, you can check out lots more pics on the @BVAustin instagram.

UPDATE: Day 2 recap HERE. Day 3 recap HERE.

photos Kenneth Bachor; words by Bill Pearis

DFA1979 @ Rough Trade 9/8/2014
Death from Above 1979

Did somebody set the clock back 10 years? It kinda feels like it this week, with both Interpol and Death from Above 1979 releasing new albums. While the former gave us the back-to-basics El Pintor, DFA1979 hit with their first album since their 2004 and it finds them picking up right where they left off. Dancepunk isn't in fashion the way it was when Dubya was president, but you wouldn't have known from last night's record release show at Rough Trade. People were psyched for this very intimate evening, stomping for the band to come back for the encore and keeping a pretty healthy, if gentle, pit going for most of the show.

Sebastien Grainger and Jesse F. Keeler were in good spirits, with Grainger cracking jokes in between songs. They played every song from new LP The Physical World, plus about two thirds of the debut. No surprise: the craziest moment of the night was during the encore of "Romantic Rights." Setlist and pictures -- including ones of openers Low Fat Getting High (who have a new LP too) -- are in this post.

DFA1979 will play The Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday (9/10) return to NYC this fall when their tour hits Terminal 5 on November 28 with Biblical. Tickets are still available and you can also win a pair.

More pics and DFA1979 setlist from Rough Trade, below...

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Arctic Monkeys @ Firefly Fest 2014 (more by Dana [distortion] Yavin)
Arctic Monkeys

The 2014 Voodoo Music Experience fest happens in New Orleans from October 31 - November 2 and the lineup includes Outkast, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Action Bronson, Slayer, DFA 1979, The Melvins, Gogol Bordello, Fishbone, Peelander Z and more. Tickets are on sale now.

Full lineup is listed below....

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Death from Above 1979 have been semi-active again for a few years now, playing occasional shows. This year they've got the Riot Fest Toronto (September 6 - 7) and Fun Fun Fun Fest (November 7 - 9) on their 2014 schedule. When those dates come around, though, the band will have a new album out, The Physical World, their first in 10 years and only the second one they ever made (due out September 9 via Last Gang). Stay tuned for more details.

No new music to be heard yet, but flash back to 2004 with the video for "Romantic Rights" below...

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After teasing us with a series of 12" singles -- like this year's driving "Fall Back" -- UK electronic trio Factory Floor have finally announced details of their debut LP. The self-titled record will be out September 10 on DFA. You can check out the cover art and the tracklist below.

The band -- well, one of them -- were in NYC for DFA's 12th Anniversary Party at Grand Army Plaza (part of the Red Bull Music Academy) last month and while they have no North American dates at this time, they will be hitting the European festival circuit. So look for them in a sweaty disco tent over there this summer. Dates are listed below.

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Governors Ball

Governors Ball, which started as a small NYC festival on Governors Island and moved to the larger Randall's Island last year, keeps getting bigger and bigger. This year's fest takes place June 7th, 8th & 9th, and tickets go on sale Friday. Check out the full lineup, in list, video and flyer format - one unannounced headliner included, below...

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