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James and Pat (more by Ryan Muir)

LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy has revealed that he is involved in a new band who are set to release material on his label, DFA.

Murphy told NME.COM that the collective, featuring LCD cohort Pat Maloney plus former Hockey Night members Paul Sprangers and Scott Wells, haven't decided on a name yet.

"There's this rock band arguing about what name they are," Murphy told NME.COM. "They're from Minneapolis.

"We've gone back and forth for months, there's no way to say [what the band name is]. Pat and I are the drummer and the bass player [respectively]."

Murphy said he expected to release material by the new collective next year.

According to his spokesperson Murphy is not officially a core member of the band, although he produces and contributes bass.

Pat Maloney?? (like I should talk). James and Pat are also collectively known as Special Disco Version, and............
we're back and better than ever! pat und james have returned from brazil, japan, korea, the UK, ireland and the ukraine to get stupid with gentleman dj matt cash. $4 prb cans? $5 cover? it's like a hardcore show, if hardcore shows had really gay disco. oh--and NOT the straight edge kind of hardcore show, either. the fun kind. GET NAKED!
prb??? That's happening upstairs at Santos Party House on November 5th. Doors at 11 PM. Also in James Murphy's NYC future:

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Yacht @ SXSW (more by Ryan Muir)

Yacht (now on DFA Records) will be in town tomorrow for another Halloween option. The DFA flyer and all Yacht tour dates below...

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Bowery photos by Tim Griffin, Santos photos by Faith-Ann Young

TJM @ Bowery Ballroom
The Juan Maclean

"Dressed in a dark blazer and white pants (after Labor Day, mind you!), John MacLean looked more like a professor than a dance-rocker. Perhaps his fashion sense is a remnant from his days teaching English in New Hampshire? Following a set from Chairlift, a Brooklyn-based trio whose career received a kick-start after Apple licensed "Bruises" for an iPod commercial, their fleeting allusions to Television and Bjork were bulldozed by The Juan MacLean's dance floor pastiche and their fondness for disco, house, and techno. Though MacLean's vocals sounded a little off at times (probably due to technical problems), when he's not singing and playing keyboards, he's constantly adding hand percussion and tweaking gizmos that give his music an interesting effect. Most notably, the icy vocal of singer/keyboardist Nancy Whang (of LCD Soundsystem) is a perfect yin to MacLean's yang. Their union shined on "Give Me Every Little Thing," a throbbing, squelchy, funky number laden with Theremin. Thankfully void of needless irony, it tipped its hat to Parliament-Funkadelic. Along the way, they dropped "Happy House," the first single from their forthcoming album, The Future Will Come, and it was a definite highlight. If tonight's performance is any indication, the future for The Juan MacLean looks very bright." [BigShotMag]
The Bowery Ballroom show (10/18) happened a few days before the DFA CMJ showcase at Santos that Juan also played....
The Juan Maclean came on late closing out the DFA showcase...around 12:45- 1? John/Juan the man and his trusty troupe, including Nancy Whang and ex-!!! drummer Jerry Fuchs, brought dance chaos to the cold concrete floor of Santos. He oscilalted between a smorgasbord of samplers, tambourines, and modern electronic gadgets....and tastetested a track from upcoming album, The Future Will Come. Crazed lights and lasers added to the otherworld sci-fi vibe (that and the pills that were going around)... -Faith
Free Blood (featuring ex-!!!'s John Pugh) was also on the Santos bill.

More pictures from both Juan Maclean shows below...

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santos Party House

Showtrotta has similar events listed HERE. More on Santos during CMJ HERE. More details on tonight below...

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SAntos Party HouseSAntos Party House

10.18 - NEW PARTY ALERT: TBD new monthly event w/ performance by Lykke Li (hosted by Josh Wood)
10.20 - Japan Takeover w/ Holidays of Seventeen, Local Sound Style, OVUM, Parker Theory, and The Rice Cookers
10.21 - Shiny Toy Guns (live) + The Delta Fiasco & Jonezetta
10.21 - AM Only Showcase w/ Wallpaper, Classixx. Bomb the Bass, Discokane, Jeremy Dawson of Shiny Toy Guns DJ set, and Jen Lasher
10.21 - The London Souls & The So So Glos with Special Guests
10.22 - Rong Music/DFA Records Showcase
10.22 - Special Disco Version (DFA continued)
10.23 - Dub Rock CMJ Showcase with 77 Klash, Ari-Up (The Stilts) & True Warriors , Fear Nuttin Band, The Cool & Deadly and Meta & The Cornerstones
10.23 - Afro-Punk & Frank 151 Present: Dallas Austin , The Noisettes and U G-D with DJ Ruckus
10.24 - Social Registry showcase w/ Gang Gang Dance, Growing, Psychic Ills, Mike Bones and Sian Alice Group
10.25 - Narnack's showcase w/ Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Restavrant, Iran, The Muslims, Vaz and the Sundelles
10.25 - Prime Time w/ DJs Eamon Harkin & James F!@$%^ Friedman + special guest GREG WILSON
10.26 - Jay Reatard (live) w/ Vivian Girls, Cola Freaks & DJ Tim Warren
The CMJ ones are actually only 10/21-10/25, but I thought I would list a few more for the full related picture. Some of these are for sale at Ticketweb. Check Santos' website for more info.

Bowery Ballroom's CMJ listings are HERE.

DOWNLOAD: The Phenomenal Handclap Band - Testimony (MP3)

The Phenomenal Hadndclap Band

In the midst of popular electronic-based production teams such as Justice and DFA, Embassy Sound Productions (ESP) emerges with a fresh approach to dance-oriented rock and roll, using live instrumentation to evoke the intricate arrangements of Norman Whitfield, Quincy Jones, and Phil Spector as well as the pared down beats of contemporaries like The Neptunes and Danger Mouse.

ESP is Daniel Collás and Sean Marquand, two New York underground club DJs who became restless with the concept of playing other people's music. Having been involved with and disenchanted by the local rock and roll scene, they began to focus on producing.

Their initial projects resuscitated the respective careers of two veteran soul acts (New York's Joe Bataan and Brazil's União Black) and garnered critical acclaim, leading Daniel & Sean to set their sights on The Phenomenal Handclap Band, a supergroup comprised of a "who's who" of the indie rock and underground soul scenes. Members of such diverse bands as TV on the Radio, L'Trimm, Calla, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Mooney Suzuki, and Sí Se all contribute their individual talents to the album.

The Phenomenal Handclap Band sound is an anthemic, dancefloor-oriented blend of progressive rock, disco, electro, and '60s soul with sprinklings of hip hop-styled orchestral breakbeats and moody, synth-heavy hooks.
[that's the description written on their MySpace]

I was going to list a whole bunch of keywords that come to mine when listening to the The Phenomenal Handclap Band, but I think they have it covered. Maybe throw in 'B movie soundtrack' (I mean that in a good way). Their unsigned, unreleased album also features contributions by (in addition to who they already mentioned) members of Antibalas, Oakley Hall, the Dap Kings, Amy Winehouse's band, Diamond Nights, Persephone's Bees and Apollo Heights. The people in the picture (can you name any?) are the core group of the band. So far the collective has only played one show. Tonight (Thursday September 25th) is their second. I think there will be 12 people on stage. Details below...

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Hercules and Love AffairHercules and Love Affair

The B-52s are playing a show at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC on November 1st, 2008. In 2007 they played a show on Halloween with The Rapture at Roseland. This year they play the day after Halloween with Hercules & Love Affair and Special Disco Version (James Murphy and Pat Mahoney deejaying). Both years cost $50. Tickets are on sale (@ 10am).

Hercules & Love Affair and The B-52's also have a bunch of other fall shows scheduled without each other. All dates are listed below....

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Did you end up doing anything last night? There are some great things happening Friday (tonight - Aug 22) as well.

Joakim (head of Tigersushi, remixer, and front man of Joakim & the Ectoplasmics) is deejaying at APT. Check out his top 10 for August on Resident Advisor for a look at what he might be playing....

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Yacht @ SXSW 2008 (more by Ryan Muir)

pop experimentalists YACHT (a.k.a. Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans) have just signed with DFA to release their new single, "Summer Song," available now digitally via itunes and on 12" vinyl. The single comes with two other sparkling fresh tracks: "I'm In Love With A Ripper (Party Mix)" and "It's Boring/You Can Live Anywhere You Want."

Keep a lookout for YACHT's forthcoming full-length, See Mystery Lights, out in 2009 on DFA

Yacht's lablemate Free Blood play a free show at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn tonight (Aug 22, 2008). Pink Skull and Professor Murder are also on the bill. Check out Yacht's new video for "Summer Song" below...

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DOWNLOAD: Lykke Li - Little Bit (Loving Hand remix) (MP3)

Lykke Li

Lykke Li added a 2nd NYC show to her previously announced tour dates that already included the August NYC show at (le) poisson rouge. The new show is at Music Hall of Williamsburg, in October, and tickets are on sale.

Check out the new Loving Hand remix above. Loving Hand = DFA's Tim Goldsworthy. All Lykke Li tour dates below...

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by Showtrotta

James Murphy and Pat Mahoney @ PS1 - July 26, 2008 (CRED)
James Murphy

The Crowd @ PS1 - July 26, 2008 (CRED)

Thursday night, despite the various dance happenings I decided to take a break and stay in. Friday I took a break from dancing again and went to the excellent Ween show. The no-dancing streak couldn't last much longer though - Saturday I headed to PS1 for the DFA-laden edition of Warm Up. I arrived around 5 and witnessed a line stretched around at least 3 sides of PS1. Thankfully I was able to go on the much shorter line for LIC residents. Inside was less crowded than I expected - perhaps some of the line was due to an attempt at crowd control. Unfortunately it was only temporary and PS1 turned into a barely navigable, wall to wall crowd of people standing around, many waiting in one of the ridiculously long and seemingly merging beer lines.

After several minutes of scurrying through gaps opening in the crowd I finally made it to the dancefloor where there was an odd little mix of people not dancing at all, people just tapping their feet a little bit, and people absolutely losing their shit. I fell somewhere between the feet tappers and wanting to lose my shit but James and Pat's selections just weren't doing it for me. Probably the one and only highlight for me was when they dropped "Planet E" by KC Flightt which heavily samples "Once in a Lifetime" by the Talking Heads. Check out the video which features the soon to be touring David Byrne dancing through every now and then. Around 8 I left PS1 feeling very frustrated, but I am already starting to feel better because of the amazing events headed our way this week:

First off, hopefully things will be better tonight (Wednesday July 30, 2008) at Santos Happy House with different DFA'ers, Juan Maclean and Tim Sweeney (Beats in Space) choosing the tunes. Apparently it's going to be an actual battle with Tim and Juan switching off every hour, with one of them emerging as the winner....

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Sucky Losers

If there was any indication in James Murphy's posting that the first "Special Disco Version" party at Santos' Playhouse last night was going to be a private party, I wouldn't have posted it the way I did. According to one anonymous commenter,

this was clearly false advertising, since when does "5 dollar drinks and music" mean a few 500 pound bouncers and a coked up studio 54 wannabe with a 20 pg guest list on a wednesday night? i guess this just proves once again that we should all party in brooklyn
UPDATE: I should also mention that the night I went it wasn't like that. You were either on list or paid $5.00. It also wasn't packed at the time.

Santos playhouse

Posted: Wed May 21, 2008 2:03 am Post subject: first special disco version party wednesday may 21


at santo's playhouse on 100 lafayette. best soundsystem ever.

get drunk.
no guest dj's!
10 to 4 or more!

it's $5--don't whinge. the good folks at the venue have given us a great space, and we're just trying to get them back on their feet. pony up.

Add "Santo's playhouse" to the list of names 100 Lafayette has now (thx mister).

For more Wednesday night events, try HERE.

For Thursday dance events, try HERE.

For more DFA, try HERE.

James Murphy

James Murphy

James Murphy

Those three blue pictures (by Ryan Muir) are of James Murphy deejaying Webster Hall on Friday night (the same party MSTRKRFT & Grandmaster Flash played). Stay tuned for details of James Murphy's new DFA party coming to Santos' Party House.

A different DFA party happens on Tuesdays at 205. Tonight (May 20) @ 205 Tuesdays is... HORSE MEAT DISCO (The Eagle London), TYLER POPE (!!! / LCD Soundsystem), JUSTIN MILLER (DFA) & JACQUES RENAULT. To quote David Bruno, "horsemeat disco guys are in Hercules and Love Affair's band" (who isn't?).

Hercules & Love Affair played Studio B Saturday night. And if you were wondering what "Blind" sounded like without Antony....

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photos by Ryan Muir

Kim (and Nomi)
Hercules & love Affair @ Studio B

Their record company describes them as "a pan-sexual mix for our troubled times". That is one way of saying that Hercules and Love Affair are the kind of band in which guest vocalist Antony Hegarty - the Mercury prize-winning torch singer and radical gay performance artist, with a strong interest in gender reassignment - is the Charlie Watts figure: integral, but a bit stolid and suburban by contrast with his flamboyant bandmates. These include transsexual vocalist Nomi; dancer Shayne, a gay B-boy and mainstay of New York's voguing scene; and Kim Ann Foxman, a Hawaiian lesbian jewellery designer famed for running a notorious club (club?) called Mad Clams, where one could apparently "get away with anything - smoking, sex, drugs, peeing in the corner, dancing naked".... [Guardian]
Nomi (she wore 2 outfits)
Hercules & love Affair @ Studio B

Hercules & Love Affair played their first official show at Studio B in Brooklyn on Saturday night (May 17, 2008). As advertised, Antony (who sings some songs on the album) was NOT there, but Nomi (who is awesome and will be touring Europe with them) was there to sing with Kim. More about the show later. More pictures and tour dates below....

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Pat Mahoney and James Murphy
PAt Mahoney and James Murphy

James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem/DFA Records) posted the following message on the DFA board (thx all)...

ok, pat and i are starting a new party here in nyc. it's a dfa party, sure, somewhere between my old apt party (which was very fun) and the dfa parties at studio b. it's called special disco version and it'll have it's homebase at a new club my friend has in manhattan called 100 lafayette at, well, you guessed it, 100 lafayette street. we're also taking the show on the road.
the new spot isn't open yet, but there are some gigs a-coming up.

and here they are:
may 13th we're on beats in space
may 15th pat's in dublin (details to follow)
may 16th pat's at fabric in london
may 16th i'm at webster hall in nyc
may 30th pat's in austria at the urban artforms festival
may 31st pat's in belgrade
june 10th we're playing together at MOMA
june 13th & 14th there'll be some form of specialdiscoversion party in vancouver and toronto

so there.

Hercules & Love Affair (also part of the DFA family) play Studio B this week.

Reggie Watts @ Pianos (more by Ryan Muir)
Reggie Watts

What does tonight's Zombieville show at Soutpaw (May 9) have in common with the Saturday night show at the Lucky Cat?...

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DOWNLOAD: the Bloody Beetroots - NLLR mix (zSHARE MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Felix Cartal - NLLR mix (zSHARE MP3)

Kavinsky (CRED)

As I mentioned last week, after a string of disappointing deejay sets I've been reluctant to allow myself to get too excited even when acts I've previously been amazed by come to town. I did a pretty good job of staying calm leading up to Kavinsky's set at Studio B on Saturday. Firstly, I have to give props to Jen Lasher for spinning a set that was much more interesting than many more well-known DJ sets I've seen recently. She covered quite a lot of ground in terms of dance music, and she wasn't afraid to drop a few oddballs and pop songs in there either. She took a relatively tame and sparse midnight Studio B crowd and whipped them into a dancing frenzy by the time Kavinsky took the decks at 2.

When that finally happened I found myself desperately hoping his set would be good and thankfully it was! He started off well, playing Mr. Oizo's remix of "Merrymaking at My Place" by Calvin Harris (who makes his way back to NYC this Monday), and D.I.M.'s remix of "My People" by The Presets a few songs in. He also played some electro that was less recent, but worked well despite this because of his timing, choices, and good mixing. About a half an hour or so in, something shifted, and Kavinsky's set went from good, to one of the most fun sets I've ever gotten down to. It was the perfect mix of classic dance tracks, brand new electro (he played the two new SebastiAn tracks which are perfect for the floor and a loud system), old electro, and random-ness (Phil Collins - Sussudio?!). He kept "the B"'s floor the most packed I've seen it in a while until a little after 4. It was easily one of the best sets I've witnessed this year. You can read my more detailed review here and stream a playlist I made of close to 20 of the tracks Kavinsky dropped at the B that night.

This weekend is another one full of dance. Get ready to start making decisions. Here is what is happening on Thursday (April 24, 2008) alone!.....

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Tippy Toes

featuring: REGGIE WATTS

Saturday April 12, 2008 @ THE LUCKY CAT (grand st. in williamsburg)

KIM ANN FOXMAN (Hercules and Love Affair, DFA Records)
JESSE MANN (No Selector)

* Morgan Wiley on Keys (Hercules and Love Affair, Automato, LCD Soundsystem, DFA Records)
* Andrew Raposo on Bass (Hercules and Love Affair, Automato, LCD Soundsystem, DFA Records)
* Guy Licata on Drums (Hercules and Love Affair, Santogold, Bill Laswell)
* Abe Seiferth on Guitar (Phonograph, Elliptical Ferns, Akoya)
* Reggie Watts on Vocals (Maktub, Soulive)

Be our friend on myspace and check out the music.

This is the first of a once a month residency at the Lucky Cat. "Second Saturdays"

$3 cover (so you have no excuse)


February 12th marks the release of Goldfrapp’s latest single "A&E", out on Mute. Listen to the track on their myspace, and check out the fresh Gui Boratto remix of the song right here...

We've loved Gui Boratto ever since we heard his sun-rising single "Beautiful Life", and he's turned the new Goldfrapp single into a seven minute dub, dance track with Alison’s vocals layered on top of it beautifully. There's a Hercules and Love Affair remix of the song too. You should be able to find it if you look around. "Seventh Tree" - Goldfrapp's fourth full-length album from which the single is taken, is out on Mute February 26th.

Hercules and Love Affair
Hercules and Love Affair

Speaking of Hercules and Love Affair, the amazing club mix of their single ‘Blind’ featuring Antony has been going non-stop on our headphones. This is just a slow burner that you want to drop continuously through the night. As David Bruno also pointed out, you can listen to the song at DFA's MySpace. Then click here for another Hercules And Love Affair track - this one a free MP3 (although DFA will make you fill out some info to get it).

Get some Daptone remixes, and a track by The Teenagers. Then keep reading for some upcoming FOTP events below....

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Metro Area @ Studio B, Brooklyn, NYC - Jan 4, 2008 (Justin Charles)
Metro AreaMetro Area

No more "Week in Dance". Obviously, you've seen that it's not a weekly feature. "Dance Update" will be more frequent and less frequent at the same time. Longer and shorter. Keep an eye on my friends' Darrin and Greg Remixed posts for more regular updates on the MP3s that are flying about on the dance'o'net. I'll keep doing what I'm doing here.

I had the grand scheme to do successive posts on my best of for 2007, but that never materialized. I instead wrote an overview of my thoughts on the year in dance, and now I'll jump right into what I'm looking forward to for 2008.

DFAI already told you about the Tim Goldsworthy(DFA)-produced Cut Copy album coming out on Modular. There's also some exciting new releases DFA is putting out themselves. (Sidebar: I know I got some heat for focusing too much on DFA last year, but this is a New York blog, and DFA keep putting out such damn good music: its really not my fault. But noted.). Full-lengths are soon forthcoming from Hot Chip, Hercules and Love Affair, and The Juan Maclean, but killer singles and remixes are coming even much sooner.

Hot Chip is up first with a Feb 5th release of Made in the Dark. They definitely maintain their "leftfield" designation with this album, but its quirkiness is exactly what makes it (and them) so endearing. Check out some fun behind the scenes footage at Hot Chip's shoot of "Ready for the Floor".

AntonyLess quirky, more proper early 90s house music: Hercules and Love Affair's album will probably be out in March and features more than a few guest appearances from Antony. Preview the amazing "Blind" featuring Antony on the HAFL Myspace, the 12" single will hopefully come with a remix from early 90s house legend Frankie Knuckles. Fact Magazine has a preview here.

You might have heard the unabashedly piano house track "Happy House" by The Juan Maclean making the rounds in the clubs. It's quite the jam (listen here) and features Nancy Whang on vocals and will be released in March. The album " " (yes, that's what it's called) will be out a bit later in the spring and TJM will kick off unrelentless touring throughout the rest of the year.

Don't sleep on these parties:

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The Rapture DJing @ Music Hall, Brooklyn, NY - Dec 13, 2007 (CRED)
The Rapture DJs

It's been a hell of a week for dancing...This week started off with a crushing Justice set and will end with a sweaty DFA disco affair at Studio B. More below...

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