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DUMBO Arts Fest

After an 18-year run, the often zany, always popular DUMBO Arts Festival has come to an end, a victim of its own success.

The three day extravaganza won't be returning to the artsy neighborhood down under the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, according to key sponsor Two Trees Management Company.

The festival was known for packing galleries filled with visual art and interactive pieces -- along with eccentric processions, artists wearing "backpack galleries" and performers of all stripes roaming the streets of DUMBO.

The crowds and cost were getting to be just too much, Lisa Kim, cultural affairs director of Two Trees, said in a statement. More than 220,000 visitors flooded the little neighborhood for the festival weekend last year, and "it became clear that we could no longer mount the festival ourselves without commercializing it in a way that didn't feel right," she said.

"It is with a heavy heart that I bring you this news, which was not an easy decision to make," Kim added.

Borough President Eric Adams says he hopes to keep the event going.

"Our borough does not want to lose this magnetic event, which has introduced hundreds of thousands of visitors to Brooklyn's waterfront," he said in a statement. "I will be reaching out to the festival's organizers, along with local artists, businesses and stakeholders, to see how we might preserve this important piece of Brooklyn's cultural legacy."

You can read a letter from the festival below..

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photos by Gretchen Robinette

Blackout in Lower Manhattan and East River Crossings in the wake of Hurricane Sandy

BrooklynVegan photographer Gretchen Robinette braved the East River crossings on Halloween to snap some pictures of an eerie Lower Manhattan in the wake of Hurricane Sandy's destruction.She says:

I biked to DUMBO in Brooklyn and shot the Manhattan Bridge and view of Lower Manhattan , next to Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn Park on Halloween night, post Hurricane Sandy. The park was closed and dark and empty. Manhattan Bridge is half lit, and half dark straight, leading straight in to China Town blackness. Biking on the Manhattan Bridge in to Manhattan now feels like riding into an ominous, creepy black void. I just had my bike light stolen and did not think to bring a flash light. Couldn't have been darker in a city that is always glowing with light. People walked with flashlights just to see the sidewalk in front of them, an occasional blast of white light next to a generator lit up part of a street, enabling people to search for a corner receiving some sort of cell phone reception. Never saw an eerier, creepier, night in Manhattan.

Then Chinatown to Lower East Side, then entering and crossing Williamsburg Bridge. Its strange to head towards Brooklyn to see bright lights and city hustle, leaving behind a heavy dark and emptiness of Lower Manhattan

Her photos are in this post. More below...

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Galapagos Art Space, post-Sandy (via Galapagos Facebook)

DUMBO was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy, with a lot of flooding. Among the businesses affected by the storm was Galapagos Art Space that suffered five feet of water. But community aid has been great -- more than 50 people showed up to help on Wednesday -- and the venue hopes to reopen by the weekend. If you'd like to help financially, you can pledge money to their Smallknot campaign.

Photos from Galapagos' post-Sandy mess and its clean-up are below.

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DUMBO's annual "three day celebration of art, music and performance" returns to the Brooklyn neighborhood down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass on Friday, September 28. Check out the schedule.

DOWNLOAD: Prince Rama - "So Destroyed" (MP3)

Prince Rama at Basilica Festival - 8/11/12 (via BrooklynVegan Instagram)
Prince Rama

Brooklyn experimentalists Prince Rama played the Basilica Music Festival in Hudson, NY over the weekend (pictured above). Their set was on Saturday (8/11) along with sets by Gang Gang Dance, The Psychic Paramount, Hiro Kone, and others.

As mentioned, Prince Rama and Gang Gang Dance will again share a bill on September 23 at 285 Kent, which is one of three NYC shows for GGD, who also play Public Assembly on September 21 with Sun Araw and Cameo on September 22 with New Moods. Tickets for Cameo and 285 Kent and tickets for Public Assembly are still available.

You can also catch Prince Rama in NYC even sooner than that when they play DUMBO Summer Friday (presented by Northside, the DUMBO Improvement District, and The O Music Awards Unboxed) on Friday, August 17 with Javelin, Zambri, and Bosco Delrey. It's a day show (start time: 2 PM) and happens at the DUMBO Archway (corner of Anchorage Place and Water St in Brooklyn). There will also be DJs, sound installations by Laura Vitale and food from The Brooklyn Flea.

Prince Rama will release their new album, Top Ten Hits Of The End Of The World, on November 6 via Animal Collective's Paw Tracks label (they're also set to support AnCo on their European tour). They recently revealed the first taste of that album with the track "So Destroyed," which you can download above (via Stereogum) or stream below.

A list of all dates and that stream below...

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Daniel Kitson (more by David Andrako)
Daniel Kitson

As previously mentioned, like last year, UK comedian Daniel Kitson has a show at St. Ann's in Brooklyn this month (the first of many 2012 performances was last night). This year's 90 minute show is called It's Always Right Now, Until It's Later, and it runs through 1/29.

"This is a show about every single one of us, the past in our pockets, the future in our hearts and us, ourselves, very much stuck, trapped forever, in the tiny eternal moment between the two," Kitson said in a statement.
Tickets and more info HERE.

photos by Ryan Barkan

ASAP Rocky
Creator's Project

One, two, and now three. It continues below...

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photos by Dominick Mastrangelo, Justice shots by Bryan Derballa

Creators Project

As we were saying, the Creators Project takeover of DUMBO went down this past weekend. Here is a second set of pictures from Saturday, now with Justice, Florence & the Machine, and more. They continue below...

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words & photos by BBG

Creators Project

Hopefully, there weren't masses that headed to DUMBO on Saturday (10/15) expecting a few Mozz-a-repa stands, a sausage & pepper cart, and a dealer selling his collection of "tobacco" pipes while looking for the live music. The Creators Project had much more to offer. It celebrated the different facets of creativity within art, music, and theater while showcasing live music alongside interactive sculpture to create a wholly different "festival" environment.

The musical portion was limited to two live stages and a third "DJ" stage which also housed a few exhibits. One live stage was located under an archway beneath the Manhattan Bridge. The other was in the "Tobacco Warehouse", a brick structure that has also hosted the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. The shows were free, though you needed to RSVP (and even then you needed a confirmation that you were accepted).

I kicked off my afternoon at the Tobacco Warehouse stage with Teen Daze whose laptop knob-twiddling didn't make for much of a live event. After a few songs I moved on to my first band of the day, Brooklyn's Chairlift. Caroline Polachek is the clear focus of the band's sound, with her vocals pushed to the front and the electronic-pop complementing her lilting voice. Their sunny and simple compositions were sugar-y, well executed and a good way to ease into the day, but not particularly memorable. The next performance would bring about an abrupt change.

John Maus
Creators Project

No one outcrazys John Maus. After the crew cleared the stage of seemingly every piece of gear, the very unassuming Maus came on to plug his Roland SP-404 sampler into the DI and his microphone into an echo pedal. With the hit of his sampler, Maus kicked off his set by bouncing left and right and jumping around. Veins bulged in his neck and face as he began to scream, sing, whimper and all but cry into his microphone during his vocal parts. Even if I had no interest in his recorded material (which I do, and tons of it), I would, as I'm sure any passerby would, still find the maniacal John Maus live (almost freak) show absolutely enthralling. Catch him again this week at 285 Kent.

After 3+ songs from Clams Casino on the laptop which was about as exciting as it sounds (dramatic key-stroke!), A$AP Rocky opened his set by explaining that people are saying he is the "biggest thing to hip hop since the Wu-Tang Clan". I'd like to meet these people. Regardless of how over/correctly hyped A$AP is, he and his crew (which included an appearance from Spaceghostpurrp) were particularly high energy - stage-diving, inciting mosh-pits, and hopping around on stage. The crowd didn't move with the same enthusiasm though. Despite calls for more participation, the crew didn't ignite similar energy in the crowd.

After a visit to see Four Tet (another knob-twiddling set), I cruised over to see Bradford Cox do a one-man Atlas Sound. I prefer Atlas Sound in full band mode to Bradford solo, but his set was fresh change to the mostly electronic vibe of the day. Cox's voice coupled with the Bridge backdrop and the Manhattan skyline was particularly impressive.

Company Flow
Creators Project

Up next was Company Flow, my main motivation for being there since I missed their recent reunion shows at ATP and Santos Party House.

It had been around 14 years since I saw Company Flow on tour with Organized Konfusion, the former celebrating their seminal Funcrusher Plus and the latter promoting what may be their final effort, The Equinox. That summer in 1997, Co-Flow sounded so alien to everything else in the era; primitive, noisy beats made with crude synths and harsh scratches were complemented by abstract and double-time rhymes. Lead by a white redhead-ed MC (a rarity in the era), Company Flow was truly unique in their time.

Company Flow were massive to me in that certain, early-backpacker Rawkus era, the blast-off point for El-P's noisy and dystopian blueprint at Definitive Jux. So it pains me to say that the primitive Company Flow sound hasn't aged so well live; El-P still has a good stage presence as always, but unfortunately the rawness of the tracks just now come across as simplistic in comparison to his sleeker production. It was good to see the crew though, and with Pharoahe Monch in tow, much like that night in DC in 1997.

After Co-Flow, I caught a bit of Florence & The Machine before calling it an evening meaning I also missed the abbreviated Justice DJ set. Though cops shut down Jusice early and a vocal minority of DUMBO residents complained about the takeover of their neighborhood streets, the complaints were minor leagues compared to the impressive spectacle that descended on art galleries, parks, storefronts, and even an archway underneath the Manhattan Bridge.

We're splitting this into multiple parts, so stay tuned for the rest. Meanwhile, more pictures of everything I saw, below...

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Creators Project


The Creators Project will return to New York from October 15 - October 16 by transforming the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn into a colossal two-day arts and technology festival.

After spending the year traveling the world, VICE and Intel's The Creators Project lands back in New York with a marquee lineup of live performances and original Studio works by groundbreaking artists, musicians, designers and filmmakers.

This year's festival will take to the streets of DUMBO, Brooklyn, erecting 30-foot sculptures, showcasing works from over thirty leading international artists, and featuring dozens of live music performances. The event will also include the world premiere of Karen O's psycho-opera, Stop The Virgens, along with film screenings and panels.

Original artworks include Life on Mars Revisited, an immersive short film of David Bowie's classic space-rock anthem from legendary music photographer Mick Rock and filmmaker Barney Clay; 'A Physical Manifestation of Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space,' a cathedral-like physical manifestation of the song created by Spiritualized's J. Spaceman and acclaimed film director Jonathan Glazer; and Origin, a striking thirty by thirty foot audiovisual installation by UVA and composer Scanner, which will be the largest responsive work ever created by the UK based artists.

The festival runs:
Saturday 12-10pm
Sunday 12-8pm
Except for Karen O at St Ann's, it's all free with RSVP.

Lineup, venue list, etc, below...

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Each year the DUMBO Arts Festival seeks to highlight Brooklyn's commitment to and presence in the arts community by presenting the best in local, national, and international art amid the breathtaking backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline.

The DUMBO Arts Festival attracts 200,000 visitors over 3 days with the participation of over 500 artists from a variety of disciplines, 100 studios, 50 galleries and stages and 100 programming partners. This year, the Festival will take place on Friday, September 23rd, Saturday, September 24th and Sunday, September 25th. The official Festival hours are Friday 6pm to 9pm, Saturday 12pm to 8pm, Sunday 12pm to 6pm and 6pm to midnight all three nights for all outdoor projections.

The music stuff they have going on is listed HERE.

Karen O

As you know, Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs has an opera coming to St. Ann's Warehouse in DUMBO. Kicking off in conjunction with VICE's "Creator's Project" (more details TBA), the show will actually run on eight nights from October 12-22...

An assault on the tragic joys of youth, fever dreams drenched in visual seduction, a cathartic spell spun through a cycle of nine songs.

Featuring Money Mark, Jack Lawrence, Patrick Keeler, Brian Chase, Nick Zinner, Jason Grisell, Gillian Rivers, Yuiko Kamakari, Justin Kantor and Lili Taylor

Tickets for those shows and the rest of St. Ann's 2011-2012 season including another run of Daniel Kitson shows, and The Tiger Lillies (starring Justin Bond), are on sale now!


The Fat Beats pop-up store reemerges this weekend. That includes another lineup of free performances like they hosted on Record Store Day.

Fat Beats is happy to announce that they're re-opening their Brooklyn warehouse doors this Saturday, May 21st, for their May Pop-Up Shop and music event. This is a free, one day only event and third pop-up shop for the legendary record outlet, which officially closed its last two retail stores this past September... Artists include Has-Lo, Blitz The Ambassador, Dinner At The Thompson's, Brown Bag Allstars, Succio Smash, Kooley High, Q-Unique, Erin Barra, and Bio Ritmo. The warehouse is located at 110 Bridge Street in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, and the entrance is at the rear of the building. The Fat Beats Pop-Up Shop will be open from noon - 8pm.
Blitz The Ambassador's appearance at Fat Beats is one of a few lined up for the artist in the coming weeks, as he'll also play the Brooklyn Museum on 6/4 (free, but first come/first served) and Damrosch Park Bandshell on Aug 7th.

Fat Beats flyer and set times and more info below...

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words by BBG, photos by Brook Bobbins

"Wht a fckin day! Was a 90s hipHop reunion backstge DAMN! Nice & smooth, dela soul, group home, primo, pete rck& cl smooth, large prof, craig g" -MastaAce

"Damn Pete Rock and CL Smooth rockin under the Brooklyn Bridge. It's a beautiful thing. Straighten it out! -greenspam

"I really am sorry that you're not here with me watching De La Soul kill shit live in Brooklyn" -djreadycee

De La Soul at Brooklyn Hip hop Fest in DUMBO - July 10, 2010
De La Soul

Though the rain did rear it's ugly head momentarily on July 10th, the crowd was nonetheless rocked at the 2010 Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest on Saturday. It was the final day of a week-long celebration, and also the biggest event of the fest. With a lineup that consisted of greats like De La Soul, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Black Moon, Smif n Wessun, and many others, the surprise additions of Nice & Smooth, Black Sheep and Group Home gave the event an especially 90s touch. It wasn't all veterans though; relative newcomers like Curren$y, Black Milk, Diamond District, The Money Making Jam Boys, and many others brought new blood under the Brooklyn Bridge to get the block rockin'.

Tons more pics (starting with Black Milk's 3:45 set), and video are below...

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by BBG

De La Soul at Coachella (more by Rachel Carr)
De La Soul

Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest 2009 was a blast (with one notable exception) and so far 2010 is turning out to be similarly interesting with the addition of the great De La Soul to headline the shindig on July 10th alongside Buckshot, Evil Dee and Smif-N-Wessun. Tickets are on sale.

The show is part of a week long celebration:

The calendar for the 6th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival kicks off with Show & Prove on Monday, July 5th. This Hip-Hop showcase of independent and local talent is the final event of Brooklyn Bodega's three month Show & Prove competition,
Tuesday, July 6th will feature the Bodega Education Initiative, a day of panel discussions and seminars about the legendary producer, J Dilla. Speakers include Q-Tip, Ma Dukes Yancey, DJ Spinna and more.
Wednesday, July 7th is a mini Film Festival that features a variety of Hip-Hop films and a Q&A with established and burgeoning filmmakers.
Thursday, July 8th is a night dedicated to the backbone of Hip-Hop: the DJ. It will feature performances by the best DJs, from NYC to LA.
Friday, July 9th is the kick-off party to formally welcome Festival goers, past and current artists and community leaders to the 6th Annual BHF.
Saturday, July 10th is the culmination of the 2010 Festival. De La Soul, just ahead of a new album to be released this year, will headline on the DUMBO waterfront. Earlier in the day, we set it off with Family Day - a block party for families and children that celebrates the core message of Hip-Hop - social change and individual empowerment.
De La Soul recently played Coachella, are scheduled for NXNE, and recently announced that they will provide a remix for the forthcoming Here To Fall Remixes EP by Yo La Tengo!
YO LA TENGO have worked with a huge variety of artists from different genres over the years.... In 2010, the band presents an EP of remixes of "Here To Fall," the lead track from last year's "Popular Songs," by De La Soul, RJD2 and Pete Rock.
"Here To Fall" is the most popular track from "Popular Songs," a couple having a tense conversation about the future over the background of menacing, descending chords and distorted wa-wa guitar. Each of these legendary hip hop performers has taken the track and the story and made it their own.
De La and Yo La? Quite the fascinating collaboration...

Buckshot, Evil Dee, and Smif N-Wessun will be celebrating 15 years of Duck Down Records at the BHHF show, a milestone they'll also celebrate at BB King's on July 13th with the addition of Sean Price and Pharoahe Monch (who headlined the Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest last year). Tickets for that NYC show are on sale.

Pharoahe Monch also plays a free show in Queensbridge Park on July 21st.

Duck Down also partied for their 15th down at SXSW, during which time Buckshot and Smif-N-Wessun both made appearances at our Attitude Adjustment party at Red 7.

While we're on the subject of classic hip hop artists playing NYC, Slick Rick has scheduled a show at Knitting Factory on June 13th. Tickets are on sale.

Tons of classic video below...

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DOWNLOAD: Takka Takka - Silence (MP3)

(the new) Takka Takka @ Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn - CMJ 2009
Takka Takka
photo by Erin Molitor

Brooklyn band Takka Takka are playing a show in DUMBO tonight (11/5). This gig follows a few shows that the band played in town during CMJ. You can see them playing at one of the showcases in the picture above. If you're familiar with the band, you may notice some changes including one less member, and no it's not front-man Gabe Levine aka Samuel Izdat. Gabe/Samuel has started playing solo, but that's in addition to being in the band.

In light of all this, I asked Takka drummer Conrad Doucette if he would answer a few questions...


BV: Name and position?

Conrad: Conrad Doucette, second base

BV: Did you watch the last game of the World Series last night?

Conrad: I did.

BV: Were you jumping up and down and screaming really loudly when the Yankees won?

Conrad: I was jumping up and down and screaming loudly in the alternate universe where the Cincinnati Reds have a chance to win a World Series.

continued below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Roseanne Cash

"During the final moments of her sold-out concert at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn on Friday night, Rosanne Cash stood beneath an image of her with her father, Johnny Cash. It was a photograph projected on a backdrop, and it faded soon enough to feel like a mirage. Given that Ms. Cash had just sung "Sweet Memories," a country ballad of haunted remembrance, that apparitional suggestion was on the mark...

...On Friday she worked without any outside help. ("Is Bruce here?" she quipped, looking around. "I think Bruce is playing a larger venue tonight," she added, alluding to Giants Stadium.) She was more than capable of carrying the material herself, backed by a precise and flexible band. Her husband, John Leventhal, who produced the album, doubled as lead guitarist and musical director... [NY Times]

Rosanne Cash premiered "The List" at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn on Friday and Saturday night. And though the setlist was heavy on the country covers that her father Johnny told her to learn, she performed her own music as well. The full setlist, and more pictures from Friday night (10/9), below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Marty Markowitz and Ralph McDaniels
Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival 2009

The theme of this summer has been rain, and though the skies opened up halfway into the 5th anniversary show of The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival on June 20th in Empire Fulton-Ferry State Park, that didn't stop the crowd from swaying to the classic beats and rhymes by a stable of 90s artists. Thankfully the organizers of the DUMBO show thought ahead, and though it was a little packed in there, everyone stayed perfectly dry inside the emergency tent.

With all the veterans of hip hop on Saturday's lineup, you'd think that the most kinetic performance of the day would come from a Grand Puba or Pharoahe Monch. You'd be wrong. Oddly enough, the least "conscious" MC and the one that I always felt was slightly overrated, Styles P of D-Block (fka The Lox), delivered an energetic performance of hits that was matched only by the energy that the crowd bounced back. I was shocked, though pleasantly so.

I was glad to be wrong about Styles P, and I definitely learned a few other things that rainy Saturday:

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Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest - June 20, 2009 - 1pm (photo by Eric Sosa)
Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest

"First off - if it rains the Festival will go on. Haters Whoever is saying otherwise should be ignored.

In the event of rain the stage will move under the tent in the Tobacco Warehouse. Vendors will move to the triangle and we will rock until the sun goes down."

The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival runs until 8PM today (6/20). Full linuep below..

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by Black Bubblegum

Pharaohe Monch sez GTFU!

Its that time of year again... when NYC flexes its considerable Hip Hop muscle with a summer of killer hip hop shows. One of the most high profile of those is The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, taking place this year on June 20th at Empire Fulton Ferry State Park in DUMBO. Tickets are available online or at Fat Beats NYC at $10 for a single, $35 for four, and other configurations.

Headlining the affair is the incomparable Queens tongue-twister Pharoahe Monch, who will join the legendary DJ Premier, The Ghost (aka Styles P), dead prez, Smif N Wessun (who are also playing Brower Park & Southpaw), Grand Puba (no Stud Doogie, love?), Marco Polo & Torae (who are also playing Fat Beats & Southpaw), and many many others. The full two stage lineup is below.

The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival is a few days shy of a month away from Pharoahe's appearance at All Points West as half of the mighty Organized Konfusion, and a few weeks after Marco Polo & Torae's new album Double Barrel hits stores.

Another major NYC Hip Hop Festival, Rock Steady 32nd Anniversary, has yet to announce any details. Brooklyn fest details below...

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UPDATE: the May 31st benefit show at Bell House has been postponed

Willie Mae-Ra-Thon

The 3rd annual Willie Mae-Ra-Thon is a four-day, all-Brooklyn music extravaganza with 20 diverse and talented bands taking the stage at Brooklyn venues such as Union Pool, The Bell House, and the newly opened Bruar Falls. Participating bands include legendary indie rock bands Antietam and Babe the Blue Ox, art punk upstarts Taigaa! and Pterodactyl, experimental funk ensemble Burnt Sugar and Brooklyn noise-pop faves Parts & Labor, among others.

The Willie Mae-Ra-Thon runs from Thursday, May 28th through Sunday, May 31st. All shows are 21+. The annual event is organized by the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls Advisory Board, which is made up of camp volunteers, camper parents, and other members of the Rock Camp community.

Another Willie Mae benefit coming up this summer is Ladies Camp, an 18+ weekend version of its rock school. Three day sessions start on Friday, July 24th and Friday, August 7th at Urban Assembly School of Music & Art, in Downtown Brooklyn.

The camp is also putting on a Spring Carnival on Saturday May 30th and Sunday, May 31st at 163 Plymouth Street in DUMBO. More info on that, and the Mae-Ra-Thon, below...

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(current incarnation of?) Lubricated Goat
Lubricated Goat

"Lubricated Goat was an Australian noise rock band of the 1980s. They achieved brief notoriety for playing on a television program naked, with only their instruments. Mainly influenced by bands like The Stooges and The Birthday Party, they are credited for playing a grimy, confrontational style of rock which preceded grunge music....

Lubricated Goat was formed by Stu Spasm (real name Stuart Grey). Spasm had previously been in bands such as Singing Dog with Stu Barker, and Salamander Jim with Tex Perkins....

Lubricated Goat had its back catalog re-released via Amphetamine Reptile Records in the United States, and on Normal in Europe, before making its first American tour in mid-1989. In 1990, Lubricated Goat commenced its first European tour, one that was plagued with tragedy via the stabbing of Spasm in Berlin in 1990. The incident placed Lubricated Goat on hiatus....

...Various incarnations of Lubricated Goat, often featuring only Stu Spasm, have since existed, recording material for Sub Pop, PCP, Sympathy for the Record Industry and REPTILIAN. Spasm also played in Crunt (which featured his then-wife Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland) and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion drummer Russell Simins.

In 2007, a brand new lineup of Lubricated Goat started writing new songs & performing them, along with a selection of classic LG songs. This lineup included Anne Mette Rasmussen on keyboards, sound effects & backup vocals, Creighton Chamberlain (formerly of Heroine Sheiks) on bass, and 'Bloody' Rich Hutchins (former/current member of Live Skull, Of Cabbages and Kings, Sugartime, Phideaux, Hungry March Band) on drums. [Wikipedia]

Lubricated Goat holds a special place in my heart due to one recent, not-music-related experience, A few years ago I hired a 'man with a van' off Craigslist to help me move. That man turned out to be none other than Stu Spasm. I felt star struck that entire afternoon. The company he was/is working for is Rabbit Movers.

So, I was excited, but not surprised, to see that not only are Lubricated Goat playing a show tonight (5/8), but that the show (which other bands are also playing) is taking place in the Rabbit Movers-related Rabbit Hole Studio gallery in conjunction with their own art show entitled "Patti Smith's Fridge" because "One time they moved Patti Smith's cast-iron refrigerator down three flights of stairs and into a building across town". Junk Science is also on tonight's bill. Seven bands total play today and tomorrow (set times below).

The three day event this weekend in DUMBO (Brooklyn, NY) will feature art, live music, readings and performance, or to quote them, "all sorts of shenanigans from the Rabbit Art Collective". More details below...

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"The pivotal scene in Dumbo (1941), for instance, is the transformation of consciousness and augmentation of capacity -- in this case, the big-eared elephant's motor skills -- via a hallucinatory delirium brought on when the dejected pachyderm drinks a barrel full of water into which, unbeknownst to him, a bottle of spirits had been accidentally spilled. To the foreboding lyrics and serpentine melody of "Pink Elephants on Parade," Dumbo begins seeing things "you know that ain't" (a succession of fractals and geometrical patterns, forms morphing into new ones, and scenes of Oriental mystery and erotica), then passes into oblivion, from which he wakes up in the highest branches of a tree. Thus Dumbo earns his wings not through an act of obeisance to the Ten Commandments but in the throes of a psychotropic-induced visionary state." [psychadelicAdventures.com]
Grand Central Station in NYC is celebrating Earth Day today (4/24) and Saturday. There's food, face painting, yoga, recycling, live music and much more. Dar Williams will be there today at 5:45. Full schedule below.

Strangely, today's Grand Central schedule also includes a "BREAK" due to "Noise Ordinance" today from 2-5pm. This is fueling rumors that The Dead, who are in town (again) to play Nassau Coliseum tonight (4/24) and MSG tomorrow (4/25) will show up for a secret show (again). It's probably not true, but if you have nothing better to do and want to head over there based on that, at least there are plenty of other eco-friendly diversions to keep you busy.

The Dead played Letterman last night. Video of that, and full Grand Central music schedule below...

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Dumbo Arts

The Dumbo Arts Center (DAC) is pleased to present the D.U.M.B.O. ART UNDER THE BRIDGE FESTIVAL,™ sponsored by Current TV, now in its 12th year. Don't miss Dumbo, Brooklyn, when it becomes a multi-sensory art arena, FREE and open to all.