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by Bill Pearis

Damon & Naomi

Damon & Naomi released their new album Fortune in February which is another lovely record of hushed, folky pop. Fortune also serves as the soundtrack to a 30-minute silent film of the same name that was made by Naomi. You can watch the film and stream the album below.

They'll be heading to the UK for a few dates in April followed by an appearance at the Istanbul Film Festival where they'll perform a "cine-concert" soundtracking a screening of Fortune. Once back in the states, Damon & Naomi will play The Bell House on May 29 as part of the venue's "Boston in Brooklyn" series and the show is with Tanya Donelly (Belly, Throwing Muses) and Elisa Ambrogio (Magik Markers). Tickets are on sale. All dates are listed below.

There's also a "Boston in Brooklyn" event at The Bell House this Saturday (4/4) with The Sheila Divine, The Gravel Pit and Mean Creek. Tickets are on sale.

Luna in 2015

In related news, Damon & Naomi's old Galaxie 500 bandmate Dean Wareham is gearing up for Luna's first show in 10 years -- happening on LA on April 13 in Los Angeles -- followed by a tour of Spain. Since we last posted, the band have announced UK dates for August. We still await promised North American dates which should happen "later this year." All dates are listed below.

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Amor de Días - Bunhill Fields (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Damon & Naomi - "Walking Backwards" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Damon & Naomi - "Shadow Boxing" (M4A)
DOWNLOADBNLX - Burn the Boats (MP3)
DOWNLOADBNLX - Garbage Strike (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Beige - Folds (MP3)

Amor de Dias
Amor de Dias

This weekend is dominated, for me at least, by NYC Popfest but as I've already written an exhaustive (exhausting) post about that, so go read it and we'll discuss other shows here. There's lots more to cover anyway.

One thing, and this is Popfest related really, is that Amor de Días are here this weekend, playing Knitting Factory on Sunday (5/22) opening for Damon & Naomi. We've got a pair of tickets to give away to this show. Just send an email with your name to BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM with the subject line "Amor de Dias" and we'll pick a winner at random.

As you may know, the duo (Amor de Días) are Alisdair Maclean of The Clientele and Lupe Núñez-Fernández of Pipas, a group who played the first ever NYC Popfest back in 2007. I actually thought it was going to be Amor de Días in the "TBA" slot at the Thursday night Cake Shop show that turned out to be Pains of Being Pure at Heart. For this show to be happening at the same -- but not part of -- the 'Fest seems a little criminal.

MacLean and Núñez-Fernández formed Amor de Días back in 2008 and wrote and recorded whenever they had time, with help from current tourmates Damon & Naomi, indiepop legend (and master arranger) Louis Phillipe and Ladybug Transistor's Gary Olson. Their debut, The Street of the Love of Days, came out this week on Merge and is a lovely little album as you might imagine from the talent involved. Their styles and voices are a perfect match for one another and the arrangements are just perfect. Among the treats is a particularly nice version of The Clientele's "Harvest Time." You can download "Bunhill Fields" at the top of this post.

Damon & Naomi's new album, False Beats and True Hearts, is a really nice record too. And if it's still pouring out Sunday night, all the better. It's an evening of rainy day music.


A much louder duo, also in town this weekend, are Minneapolis' BNLX, who play Pianos on Friday (5/20) and The Rock Shop on Saturday (5/21). I've written about them a couple times this year already and I do really dig their mix of rockin' tunes and corporate humor. I'll quote myself again:

Volume isn't just for punishment, though in the wrong hands it most certainly is. But sometimes you just can't achieve that clarity of sound, that particular strain of feedback, that shriiiiiiinnnnng you get from flicking the strings above the headnut, that tone...without cranking the amp. Ed Ackerson, a 20-year veteran guitar slinger of such Minneapolis bands as 27 Various and Polara, knows what he's doing. BNLX didn't just blow eardrums, they kinda blew minds...

...for being just two of them and a laptop, they made quite a racket at the Rock Shop. Normally I'm one to complain about bands using canned backing instead of a real drummer, but vintage drum machine sounds -- right out of 1987, be it Jesus & Mary Chain or Age of Chance -- are kind of integral to what BNLX are doing. With a stroboscopic lightshow (what, no smoke machines?) you didn't really need anyone else.

You can download two tracks from EP#5 at the top of this post, and I have a good feeling they'll have EP#6 at the merch table for the NYC shows. Also playing The Rock Shop show is Black Onassis, which is not the ex-drummer of Urge Overkill but a new group from former member(s) of Kasabian and Daylight for the Birds. Don't know much about them.


More interesting is what's happening earlier that same evening at The Rock Shop: a tribute to Brian Eno's Here Come the Warm Jets featuring a cavalcade of indie rock talent. Here's the press release:

When Brian Eno's first solo record, Here Come the Warm Jets, came out in 1974 it turned heads. It continues to baffle great minds due to the sneaky way it overlays whimsical pop with the beginnings of Eno's whole philosophy of creativity and experimentation.

Indy music stalwart Rob Christinsen (Eggs, Grenadine, East Ghost West Ghost) and Rock Shop booker Jack McFadden team up to present this great curiosity of a recording LIVE with a melange of rockers and experimentalists.

"It sounds fantastic but one of the things that I tried to do with Warm Jets was to bring musicians together who would normally never play together and to play a music that they couldn't agree upon. The music would come from the chemistry. But of course, it was impossible to do. I couldn't expect any of the session people I worked with to go along with it. They literally fought." - Brian Eno, 1974.

In that spirit, fifteen singers and ten instrumentalists from all musical worlds team up to perform this masterpiece.

The evening will be emceed by walking/talking Brian Eno encyclopedia, WNYC's John Schaefer.

Musicians performing include Travis Morrison (Dismemberment Plan), Hamish Kilgour (The Clean), Richard Baluyut (Versus), Rob Christiansen (Eggs), Amy Klein (Titus Andronicus), and Ben Trokan (Robbers On High Street).


Of course the big tribute this weekend is Sunday's Our Concert Could Be Your Life which celebrates the 10th anniversary of Michael Azzerad's chronicle of the American indie rock scene in the '80s. The talent assembled paying tribute to the bands covered in the book is pretty amazing, and it's changed/expanded a bit since first announced:

  • Nat Baldwin, David Longstreth and Brian McOmber play Black Flag
  • Delicate Steve plays the Minutemen
  • Citay plays Mission of Burma
  • Ted Leo plays Minor Threat
  • Grooms plays Husker Du
  • Titus Andronicus plays the Replacements
  • Tune-Yards plays Sonic Youth
  • Callers plays Sonic Youth
  • Dan Deacon plays the Butthole Surfers
  • St. Vincent plays Big Black
  • Wye Oak plays Dinosaur Jr
  • Buke and Gass plays Fugazi
  • White Hills plays Mudhoney
  • Yellow Ostrich plays Beat Happening
Janeane Garofalo and Eugene Mirman host the evening -- which is sold out, but I wouldn't be surprised if tickets were released day of show. Keep an eye out. UPDATE: They are back on sale as I type this.

[note: both Tune-Yards and Buke and Gass play a sold out show at MHOW one day earlier. Dan Deacon also plays more shows this week. Delicate Steve has a headlining show coming up soon at Brooklyn Bowl.]


Cymbals Eat Guitars
Cymbals Eat Guitars

And lastly, Cymbals Eat Guitars play their first show in a long time this Friday (5/20) at Glasslands. The band are finishing up their sophomore LP which is due out this fall ,so hopefully we'll get a preview of what's to come which they'll be playing in full at the show. The whole line-up is pretty good, with fellow '90s loving indie rockers Radical Dads (whose member Robbie just announced a new album for one of his other bands), Iranian transplants Yellow Dogs, and the psychedelic sounds of Mirror Mirror.

A few more picks, day by day, are below.


It should be a fun night at Union Pool with neo baggy kids McDonalds, volatile and soul-bearing Wild Yaks, and The Surprisers.

continued below...

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DOWNLOAD: Damon & Naomi - "Walking Backwards" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Damon & Naomi - "Shadow Boxing" (M4A)
DOWNLOAD: Amor de Dias - "Bunhill Fields" (MP3)

Damon & Naomi
Damon & Naomi

Damon & Naomi will add to the embarassment of Record Store Day riches by playing a free show at Sound Fix in Brooklyn on 4/16 at 7PM, AND releasing a limited 7" featuring "Walking Backwards" with a cover of Scott Walker's "The World's Strongest Man" on the flip. Look for that limited 7" wherever new vinyl is sold.

The former Galaxie 500 pair are also headining out on a US campaign with Amor de Dias in May, adding Ghost/Boris axeslinger and frequent collaborator Michio Kurihara (Boris, Ghost) on some dates and saxophonist/arranger Bhob Rainey of nmperign on others. Look for Kurihara at their Brooklyn show on May 22nd at Knitting Factory. Tickets are on sale.

Damon & Naomi will be touring in support of their new album, False Beats and True Hearts, which is out 5/17. Download "Walking Backwards" and "Shadow Boxing" from that CD above. Stream the same songs, and watch their new video, below.

Amor de Dias
Amor de Dias

Amor de Dias ("Love of Days") is the duo/supergroup of Alasdair MacLean (The Clientele) and Lupe Núñez-Fernández (Pipas). Their album, Street of the Love of Days, is also due 5/17. Their label is Merge Records, and Merge says:

"Over the course of three years, they quietly put together their debut record during evenings and weekends as they called in local friends (Louis Philippe) and visiting musicians (Damon and Naomi, Gary Olson) for sessions, building up the songs' multifaceted arrangements and vocal harmonies with harps, bouzoukis, strings, recorders, and brass over the core of dual Spanish guitars and the dream imagery of their bilingual lyrics.

The result is a focused, cohesive jewel of chamber pop that reflects a little of Gal Costa and Caetano Veloso's elegant brand of bossa nova, a bit of Erik Satie's haunting night music, and a large dose of spooky psychedelic folk. But the beautiful harmony that sings throughout the record makes it all their own."

Try out "Bunhill Fields" from their album above.

Expect a bit of collaboration between the two duos on tour. All dates below...

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Dean Wareham playing Galaxie 500 8/18 (more by Chris Gersbeck)
Dean Wareham

Damon & Naomi will take the stage of Knitting Factory TONIGHT (10/29) with Magik Markers, supporting Masaki Batoh of Ghost. The show is not the first time that members of Ghost and 2/3 of Galaxie 500 have shared the same stage, and based on their recorded/live history, it most likely will not be the last (especially since they are both scheduled to play Northampton, MA one day later). All dates below.

Damon & Naomi, both ex-Galaxie 500, meanwhile have not been participating in the "Dean plays Galaxie 500" shows that their ex-bandmate Dean Wareham has been doing, like at Bowery Ballroom on 10/22 during CMJ:

"Headliner Dean Wareham sat poised to play an exclusive set of music from the Galaxie 500 catalogue, encircling the 90's dream-pop band's fans with memories and treating them to a set of classics like "4th of July", "Flowers", "Blue Thunder" and "When Will You Come Home". Sans original band mates, Wareham invited bassist Britta Phillips (Luna, Dean & Britta), drummer Jason Lawrence (Dean & Britta) and guitarist Matt Sumrow (HeaveN) to play with him for the sold-out stint, which was as warm, subtle and pretty as the band's music".-[Sonic Diet]
The Bowery show was one of three shows on 10/22 for Dean & Britta , who brought said project to Bowery Electric as the surprise guest for the Village Voice/Red Eye day show in addition to their previously discussed performance "13 Most Beautiful...Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests" at NYU's Skirball Center. Crushable was there:
"In a Q&A after the show, Dean and Britta explained that with hundreds of tests to choose from they wanted to compose for people who were part of Warhol's daily life -- and not folks who merely stopped in at the Factory once or twice (this is why we don't get any score for Bob Dylan's test, grr). Among the 13 compositions are videos for Billy Name, Lou Reed, Edie Sedgwick, Paul America and Nico.

The songs are dense and beautiful, some have lyrics and some are purely instrumental. It was fascinating to see both product and inspiration at the same time. There was something so raw and almost intrusive about the experience, and I imagine that's just how Andy Warhol would have wanted it."

If you missed Dean Wareham "plays Galaxie 500" at the Bowery show, no worries. He'll be back in NYC to presumably play the same set (or similar) at Music Hall of Williamsburg on 12/17. Tickets are still available.

All dates and some videos below...

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Damon and Naomi

Damon & Naomi (the other Galaxie 500-related couple-duo) will be at 92Y Tribeca on Saturday, January 30th for the first-ever movie theater screening of their 2009 career-spanning DVD Damon & Naomi: 1001 Nights. After the film, the pair will do a Q&A with Harvard Film Archive director Haden Guest. Following that is a concert, with Damon & Naomi accompanied by guitarist Michio Kurihara (from Ghost). Sharon Van Etten opens the music portion. Tickets to the film and music are on sale, as are music-only tickets. We also have a pair of movie+music tickets to give away. Details are below.

A similar movie & music event will be at Boston/Cambridge's Brattle Theatre the next night (1/31).

A live performance from the DVD and contest details are below...

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Sound Fix

Sound Fix Records is open at their new Brooklyn location. The address is 44 Berry Street, on the corner of N. 11th. It's just one block from their old store, and they're hosting in-stores again. The first will be this Saturday (9/19) at 2pm with Damon & Naomi who are also playing Le Poisson Rouge with A Hawk and a Hacksaw that same night.

D & N have a new DVD coming out called "1001 Nights". It isn't released until September 29th, but you'll be able to pick one up at both shows if you go.

A Hawk and a Hacksaw @ Mercury Lounge 1/10 (more by Natasha Ryan)
A Hawk and a Hacksaw

The bond between Jeremy, Heather and their Hungarian associates finds glorious voice on Délivrance. "The songs were all written and inspired by our time there. It felt like we were trying to document what we had learned and played in Eastern Europe. So we tried to get everyone we had played with on the album, plus a few people whom we love and admire," Heather explains.

Recorded in Budapest during mid-2008 around the core of the Hun Hangár group, with a variety of specialists (Jeremy would often take the train to different places around the city and record musicians like Kálmán Balogh, one of the world's foremost gypsy cimbalom players), it is wholly evident that months of being submerged in the local culture and making music the focus of daily life has seeped right through Barnes and Trost's songwriting and playing. This is by far their most vivid, intense and confident work to date. [neufutur]

That record comes out August 25th (in North America, it's already out overseas) on Leaf Label.

The band will be touring North America this fall. Joining them on most dates will be Damon & Naomi. Both groups will be at a Sepember 19th show at NYC's (Le) Poisson Rouge. Tickets are on sale.

Damon & Naomi are releasing a comp of their four Sub Pop albums (put out between 1995-2002) on an appropriately titled collection The Sub Pop Years, which comes out September 8th on 20/20/20. They also have a DVD, "1001 Nights," due September 29th on Factory 25. That disc is touted as "a comprehensive anthology of the ethereal Damon and Naomi with videos and live performances by the duo from 2001 through 2009."

Before their duo days, Damon & Naomi used to be in Galaxie 500 (a trio with Dean Wareham of Dean & Britta who are playing Prospect Park on Saturday). All three of Galaxie 500's studio albums were recently remastered and re-released as vinyl and mp3s available through the band's own online store.

All tour dates and videos from AHAAH's Délivrance are below...

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