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photos by Vincent Cornelli, words by Bill Pearis

The Cribs @ Bowery Ballroom
The Cribs

The Cribs played two sold out nights at Bowery Ballroom last Thursday (11/12) and Friday (11/13) -- their first NYC shows with new band-member Johnny Marr. The Von Bondies opened both nights. Thursday the Cribs also played The Late Show with David Letterman, performing "We are the Same Skies" from their new album, Ignore the Ignorant. Video of that, along with the brand new official video for the same song with more pictures from the first night at Bowery Ballroom, below.

I was at the first of the two shows, and the Jarman brothers were in fine form. Maybe not as rowdy but there's been no signs of change with their increased popularity. I think Ryan Jarman was wearing the same clothes as the last time I saw them a year and a half ago. They are a down-to-Earth, no bullshit kind of group.

As for for their new addition, the Jarmans and Marr acted like it was no big deal that one of the greatest guitarists of the last 25 years was now in the group, but there was extra oomph on older tracks like "Hey Scenesters" and "Mirror Kissers," and you could definitely feel Marr's influence on the Smith-y current single "We Share the Same Skies" and Ignore the Ignorant's title track. Likewise, the crowd didn't seem to pay Marr's presence any mind -- maybe some of them didn't know who he was? -- as they were too busy going mental, at least near the stage. I'm a Cribs fan, but I do think this was the best I've seen them since they made the leap from smaller-sized clubs.

Meanwhile, The Cribs just announced dates for a North American tour in early 2010, including a January 16 stop at Irving Plaza. Adam Green & The Dead Trees open that show and most of the dates on the tour. Jemima Pearl then replaces him as opener for the last six dates. Tickets for the NYC show go on sale Wednesdday at noon. All announced tour dates, plus those videos and pictures, below...

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photos by Paul Birman

Holly Miranda & Matthew Caws / Florence & the Machine
Holly Miranda
Florence and the Machine

"Dressed in flowing white, Florence spilled to the stage with her black-clad band, The Machine. Opening with "Two Lungs," Welch exploded into to chorus. She didn't need all of the considerable orchestra, including the harp, to vibrate the floor of a completely packed Bowery Ballroom. With the Island Records crew stuffed into the balcony, Welch flitted around the stage, pushing her elbows back and popping her chest out like some mechanical and delicate bird. She repeatedly pointed at us, directly, to emphasize elements of her story, only to cover a smile with her hand. She is emphatic and wilting, if these two things are possible at once." [32Ft/Second]
Florence & the Machine headlined Bowery Ballroom and appeared on Letterman last night (10/27). Video from the latter below. It was all part of a short trip for the band who also played the Fader party at Ace Hotel on Saturday and a private show at Soho House on Monday.

Opening the show, coming off a couple of more public CMJ appearances and a recent XL Records signing announcement, was Holly Miranda who was backed by none other than Nada Surf. Nada Surf plays an acoustic show at Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight (10/28).

More pictures, including a show of Florcence's setlist, and the above-mentioned video, below...

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photos by Chloe Rice

Built to Spill

Built to Spill, just days after the release of their seventh LP There Is No Enemy, stopped by Cambridge for a three night run at The Middle East Downstairs last weekend. After seventeen years and a handful of different lineups, songwriter Doug Martsch is still at the helm, looking aged but adjusted. The "well-groomed" five-piece took the stage on Sunday, warmed up after two nights in the same venue, opening with a powerful version of "You Were Right," a tune from 1999's Keep it Like a Secret. The song pulled the audience back and forth through a dynamic maze, always climaxing with Martsch's accusation, "you were wrong/when you said/everything's gonna be alright." The song benefited from the controlled layering of three guitars. Most notably, guitarist Brett Netson's overdriven leads cut through the mix at times to reveal a deeper counterpoint against Martsch's riffing. [The MIT Tech]

Built To Spill played the last of four NYC performances in a row last night at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn (10/15). After the show they appeared on Letterman. The pictures in this post are from the third show which was also at Music Hall (10/14). Pictures from the second show, which was at Webster Hall, are HERE. First night's setlist is HERE. The other three setlists, more pictures from the third night, and the Letterman video, below...

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photos by Bryan Bruchman

Built To Spill

Built to Spill played their second Webster Hall show in a row last night (10/13). That's where the pictures in this post are from (anyone have the setlist?).

Tonight (10/14), the band moves on to Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn where they'll also be playing two nights in a row. They'll then appear on Letterman the same night the NYC run ends (10/15).

The setlist and comments from night one (10/12), which it ends up NYC Taper taped, are HERE. More pictures from last night, below...

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Steve MArtin

Steve Martin's Tuesday night concert at Carnegie Hall was billed as "An Evening of Banjo and Bluegrass."

But he couldn't resist adding some comedy to the mix, sprinkling some novelty songs into his set list, and frequently giving his between-song patter a dry, absurdist twist.

At one point, he said that he likes to write songs from personal experience. "And this one is called, "I Think My Masseuse is Too Chatty,' " he said. (It actually turned out to be the title track from his May album, "The Crow: New Songs for the 5-String Banjo.")

"This is a song . . . well, that pretty much says it," he said, introducing another number. [Star Ledger]

That's a review from the October 6th Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers banjo show at Carnegie Hall. On October 14th he and the band were set to take the stage at the Wellmont Theater in NJ, but that show has been canceled...
We regret to announce that due to scheduling issues, Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers has been cancled on Wednesday Oct. 14th. Tickets can be refunded at point of purchase. Thank you
I don't know any other details, but the October 19th Philly show was canceled too. Right before Carnegie, Steve appeared on Letterman. That video below...

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Paul McCartney on the Ed Sullvan Theatre - July 15, 2009
Paul McCartney

"Paul McCartney returned in grand fashion to the theater that launched his career in Manhattan more than 45 years ago.

It was February of 1964 when The Beatles took the stage on The Ed Sullivan Show and sent the nation into a frenzy that would become "Beatlemania." This time around, however, McCartney passed on the stage for this performance, and instead took the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater with a surprise performance on the marquee for Wednesday's taping of the Late Show with David Letterman.

Thousands of fans packed the streets outside the theater to see the legend's spectacular return to his roots, a rare opportunity now with McCartney preparing to kick off what he's said will be his final tour." [CBS]

The above picture was taken some time between 5 and 6 pm. Video clips, some taken from neighboring buildings, below...

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Funny PeopleFunny People

1. Paul McCartney - Great Day
2. Coconut Records - Wires
3. Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation - All The King's Horses
4. James Taylor - Carolina On My Mind [live]
5. Warren Zevon - Keep Me In Your Heart
6. Adam Sandler - Real Love [live]
7. Neil Diamond - We [early take]
8. Wilco with Andrew Bird - Jesus, etc. [Live Summer '08]
9. Adam Sandler - George Simmons Soon Will Be Gone
10. Coconut Records - I Am Young
11. Maude Apatow & Larry Goldings - Memory (from Cats)
12. Warren Zevon - Numb As A Statue
13. Ringo Starr - Photograph
14. John Lennon - Watching The Wheels [acoustic]
There was a screening of "Funny People" in NYC yesterday. "Funny People is the new Judd Apatow movie that stars Seth Rogan, Adam Sandler, Leslie Mann, and Raaaaaaaandy. As you can see in the track listing above, the soundtrack features a live Wilco song that was recorded when they were playing shows last year with Andrew Bird who joined them on stage. Some video examples of that below.

Wilco came to NYC this week to play a big show at Keyspan Park in Coney Island (7/13). That show also featured many special guests including Leslie Feist who most likely flew in mainly to join Wilco for their appearance on the David Letterman show which aired last night (7/14), but was recorded yesterday afternoon which gave Jeff Tweedy plenty of time to make it over to the movie screening (which he was spotted at). Letterman video below...

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Grizzly Bear @ MHOW in May (more by Tim Griffin)
Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear will head out on a month-long North American tour in September and October. Before and after, the group will play a series of overseas/European shows (including one with the London Symphony Orchestra). This summer will also find Grizzly Bear at Pitchfork Music Fest on July 19th, and the final Williamsburg Waterfront Pool Party with Beach House on August 30th.

The Late Show with David Letterman will host Grizzly Bear on Thursday, July 16th (two nights after Grizzly Bear's friend Feist plays the show with Wilco). If you remember, the band was scheduled to play the show in May, but got bumped.

Trent Reznor, who's playing a series of final NIN shows at the end of August, commented on his Grizzly Bear love in June.

Newsweek: What music do you listen to that might shock your fans?

Trent Reznor: ...The band Grizzly Bear, I think they're excellent. There's a beauty and a musicality there that I wish would have been in vogue in the late '80s, when I was forming bands. The aesthetic I was tuned into was a more dumbed-down kind of thing. Sometimes listening to stuff like they're doing makes me feel irrelevant. That's a nice, healthy kick in the ass. And it's interesting to see there's room for that in what's considered hip these days.

All GB tour dates below...

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St Vincent

St. Vincent, with horn section, gave a powerful performance on Letterman last night (6/24). In August she'll be part of the free Virgin Festival happening in Maryland. Tonight (6/25), she plays the Bell House in Brooklyn. "Limited tickets available at the door." Check out the Letterman video below...

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Iggy Pop and Fatboy Slim

Iggy Pop performed with Fatboy Slim (as the Brighton Port Authority) on Letterman last night (6/22), and he'll do it again tonight on Fallon. Maybe Iggy will show up at Terminal 5 on Wednesday too, after he's finished speaking with the NY Times. Letterman video below...

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St. Vincent on the Wookie Stage @ Sasquatch 2009 (more by Chris Graham)
St Vincent

"The "buzz" word gets thrown around a lot in Nashville. Whether it's some local band on the cusp of national damnation or a touring band that gets you valuable street cred just being seen at their show. Naturally, we were skeptical when we checked out St. Vincent and naturally, we were blown away by what we heard." [Lake Fever Sessions]
St Vincent is apparently playing the Bell House in Brooklyn with Tim Fite and JBM on June 25th. That's in less than a week, and TICKETS ARE ON SALE.

St. Vincent will appear on Letterman one night earlier, and is touring this Europe this summer, as well as playing All Points West. All dates below.

"Lake Fever Productions is full service recording studio located on Nashville's Music Row." Lake Fever Sessions are a series of videos of bands playing live in their studio. Their most recent session was with St. Vincent. You can watch it below...

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photos by Bao Nguyen


"Mid-set, Phoenix singer Thomas Mars laid down down on the carpeted floor of the stage at Music Hall of Williamsburg, with his head resting on the monitor. Meanwhile, his bandmates began crafting the opening sounds of "Love Like a Sunset"--the mostly instrumental centerpiece of the band's new record Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Mars continued to lay, as the song built up further and further, until finally Mars took to his feet for the second movement. As the instrumentation calmed, in came his voice, and just like it is on record, the moment felt like a truly glorious event. The song relies on a certain listener patience that few other Phoenix songs require, but the reward is bigger than anything else they've ever created." [NY Press]
Phoenix have been touring the United States since Bonnaroo last weekend. Last night (6/18) they played Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn (with Lightspeed Champion). They were also on Letterman. Tonight/Friday (6/19) it's Terminal 5 in Manhattan (with Amazing Baby). Both shows were/are sold out, but there are still tickets available for the show they're playing with Passion Pit (who play Bowery Ballroom tonight) at Central Park Summerstage in September.

Letterman video and more pictures from MHOW, below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

Download: Baby Gramps - Shake It 'n' Break It (MP3)
Download: Baby Gramps - St. James Infirmary (MP3)
Download: Baby Gramps - Teddy Bears' Picnic (MP3)

Baby Gramps

[Baby Gramps] plays his songbook of old-timey songs with the dexterity of an, erm, old-timer (he plays what he calls "stunt guitar" and what others have termed "extraordinary"). No longer "knee-high to a tootsie-wootsie" (as he would say), he's officially grown into his geezer status. Some date Gramps' beginnings on the Seattle music scene as far back as the early '60s. "Before that, I was in Texas by way of Arkansas by way of Alabama," he told Patrick Ferris in an interview reprinted on Gramps' website. And though you might be inclined to file Gramps under roots -- blues and folk in particular -- he's also found a niche among the rock crowd as a street performer and opening act. I recollect seeing him on every trip I've ever taken to Seattle that involved entering a nightclub. I asked my friend, Seattle-based author and journalist Charles R. Cross, for the hometown perspective on Baby Gramps: "He is a Seattle institution, along the lines of the Space Needle, Pioneer Square, and the Pike Place Market." [Crawdaddy]
Baby Gramps fingerpicks an old National steel guitar and shares at least a few similarities with Tom Waits: his outward appearance borders on hobo chic, his voice growls like a idling Buick, and his origins are purposefully mysterious in a way that transcends age. It's hard to place Baby Gramps in a specific context other than "America" and a time other than "somewhere in the past." He's never put out a studio record, despite playing consistently for the last 40-plus years. The samples above come from 2003's Same Ol' Timeously, one of Gramps's three live CDs released on his own Grampophone label.

Baby Gramps occasionally leaves his Pacific Northwest homebase for jaunts around the North East. That's what he'll do this June, as he plays Upstate New York before coming to NYC for a five-night run. Starting with a Friday, June 12th show at Terra Blues, Gramps will play Barbes on June 13th (Sat), Jalopy Theatre on June 14th (Sun), the Kitchen Club on June 15th (Mon) and finish with a show at Zebulon on June 16th (Tues).

His song "Cape Cod Girls" opened the Hal Willner-compiled Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys collection, which came out on Anti in 2007.

A video of Gramps performing "Cape Cod Girls" with Akron/Family on Letterman (a venue that doesn't do his full-on vaudeville act justice), with all tour dates, below...

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Grizzly Bear

As some already pointed out, Grizzly Bear will not be appearing on Letterman tonight (5/20). As you can see from Ed's Twitter above, they disappointingly got bumped.

They will however be appearing on WNYC tomorrow (5/21), and at least one person (who tunes in tonight @ 8) will get to go:

WNYC will be kicking off the 69th Annual American Music Festival with a LIVE IN-STUDIO set by the Brooklyn-based band GRIZZLY BEAR, including songs from their anxiously-awaited forthcoming album, Veckatimest, on THURSDAY, MAY 21 at 7pm.

One lucky WNYC listener will win a pair of tickets to enjoy the band's performance in-person in the WNYC's studio state-of-the-art music studio.

Interested parties should tune in to WNYC's Evening Music on 93.9FM and streaming online at wnyc.org tonight, Wednesday May 20, during the 8pm hour, and wait for host Terrance McKnight to ask listeners to email in. The 10th email to land in the music@wnyc.org inbox wins!
More details on the American Music Festival below...

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Animal Crack Box

Title: Animal Crack Box
Format: 3 LP Box Set
Label: Catsup Plate
Country: USA
Price: $92.00


Animal Collective, who along with Panda Bear are scheduled to play ATP NY in September, are on tour and play Terminal 5 in NYC tonight (5/13) with Grouper. Much like the box set, the show sold out almost instantly (when it went on sale back in January). Since then, AC have added two more summer NYC shows at the Prospect Park Bandshell (both not free). Tickets are still available for the Saturday, August 15th one.

Last week AC appeared on Late Night With David Letterman. Video from that performance below...

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photos by Faith-Ann Young

Bat for Lashes

NY MAG: You've been living partly in New York recently -- what do you think about the music scene here?

Natasha Khan: In Brooklyn and Williamsburg, which is where I was living, there has been quite an interesting scene happening that was kind of bubbling away when I was there. There were these new bands like Gang Gang Dance and TV on the Radio and MGMT and Yeasayer. So I saw a lot of interesting gigs, and had a really nice exchange and conversations with musicians and got inspired.

Not to be confused with King Khan, whose own NYC trip coincides with hers, Natasha Khan (aka Bat For Lashes) plays Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn tonight (5/2). Last night she was on Letterman and the night before she played Bowery Ballroom. Video from the TV appearance, and more pictures from the NYC show, below...

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Ralph Macchio (on Natasha Khan's back)
Bat For Lashes

Bat For Lashes' three-night Manhttan/Philly/Brooklyn run starts tonight (4/30) at Bowery Ballroom, continues tomorrow with an appearance on David Letterman and a live show in Philly, and is over after a May 2nd show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

This summer we'll see Natasha Khan and band back in the United States for an appearance at Lollapalooza. If more US dates are scheduled around that trip, we don't know them yet, but the dates we do know, and the Karate Kid video for the possibly-Karate Kid-inspired "Daniel"-song, below...

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photos by Jacob Blickenstaff

Neko Case

"It seems like every time I go on tour and I'm in a hotel room and turn the channel, there's some sort of animal-disaster show on, or somebody's just been mauled by a tiger in a zoo, and everyone's always so shocked," Case explains. "And I'm like, 'It's a fucking tiger! You got it in a cage and you were poking it with something, and it killed you! What the fuck do you want it to do?'

"Zoos are a bad deal: elephants are meant to walk 70 miles a day, otherwise their feet go bad and they go insane and die. Killer whales need to swim 200 miles a day -- why would it be happy in that little ice box?" [Neko Case to Eye Weekly]

Neko Case completed her three-day run in NYC with an appearance on Letterman last night (4/15). Night one was a full show at Nokia Theater with Crooked Fingers. Night two (4/14) was at the same venue with Joan as Policewoman opening. Neko's setlist was almost exactly the same as the night before. Pictures from that show, and the Letterman video, below....

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photos by Lori Baily

Marianne Faithful

[Marianne Faithfull's] new album [Easy Come, Easy Go] adds some great new interpretations to her rich repertoire, including songs by older artists (Smokey Robinson, Billie Holiday) and younger ones (the Decemberists, Neko Case).

Faithfull found a particular kinship with Case. "I read that she took one line for her song from the 'Brothers Karamazov,'" the singer says. "That's something I would do." [NY Daily News]

The Hal Wilner-produced Easy Come, Easy Go is out now on Decca Records. On it, Marianne also covered Dolly Parton, Espers, and Morrissey. Plus, Chan Marshall, Sean Lennon, Rufus Wainwright, Teddy Thompson, Nick Cave, Antony and Keith Richards all make guest appearances! The musician credits are also chock full of familiar names like Marc Ribot and Lenny Pickett. Full track list below.

Marianne played two shows at NYC's City Winery - March 27th and 28th. The pictures in this post are from the first. On March 31st she appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman where she performed the Decemberists' "The Crane Wife 3" (without Nick Cave who helps her sing it on the album).

The Letterman video, and everything else, below...

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words by Andrew Frisicano, photos by Natasha Ryan

Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse played Terminal 5 in NYC on Sunday, March 15th, with openers Japanese Motors, Tab the Band, and Mimicking Birds. It was the last date on the band's spring 2009 tour with Jim Fairchild of Grandaddy filling in on guitar for Johnny Marr of the Smiths who has had the job for a few years (on a somewhat related note, one day after Johnny wasn't here, Morrissey was).

In related news..

Modest Mouse plans to release the music video actor Heath Ledger directed before his death in January 2008. [Ledger] helmed the animated clip for "King Rat," a bonus tune off 2007's We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. No specific date has been set for the release, which is expected to happen "soon." The video was animated by [director/animator/Monty Python member] Terry Gilliam....

The band will drop a 7" orange vinyl single April 18 (out digitally April 21) with two new songs, "Satellite Skin" and "Guilty Cocker Spaniels." Though the band hasn't confirmed any other releases, New Jersey record store Vintage Vinyl reports MM will offer three more singles before releasing an eight-song EP, No One's First and You're Next, this August.

Modest Mouse will perform "Satellite Skin" on the Late Show with David Letterman on March 18. [Spin.com]

More NYC show pictures, and the setlist, below...

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As previously mentioned, "U2 will be the first band to play five nights in a row on Letterman." U2 will be on the show on March 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. Their album No Line on the Horizon is out the same week (Tuesday, March 3rd).

Though tickets to Late Show with David Letterman show are free, they aren't necessarily easy to land for the date of your choice. U2 week is probably especially hard, which is why I was more than happy to be able to give away a pair of tickets for two of the shows. I have a pair for the first show which tapes Monday March 2nd, at the Ed Sullivan Theater (1697 Broadway) in NYC, from 4:30-5:30 PM. And I have a pair for the show that tapes that same day, at the same location, from 7-8 PM.

More details, and U2's new video, below...

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White StripesConan O'Brien's last show in his old time slot was Friday night. A drumless White Stripes were the musical guest.

Conan won't be gone for long though. He takes over Jay Leno's slot, one hour earlier, on June 1st. Jay Leno airs his final show in his current time slot on May 29th, and then eventually moves to 10 pm on the same station.

Jimmy Fallon takes over Conan's NBC time slot on March 2nd. His house band The Roots take over NYC around the same time. Fallon's guest have started to be announced...

If Jimmy Fallon is nervous about the premiere of his new gig as "Late Night" host, he'll have Robert De Niro and Van Morrison to lean on. They'll be the guests for his March 2 debut hosting the NBC show...

NBC says Tina Fey, Jon Bon Jovi, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Donald Trump and Serena Williams are among other guests scheduled for Fallon's first week. [Vindy.com]

U2U2 will be the first band to play five nights in a row on Letterman that same week. "Coinciding with the worldwide release of [their new album] No Line on the Horizon, it's the first time a musical guest has performed an entire week on the CBS late night broadcast." That new album is now streaming in its entirety at MySpace.

Van Morrison's Fallon appearance comes soon after his two shows at the Theater at MSG, and right before the two at the Beacon.

The video from Joaquin Phoenix's recent, infamous appearance on Letterman, below...

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"I am plainly shocked that the record has been number one in Europe this week, and I want to pause and thank all the people around the world that made that happen, and who have supported me with so much heart over the last few years, and come to my shows, and collected up all the press from around the world on the justonestar website, and wished me well, and shared some time with me at live shows. Thank you for urging me forward through a glorious dream, the likes of which is more your creation than mine. Antony x"

Antony & the Johnsons @ Keswick Theater in PA (Michael Alan Goldberg / SPIN)

"Antony & the Johnsons' "The Crying Light" (Rough Trade) makes a dramatic debut at No. 1 on Billboard's European Top 100 Albums chart, as Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" (Virgin/EMI) scores a fourth week atop Eurochart Hot 100 Singles.

"The Crying Light," easily the highest charting of the U.S.-based act's three albums, makes a series of eye-catching debuts across the region. It's in at No. 2 in Spain and Sweden, No. 3 in Denmark, No. 4 in France, Holland and Norway, No. 9 in Italy and No. 18 in the United Kingdom, the latter with sales of 10,000 units. It also climbs 2-1 in the Belgian region of Flanders.

"Light" is the follow-up to 2005's "I Am A Bird Now," which won the U.K.'s Mercury Music Prize for the group led by New Yorker Antony Hegarty. It qualified for the prize because Hegarty was born in the U.K." [Billboard - January 29, 2009]

Antony was on WNYC on February 8th. Listen to that here. Tonight, February 19th, Antony kicks off his two-night run at Town Hall in NYC. In April he plays Coachella. Last night he was on Letterman. That video, and more, below...

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M Ward @ Bumbershoot 2008 (more by Chris Graham)
M Ward @ Bumbershoot

M Ward's show at the Apollo Theater in NYC happens tonight, February 19th. Get there on time if you want to catch the Vivian Girls. Tune into Soundcheck on WNYC at 2pm to hear M play live on the radio, or wait until 4pm when they post the session to their website.

M Ward's new album Hold Time was released on Tuesday (stream the whole thing at AOL). That night, M played one of the new songs on Letterman. That video, and all tour dates (SXSW, Coachella, and Sasquatch included), below...

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photos by Natasha Ryan


Beirut thrives on the indie-rock circuit playing music that has little to do with typical rock sounds or rhythms. On Friday its nearly all-acoustic lineup included accordion, trumpet, trombone, bass fiddle and drums; Mr. Condon switched between rotary valve flugelhorn and ukulele. Beirut rarely uses a standard rock beat; more often it has the sputtering snare drum and occasional bass-drum thuds of waltzes, tangos, polkas and Balkan dances.

On Friday night Beirut was backed for part of its set by the three dozen musicians of the Vassar Orkestar -- on strings, reeds and horns, with arrangements by Beirut's trumpeter Kelly Pratt -- who added elegant pizzicato parts and put more oomph in the oompah. Mr. Condon beckoned the audience out of the opera-house seats, to throng the stage as if the Brooklyn Academy of Music were just a bigger club. [NY Times]

Beirut played four shows in Brooklyn in two weeks. It started with a secret show at Coco66 in Greenpoint on January 27th. Then on February 4th came Music Hall of Williamsburg, and finally on Friday (2/6) and Saturday (2/7) came the two shows with the Vassar Orkestar at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Kaki King opened those last two. Beirut also appeared on Letterman Friday night. Video from that, and more pictures from the last BAM show, below...

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