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The Death in June flyer for U.S. tour
Death in June

Uber-influential and controversial neofolk band Death in June will return to the states for eight tour dates in the US, including a trio of shows on the East Coast. That includes an NYC show at Brooklyn's Bell House on September 22 and tickets are on sale now.

Much like former member Boyd Rice (who had some trouble of his own recently), Death in June isn't without controversy. The band has repeatedly toyed with Nazi imagery over the years, which has lead to show cancellations on a few occasions including in Chicago (this 2013 tour currently has a Chicago date scheduled). And though Douglas P has repeatedly denied any nefarious use for a Death in June logo depicting a totenkopf (see the flyer above) the fact remains that it was an insignia for the SS during the Third Reich. (For the record, Douglas P, sole original member still with DIJ, is an out homosexual.)

Regardless of which side you fall, following this tour should be... interesting. Dates are listed below.

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A young David Tibet has a message, and an older one does too....
David Tibet as a boy

After saying it would happen in April 2010, and then announcing the shows would go down in March of 2011 (including NYC shows at Santos Party House), Current 93 have one again postponed their return. "The C93 North American tour, originally scheduled for the first two weeks of March 2011, has been postponed until the Autumn/Fall of 2011." Stay tuned for more details (thanks Greg, Holly & Sanskar).

by BBG

David Tibet of Current 93

You can't call David Tibet a liar. He promised earlier this year that Current 93 would play Santos Party House in October which came after an earlier promise of March or April. Well, the band WILL play the NYC venue, but not until next year on March 11th and 12th as part of a seven date US tour. Ticketing info is forthcoming, though the Santos tickets will likely be on Ticketweb. The NYC dates are the only shows scheduled for the east coast. All dates, including four other major cities, are listed below.

C93 is currently working on TWO new albums, and need your help:

I am presently working, with C93 and our expanded lineups, on 'The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You', one of two new C93 albums. I desire greatly that all of those who have supported, nurtured and fed our work over the last 25 years are involved in creating what I consider to be my and C93's most intense and Hallucinatory release so far.

Consequently, I am asking anyone reading this website, who so desires, to send in an email with a sound recording of him or her saying the phrase 'The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You' in their own language.

Sound files MUST be either MP3s OR 16 bit AIFF or WAV files. No other file types or higher resolution files will be accepted. Files should be no longer than 8 seconds long.

Please do NOT write ANY text in the email in which you send the sound file, as we will not be answering any of these emails. Please put your name, and specify the language, in the subject heading of the email.
The email should be sent to kingdomofheaven93@gmail.com.

We will give two weeks' notice of when we will be stopping our acceptance of sound files.

For more on that project head, to the C93 site. All tour dates, and some videos are below.

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C93's David Tibet with Sasha Grey
David Tibet with Sasha Grey

S&S: Are you interested in the occult or any other mystical systems? Have you ever experimented with sex magick?

Sasha Grey: Thanks to Jimmy Paige and C93, I became quite fascinated with the writings of Aleister Crowley, and later LaVey. I am sex magic.

S&S: You recently collaborated with David Tibet on Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain. What was it like working with him?

Sasha: We have an interesting relationship as our lives are drastically different, but there's definitely a subconcious connection that happens between us. I recorded my vocals literally in a few hours, and I was, and still am quite self concious about my music yet I still immensly enjoy the process.

Back in September it was announced that there would be a series of Current 93 shows in April and May in London & NYC. Well, NYC didn't happen, but London did just get two:
"I and all of C93 want to thank everyone who attended the two concerts in London; without you we are nothing. We also want to thank Comus, Simon Finn, Nurse With Wound, Rameses III and These New Puritans for appearing. We were absolutely astounded by all their sets.

Personally, I wish to thank all of C93: Andrew W.K., Matt Sweeney, Keith Wood, James Blackshaw, Stephen Emmel, William Breeze, Baby Dee, Michael Cashmore, Eliot Bates, John Contreras, Andrew Liles, Sarah Dietrich and Alex Neilson. To have Bill Fay appear with us was an experience that was so meaningful for us all; Bill Fay is Divinity! And thank you Sebastian Horsley for introducing us on both nights--I love you!" [David Tibet]

Andrew WK was there, and I'm sure he will be again when the NYC shows actually do happen. That's because David has also announced that "C93 will be playing two or three nights at Santos Party House in NYC [Andrew's club], probably some time between 10-20 October. More details soon. These will be our only US shows this year." Stay tuned for more details.

David Tibet contributed to Baby Dee's recently released A Book of Songs for Anne Marie, out now on Drag City. Baby Dee is touring with Swans.

"C93 will be playing a series of shows in NYC and London in March or April 2010. These will be large-scale events marking David Tibet's 50th birthday; there will be a lot of surprises! More details when the dates and venues are finalised." - Durtro

by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Khanate - "Wings From Spine" (MP3 Excerpt)
DOWNLOAD: Grey Machine - Vultures Descend (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Outlaw Order - Siege Mentality (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Millions - "Lest the Professor Catches Fire"(MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Orphan - "Bogman"(MP3)

Hmm.... who's guitar rig could this be?
Guitar rig

In his own special way, Stephen O'Malley dropped a bunch of news on his upcoming projects via a detailed discography. SOMA posted the following unreleased, unannounced records:

Che (SUNN O))) & Pan Sonic do a Suicide cover, pic 10" 2009)
Dimensions (TBA) (2xCD & 2xLP 2009)

Faking Gold & Murder (CD & LP 2008)

Clean Hands Go Foul (LP & Picture Disc 2008, CD & CD Japan 2009)

So, TWO new sunn o))) records, a Khanate, AND an Æthenor record! We knew that sunn 0))) was working on a new record, but a quick search turned up that Blast First (Petite) will drop that sunn 0))) and Pan Sonic pic 10". On further review, Æthenor's website reveals the following:
David Tibet sings and contributes lyrics on the forthcoming Æthenor album; other guests are Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver) and long time Æthenor collaborator Alexander Tucker [who just played ATP].

Tentatively titled 'Faking Gold and Murder' from a line in the text, Æthenor is the project of Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley, Vincent de Roguin (Shora) and Daniel O'Sullivan (Guapo)

Most importantly though, what the hell is that Khanate record Clean Hands Go Foul?!? Stephen O'Malley had this to say:
The long lost 4th KHANATE album Clean Hands Go Foul will finally emerge later this year. This was recorded directly after the Capture & Release album at Bisi Studio Brooklyn February 2005.
James Plotkin, bassist for Khanate, posted one unreleased song excerpt to his website, "Wings From Spine" which is downloadable above. Will "Wings" appear on Clean Hands Go Foul? Who knows, but in the meantime prepare for the thundering evil doom of the mighty Khanate! On a related note, Plotkin's Khlyst, is taking orders for Chaos Live, a multicamera live DVD shot at Hydra Head's CMJ show in 2006. While you're there, pick up Boris's limited-to-1000 Floorshaker 12".

Mastodon's Brent Hinds had a little run-in with King Khan over the weekend, and while we have heard King Khan's side of the story, ridiculous pictures included, we haven't heard a peep from Brent Hinds. My thoughts echo that of one astute Blabbermouth reader: "The real victim here is the beer". Brann Dailor of Mastodon was recently interviewed by Metal Injection.

Justin Broadrick (Jesu, ex-Godflesh) dropped a bombshell of sorts.... a new project, Grey Machine, featuring Aaron Turner (Isis), Diarmuid Dalton (Jesu), and Dave Cochrane (Transitional)! From the upcoming album Disconnected, the band posted "Vultures Rise" available for download above!

Crom is back on the west coast, but evidence from their east coast killing spree is popping up all over the net. Check out pics from their show in Worcester, MA at Return To The Pit, an interview with a shirtless Crom at Vice magazine, as well as audio (and video below) from their appearance at WFMU.

Crom Live at WFMU, Mayhem, Amon Amarth, Baroness, Tweak Bird, Bison BC and more below.....

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I needed an excuse to post two extra pictures from Antony's awkwardly short show at Hiro Ballroom in March....

Antony & The Johnsons @ Hiro Ballroom

Antony & The Johnsons @ Hiro Ballroom

The latest press release from record label Secret Canadian was excuse enough. I've pasted it below....

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Ever since I first saw Antony perform in between Joanna Newsom and Devendra Banhart at Bowery Ballroom, I've been hooked on his unique sound. I regret not getting into him earlier, so that I might have caught one of his performances at St Anns Warehouse or anywhere else for that matter. Who knew that Antony had been partying and performing at the very places I often visited for the past twelve years? I wish I did.

I caught him one more time at the Neil Young tribute concert in Prospect Park over the summer. There were two more shows I was aware of since then, one being the Secretly Canadian CMJ showcase, but I couldn't make it to either. I also had no idea that he "performed at a benefit for Saint Ann's Warehouse with Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Debbie Harry and the Jazz Passengers" a week or two ago.

You can imagine then my happiness when I discovered not just one, but two upcoming Antony shows in NYC, and both at excellent venues.

1) Joe's Pub. Sunday January 9th, 9:30 pm. more info

2) Bowery Ballroom. Thursday February 24th more info

Antony & The Johnsons' new album, 'I am a Bird Now,' comes out on Secretly Canadian in February 2005. I'm listening to an advance copy right now, and it's beautiful.

A 3 song Ep entitled 'The Lake,' was released in November. The EP includes one song with Lou Reed on guitar and vocals. Secretly Canadian also reissued Antony & The Johnsons' 1998 debut album that originally came out on David Tibet of Current 93's label, Durtro.

If you haven't heard Antony before, I recommend you start with Cripple and The Starfish (mp3, right click, save target as)

Get more MP3s here and here

Antony appeared on the Devendra Banhart curated CD, The Golden Apples of the Sun. Pitchfork liked the CD and they even liked the song Antony sang on it.

Order Antony CDs from his site or from Amazon

Watch video clips of a documentary made about Antony.

Arjan's got some more info on Antony

A Dusted Review.

And check out this interview and unique picture


Devendra Banhart @ Bowery Ballroom (but not the time he played with Antony), NYC | Pics

"Devendra Banhart Readies N. American Tour, New LP," Antony