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by Bill Pearis

photo: No Joy @ Rough Trade, June 2015 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
No Joy

Montreal's No Joy are in winter hibernation but will emerge from their slumber in the spring for a couple shows. One of those is in NYC: April 30 at Saint Vitus with San Francisco's Creepers. Tickets for the Vitus show will go on sale Thursday (2/4) at noon.

The other No Joy show will be in Toronto on May 5 as part of Canadian Music Week, details TBA. To celebrate these new shows, No Joy shared a "slow-cooked, deeply screwed" version of "Corpo Dæmon" (from last year's More Faithful) and you can stream that below.

Creepers, you may remember, features Shiv Mehra and Daniel Tracy of Deafheaven and their sound falls more into the traditional shoegaze realm. (Think Swervedriver or noisier Ride.) They released an EP in 2013 and dropped their debut album, Lush, in 2014. You can stream Lush below. The Vitus show -- a great double bill -- is their only East Coast date announced at the moment, but they're promising more. Stay tuned.

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photos by Nick Karp, words by Andrew Sacher

Lamb of God / Anthrax / Deafheaven / Power Trip
Lamb of God
Power Trip

The wild quadruple bill of Lamb of God, Anthrax, Deafheaven and Power Trip finally rolled into NYC last night (1/25) at Hammerstein Ballroom, after being delayed a few days due to Winter Storm Jonas. Power Trip kicked things off, and even though we're used to seeing them in much smaller venues, they were still kind of the perfect opening band for this kind of thing. They're always super fun, frontman Riley Gale really knows how to get a crowd going, and even if you don't know their music you can just hop in the circle pit. All of those things were in full effect last night, and it did seem like they brought out enough of their own fans to this huge show too. Even if not, they definitely won some people over.

Deafheaven were the least perfect band for this bill of the four, but they were still great and it wasn't nearly as awkward as I was afraid it'd be. Part of this is no doubt because of their darker new album and its thrashier riffs. Sandwiched in between two more-fun bands, Deafheaven sounded straight up evil. Frontman George Clarke was doing all his usual hand motions that got the crowd roaring more than once. And their not-so-secret weapon remains drummer Daniel Tracy, whose hands never stop moving a mile a minute. He's honestly as much of a thrill to watch as George. It was of a course a shorter set than their recent headlining gig at Webster Hall, and they gave us "Brought to the Water" and "Luna" off the new album, plus one-off single "From the Kettle Onto the Coil" and Sunbather's "Dream House."

The best band of the night though, was Anthrax. Maybe that seems obvious, like of course one of "The Big 4" would be the best band. But coming right after Deafheaven who are currently more relevant, and before Lamb of God who are currently more successful, I didn't expect it. It's kind of incredible how wild Joey Belladonna still is on stage -- more so than a lot of singers half his age -- and Scott Ian is still stomping around like crazy too. We got plenty from their prime era: three songs off Among the Living, their version of Trust's "Antisocial," and their punked-up version of Joe Jackson's "Got the Time." Those songs still sound fresh as ever, and both the band and crowd couldn't have seemed more stoked on them. They also played a couple off 2011's Worship Music (their first album with Joey Belladonna since 1990) and "Evil Twin" off the upcoming For All Kings. And, their set included a tribute to the recently-departed Jimmy Bain and his old bandmate Ronnie James Dio.

Lamb of God wrapped up the night. I'm admittedly not really a fan and don't have much to say, but clearly they were super tight and the crowd was loving them. The tour hits NJ at Starland Ballroom tonight (1/26), and there are still some tickets available. More pictures of all four bands below...

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photo: Deafheaven at Webster Hall in 2015 (more by Amanda Hatfield)

The Lamb of God / Anthrax / Deafheaven / Power Trip tour was supposed to hit NYC on Saturday (1/23) at Hammerstein Ballroom, but due to weather it's been moved to Monday (1/25). All tickets will be honored. The show is sold out but resale tickets are available. Their NJ show for Tuesday (1/26) at Starland Ballroom is still on as planned (tickets), as is Anthrax's signing at Rough Trade NYC on Monday. (Update: Signing is cancelled.)

Updated dates are listed below...

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We already knew Guns N Roses (Axl and Slash included) and LCD Soundsystem would be reuniting for Coachella 2016, and now the full lineup is here. It also includes Sufjan Stevens, M83, The Last Shadow Puppets, Ice Cube, Disclosure, Underworld, A$AP Rocky, Courtney Barnett, Grimes, Run the Jewels, Lush, Deerhunter, The Damned, The Kills, Foals, The Front Bottoms, Savages, Joey Bada$$, HEALTH, Mavis Staples, Shamir, The Arcs, Vince Staples, Beach House, Rancid, Chris Stapleton, Ex Hex, Death Grips, Bat For Lashes, Kamasi Washington, Skepta, Deafheaven, Sheer Mag, Girlpool and many more.

It happens April 15-17 and April 22-24 in Indio, CA. Tickets go on sale Wednesday (1/6) at 11 AM PST.

Poster above, and larger version HERE. Full lineup below...

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by Andrew Sacher

photo: Tribulation at Webster Hall in November (more by Amanda Hatfield)

We already posted Pallbearer's favorite albums of 2015, Stephen Brodsky's (of Cave In and Mutoid Man), and Decibel Mag's, and we told you that James Hetfield's favorite album of the year was Baroness' Purple. Here's more of the best metal of 2015:

Our metal sister site Invisible Oranges had writers post their individual lists. You can check out lists by Joseph Schafer, Vanessa Salvia, Jon Rosenthal, Skid Rÿche, Dan Lawrence, Rob Sperry-Fromm, Bruce Hardt, Rhys Williams, Mat Schmahl, Jason Bailey, Ian Cory, Greg Majewski, Chris Rowella, Chris Brown, Ben Sas, Avinash Mittur, and yours truly. The top 3 consensus picks from the IO staff were:

3. Mgla - Excersises in Futility
2. Deafheaven - New Bermuda
1. Panopticon - Autumn Eternal
Deafheaven were probably the band who appeared most on non-metal lists, including our own. They also topped a few metal-specific lists, including Pitchfork, SPIN, and my personal metal list.

Panopticon topped Stereogum's list, Marilyn Manson (?) topped Rolling Stone, and Horrendous topped that aforementioned Decibel list. Tribulation didn't come in at #1 on any major lists we saw, but they cracked the top ten (and often top five) of almost every one. For more, check out MetalSucks' individual writer lists, Metal Injection's individual lists, and NPR's heavy songs.

Two great albums that popped up on a lot of lists that we never got a chance to talk about here on BV were Dead to a Dying World's atmospheric black metal opus Litany (ft. members of Pallbearer, Sabbath Assembly and Pinkish Black) and Khemmis' sludgy debut Absolution. Listen to those below.

What was your favorite metal of 2015?

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by Andrew Sacher, Bill Pearis & Amanda Hatfield

photo: Kendrick Lamar at Day For Night 2015 (more by Tim Griffin)
Day for Night Festival

Every year is a good year for new music, but 2015 felt like the best one in a while. It was an especially great year for major label rap, after 2014 was an especially slow one, but it was good for plenty more than that too: folk, post-punk, indie pop, noise, art pop, punk, etc. We only have one metal album on our list, but there's a lot more where that came from at our metal sister site Invisible Oranges, who posted individual writer lists over the past few weeks. 2015 birthed excellent newcomers, and gave us crucial returns from artists who have been doing it for decades. This year, BrooklynVegan crowned a #1 pick for album of the year with the rest of our top 50 listed alphabetically. Some of the records have songs you couldn't leave your house without hearing, and others flew pretty under the radar, but we truly love each one.

Read our top 50 below...

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You saw their songs and their honorable mentions, and now Pitchfork's Top 50 Albums of 2015 list is here. Like with the song list, "records released this year and records that made their greatest impact in 2015 were eligible," which allows for things like D'Angelo's late 2014 release.

As usual, you can't just guess what the list is going to be by looking at what got Best New Music this year. Some of those albums became honorable mentions, and some were left off the year-end lists entirely (like Baroness, Nao, and Aphex Twin). The scores don't necessarily dictate it either. Deafheaven was one of a few albums to get a 9.0 or higher, but it dropped to #26 while the others all cracked the top 10. And then there's Carly Rae Jepsen, whose hype Pitchfork seemed to react against by giving her a less-than positive review, but they ended up throwing her on their year-end list just like everybody else. What should surprise no one though, is their #1 pick.

You can read their commentary here and check out the full list below...

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Happy December! SPIN are celebrating the first day of the last month of the year by putting out their Top 50 Albums of 2015 list. It's a diverse list, with the top 10 ranging from DIY-indie (Alex G) to mainstream country (Kacey Musgraves) to leftfield major label rap (Vince Staples and Kendrick Lamar). The list also has metal from Deafheaven and Krallice, electronic from RP Boo, Rabit, Oneohtrix Point Never and SOPHIE, R&B veteran Janet Jackson, and plenty more. Check out the whole thing below.

They also put out their 101 Best Songs of 2015 list, which is topped by Justin Bieber.

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photo: Deafheaven at Webster Hall in November (more by Amanda Hatfield)

Are Lamb of God cool now? Their new album got a way higher Pitchfork score than the new Kurt Cobain album. Their upcoming tour already had veteran thrash band Anthrax -- not that it'd be the first time they toured with one of those -- but now it has additional support from two indie-rock-beloved metal bands: Deafheaven and Power Trip.

As mentioned, the tour hits NYC on January 23 at Hammerstein Ballroom. Tickets for that show are still available. It also now includes a nearby show at NJ's Starland Ballroom on January 26. Tickets for NJ go on sale Wednesday (11/25) at 10 AM. All dates for this deeply varied bill of multi-generational metal, are listed below.

Lamb of God were one of the several bands who just cancelled their entire European tour in the wake of the Paris attacks. Singer Randy Blythe posted a statement defending their decision to cancel.

Deafheaven just finished a huge tour with Envy and Tribulation, and their great new album just made an appearance in Decibel's top 40.

And Power Trip say they're finally working on a follow-up to 2013's Manifest Decimation.

Check out the tour dates and live videos of Deafheaven and Power Trip below...

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Year-end list season began earlier this week, and now metal mag Decibel has published their Top 40 Albums of 2015. You can check out artwork and commentary if you pick up the issue, and browse the full list below. Like last year, they saved the top spot for a promising young band (and actually this time the #2 slot is one too). But they've of course got veterans as always, like Enslaved (#37), Napalm Death (#25), Iron Maiden (#23), Satan (#12), Killing Joke (#10) and more. They have a good amount of the "indie crossover" metal on there, like Ghost (#34), Myrkur (#28), Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats (#27), Deafheaven (#19) and the Baroness album that isn't even out yet coming in at #6. There are also comeback albums from two not-exactly-metal bands: Failure (#22) and Refused (#15). Check out the full list below.

Two bands on this list will be going on the Decibel Mag tour in 2016.

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Sacher

Deafheaven / Envy / Tribulation

The stacked tour of Deafheaven, Envy and Tribulation is currently underway. After Envy and Tribulation both hit NYC for their own headlining shows on Wednesday (11/4), the whole tour landed at Webster Hall for a sold out show last night (11/5). Deafheaven were of course the headliners, but it was the kind of show where every band acted and was treated by the audience as such.

Tribulation kicked things off with an early set time of 7 PM, and though it wasn't too full when they started, it had packed in a good amount by the time they were done. People like to talk about how Deafheaven are "metal for non-metalheads," but honestly, if there was one band on this bill I think would appeal to people who don't normally listen to heavy music, it's Tribulation. Yeah they wear corpse paint, but they're more glam than satanic. The way they prance around the stage, their attitude, their guitar swings and headbangs -- it's all closer to Motley Crue or at least Judas Priest than the similarly face-painted Watain. And besides the obvious black/death metal influences on the vocals, they sound that way too. Tribulation were undoubtedly the catchiest band of the night, with riffs, solos and twin leads that would've fit right in on late '70s rock radio. Of course it does have that darker, gnarled edge which will probably keep them off the radio, but also makes them excitingly unique. They played mostly off this year's The Children of the Night, and if you haven't checked that album out yet, you really should.

Then it was Envy, the longest running band on the bill and by far the most influential. The Japanese band have been around since the '90s, and they helped pioneer the type of screamo/post-rock that can be heard in bands from La Quiete to Thursday to Pianos Become the Teeth to, of course, Deafheaven. That sound has been experiencing a bit of popularity lately, and it's a great thing that the bigger bands are giving their fans the chance to see where it all began (after Deafheaven they're touring with La Dispute). And watching Envy play it really was obvious where so many of these newer bands get their moves. But their set was more than that -- Envy are still great. They have a new album out this year which they played some songs off, and those sounded as urgent as when they broke out a classic. And best of all, they were LOUD. The crack of their snare drum was the loudest thing I heard all night.


Finally Deafheaven wrapped up the show, with the best set I've seen them play yet. Their new album New Bermuda has only been out for a month, but it's so clear that it's already had at least as big an impact as Sunbather. They played the whole thing start to finish -- only interrupting to squeeze in their 2014 single "From the Kettle Onto the Coil" -- and the place was going wild for every song. It wasn't until the encore that we even heard anything off Sunbather, and those songs felt more like an added bonus than the main attraction. The crowd was clapping along to the quiet parts of the new songs, howling after every loud part calmed down, and just generally seemed to be loving it. One thing that's for sure is New Bermuda is the band's most diverse album yet, with influences spanning thrash, metalcore, post-rock, classic rock and more, and seeing them bring all of that to life was a thrill. The way they can be churning out a brutal attack one moment and making clean beautiful atmospheres the next, with less than a second to transition, is truly impressive. They may be a divisive band in some circles, but even the skeptics are having trouble denying the band's current live show.

Pictures continue, with Deafheaven's setlist, below...

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by Andrew Sacher


Deafheaven's 2013 sophomore album Sunbather was a pretty monumental album. It wasn't the first album to combine elements of black metal with prettier sounds, but it did so in just the right way that made it not only the best reviewed metal album of that year, but the best reviewed album in any genre. (It was one of our favorites too.) It's hard for any band to follow an album like that, but Deafheaven will do so next week (10/2) with New Bermuda on new label home ANTI-. Not only is at least as good as Sunbather -- at the risk of being controversial -- I think New Bermuda is better.

Sunbather was the kind of album that overwhelmed you. It built huge walls of sound and the instruments blurred to the point where you'd just clench your fists and let the songs wash over you. But New Bermuda won't have you clenching your fists; it'll have you playing air guitar. Guitarist/principle songwriter Kerry McCoy told Rolling Stone that Slayer, Morbid Angel and Kill 'Em All-era Metallica were influences for this one, and those are exactly the kind of chugging riffs Kerry is throwing in here. The wall-of-sound stuff isn't gone -- in fact the record starts off that way -- but just over a minute into opener "Brought To The Water" the band cuts out and Kerry hits you with the kind of shit that gets devil horns flying at thrash shows. On the second track, "Luna," they do it again right away.

Then halfway through the third track, "Baby Blue," we get a wah-wah solo. Not like a little bit of wah for shoegaze effect, like a real-deal lengthy Eric Clapton-worthy wah solo. This is not Deafheaven trying on even loftier ambitions than Sunbather, this is Deafheaven having fun. The whole album isn't just in super-heavy mode though, quite the opposite. When the post-rock influences they had on their previous two albums show here, they're often gentler than ever. In that same Rolling Stone interview, they also acknowledge (their new labelmates) Wilco as an influence for this one. On the strummed acoustics and soaring slide guitars of "Come Back," it's not impossible to hear.

The cleaner parts of the first three songs are more in line with the sparkling post-rock of Explosions in the Sky or even Low Level Owl-era Appleseed Cast, and closing track "GIfts For The Earth" is like nothing they've done before. It's got clean down-strummed guitars with a post-punk inclination, but more the kind you'd hear on a Thursday record (a band Deafheaven are openly fans of) than a Chameleons one. If not for George Clarke keeping the black metal vibes in his twisted vocals, it wouldn't even be close to a metal song. Later in that song we get more air guitar-worthy riffage, more strummy acoustic guitars, and more atmospheric beauty. And the next thing you know, it's over. New Bermuda only has two less songs than Sunbather and it's only 13 minutes shorter, but for Deafheaven's standards it flies by. See for yourself by playing the whole thing below (via NPR or bandcamp).

Deafheaven will soon be on tour with support from Japanese screamo greats Envy (who are surely an influence on Deafheaven) and another band who blends black metal with more accessible sounds, Tribulation. The tour hits NYC on November 5 at Webster Hall. Tickets for that show are still available. All dates below.

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by Andrew Sacher

photo: Deafheaven at FFF 2014 (more by Tim Griffin)

Deafheaven already released one song from their new album New Bermuda (due 10/2 via ANTI-) and now they just put out another. It's called "Come Back" and it's another colossal ripper. Like the last single, it proves Deafheaven aren't letting a little fame or a little "hipster cred" get to them, they're in fact sounding heavier this time. It's not all attack though. It goes into clean post-rocky territory for a large chunk of its 9+ minute run time too. Listen below.

Their tour with Envy and Tribulation hits NYC on 11/5 at Webster Hall.

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by Andrew Sacher


Deafheaven's third album New Bermuda comes out October 2 via new label home ANTI- Records, and today we get our first of taste of it: "Brought To The Water." If you were afraid Deafheaven's newfound fame and "hipster approval" might tone down their heaviness, fear not. "Brought To The Water" opens with a chugging riff that's more traditionally metal than most of Sunbather, but it does of course evolve into the gorgeous post-black metal that won so many people over last time around. It's good stuff. Listen below.

The awesome triple-billed tour of Deafheaven with Envy and Tribulation hits NYC on November 5 at Webster Hall. Tickets for that show are still available.

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by Andrew Sacher

photo: Deafheaven at FFF Fest 2015 (more by Tim Griffin)

We recently hoped that screamo vets Envy would add an East Coast tour while they're in North America for their West Coast run with La Dispute. Now they have, and it's an amazing triple bill. They'll be supporting headliners Deafheaven (certainly a band influenced by Envy) on that band's New Bermuda tour, and the great metal band Tribulation are along for the ride too!

The tour hits NYC on November 5 at Webster Hall. Tickets go on sale Friday (8/7) at 10 AM. All dates are listed below.

We're still waiting to hear a song from Deafheaven's new album (due 10/2 via ANTI-), but meanwhile you can watch the album trailer and listen to a song from Envy and Tribulation's 2015 albums, below...

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photo: Deafheaven at FFF Fest 2014 (more by Tim Griffin)

We already knew we'd be getting the third Deafheaven album this year, and now we have more details. They signed to ANTI-, making them labelmates with Wilco, Title Fight and more, and the album will be out in October. Most details are still TBA, but going by the just-released album trailer, looks like we can expect acoustic guitars, pianos, blastbeats and more. Watch it below.

UPDATE: They revealed the title (New Bermuda), release date (October 2) and the artwork and tracklist, which you can check out below. They recorded it with longtime producer Jack Shirley.

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by Andrew Sacher

Capitol Hill Block Party

Seattle's annual Capitol Hill Block Party returns in 2015 from July 24-26. This year's lineup includes Ratatat, TV on the Radio, The Kills, Father John Misty, Jamie xx, Toro y Moi, Built to Spill, Wye Oak, The Julie Ruin, Shabazz Palaces, Flatbush Zombies, Deafheaven, BADBADNOTGOOD, Lower Dens, Girlpool, Protomartyr and more. Tickets are on sale now. Full lineup below.

SSDD (photo by Invisible Hour)

As always, the lineup includes a few cool local Seattle bands, and it's a good way to check out some of those bands if you're coming to the fest from out of town. One is SSDD (aka "Steal Shit Do Drugs"). They include former members of The Intelligence, The Dutchess & the Duke and more, and they just put out a new EP First Comes Money on Help Yourself Records this week. They make garage punk that's pretty catchy and clear-sounding as far as garage punk goes, but still driving and full of attitude. Stream their new EP below.

So Pitted

Another cool Seattle punk band that isn't is playing Capitol Hill Block Party, and have a hometown show with Happy Diving and Never Young a few days beforehand, is So Pitted. Their latest release is this year's 1 EP, which is a little murkier and freakier than SSDD. They've had their praises sung by other Seattle bands, like Chastity Belt. They also recently played a Sub Pop-curated show with White Lung, and ended up on one of the Sub Pop staffers' year-end lists in 2014. You can stream their newest EP below and download it (name your price) here.

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by Andrew Sacher

Hollow Sunshine

California's Hollow Sunshine is the project of vocalist/bassist Morgan Enos and multi-instrumentalist/visual artist Reuben Sawyer, who's designed the artwork for Deafheaven's Roads to Judah, Destruction Unit's Void, a Chelsea Wolfe t-shirt and more. They're releasing their second album, Bring Gold, on May 12 via Iron Pier (pre-order), the same label that released Self Defense Family's Duets EP last year.

We've got the premiere of new single "Coral," an excellent dose of heavy shoegaze that fans of Nothing, Hum, Cloakroom and their ilk would likely dig. Check it out below.

Hollow Sunshine also have West Coast dates this month with Wild Moth, who recently released a split with Creative Adult, who are currently on tour with Self Defense Family (and hopefully Makthaverskan soon).

Hollow Sunshine/Wild Moth dates and the new song stream, below...

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The 2015 edition of Toronto's NXNE Festival happens June 17 - 21 at venues all over the Ontario capital. The initial lineup has just been announced and includes Action Bronson, The New Pornographers, Angel Olsen, Zola Jesus, Om, Rae Sremmurd, Deafheaven, Best Coast, Blonde Redhead, Iceage, Real Estate, Lower Dens, A Place To Bury Strangers, Pentagram, White Lung and more. You can check out the full list of initial NXNE showcasing artists below...

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Though its festivals in the UK and the US are no longer, ATP Iceland is still going and returns in 2015 from July 2 - 4 at Ásbrú in Keflavík. Headlining the festival is Iggy Pop who, according to the festival, will be playing his first solo shows (as opposed to Iggy & the Stooges) in a decade. Drive Like Jehu (who are playing Coachella), Belle and Sebastian (ditto), and Godspeed You! Black Emperor are the other main headliners, and the rest of the lineup includes Run The Jewels, Mudhoney, Deafheaven, Iceage, Loop and more. Weekend tickets for ATP Iceland are on sale and check out the whole initial lineup, listed below.

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Hard Times

If occasional Onion stories like "90s Punk Decries Punks Of Today" and "47 Punk Bands Change Name To 'The Miami Relatives" are not enough for you, check out The Hard Times, a hard-hitting new music news site whose tagline is "Punk News Comin' Your Way". So far they've published important stories like: "Deafheaven Bassist Falls Asleep Onstage", "Brooklyn's Newest Resident an Outspoken Critic of Gentrification", "Iggy Azalea Clarifies She Only Listens to Early Skrewdriver", "Henry Rollins to Start Third Black Flag", and a bunch more. Check it out!

Grimes @ Pitchfork Fest 7/20/14
Dominick Mastrangelo's Top 14 Photos of 2014

Photographer Dominick Mastrangelo has been contributing to BrooklynVegan for years, and this year he did most of his shooting in Chicago (as well as other places, like Finland's Flow Festival). Now that the year is coming to a close, Dominick has put together his favorite 14 photos that he took this year, as well as a list of ten records he's kept on heavy rotation throughout 2014. Check out more of his shots, and browse his album list, below...

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The Knife @ Terminal 5 4/30/2014
The Knife

BrooklynVegan photographer Amanda Hatfield shoots a ton of shows for BV every year, and 2014 was no different. Now that it's coming to a close, she's put together her 15 favorite photos she took this year. That's one above, and you can check out the rest below. Also below is a list of her 15 favorite albums, and she's got an ongoing playlist with her favorite songs of the year on Rdio. Check it out.

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photos by Tim Griffin


Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest wrapped up this past weekend with a variety of killer music across punk, metal, hip hop, indie, electronic and plenty of the in-between, plus comedy, wrestling, BMX competitions and more. The lineup spanned legends like Judas Priest, Gorilla Biscuits and Nas through great newer artists like Angel Olsen, Deafheaven and Courtney Barnett. We've already written plenty about it -- check out our reviews of day 1, day 2 and day 3 -- as well as posted pictures of Judas Priest, Gorilla Biscuits and Mineral.

Now we've got pics of the whole three days on BV Austin. Check out day 1 HERE, day 2 HERE and day 3 HERE.

by Andrew Sacher

#deafheaven on now @funfunfunfest #ffffest #funfunfunfest

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#rocketfromthecrypt @funfunfunfest #ffffest #funfunfunfest

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Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest went out on a high note on Sunday (11/9) after two previous days of fun fun fun. While I spent the first two days hopping from stage to stage, I spent the entire final day on the punk/metal-centric Black Stage, besides taking one brief break from the distortion to catch Angel Olsen's always-mesmerizing folk rock early on at the Orange Stage.

First up for me was Iron Reagan, the crossover thrash "supergroup" with members of Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse and Darkest Hour. You couldn't have asked for a better start to the day as Iron Reagan made good on their promise to play more songs than any other band on the festival and still be off stage before they were supposed to. With only minimal breaks for banter, they ripped through songs from both of their albums and various EPs and included a cover of Cannibal Corpse's "A Skull Full of Maggots." These dudes definitely look and act the part, with no lack of '80s thrash hair swings and stage moves. They almost never smiled on stage, but if a song like "Your Kid's An Asshole" doesn't give it away, nobody was taking themselves too seriously.

After catching that Angel Olsen set, the next band on Black Stage was Deafheaven. Though you'd think the they would really be better fit for a dark room, they looked readymade for a festival set under the sun. The band's black metal/post-rock blend was tight as ever, but in daylight frontman George Clarke is even more of a sight to see. He's all about showmanship and crowd interaction and spends so much of the show reaching his hands out Nick Cave-style over the eager fans who can't wait to reach back.

Then came Hot Water Music, as much veterans of the '90s punk/emo scene as Mineral and Knapsack who played two days earlier, just with many more albums and only a two-year breakup period. They sounded awesome as always, with the highlights off their 2012 comeback album Exister sounding as great as their more classic material. Like they did at The Fest the weekend earlier, they brought out Loved Ones frontman Dave Hause to split lead vocals on "Trusty Chords" and you can check out a short clip of that below.

Gorilla Biscuits at tiny Mohawk indoor! 😵😵😵😵😵 #gorillabiscuits #mohawk #FFFnites

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After Hot Water Music, the veteran punk continued on the Black Stage through the end of the festival. The next band up was New York hardcore OGs Gorilla Biscuits. I caught their set at the festival and their FFF Nites show at the very tiny Mohawk Indoor later that night. Both were great but needless to say the late show was the one to be at. It's hard to believe this band formed over 25 years ago because they were still one of the freshest sounding bands of the weekend. Civ said on stage at both shows never to lose yourself, to stand up for and believe in the same things you did when you were 16 at 20, 30, 45. If anyone can preach that at a show he can, he's living it. GB played just about every song you wanted to hear -- "High Hopes," "Big Mouth," "No Reason Why," "Degradation" and so many more favorites. The Mohawk show didn't have a mosh pit so much as the entire room was a constantly-moving swarm of bodies both on and off stage. It was the kind of show where everyone left grinning and covered in each other's sweat. And after midnight on Sunday (or Monday morning by then), it was the best possible way to wrap up the weekend.

After GB on the fest was Rocket From the Crypt, one of the many bands of John Reis (Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, etc), who made it seem like their short reunion was over before this but luckily they had more in them. RFTC were great -- their many-membered lineup, two horn players included, took the stage in their matching outfits and delivered plenty of fan faves. We got "Middle," "On A Rope," "Heart of a Rat," "Im Not Invisible," "Glazed" and plenty more from their initial 10+ year run as a band.

Murder City Devils headlining the Black Stage at Fun Fun Fun Fest #murdercitydevils #FFFfest

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Following them and headlining the Black Stage for the night was Murder City Devils, who were pretty much the perfect match for RFTC given they were around at the same time for a while in the '90s/early '00s and shared an approach to blending rock n' roll and punk. One difference though is Murder City have a new album out and they played some of that but we also got plenty from their prime era like "18 Wheels," "Press Gang," "Idle Hands" and more. Whether it was an old one or a new one though, Murder City were on fire. They were incredibly tight, loud, and full of a serious amount of energy. Catching their set was my personal biggest conflict of the weekend (I had to miss Neutral Milk Hotel), but with a set like the one they played I have no regrets.

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