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Death By Audio, who as of this morning were planning on opening tonight, have posted an update: "PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS HAVE CANCELLED, SHOW IS CANCELLED TONIGHT AND MOST LIKELY SUNDAY AS WELL, IM SORRY, AND MAY GOD CONTINUE TO FUCK THE MTA!"

UPDATE: Sunday as well:

Very sorry to announce that tonights Personal & the Pizzas show, as well as, tomorrows Hand Cream show have been cancelled due to touring acts not being able to enter the city, i wouldve gladly hosted these shows as death by audio wont be heavily effected by the storm, but i respect the touring bands concerns for their safety in the end times. Hopefully see you monday when you all break free of your cocoons and emerge as beautiful butterflies.



UPDATE:. Saturday and Sunday are now CANCELLED.

Personal and the Pizzas

Death By Audio in Brooklyn is one of the last remaining venues with a show still scheduled for tonight (and even Sunday). A message on their website reads, "AT THIS POINT WE ARE TRYING TO HAVE OUR SHOWS AS SCHEDULED, IF THAT CHANGES WE WILL POST INFO HERE, AND FUCK THE MTA!" Their schedule for the next three nights looks like this:

8.27 -$8-
.Personal & the Pizzas (Jersey)
.Home Blitz
.Dino Boys (members of Stalkers & Nightbirds)

8.28 -$7-
.Hand Cream (Montreal)
.Carmen (Philly)
.Mannequin Pussy

8.29 -$7
.Dustin Wong (Baltimore, mem of Ponytail, Ecstatic Sunshine)
.Teen Dreams (Virginia)
.Nelly Kate (Virginia)

Party on UPDATE:. Saturday and Sunday are now CANCELLED.

by BBG, Tinsel Teeth video by (((unartig)))

Tinsel Teeth at Death By Audio
Tinsel Teeth

Tinsel Teeth completed their round of US dates with a show at Death By Audio on July 3rd with Satanized Unstoppable Death Machines, and Xaddax. The show was one of two at Death By Audio that week for Xaddax, who also supported Dysrhythmia and Guzzlemug at the venue on June 29th. Check out video of Xaddax (ex-Dazzling Killmen) from 6/29 as well as the last 10 minutes of Tinsel Teeth below (warning, the latter is NSFW).

Xaddax has a couple of shows coming up including with Future By Now (ex-Dazzling Killmen, Mars Volta), STATS, and Spanyurd at Bruar Falls on 8/18 as well as with Great Falls (ex-Playing Enemy, Kiss It Goodbye), Radiation Blackbody, and Passage Between at Acheron on 8/11. Great Falls will also play Lit Lounge on August 8th with Fashion Week and A Passage Between.

Videos from Death By Audio are below.

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photos by Andrew St. Clair

Heavy Cream @ Death By Audio
Heavy Cream

Heavy Cream played the show at Death By Audio last night (6/22), with a female-heavy lineup that included Elks, Teen Witch, and Hunters. Their tour next brings them to NJ tonight and eventually on the road with the mostly-girl group The Ettes.

More pictures from the Brooklyn show below...

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photos by Andrew St. Clair


There was red, yellow, pink, black and even Peelander-Z songs. but June 9th at Death By Audio wasn't a Peelander-Z show. It was a Peewonder-Z show! Though the night was hosted by Peelander-Z. Peewonder-Z is a new all-female trio who covered songs by Peelander (like "Ninja High School" and "Mad Tiger"), though they plan on having original material in the future. The other bands on the bill were TheBlackCherry (featuring Peelander Green and Black and a sax player that also plays with Peelander), and Ken South Rock who were Andrew's highlight of the evening. Peelander-Z members introduced all the bands on the bill to the all ages crowd at the Brooklyn DIY venue.

Peelander-Z's future includes a string of dates as part of the Warped Tour, and a new album they recently recorded in Austin. More pictures from the Peewonder-Z show below...

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Thee Oh Sees @ Summerstage in 2010 (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)
Death By Audio

Death By Audio lists tonight's show like this:

6.17 -$5- (doors are at 10pm for this show)
Well, we may know at least one band on the bill. Thee Oh Sees play Brooklyn Bowl Saturday (6/18) but list "06-17 shhhhhhh...." on their website (thanks Maxim), so it's either them or there are two secret shows. Who do you think the other bands are?

Adventure, CO LA (Matt Papich of Ecstatic Sunshine), and Weekends were supposed to play Death by Audio Friday night, but that show was cancelled. Weekends will instead open for Dom at Brooklyn Bowl.

To add to the mystery, a "Surprise special guest" is also listed on the Saturday Thee Oh Sees Brooklyn Bowl show that Yellow Dogs, and Emil and Friends are also playing. Who's playing that one?

All Thee Oh Sees dates below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Jeff the Brotherhood

JEFF The Brotherhood played their second of two NYC dates at Death By Audio on Saturday (4/2), joined by their Infinity Cat compatriots Heavy Cream and Hell Beach as well as X-Ray Eyeballs and Colleen Green. Pictures from that show are in this post. For Heavy Cream, it was their second time at Death By Audio in around three weeks. The band also teamed with Ty Segall on their way to SXSW in early/mid March. JEFF played Santos a few days before where they shared a bill with an awesome cast including Screaming Females and Ninjasonik.

The Death by Audio show was special for opener Hell Beach who were playing live for the first time, and were playing a record release show. The band welcomed their new LP Welcome to Hell Beach this week via Infinity Cat (Jeff's label). You can listen to two songs below.

More pictures from Death By Audio (though unfortunately none of X-Ray Eyeballs or Colleen Green), and more JEFF dates, also below...

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words by Andrew Frisicano, photos by Andrew St. Clair

Ty Segall @ Death by Audio
Ty Segall

Ty Segall and band stopped by on their current SXSW-inclusive tour for a pair of NYC gigs on Tuesday and Thursday. The first of those happened at a crammed Mercury Lounge, where the band played a 45-minute set that mixed Melted gems with new tunes. Last time I saw Ty, his voice was shredded from a day of grueling CMJ performances, and the set ended with a guitar-smashing outburst. Here, coming off a (hopefully relaxing) cruise, there were no such issues; Ty hit all the falsetto cues and edged down to a whisper for the quieter moments. Those lulls always have a way of roaring back, which is part of what makes Ty Segall such a compelling live act: the briefly empty spaces that explode into hair-flailing shred-work. The other part is the melodies, which are catchy and incredibly memorable, even if you can't tell what he's saying, or even what the songs are about ("Finger" something....??).

Ty's Thursday NYC show was at Death by Audio with Heavy Cream, Liquor Store, and Home Blitz. Hopefully Ty and the band will be back in New York soon (or at least by the release of his new disc, Goodbye Bread, on June 21). Heavy Cream (who have a new drummer) return to Death By Audio on April 2nd.

All tour dates, and more pictures and videos from the DBA show, below...

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words & photos by Shanda Boyett

"The @famousclass party was crazed. Amaxing sendoff to the 1 and only Ariel Panero. RIP homie." - markodude

"Tonight was amazing, Thank you to all the bands & @DeathbyAudio Ariel we miss you like crazy" - Famousclass


The Famous Class party at Death by Audio on Friday night (2/4) took its mission of celebrating the life of Ariel Panero seriously. Cyrus Lubin from Famous Class put together an amazing lineup for Day 1 that culminated in a sold-out, joyful mosh-ilicious event headlined by the boisterous Snakes Say Hiss. Also on the bill were Darlings, Grooms, Class Actress, and Tony Castles.

Ariel's name and birth and death date were spray painted on the wall behind the stage. Grooms played almost all new songs, save one oldie that was Ariel's favorite. Tony Castles also played a lot of their new tunes, sounding really tight.

There was a noticeable buildup to the Snakes Say Hiss set, with the crowd ready to live it up in a wild, human bumper car frenzy that sent more than a few people crashing into walls and dodging beer confetti.

It was beautiful in the way that an epic night always is - an organic outgrowth that can be neither planned nor tamed.

Rubin commented early in the evening that he thought it might be a rager, but I think for him, more than anyone else, it was about Ariel.

"Last year he began working with me at Famous Class, helping us take some big steps forward," he says on the Famous Class web site. "It breaks my heart that he isn't going to see the results of everything we worked on together."

Day 2 (Saturday) of the memorial featured Skeletons (string quartet), Sisters, Regal Degal, Tough Knuckles Band and Hubble. Proceeds from show helped raise money for for the release of the new Tough Knuckles album. Those who paid $15 at the door will get a limited edition copy of the LP on white vinyl.

A selection of pictures from Friday's show continues below...

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Tough Knuckles

Famous Class Records, a label that Ariel Panero used to co-run, and the one his band Tough Knuckles was signed to, put together the shows happening tonight (2/4) and Saturday (2/5) at Death By Audio - both with killer lineups to help raise money to get the Tough Knuckles record released... though just in a small way. They've "decided to do limited run of 350 albums on white vinyl. Basically the show is 2 nights featuring all the bands that Ariel helped out and loved and there's gonna be a sliding scale at the door, $8 to get in or $15 and we'll mail you a limited edition copy of the record when its printed at the end of the month." Check out the poster and lineups below...

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photos by Jason House, words by BBG


After a triumphant showing at Cake Shop, 108 ripped Death By Audio a new one later that night (1/8) with support from Primitive Weapons, Heavy Breath, and Black Kites. Was Death By Audio 108's last NYC show ever? Only time will tell.

More pictures from Death By Audio are below.

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by BBG


Monarch! played another NYC show Wednesday night (11/17) at Death By Audio with an assist from Brian Chase & Seth Misterka, and Vaura. The Monarch! set was easily their best of their three NYC outings (pictures from Cake Shop & Union Pool); rife with tension, peppered with razor-like noise/feedback, on-a-dime start-stops after engulfing ten-ton riffs, and featuring appearances from Jerry & Yoshi of Bloody Panda on vocals, Monarch! was in top form. One of my favorite performances of the year.

Vaura and Brian Chase & Seth Misterka were no slouches either. Featuring Toby Driver on bass and Kevin Hufnagel on guitar, Vaura blends gothy-pop with elements of shoegaze and black metal, resembling Alcest at times, but with other tricks up their sleeve and more punishing passages to punctuate wilder mood-swings. It was only their third live show, but Vaura seems much wiser than their years (the sum of good DNA I take it).

Brian Chase & Seth Misterka performed a set of free jazz, complete with Coltrane style swings up and down the scale on saxophone and drum hits on everything within reach, including his snare (which he was stepping on at the time). Refreshing, fun, complex, and great.

In all, a particularly impressive night of that I have tried to do justice to in pictures, as (((unartig))) has tried to do in video, Both are below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

The Coathangers @ Death by Audio

Atlanta's The Coathangers, almost done with their tour, will bless Baltimore, MD tonight (11/17) with their garage-y punk, four days after their Saturday night Brooklyn show at Death By Audio with The So So Glos, The Ex-Humans, and Unholy Two. The Britney Spears fans are welcoming their new split 7" with The Numerators (on sale now) via Suicide Squeeze.

The So So Glos have a trio of new dates in their near future. First up, the band will headline The Studio at Webster Hall on November 26th with The Rassle and Devin Therriault (tickets). Then in December, they'll play the Showpaper Gallery on Dec 3rd with Weekends, Adult Themes, & Slow Animal, and Shea Stadium on Dec 11th.

All Coathangers and So So Glos tour dates, and more pictures of the two (Leia missed both openers) at DbA, male stripper included, below...

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photos by Eric Rex, words by BBG

"DBA is as packed as i've ever seen it. Royal baths on now,
Ty Segall up next." -soundbitesnyc

"saw #tysegall at death by audio last night. incredible show, but i can't believe people moshed to every ty segall song. drank like 10 #pbr" - Sean McKeown

"about 4x as many people crammed in as last time. bodies everywhere. sweaty flying ones." - 9000

Ty Segall

And apparently Death By Audio on 8/13 was so packed for the Ty Segall show that they started to stack people on top of each other. DBA was one of two NYC shows for the sugar-y San Fran garage rocker, with the FIRST taking place a day earlier at Cake Shop. Featuring support from Royal Baths on both dates, DBA also got sets from The Babies (mems of Vivian Girls, Woods, etc) Moonhearts (formerly Charlie & The Moonhearts), and The Zulus. Cake Shop (the day before) got The So So Glos and Weekends. Pics from DBA are below.

Both Ty Segall and Royal Baths are touring in support of LPs. Royal Baths will welcome their debut LP in September via Woodsist, while Ty Segall's fun new album Melted is out NOW via Goner.

The Babies are scheduled to play Cake Shop on Sept 24th in support of Garotas Suecas, alongside Sundelles and Holger. It's one of two dates for Garotas Suecas, with the second just two days earlier at Knitting Factory.

Tons of pics from Death By Audio and the crowd-surfin' mayhem is below, though unfortunately none of Royal Baths (Eric had escaped to the back of the room at the time)....

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Don't worry, this has nothing to do with an outbreak of disease. Just a messed up and costly incident regarding a kitchen knife and airport security...

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photos by Keith Marlowe, words by BBG

@NoAge is no doing "Six Pack" by Black Flag. saweet. -thesoundofindie

Nomos is being played over the PA at Death By Audio as No Age sets up to play. (For those wondering: UOA destroyed.) -zedcutsinger

Dug silk flowers. Universal Order For Armageddon killed it! Now No Age. -spidertears

Universal Order of Armageddon

A semi-secret show for No Age plus a homecoming/reunion for Universal Order of Armageddon, meant a tightly packed Death By Audio in Brooklyn last night (July 25th).

No Age played Brooklyn Bowl earlier in the day after Pool Party officials scrapped the outdoor event and moved it inside due to the coming rain-pocalypse. UOA was on a return trek to NYC after playing Whartscape in Baltimore over the weekend.

Silk Flowers opened the Death By Audio show that reports say sold out briskly (doy). From the looks of it, it was a bit of a madhouse. But don't take my word for it, ask David Cross... More pictures from the show, UOA's setlist and a video, below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Heavy Cream
Heavy Cream

As you may have guessed, the Death By Audio show that took place after Sunday's Pool Party was supposed to include an unannounced set by JEFF the Brotherhood, but Jake was coughing up blood so they left the show in the hands of their friends/tour/label-mates Heavy Cream, and The Splinters and Reading Rainbow.

Heavy Cream play one more NYC show before they leave and that's 100% free at Union Pool tonight (7/20). More pictures from Death By Audio (though Leia missed the first band, Elks - sorry!) below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Dude brought a vuvuzuela to blow in the audience during Peelander Z show. It was funny the first 5 mins. Then I wanted to break it over ... - -BicoastalBitchn


Peelander-Z and Anamanaguchi played a show at Death By Audio on Saturday, July 3rd with Math The Band and Previously on Lost.

Peelander-Z have a few shows outside of NYC coming up - the closest is at NJ's Asbury Lanes on August 14th.

More pictures from the show (World Cup fever continues) and a video of Anamanaguchi playing their theme to the forthcoming Scott Pilgrim (movie tie-in) video game (not at DBA) are below...

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words and photos by BBG

Bastard Noise

Since I was too busy air-guitarin' out at Floor at Europa/Jucifer at Union Pool on Saturday (6/26), Bastard Noise at Cake Shop just wasn't in the cards for the evening. So of course, there was no other recourse but to make sure to catch the band when they played Death By Audio on Monday (6/28) with Child Abuse. Unfortunately, I missed the openers, but managed to slide in time to catch Child Abuse wreck it with their noise-damaged rock/metal/punk.

After an extended changeover in the ten million degree heat, Bastard Noise took to the stage to pummel the crowd with their signature bass-riffy, noise-punctuated set. Videographer scuffles aside (one decided it would be a good idea to stand front and center on top of a pair of cinder blocks, arms outstretched - he was met with an angry mob), their set was fantastic. Bassist Eric Wood riffs on his bass better than most on the guitar, mixing chords with solos and keeping it thoroughly technical yet brutal. W. T. Nelson adds noise squelches, texture, and synthy elements aplenty from atop his hospital gurney/noise laboratory.

Tons more pics from the show, and some videos are below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Jeff the Brotherhood

Miss Pussycat @ DBA
Quintron and Miss Pussycat

JEFF The Brotherood and Quintron & Miss Pussycat are on tour and made stops at Death By Audio (Friday), Asbury Lanes (Saturday) and Santos Party House (Sunday). NYC Taper was at the Sunday show and posted the JEFF audio...

"The show began with an extended solo by Jake and a dramatic entrance by Jamin to begin the the first number. Midway through the too-short set, Jake took a leap from the stage to the bar and worked his way briefly along the bar. Later, he would work through the crowd from front to back while performing the outstanding extended jam to end the set. These antics did not detract from the show, but rather enhanced the two-brothers-just-playing-rock-and-having-fun vibe that permeates JEFF's live performances."
JEFF, who are making their way to Toronto for NXNE at the moment (Andrew Frisicano and I will both be there too), play Philly on Saturday 7/17. I wonder if they'll announce a 7/18 NYC show that is free and outdoors and in Brooklyn??? More pictures and some video from the Friday show at DBA (that PC Worship and Golden Triangle also played), below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Jeff the Brotherhood

Screaming Females and JEFF the Brotherhood returned for a second time on their tour to NYC for a show at Death By Audio on Tuesday, February 23rd. Stupid Party opened.

JEFF had to cancel their show scheduled for tonight (2/25) in Ithaca (bummer!) because of weather. Instead, they'll be playing at Meat Town in New Brunswick, NJ (and as they tweeted, someone named christian is buying the keg!!). Their tour continues to SXSW and beyond.

Screaming Females will be back in NYC for their show with Ted Leo and Obits at Irving Plaza on April 9th. Tickets are on sale.

More pictures from (the last two bands at) Death By Audio are below...

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photos by Zach Stern

Beach Fossils...
Beach Fossils

The Beach Fossils/Beets/Christmas Island tour culminates this Saturday (2/20) at Music Hall of Williamsburg, in a show with German Measles and Crystal Stilts. Tickets are still on sale.

It'll be the third NYC gig in less than two weeks for those three bands, who are on a Northeast tour of sorts (most of the shows are more like day trips from New York). They played Cake Shop on February 9th and Death by Audio on February 13th. The latter is where the pictures here were taken. More pictures from the show and some of the setlists are below...

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photos by Lori Baily

These Are Powers

Happy Holidays! I take on more than I can handle. That results in a lot of unposted content. In the name of catching up, while also taking it easy during this final week of the year, here's some of that lost material.

A set of pictures from a These are Powers show at Death By Audio, continued below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Sisters - Accolades (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sisters - Street Cars (MP3)

Sisters @ Above the Auto Parts Store (more by Leia Jospe)

While they have yet to release an album, Brooklyn duo Sisters have been busy releasing split 7"s with JEFF: the Brotherhood and helping run Death by Audio the venue. Death by Audio, the label, will release their full-length debut in the spring of 2010. The guys don't have any local shows till February (when they'll open for Atlas Sound and Neon Indian) but they play Toronto on January 15 with Little Girls. Singer-guitarist Aaron Pfannnebecker, and drummer/keyboardist Matt Conboy sum up their 2009, and explain why two people need so much volume...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Fiasco @ Death By Audio in November

Fiasco don't play all that often anymore, though they were around for a November 13th gig at Death By Audio which is where they play again this evening (12/18). If you miss it, they also have a December 23rd show scheduled at Shea Stadium. Check out new track "R & E Skateboards" at their MySpace. More pictures from their November show, below...

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