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That empty date in Screaming Females' current tour schedule ended up being a Brooklyn show (9/26).

photos by Tim Griffin, words by Andrew Frisicano

Death By Audio Maze

You Are Here (The Maze) is underway at Death By Audio. Last Friday (9/11) featured music from A Place to Bury Strangers, The Sian Alice Group, Nine 11 Thesaurus (pictured above and below), Experimental Dental School and Reading Rainbow. Tim stopped by early, before heading to Wild Beasts at Union Pool followed by The Intelligence at Market Hotel. Tim liked Nine 11 Thesaurus and appreciated the art, but wasn't a huge fan of The Maze from the point of view of someone actually wanting to see the bands who are playing. As you can sort of see in the picture above, you walk through a maze which ends at the stage where just a few handfuls of people can actually see what's going on... but maybe that's the point.

You can see more of the new setup in the pics below, or you can head over there yourself. Tonight (9/14) features music from a collection of K Records artists - label founder Calvin Johnson, Arrington de Dionyso and Desolation Wildnerness - with Regattas and City Center (who, with Desolation Wilderness, played at Cake Shop Sunday with the Intelligence). City Center, re-figured somewhat recently into a duo, is on tour (dates below).

Arrington de Dionyso, whose new record ,Malaikat dan Singa, comes out on the label November 3rd, plays two sets at Bowery Poetry Club's ESP Disk Live, with Calvin Johnson doing the other, on September 15th. He's also at Santos's Musicka Mystica Maxima Fest on September 21st and returns to DBA for a collaboration with co-curator Sam Hillmer on September 24th (full Maze schedule).

More pictures and tour dates are below...

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The Maze @ Death By Audio opens tonight (9/10) with a show by Skeletons Big Band, Knyfe Hyts 81, Pterodactyl, Gowns, Dan Friel, Social Junk, and Mincemeat. Performances continue in the venue-turned-art-installation until October 2nd. The latest addition to the schedule: A Place to Bury Strangers. They play with The Sian Alice Group, Nine 11 Thesaurus, Experimental Dental School, and Reading Rainbow on Friday night (9/11).

Sam Hillmer (left) playing with Zs @ the Yard (more by Sarahana)

You Are Here (The Maze) is a performance festival in a sculptural maze taking place at Williamsburg's Death By Audio from September 10 - October 2, 2009. Emphasizing the sprawling and interconnected nature of New York's underground, a trip through the maze offers a peak inside NYC's diy art/music scene. A meditation on passage and desire, You Are Here engulfs the space and presents beckoning inhabitants, dead ends, and uplifting epitaphs. Medium and genre vary and overlapping and simultaneous performances are frequent, each performer establishing a different corner or dead end as his or hers.
The lineup and installation is being put together by TROUBLE (Sam Hillmer & Laura Paris). Acts in the three-week schedule include Calvin Johnson, Screaming Females, Mick Barr, Ty Segal, Grooms, Extra Life and others.

Skeletons kick off the first night of the festival on September 10th as the Skeletons Big Band, a 12-piece band (expanded from their usual four) that's also playing September 7-9th at Roulette. There they'll be performing "New Works for a Larger Ensemble" which includes "excerpts and new arrangements from their record in progress "PEOPLE," a long form piece based around conversations in Greyhound busses and stations, and beyond..."

The full schedule for the Maze (and the lineup for Skeletons Big Band) is below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Vivian Girls

"Hey everyone! We just started the first leg of our crazy nine week tour (which ends in NYC on Halloween). These next few weeks we will be joined by our brothers, the Beets, on what we've named the Nightmare of Sound tour. [Tuesday] night was our kickoff show in Brooklyn at Death by Audio.

Cassie made new shirts for this tour. We have our Moped Girls 7"s, WFMU LPs, The World's Lousy comps, tote bags, pins, and soon (Sept. 8th) our new album, Everything Goes Wrong, on vinyl and CD. We played with Real Estate, Best Fwends, and the Beets." [Vivian Girls blog posting]

According to the latest set of Vivian Girls tour dates, their Halloween show has been combined with the Crystal Stilts Halloween show for one big Halloween show.

Real Estate play again tonight (8/27) at Brooklyn Bowl. Best Fwends played a few shows for the week they were in town from Texas. Another one was at The Studio @ Webster Hall.

More pictures and some videos from Tuesday night's show at Death By Audio, a Beets/Vivian Girls tour video, and all tour dates, below...

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Peelander-Z played a Yo-Yo contest (more by Oliver Lopena)

On Saturday [August 29th], we are shooting a music video for Peelander-Z and the success of the video depends upon you and everyone showing up! The audience is a BIG part of the video and if your name is Mike or John, you'll actually be heavily featured in this! And if you're not named Mike or John, just rock out and the harder you rock, the more of you there probably will be in the video! It would be super awesome if everyone came and filled the room with drunken dancing and love. [-video director, Jonathan Yi]
More details below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Hex Machine @ SXSW 2009
hex machine

FRANCOSO (aka Dr. Happy Roll) prescription of BASS GUITAR throbbing attack from super excellent bands Sleestak and Noise Information extreme underground disease music; RUIZ (aka Oki-Sapo) delivery of ultra explosion tiger DRUM style makes rhythm music with Slowrider, Loser, Harelip and Daniel Lanois very sparkle boom sounds; NELSON (aka Momotaro) on monster hot rod ELECTRONIC DEVICE style from Unicorn, Man is the Bastard and or Bastard Noise very ear pain groups! Please enjoy GERONIMO original spirit sounds with smile and ear happiness!
While I enjoy that that brief synopsis on the origins of Geronimo (taken from their own MySpace page), Aquarius Records does one better:
Sold? We would be. Imagine Man Is The Bastard transported back to the early seventies and let loose in This Heat's Cold Storage recording studio, or take the black hypno kraut noise of former aQ record of the week, Aluk Todolo and strip it down to its bare essence, a sound based almost entirely on rhythm. A pounding, Neanderthal groove, pelted with squelches, and laced with a strangled inhuman mewling, huge chunks of grinding minimalism and long swaths of dreamy shimmering bliss, an ultra intense slab of kraut-doom power violence for sure.
Any band that has a mention of This Heat, Man Is The Bastard, and Aluk Todolo is worth a look for me. Geronimo are currently touring the east coast and have a show scheduled in Brooklyn on Thursday (August 27th) at Death By Audio with the mighty Hex Machine and the equally kick ass Pollution.

Hex Machine are rocking a handful of dates with Geronimo before heading out on the road to do a few with Dysrhthymia. The pics above and below are from SXSW when they played the Slow Southern Steel Showcase along with Rwake, Zoroaster (who recently played The Studio @ WH), The Devil & The Sea, and Music Hates You.

Pollution has one other dates scheduled. It's at the DIY spot Stolen Sleeves Collective with Battletorn, Regrets, Black Kites, and Swallowed Up on 9/10. All dates below...

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You Are Here

Remember Death By Audio's 12-hour benefit on July 25th for something called You Are Here: A Maze?

Sam Hillmer & Laura Paris, who dubbed their art collaboration Trouble, had the first You Are Here festival in 2007, at 44th street between Sixth Avenue and Broadway. Paris drew out the floor-plan of the maze, while Hillmer, who plays tenor saxophone for the Zs, booked bands to play in the space and coordinated efforts to bring people inside to interact with the maze.

"It didn't seem like the kind of thing that could just sit in a gallery, it needs constant traffic," Hillmer explained. "That is the piece, people dealing with the situation [presented by the maze]."

This year's festival, scheduled for Spetember 10th through October 2nd, will take up the entire space of Death by Audio and feature a maze constructed out of salvaged doors from Built It Green, a nonprofit organization that sells surplus building materials. The space will also have woodchip-covered floors ("to reference mazes built out of bushes," Hillmer notes). The twists and turns of the venue will be littered by some 200 of Paris' sculptures, molded from some of her pieces and then cast repeatedly. [Greenpoint Gazette]

According to the promoter, "Medium and genre vary and overlapping and simultaneous performances are frequent, each performer establishing a different corner or dead end as his or hers." Sounds fun.

The preliminary lineup (aka almost a month's worth of shows at the venue while the maze is up) mixes interesting out of town names (Calvin Johnson, Ty Segal, The Coathangers) with local acts like Skeletons (as 'Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities'), Mick Barr (he is local right?), Extra life and Stars Like Fleas. Full lineup to be announced soon but more of it is below, along with video footage of the first Maze (starring Dave Longstreth, Thee Oh Sees and others), and other details and the flyer for the new Maze...

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You Are Here

On Saturday, July 25th, there'll be a 12-hour benefit at Death By Audio for You Are Here: A Maze, a "performance festival in a sculptural maze" to happen at the venue from September 10th - October 2nd. Both the event and the project are being put on by Trouble (Zs' Sam Hillmer and artist Laura Paris).

The lineup includes performances by Ninjasonik, Aa, Dead Science's Sam Mickens, Charlie Looker of Extra Life, and Hillmer himself (with Regattas). A DJ set by Dirty Projector Dave Longstreth is also on the schedule (for some actual singing by Longstreth, that takes place at the Williamsburg Waterfront this Sunday).

A full schedule of performers, with some info on the You Are Here project, is below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Dean & Britta

"Wednesday [April 29th] we played another show, sitting in with Cheval Sombre at Death By Audio in Williamsburg, a club that reminded me of 8BC in years gone by. Once again I watched the first three songs from the audience before getting on stage, and Cheval Sombre played a hypnotizing set." [Dean Wareham]
Dean & Britta played with Cheval Sombre again on June 6th at Le Poisson Rouge. They also headlined that show. According to Dean, it was their "last non-Warhol shows of the year, at least here in the USA." Their next Warhol show in NYC will take place Saturday, August 1st at Prospect Park (the same venue they showed up at to see David Byrne on June 8th). Crystal Stilts open that Brooklyn show.

More pictures of Cheval & D & B from LPR, and all tour dates, below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Jeff the Brotherhood

Nashville bands JEFF the Brotherhood and Turbo Fruits just came through town to play a bunch of shows including one Tuesday night at Death By Audio (5/26). More pictures from that one below...

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DOWNLOAD: A Place to Bury Stranger/Holy Fuck: "Lovely Allen" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: APTBS/Holy Fuck: "To Fix the Gash in Your Head" (MP3)

APTBS @ MHOW - May 22, 2009 (photo by Tim Griffin)
Holy Fuck

"I've settled into a routine here at Death By Audio. I wake up at 8:30, do some Kundalini Yoga that I learned from Drew, make a huge breakfast, pack my PB&J sandwich for lunch, and bike the 8 miles to work. Then I arrive home around 8 pm and am too tired to make it past midnight, usually.

I guess I'd like to have some more time off. I really don't do anything for myself anymore. I don't play drums or saxophone or guitar, I put off all my circuit-bending projects, since both the altoid amp and the theremin are having problems that I don't feel like fixing. I have been writing sporadically, and I occasionally still do sound effects for Columbia students. I think I may leave this job after the busy season. Thinking about a cross-country trip, couch surfing with some friends. I can make it to Wisconsin from here, at least. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to get the rest of the way.

Anyway, one of my roommates' bands played the other night with Holy Fuck at the Williamsburg Hall of Music [5/22]. They're called A Place to Bury Strangers, and before I lived here I had not listened to them." [Kleeb Verses the World]

Kleeb goes on to say that, "As far as the actual music, it's not really my thing. But I will say that A Place to Bury Strangers was one of the best live bands I've seen recently". Holy Fuck and APTBS also played Bowery Ballroom one night later (5/23). All HF dates HERE. Grab two APTBS/HF mashups, courtesy of Pitchfork, above.

Now that both of those NYC shows have happened, it has been officially announced that the secret guest at this Wednesday's Shilpa Ray show at Pianos (5/27) is in fact A Place to Bury Strangers. Death By Audio artists Coin Under Tongue and Sisters are also on the bill. Tickets are still on sale.

photos by Ryan Muir, words By Black Bubblegum


Cymbals smashed with an Epiphone Crestwood. Airborne pizza slices. That vein in your neck that bulges from screaming. Somersaults. An open microphone for the audience to scream out vocals, gang style. These were all present at Frodus's lone NYC date at Death By Audio on Sunday (May 11th), one of a trio for the band over the weekend.

Did I mention the songs? Vocalist/guitarist Shelby Cinca writhed around on the stage floor, banging out faves like "Lights On For Safety", "The Awesome Machine", and "Explosions" (full setlist below). Jason Hamacher (drums), channeling Dale Crover, seemed more energized than ever as his gloved hands bashed the shit out of the Frodus logo'd drumkit. Jason, you may want to have those drum heads checked out.

The madness continues in June, but without bassist Liam Wilson of Dillinger Escape Plan, as former Decahedron bassist Jake Brown will join them on their previously announced dates in June. Full tour dates are also below.

The slowly fading Die Hard obsessives (thats a guess) Nakatomi Plaza played right before Frodus. They hammered out an energetic set of Dischord influenced post-hardcore/punk which provided a great intro for the similarly influenced Frodus. I spoke with guitarist/vocalist Oscar after his set,and he assured me that the trio would play a few more local shows before they go kaput. Whoop it up at those dates NYC.... Yippee-kai-yay motherfucker!

Himalaya and Limbs opened the affair, though unfortunately I missed both due to a certain triple bill of metallic awesomeness at Music Hall of Williamsburg (more on that later). More Frodus pics and tour dates are below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Black Pus

"new yark again! hung with max from nashy, jamin turned 21, cy got to see avenu A (where the cro-mags are from) got some records and treats, 2nite we are playing with BLACK PUS, brian chippendale of lightning bolt's solo project, cooooool!" [Jeff the Brotherhood's blog]
JEFF the Brotherhood played one of their many NYC-area shows this week at Death By Audio last night (4/22). They shared a bill with Black Pus (pictured above, and as they pointed out above), Necking and Tussle (but not Sisters who they played some other shows with). More pictures from the show below...

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words and photos by Black Bubblegum


With stokeage levels on high, we are pleased to announce that spazzy post-hardcore badasses Frodus will make their triumphant return to NYC on May 10th at Death By Audio, flanked by Limbs, Himalaya, and a special guest!

The NYC show will be one of a trio that the band has announced for the east coast. They will also hit The Sonar in Baltimore with Sick Weapons, Solar Powered Sun Destroyer, and Caverns on May 8th, and The Barbary on May 9th in Philadelphia! All dates will include Liam of The Dillinger Escape Plan handling bass duties.

Frodus, back together after breaking up in 1999, played a pair of reunion shows in Austin during SXSW in March. I managed to catch both the Slip/Lovitt Party (Jacob's awesome pics are here) with The Van Pelt and the show at Red 7 with Young Widows. More pics from both shows are below...

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photos by Lori Baily


AZNightBuzz: You play with the U.S. Girls as well as some other great bands every place you visit. Who are you most excited about seeing?

Aids Wolf: Well, we've already played with U.S. Girls, Can't and Sightings, three acts we were most stoked to play with. We are also salivating for Love Tan, Mayor Daley, Puffy Areolas, PRE, Gay Beast, Shearing Pinx, Dead Machines, The Mayyors and Death Sentence: PANDA! We're really pretty excited for all our bills, playing with bands we are friends with and/or fans of is really important to us. Getting to see the bands we like is one of the things that make touring worthwhile.

Who are you listening to on tour?

Aids Wolf: Thee Oh Sees, Ornette Coleman, ZZ Top, Captain Beefheart, some sweet Balinese classical music, Babe Ruth, Ennio Morricone, Walter Wegmuller, U.S. Girl Meghan talking about eating meat and the sounds of Bob Gainey crying.

Death By Audio hosted Aids Wolf ,U.S. Girls, Sightings, Fiasco, and Talk Normal on Wednesday night, March 11th. That was before all or most of those bands headed from Brooklyn to Austin for SXSW. More pictures from the NYC show below...

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Aids Wolf

"We are a cult . ************************ AIDS Wolf are the preeminent Formalist/Unknown Wave quartet, formed in Montreal, 2003. They have released two full-length records on SKiN GRAFT Records and Lovepump United as well as numerous collaborations, splits and seven inches. The membership is Chloe "Deluxxx" Skum on flamejob scream, Yannick "NoNo" Desranleau on Total Downward Thunder, Myles "BOP" Broscoe on Electric Mountain Range and Alex "Kozz" Moskos on Split-Skreen Desert Guitar. The band works and lives in Montreal, where they are presently composing material for concept record on Canadian Prime Ministers and French Military Strategy circa 1759, working on a Throbbing Gristle cover and eating well. **********************"
Aids Wolf has left Montreal and are on the road for at least the next month. Currently on tour with Philly's U.S. Girls, the two bands will join Sightings, Fiasco, and Talk Normal for a Todd P/Michelle Panache show at Death By Audio in Brooklyn tonight (3/11), and then will make their way to SXSW where Aids Wolf have a ton of performances scheduled, at least one of which is being being promoted by Todd P. More details, all dates and some videos below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Thomas Function - Belly of the Beast (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Thomas Function - Conspiracy (MP3)

Thomas Function
Thomas Function

Thomas FunctionAlabama's Thomas Function are in town this weekend for a trio of shows as part of trawl down the East Coast. Admission: I think I picked up Thomas Function's debut album, Celebration!, about four times last year thinking it was a LCD Soundsystem record -- singer Joshua Macero, whose mug graces the cover, looks a lot like James Murphy, at least when quickly flipping through CDs. After seeing so many times I finally got around to actually listening to it, and while absolutely nothing like the DFA head (not that I expected it to be), these Alabamians raise quite a ruckus with their spirited, organ-driven garage rock.

There's also come country and bluegrass in there too, as you might expect from a band living that far south but, really, Thomas Function grooves to their own beat. The band have also released a slew of 7" singles, most of which are now out of print or at least hard to find. Maybe they'll have some of them to sell at their shows. They play a free show at Other Music tonight (1/23), Cake Shop on Saturday (1/24) and Mercury Lounge on Sunday (1/25). Full tour dates and video at the bottom of this post.

Golden Triangle

The most interesting show of the weekend for me is Friday (1/23) at Death By Audio. Headlining are locals Golden Triangle, whose debut EP just came out on Kemado's vinyl-only imprint, Mexican Summer. (You can get it digitally from Emusic, though.) Some songs veer towards Vivian Girls/Fuzzbox/Slits territory, other songs remind me a lot of The Fall, and they cover Redd Kross' "Annette's Got the Hits." That's a one-two-three punch for me. (It's also the second band I've written about here to do a Redd Kross cover, the other being Box Elders.) The six-piece are about to head out on tour with King Khan & the Shrines so the rest of the country will get a chance to check them out too.

Also on the bill: Brazilian band Garotas Suecas, who will be compared to Os Mutantes because it's obvious and easy, but these kids are a little more straight up fun garage rock a la Mando Diao or The Fleshtones. I like what I've heard and it's the only NYC performance they have left (they also played Vassar last night). Plus, the lovely, downcast electric folk of NYC's Tall Firs; and hushed trio Metal Mountains that features Helen Rush, Samara Lubelski and Pat Gubler, all of whom spent time in Tower Recordings. So the night starts quiet and gets progressively louder and crazier.


I'd also like to (also) recommend the Valerie Collective show at Webster Hall tonight (1/23). Collective is a key term here. Many of the groups playing share members and the difference between Anoraak and College (my two favorites of the night), sonically, is minimal (one sings more than the other) but it's such a cool sound. It's big, lush, and retro, unabashedly '80s, and done to perfection. I have no idea if the groups will really translate to the live setting but if you're dancing you probably won't notice if they don't. Steve Moore's Lovelock is also on the bill.

The Week That Was
The Week that Was

Lastly, SXSW will be upon us any minute and even if you aren't heading to Austin, New Yorkers are able to experience a little of the excitement as bands from the UK and Europe often make a pitstop here on their way to or from the festival. We already mentioned that Swedish rockers The Soundtrack of Our Lives are playing both Bowery and Music Hall of Williamsburg (tickets are on-sale today, 1/23) which I wholeheartedly recommend you check out, but I'm even more excited to see that The Week That Was are playing Mercury Lounge on March 9.

TWTW are one of the two splinter groups created when Sunderland, UK's Field Music decided to retire that moniker but still basically make music together. David Brewis released a phonetics-obsessed solo project under the name School of Language (which toured here last March). His brother Peter created The Week That Was, a concept album equally obsessed with (lyrically) The Media and (sonically) the Big '80s production style of Kate Bush and Trevor Horn. It's a brilliant album that made my Top Five of 2008. Both David Brewis and Field Music keyboardist Andrew Moore, plus about five others on percussion and strings. I'm not sure how many members strong they'll be at Mercury Lounge, but if they even come close to replicating the album's wall-of-sound, it will be worth attending. Tickets are on-sale today since Noon.

All tour dates, videos and flyers after the jump....

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Garotas Suecas

Self described as "soulful jazzy motherfunkas & a motherfunkette" from São Paulo, Brazil, the band Garotas Suecas are currently visiting our country. You can catch them tonight, Saturday January 17th, at Glasslands Gallery (New York Night Train party), and then again this Friday January 23rd at Death By Audio with Golden Triangle, Tall Firs, and Metal Mountains. GS also play The Bugjar in Rochester, and then Vassar College this upcoming week before returning to Brazil. You may have also recently caught them at Cake Shop and/or Zebulon.

Friday's flyer, a video and all dates below...

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photos by Chris Becker

Dirty on Purpose @ Mercury Lounge in NYC - Dec 31, 2008
Dirty on Purpose

Dirty on Purpose said their final goodbyes at Mercury Lounge in NYC on New Years Eve. As announced less than a month earlier, they're "going the way of the dodo", but "reserve the right to change our minds and get back together in six months". Regardless, as they also pointed out, there are pleny of side other projects to keep them busy and us entertained.

Joe and the Flying Spoons (Joe's band) and Purse Snatchers (Doug's band) have a show scheduled this Sunday (1/4) at Cake Shop with Uninhabitable Mansions. As we've also pointed out before, Uninhabitable Mansions includes CYHSY's Robbie and Tyler, and Au Revoir Simone's Annie Hart who is also in Purse Snatchers.

Au Revoir Simone's Erika Forster used to be in Dirty on Purpose. As you can see from the picture above, they brought her back to join them for their final show at Mercury Lounge that A Place to Bury Strangers headlined (and helped ring in 2009) (Mr. Brownstone played the late-late show in the same club later the same night).

Purse Snatchers also have a show coming at Cake Shop (again) on February 26th with Coin Under Tongue who are also playing Death By Audio on February 28th with Sisters. Death by Audio is the warehouse space in the same Brooklyn building that houses Death By Audio the effects pedal company which is owned by Oliver Ackermann whose band is A Place to Bury Strangers and who oversees is associated with the new Death By Audio label (where all the bands do everything for themselves according to the below comment). The two bands currently signed to the Death by Audio label are Sisters and Coin Under Tongue. George from Dirty on Purpose is in Coin Under Tongue.

More pictures from New Years Eve below...

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DOWNLOAD: Skeletons - The Things (MP3)


"With a sound that truly verges on unclassifiable, Brooklyn-based freak-niks Skeletons are an anomaly even at the venerable Tomlab label, which stables an entire herd of experimental artists. For a group to stand out as uniquely off center amid labelmates such as Xiu Xiu and Deerhoof is rather remarkable.

Fronted by singer/multi-instrumentalist Matt Mehlan, the fifth full-length album ["Money"] under the Skeleton's banner (third for the full group) features dispirate, seemingly incohesive musical undertones that are tenuously held together by Mehlan's R&B/pop croons. Fretboard noodling, sputtering drums and a menacing bass undercurrent comprise a confounding blend on "The THINGS," which segues unknowingly into "RIPPER a.ka. The Pillows," the latter sounding like Perry Farrell fronting John Zorn's avant-jazz band Naked City. [Lost at Sea]
The band formerly known as Skeletons and the Girl Faced Boys are playing a show with Extra Life, John Dwyer & Sam Hillmer (mems ohsees, Zs), and John Fell Ryan of Excepter tonight/Friday (1/2) at Death By Audio. The show was moved from its original location of Le Poisson Rouge. Skeletons will also take part in the "Shinkoyo Circus" happening at Roulette from Jan 27 to Jan 29, and in BAM's 'Sounds like Brooklyn' fest with a show at Zebulon on February 12th. Download an MP3 above. Listen to more songs at MySpace. All dates below...

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Titus Andronicus

New Years Eve at Death By Audio is all regular bands playing as tribute bands for one night only. The Deep & Holy Sea will be The Replacements, Asa Ransom are The Clash, Necking will be Black Flag, Love or Perish are the Misfits, Liturgy are Black Sabbath, So So Glos are playing as a mystery band, AND a mystery band are playing as Weezer. E4e1 drops the hint that the mystery band is "Shakespearean". Titus Andronicus will already be in the neighborhood. The cover is just $2.00.

Speaking of the neighborhood, a member of Titus recently played there with Ted Leo who is also someone's New Years Eve mystery guest in Rhode Island.

photos by Lori Baily


Aa opened for Fiasco at their October 12th record release show. More pictures from that show, and listings for 3 more NYC shows happening this week, below...

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Fiasco @ DBA (by Leia Jospe)

Fiasco @ DBA (by Lori Baily)

Hey guys!

We're super excited to announce to you our record release show, this Sunday (October 12) at Death By Audio!
We're celebrating the release of our new LP called "Native Canadians" coming out on IMPOSE Records! It's going to be packaged in a special LP + CD package and will be on sale for the first time ever at the show! Our buddies in Turbosleaze, Aa, and Cutter agreed to play with us and help celebrate!

Death By Audio is located at 49 South 2nd Street (between Wythe and Kent Avenues) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You can take the L train to Bedford Ave, the J to Marcy Ave, or the G to Metropolitan Ave. It starts at 8pm, and is $8 and all-ages!

Come out and celebrate with us!

Leia and Lori both took their advice. More pictures from the show and more NY show dates, below...

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The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt @ Death by Audio 8/21/08 (thepiratehat)
Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt