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Volahn - 'Aq'ab'al' artwork

Plenty of great metal, hardcore, and other heavy NYC shows are getting announced all the time. We don't get a chance to write about all of them, so here's a roundup of some of the recently-announced stuff coming up:

Black metal project Volahn (aka Eduardo Ramírez, of the Black Twilight Circle collective) is playing the awesome Berserktown II festival in LA this summer, but before that he'll play NYC on July 23 at the Acheron with Hand of Glory, T.O.M.B. and wulfkrieg. Tickets are on sale now. Volahn's new album, Aq'ab'al, came out earlier this year and can be streamed below.

That Volahn show is part of the 'Dissociative Visions' festival that also includes a show the next day at Saint Vitus (7/24) with Aureole, Eos, Haethen, Lluvia, One Tail One Head, Sinmara, Sortilegia, Vilkacis, Vorde and more TBA. Ticket info coming soon.

California thrashers Warbringer are hitting the road in 2016 with Enforcer, Exmortus and Cauldron, and playing NYC on January 5 at Gramercy Theatre. Tickets for that show will be on sale soon.

American death metal vets Deicide are headlining the 2015 Metal Alliance tour, which hits NYC on June 18 at Gramercy Theatre. Also on board is Hate Eternal, Black Crown Initiate, Lorna Shore, Svart Crown and Entombed A.D.. Tickets for NYC are on sale. Hate Eternal dropped a new song off their upcoming album, Infernus (due 8/21 via Season of Mist), this week which you can listen to below, via Decibel.

Max Cavalera's band Soulfly are taking out two death metal bands on tour with them this fall, Decapitated and Soilwork. That tour hits NYC on October 20 at Gramercy Theatre. Tickets are on sale now.

We recently mentioned that Phil Anselmo's band Superjoint Ritual was working on new material, and now they have live dates announced too. Nothing in NYC, but they'll be close by on July 17 at The Chance in Poughkeepsie. Tickets are on sale.

Gnaw Their Tongues at Maryland Deathfest 2015 (photo by @mad_angel84)
Gnaw Their Tongues

There are some good metal and hardcore shows this weekend that we've previously discussed too. There's a late White Lung / Obliterations show tonight at Knitting Factory (tickets), and Obliterations also play The Studio at Webster Hall on Saturday with Give and Impact (tickets). Upstairs at the Marlin Room that same night is Modern Life Is War playing Witness in full with United Nations, Frameworks and The Banner (tickets). And at Vitus that night is Falls of Rauros (tickets). This weekend also has Apex Fest at Trans-Pecos with Gnaw Their Tongues and more on Saturday and The Body and more on Sunday. And there's metal representation on the Bushwick Collective Block Party this Saturday from Black Tusk, Sannhet and Primitive Weapons (not to mention Fat Joe is playing).

The High on Fire / Pallbearer / Lucifer / Venomous Maximus tour hits NYC for two BrooklynVegan-presented shows: 8/15 at Irving Plaza and 8/18 at Irving Plaza. Tickets for both are still available.

BV is also co-presenting the Dillinger Escape Plan / Mutoid Man / Primitive Weapons tour, which hits NYC on June 20 at Irving Plaza. Tickets are still available.

Other previously discussed upcoming heavy shows in NYC include Neurosis / Brothers of the Sonic Cloth (ex-TAD) / Sumac (ex-Isis), Old Man Gloom, Slayer, Godflesh / Prurient, Catharsis, Christian Mistress / High Spirits, Trap Them / Full of Hell, Harm's Way, Bell Witch / Akitsa, Power Trip / Foreseen / Red Death, Nuclear Assault, Goatwhore / Ringworm / Black Breath / Theories, Crowbar / Lord Dying, Bongzilla / Crypt Sermon / Hasj, and still more.

As for new music, Fight Amp are streaming their new album, Constantly Off, which comes out next week via Brutal Panda. Listen below. Their tour with KEN mode hits NYC on 6/18 at Saint Vitus with Pyrrhon and Couch Slut (tickets).

KEN mode are also streaming another song from their new album called "I Just Liked Fire," which you can hear below.

Rosetta released another track off their upcoming album, Quintessential Ephemera, which is due June 22 via War Crime / Golden Antenna. Stream "Untitled I" below.

What else?

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photos by Mathieu Bredeau

Deicide @ Santos - 10/9/14

Deicide, Septicflesh, Abysmal Dawn, Carach Angren, and Inquisition brought their ongoing tour to NYC last week, playing Santos Party House on October 9 (the show had originally been set for Gramercy Theatre but moved to Santos). Pictures of the show are in this post (though we missed Carach Angren). Controversial, inverted crucifix-bearing death metal rippers Deicide are still touring behind their 11th album In the Minds of Evil, which came out last year. Their set had a good chunk of songs from that album and also drew plenty from their vast back-catalogue. The rest of the bands ran the gamut from shiny orchestral Greek death metal (Septicflesh) to controversial USBM (Inquisition).

More pictures (including one of Deicide's setlist) below...

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photos by Mathieu Bredeau

Prong @ Santos - 9/30/14

Long-running metal band Prong released their fourth album since their 2002 reunion and ninth overall, Ruining Lives, earlier this year and they've been on tour with another veteran metal band Overkill. That tour included a NYC show without Overkill that happened this past Tuesday (9/30) at Santos Party House (moved from Gramery Theatre). Though they're out supporting Ruining Lives, the band's been offering an even mix rather than just focusing on the new album (plus including their cover of Chrome's "Third From The Sun"). Sunlord opened the show. Pictures, including one of the setlist, are in this post.

Prong's not the only metal show that was recently moved from Gramercy to Santos. The Deicide / Septicflesh / Abysmal Dawn / Carach Angren / Inquisition show set for October 9 at Gramercy will now happen at Santos as well. Tickets are still available.

More pictures from the Prong show, below...

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by Ian Chainey

Deicide at Gramercy Theatre, 2012 (more by Jonathan McPhail)

Deicide, the grand-daddies of death metal controversy, are heading back out on the road with Septicflesh, Abysmal Dawn, Carach Angren, and no strangers to backlash themselves, Inquisition. The tour heads out in the beginning of October and will drop in to cities such as Chicago, Seattle, and Austin. On October 9, they'll swing in to NYC's Gramercy Theatre. Tickets will be on sale soon via Ticketmaster. The complete list of dates appears below.

Deicide released album number 11, In the Minds of Evil, in 2013. (They also boarded the friendship roller coaster with Broken Hope.) In the early '90s, bassist/double-tracked screamer Glen Benton was a lighting rod due to his alleged satanism and, of course, the upside-down cross burnt into his forehead. Black metallers Inquisition are still licking their wounds after getting called out for racism earlier in the year. The other acts have a clearer conscience: The Lovecraftian Septicflesh's only point of contention is their glossy production. They released Titan back in June. Relapse's ripping death metallers Abysmal Dawn will drop Obsolescence at the end of October. And Dutch symphonic black metallers Carach Angren cut the acclaimed Where the Corpses Sink Forever back in 2012.

All of the dates along with samples of the bands appear below...

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Box cutter

Broken Hope reports that:

At a recent BROKEN HOPE show with Deicide, a fan was horrifically attacked by a maniacal concert-goer with a box cutter. The injured fan, Julio Serrano, had his throat slashed during the band's set and was immediately rushed to the hospital. Numerous media outlets reported on the status of Julio, and BROKEN HOPE can now issue an accurate update on the progress of their most hardcore of fans!

Right after the incident happened, BROKEN HOPE rushed Julio Serrano a special care package in the hopes that the gifts would brighten his spirits. Julio responded recently with an update that he received the package and he is doing much better now. See above for a happier and healing photo of Julio!

BROKEN HOPE states: "BROKEN HOPE sent a special BH care-package to JULIO SERRANO-- We wanted to lift JULIO's spirits and let him know we genuinely support and care about him. If this photo says anything, JULIO SERRANO is doing much better! Cheers and the best of health to you, JULIO!!!
PREVIOUSLY: Broken Hope & Deicide apologized, are friends again (aww)

Broken Hope

After the Deicide / Broken Hope tour was plagued by a fan stabbing in El Paso, things went even more sour for the tour as Deicide kicked Broken Hope off the remainder of the tour. Broken Hop guitarist Jeremy Wagner posted a message explaining the situation, and Deicide's Glen Benton soon responded. Now though, according to the following letter from Broken Hope, they've made up:

BROKEN HOPE and DEICIDE have reached out to each other, have made apologies, and mended their friendship after the debacle at the end of the NO SALVATION TOUR.

Glen Benton, Shaun Glass, and Jeremy Wagner have been good friends for 20 years and the blow-up in El Paso was completely unnecessary and the situation could have been rectified if all parties talked it out as friends. Moreover, there were some very low-blows lobbed in an effort to maim Glen Benton, and a number of those words were very unfair and very immature, so to that end, we apologize.

That said, both bands have extended olive branches to each other in order to retain their longtime friendships, and to rise above all the worthless drama, finger-pointing, and scandalous fallout that's plagued both bands.

We're glad to once again have Benton's friendship and to have DEICIDE as brothers. FRIENDSHIP and MUSIC are ALL that matters here.

We ask all fans to please embrace our effort to revive our friendship with Glen and DEICIDE, and as we all take a higher, more positive road.


Glad to see they're friends again.

by Doug Moore

Deicide at the Gramercy Ballroom, 2012 (more by Jonathan McPhail)

Though the troubled Deicide/Broken Hope/Disgorge tour has now come to an end, the dust is still settling on the inter-tour drama that soured its last days. If you haven't been paying attention (and who could blame you if you haven't?): first, a few fans were stabbed during the tour's El Paso stop; then, Deicide frontman Glen Benton kicked Broken Hope off of the tour's last few dates, eliciting a harshly-worded rejoinder from BH guitarist Jeremy Wagner.

Benton has now responded in kind, by way of a MetalSucks podcast interview. If you don't have the time or ability to listen to the whole thing, here's what it boils down to: Benton responds to Wagner's allegations by leveling a number of his own against Broken Hope. By his account, BH were too big for their britches all the way through the tour; they edged the (much more popular) Polish death metal band Vader off the tour, wasted a bunch of money by traveling in a bus with a large crew, mismanaged catering money that Benton entrusted them with, contravened Benton's desire to avoid fog machines because of his respiratory sensitivies, and stole Deicide's parking spot (?).

Most of the metal-media reaction to the Benton interview has been positive -- he sounds pretty reasonable, and not much like a guy who permanently branded an inverted cross on his forehead and used to swear that he'd kill himself at age 33 in order to complete his perfect inversion of Jesus's life. (Benton has since reached the ripe old age of 46.) But no matter how reasonable he sounds, the whole situation is still a PR mess for both bands. These he-said-she-said disputes are rarely factually resolved in either side's favor, and both sides usually end up looking petty and unprofessional. So, if you are in a band: keep your tour drama off the internet.

Wash the bad taste out of your mouth by streaming a song from the new Deicide album, plus the awesome video from the last album where claymation Glen Benton chases claymation Jesus around claymation NYC, below:

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by Doug Moore

Deicide at Gramercy Theater 2012 (more by Jonathan McPhail)

As you may remember from a few weeks back, Deicide and Broken Hope spent most of October on an North American tour with Disgorge. The tour hit a rough patch on Tuesday (10/22) when several fans were stabbed during Broken Hope's set in El Paso, TX. (A suspect has since been arrested.) Things only got worse yesterday, when Deicide frontman Glen Benton purportedly kicked Broken Hope off the last few dates of the tour. Seems like kind of a silly move, given that only a handful of dates remained (the last is tonight), but Broken Hope guitarist Jeremy Wagner was ticked off enough to post the following (and since deleted) rant to the band's Facebook:

"El Paso... first a maniac wielding a box-cutter cuts 3 fans at our concert--one ear-to-ear (thankfully all the victims are going to recover), then we learned that Glen Benton is kicking us off the 'No Salvation Tour'. It was a helluva night. Since we started this tour, we've had to endure Glen Benton's constant bitching and ultimatums. He was always trying to snip our balls and demanded that we couldn't use our fog machines and on some nights, we couldn't use our backdrops or other production elements because he had issues with all of it. With respect to the headliner, we abided. Moreover, in efforts of friendship, good tour vibes, and because we're simply cool fucking guys, we let Glen Benton and his band use OUR BACKLINE because they didn't want to bring all their gear on tour!

"Specifically, we let the headliner use our cabinets and Glen Benton used our entire bass rig--head and cabinet--since his own bass head failed him early on. While we were generous with our backline, not once did Benton thank us, offer us a dime, or even lift a finger to help move anything--and he fucked up our bass head numerous times with his resetting the EQ, etc., despite us politely asking him NOT to mess with the bass tone we dialed in. Gee, with all the money and free gear Benton brags about to us daily, you'd think he'd do something about getting his own rig.

"Things got ugly in El Paso when, after we learned Benton had lost our bass rig cables and once again fucked with our bass head, so, we put our foot down and told him he couldn't use the head anymore. Note: we still allowed Benton to use our cabinets for their show.

"That said, Benton threw an EPIC hissy-fit and immediately kicked us off the tour! He booted Broken Hope from the tour simply because we refused to let him use our bass head! What bullshit. Now, even though that lame reason is what Benton used to get rid of us, I believe there's more to the story here. During this entire tour Benton has given BH and our crew nothing but a shitty attitude and has tried to sabotage our production every day for no good reason. Though Benton blocked us from using our fog machines, he couldn't stop us from using our professional soundman, nor stop us from giving concertgoers an amazing and high-powered show. The fact remains--as all our show attendees have seen--we fucking handed Glen Benton his ass every night of the tour and he couldn't keep up. Benton and his caravan of mini-van drivers couldn't touch our live show--even on our worst night.

"Benton sent Shaun Glass a text last night, threatening to break his jaw if Shaun badmouthed Benton. Well, I'm calling Benton out right now because his bullshit is old, fake, and he ain't scaring anyone. Glen Benton is a lazy, jealous, jaded, ungrateful, unprofessional, egomaniacal bully. He menaces everyone from bands and fans, to promoters and booking agents. How he maintains a career is beyond me. And this time, he fucked with the wrong band. Karma is a bitch, Benton.

"On behalf of Broken Hope, I'm sorry to the fans who won't see our performances in Dallas and Austin. You all know it's not our fault... we'd give you all a free show if we could. Thank you all for the support, for coming to our shows, for all the love you've given our "Omen Of Disease" album, and for understanding the bullshit and temper tantrums we've had to put up with on this tour."

Yikes. It's a safe bet that these two bands won't be touring together again any time soon.

Check out some live footage from the Deicide/Broken Hope tour's NYC stop and an interview with Glen Benton below.

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by Wyatt Marshall

Broken Hope at Gramercy Theatre, 9/11/12 (more by Wyatt Marshall)
broken hope

A fan was stabbed in the neck during Broken Hope's set last night at the El Paso stop of Deicide's "No Salvation" tour, according to El Paso NBC affiliate KTSM and Broken Hope's social media accounts. Broken Hope posted the following to its Facebook page shortly after the incident occurred:

BROKEN HOPE just learned a fan got their throat cut with a box cutter during BROKEN HOPE's set tonight in El Paso. Cops and paramedics are all over the place.
Please send warm wishes to this fan.
KTSM is reporting that two people were hospitalized at University Medical Center with serious injuries after an altercation took place around 11 PM. A witness said he saw two people fighting in a mosh pit until other concertgoers pulled them apart.

The incident occurred at the El Paso venue Tricky Falls, where Broken Hope served as first support to Deicide on a tour that also included Necronomicon and Disgorge. Invisible Oranges gave away tickets to the tour's NYC stop on Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio. The "No Salvation" tour wraps up on Thursday, October 24 in Austin, TX and is scheduled to play Dallas tonight, Wednesday, October 23.

Broken Hope reformed last year after a roughly ten year hiatus and released their first album since 1999, Omen of Disease, earlier this month.

by Wyatt Marshall

Deicide at Gramercy Theater in 2012 (more by Johnathan McPhail)

Death metal legends Deicide are about to embark on the "No Salvation Tour" with Broken Hope, Disgorge and Necronomicon that wraps up right before the release date of their new album, In the Minds of Evil, on November 25. The tour hits NYC on October 6 at Gramercy Theater. Tickets for that show are on sale now, and we're also giving away a few pairs tonight (9/24) on Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio, so listen in from 10-12PM EST for a chance to win. All tour dates are listed below.

The next couple of months will see a number of death metal legends heading to NYC. Carcass, fresh off releasing an excellent comeback album, are bringing their tour to NYC this week for sold out shows at Saint Vitus (9/25) and Gramercy Theatre (9/26) with Immolation. We'll be giving away tickets to the Carcass show at Gramercy Theatre tonight on Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio, too, so be sure to tune in.

Likewise, we'll be giving away tickets to the NYC stop of Morbid Angel's previously discussed Covenant 20th Anniversary tour, which happens on November 12 at Irving Plaza and sees the band playing the classic album in its entirety. The contest for that show will be on a future IO EVR show. Tickets for the Irving date are still available.

Another death metal tour hitting NYC is Obituary, who are prepping a new album and doing a previously discussed two-night run at Saint Vitus on October 9 and 10. Tickets for night 1 and night 2 are still available.

All lists of tour dates below...

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Deicide @ Gramercy Theater earlier this year (more by Jonathan McPhail)

Floridian death metallers Deicide are on tour and hit BB King's tonight with Eyes of the Dead, Mahavatar (tickets). The show is part of a string of the dates for the band, who will sadly miss the Tampa ceremony naming a street after them. All dates are listed below...

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photos by Jonathan McPhail, words by BBG


Deicide who released their last LP and Century Media debut To Hell with God last year, headlined Gramercy Theater on 3/3 with Jungle Rot, Abigail Williams, Lecherous Nocturne. The show was part of their string of dates together through the end of March, and also one of the first shows on the trek. Pictures of Deicide (with Glen Benton in tow) are in this post, though unfortunately no shots of the support.

The Deicide show was one of four notable shows going on on Saturday night with Drugs of Faith taking over Death By Audio (pics), Tombs/Argonauts hitting Union Pool (pics), and Catheter/Laughing Dog hitting 538 Johnson.

More Deicide pictures from Gramercy are below.

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by BBG

High on Fire at Fun Fun Fun (more by BBG)
High on Fire

As you might have heard, High on Fire is back with De Vermis Mysteriis, the band's new LP due on April 3rd. Check out the first track from the LP below as originally surfaced on Pitchfork. Reminder, High on Fire will play the BV/POTR show on 3/16 as part of the four-day Deathmatch series at Scoot Inn and though details on the rest of the Deathmatch shows are still TBA, we'll have those when they surface.

In related news, Show No Mercy is coming to Austin for SXSW. The show is one of many upcoming dates for Black Tusk.

I also announced a day show happening at Lovejoys in Austin on 3/17.

Crusty DM crew Deviated Instinct reunited in 2007 and are hitting the road for a string of US dates surrounding their MDF and Chaos in Tejas dates including a stop at Acheron on May 25th with Dresden, Nomad, and Koward. Nomad will also play tonight at Lulu's as part of their 7" release and tour kickoff party. All Deviated instinct dates are below.

Deicide kicked off their US tour last night and will hit NYC on Saturday (3/3) at Best Buy Theater. Tickets are still available. The band will be joined by Jungle Rot, Abigail Williams, and Lecherous Nocturne on this current trek dubbed "March Of Death 2012".

Antithetic Records are currently running a fundraiser for the Wildernessking record. Head to the label site to stream The Writing of Gods in the Sand in full and donate if you can.

German thrash crew Destruction will celebrate 30 years as a band with a round of US dates in May. Look for the tour, which also includes Warbringer, Vital Remains and Pathology, to hit NYC at BB King's on May 16th. Tickets are on sale.

Revenge's SCUM.COLLAPSE.ERADICATION is out NOW via Nuclear War Now. Order your copy at their site and stream a song from the record, "Retaliation (Fallout Prayer)", below.

Stream the new Wizard Rifle in full at Invisible Oranges. The LP, entitled Speak Loud Say Nothing, is due via Seventh Rule on March 13th.

Check out some live pics of Lock Up, Goatwhore, Strong Intention & Black September posted at BV Chicago.

Did you read the interview with Locrian & Mamiffer by Eugene Robinson yet?

More suggested NYC shows, dates and the stream for that Revenge track below.

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by BBG

Clinging To The Trees of A Forest Fire at SXSW (more here)
Clining To The Trees Of A Forest Fire

A bunch of killer shows are on the way in the coming weeks, CMJ aside. Clinging To The Trees of A Forest Fire's Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation is a pretty killer slab of blackened sludgy grind, and the band impressed with their live show at SXSW this year. The band will hit the East Coast for a string of dates including The Acheron on 10/29 with Flourishing, The Communion, and Deep in Vein. Get out to see them. Full CTTTOAFF dates are below.

Negative Plane are welcoming their new Ajna Offensive/Invictus Productions LP, Stained Glass Revelations, with a record release show at Europa on (when else?) Halloween (10/31/10) with Villains and Occultation. $11 gets you into the black mass (tickets here), and make sure and pick up a copy of the new LP that will be available in "limited quantities".

Early 80s Metal Blade obscurity Tyrant will play their first ever East Coast show Friday night (10/15) at The Delancey with October 31, Vermefug, and Mutant Supremacy. $10 gets you in.

Skeletonwitch and Misery Index will support Job for a Cowboy at Santos Party House on 12/16. Tickets are on sale. Skeletonwitch will hit the road for a string of dates with Landmine Marathon and Withered in late November prior to the NYC date, though unfortunately that tour won't hit NYC. Misery Index will play NJ Deathfest next weekend with Cannabis Corpse, Cardiac Arrest, Call The Paramedics and so much more over the two days at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ. Head to the NJ Deathfest site for more info. Full Skeletonwitch dates are below.

Speaking of Cannabis Corpse, the band will play NYC on 10/24 with Mutant Supremacy, Castevet, Fin'Amor, and Respawn the Ancients on 10/24. The show kicks off at 6PM at Bowery Electric. Castevet will also play Don Pedro's on Saturday (10/16) with Buckshot Facelift, No Remission, Water Temples, $4 gets you in. Full Castevet dates are below.

American Hardcore will be the focus of a celebration this Sunday (10/17) at Knitting Factory with Urban Waste, Downlow, Yo! $cunt, a slide show by American Hardcore author/filmmaker Steven Blush, and special guest DJ George Tabb. Tickets are still available for the all-ages show.

Crucifist will return to NYC to play Acheron on 11/6, joined by Rochester's Sarcous and Brooklyn's own Mutilation Rites. The all ages shindig kicks off at 8PM. Full Crucifist dates are below.

And last but not least, Deicide will play Gramercy on 2/21 with Pathology, Belphegor, Blackguard, and Neuraxis. Tickets are on sale in both regular and VIP varieties. In related news, the countdown is on until Glen Benton cancels his appearances at all Deicide dates. Full Deicide tour sked is below.

All tour dates and some video is below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Paul Birman

"When BB King started his NY Blues club... did he really envision Deicide playing there?" - thepenta


First of all, hewhohathaninvertedcrossinhisforehead, aka Deicide vocalist and co-founder Glen Benton, WAS present at BB Kings on July 5th (as you can see), one show on their short jaunt with Vital Remains (Benton has a history of no-show-ing or cancelling his appearance at the last-minute). The NYC show, which featured additional support from Regain the Hearth Condemned and Martyrd, followed the band's appearance at Philadelphia's Hostile City Death Fest which impacted on the 4th, with Absu headlining the following night.

Deicide has a few more dates lined up throughout September (check 'em below), and is currently working on new material for release at their new home, Century Media Records. According to a recent interview with Express Night Out, the material is almost finished, requiring Glen Benton to add his vocals and bass tracks for completion.

Vital Remains, which featured ex-bandmate Tim Yeung for the show, have another NY area show, having scheduled a show at the Crazy Donkey on Long Island on August 8th.

All tour dates and more pictures, below...

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