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by Wyatt Marshall

Deiphago at Maryland Deathfest in May (more by Fred Pessaro)

Filipino three-man black/death horde Deiphago are coming to terrorize the east coast for a few days this week, starting with a date in New Jersey before landing at Union Pool on Friday 12/13 with Obeisance and Inverted Trifixion. No advance tickets for this show, so grab 'em out the door before steeling yourself for some brutality. Deiphago was last this way in May when they stormed Maryland Deathfest, and Saint Vitus in Brooklyn a few days later. Did you go?

The evil trifecta of Deiphago, Obeisance and Inverted Trifixion will also be sharing the stage at Satan's Unholy Abomination Fest II in Hyattsville, MD, a two-day event with Disma, Engorge, Mausoleum, Sathanas, Hellgoat, Satanik Goat Ritual and many more. Details are available at the fest's Facebook page.

Dates and Satan's Unholy Abomination Fest lineup are listed below...

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by Fred Pessaro

Bolt Thrower at MDF 2013
Maryland Deathfest

Maryland Deathfest 2013 kicked off yesterday (5/23) with a rare appearance from the legendary death metal band Bolt Thrower (on tour), along with Cobalt (also on tour, recently interviewed on IO on EVR), Japan's Abigail (part of a string of dates), Pallbearer, and local thrash favorites Noisem. The single stage event expands to four today, keep up with it all on the InvisibleOranges Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Pictures from the first day of Maryland Deathfest are also at InvisibleOranges.

by Fred Pessaro


The year is 1985, and a pair of thrash bands named Slayer and Venom were preparing to head out on a US tour with a Finnish metal band named Oz

Oz (written OZ) is a heavy metal band from Finland who formed in 1977 and split in 1991. In 2010 drummer Mark Ruffneck (born Pekka Mark), bassist and main songwriter Jay C. Blade (born Jukka Homi, but has changed his name to Jukka Lewis) and vocalist Ape De Martini (born Tapani Hämäläinen) re-formed the band together with Costello Hautamäki and Markku Petander.

They made a splash with their 1983 album Fire In The Brain, a New Wave Of British Heavy Metal-flavored energetic metal affair that won over critics and fans alike

Unfortunately, Oz had to give up that tour slot to a little band called Exodus, and the rest is history... The legendary Combat Tour was born.

Now after 28 years, Oz will finally fulfill their destiny with a trip to the US! Look for the band to be joined by October 31, Attacker and Natur at Saint Vitus on Saturday (5/11) Tickets are on sale, and you can stream some Oz material below.

Filipino warbringers Deiphago have scheduled a set of dates surrounding Maryland Deathfest, most of which will bombard the East Coast with their version of black death. The dates include a stop in NYC at Saint Vitus on May 28th with Mutant Supremacy, Damnatum and Agrath (tickets). All dates are below.

Check out "Prophecy" from Polish grind crew Antigama's Meteor, below. Look for the LP on Selfmadegod Records on May 28th 2013.

This week at metal blog Invisible Oranges we discussed the insect swarm, remembered the great Jeff Hanneman, got ready for new material by Wrekmeister Harmonies, got excited about new material on Hell's Headbangers, checked out the new Blind to Faith, interviewed Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, discussed the Nails show and much much more. Join the party!

A list of upcoming NYC shows, a teaser for the new Coffins LP and more, below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Not only has Maryland Deathfest (May 23-26, 2013) expanded with additions of Down (who recently played NYC), Melvins (them too), The Obsessed (!), Ufomammut, Deiphago (who is coming to NYC), Cobalt (as discussed), Evoken and more, they have also added a mostly-punk/grind/powerviolence stage too! The festival promises that set times will not overlap with the  Baltimore Soundstage, which will host an Infest reunion (!), along with appearances from Citizens Arrest, Converge (who is on tour this fall), Iron Lung, Full of Hell (who is on tour with Gaza), Sete Star Sept, Vitamin X, Magrudergrind, Kromosom, Ilsa, and many more. Updated MDF lineup, with the new punk/hardcore/metal stage, is below.

Infest split in 1996 after ten years of pioneering a style that would later be known as "powerviolence":

The band, while not coining the term powerviolence, were definitely pioneers of it. The Los Angeles quartet blended the ethos, speed and song structure of hardcore, along with the aggression and anger of bands like Negative Approach and Negative FX creating a style emulated by many and an energy captured by few. Joe Denunzio's vocals exhibited pure angst, with lyrical content about conformity, war, scene politics and socio-political issues, mostly delivered in an accusation assault. -[Last.FM]
Full lineup is below, along with vintage Infest clip and other MDF-related video.

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by Fred Pesarro // BBG

Drugs of Faith at Death By Audio, March 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Drugs of Faith

In addition to the Bad Powers/Sannhet/The Year is One show at Saint Vitus and Krallice/Mutant Supremacy/Feast of The Epiphany show at Acheron tonight (9/21), the great Drugs of Faith will take to the stages of Tobacco Road with Drones for Queens, Spirit of Saint Louis and Mother Brain.

Deiphago will team with Manticore, Abazagorath, Trenchgrinder and Infiltrator for a show at Acheron on November 17. The show is the end of the line for their US tour, though full schedule is still on the way.

Hoax have been added to the previously discussed D-Clone show at Acheron on October 6. Absolutely unmissable.

Panzerfaust will take on Acheron on October 17, joined by Syphilitic Lust and one more TBA.

All suggested shows for the next two weeks -- plus a stream of that killer Neurosis track (previously posted here)-- are below.
What did I miss?

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