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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Mac DeMarco - "Baby's Wearin Blue Jeans (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: TOPS - Turn Your Love Around (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Korallreven - Sa Sa Samoa (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Korallreven - Sa Sa Samoa (For Real For Sure For You) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD:  Young Prisms - Floating in Blue (MP3)
DOWNLOADBoy Friend - Egyptian Wrinkle (MP3)

Mac Demarco
Mac Demarco

It begins. Bands from all over the world -- England! Canada! Sweden! New Zealand! Virginia! -- descend on New York as they beat a path to Austin for this year's SXSW. Which is good for those who aren't going, as well as folks who are but want to see bands play longer than 25 minutes and aren't strung out on a four-day diet of free breakfast tacos, Vitamin Water and Amstel Light. There's lots more going on than what is covered below, but it's what I'm interested in over the next few days.

New Captured Tracks signee Mac DeMarco is in town from Vancouver to play a couple shows. He plays an all-C/T bill tonight (3/2) at Music Hall of Williamsburg with DIVE, Hoop Dreams and headliners Beach Fossils (sold out), and then Glasslands tomorrow (3/3) with  headliners Widowspeak and  Quilt.

Demarco, who used to record under the name Makeout Videotapes, has a smoky baritone that is part Chris Isaak and part Tindersticks. His music owes a little to Isaak as well, with an early '60s vibe (Ricky Nelson, Gene Vincent) by way of '80s neon, all on a four-track budget. You can check debut "Baby's Wearin Blue Jeans" from his debut, Rock n' Roll Hotel (out 3/20) at the top of this post, which is indicative of what Demarco is all about. You can also watch the video for "Only You" which is kind of NSFW. Dude's a provocateur.

Hoop Dreams
Hoop Dreams

Tonight's MHoW show is the first NYC show we've had from Blacksburg, VA's Hoop Dreams in a long while. They were good when I saw them at Glasslands last year and have the potential to be breakouts for the label if they ever get around to releasing another record (only a single so far). Live, they're more in the Arcade Fire/Editors anthemic style than the single might suggest. It will also be a good opportunity to hear new music from Beach Fossils who are busy at work on their second LP.

And of course, DIVE, who are probably one of the more exciting live bands in Brooklyn right now and are a definite SXSW must-see if you don't live here and have the opportunity to catch them twice a week like we currently do. (They're also touring with Frankie Rose in April.) The show is sold out tonight, but I'd be shocked if there weren't tickets at the door at least when the box office opens.


Montreal band TOPS are playing 285 Kent tomorrow night as part of a killer bill that includes Blood Orange, Phone Tag and  Caged Animals. The four-piece is comprised of most (if not all) of MTL's Silly Kissers who played here a few times over the last few years and were a little on the precious side (they sometimes wore mime makeup). TOPS, however, are more in the Ariel Pink/Puro Instict brand of minimal keyboard pop. Their debut, Tender Opposites, came out this week on Artibus Records, which is also home to Grimes (in Canada). You can download "Turn Your Love Around" at the top of this post and stream the whole thing (and watch the further down.

As you may have read, 285 headliners Caged Animals will open the Official BrooklynVegan SXSW showcase on March 14 at Bar 69 which also includes Titus Andronicus, Screaming Females, 2:54, The Young and one more TBA. If you haven't heard their tuneful, charming debut Eat Their Own yet, it's still streamable at their BandCamp. And they're terrific live.

So is Blood Orange, despite it just being Dev Hynes, his guitar and a laptop. I saw him last weekend at Glasslands where he spent as much time in the crowd as he did on stage. I do wish he'd get a band, but the one-man Blood Orange is a lot of fun. I haven't seen Phone Tag in a while, but I dig their brand of '80s synthpop.


Sunday night (3/4) at Bowery Ballroom is the NYC debut of Swedish duo Korallreven, one half of which is The Radio Dept.'s Daniel Tjäder. I like their debut album a lot, all lush, synth-driven dream pop but, like a lot of music like this, I wonder how they're going to make it an interesting concert experience. I envision two guys behind laptops and keyboards bobbing their heads and singing, with some projections and hopefully smoke machines.  Maybe they could move the downstairs couches to the main room? Maybe I'm wrong. We'll see. I'm sure it will sound great in any case.  If you haven't heard them yet, you can download "Sa Sa Samoa" in regular and remixed form at the top of this post and watch the video at the bottom of this post. Also playing: Lemonade and Young Magic.


Also playing Sunday night, at Cameo, is Bachelorette -- aka New Zealander Annabel Alpers who I think lives here now. Buoyed by Alpers delicate, breathy voice, Bachelorette make ethereal synthpop not miles away from The Magnetic Fields, with whom she's going on tour for seven shows. (All dates at the bottom of this post.) I liked it better when she had a band, but the loop pedal incarnation is pretty lovely too. You can check out a couple videos below or stream her most recent album on Spotify.

Young Prisms at the Comet, Seattle (photo by Finest Kiss)
Young Prisms Finest Kiss

And looking into early next week, San Francisco's Young Prisms and Austin's Boy Friend are at Glasslands on Monday (3/5). Young Prisms new album, In Between, is out March 27 on Kanine and is a real step forward for the band. Their still mining first-wave shoegaze, but the songs are much stronger this time out with a couple that go for jangly Velocity Girl style pop. They will be very loud I guarantee you. Boy Friend will make a nice opener, with their hazy, 4-AD miasma vibe. You can download MP3s from both bands at the top of this post. Also playing, seemingly from another show, are Alex Bleeker & the Freaks and Tanks Amigo.

That's the big stuff for the next four days. But wait, there's more. Day-by-day picks of things not covered above:

The Young Empires at M for Montreal 2011
Young Empires


Like Friendly Fires and Foals? Check out Toronto's Young Empires are at Glasslands, with Saint Motel, Fan-Tan, and Transmission NYC (DJ set).

Expect a wild evening at Death by Audio with "original line-up" Tyvek, plus Habibi, Feelings and the Numerators. Stick-in-the-muds, go see something else!

Boston's pop veterans The Figgs play Littlefield. The band's new double album, The Day Gravity Stopped, is out sometime soon.

continued below...

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photos by Jessica Amaya

The Black Lips / The's
The Black Lips

King Khan joined The Black Lips on stage at Bell House on Thursday, 11/10, the first night of the four-night celebration of Norton Records' 25th Anniversary at the Brooklyn venue. The Black Lips, who headlined Webtster Hall two weeks earlier, were a late, surprise addition to the already-sold-out bill. King Khan was a surprise addition to their set. The show also included The's from Japan (who played Mercury Lounge two nights later), Alarm Clocks, Phantom Surfers, Dex Romweber Duo, and The Nor-tones.

Here are some pictures, and video, from that whole night. They continue below...

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After moving their show from upstate to Brooklyn Bowl which was then followed by a 50% reduction in ticket price, Saturday's Daytrotter show is now not happening at all, as the bowling alley venue has cancelled all Saturday and Sunday shows "due to the hurricane. Ticket refunds will be offered." No bowling or food on those days either. Affected artists include JBM, We Are Augustines, Guards, Doug Paisley, Des Ark, Christopher Paul Stelling, The Loom, Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra and (DJ) Talib Kweli.

Daytrotter's Monday show at the Living Room is still on though, and you can head to Brooklyn Bowl tonight (8/26) for a free show by Slowdance. The Dex Romweber Duo and Birds of Avalon show tonight was also cancelled, but that was a coincedence.

"The Sonics? Wow!" - Anonymous | May 15, 2009 9:52 AM

Sonics Boom

Classic NYC garage rock label Norton Records will celebrate their 25th Anniversary over the course of four nights at The Bell House (Nov 10-13). The shows feature some pretty incredible artists, including most notably The Sonics, whose 1965 garage rock classic Here Are The Sonics is regarded by some as the first punk rock album. Norton Records reissued the album in 1999. The Sonics headline the last night (11/13) of the run. Tickets are on sale now for all four nights.

Tickets are also on sale for a daytime Sonics show happening November 12th at Maxwell's. You can hit this show and still not miss the show later that night at the Bell House. Sunday during the day is the Brooklyn Record Riot at Warsaw.

The Sonics need no introduction, but those not familiar should consider that Kurt Cobain said in a Nardwuar interview that "They got the most amazing drum sound I've ever heard. Still to this day, it's still my favorite drum sound. It sounds like he's hitting harder than anyone I've ever known." The White Stripes call them the "epitome of '60s punk," "harder than The Kinks," and say that "life becomes better after buying a Sonics record." Newer band Japandroids love them too, and say, "When you listen to it, even at low volumes, it sounds like it's blasting. And I like how you can feel they would melt your face if you saw them live." Don't sleep on catching them live. Last time they were in NYC was 2007. Who saw them at Warsaw? How was it? Check out videos from a December 2010 KEXP appearance below.

Fellow '60s garage rock vets ? and the Mysterians, best known for their 1966 single "96 Tears," headline the night before them. Other noteworthy bands include The Real Kids, led by John Felice of the The Modern Lovers, and The Randy Fuller Four. Randy Fuller was part of his brother's group The Bobby Fuller Four in the 1960s, who recorded the first successful version of the single "I Fought the Law," popularly covered by The Clash. Folllowing Bobby's untimely death in 1966 at age 23, Randy took over the group, which he renamed The Randy Fuller Four.

Reigning Sound, Mark Sultan (BBQ), The Condo Fucks, A-Bones, Flamin Groovies.... there are so many people on these bills, it's too much to list. Full lineup and some videos, below...

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photos by Nathaniel Shannon

Man or Astroman? @ Bowery Ballroom
Man Or Astroman?

"The heart of the band is in the live shows... it's a wild event. ...The original core three-members, who go by the name ??Star Crunch, Coco and Birdstuff, are stll performing the same antics since back in the day. They come out in uniform, a sort of low-rent space jumpsuit, and they play around with being from outer space... Then there are the pyrotechnics, where Coco sets a theremin on fire and still plays it. Back in the day, he used to stick a TV over his head and set that on fire. When I saw that as a teenager, it was pretty much the best thing I've ever seen in a concert...

The end result with all these theatrics is a must-see live experience. There's nothing boring about it. ...I love the gusto that Man or Astro-man? put on stage. They are just as tight as they were back in the 90s. Everything is played at full-throttle, which makes the crowd gets all hyped-up." [Music Snobbery]

That review refers to Man or Astroman?'s Friday night show at Bowery Ballroom, part of a weekend in the Northeast for the reactivated surf rockers that also included a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg the next night (11/13), and from our collective experiences of seeing the band recently in Austin and Toronto, we couldn't agree more.

Nightmare Waterfall and the Dex Romweber Duo opened all the recent Man of Astroman? shows of which there are no more currently scheduled for the future (for now?). More pictures and some video from Bowery Ballroom, below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Dex Romweber Duo - "Lookout" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Dex Romweber Duo - "Picture of You" (MP3)

Man or Astroman? at MWTX (more by Andrew Frisicano)
Man or Astroman

If we were in high school, I'd probably whip out a Venn Diagram to show you that the intersection of "record nerds" and "Man Or Astro-man? fans" is a pretty large. As such, Chunklet will release a new and impressive limited-to-300 7" with the songs "Earth Station Radio" and "Updated Theme To Supercar". The 7" is available when purchased with the new book Touchable Sound: A Collection of 7-inch Records - from the USA, and is packaged like a circuit board and WITH one, and in an anti-static bag.

The rare 7" and book was released (officially) at the Man or Astroman? show in Atlanta last week, but is also available directly from the publisher at a discount ($39 for the book and 7-Inch, as opposed to $45 for the book alone). To order one, paypal $39 to mike at soundscreendesign dot com).

Man or Astroman? kicking off a four-show run this week, including two NYC shows this weekend: Bowery Ballroom on November 12th (tickets) and then Music Hall of Williamsburg on November 13th (tickets). Want to win tickets to the MHOW show? I have a pair available for giveaway. Details on how to win at at the bottom of this post.

Dex Romweber Duo and Alabama duo Nightmare Waterfall will support MoA? at both NYC dates as well as in DC and Boston. In preparation for those dates, DRD also will play a solo show at Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ TONIGHT (11/10). Dex Romweber is best know for his time as a member of Flat Duo Jets and his current "duo" band contains his sister Sara. The pair recently dropped Live at Third Man, a new live set culled from a February appearance with Jack White at Third Man Records. Pick up a copy before these limited LPs disappear.

Tour dates, contest details and some videos are below...

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Bloodshot Records

A pair of reunions (Moonshine Willy, the Blacks), a local upstart (Scotland Yard Gospel Choir) and a staggering turn by the Texas-born Alejandro Escovedo highlighted Bloodshot Records' 15th anniversary celebration at a scaled-back Hideout Block Party on Saturday.

The daylong event, which took place under blue skies on an outdoor stage 25 yards from the door of the treasured dive, attracted a sizable crowd for performances by a number of former and current Bloodshot artists.

Almost every song in the Blacks' ferocious, too-short set touched on love -- or, more accurately, what happens when it falls apart. Front man Danny Black, dressed head-to-toe in white and sang like a man who had little but the bottle for comfort, while singer-standup bassist Gina Black (no relation) growled her way through a tormented "Horrorshow."

Scotland Yard Gospel Choir turned out an equally stunning set, building its shambolic indie rock tunes around front man Elia Einhorn's confessional lyrics. "Can I be brutally honest?" Einhorn asked on "Oh Lee," answering his own question with an unequivocal "yes" when he crooned the opening line of "Stop!": "I hope you catch syphilis and die alone." [Chicago Tribune]

The Chicago stop of the Bloodshot Records 15th anniversary tour happened last weekend on September 12th.

The tour has a (free) show in Austin this upcoming weekend (9/19) before coming to Brooklyn's Bell House on September 26th. The lineup there won't have Alejandro Escovedo or the Blacks, who are described above (acts rotate from city to city), but it will include Bobby Bare Jr, Exene Cervenka, Dex Romweber Duo, Cordero, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, The Silos, Ben Weaver and Rosie Flores. 4pm doors / 5pm show. Entry is is only $5, no advance tickets are on sale.

This is the first time I've seen Exene on a bill since her June announcement that she has multiple sclerosis (which came shortly after her band X's 3-night run at Bowery Ballroom). That's awesome that, as she promised, she isn't letting her diagnosis control her life.

Dexter Romweber played some shows with Cat Power in February.

Videos from the tour's Chicago and Wisconsin (8/23) stops are posted, along with all Bobby Bare Jr. dates, below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

Cat Power

"Her setlist contained mostly covers, including "House of the Rising Sun," "Dark End of the Street," "Fortunate One," "Lord, Help the Poor and Needy" and "New York, New York". With Chan being in a class all her own, she gave each track a unique spin, mostly due to her fantastic backing band, the Dirty Delta Blues. You can spot Judah Bauer of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Gregg Foreman from one of my favorite departed bands, The Delta 72. Obviously, with a name like that, you're going to hear and fell the sounds of the deep south, a mixture of soul, blues and gospel. With that sound and Chan's empathetic, gravely voice, you have the makings of a perfect performance." [Music Snobbery]
Cat Power kicked off her short February tour at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn last night (2/5). The show was annnounced only a few days ago, after her two bigger shows at the Apollo Theater were close to being sold out. Those bigger shows happen tonight/Friday and Saturday.

The Dexter Romweber Duo opened at MHOW and does again at the Apollo. More pictures and the setlist from last night below...

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Chan Marshall

Cat Power's set of Apollo Theater shows are just few days away (Feb 6-7) (tix), but that didn't stop her/Chan/them from announcing a third NYC show that's happening even sooner. The new one is happening in Brooklyn at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Thursday, February 5th. $30 TICKETS ARE ON SALE @ NOON.

The Dexter Romweber Duo are opening the Brooklyn show...

The Dex Romweber Duo also features Dex's celebrated sibling Sara Romweber (Mitch Easter, Lets Active, Snatches of Pink) on drums. Together they have been performing electrifying concerts all over the US and Europe, touring with Cat Power, Southern Culture On The Skids, Legendary Shack Shakers, Reverend Horton Heat, Neko Case and the White Stripes.

Dex is the subject of a new documentary movie, "Two-Headed Cow," which chronicles his legendary career. The movie includes testimonials by Jack White, Neko Case, Cat Power and Exene Cervenka amongst others, all of whom cite Dex as a major personal influence.

The Dex Romweber Duo's new CD "Ruins of Berlin" will be in stores February 10, 2009 on Bloodshot Records. The CD features guest appearances by Neko Case, Cat Power, Exene Cervenka and Rick Miller of Southern Culture on the Skids.

Lykke Li plays the same venue tonight (2/3). Beirut is there tomorrow. Of Montreal is playing there three nights in a row in April.

Neko Case has some shows coming up too.

Dex Romweber is also opening both Apollo shows. All Cat Power & Dex Romweber dates below...

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