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by Bill Pearis

Drawing Boards @ Mercury Lounge, 1/8/2016
Drawing Boards

Drawing Boards are a new band featuring longtime members of the Brooklyn music scene. It was started as a project between Doug Marvin (Dirty on Purpose) and Aaron Pfannebecker (Sisters). Both reared on '90s indie, but the two bring different elements of that sound to the table: Doug's ear for melody and dreampop, and Aaron's jagged hooks and a smartass attitude. They have since enlisted former Darlings frontman Peter Rynsky on guitar and Jane Herships (TEEN, Spider) on bass. There are four demo-ish recordings to check out via their bandcamp, below.

The band have two live shows under their belt, one being last Friday with Grooms, Air Waves and Annie Hart. I caught that one and while still a little rough around the edges, Drawing Boards mostly seemed to have it together, and the songs are good. They have a couple more shows on the horizon: January 19 at Palisades with Nicholas Nicholas (of Phantom Posse), plus CVS at Night, and Street Rules (tickets), and then February 18 at Pianos as part of ex Secret Machines band Cosmicide's February residency with Heaven, The Vandelles, and Willows also playing (tickets). Flyer for the Palisades show is below.

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by Bill Pearis

Dirty on Purpose

Over the years, Death by Audio has been spiritual home to bands to more than a few bands, whether they've worked for the venue, the pedal shop or have just been part of scene. (It was almost like they lived there.) Some of those bands who have since called it quits are getting back together to say goodbye to DbA on November 1. Headlining the show are '00s-era underappreciated poppy shoegazers Dirty on Purpose who played their last ever show on New Year's Eve 2008. I was a fan and a friend (the first show I saw at DbA was Dirty on Purpose during CMJ 2005 back when they just called it the Sugar Factory), and anxious to see them again. If you've never checked them out, you can stream 2006's Hallelujah Sirens (via Rdio) below.

Also on the bill are Sisters (aka DbA co-runner Matt Conboy and Aaron Pfannebecker who made calamitous pop); San Francisco transplants French Miami (frontman Jay Heiselman now plays in Grooms, Roya and is a busy recording engineer); and Darlings who I was unaware broke up, and and if they did it's been really recent and they didn't tell anybody (we premiered a new song back in July and they just played Knitting Factory two weeks ago). [UPDATE: They didn't break up, but are pals with all the bands.] What, no Coin Under Tongue? The lovefest is $10 at the door. Flyer below.

Speaking of French Miami, next time you're at DbA on the way in or out, there's a box of French Miami's self-titled 2009 album on vinyl. Help yourself to one (it's a good record and you can stream it below).

While on the subject of DbA house bands, A Place to Bury Strangers are surely the venue's official one, as frontman Oliver Ackerman runs the pedal shop out of DbA's backroom. APTBS will play DbA on October 27 with Olympia, WA's Broken Water, plus Gold Dime (ex Talk Normal), and White Suns. That show is $8 at the door, and is just two days after playing Rough Trade (10/25) as part of Austin Psych Fest's CMJ showcase with White Fence, Moon Duo, King Gizzard & the Wizard Lizard, Bo Ningen and more (tickets).

In other DbA news, we mentioned that construction has already begun on the building's transformation into Vice's new megafacility, and DbA suffered a bit on Monday (10/13) when the construction crew sawed open an active water line directly above the main showspace, sending 50+ gallons of water down through the drop ceiling. It was cleaned up by the time of the show that night. But let's not destroy the place before they close (that goes for showgoers too), ok?

Streams and flyers below...

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photos by Chris Becker

Dirty on Purpose @ Mercury Lounge in NYC - Dec 31, 2008
Dirty on Purpose

Dirty on Purpose said their final goodbyes at Mercury Lounge in NYC on New Years Eve. As announced less than a month earlier, they're "going the way of the dodo", but "reserve the right to change our minds and get back together in six months". Regardless, as they also pointed out, there are pleny of side other projects to keep them busy and us entertained.

Joe and the Flying Spoons (Joe's band) and Purse Snatchers (Doug's band) have a show scheduled this Sunday (1/4) at Cake Shop with Uninhabitable Mansions. As we've also pointed out before, Uninhabitable Mansions includes CYHSY's Robbie and Tyler, and Au Revoir Simone's Annie Hart who is also in Purse Snatchers.

Au Revoir Simone's Erika Forster used to be in Dirty on Purpose. As you can see from the picture above, they brought her back to join them for their final show at Mercury Lounge that A Place to Bury Strangers headlined (and helped ring in 2009) (Mr. Brownstone played the late-late show in the same club later the same night).

Purse Snatchers also have a show coming at Cake Shop (again) on February 26th with Coin Under Tongue who are also playing Death By Audio on February 28th with Sisters. Death by Audio is the warehouse space in the same Brooklyn building that houses Death By Audio the effects pedal company which is owned by Oliver Ackermann whose band is A Place to Bury Strangers and who oversees is associated with the new Death By Audio label (where all the bands do everything for themselves according to the below comment). The two bands currently signed to the Death by Audio label are Sisters and Coin Under Tongue. George from Dirty on Purpose is in Coin Under Tongue.

More pictures from New Years Eve below...

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Dirty on Purpose

Hello friends,

After six years of spending an unhealthy and unusual amount of time together, Dirty on Purpose is going the way of the dodo. We got back from tour about a month ago and sat down to talk about recording another record, and realized we didn't really want to record another record. Not now anyway. So we're going our separate ways. Our best friends and practice space sharers of many years, A Place to Bury Strangers, offered us the opening slot on their New Year's Eve gig at Mercury Lounge. We thought it was an appropriate way to wind things down and say goodbye to our friends and fans.

Get your tickets now -- it's gonna sell out.

We're still playing music and we hope you'll come support our other projects: Joe and Doug harmonize sweetly in Neckbeard Telecaster; George shreds the bass in Coin Under Tongue; Joe helms Joe and the Flying Spoons; and Doug plays with Purse Snatchers and Black Acid.

Finally, we're all still buddies and live in the same town, so we reserve the right to change our minds and get back together in six months if we feel like it.


by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: SpaceKamp - Girls on Bikes (MP3)


This week's post is going to feel a bit like a clip show because I feel like I've talked about all these bands before, but still there's a lot going on in NYC.

Tonight (11/18) SpaceKamp are playing Williamsburg's Black Betty. As you may remember, this trio also back Adam Green (with whom they just got back from a European tour) when not making their own brand of extremely catchy '60s-ish guitar pop. So while they've only played a handful of shows as SpaceKamp, they've got many, many more under their belt together. And they've finally put songs on their on their MySpace page to check out, and there's one at the top of this post to download. (I've also got a different song over at my blog.) It's also the drummer's birthday tonight, so expect the show to be extra festive. Also on the bill: Joe and the Flying Spoons, featuring Dirty on Purpose's Joe Jurewicz as well as former members of Au Revoir Simone and Tralala. I've never seen either band before, so I'm looking forward to this one. (And full disclosure: I know members of each band, but I don't post about stuff I don't genuinely like.)

Previously on Lost
Previously on List

Thursday (11.20) there are three good options, the most interesting of which might be at The Bell House in Brooklyn. Previously on Lost claim to be the world's only "recap rock" band, who spent the first half of 2008 writing a song for every episode of ABC's island mystery series' fourth season -- you know, in case you missed it. And if you're jonesing for Season 4 to be released on DVD (Dec. 4) maybe seeing the whole shebang performed live will hold you over. The "Live Experience" features props and such -- I'm curious if they'll have a live smoke monster. Making the night all the more enticing is the incredible Reggie Watts who if you've never seen him do what he does live, it's reason enough to go. A couple of Previously on Lost videos are HERE.

Violens @ South Street Seaport (more by Chris La Putt)

Also Thursday is Violens at Mercury Lounge who are fresh off their European tour with MGMT. I was really impressed the last couple times I saw them (their show at the Seaport was especially good) and am hoping their debut album isn't far off as I've worn out their three-song EP. Word of warning: Violens can be monsterously loud. Bring earplugs. Also on the bill are two two local electronic duos: Telepathe and Picture Picture.

The Secret History
Secret History

Over at Public Assembly (formerly Galapagos), we've got The Secret History and Mahogany. The Secret History is the new project from Michael Grace, Jr who used to front indiepop new wave lovers, My Favorite. This new project features most of his old band, but adds vocalist Lisa Ronson (unlike Mark or Samantha, her dad actually is late Bowie Guitarist Mick Ronson) to the fold. While the ties to the '80's are still there, especially the romanticism, The Secret History are bigger, more of a sweeping Roxy Music sort of feel. The band just released their debut EP, Desolation Town, on foppy Detroit label Le Grand Magistery. Meanwhile, Mahogany do classic shoegaze better than just about anybody else, writing great songs, are skilled with effects pedals and know how to put on a show.

Mahogany @ PopFest, Music Hall of Williamsburg

And speaking of Mahogany, the band's ever-morphing line-up has absorbed Blacklist's James Minor into the band. I mention this because Blacklist (of which Minor is still a major member) are playing on Friday (11.21) as part of Wierd Records' Fifth Anniversary party. The former goth in me still digs Bauhaus, the Bolshoi, Southern Death Cult, the Chameleons, etc. and Blacklist deliver the goods in that respect. Wierd Records, which could be described as a modern day equivilent to labels like Some Bizarre or Wax Trax!, began it's life as a weekly party at Williamsburg's Southside Lounge (later Home Sweet Home on Christie) and grew as it gained likeminded artists and musicians interested in the cold wave/industrial/noise, and yes, gothy side of pop. I don't know too much about the rest of the night's lineup but it includes Xeno and Oaklander, Led Er Est, and Opus Finis. I can only hope there will be strobes and smoke machines. Tickets are on sale. The flyer is below...

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Anti-Pop Consortium @ Terminal 5 (more by Ryan Muir)
Anti-Pop Consortium

Anti-Pop Consortium - 2008 Tour Dates
Oct 17 - Obamarama @ The Bell House

Party and Silent Auction to benefit Barack Obama
w/ Dirty on Purpose, Dragons of Zynth, Takka Takka and more...
Nov 14 - The Apple Store West 14th St.
Dec 12 - Knitting Factory: Anti-Pop Consortium Presents: MELTDOWN
The KF is closing down and re-locating to Brooklyn and they asked us to curate a special evening...this will be an all club event booked by APC. Stay tuned for special guest announcements...
More upcoming free Apple shows and the Obamarama flyer with details below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: The New Year - The Company I Can Get (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Yellow Fever - Culver City (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Yellow Fever - Joe Brown (MP3)

The Wedding Present @ Neumos, Seattle 9/25 (via The Finest Kiss)
The Wedding Present

The Wedding Present are in town this week and they are one of my favorite bands ever, probably one of five or six groups of which I can say I'm a genuine, died-in-the-wool fan. And I can honestly say I don't think frontman David Gedge has made a bad record in his 23 year career -- either with the Weddoes or Cinerama -- and that goes for the new album, El Ray, even if he maybe tries a little too hard with the lyrics on this one.

And they are always good live. Gedge, who's been the only constant in a lineup that's changed almost as many times as The Fall, still hammers at his guitar with a speed and voracity that would exhaust men half his age in half the time. Setlists on this tour have looked pretty good, especially if you're a fan of their 1991 Albini-produced classic, Seamonsters... which you should be. Just remember: They don't do requests or encores.

The Wedding Present play Bowery Ballroom tonight (10/8) (tickets) and Southpaw tomorrow (10/9) (tickets).

The New Year
The New Year

Having just wrapped up a stint opening for the Wedding Present, Brooklyn's Dirty on Purpose are now playing some dates with The New Year, including one this Friday (10/10) at Music Hall of Williamsburg (tickets are still available). It's a good double-bill, as DoP's Joe Jurwicz and George Wilson initially bonded over their love of '90s indie rock legends, Bedhead whose core members, Matt and Bubba Kadane, went on to form The New Year. (I learned this, by the way, via Death By Audio's new-ish blog, worth a visit.) The New Year's new, self-titled album injects a little light into the Kadane brothers signature downbeat sound -- but not too much.

Dirty on Purpose, Wii versions
Dirty on Purpose

I've got a pair of tickets and a Dirty on Purpose t-shirt to give away for the MHoW show. Just email BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM with the subject line "Dirty New Year." Include your first and last name. Winner will be chosen at random and notified by Friday morning.

Yellow Fever @ Death By Audio
Yellow Fever

Austin duo YellowFever are back in town for two NYC shows this week. There are no shortage of duos these days but I gotta say nobody else sounds quite like them. Their sound couldn't be more spare -- usually just drums, the simplest guitar (often just single notes, not chords), and Jennifer Moore's understated, kinda haunting voice. It's that space inbetween the instrumentation that makes them so special. It's a little bit like Young Marble Giants if Beth Orton was the singer instead of Alison Statton. I caught them at Death by Audio when they came through town in July, and they are definitely worth checking out this week. They play Cake Shop on Thursday (10/9) and Silent Barn on Friday (10/10).

Speaking of Cake Shop, you might want to swing by tonight/Wednesday (10/8) to catch L.A.'s The Heartstring Symphony. Somewhere between fellow Angelinos The Bird and the Bee and Lavender Diamond, this is well-crafted jazzy R&B pop that brings to mind Joe Jackson and Steely Dan. Main symphonette Heather Porcaro, who basically is the band on record, is of Yacht Rock lineage, her father, Steve, and late uncle Jeff were in Toto. Just don't yell "Rosanna," ok? The Heartstring Symphony also play Club NME at the Annex on Friday (10/10).

All tour dates and videos below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Five O'Clock Heroes - NY Chinese Laundry (MP3)

5 O Clock Heroes

I know the Five O'Clock Heroes, who play tonight (9/9) at Mercury Lounge, are deeply uncool in many circles. I'm not exactly sure why their brand of jaunty, Brit-influenced guitar pop inspires such derision -- apart from blind hatred of anything that was ever Ultragrrl-related. (They released a single through her Stolen Transmission label.) Risking my credibility and a deluge of angry comments I'm going to admit something. I think their new album, Speak Your Language, is really good. (A lot of you are probably unaware there was a new Five O'Clock Heroes album. Apart from iTunes, it's not available to buy in the U.S.) It may be out-of-step with the indie zeitgeist but, as I often say, the hooks are undeniable.

Most of the reviews I've read tend to compare them (unfavorably) to Elvis Costello and the Police, but the band Five O'Clock Heroes remind me of, this album at least, are a Swedish band from the '90s, Eggstone, who had a similar style of upbeat pop. You can really hear that in the horn-driven "NY Chinese Laundry," which is posted above and is probably the poppiest thing on the record and sticks in your head whether you want it to or not. The most notable song, however, is the single, "Who," a duet with British model Agyness Deyn. (The video is below.) All of Speak Your Language is in a similar vein, and if these two songs pique your interest, give Five O'Clock Heroes another chance.

Crystal Stilts @ EVR Fest Sunday (more by Chris La Putt)
Crystal Stilts

Crystal Stilts gave one of the best performances at this past Sunday's East Village Radio Festival at South Street Seaport. Definitely the most packed at the small art gallery space that was the second stage, they were turning people away. I've written a bit about them before, but they really are one of my favorite local bands. Mixing twangy '50s rock n' roll, post punk and C-86 influences, they've come up with a very distinctive sound and style. And between singer JB Townsend's aloof stage presence and stand-up drummer (and former Vivian Girl) Frankie Rose, they've got the look too. Their full-length debut, Alight of Night, is due out on Slumberland on October 28 but until then, as mentioned before, there are no shortage of chances to see them in the NY, including this Thursday (9/11) at Le Poisson Rouge for a Emusic-currated bill that includes High Places, Detroit's one-man-synth-band, Deastro, and folky Michigan duo Breathe Owl Breathe. This is a pretty hard-to-pass-up show. All upcoming Crystal Stilts shows are listed below.

Neckbeard Telecaster, Magic Christian, tour dates and more below...

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by Bill Pearis

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Sloan in Detroit - June 15, 2008 (PhilipSouthern)

In Pitchfork's review of 2004's Action Pact, Alex Linhardt wrote, "Sloan is not anyone's favorite band." He'd obviously never been to a Sloan show. People are nuts for them. Sloan fans are obsessive, protective and they stand by them even when they make a less-than-great album (cough cough Action Pact).

There are a number of reasons for this. For all the success they've had over their 17-year carreer, Sloan are an anomaly. All four members of the band write and sing, each with distinctive styles, which makes them nearly impossible to categorize. And they usually change their sound from album-to-album, reflecting what they've been listening to - which was, more often than not, out-of-step with what everyone else was doing at the time.

Here's a band that started off being called the Canadian Nirvana (though really they were more the Canadian My Bloody Valentine) on the release of their first album, Smeared, but have channel-flipped over the years from Beatlesque and other '60s pop to Thin Lizzy style cock rock, '70s AM Gold, pop-punk, etc, etc, etc. It does not make for casual fans. It breeds obsessives, though. For all the style-hopping, it's those four good songwriters and musicians behind it all that make it work.

The real reason I think fans stick by them is their live shows. Sloan are one of the most consistently awesome live bands of the last 15 years. They know all the Rock Moves by heart and know how to use them without being self-consciously showy, although bassist and defacto leader Chris Murphy is a real ham who isn't afraid to do something retarded (like lick the mic stand) in the name of a laugh or good crowd reaction. He also does an amazing Keith Moon impersonation (all fills, all the time) behind the kit when regular drummer Andrew Scott comes forward to sing his songs.

SloanAnd with nine albums under their belt, including the just-released Parallel Play (which is really good and you can stream the whole thing ), you're bound to get a cherry-picked setlist with at least a handful of classic Sloan fist-pumpers like "Iggy & Angus," "Losing California," "Money City Maniacs"... and maybe even "Underwhelmed" which is kind of their "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and at least some of the band loathe it but I think still holds up.

But don't just take my word for it. Sloan are playing Bowery Ballroom this Thursday (tix) and Friday (tix) and if you've never seen them, I suggest you rectify that immediately. Neither show is sold out. I really don't think you'll be sorry if you do. If you care to read more about them, I've got at least three concert reviews on Sound Bites. If it's not made clear, I am a Sloan superfan. All dates at the end of this post.

I have Sloan on the brain, but I am aware there is other cool stuff going on......

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Dirty on Purpose on a roof - June 6, 2008 (photo by Sarah Palmer)
Dirty on Purpose

Rooftop Films kicked off their 2008 season last week with a movie preceeded by a performance by Dirty on Purpose (who also opened for Swervedriver at Bowery Ballroom last night). Tonight (June 12) things keep going with a pre-movie show by O'Death. More O'Death tour dates below....

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by Bill Pearis

editor's note: Metal, comedy and 'dance' all have their own semi-regular BV feature writers. Those topics are getting a level of focus that I wished I could give to "indie rock" (that somewhat meaningless term, but it helps sometimes to categorize). That's why I contacted Bill...

Bill says: BV approached me about writing an indie rock column because I "repeatedly go to see The Young Knives and are excited about Versus reuniting." Which is to say I like unpopular bands and am, like, James Murphy old. This will likely take on more shape as the weeks go on, but for now here's a bunch of notable shows happening over the next five days.

editor's note part two: Bill forgot to mention the part where I said he is just as excited about the old (knowledgeable) as he is about the new (not jaded). OK, here we go....

Amazing Baby (tour dates at the end)
Amazing Baby

Firstly are the two Swervedriver reunion shows - tonight at Bowery Ballroom and tomorrow at Music Hall of Williamsburg. The '90s shoegaze scene has had a bit of a resurgence, with a slew of new bands inspired by its hazy, voluminous sound, including Dirty on Purpose (who open for them tonight), Deerhunter, Silversun Pickups, and every other band from Sweden. Obviously the big story this year are the upcoming My Bloody Valentine shows, but Swervedriver's shows are no less relevant or justified.

SwervedriverThey may never have released anything as universally-praised and influential as Loveless, or as catchy as Ride's Going Blank Again, but Swervedriver rocked the hardest of any of the shoegaze bands and probably had the most consistent body of work. Unfortunately, of their four great albums, only 1995's Ejector Seat Reservation remains in print - though the good, if expensive, import Juggernaut Rides is a good introduction to the band. I've also got a few mp3's over at Sound Bites if you're interested, and Swervedriver's site has live MP3s for every song from every album, free to download.

Swervedriver were never the type to jump around the stage or make rock star poses (the shoegaze scene, after all, got its name because the bands tended to pay more attention to their many effects pedals than to "putting on a show") and frontman Adam Franklin isn't much for stage banter, but they were always a seriously good live band and reports from earlier dates on this tour (The Finest Kiss has a nice writeup and photos from the Seattle stop) show this, thankfully, hasn't changed.

Tickets for tonights' Bowery show are still available (June 11, 2008).

Local support for both nights are well chosen. Dirty on Purpose are obviously big fans - their newish EP for RCRD LBL is really good. Longwave open at Music Hall of Williamsburg. After getting the heave-ho from RCA, the band are currently working on a new album, and a few of the tracks are up on their MySpace and sound promising. Opening both shows are Glasgow's Terra Diablo who are actually managed by Swervedriver drummer, Jez.


The OrchidsThe other big event this week is the NYC Popfest, now in its second year. The four-day event, at a handful of clubs in Manhattan and Brooklyn, is a must for lovers of chickfactor magazine, Sarah records, twee, jangle, and the generally lighter side of indie. (Also known as indiepop.) They've brought in bands from all over, including Massachusetts (Pants Yell!, Hands and Knees), the UK (The Hermit Crabs, The Foxgloves), two from Sweden (Love is All, Oh! Custer), plenty from here in NYC (Pains of Being Pure of Heart, My Teenage Stride, Ladybug Transistor, The Besties) and elsewhere.

The lineup also includes three legends of the indiepop scene. Glasgow's The Orchids (pictured), whose single "I've Got a Habit" was the second-ever release on the legendary Sarah records; Australia's The Cannanes (aka "the world's most 'indie' band) who've been making music since 1984; and Seattle's Tullycraft who were part of the US scene in the '90s.

The two bands I'm most excited to see are Scotland's The Hermit Crabs, who bear more than a passing resemblance to fellow Glaswegians Camera Obscura; and Finland's Cats on Fire whose album, The Province Complains, is one of the better indiepop albums of the last couple years. Plus, they're from Finland - a country that doesn't send a lot of bands our way.

Of course, the hot ticket for Popfest is Love is All's appearance Thursday night at Cake Shop. I'm not sure why the organizers put the weekend's biggest draw in a place the size of a closet, but I'm sure for those 20 people in the first three rows will really enjoy it. For everyone else, you'll be able to say "they sounded great!" The show is sold out... if you've got tickets get there early and enjoy the other bands (including fellow Swedes Oh! Custer and NYC's The Secret History).


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Fiddler on the Roof

Rooftop Films is proud to present a new partnership with Sound Fix Records!

Since 1997, Rooftop Films has been screening new independent films on rooftops throughout New York City. Live music has always been part of Rooftop's programming and this summer Sound Fix Records will be presenting the music for The Rooftop Films 2008 Summer Series....

Highlights from Sound Fix presents at Rooftop Films: Dirty on Purpose, O'Death, A.R.E. Weapons, Deer Tick...

The Rooftop Films 2008 Summer Series will consist of 38 unique, outdoor, film and music events. It will run from the first week of June through the end of September, with 2 or more events each week. All of the screenings will take place outdoors in New York City, either on rooftops or in other uniquely scenic locations. Live music precedes each of the films, and free after-parties or receptions follow most events.

Dirty on Purpose is tonight (June 6) ("limited number of tix available at the door"). A few more exact dates below...

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photos by Paul Bachmann

Dirty on Purpose @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple

Dirty on Purpose opened for Band of Horses last night (Feb 14, 2008). More pictures below...

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Band of Horses @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple, NYC - Feb 14, 2008 (Caberger915)
Band of Horses @ Masonic Temple

The Brooklyn Masonic Temple (CRED)
Masonic Temple

Band of Horses and Dirty on Purpose are playing the Brooklyn Masonic Temple on Valentine's Day (Feb 14, 2008). Tickets go on sale today, and include a free subscription to NY Magazine. It's where Mastodon and Neurosis played last night, and where they'll play again tonight (Jan 25). Balkan Beat Box and Jose Gonzalez also have shows coming up there.

Other NYC Valentine's Day shows include Rufus Wainwright, The Gutter Twins, Diamanda Galas, MGMT/Yeasayer, and The Duke Spirit.

This Band of Horses show is one day after they play the Tibet House Benefit.

The Brooklyn show is free. RSVP here.

MERCURY LOUNGE, NYC | MAY 28, 2006 (cred)
Johnny Beach's birthday party

The schedule for this past Sunday night (May 28, 2006) at Mercury Lounge reads "CLOSED FOR PRIVATE EVENT". The event in question was Mercury Lounge talent buyer Johnny Beach's annual birthday party. Magneta Lane came all the way from Canada to play the list-only show curated by Johnny himself. Set and Setting, Love as Laughter, Sam Champion, and one of Johnny's favorite New York bands Dirty on Purpose were also on the bill.

Real fun night involving numerous Beach shout outs, a cake in his face, a pinata filled with candy and glass mini-bottles of tequila that (duh) mostly shattered on the ground. The show closed with a set of covers by Noah and Ryan from Sam Champion, Matt from Rana/King of France, and a guy from Love as Laughter. No Sam Champion set.

The Rogers Sisters are playing the Village Voice Siren Festival with the previously announced lineup of Art Brut, Dirty on Purpose, Stars, Tapes 'n Tapes, The Stills, The Cribs, Celebration, and She Wants Revenge. Stay tuned for the rest.

Dirty on Purpose

Thx Nora for pointing out the press release which adds Art Brut & Dirty on Purpose to the previously announced 2006 Siren Festival lineup.

DOWNLOAD: Girls & Sunshine by Dirty on Purpose (MP3)

'Pop Tarts Suck Toasted' says Sam Champion & Spinto Band are also rumored to be playing the festival. It doesn't look like Wilco are, but they will be on Conan O'Brien Friday night, May 12th.

57 bands from Brooklyn are playing SXSW (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, We are Scientists, The Cloud Room, Dirty on Purpose, Tim Fite, Sharon Jones, etc....)

Wednesday September 14, CMJ 2005
After getting some much needed sleep and missing all KEXP events two days in a row, I went from a free afternoon show at Arlene's Grocery to dinner @ Atlas to Kaki King @ Joe's Pub to Devendra Banhart @ Bowery Ballroom to Make Believe @ 169 Bar...

CMJ Day 1

CMJ Day 1

CMJ Day 1

CMJ Day 1

CMJ Day 1

CMJ Day 1

CMJ Day 1

CMJ Day 1

CMJ Day 1

CMJ Day 1

Then I lost my wallet.

BMJ - Soundcheck @ Tonic, NYC | pics
Devendra Banhart's Cripple Crow Out Today
Hold Steady, Tim Fite, John Vanderslice @ CMJ Day Stage vs. KEXP
Tim Fite Album Stream & NYC Show
Youth Group, Dirty on Purpose, More | During-CMJ in Brooklyn
Youth Group gets a 5.1
I like Motion City Soundtrack
BV interviews Dan Bunny of Bunnybrains
Stream Golden Apples of the Sun W/ Vetiver & Antony
Antony & Boy George Video | You are my Sister | M.I.A.
The soon-to-be-famous Cobra Snake

Soundfix Records in Williamsburg, Brooklyn just announced their CMJ FREE in-store performance lineup. Another chance to see Chad VanGaalen, Mary Timony, King of France, John Vanderslice, Rogue Wave, Fruit Bats, etc....

Wednesday, Sept. 14, 8pm: CMJ kick-off party with the Juan Maclean
"The new DFA sensation is going to start our CMJ festivities with a bang. Their brilliant debut, "Less Than Human," is some of the finest dance pop I've heard all year, and their live set promises to have us all shakin' it up. In addition, some DFA bigwigs will be on hand to deejay so we can dance the night away."

Thursday, Sept. 15
4pm: Saturday Looks Good To Me
5pm: Jennifer O'Connor
6pm: Robbers on High Street
7pm: John Vanderslice
8pm: King of France
9pm: Dirty on Purpose

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Youth Group and more Friday Sept. 16h
Youth Group
A Place to Bury Strangers
Dirty on Purpose
The Vaz
@ Death by Audio (49 S. 2nd st)
Brooklyn, NY - 8pm (21+) $5.00

thx Jinners

The 2005 CMJ lineup is now official, but it still looks incomplete. All bands listed at Warsaw say 7pm, the openers for the Doves show at Warsaw are not even listed (tix on sale), Devotchka isn't listed at Irving Plaza (tix on sale), etc...

I ran through the listings real quick and picked out what I think are the hot shows. What do you think?

Disclaimer: Try and check out some shows that aren't listed below too. I definitely will.

TUESDAY - 9/13 - pre-CMJ
Brooklynvegan presents BMJ @ Tonic w/ Cloud Cult, Doveman, Dave Deporis & Aziz Ansari (the only place to be!) tix

Devendra Banhart

Devendra 11:00 @ Bowery
Nouvelle Vague 10:45 @ Canal Room
The Dandy Warhols 11:00 @ CBGB
Feist 11:30 @ Knitting Factory
Dungen 10:00 @ Maxwells in NJ
Motion City Soundtrack 10:00 & Mae 11:00 @ Tribeca Rock
Doves ? @ Warsaw

Arcade Fire

Tim Fite 6:30 & New Pornographers 7:15 @ Bowery Ballroom
Glenn Kotche (of Wilco) 7:30, Laura Veirs 8:30, Amadou and Mariam 9:00 @ Hiro Ballroom
Arcade Fire 9:00 @ Summerstage
Devin Davis 9:15 @ CB's Gallery

Cloud Cult

Cloud Cult midnight @ 169 Bar
Diamond Nights 11:45 & Dungen 12:45 @ Bowery Ballroom
Regina Spektor 10:50 @ Irving
Goblin Cock midnight, Wrens 1:00 @ Mercury Lounge
DFA @ Northsix
Mary Timony midnight @ Rothko
Dios 11:00 & Tom Vek midnight @ Scenic

BONUS VERY EARLY SHOW: Devin Davis 12:15 @ CMJ day stage


FRIDAY - 9/16
Robbers on High St 11:00 & Clap Your Hands midnight & Ambulance 1:00 @ Mercury Lounge
Pony! Up 10:30 & Neon Blonde 11:30 & The Rakes 12:30 @ Northsix @ Northsix
Cantankerous 12:30 @ Rare
probably Cursive 12:00 at Bowery Ballroom
CocoRosie 11:30 & Supersystem 12:15 & !!! 1:00 @ SOBs
Longwave & Smoosh @ Warsaw

Wolf Parade

Wolf Parade midnight & Constantines 1:00 @ Bowery
The Hold Steady 12:00 @ CBGB
Chin Up Chin Up 10:30 & Dirty On Purpose 11:30 & Youth Group 12:30 & The Upwelling 1:30 @ Mercury Lounge
Brian Jonestown 1:00 @ Northsix

BONUS EARLY SHOW: Chad Vangaalen 7:00 @ Bowery Ballroom

What did I miss? What do you choose? Comment...