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tinker bell
Natalie Prass
Pitchfork Best New Music -- 01/26/15

"Prass, who has the voice of an emancipated Disney princess, says she was thinking of that scene in Punch-Drunk Love when she hit upon the idea for "It Is You", the showstopping finale of her forthcoming eponymous debut LP, due out via Virginia indie Spacebomb in January." [Pitchfork, 12/2/2014]

"But the album's two bookends, the highlight opener "My Baby Don't Understand Me" and Disney-core closer "It Is You," hit with such open-sky pop directness they almost make the case that her bright side is the only side she needs." [AV Club]

"It is light and lilting, a Disney-princess voice, with the kind of dainty, trilling vibrato that doesn't land on notes so much as hover above them." [New Yorker]

"Prass has a voice nestled somewhere between young Dolly Parton and Disney Princess." [VOX]

"her harp-infused fairy dance "Christy," the Disney-eque "It Is You,"" [Paste]

"Both tracks sound like they're stolen from some kind of scrapped Disney soundtrack about a girl mouse falling in love." [Sputnik]

""It Is You," a swelling number that sparkles like a Disney centerpiece."
[Under The Radar]

"The closing It Is You, which might have been cut from a vintage Broadway musical or a Disney movie" [The Northern Echo]

"Album closer It Is You ends things with a gay flourish that suggests a Walt Disney animation rather than mutual laceration." [Guardian]

"album closer "It Is You," a sprightly and sweet waltz that echoes Disney musicals more than L.A." [Treble Zine]

"The album closes with "Is It You," which sounds like a ballad off an early Disney soundtrack, with its swell of cinematic strings and fairytale lyrics." [The Observer]

"In an alternate universe, the strings and flute on this song would be soundtracking the theme song to a classic animated Disney film." [Lockeland Springsteen]

"the giddy album-closing love song that, as a few other people have already pointed out, sounds like a Disney-princess singalong." [Stereogum]

"I can't say I've ever enjoyed a song I'd delight in categorizing as Disney princess swag." [FlavorWire]

"The album ends on the widescreen Disney soundtrack of "It Is You"; the lushest song that Spacebomb has put their name to so far, it's the love song to end all other songs." [The Line of Best Fit]

""It Is You", meanwhile, is a preposterous recreation of vintage Disney scores; so much so that one imagines Prass singing it to animated songbirds perched on her arm, chipmunks and raccoons clustered adoringly at her feet. Artful, whimsical, a little cloying - and easily enough avoided, sat as it is at the end of the 40-minute album. [UNCUT]


Natalie Prass is touring and play Rough Trade in Brooklyn this week, and will be at SXSW. You can stream the entire album, "It Is You" included, below.

In related news, Matthew E. White (who produced Natalie's album) just released a Philip Seymour Hoffman tribute.

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While Twinkies have a reputation for an unlimited shelf life, the company that makes the junk food may not not.

Hostess Brands, the bankrupt maker of cream-filled pastries like Twinkies and Ho Hos, said on Friday that it planned to wind down its operations. The decision comes a week after one of the company's biggest unions went on strike to protest a labor contract.

Friday's move could spell the end of Hostess, a company that has endured wars, countless diet fads and even an earlier Chapter 11 filing. But the liquidation may not mean the end of its signature product, the Twinkie, with its cake exterior and cream filling. The confection -- originally banana flavored, rather than the vanilla of today -- could find new life under a different owner, if the company auctions off its brands and assets.

In the short term, Twinkies may be in short supply. The last batches rolled off Hostess production lines early Friday morning, according to Tom Becker, a company spokesman, and no new products will be made for the time being. [NY Times]

I won't be running out and stocking up on any Twinkies. I mean, they're gross, but I can't help feeling nostalgic for the products that poisoned my body as a child and the ads that helped them do it! Continue the trip down memory lane and/or feeling hungry and/or disgusted and/or find some more ironic t-shirt ideas, below...

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Jar Jar Binks


Not saying that Disney even realizes it, or knows who the band Anamanaguchi is, especially Mickey Mouse who is too busy at meetings and filming TV shows to know what's going on with random app commercials the company posts to YouTube, but it's a blatant rip-off nonetheless, as you can hear below...

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by BBG

Aaron Kenyon with a current project, Djam Karet
Aaron Kenyon

Aaron Kenyon, a founding member of Man is The Bastard, has weighed in on the controversial appropriation of the iconic skull logo by Akron/Family, and his views differ from that of his ex-bandmates. Check out Kenyon's statement below.

If you missed it, Man is the Bastard member Eric Wood initially made his thoughts known via Facebook which in turn led to ex-member Israel Lawrence weighing in and a public response from Akron/Family as well.

Joy Division

In semi-related news, Disney will no longer carry a highly-controversial t-shirt that molds the iconic Joy Division Unknown Pleasures album cover into a Mickey Mouse silhouette. Band members fell on both sides of the fence on this issue, with Peter Hook commenting to the LA Times that it was "flattering" and drummer Stephen Morris commenting that it was "horrible" and he was "quite angry".

Aaron Kenyon's statement on Man in the Bastard, below..

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Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson released Brain Wilson Reimagines Gershwin last year, an LP that put his own spin on classics by the American composers. Now comes word that Wilson will take those revamped classics on the road and play the album in its entirety "as well as classics from the Beach Boys back-catalogue." He'll be doing that all across Canada in June and in Europe in September, but first he'll kick things off on June 9th at Wellmont Theater in NJ. Tickets for that one are currently on AMEX presale and go on regular sale March 4th at noon.

Wilson also recently completed a second "reimagining" LP, one where he revisits Disney songs, though no release date on that yet. A Gershwin video and all tour dates below...

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words & photos by Tracy Allison

"Just remembered I threw up at bruar falls last night." - WAVVES


"Monday night at New York City's Bowery Ballroom, the Wavves founder and frontman announced he'd just been "mildly sued" by the Walt Disney Company, which was less than psyched about seeing a song called 'Mickey Mouse' listed on his band's latest album.

Williams said he'd agreed to modify future pressings of 'King of the Beach,' out today on CD and vinyl, and replace the offending track with an unreleased B-side. He then offered a succinct legal critique of the plaintiff's case.

"Walt Disney was a Nazi," Williams said. "You go [to Disney World], you feel Nazi vibes. It's disgusting!"

The outburst was one of many quotable moments of the concert, and throughout the evening, Williams and drummer Billy Hayes spent nearly as much time joking about booze and weed as they did playing actual songs. With the presence of soft-spoken metal-dude bassist Stephen Pope, Wavves was like a Kevin Smith movie come to life: two Jays and a Silent Bob." [Spinner]

Last night (8/2) Wavves played Bowery Ballroom, their last New York City show before the just-announced September 21st show at Music Hall of Williamsburg (tickets on sale Friday at noon, AmEx presale Wednesday at noon). That is followed by opening for Phoenix at Madison Square Garden on October 20th (and other tour dates). A line began to form at the venue around 7:15 p.m. with people hoping a few tickets would still be available. The show sold out by 7:30 p.m.

The night began with a 30 minute set by Total Slacker who took the stage at 8:15. They were followed by The Smith Westerns who also played a 30 minute set as the crowd quickly began to fill the 550+ person venue.

Wavves began their set at 10:20 p.m. and immediately after walking on stage commented on the thick smell of drugs in the air, saying, "It smells like pot out here. It smells like a lot of pot." Throughout the course of the 14 song performance, the rambunctious audience thrashed into each other and danced wildly. The level of audience interaction was much like it was at Wavves' recent show at Knitting Factory- fans freely jumped on and off stage, and bassist Stephen Pope even offered an audience member a swig of whiskey after asking, "Are you cool? You can have some if you're cool." The band finished up their set by 11:20 p.m.

They then headed to Bruar Falls for puking, peeing in garbage cans, sparring with Black Lips, playing video games, etc... More pictures and Wavves' setlist from Bowery Ballroom below...

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Kaki King plays Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn on December 12th. Tickets go on American Express pre-sale on Wednesday at noon, and then on general sale Friday at the same time. Someone set Kaki's song "I think She Knows" to a Disney-themed "Femmeslash". Confused? Check out the video below...

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or something like that....

The All-For-Nots @ The Annex, NYC - April 9, 2008 (Christian Hansen/NY Times)
All For Nots

So who comes to the real performance of a fake indie band? Imaginary fans? Hired extras? True friends of the fictional band members?

On Wednesday night, City Room went down to The Annex on the Lower East Side and scoped out the performance of the All-For-Not, a spoof of an indie Williamsburg band that is the center of a new Web series backed by former Disney chief executive Michael Eisner. This was the band's first performance in New York since the series debuted last month. (They had an earlier performance at the Mercury Lounge back in December, an impressive debut venue for any band, real or fake). The conceit of the Web series, introduced in the first episode, is that a documentary crew is following the band around on tour. In other words, faux-reality television. [NY Times]

Maybe I'm just tired today, but I'm totally confused. (thx Daniel)