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Dope Jams

NYC record store Dope Jams, which is located at 580 Myrtle Ave in Brooklyn and has been home to a great collection of electronic music for the last 7 years, has announced via a statement that they will close its doors on January 26, 7 years to the day since opening. They will also be throwing a closing party that night from 8 PM until the store closes for good. The statement begins:

At the end of this month, 7 years to the day since it opened, Dope Jams will be closing its doors for good.

Rattling off a bunch of positive hyperbole or sentimental cliches without taking a good, hard look at the past would be a mistake. The truth is, we've made a lot of mistakes. Opening and holding down Dope Jams, however, was definitely not one of them. When we started working on the space at 580 Myrtle Avenue, well before it was the polished and finished form that you all know, dance music record shops were already jumping ship like the fucking Titanic. We knew exactly what kind of a logistical and financial shitstorm we were getting into. But ultimately, we wanted to devote ourselves, to put every ounce of energy and every dime saved into the perpetuation and expansion of dope music. We threw ourselves into installing the sound and the aesthetics to situate our project and our philosophy, and with that set in place, we proceeded to push music we thought was worthwhile, music that was beautiful and pure and capable of wading past the massive expanses of mediocrity and opportunism that we saw as gaining the upper hand. And along the way we did a lot of things that set us back, whether out of economics, ignorance, or idealism. We did our best to push past that, because we truly believed in what we were doing, we believed in the music we were championing, and we believed in creating a space and a community to allow that music to flourish. We gave enough of a shit then, and have continued to give a shit for 7 long years struggling through dwindling sales, personal loss, and daily disappointments. If only for the barage of weirdos, freaks and outcasts walking through that door every day, it was absolutely worth it.

You can read the rest of the statement (which includes streams of 15 songs that "will forever remind [them] of 580 Myrtle Ave") and check out the flyer for the closing party below.

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