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by Bill Pearis

Jacky Winter

Jacky Winter, the Australian musician (not the Australian bird), did solo gigs and was a guitarist-for-hire for years until he discovered The Wu-Tang Clan. He became obsessed with 36 Chambers, Only Built for Cuban Linx and Liquid Swords and it changed his whole way of thinking. No, he didn't become a rapper, but he bought an MPC and began making beats, radically altering the way he put together music. Jacky came to NYC over the course of a few trips to worth with Matt Verta-Ray (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion / Dirtbombs) in his studio NY HED.

The result is The Nails EP which is out November 6 via Very Rare Animals. We've got the premiere of "Half of It" which features Brendan Huntley of Eddy Current Suppression Ring on backing vocals. Here's what Jacky has to say:

Brendan Huntley from Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Davey Lane from You Am I wrote this song with me. Brendan wrote the lyrics, Davey and I made the groove. Backwards, tumultuous, yet big and warm. As Brendan told me, It's a glass half empty, glass half full kind of song. Take it either way you like.
Have a listen below.

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by Bill Pearis

Lace Curtain

As we've mentioned a few times, Total Control are visiting from Australia, playing two shows in NYC this week: tonight (5/22) at Mercury Lounge with Pop. 1280, Night Sins, and Sleepies (tickets); and 285 Kent on Thursday (5/23) with Raspberry Bulbs, Crazy Spirit, and Survival (tickets). If you haven't checked the band's music out yet -- motorik synth workouts, jittery post-punk and punk stormers -- you can stream both their fantastic 2011 album Henge Beat and their singles compilation below. Go to one (or both) of these shows!

Meanwhile, you may remember that Total Control's Mikey Young, David West and James Vinciguerra formed new electronic side project Lace Curtain. They dropped their debut EP back in March via DFA which I described as an EP that "would make a good soundtrack to a dystopian sci-fi film or, in the case of "Good Intentions," someone's nightmare breakup or withdrawal. (In a good way, of course.)" A couple tracks from that EP are streamable below.

Lace Curtain have already announced their second EP, Falling/Running, which will be out June 11 on Mexican Summer. A little more straightforward than the DFA EP, the four new tracks would make for good late night driving music, or maybe just playing the old Atari game Night Driver. You can stream "Falling (II)" below.

Though one might postulate that with the sold-out DFA Records Anniversary Party happening on Saturday (5/25) at Grand Prospect Hall, Lace Curtain might be one of the "special guests" but as Total Control are playing DC that night, no dice. Meanwhile, Total Control have added West Coast shows happening after Chaos in Tejas. All tour dates are listed below.

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by Bill Pearis


Trying to keep up with Eddy Current Suppression Ring-related bands can be a fulltime job. Also a fulfilling one, as most of them have been pretty terrific. The most recent is the just-released, self-titled second album from Ooga Boogas which features Mikey Young from ECSR members of other Melbourne, AU bands like The Onyas and The Sailors. Like his one of his other excelent bands, Total Control, the band genre hop a bit, from Fall-influenced indie rock to Stranglers-y new wave to the vaguely Talking Heads-ish groovers. (Also "Studio of My Mind" is the best LCD Soundsystem they never wrote.) If you're waiting for a new Total Control or ECSR record, don't hestitate to pick this one up, it's solid start to finish. You can stream three tracks from the album below.

No word on Ooga Booga North American shows, but Young will be bringing Total Control over from Australia for Chaos in Tejas (May 29 - June 2) so lets hope they make time for NYC while they're here.

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