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Frightened Rabbit @ T5, Nov. 2010 (more by Lionel Bergeron)
Frightened Rabbit

SXSW has just announced another round of bands for the 2013 edition of the annual music festival that will happen March 12 - 17. This brings the total current number of acts to around 1300. Someome of the highlights include Vampire Weekend, Frightened Rabbit, The Thermals, Black Lips, Camera Obscura, Merchandise, Bleached, Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, Eagles of Death Metal, Parenthetical Girls, Indians, Night Beds, IO Echo, KEN Mode, Prince Paul, Pure Bathing Culture, Sepalcure, UK motorik post-punks TOY, Finnish instrumentalists K-X-P, Toronto's Moon King, UK indie rockers Splashh (not Brooklyn Splash with one "h") and loads more. Head to BV Austin for the whole Round 3 list.

photos by Amanda Hatfield

"Thank you for big helping our red-party!!!! Ohhh YeahhhH!!!! @brooklynvegan" - Peelander-Yellow

"str8 up cried at two distinct moments at tonights @peelanderz show. they are truly incredible, and i am honored to be their friend. -luke" - Anamanaguchi


Peelander-Z wrapped up their last ever tour with Peelander-Red as a member in NYC at the BrooklynVegan-presented show at Knitting Factory Brooklyn on Friday (11/23). The tour already hit NYC back in October for a show at the Studio at Webster Hall, but returned on Friday to give their NYC fans one last chance to say goodbye to Red.

There were many people wearing red clothes and headbands in honor of Peelander Red, and the whole band were actually dressed in red for that show. On stage, Peelander Yellow said, "Tonight, we are Peelander Red Z!" At the end of the set, members of Anamanaguchi and Peelander's tourmates Electric Eel Shock came on stage with them to help celebrate one last show with Red. In turn, Red also joined openers Infinity Shred during their set.

More pictures and a video of Peelander-Z with Electric Eel Shock playing "Metal Man" at the Knitting Factory show, below...

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by Bill Pearis

Peelander Red at BV CMJ 2011 (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)

BrooklynVegan is presenting tonight's Peelander-Z show at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn which will, sadly, be the band's last with departing bassist Peelander Red. Tickets are still available, so you should come out help him go out with a bang. It should be a fun show all around with openers Electric Eel Shock, and Infinity Shred (with whom Red will also be shredding), plus a DJ set from Anamanaguchi.

Also, dancing is a great way to burn off all mashed potatoes and stuffing you stuffed in your maw on Thanksgiving. So come out, have fun and say goodbye to Red!

photos by Keith Marlowe and Harriet Roberts

Just another day at the office for Peelander Red (by Keith)

Peelander-Z's US tour with Electric Eel Shock kicked off at The Studio at Webster Hall on October 12. Here are some pictures.

Joined by Math the Band, the show was one of the final dates in NYC for Peelander Red with his absolute last show (and last date of their tour) going down at Knitting Factory on November 23. Tickets for the BrooklynVegan-presented Brooklyn show are still available.

More pictures from The Studio at Webster Hall are below.

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Peelander-Z at Googa Mooga 2012 (more by Chris La Putt)

As mentioned Peelander-Red is unfortunately leaving Peelander-Z, but is going on one final tour as a member of the band with Electric Eel Shock. That tour is already scheduled to hit NYC on October 12 at The Studio at Webster Hall with Math the Band (tickets), and now BrooklynVegan is proud to announce that we'll be presenting another NYC show for the band, happening on November 23 at Knitting Factory Brooklyn, which will be Red's final show with Peelander-Z. Tickets for that show are not on sale yet but we'll let you know when they are.

In related news, Peelander-Z's "sister band" Peewonder-Z play a NYC show at The Paper Box TONIGHT (10/4) with Hard Nips, Gelatine w/ Otonana Trio, and Dirty Babylon Breaker. Tickets for tonight's show are available.

We're also premiering Peelander-Z's new music video for "Get Glasses," which was recorded live at Red 7 in Austin. That video, the tour flier, and a list of all dates are below.

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Peelander-Red in a truly epic moment at GoogaMooga 2012 (more by Chris La Putt)

It's been quite some time since our last post. Hope you all are doing well. There's some good news and bad news today. We're kicking off another tour with Electric Eel Shock on October 12th in NYC. Also, our new split 7" w/ them will be released in October! However, we have a sad news to announce. We're sorry to have to tell you that Peelander-Red has decided to leave the band after the tour. This is sad, but we all wish Red the best of luck, and thank him for his hard work and all the unforgettable memories.

We're looking forward to seeing you all out there! Thank you so much for supporting us! We love you all!!

Sad to hear, especially since Peelander-Z is such a unit and Red is a big part of that live fun. He will be missed.

But don't mourn his departure just yet! As the band mentioned, Red will be saying goodbye on the road, including at The Studio at Webster Hall on 10/12 (tickets)

A list of all Peelander-Z tour dates and a video discussing Red's departure are below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Peelander-Z at GoogaMooga (more by Ryan Barkan)

Peelander-Z will host "P-Party #4" at Death by Audio tonight (8/7) featuring The Netherlands (billed as "A KIND OF FUTURISTIC BIKER ROCK"), Drums & Red & Tuba ("Electronic Tuba Rock" featuring Peelander Red), Japan's Ryo Inoue and PeeWonder-Z ("Sister of Peelander-Z"). Though Peelander-Z wont actually be performing, I wouldn't be surprised see each of them jump on stage during the show, much like they did with Anamanaguchi recently.

Speaking of the mighty Peelander-Z, the band will hit the road with Japan's Electric Eel Shock for some US shows. So far the dates include only an LA and an NYC show, The Studio at Webster Hall on October 12th. Tickets go on sale on August 17th at 10PM.

All tour dates and video from the 3rd P-Party show are below.

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photos by Harriet Roberts, additional EES photos by Keith Marlowe

Electric Eel Shock @ Cake Shop
Electric Eel Shock

[Electric Eel Shock are a trio that practices in] ...crazy Japanese metal. These three guys make Boris look like a chamber quartet. They hit the stage to Iron Man with the singer/guitarist leading the crowd in a karaoke version for a verse. Then they are ready to rip into their own songs. The guys with axes are flashy with plenty of cliche metal moves delivered with speed and integrity (and by integrity, I mean a complete enthusiastic honesty in the manner of a satirist who completely accepts his subject). The drummer is wearing shoes and socks, two black gloves and one elongated sock. He often plays with two sticks in each hand. The last time I saw this was when someone was playing a xylophone. -[Review from the DC show by DC Rock Live]
Electric Eel Shock's tour with Hot Cha Cha came to an end with a raucous show at Cake Shop on March 25th featuring Hard Nips, The Vandellas, and Musuki Aruvavo Lee. Here are somewhat-NSFW (thanks to the Red Hot Chili Peppers-like outfit the drummer of EES was "wearing") pictures from the show. More below...

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