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The NY Times reports:

Live Nation Entertainment, the concert and ticketing giant, is in advanced talks to buy a majority stake in C3 Presents, the country's largest independent promoter, with a portfolio that includes the popular Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits festivals.

The prospective deal, in negotiations for months but still not completed, would give Live Nation a stake of 51 percent in C3 Presents, and value C3 at around $250 million, according to two people with knowledge of the talks.

A spokeswoman for Live Nation declined to comment, and representatives of C3 did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Monday afternoon.

C3, based in Austin, Tex., is run by three friends all named Charles or Charlie -- in the music industry, they are widely known as "the Charlies" -- and the company has grown quickly from its founding in 2007.

C3, best known for owning those festivals, is also a major force in the Austin rock club scene. They recently bought the Emo's name (and its new location, Emo's East), and book shows at Stubb's, Lambert's, The Parish and other places. They also had a lot to do with Metallica's Orion Festival (which took place in Atlantic City and then Detroit).

photos by Tim Griffin

Sylvan Esso @ Emo's in Austin - 8/17/2014
Sylvan Esso & Dana Buoy @ Emo's - 8/17/2014
Sylvan Esso & Dana Buoy @ Emo's - 8/17/2014

Originally scheduled to be at the smaller Parish, Sylvan Esso's headlining Austin show on Sunday was moved up to the much bigger Emo's, which also sold out. Amelia told the crowd it was their biggest show yet. That definitely won't be true anymore after they headline Terminal 5 in NYC in January. Still working off just one album of material, their shows aren't the longest (Amelia apologized for that), but they are special.

Their tour-mate Dana Buoy opened the show with a set that included his cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere", which you can listen to, along with more pictures from the TX show and all tour dates, below...

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BrooklynVegan flyer

As usual, we're not getting much sleep right around now because we're crazy busy preparing to represent down at SXSW with four full days of two-stage parties, in addition to a couple of nighttime showcases. And though SXSW is just two weeks away, we can't announce our lineups yet. Meanwhile, follow @bvSXSW on Twitter, sign up for our brand new BrooklynVegan SXSW Email Newsletter, pray for us and SAVE THE DATES....

As the flyer above says, BrooklynVegan Day Parties will be at the 6th & Red River location formerly known as Emo's. We couldn't be more excited to be back in one of our favorite old Austin venues (even if it no longer carries the "Emo's" name). The two stage club has been closed for two years but is reopening for the week of SXSW as "The Main" and "The Jr". We'll have the daytime portion on both stages (noon-6pm each day, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday --- March 13-16, 2013). All FREE. Complimentary beverage and food options to be announced as well. Stay tuuuuned.

P.S. We did announce one band.

photos by Tim Griffin

Youth Lagoon @ Emo's Monday night
Youth Lagoon

Youth Lagoon is currently on a tour with Young Magic that hit Emo's in Austin on November 7, the day after Fun Fun Fun Fest ended. The room was packed, especially for a Monday after midnight, and it was one of the last-ever shows on the Emo's Inside stage which closes by 2012. Emo's Outside is already shuttered.

I missed Young Magic, but Youth Lagoon played a short but sweet set as a two-piece. He was his usual talkative self. And though his dialogue can sometimes take him places he has trouble digging himself out of (in this case he started dissing Texas sort of maybe), when he sings all is forgiven. The songs sounded especially great this night too, especially compared to what I saw months before at Mercury Lounge where I was wishing there was a drummer. Pictures from the Austin show are in this post.

Youth Lagoon and Young Magic will be in NYC for two shows next week happening on November 14 and 15 at Mercury Lounge. Both shows are now sold out. UPDATE: back on sale.

Youth Lagoon, who is working on a second music video, recently performed "July" for Pitchfork's Tunnelvision. You can watch a video of that with the rest of the pictures, and all tour dates, below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Butthole Surfers @ Emo's East
Butthole Surfers

Less than one week before the final show ever at Emo's Outside, Emo's introduced a new Austin venue to the world...

"For those completely in the dark about the new venue, it is appropriately and bluntly titled Emo's East, because it is located east of downtown on E. Riverside Drive at the site of another iconic, but closed, Austin club, the Back Room.

Emo's East is technically a $2 million renovation of the now deceased metal club. However, there are very few recognizable remnants of Back Room at the new venue. This is not a bad thing by any means, but calling it a "renovation" is a bit of a stretch. The outside of the club is basic and modern looking (the club was designed by Michael Hsu, architect of Uchi) with a brightly lit Emo's sign that distinguishes the venue from the landscape of pawn shops, taco stands, and fast food establishments that line East Riverside.

There are an ample amount of parking spaces (around 600 from what I hear), but they are scattered between the street, the venue, and at least two other random parking lots, making parking pretty tricky. This show was sold out, so maybe I am being unfair. Parking may be a little chaotic, but it is nowhere near the pain of trying to find a spot for a show downtown." [The Horn]

Pictures from the first show which happened on 9/11 with Bodytronix, 400 Blows & Butthole Surfers are in this post. They continue below...

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BV Day party @ Emo's Outside - SXSW 2010 (more by Tim Griffin)

BV Day party @ Emo's Outside - SXSW 2011 (more by Tim Griffin)

We were sad to learn the Emo's Outside hosted its FINAL show on Saturday night (9/17), an ACL afterparty headlined by DFA1979 (pictures on the way). Note that Emo's Inside (the smaller room) is still open, as is the just-opened Emo's East elsewhere in town, but the big, main, outdoor (but covered) Emo's stage is on its way out. Emo's is/was one of the most centrally located and greatest venues to see a show in Austin and I'm going to miss the big room. I'm especially going to miss having the now-annual BV day party there on the first day of SXSW. Stay tuned for more info, pictures, etc..

UPDATE: Here are the pictures of the final show

UPDATE 2: Killdozer will play the final show at Emo's Inside.

photos by Tim Griffin


Moonface (aka Spencer Krug), who "currently recording a new full-length album in Finland with Siinai", has announced a full tour to go with that October 30th Bowery Ballroom show we mentioned. All dates are listed, along with more of an unpublished set of pictures from a July show at Emo's with Flow Child and White Dress, below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Iceage @ Emo's

Iceage have added another show following their upcoming dates at Cake Shop and the soon-to-be-closed Secret Project Robot (with Raspberry Bulbs and others). The new date is August 22nd at Mercury Lounge. Tickets just went on sale. No advanced tickets for Cake Shop or Secret Project Robot. Last time Iceage was here they played Public Assembly, Other Music, 285 Kent and 538 Johnson.

The Mercury show will be the final US date of their ongoing tour that kicked off in Texas in middle July. Iceage's second show on said US tour was on July 16th at Emo's with The Creamers, Women In Prison, and Deskonocidos. Pictures from that Austin show are in this post. More of them with all dates, below...

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photos by Tim Griffin & BBG, words by BBG

Chaos in Tejas

An uber-late Thursday night with Tragedy and Origin of M ruined me for Friday day shows (and daylight, for that matter), but I was not going to miss one of my favorite two-pieces, Iron Lung at Emo's outdoors on the 2nd day of Chaos in Tejas 2011 (June 3rd). The band was third on the bill that hot and sticky night. They played after Hatred Surge and Cider, and were followed by an amazing lineup of fast/brutal featuring Innumerable Forms, Extortion, Citizens Arrest, and the piece de resistance, a headlining set from none other than Autopsy. The show was a stark contrast to what was happeing on the inside state: Lower Dens, Milk Music, The Young, and Unholy Two. Allo Darlin' were supposed to play too, but they cancelled (their NYC shows seem to still be happenning though).

My "day" started with a mix of witty banter and powerviolence brutality from Iron Lung, the first of what would be several pits of the evening. The duo are bulldozer-strength despite their numbers, and incited stage dives & pits despite the early hour. After a set from the dependably great Innumerable Forms (though we need some new mat'l gentlemen!), which featured Justin of Mind Eraser backed by Mammoth Grinder, Extortion took the stage to play a fastball of a set to a highly responsive (and stagedive-y) crowd. The band's clean tone fast-core was great, and the band delivered a more powerful set than at Maryland Deathfest... possibly due to the lack of barrier?

Citizens Arrest followed Extortion. It was the NYC hardcore greats' last set in the foreseeable future, and the fans at Chaos in Tejas were definitely more receptive than the MDF bunch (also, barrier?). The show resembled the band's showing at Knitting Factory in December with plenty of stage dives, dancing, and general mayhem. Many of the dancing few were from band's themselves, so it was awesome to see members of great bands going apeshit just like the rest of us. Awesome set.

Citizens Arrest
Chaos in Tejas

Autopsy headlined the evening, sitting comfortably in the middle ground between wide-eyed maniac and perfectly executed death metal veterans. The band played material from their latest Macabre Eternal, as well as earlier material during their hour+ set. From the moment that the band's intro music came on, the crowd was pressed up against each other in the front rows, with the audience swaying from side to side and front to back in the humidity. It was hot, but not hot enough for me to take my eyes off of Autopsy. Awesome set.

During Autopsy I poked my head into the Emo's indoor room where a sparsely populated crowd were enjoying Lower Dens (catch them on tour with Cass McCombs). I enjoyed the air-conditioning.

Chaos in Tejas Day One pictures are HERE and HERE. Our first set from Day Two (all from Emo's) continue below...

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by BBG

Tragedy fan at Europa (more by Konstantin Sergeyev)

No rest for the wicked. After a grueling weekend of heavy music at Maryland Deathfest (pictures of day 1 HERE, day two HERE, day three HERE, and day four HERE), I am looking forward to a mix of punk, hardcore, metal, crust, d-beat, and indie at Chaos in Tejas in Austin this week! Kicking off on Thursday (June 2nd) the four day festival features appearances from tons notables, day shows, after parties, and in-stores, some for free. Swing down for a blow by blow breakdown of what you should look for every day at the multi-venue music fest.



Thursday, June 2

Ah the start of the festival.... fresh legs and feet, and a hunger for tons of good bands. Thursday will sate your hunger too, as there are tons of great hardcore/metal shows to choose from. Shows tonight happen on both stages at Emo's, both stages at Red 7, at the Mohawk, Beauty Bar, Beerland and the Broken Neck.

Despite the high profile cancellation of Killing Joke at Emo's outdoor, CIT bounced back and added Cro-Mags to an already awesome lineup of rare appearances from strong>Asta Kask (Swedish d-beat), D-Clone (a rare show from these Japanese hardcore monsters), Veins (featuring Mark McCoy from Charles Bronson/Das Oath as well as Ian from Copremesis/Castevet), Double Negative (North Carolinian hardcore greats who released the awesome Daydreamnation last year), Vile Gash (brutal hardcore on Youth Attack), Japan'sThe Slowmotions, and NYC's Cult of Youth (dark folk with a great new LP on Sacred Bones) and Crazy Spirit (excellent hardcore with members of Perdition).

Thankfully, I can use my wristband from Emo's to hit up Red 7, right around the corner, where an awesome metal show will clash with an awesome garage show on the two stages. Finnish doomers Hooded Menace will headline on stage with Denmark's Undergang, crusty death metallers Acephalix (mems of the amazing Vastum), more death metal from Bone Sickness, and local death and rollers Mammoth Grinder. Meanwhile, the second stage will feature The Spits, the Arrivals, Shellshag, TV Ghost, and others. All of this means that I'll probably miss Converge/Title Fight/Touche Amore/Trap Them/Burning Love/the Menzingers at Mohawk and How I Quit Crack/The Indicator Dogs at Beauty Bar. At least I can end the night right with Tragedy and Origin of M at Broken Neck as part of an after-party. Yikes!

the rest of Thursday's schedule and what to do on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Black Lips - "Modern Art" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: WIN WIN - VICTIM featuring Blaqstarr (Black Lips Remix) (MP3)

photos by Tim Griffin

Vivian Girls
Black Lips

[Black Lips] took the stage with their typical energy of 100 firecrackers and ripped into "Sea of Blasphemy", a helpful fan tossing a beer to lead guitarist Ian Saint Pé afterward. Shortly after, the band played my favorite song from their catalog, "Dirty Hands", arguably the best track from their awesome "live" album, Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo (and earlier, Let It Bloom). This track had people lip synching and lightly air punching, which then got kicked up a few notches with the first notes of "Katrina", which unsurprisingly got the biggest crowd reaction of the night. Lead singer and bassist Jared Swilley took a moment to mention that, "It feels good to be in Austin when it's not South by Southwest," -[Soundcheck]
The Black Lips and Vivian Girls tour, which ended in Baton Rouge on Saturday, and hit Webster Hall in NYC back on 4/12, swung through Emo's in Austin on Thursday (4/28). John Wesley Coleman opened the Texas show which is pictured in this post.

Vivian Girls are now on tour with No Joy. Black Lips are heading to Europe before coming back for more North American tour dates in June. All of those dates are below.

Black Lips have a new LP produced by Mark Ronson entitled Arabia Mountain due on June 7th. Check out the first single "Modern Art," released officially yesterday, above. While you're up there grab the band's remixing debut via a new WIN WIN remix that appears on a new Scion-sponsored WIN WIN remix EP. Vivian Girls' new LP Share The Joy is out now via Polyvinyl.

More pictures and some videos from Emo's and all dates, below.

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photos by Tim Griffin

The Raveonettes @ Emo's
The Raveonettes

While they played nearly half of [new album] Raven and the Grave, which features a more dark and gloomy sound exemplified by songs like "Apparitions" and "Evil Seeds," The Raveonettes pleased their excitable [Austin] fans be delving deep in their back catalog. As a result, the set proceeded like a greatest hits revue with new material sprinkled in. Old standbys like "Here Comes Mary" and the jangly "My Tornado" were accompanied by early favorites "Love In A Trashcan," and "The Love Gang," Several of their late career hits were also present, including the insanely catchy "Heart of Stone," "Lust," and "Dead Sound."

Upon finishing their main set with new track "My Time's Up," the band gave the audience members a chance to relax their ears before coming back onstage. Foo took the mic for the haunting "Forget That You're Young" before the band closed out the night with "Aly, Walk With Me." [Austinist]

The Raveonettes (who did not make it to SXSW due to visa issues) and Tamaryn are currently traveling across the country together on a tour that concludes with two nights of shows at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. The 4/20 show is currently sold out, but 4/21 is still on sale.

Tamaryn @ Emo's

Tuesday night, while Hunx and his Punx and Shannon and the Clams were playing on the smaller stage, the two bands were doing it on the Emo's main stage with help from opener Shapes Have Fangs. Tim took pictures of the Austin show, including this picture of a picture that was on the wall:

Fungi Girls

Scheduled for an August opening, Emo's East will be fashioned along the lines of Washington, D.C.'s 930 Club and will accommodate up to 1,700. It will feature state of the art sound and lighting, plus tons of parking. Citing the new ACL Live venue raising the bar, Emo's owner Frank Hendrix says Austin's current live music climate is right for Emo's East. "Both artists and live music fans in Austin are savvy and their expectations are increasing. We want to offer them a first class facility to meet those expectations." [Soundcheck]
More pictures from the Raveonettes/Tamaryn show are below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

DOWNLOAD: Hunx & His Punx - Too Young to Be in Love (MP3)

Hunx strikes a pose @ Emo's
Hunx and his Punx

"For "Too Young to Be in Love," part-time hairdresser Hunx, born Seth Bogart, joined forces with Shannon Shaw, lead singer of the Bay Area garage band Shannon and the Clams, whose gutsy backup vocals helped take the band's sound to the next level.

"She has one of my favorite voices," Hunx said last week via phone. "It's kind of hard playing up against her because she's so powerful. In the past, I tried to be super girly, but now I can be deeper and the girls can go crazy."" [LA Times]

Download the retro sounds of "Too Young to Be in Love" above.

As you know, and then were reminded of along with a new video, friends and collaborators Hunx & His Punx and Shannon & the Clams (who both played a BV party at SXSW) are now out on tour, a tour that hits Cake Shop on 4/20 with Davila 666 and Glasslands on 4/23 with the K-Holes and Grass Widow (Davila 666 are at Knitting Factory that night).

Tuesday night, 4/12, Tim stopped by Emo's and caught opener Fungi Girls and Shannon, but actually missed Hunx's set while watching the Raveonettes and Tamaryn in the other room. Hunx was understanding about it though and posed for the above picture, and for some more which you can see with other shots from the Austin show, below...

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photos by Samantha Marble & Tim Griffin

Surfer Blood (by Tim Griffin)
Surfer Blood

SXSW started out for us this year on two stages with fifteen bands at Emo's for a free six hour BrooklynVegan day party presented by Feed the Beat.

On the big stage Anamanaguchi kicked things off right at noon with a high energy, 8-bit pop rock set to a dedicated crowd who showed up early to catch them. Fresh off the Bruise Cruise, the garage rockin' Turbo Fruits kept the party going. By 1:30, with a buzz already kicking in thanks to the free Sailor Jerry and Sparks we were serving, a Place To Bury Strangers brought it with their intense, high volume noise, and then Darwin Deez followed, replacing armed-cross spectators with pockets of dancers and coordinated dance routines on stage. By the time Chiddy Bang (who arrived a bit late and therefore also had to play a shorter set) took the stage, the large room was filled in and people were ready to sing along to the rappers whose setup includes a mic and drumset, and backing tracks courtesy of bands like MGMT and Passion Pit (members of whom were in the audience). The Vaccines, all the way from the UK, kept the momentum going with their brit rock, though they also played a short set reportedly due to worries over the singer's voice.

By the time Mister Heavenly took the stage, you were lucky to find a place to stand, due in part to the many wanting to check out Michael Cera's bass skills. Many were also multitasking, aka watching music and eating the massive amounts of free burritos that Taco Bell delivered through the back door and were handing out all over the place. As Andrew pointed out, "Mr. Heavenly perfored an appropriately lovely set, its two frontmen trading verses in their own styles." The two frontmen are of course Nick Diamonds from Islands and Honus Honus from Man Man. The group is rounded out by Modest Mouse drummer Joe Plummer.

And finally, as Bill pointed out, Surfer Blood "gave us an enjoyable hits-packed [headlining] set from their first album." That of course was going down on the bigger outside stage while Kylesa was completely destroying on the inside stage - I actually watched more of Kylesa than Surfer Blood, but BBG can tell you more about that...

Deafheaven (by Sam Marble)

Despite traffic issues that made The Roller open the inside stage on the late side, the Austin band's bulldozing doom thunder opened the BV festivities at SXSW with a roar. The Roller is one of my favorite heavy bands in Austin, so it was great to see this powerful foursome in action on a BV stage (until I can convince 'em to come up north!).

When the Deafheaven guys arrived, their tees were a dead giveaway. Sporting merch from Hate Forest, Hellfish (records), and Slowdive, it was obvious to see the band's influences, but their live show was definitely born of hardcore. Wide-eyed cocalist George Clarke was in the audience's face, or thrashing maniacally as the band tore through tracks like "Violet" from their forthcoming Roads To Judah and "Libertine Dissolves" from their demo.

The Secret followed Deafheaven, and their blistering blast-y down-tuned hardcore reminded me of breathren Trap Them, Rotten Sound, or Converge in the live setting. Furious blackened hardcore that was technical and powerful.

KEN Mode was next, delivering the hardcore-infused noise rock jams that shine on their new LP Venerable. KEN Mode would leave shortly after their set to headline Scoot Inn as part of a Thrasher show with Dark Castle, The Body and others.

Blackened electric swamp-blues from Dax Riggs kept energy levels on high before Trash Talk brought the crowd to a circle pitting/crowd-surfing frenzy. The band was short their usual bassist though, as Spencer was in the hospital after being stabbed by some "nazi motherfuckers" at a hardcore show in their native California. Despite the replacement, Trash Talk was undeterred and as incendiary as ever.

Kylesa closed the day out with faves like set-opener "Hollow Severer", "Tired Climb", "Running Red", and "Scapegoat", before calling it a day before a sold-out crowd. Excellent set from these Savannah greats, who seem to get better (and bigger) with each show.

All in all it was an amazing first day at SXSW that continued two hours later with six more hours of bands at Swan Dive.

Thanks to Feed the Beat, Orange (who provided the thunder behind Kylesa), Line 6 (the mics), Korg (keyboard), Vox (amps), Blackstar (and amps), Sensible Portions, Honest Tea, Raw Revolution, Sailor Jerry, SPARKS, everyone at Emo's, The Syndicate, Andy, Erik, Katie, Zach, Nevonah, The Roller, Anamanaguchi & Surfer Blood for being so amenable, as well as all of the bands for being incredible! Mostly, we'd like to thank anyone/everyone who made it out on a Wednesday afternoon... your support is appreciated.

Lots more pictures and videos from the whole day, below...

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photos by Samantha Marble & Jonathan McPhail, words by BBG

Yob @ Emo's

After a monster show at Emo's featuring Kylesa, Trash Talk, and many esteemed others, the second of four BV-BBG Austin shows took place in the same venue on the next day (3/17) as part of Full Metal Texas. The BrooklynVegan/1000Knives (Emo's Inside) stage featured a rare appearance from YOB (their first in five+ years), and appearances from current hardcore greats Trap Them, alongside faves Hull, Kvelertak, The Funeral Pyre, All Pigs Must Die, and Goes Cube.

Meanwhile, the main stage at Full Metal Texas featured an appearance from Massachusetts faves The Red Chord, with last minute addition Motionless in White, Upon A Burning Body, Letlive, Elysion Fields, Better Left Unsaid, and the contest winner from Roadrunner Records SignMeTo, (congrats guys!) Head Crusher.

Killer and packed show from start to finish.

Despite having the least enviable of time slots, Goes Cube gave it their all and by the time they were half way through their set were playing to a 2/3s full room. The focus of their early day set was In Tides and Drifts, the band's new/forthcoming LP due on The End. Excellent set from this trio as usual, who also killed it at The Studio at Webster Hall at the start of their tour.

New Southern Lord signees/crusty d-beat supergroup All Pigs Must Die was a freight train of down-tuned riffs. The band conjured thoughts of Feral Ward bands while destroying the now mostly full room. Kevin of HopeCon's vocals are delivered with a furious energy that matches the intensity of APMD's killer riffage, and Ben Koller (Converge) behind the kit takes this already awesome band from impressive to explosive.

And speaking of combustibles, holy shit..... Kvelertak! The Norwegian triple-guitar attack is just plain jaw-dropping live, matching their party riffs/atmosphere with maniacal intensity. Tons of swinging guitars, and gang-style choruses to get the crowd pumped. And pumped they were, I heard quite a few singalongs, despite the language barrier (the band sings in Norwegian!).

Due to a family emergency, Rwake was forced to drop out a day before the show, but we quickly replaced them with The Funeral Pyre. It's hard to follow Kvelertak, but the LA black-metal band (sporting Early Graves guitarist Chris Brock) brought the party-vibe down and the bum-out to 11 with their blasting power. Catch them on tour now with The Secret (they play Union Pool on 3/27).

Triple guitar doomers Hull followed with a set that spoke to the old fans ("Viking Funeral") but leaned on newer material as well. The band's doomy thunder sounded amazing on the Emo's system and in speaking with members of the Emo's staff later in the week, I was told that Hull was their "favorite new discovery". Hull ruled, as usual. Catch them in NYC with Batillus, Horseback, and Caltrop on 3/26 at The Studio at Webster Hall (tickets).

After a bit of a lull, Trap Them's van rolled up just as their set time was supposed to start. After getting their gear on stage, the band played close to a full set opening with "Dead Digs with Digital Collars" (viewable below) and hitting points from the new LP Darker Handcraft like their lead single "The Facts". Killer set. My only regret is that I didn't get to see them twice.

And finally, the main event, YOB headlining the indoor stage while The Red Chord headlined the out. Kicking off with a new song (!), the mostly rhythmic, mostly open string track was short by YOB standards (7ish minutes?) but decimated the crowd on the fantastic Emo's system. By the time the band were a minute into their second track, "Burning The Altar", I knew that this was easily one of my highlights at SXSW. So. Fucking. Amazing.

I'd like to thank everyone at Full Metal Texas, Yeah Management, 1000 Knives, Branch Marketing Collective, Fireball Whisky, SignMeTo, Wacken Open Air, Bands On A Budget, Harpoon Brewery, March Is Metal Month, Evil Bong 3D, Sin Cal Industries, Metal Injection, Metal Insider, MetalSucks, Record Store Day and Put In Mouth. But most importantly, I'd like to thank the incredible bands, and everyone who took time out on a Thursday afternoon to RAGE at Emo's.

More pictures from the BV/1000K Stage at Full Metal Texas below...

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Surfer BloodKylesa
Trash TalkChiddy Bang
Mister HeavenlyVaccines

BrooklynVegan Week in Austin begins once again at Emo's where we'll kick off a six hour day party presented by Feed the Beat at noon on Wednesday, March 16th. The 100% free, two-stage lineup looks like this:

Outside / Main Stage @ Emo's
12:00 PM Anamanaguchi
12:45 PM Turbo Fruits
1:30 PM A Place To Bury Strangers
2:15 PM Darwin Deez
3:00 PM Chiddy Bang
3:45 PM The Vaccines
4:30 PM Mister Heavenly
5:15 PM Surfer Blood

Inside / Metal Stage @ Emo's Jr
12:20 PM The Roller
1:10 PM Deafheaven
1:55 PM The Secret
2:40 PM KEN Mode
3:30 PM Dax Riggs
4:20 PM Trash Talk
5:10 PM Kylesa

It's another lineup I'm super excited about, and note: We purposely put Darwin Deez and Chiddy Bang back to back to encourage live collaboration, Mister Heavenly is the new Sub Pop-signed supergroup of sorts, and this is the only day party where you'll be able to catch a set by Kylesa!

I'm also happy to point out again (like at our Friday party), though everyone will sound great already, they are going to sound even better thanks to our official microphone sponsor Line 6, not to mention due to the help of the Korg keyboards, and Vox & Blackstar amps that we'll have on hand - all generous and much-appreciated BrooklynVegan show sponsors.

Also Note:

  • we'll also have FREE snacks courtesy of Sensible Portions.
  • we'll keep you hydrated with FREE Honest Tea.
  • you can keep your energy levels high with FREE Raw Revolution bars.
  • FREE Sailor Jerry cocktails while supplies last.
  • and there will be even more FREE FOOD and DRINKS (TBA)!
Last but not least, this free show was made possible due to our co-presenters Feed the Beat, who hook touring bands up with free Taco Bell (where eating vegetarian, and even vegan, is easy). As they say, "for five consecutive years, the Feed the Beat® program has provided a total of 365 music artists/bands with food on the road. Touring music artists can relate to eating on the road and the Feed The Beat helps by picking up their post-show late-night dinner tabs."

Feed the Beat artists (past and present) include Dr. Dog, White Rabbits, Wavves, Best Coast, Andrew W.K., Cults, Passion Pit, Phosphorescent, Suckers, Tokyo Police Club, The Sword, Anamanaguchi, Girl Talk, Delta Spirit, A Place to Bury Strangers, Lucero, Turbo Fruits, Municipal Waste, Chiddy Bang, The Bouncing Souls, The Gaslight Anthem, Those Darlins and many more.

Thanks also to Zach Jaeger of Tonally Dude for creating the flyer you see below...

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photos by Tim Griffin


Lucero played Emo's in Austin, Texas on Tuesday night (2/22), one night before they appeared on Carson Daly (can't find a video), with an assist from Robert Ellis & The Boys. Lucero's set included a cover of Jawbreaker's "Kiss the bottle" and Bill Withers' "Ain't no Sunshine." Speaking of bottles, the four-song encore was accompanied by special guest (bottle of) Jameson. Pictures from that show show are in this post.

The show is/was part of a few tour dates that the band has before they go out for a stretch of dates as part of Warped Tour 2011. That tour, which Peelander-Z is also a part of, hits Nassau Coliseum on July 23rd and Monmouth Park Raceway in Oceanport, NJ the next day. Tickets go on sale 4/1.

Lucero is also on board for Krazy Fest in Louisville on May 20-22 alongside bands like 7 Seconds, Against Me, Hot Water Music, Coalesce, Title Fight (who are coming to NYC), and many others. Not long before then, Hot Water Music frontman Chuck Ragan is scheduled to play the Bell House with Sharks. Tickets for the May 16th show are on sale.

More pictures and tour dates are below.

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photos by Tim Griffin, words by BBG


Nearing 30 years in the industry, D.R.I. took the stage shortly before midnight and played till 1:37 a.m., setting off a flurry of bodysurfing from the pent-up teenage-and 20-somethings in the crowd seconds before the first song even began... No matter the viewing point, songs such as "The Application" and "Slumlord" were enjoyed by the youngsters with a fury of moshing angst, and by the older crowd with relaxed appreciation. After original singer Kurt Brecht pointed out that D.R.I. played its first show in 1982, he and original guitarist Spike Cassidy, longtime drummer Rob Rampy and bassist Harald Oimoen also delivered the goods on "Suit and Tie Guy" and closers "The Five-Year Plan" and "Violent Pacification" -[Examiner]
That review comes from D.R.I.'s San Antonio date at White Rabbit, the day after they got all romantic with an Austin crowd at Emo's (on 2/14 aka Valentine's Day). With the lights dimmed and turned red, the Austin crowd swayed to the sexy sounds of the Houston crossover legends alongside Death Angel, Lazarus A.D. & Bonded By Blood, and with Before Dishonor & Southern Front adding a little hometown sensuality.

Austin & San Antonio were rare dates that converged two tours, D.R.I. and Death Angel/Lazarus A.D./Bonded By Blood. The D.R.I. tour continues on and the band will play Starland Ballroom on 2/27 with Mucky Pup before looping back afer European and South American tours to play Gramercy on 5/13 with Apathy & Horrifier. Death Angel's tour does not include an NYC date, but it does include a show at Scion Rock Fest (no BbB or LAD).

All tour dates and more pictures from Austin are below.

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At roughly 4:30am on Friday, May 7th, I dragged my sorry ass through the doors of Philadelphia International and stumbled towards my gate, getting the usual hairy eyeball that all pierced, tattooed longhairs can expect to receive from the cranky security guards and sinking into a ripped polyurethane seat to wait. Ten hours, one flight fuckup, one rerouting, and a few thousand miles later, I was in Austin, TX, walking up to 600 Red River Street to catch the mighty EyeHateGod unleash hell at legendary dive Emo's. The NOLA sludge warriors were due to play their first two dystopian masterworks, In the Name of Suffering and Take As Needed for Pain, and there was no way I could miss it. EyeHateGod are the granddaddies of the viscous bastardized Southern hardcore that is New Orleans sludge, and now that all the members are legally allowed to cross state lines, have been touring like madmen across the US and Europe.

ED: Check them out on the road and at Europa on June 12th with an unreal supporting cast (tickets are still avail). The Austin review and pictures continue below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Dr. Dog

The Dr. Dog and Deer Tick tour hit Emo's in Austin for a sold out show back on Saturday, May 1st. Tim happened to be in town and stopped by to shoot (though he got there too late for Deer Tick). His pictures of the headliner continue below.

The Dog & Tick show hit Philly last night, play the 9:30 Club in DC tonight (5/14), and end their run Saturday night at Terminal 5 in NYC. Tickets for that one are still available.

Dr. Dog are touring behind their new Anti-released album Shame, Shame. Deer Tick's new one, The Black Dirt Sessions, is out June 8th on Partisan. More Austin pics below...

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Cokie the Clown

"The lead singer from the band NOFX is under fire for giving out free shots of Patron during a recent show -- shots that appeared to have been watered down ... with the punk rocker's urine.

The guy accused of pissing everybody off -- Fat Mike -- put on a solo performance as his alter-ego "Cokie the Clown" at last week's South by Southwest festival in Austin ... covered by punk news website DyingScene.com.

Mike began the show by passing out the shots to fans and even downed a couple himself. But after a bizarre half hour in which Mike described his friend hanging himself, smothering his dying mother to death and milking a fan, Mike decided to show the crowd a very, very disturbing video.

The video appears to begin just moments before Mike took the stage and shows the singer urinating into a bottle of tequila ... and then serving it to the audience. The video did not appear edited.

So far, cops are not investigating the situation, but when we called the Austin Health Department to ask if they had taken any action, they told us they were unaware of the incident ... but would be looking into it.

Fat Mike told TMZ, "I confirmed that urine was not classified as a biohazard waste and not subject to the risks of legal ramifications of blood, semen, or feces." [TMZ]

The show took place at Emo's (who reportedly have banned Mike from ever coming back) on Saturday, March 20th (it was the Fat Wreck Chords showcase - 3 days after the BV show at the same place). Check out the TMZ-uploaded video of the incident, and information about the new restaurant Fat Mike is co-opening (yum?) in Park Slope, below....

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble, Tim Griffin, Brian Reilly

"Emo's Jr. is way too tiny to handle [Torche and] their enormous sludge, enormous hooks, enormous energy, enormous crowd." - Rolling Stone.com

Landmine Marathon (by Tim Griffin)
Landmine Marathon

While Fucked Up and six other bands were causing a ruckus on the bigger stage at Emo's (3/17), the BrooklynVegan day party began early and STRONG with a hot blast of Kill The Client at noon on the indoor stage. The newly Relapse-d and semi-local (partial Austin/Dallas) grinding four piece was a metallic triple-espresso to kick start the day.

Trophy for busiest metal band goes to The Atlas Moth, who booked a whopping seven shows in Austin during SxSW. Their trek began with Emo's and a killer set from their new album A Glorified Piece Of New Sky. Jovial singer Steve was all smiles at the show, and the band's epic sound echoed throughout Emo's.

Philadelphia's Javelina followed The Atlas Moth with their positively pummeling sludge filth, keeping momentum going. Bands like Buzzoven, Eyehategod, and others come to mind when listening to this quartet, but their driving sound is decidedly more punk rock in it's gallop but just as "fuck you" in it's 'tude. A big thank you goes out to the band, who also went on to fill in for the broken Nebula at Red 7 on Saturday (3/20). They rule, and can't wait to see them again on Wednesday (3/25) at Cake Shop with Howl, Sea of Bones, and Flourishing.

Though the band spent a good hour circling Emo's, Dark Castle did manage to squeak into the venue and be only a touch late for their designated set time. Again the Florida duo impressed. Dark Castle's sound is positively mammoth, and through the large PA at Emo's they sounded bigger than ever.

Salome was similarly massive, and I felt fortunate to have the band booked for their only unofficial appearance at SXSW. With the band having issues unloading gear due to street closures and general parking malaise, it seemed like vehicular frustration bred more stage-side fury. The trio's sludge doom caused numerous screams of joy and lots of recitations of the word "amazing". Agreed, and I truly believe that Salome was one of the best bands at SXSW this year.

Grace Perry may have been given the dubious ranking of one of the "hottest chicks in metal" according to Revolver (even though I agree), but don't think that Landmine Marathon's success is attributable to anything but hard touring. This band's strength is in the live show, which was firing on all cylinders at Emo's and leading to circle pits, including one with Perry on vocals! Video of that is below.

Withered's icy blasts were the antithesis of Torche's pop bliss, but the band were as sinister and powerful. I caught them again at Mohawk later that night (pics coming). I was honestly worried about Withered and Dark Castle's lighting rigs, and their ability to translate on stage during the day time, but I forgot about the most important part of those bands: both have intense and kinetic live shows, whether with or without a fancy stage setup.

Torche closed out the room with an assist from a fill-in drummer in the absence of Rick Smith (who broke his hand while touring with his side project Shitstorm). Although Smith's theatrics were missed (you rarely ever see anyone standing and jumping down TOWARD the kit, save for Rob Shaffer of Dark Castle and a few others), the band played a well-executed set of bubblegum pop which contained one song from their upcoming split with Boris, and a ton of thundering but sugary classics. The band closed with my favorite Torche track ever, the sickeningly heavy "Tarpit Carnivore" from their killer In Return EP.

More pics and some videos from the show are below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

"Just saw Fucked Up tear it up at Emo's, with a cameo from two of the Wu Tang Killa Bees. That's gonna be hard to top" - mehan jayasuriya

"FUCKED UP: Frontman Pink Eye says Emo's was first place he ever went shirtless. "Fat guys everywhere felt a little bit skinnier."" - Rolling Stone

""GZA? He just couldn't make it," Killah Priest told BrooklynTheBorough.com later. "He told us to come and help him out. He'll be here though - somewhere - he'll be here.""

Fucked Up

"The first show I caught at South by Southwest was The Morning Benders at Emo's for the Brooklyn Vegan day party. I talked with Christopher Chu, the lead singer and while he was warming up near the stage, I snapped a few pictures. If you have not purchased Big Echo, their latest album it is worth the dinero." [Harmon Drive]
As previously mentioned, GZA didn't show up but Killah Priest and 9th Prince made a quick but special appearance on the main ("outside") stage at the BrooklynVegan day party at Emo's on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 in Austin, TX. The two stage party featured a Torche-headlined metal stage "inside", and great sets by YellowFever, The Morning Benders, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Japandroids, Titus Andronicus, The Black Angels and Fucked Up outside. Finger on the Pulse played tunes between sets.

The last few bands got slightly longer sets due to the gap in the schedule that GZA created. The capacity crowd enjoyed free Magic Hat beer, Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Vitamin Water, Mr. Natural breakfast tacos, Nadamoo coconut milk ice cream, Daily Juice catering, Raw Revolution bars and Hail Merry granola. It was an amazing first day at the festival that was quickly followed by our official showcase right down the street at Club DeVille. More pictures from this stage (metal coming later), and a video clip of the Killah Priest part, below...

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Nebula @ a BV CMJ show (more by Paul Birman)

Though we otherwise had an amazing day party at Emo's on Wednesday, I was hit with some unfortunate news around 2pm. GZA wasn't making it due to "issues at Newark Airport". Scheduled to go on at 4:30pm after The Black Angels and before Fucked Up, we scrambled to come up with a solution. Not sure we could pull off a hip hop replacement, BV-SXSW veterans Deer Tick seemed like they might rush in and fill the slot, but that ended up not being a reality so, partially due to the advice of the venue, we decided to just extend the sets of the other bands including Titus Andronicus. I then got a text that Wu-Tang affiliates Killah Priest and 9th Prince were in town to perform with Gza and could still make it over. Too late to really do their own full set, Damian from Fucked Up was more than happy to let the two rappers on stage a few minutes into Fucked Up's set (with Fucked Up as their backing band). Paying tribute to ODB, the mini surprise performance was great and quickly made me forget that we had to tell a packed house that one of the headliners wasn't playing after all. Check out a video clip from it below.

In other cancellation news, Human Eye still lists four Austin shows on his MySpace, but I'm told they are all cancelled including the one scheduled for the BrooklynVegan Anso Presents show happening at Spider House Cafe today (3/18). Turbo Fruits will take their place. See you there at noon!

When you have 91 bands playing shows at a festival as hectic as SXSW (and that doesn't count Monday's NYC gig where we had five four more), I guess cancellations are somewhat to be expected. And there's more. I found out this morning that Beast didn't make it out of Canada. The good news? Crystal Antlers, who we also hosted two CMJs in a row, will take their place on our BV/M For Montreal bill.

Not done yet. Tee Pee band Nebula broke up, thus changing their plan to head to Austin to play five shows. Naturally one of those shows was a BV (Attitude Adjustment at Red 7). Replacement still TBA, and assuming the break up sticks, full tour (March 27th at Pianos included) cancellation still TBA too

Get to BrooklynVegan.com/SXSW to see our entire schedule. Killah Priest video below...

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SXSW flyer

As previously mentioned, we've lost our minds and are doing seven shows in Austin during SXSW this year. The first of those parties kicks off at Emo's at noon on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 (doors @ 11:30am) on two 100% FREE stages:

Outside/Main Stage
12:00 YellowFever
12:45 The Rural Alberta Advantage
01:30 The Morning Benders
02:15 Japandroids
03:00 Titus Andronicus
03:45 The Black Angels
04:30 GZA
05:15 Fucked Up

DJs: Finger on the Pulse

Inside/Metal Stage (Emo's Jr)
12:00 - Kill The Client
12:35 - The Atlas Moth
01:20 - Javelina
02:05 - Dark Castle
02:50 - Salome
03:35 - Landmine Marathon
04:20 - Withered
05:05 - Torche

FREE DRINKS COURTESY OF: Magic Hat & Firefly Vodka & Vitamin Water (while supplies last)
(starting @ noon. while supplies last)
MORE FREE FOOD COURTESY OF: Daily Juice (catering from 2-5)

We previously announced the entire metal stage for this Wednesday day party, but Dallas's Kill The Client is an even newer addition. They start the inside stage of off right, right at noon (as you can see above).

Thanks Zach Jaeger for the sweet flyer.

The Morning Benders, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Austin's own YellowFever, AND GZA are all being announced for the first time in this post. Those following along already knew about Fucked Up, The Black Angels, Titus Andronicus, and Japandroids.

It should be a wild first day in Austin and needless to say, we're very excited for this one. And did we mention this was all free? No RSVP. No Badges. Just stop by. Get there early if you want a free vegan breakfast taco. Stay around if you want even more catering by Daily Juice. Drink for free from our 10 kegs of Magic Hat beer and the many bottles of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka that we'll be pouring. Then after the show, if you're still hungry (and standing), get dinner quickly and head over to the official BrooklynVegan SXSW showcase at Club DeVille right down the block (Dawes go on at 8, Serena Maneesh finish things off at 1am). Then get some rest because you've got 19 more bands to catch on Thursday afternoon at Spider House.

And for those in NYC, don't forget that we're also hosting a free Morning Benders show, TONIGHT (3/8).

We also just announced the full lineup of our Saturday day party at Red 7 which is happening at the same time as our Saturday day party at Galaxy Room.

GZA's "Liquid Swords" video below...

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