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Sondra Sun-Odeon

Sondra Sun-Odeon will release her debut LP Ætherea on November 20. Just like the album title suggests, the NYC vocalist/songwriter creates somber yet ethereal compositions that bring to mind moody, late-60s/early-'70s UK folk, as well as more recent artists like Jesse Sykes or Damien Rice. You can help Sun-Odeon celebrate hew new LP next week by attending her record release show at Public Assembly on November 14 where she'll be joined by CC Carana and Bee and Flower. Tickets are available at the door.

Ætherea features guest shouts from names like Helena Espvall (Espers), Leyna Marika Papach (JG Thirwell) and Ben McConnell (Beach House, Papercuts, Brightblack Morning Light). You can stream the new song "Golden Bird" below as well as check out a live video of the song "Samarkind."

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Cripple Crow

"Banhart's most recent album, Cripple Crow finds him in a more communal vibe. The album was recorded with the help of those he calls 'the Family,' a small group of friends from various bands (Vetiver, Cocorosie, Bunny Brains, Joanna Newsom, Feathers, Espers, Tarantula A.D.). The Family, Banhart reveals, is something he came up with to ward off the tiresome freak-folk label that's been slapped on everything he and his group of musician friends do. 'I was just trying to give an alternative to a lame name, and I thought that sounded pretty,' he explains." [Popmatters talked to Devendra]

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Devendra Banhart @ Webster Hall

The Devendra Banhart show last night at Webster Hall (October 20, 2005) was a who's who of "freak-folk." The Hairy Fairy band includes members of Espers, Currituck Co, and Vetiver. Special guests on stage included Tarantula A.D., Cocorosie, Bunnybrains, and Devendra-regulars like Will. Antony was name checked.

Devendra Banhart @ Webster Hall

I'm a huge fan of artist collaboration, especially with Devendra. Unfortunately I think he's taken the recreation of the 60's thing too far - not because I can't dig it, but because the stage show is ruining what we're there for in the first place: the music. I didn't feel any of the magic last night.

Devendra Banhart @ Webster Hall

This doesn't mean I'm giving up on Devendra. Maybe he needs some rest. Maybe the sound wasn't that good at Webster Hall. Maybe the band drank too much magic punch. Maybe I was really tired (I was). The recent CMJ show at Bowery was actually pretty tight.

Devendra Banhart @ Webster Hall

Stay tuned for more pictures that better capture the craziness. Bunnybrains & Tarantula AD opened.

UPDATE: danfun felt what I did

Banhart: Yes, there is an amazing instrumental band from NYC called Tarantula but they have to change their name 'cause some Texas band already took it. Currituck Co., which is Kevin Barker, played on it; Otto Hauser from the Espers played on it; Honey and Adam Forkner from White Rainbow and Jackie-O Motherfucker played on it; Emma O'Donnell [of Jim & Jennie and the Pinetops] played fiddle; Ted Webber from the Hunger Mountain boys played on it;

Devendra Banhart Speaks on "Circular" New Full-Length

Tarantula play Mercury Lounge on May 19th, and Joe's Pub in NYC on June 2nd. More tour dates at their site.


Devendra, Tarantula, & Kevin Barker @ Tonic | Pics