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It's been a while since I posted much comedy-related news, and the last thing I did post turned out to be somewhat of a false alarm caused by completely erroneous listings on Ticketmaster and Live Nation (which they've since corrected). Sorry about that.

Eugene Mirman & Bobby Tisdale cakes, final Invite Them Up (Anya Garrett)
Invite Them Up

One of the bigger bits of NYC comedy related news was the final installment of Invite Them Up which took place at the still-to-remain-open Rififi on 2/27/08. It was the last of three final shows and, having heard the crowds weren't actually that insane at the previous two, I decided to get there at 8pm sharp. That was a huge mistake. When I arrived the bar was so full that I couldn't even close the door behind me. As the crowd began to file into the live room, I knew there was no way I'd fit in there either, so I decided to watch the show on a large flatscreen from a stool at the bar. The evening's line-up was absolutely insane and featured Kristen Schaal, Jim Gaffigan, Slovin & Allen, Todd Barry,Chelsea Peretti, Eugene Mirman, Jon Glaser & Jon Benjamin, and Demetri Martin. Craig Baldo did the very final "30 Seconds of Stand-Up" during which Rififi received a noise complaint from one of the neighbors.

a cop storms Rififi (Heather Fink)
Invite Them Up

Because the bar itself was completely packed and everyone was really focusing their attention to the flatscreen, I don't feel like I missed anything by not being in the actual live room. Plus, being at the bar I never had to wait for a beer which was truly joyous. Like every other ITU I've gone to, I left this one extremely drunk and amply satisfied with the fantastic comedy they gave me for a mere $5. Although I am sad to see ITU go, the reality is that it isn't the only cheap, awesome, and reliable comedy showcase in town. We've still got Greg and Larry, Totally J/K, Tearing the Veil of Maya, CBS/NYC, Sweet, ITU's replacement Gelmania, and so many more. So cheer up.

Demetri Martin, Invite Them Up RIP (Driven By Boredom)
Invite Them Up

One night later I co-hosted our first installment of Rock 'n' ROFL at Pianos, but more about that HERE. Stay tuned for another announcement coming any second with the lineup of our March 31st edition.

Keep reading for news, upcoming shows, videos and more....

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DOWNLOAD: No Kids - For Halloween (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Clipd Beaks - Melter (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Parts & Labor - Fractured Skies (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Grand Ole Party - Look Out Young Son (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Mae Shi - Run To Your Grave (MP3)

THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 2008, FREE (flyer by Ryan Muir)
Thursday day party

Emo's Annex
Holy Fuck 5:20
Phosphorescent 4:30
MEN (Le Tigre) 4:00
Lykke Li 3:30
MEN (Le Tigre) 3:00
Why? 2:30
No Kids 1:45
Peter Moren 1:00
Dawn Landes 12:15
The Ting Tings 11:30

Emo's Lounge
Fleet Foxes 5:30
Clipd Beaks 4:45
Genghis Tron 4:00
Parts & Labor 3:15
Team Robespierre 2:30
comedy by Eugene Mirman 2:15
Grand Ole Party 1:30
The Muggabears 12:45
The Mae Shi 12:00


Mp3's above. Videos below...

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words by Jon Roren, photos by Marianne Ways

Todd Barry and Ira Kaplan (Yo La Tengo) @ Rififi, Feb 26, 2008
Invite Them Up

Eugene Mirman
Invite Them Up

The penultimate Invite Them Up at Rififi Tuesday night (Feb 26, 2008) was perhaps as close to perfection as downtown comedy gets. It was also about as crowded as it gets. There were so many people that they had to open up the back room, put up a projection screen and seat people in there. This of course inspired some visual humor with Eugene Mirman standing in between rooms, watching himself in the back room while waving his arm in front of the camera in the main room a la "Spaceballs."

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words by Jon Roren, photos by Marianne Ways

DOWNLOAD: Cobra Krames - What More Time! (MP3)

Karin, Bobby and the time capsule @ Rififi, Feb 25, 2008
Invite Them Up

Invite Them Up has been a mainstay on the Downtown comedy scene for about six years, and has played host to many great talents. This week sees the end of ITU's run as a weekly show, with shows on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night to celebrate more than a half-decade of fart jokes and fireballs. If you're coming on Wednesday, bring something for the fancy time capsule.

John Oliver
Invite Them Up

Host Bobby Tisdale got night one-of-three underway with his patented rubbing of the microphone on some dude's balls before bringing up opening comic Greg Johnson - the co-host of the ECNY award-winning Rififi variety show 'Greg Johnson and Larry Murphy Show'. Johnson was followed by Michael Showalter whose set consisted of one of his trademark "showbiz rants" - this one about how he was only 3rd-to-last-night material and that he clearly wasn't good enough for Wednesday night before trying to tell jokes about shows nobody in the audience had seen.

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by Klaus Kinski

Eugene Mirman and Bobby Tisdale

For over 5 years, Eugene Mirman and Bobby Tisdale's weekly comedy showcase Invite Them Up has been bringing New Yorkers the best comedy (and sometimes music) on the planet. But as mentioned earlier, Invite Them Up will cease operations on February 27th, 2008. And although this loss will leave a huge hole in the comedic soul of NYC, Eugene and Bobby are saying goodbye by giving us three nights of comedy and music beginning Monday 2/25 (tonight)

Obviously such a renowned comedic institution like Invite Them Up won't die quietly. These final three shows will feature line-ups so insane that I'm not going to bother to mention a single participant. I won't even bother to mention a few of the lesser known names and append that with the vague "Plus Special Guests". These three nights' line-ups are comprised of special guests only. Want an idea of how good the line-ups might be? Take a look at their More Info Page and let your imagination run wild.

As with all other installments of Invite Them Up, each show will conclude with a wonderful afterparty featuring a different guest DJ each night. Comedian Craig Baldo is confirmed to DJ the 2/25 afterparty. To accomodate the legions of comedy fans that will stick around for these afterparties, the bar and the showroom will both stay open after the show.

But that's not all. They're going to make a large time capsule. They'll mostly have comedians put stuff in relating to the show, comedy, or this point in time, but Eugene and Bobby would like to Invite the audience to bring stuff for the time capsule too! Bring something. They'll be collecting the stuff over all three nights.

Despite previous reports, there is now no official closing date for Rififi. Nate Sloan at the NY Press reports....

"Whether or not the liquor license will be revoked is up in the air," explains Antonio. "The owner is making an effort to keep Rififi open, and it seems as though Rififi will remain open for at least another four or five months and could remain open permanently if the license is saved and hopefully will continue to operate as it has been."
This means the departure of Invite Them Up leaves Wednesday nights open for a brand new show. What will the show be? Who will curate it? With a little bit o' luck, I'll have the answer real soon....
Invite Them Up - The Final Shows
February 25, 26, 27 - 8:00pm

332 East 11th Street
.Check out some now-classic videos from Invite Them Up below....

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by Klaus Kinski

Leo Allen @ Occhi's Lounge,Comix, NYC - Feb 1, 2008 (Maryanne Ventrice)
Leo Allen @ Comix

I've never been a big fan of 'comedy clubs'. The two drink minimums, the sterility, the ticket prices, the middle-of-the-road risk-free comedians, the touristy crowds, the fact that people feel the need to dress nicer than usual and over-cologne themselves.... The whole vibe is pretty repellant to a slob like me. And although Comix is guilty of some of the above offenses to a certain degree, I feel that the venue makes great efforts in supporting and nurturing the local NYC comedy scene. They keep their ticket prices a fraction of what a place like Carolines would charge, they often have discount codes readily available, and they opened a downstairs lounge called Ochi's that has great indie comedy for free (with a one item minimum) six nights a week.

I am always happy when comics we're used to seeing at Rififi, Union Hall, The Pit, or UCB get the chance to shine in the main showroom of Comix. I'm comforted in the fact that they're probably making a halfway decent bit of coin and that they're reaching a more diverse audience. I think it's important (if we can afford it) to support our pals by attending these bigger shows. That said, I strongly recommend the following shows. Todd Barry's complete tour schedule also follows......

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Andrew WK @ ECNY Awards @ Comix, NYC - Jan 28, 2008 (Keith Huang)
Andrew WK

And the winners are....

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Todd Barry

Todd Barry recently discovered that he was interviewed on Carrie Brownstein's NPR blog Monitor Mix. READ IT.

Louis CK is taping a new stand-up special called Chewed Up! It will take place in Boston on March 1, 2008. Tickets go on sale through ticketmaster on 1/25/08 and are $30. HOWEVER, a limited number of $10 tickets will be available through Louis' website so keep checking it for details!

A while back I told y'alls that Eugene Mirman's Comedy Central Presents episode will be airing on Friday February 1st at 10:00pm. Like you, I was happy to hear the episode would finally be airing. Also, like you, I wasn't really looking forward to sitting in my apartment on a Friday night watching TV. Luckily Eugene, a man of intuition and foresight, has come to our rescue and will be having a FREE little screening party at Union Hall.

The details for that, and MUCH MORE, are below....

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this picture (by Joel Barhamand) isn't even of comedy, but it did happen at Rififi where comedy often happens.....


I already posted a reminder that Human Giant is at UCB again tonight, but I didn't mention the "It Is It" show happening earlier in the evening at Pianos:

hosted by Adam Lowitt of the Daily Show
with special guests:
Demetri Martin, The Daily Show
Rob Cantrell, Last Comic Standing
Sara Schaefer, host of the DL
Matt Goldich, Comedy Central
Joselyn Hughes, The Slumber Party
Also read through the recent Eugene Mirman post for other upcoming NYC shows.

Eugene Mirman

A lot is going on with Eugene Mirman these days & everyone needs to know about it.

Eugene recently headed to New Hampshire to cover the primaries for 236.com. You can see video evidence of his escapades on the 236 website, or at the very end of this post. Appearances by Hillary, Huckabee, Chuck Norris, Romney, townies, and Mirman himself make this a hilarious and unforgettable video.

When you're done watching that, mark your calendars for the airing of Eugene's Comedy Central Presents episode happening on 2/1/08. I was at the taping, and was blown away by how good it was. And definitely keep your eyes on the Comedy Central Presents calendar for other upcoming episodes featuring other awesome (and not very awesome) comedians.

Eugene also has a couple high profile gigs coming up in NYC (including "Get the Laughs and Votes Out for Obama" at Knitting Factory), some in Austin, and some in a few other places. All that below....

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Jon Brion and friends in Chicago

Pat Sansone, John Stirratt, Jon Brion, and Britt Daniel perform "I Feel Fine" at the Harris Theater in Chicago on New Year's Eve [ilamya]
* Petra Haden is playing The Stone
* The Killing of John Lennon opens at IFC
* Big Brother and The Holding Company is at Knitting Factory
8:40 PM doors, 9 PM show, $5
With Bobby Tisdale and Eugene Mirman
Featuring: Chris Jurek, Tig Notaro, Greg Johnson, Rob Cantrell, Nick Kroll, and special guests.
What else?

Kitson, Oliver, Schaal, Clement (CRED)
Daniel Kitson,  John Oliver,  Kristen Schaal,  Jemaine Clement

Daniel Kitson added a FOURTH show at Union Hall. The Sunday and Monday shows are completely sold out, but there's a handful for tickets left for the remaining shows. I'm telling you, if ever there was a comedy show that absolutely cannot be missed it's this one. As a matter of fact, I'm giving away one pair of tickets to the Wednesday 12/5, 10pm show (details at the end of this post). Maybe they'll release a ticket or two the nights of the peformances, maybe they won't. It's totally worthy a shot though.

And don't forget about the NY Mag Not Your Office Holiday Party featuring We Are Scientists and the UCB Theater happening on 12/18/07 at the Canal Room. The show will be hosted by Daily Show correspondent Rob Riggle who will also serve as The Boss. Partygoers will be provided with fakey name tags as well as a checklist of inappropriate office things that you should be partaking in such as admitting your best excuses for taking a sick day, kissing a co-worker under the mistle toe, brown nosing your boss, and photo-copying your buns. It sounds like lots of fun. I've got two pairs of tickets to give away (also at the end of this post).

Just for a LaughTaking a page out of Sub Pop's book, indie label Matador Records has signed their first comedy act! Earles and Jensen Present: Just Farr A Laugh Vol. 1 and 2 will be released February 19th on Matador Records. Their myspace page has an ever changing sample of their work, so check it out. Scads more info at Chunklet.


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Max Silvestri @ Rififi, NYC - Oct 29, 2007 (CRED)
Max Silvestri

In addition to all the special comedy shows always going on, don't forget that there are plenty of shows that happen weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in NYC that are always reliable, rarely over $5, and usually feature some of the biggest comedians in the business. Why, just the other day Invite Them Up featured Jim Gaffigan, Demetri Martin, Nick Kroll, Andy Blitz, and Max Silvestri. Nuts, right!? Here are some other recurring shows I highly recommend.

What else? -Klaus

DOWNLOAD: Versus - Deseret (MP3)

Peter Moren, Carl Newman & the happy couple @ Union Hall, Nov 10, 2007 (cred)
Union Hall

Eugene Mirman now pronounces you man & wife, Nov 10, 2007
Union Hall

Union Hall can now call itself home to at least two major indie rock weddings, and both weddings involved The New Pornographers' Carl Newman, and Union Hall mainstay comedian Eugene Mirman, in one way or another. The first wedding (August 4, 2007) WAS Carl Newman's, and (luckily then) Carl merely played at the second one. Carl and Peter of Peter Bjorn & John did a set of covers at the private Saturday night show that also included sets by Dean & Britta and The Mugs (not the Muggs). Congratulations to Union Hall's booker Skippy, and his new wife Courtney. More photos like the two in this post, at Flickr. Read an interview with Skippy (Jack McFadden) at Gothamist.

For Peter, that meant his third show at Union Hall. His first was with Bjorn and John - their NYC debut back in January, and his second was just one night before the wedding - he was the not-so-secret guest on Friday night's David Kilgour show....

Peter played a short impromptu set of songs he's working on for an upcoming solo album, working out arrangements in advance of his "real" solo show at Joe's Pub on November 19. Stress on "working them out." There were stops and starts, flubbed lyrics... but luckily Moren's a real charmer so nobody seemed to mind....[Sound Bites]
BUT, ends up....
the real treat was after the night's show (including David Kilgour and Euros Childs) was supposed to be over.

1990s indie faves Versus reunited for their second show since breaking up in 2001. This wasn't the start of a reformation, however -- this was a 40th birthday present for former Teenbeat labelmate Matthew Datesman, who has logged time playing drums for various bands on that influential Arlington, VA label, including True Love Always, Aden, and currently Flin Flon. Teenbeat prez and Flin Flon singer Mark Robinson (who still looks like he's 25) was one of the 50 or in attendence, most of whom were super-psyched to be seeing Versus. [Sound Bites]

Versus reunion, Nov 09, 2007
Union Hall

And as if that wasn't enough, Michael Showalter's new comedy album Sandwiches & Cats is out this week. What does that have to do with Union Hall? Well, it was recorded there! Stream it now at AOL.

As you probably know by now - mostly thanks to Michael Showalter & Eugene Mirman's weekly Sunday night show "Tearing the Veil of Maya", Union Hall has become - along with UCB and Rififi, one of the best places to catch a show by one of NYC's many "alt-comedians". Aziz Ansari, David Cross, Jon Benjamin, Leo Allen.....the list goes on.....

Sarah Silverman poses with a super-fan, Nov 1, 2007
Union Hall

That's right - Sarah Silverman herself was the the "surprise" at Todd Barry's 20th year in comedy celebration at Union Hall earlier this month.

Upcoming shows at Union Hall include Daniel Kitson, Travis Morrison, and Oppenheimer. Eugene Mirman & Immaculate Machine played their Sunday night.

art by Kim of Matt & Kim (more info)
Kim Schifino

Films by Eugene Mirman. Photos by Todd Seelie. Art by Kim Schifino of Matt & Kim. Mangina. A silent auction. Open Bar. Four Bands. DJ's. Free. Etc. Tonight (Nov 2, 2007) in Brooklyn. RSVP.

Eugene Mirman and Arj Barker (CRED)
Eugene Mirman & Arj Barker

There's a whole heck of a lot of Eugene Mirman related news!

First of all, Eugene is on a DVD called COMEDIANS OF COMEDY: Live at The Troubadour DVD - In Stores NOW!. From Amazon.com:

It's a night of comic anarchy as 15 of today's edgiest comedians perform at Los Angeles' legendary Troubadour rock 'n' roll club! You're guaranteed to laugh, and occasionally gasp with shock, as new comic frontiers are crossed. The humor is always fresh and funny as Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Zach Galifianakis, Maria Bamford, David Cross, Sarah Silverman, Blaine Capatch, Jon Benjamin, Jasper Redd, Andy Kindler, Morgan Murphy, Bob Odenkirk, Doug Benson, Dana Gould and Eugene Mirman share their unique styles of comedy.
Stop by this week's edition of Invite Them Up at Rififi tonight (Oct 3 - NYC) - In addition to your hosts Eugene Mirman & Bobby Tisdale - Reggie Watts, Chelsea Peretti, Larry Murphy, Seth Herzog, Adam Lowitt and MORE will be there to make you laugh.

More below.....

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Britt Daniel & Spoon @ Virgin Fest 2007 (MORE)
Spoon @ Virgin 2007

The above three mentioned chaps will be participating in some capacity (supergroups possibly) in the upcoming show now too.

Flight of the Conchords @ Gramercy Theatre, NYC - June 13, 2007 (CRED)
Flight of the Conchords @ Gramercy Theatre

by Klaus Kinski

It has been a very very very long time since I last saw Flight of the Conchords perform live. I actually even sort of forgot about them for a while. But all of a sudden they've exploded back onto the scene with a vengeance and now seem to be everywhere. Of their two "sold out" * shows at Blender Theater at Gramercy I was able to catch second show on 6/14. I had high hopes because my pal Matt went the first night (6/13), and told me this:

The show was great. Really hilarious. Eugene Mirman came out around 8:40 and did a solid 45 minutes (or so), then instead of an intermission, he brought the Conchords right out and they performed till around 10:45. They did all the big songs (Business Time, Think about It, Jenny), and encored with ‘Bowie’s in Space’, which is probably the most brilliant Bowie homage ever.
The opener was their HBO series co-star Rhys Darby whose forté, really, is making funny sound effects a la Michael Winslow. I saw him a while back at the final Hot Tub Variety Show at Comix and found him a bit corny. However, this time around he was extremely funny and balanced his sound effects with actual stand up much better than before. He was phenominal and I got the sense the crowd was digging his schtick.

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DOWNLOAD: The Silent League - Breathe (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Loney, Dear - I am John (MP3)

David Cross @ Union Hall, Brooklyn, NYC - June 10, 2007 (CRED)
David Cross @ Union Hall

a review by Nick Greto

The evening started rather lonesome, as my friends eluded me. I called just about everyone I knew, but no one had the time.

Regardless, I made my way to Union Hall alone and arrived just before the doors opened at 9:15. But, ahh, what was this? It appeared that the early, weekly "Tearing the Veil of Maya" comedy show (this week with a very special guest) was still in session. I tried my luck. "Any chance I can get in for the end?"

A moment later I was on the other side of the door and Dr. Tobias Funke was on stage! Though I only caught about 15 minutes of his act, David Cross seemed unprepared. He fumbled through papers searching for each subject to discuss. However, when he did land a joke, it was a direct hit. One couldn't help but laugh. He discussed hippies and Hollywood, and sipped from what appeared to be a PBR. After the show everyone was asked to exit the room in preparation for the late show with The Silent League and Loney, Dear.

The Silent League took the stage a short while later and made for a perfect transition from David Cross to Loney, Dear. Their Flaming Lips-esque vocals and Bowie-influenced tunes seemingly warmed up an already excited crowd.

When Loney, Dear took the stage the room went silent, and the hushed sounds of frontman Emil Svanangen's acoustic guitar filled the air. Shortly thereafter came his distinctive vocals. The crowd stared on, apparently entranced. Then the entire band joined him for the second song, and the audience began to move.

On record - Loney, Dear's sound is relaxing - a chill, sort of "whoa is me/things aren't so bad" contrasting vibe, but live Svanangen's songs take new form. The hopefulness pours from the vocals and lyrics; the songs never feel depressing. The crowd was bubbly and filled with smiles. Svanangen shared stories, and joked with us. People swayed with the music, and sang along when asked.

The highlight of the performance was "Sinister in a State of Hope" - a beautiful rendition of a great song. At least one person near me was moved to tears. Moments earlier my girlfriend suddenly arrived - no longer lonely, I thought how appropriate it all seemed for a Loney, Dear show.

Loney, Dear @ Union Hall, Brooklyn, NYC - June 10, 2007 (CRED)
Loney Dear @ Union Hall

Official gig poster below....

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First Patton. now Flight of the Conchords. I give you, more Klaus....

Flight of the ConchordsFlight of the Conchords

More f*cking awesome comedy news! I've harbored a very deep and very real love for Flight of the Concords since the moment I first saw them; where or when that exactly was I do not remember. Anyhow, their rise to super-stardom has been pretty quick and pretty consistent. Evidence of this is in their upcoming HBO Series and their semi-large venue US Tour.

If the promo clips and supporting cast are any hint as to how freaking dope their show will be, then we must all prepare ourselves for comic perfection. Arj Barker, Rhys Darby, Eugene Mirman, and Kristen Schaal are among the many talented and hilarious-in-their-own-right cast members. This link has loads of clips and info.

And let us not forget the highly anticipated live gigs they have scheduled all over the US. Their TV show is not to be missed, but their lives shows is really where it's at. Tickets are on sale for two June shows at the Gramerrcy Theatre in NYC.

Videos & tour dates below....

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Tim & Eric are on tour. They visit NYC Monday.
Tim & ERic

We're still sorting out the complete 'Comedy Canon' this week, but in the meantime you need to know what local comedy shows are coming up. So here's that - and a video of Eugene Mirman on network television - below...

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Klaus brings us this last minute addition to his already killer comedy post:

Sunday 1/7/07: Tearing The Veil of Maya. This weekly comedy show featuring Eugene Mirman and Michael Showalter takes place at Union Hall in Brooklyn every Sunday @ 8:00pm. The show is produced by Julie Smith. Michael and Eugene are there every week (sometimes one of them might be touring, but generally they're both there) and are always accompanied by two very special guests.
When I first saw Eugene Mirman's Humacorn video, I thought, "that was dumb". Then I watched it again. And again. And again. Then I randomly started running up to people like a maniac and screaming "I am Humacorn! I am magic!"....