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by Andrew Sacher

photo: KEN mode at BV-SXSW 2015 (more by Tim Griffin)
KEN mode

Winnipeg crushers KEN mode recently played some stuff off their upcoming sixth album, Success at one of the BV-SXSW parties, which we mentioned sounding closer to AmRep noise rock than their previous material. Now they've revealed the first studio recording from the LP, "Blessed," and the AmRep comparisons are even more apt here than we realized seeing it live. It seems very appropriate that the album was engineered by Steve Albini, mastered by his Shellac bandmate Bob Weston, and features an appearance by Oxbow's Eugene Robinson. (It also awesomely features members of Full of Hell.)

Success will be out on June 16 via Season of Mist. Watch the video for "Blessed," via Noisey, below.

KEN mode also announced a tour with fellow AmRep worshippers Fight Amp. That comes to NYC for a show on June 18 at Saint Vitus with killer local support from Pyrrhon and Couch Slut. Tickets for Vitus should be on sale soon via Ticketfly. All dates are listed below.

In related news, Fight Amp have announced the followup to 2012's Birth Control. It's called Constantly Off and will be out on June 9 via Brutal Panda. You can watch an album trailer with clips of new music, below.

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Sal Mineo

SAL MINEO is sad to have to announce the postponement of the American debut of SAL MINEO. More details soon.
And as simple as that, Sal Mineo (made up of Eugene Robinson of Oxbow and Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu) have called off their dates including their stop at Hopscotch 2013 and Bell House on Friday (9/6) with Kayo Dot. Bummer. When questioned about details as to why the cancellation happened, we were told that there were "professional conflicts" and that the band was intact and all well. Good to hear, and hopefully we'll see them soon.

Eugene Robinson of Oxbow, September 2011 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Eugene Robinson

Unlike most of the year-end lists we've seen, which are of albums, songs, or memorable moments from live shows, Eugene Robinson, frontman of long-running noise rockers Oxbow, always caps his year off with something way weirder (and awesome). Last year it was his Top Revenge Themes for 2011 and this year he's listed his Top 10 Things in 2012 To Which I Will Say "Don't Get Me Started." The list is just as amazing as you'd hope, and you can read the entire thing below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Oxbow at Europa, September 2011 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)

Between their absolutely riveting set and their similarly fascinating collaboration with Merzbow at CZAR Bar in Tampa in June, the mighty Oxbow had Scion Rock Fest 2012 on lockdown (review). The Bay Area band's bluesy, angular noise rock is unique on its own but with the on-stage theatrics of the incomparable Eugene Robinson, Oxbow is simply one of my favorite live bands.

Oxbow have limited tour dates scheduled for the coming months, but are on board for the sold-out and Shellac-curated ATP The Nightmare Before Christmas in the UK, joining names like Neurosis, Mono, Wire, Mission of Burma, Buke and Gase, Zeni Geva, Red Fang, Uzeda and more. All listed dates and live footage of the band from the Scion Rock Fest in Tampa, along with an interview, are below.

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We are understandably excited about the Locrian/Mamiffer collaborative LP Bless Them That Curse You, out now via SIGE/Utech/Profound Lore. As a result, we fanagled the world's most eloquent pugilist, Oxbow's Eugene Robinson, into discussing the release with both bands. The results of said discussion is below. -BBG



TWO + THREE = INFINITY or: How Mammifer and Locrian will make mad the weary and drown the stage in tears.

by Eugene S. Robinson

A lot of times, well almost more times than not, the math and the mathematicians bungle the fucking job and adding cool to cool just results in everything being half as much instead of twice as much cool. How this happens and why probably has everything to do with the fact that this is more about magic and less about math, and putting Aaron Turner and Faith Coloccia's Mammifer together with the fine young men in Locrian and the results are less about a subtle power and grace and much more about the first hand experiences of loss, failure, and unnamed corruptions.


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by BBG

Eugene Robinson at Europa (more by BBG)

Scott Kelly (Neurosis) is currently touring the West Coast, but will make his way East for a string of dates with the great Eugene Robinson (Oxbow) that will include a stop at Knitting Factory on March 4th. Tickets go on sale at 10AM on 12/10 (Saturday).

In related news, Relapse Records will reissue Neurosis' classic Souls At Zero and Enemy Of The Sun LPs on 180 2LP sets (color and black). Pre-order yours.

Speaking of the amazing Eugene Robinson, his band Oxbow will be the subject of a new crowd-sourced documentary (they have met their goal, but donations close 12/16 if you still want to give). In addition, we asked Eugene Robinson to discuss some of his favorite things in 2011. His response? Top 10 Revenge Themes for 2011. Check his unmissable list, the kickstarter video and all tour dates below (look for additional lists from some of our other favorite artists in the days to come)...

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Weedeater words by Lindsay Maharry, photos & Oxbow words by BBG


Weedeater headlined Europa Saturday night (9/10), playing alongside Oxbow, Bison BC, and Fight Amp as part of a larger tour for Weedeater & co. It was a rare one-off for Oxbow.

Weedeater as a band, and as people, are completely unaffected, giving their live show a remarkable jolt of undeniable authenticity. Beloved frontman "Dixie" Dave Collins' collision of dirty Southern grit and seemingly effortless talent is mesmerizing. Collins started the show off with a back pocket full of salami cold cuts and an arm full of American flag Budweiser. After riffing Sleep for the sound test, the band exploded into "God Luck and Good Speed". The room shook.

Cross-eyed madman Collins is also a jack of many trades. One minute he's knocking himself in the head, while the next he's straight-faced and seamlessly manipulating feedback in perfect sync with the rest of the band. Between growled lyrics, Collins shot strands of mucus in and out of his mouth, but not without casualties; spit strung through his beard for the rest of the set. He didn't wipe it away.

At one point, early on, he found a bottle of water on the stage. "What the fuck is this for? washin' clothes or something?," he muttered to himself, then threw the bottle over his shoulder and pounded the rest of his beer. He never missed a beat. - LM


Oxbow (my favorite band of the night) vocalist Eugene Robinson's well-documented knowledge of the combative arts translates to his moves on stage, punctuating big bang moments from the songs with uppercuts and downward fist strikes. Slithering to the band's bluesy-avant-jazz-meets-Am-Rep backing, Robinson would disrobe piece by piece- eventually grabbing, fondling and thrusting himself in his skivvies and a black leather vest. To say Robinson's performance is confrontational is an understatement, but also to discount Oxbow as a band with a novelty frontman would be a travesty. The trio of Dan Adams, Greg Davis, and Niko Wenner are exceptional musicians that write incredibly compelling tunes regardless of the vocal situation. David Yow knows it, so take notes young folk... this is how it should be done: raw, in your face, soulful, brutal and excellent.

Fight Amp and Bison BC also delivered my favorite performances yet. Bison are at the top of their live game. More pictures from the show, below...

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by BBG

Eugene Robinson

You'll be reading from your new book A Long Slow Screw... The book resembles Fight in one way.... its gritty, and tough as nails, weaving a crime caper into your personal stories from NYC. Where did some of the inspiration come from for the novel?

Eugene: ...A LONG SLOW SCREW is much more a product of the Freudian iD... mostly as its focus is the functioning of filthy lucre and our relationship to the corrosive power of cash and all about what we WANT. it's also much more rollicking but in my mind is almost a book of philosophy for thems that are deep thinkers. for everybody else it's just good ol' crazy crime and chaos.

But as these are eternal preoccupations of mine the inspiration came out of spending much of my free time during a certain period of my life hanging around very very bad guys.


The above quote comes from an interview conducted with the great Eugene Robinson, who will hit the road to read from his latest novel A Long Slow Screw which may be followed by a Q&A. The author "promises to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth". You can catch that show at Union Pool on 10/26 (one week from today) where the the Oxbow fronman will be joined by Man's Gin (a musical performance).

Man's Gin played Precious Metal last night with Goldhail, and recently released their debut LP Smiling Dogs via Profound Lore. The band, which made their NYC debut supporting Altar of Plagues at The Studio at Webster Hall, features Fade of Batillus (who play the BV-BBG CMJ showcase on 10/23 at Union Pool).

All tour dates and some video are below.

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by BBG

Eugene Robinson

There are two reasons why you don't want to fight Eugene Robinson. First of all, the Oxbow wildman will probably whip your ass, as documented in his many adventures in his first book, Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking. Secondly, after he whips your ass, he might write a piece on it. ELOQUENTLY. And it may even appear in a forthcoming novel, like Robinson's life-experiences that help to shape A Long Slow Screw, his new book out NOW.

As part of a Toby Driver curated month at The Stone, Eugene will double up for a pair of shows on Friday (2/26). First at 8PM, Eugene will join Niko Wenner (Oxbow guitarist), Zef Noi$e and Alice Genese for a reading of A Long Slow Screw featuring members of Psychic TV. Directly following that (10PM), Eugene and Niko will team up again for Oxbow acoustic. We sat down to ask Eugene about his new book, whats going down with Oxbow, and whether he will remain clothed on Friday...

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