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the Good Room (via kellythebruce)
Good Room
Good Room

A new club called the Good Room is in the process of opening in Greenpoint at 98 Meserole Ave. If that address sounds familiar, it's because it's the location of the Brooklyn venue previously and very recently known as Europa. Their first event was an invite-only party this past Saturday (10/25) with DFA DJs Nancy Whang and The Juan Maclean along with Nomi Ruiz. Club designer/legend Steven Lewis is reportedly the rebranded club's designer. Bedford and Bowery went that night:

The place's operators and handlers are still keeping it very much under wraps, but (oops!) a tweet from one of Saturday's other DJs, "trans superstar of tomorrow" Nomi Ruiz, reveals that veteran club maestro Steve Lewis designed the room, which is actually three rooms located up a flight of stairs. The first consists of a spacious dance floor surrounded by curved banquette seating. That room is outfitted with a bumping sound system that can be heard half a block away, plus the obligatory state-of-the-art lighting, smoke machines and disco ball. It opens onto another room dominated by a projecting rectangular bar. And off to the side is a smaller parlor where, behind the DJ booth, a wall of shelves stocked with vinyl give off a library vibe. On Saturday, techno and electronica dominated the main room while New Order and the like had people pogoing in the side room.
A Yelp reviewer also made it in:
Upon entering the door guys and security were very friendly. Once I walked up the stairs and entered the club, immediately I felt like I was in a very cool environment for enjoying house/techno/nudisco music. The dancefloor although not huge is very open, with a raised lounge area extending around the entire perimeter. The room is very dark with rotating blue spotlights on the ceiling beaming down on the dancefloor that make for a pretty awesome vibe on the floor. First thing I noticed was the sound on the floor was great! Perfect separation of the bass and overall very clear sound. The bar had fairly reasonable prices for a club, $6 beers (crappy selection though, Heinekin, Stella, and Amstel), and $8 mixed drinks.
Previews continue tonight (Halloween) with a private party from 9pm-12am that includes a "surprise guest", and then a more public party from midnight to 4am with DJs Tommy James, Ray Zuniga, and Modernluv. Both events tonight are hosted by Three Kings Tattoos (who just spent Friday and Saturday with us giving tattoos at Baby's All Right).

There was also an event there last night with another surprise guest (anyone know it was?) (UPDATE: it was Le Youth), and yet another surprise guest plays there on Saturday as part of THIS Dia De Los Muertos celebration.

Good Room

It's unclear if live shows will be returning to the location. We'll keep you posted.

by Bill Pearis

Dum Dum Girls at Europa, 9/30/2012 (via @brooklynvegan Instagram)
Dum Dum Girls

Dum Dum Girls were just through town, playing a record release party at Europa on Sunday (9/30) for their new EP, End of Daze. (They also played an in-store at Other Music on Monday.) This was the first second NYC DDGs show to feature new bassist Malia who replaced Bambi (who left to start her own band Cheap Curls). Looking a bit like Patricia Morison of Sisters of Mercy, she's been with the Girls for a while and fits right in with Sandy, Jules and now platinum blonde Dee Dee. Noo hiccups in their tight, 50-minute or so set that included pretty much everything you'd want to hear from their catalog to date, including the EP's flower-powered "Lord Knows." Dum Dum Girls set closed with a terrific cover of Pale Saints' 1989 single "Sight of You" which was a surprise to me but the band have been doing for most of the year. A great show overall, and Greenpoint club Europa (which seems to have been frozen in amber around 1980) was a cool place to see them. Video from their set is below.

If you missed the show and don't want to trek up to Terminal 5 to see them open for The Walkmen, the Dum Dum Girls will be here for CMJ, playing Stereogum's official showcase which happens on Wednesday, October 17 at Glasslands. Also playing, and definitely another reason to go to this, are new UK post-punk outfit Savages, who are making their first Stateside visit for CMJ.The rest of the Stereogum CMJ party includes Guards, Port St. Willow, IO ECHO and a DJ set from Icona Pop. Tickets are on sale now and only $5. Hard to pass up.

I'll remind you again that Dum Dum Girls drummer Sandy has her band, SISU, in town too. They played last night at Death by Audio but will play again in NYC on Friday (10/5) at Pianos with Young Boys and Suburban Living, and then at Glasslands on Wednesday (10/10) with Grooms, Royal Baths and Punks on Mars.

Meanwhile, Savages also play Mercury Lounge on October 19 with Choir of Young Believers, Daughter, San Cisco, Emma Louise and J. Thoven. Tickets are still on sale for that one too. Savages performed "Husbands" on Later with Jules Holland over the weekend and you can check out video from their appearance below.

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by Bill Pearis

Dum Dum Girls at Osheaga 2012 (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)
Dum Dum Girls

Dum Dum Girls' new EP, End of Daze, is out September 25 finds Dee Dee and the rest of the girls expanding their sound into some cool new areas. "Lord Knows," which you can download via a widget at the bottom of this post (with your email address), is a soulful "Crimson and Clover" style groover that could've been played at the Hacienda in 1990, and the EP also contains a blissed-out cover of Strawberry Switchblade's 1983 dayglo psych debut, "Trees and Flowers."

Dum Dum Girls will play an End of Daze release party in NYC at Europa on September 30 with "Special Guest" and tickets are on sale now. They'll also be opening for The Walkmen (with whom they played at Montreal's Osheaga fest) at Terminal 5 on October 18.

If you need more related music, check out SISU which is fronted by DDG drummer Sandra Vu and falls a little more on the gothy shoegaze side of things. (I caught them at SXSW.) Their new "Demon Tapes Vol. 2" EP quite good and is a "name your price" download at Bandcamp and is streaming below.

All tour dates are listed below, along with streams and widgets.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Refused @ Europa in Greenpoint

Soaked from head to toe, I walked out of Refused/Off! last night at Europa (7/18, brought to you by Scenic) with a smile on my face. Unlike their recent Terminal 5 shows, the Swedish band's last minute Europa appearance was a wild and overheated affair, more of what a hardcore show should be.

After the cancellation of the much larger Waterfront show due to rain, I knew to arrive early to Europa, so I got there around 7:45. The line was already stretched more than two blocks long, filled with many people who had paid to see the bands at the much larger Williamsburg Waterfront. The Europa show was first come, first served, free and all ages (Waterfront tickets are being refunded), and the venue only let in roughly 500 folks. They went down the line giving out tickets, and those who didnt get a ticket walked up and down the line looking to buy one ("I'll pay $100 for a ticket"). There were a lot of those people. The nearby police station seemed to empty on to the street, with cops standing on the corners surveying the crowd.

The doors opened around 8:30 and people started rolling in to the Greenpoint club. Hot as hell in there. Sweating. A lot.

After a long wait, OFF! played their set to a mostly cross-armed crowd with a few newbie-mosh-types attempting to start a pit. They ended up just bouncing off of each other while the borderline-comatose crowd looked on. It wouldnt be until Refused got on stage that the real mayhem started. More sweating.

After waiting in the venue for what seemed like an eternity (now, dripping), Dennis from Refused made his way to the front to start the set. The crowd got tighter around the stage. By the time the band started, the front was either moving in a wave-like motion, avoiding the mosh pit, or looking out for stagedivers. The band's set seemed similar or identical to their previous outings but with one very notable exception: John Joseph (of the Cro-Mags) arrived on the scene late in their set to perform Bad Brains' "Attitude" and Cro-Mags' "We Gotta Know". This was my highlight for sure, especially in light of the recent violence and the PMA message of the Bad Brains classic. You might remember that at Terminal 5 it was Lou from Sick of It All who came up and performed with Refused (and Sick of it All was also supposed to perform at the recent Webster Hall show that ended early). Not my favorite band, but a solid set from the Swedes. Though the prize of the night goes to the insane audience.

Oh, and during their set, Refused strangely made an onstage proclamation about their past and "still" status as a revolutionary band. Considering their anti-capitalist stances in the past, I think that is a bit more than over-reaching (I disagree entirely). They should probably avoid saying that entirely.

Nevertheless, I also think that Refused's big moment, which passed many years ago, deserves to be celebrated to the fullest. At Europa last night (their 2nd small Brooklyn show this year) show this year), it most certainly was. It was just a bummer that so many that had planned to see the band at Williamsburg Waterfront, not to mention Philly tonight, were left out.

Refused played Jimmy Fallon earlier that day. Video of "New Noise" and "The Shape of Punk to Come" from that appearance, along with pictures from Europa are below.

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UPDATE: This show happened. HERE ARE THE PICTURES.

Refused @ Terminal 5 in April (more by BBG)

Not as many people will get to see them, but good news from Refused who report:

"Brooklyn, this is the best we can do. OFF! has secured Europa Club (98 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn) for us to play tonight. First come, first serve. Doors 9pm, OFF! at 10pm and we will play until Fallon comes on!"
The show was supposed to be at the much larger Williamsburg Waterfront but was cancelled due to rain. Refused are on Fallon tonight.

UPDATE: This show happened. HERE ARE THE PICTURES and Fallon video.

The Hot Chip show in Prospect Park is still happening in Prospect Park (though doors were pushed back to 7:30), and the afterparty for that is at Santos where the free, first come, first served JEFF the Brotherhood show is earlier.

Refused Flyer below.

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by Lauren Jackson

Cold Cave with Dee Dee of The Dum Dum Girls (via beckadiamond)
Cold Cave

Last night (6/14) was unofficial goth night at Europa in Brooklyn.

Less a concert and more a melancholic dance party of black-clad, overdressed waifs, Thursday's Northside Festival line-up at Europa featured darkwave heroes Cold Cave and White Ring, along with the experimental solo project of C. Spencer Yeh, Burning Star Core.

The latter kicked off the show on a dissonant note, barraging the few blasé (and mostly seated) attendees with violin feedback and isolated electronic noise. Though discordant, Yeh's set most certainly lent itself to the "goth prom" ambiance of the event: he performed off and to the right of the stage, set up on a rickety table and backlit with color-changing LED lights. (Naturally, Europa's velveteen, hyper-polished and chandelier-encrusted décor helped, too.)

The night's dance vibes -- and, perhaps not surprisingly, the crowd -- picked up significantly when White Ring took the stage. That is to say, it didn't pick up too much but just enough for people to hang their heads and sway under strobe light. The songs were slow but pulsating; paired with singer Kendra Malia's strident vocal delivery, the performance came across as visceral, yet cold  -- think Crystal Castles with a heavy dose of codeine syrup -- and eased the crowd perfectly into the headlining set.

When Cold Cave came on, mood seemed to switch gears to beach party spillover, with the sea of black shifting back and allowing a bare-legged, sun-kissed crew of what some might refer to as "normies" to the front. They greeted the band with exuberance and -- gasp! --  up-tempo dancing. Cold Cave returned the favor by playing the hits off Cherish the Light Years while also peppering in some old favorites including the single "Love Comes Close" and b-side "Theme from Tomorrowland", featuring Dee Dee from Dum Dum Girls on vocals. At one point, they went even further back into the band's repertoire to play a Cremations-era mash up of "Poison Berries" and "Pacing Around the Church", much to the chagrin of the dance-oriented crowd.

Saccharine sweet at times and flat-out scary at others (see: Dominick Fernow dancing maniacally around the stage, pointing, and shouting angrily at the crowd), Cold Cave's performance was as dichotomous as the night's line-up. Though the marriage of Eisold and Fernow's hardcore and noise roots with the dance-friendly sensibility of Cold Cave works well for the band, it sometimes fails to translate live, especially when mixing performers as far-removed from each other as these two openers were. But, so long as you can approach the performances with little expectation of seeing "dance-friendly band" or "the members of American Nightmare and Prurient project" and simply go to see Cold Cave, the band (a novel idea, I know), they shouldn't, and won't, disappoint.

photos by Greg Cristman, words by BBG

Lock Up @ Europa - 2/16/2012
Lock Up!

UK band Lock Up, featuring an ailing Tomas Lindberg and bass tones from Danny Lilker (Nuclear Assault) in the the place of Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Venomous Concept), played Europa on February 16th as part of their round of dates with Goatwhore and Strong Intention. The NYC date featured appearances from both The Year is One and Mutant Supremacy, as well as vocals on some of the Lock Up tracks from Ben of Goatwhore while Lindberg was coating his throat in cloraseptic and downing Dayquil. Get well soon Tompa! Pictures from the show are in this post.

In related news, Goatwhore's new LP Blood for the Master is out NOW via Metal Blade Records. Stream "Parasitic Scriptures of the Sacred Word" from the LP at Pitchfork and order your copy at Metal Blade.

More pictures from Europa are below.

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photos by Jonathan McPhail

English Dogs

The reformed English Dogs brought their Forward Into Battle (middle-80s) lineup to Europa on Feb 12th, part of the band's ongoing trek with The Casualties, Toxic Holocaust, and Havok. Here are some pictures from the Brooklyn show. And check our recent interview with guitarist Gizz Butt HERE.

After the English Dogs tour (which hits Peabody's in Cleveland tonight), Toxic Holocaust and The Casualties will hit the road for a separate string of dates that cover the rest of the US. All tour dates and more pictures from Europa, below...

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photos by Rebecca Reed

Lifetime @ Europa

"We never could [get back together full-time and tour]. It would just be absolutely impossible. There's ... Let me try to count. One, two, three, four... There's like, nine kids between all of us. [laughs] There is just no way any us could get that kind of a free pass. It's just not possible. Ari [Katz] just had his third, Pete [Martin] just had his second; they're lucky they can get away for a weekend, you know what I mean? I guess it goes back to having people do stuff for us with management and whatnot. It's something that we all could do for ourselves, but the people that work for us are our friends anyway. They've been doing it for however long. And it's to the point where we barely function as a band as it is, so when we get together the last thing we want to have to do is have to worry about a bunch of little stuff. We're all best friends, we enjoy each other's company, we enjoy writing and playing music together, but aside from that, that's about as much of a commitment as we can all give." [Lifetime's Scott Golley]
Lifetime reunited again to play Europa in Brooklyn on Saturday night (1/7). The show also included a special appearance from Title Fight as well as Iron Chic. Pictures are in this post.

After the show, Iron Chic played again at Saint Vitus for the Lifetime afterparty with Model Home. The Europa show was one of two for Lifetime/Title Fight/Iron Chic, who also blessed First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia the next night (1/8).

Pictures/video of the Europa reunion show and the Saint Vitus after party are below.

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words by Lauren Jackson, photos by Greg Cristman

Psychic TV @ Europa
Psychic TV

Psychic TV assembled something of a hodgepodge of people sporting vampire fangs, black clothing and, of course, a fair share of pale, sad faces at Europa on December 15th (one of three December PTV shows. The other two were in Chicago and Austin).

An attendee with no previous knowledge of their legacy might think they were in for a dark and dismal performance, but this latest manifestation of the experimental outfit was undoubtedly more colorful than the people in attendance. Although the band played a set of entirely new songs, the crowd (and I, alike) thoroughly enjoyed the psychedelic spectacle on stage. Through guitar solos and graphic projections, the focal point of the set was always on Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, the only remaining original member.

Genesis conducted the band like a cult ceremony - frenetic at times with vaguely epileptic gestures, and subtle at others. They performed all new "deeply psychedelic" material. Pairing that along with Genesis' heavy presence and ten minute guitar solos, it was easy to fall into a trance. Watching them perform, I was hardly aware of where I was or what was going on, but kept focus solely on how elastic the music sounded.

It was a peculiar follow to the two opening bands, Cult of Youth and Bryin Dall. The night started strong with Cult of Youth performing an impassioned neofolk set that felt more like a sermon than a performance, thanks to frontman Sean Ragon. That fire sputtered a bit with the solo set by Genesis's Thee Majesty band-mate Bryin Dall, but came back strong during the Psychic TV experience.

I suspect it's not the Psychic TV many hoped to see, but the night left me satisfied.

More pictures and setlists, below...

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photos by Andrew St. Clair

Laura Stevenson, BTMI & friends celebrating the holidays

Titus Andronicus were the special guests at Europa on Sunday, 12/18, with Bomb the Music Industry (who played their newest album Vacation from front to back), Laura Stevenson (who recently played a song in a stairwell for us), Bridge and Tunnel, and The Golden Age of Radio. Titus were revealed last minute after playing Brooklyn Bazaar one night earlier (12/17). The Europa show was a holiday benefit...

"This is our FOURTH ANNUAL HOLIDAY CHARITY SHOW or the "WE GIVE A SHIT" as it's often called. All the money left over from the door after expenses will be donated to Safe Horizon... a great non-denomiational charity that aims to move victims of violence from crisis to confidence by providing food, shelter, and all that other good stuff so many of us are lucky to have."
More pictures from the Europa show, along with a video of Patrick Stickles covering Lana Del Rey, below...

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by BBG

Eyehategod at Power of the Riff (more by Adam Murray)

Still no word on any new material, but Eyehategod will return to NYC on December 4th for a show at Europa with Doomriders, Knight Terror & more TBA. Tickets are on sale. The show is the band's only 2011 East Coast date thus far, but they have pair of shows scheduled at Sonar in Baltimore in 2012: A389 Anniversary and Maryland Deathfest.

They'll also be at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin in November. All dates are listed below...

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by BBG

Beer & Cable at Acheron (more by BBG)
Beer & Cable

The Meatmen are going on tour in October, and it will be a full night of snotty punk in Brooklyn right after CMJ, at Europa on October 23rd. The NYC show features support from the one and only Black Fag (the absolutely fabulous tribute to Black Flag in their first NYC appearance!), Runny, and the always obnoxious Beer & Cable (thats a compliment). Tickets for the show are on sale. All daes are listed below.

Beer & Cable will also play a beer-soaked Acheron benefit show TONIGHT (9/16) for a mere $5 (or more if you want). Help keep this important metal/punk space alive.

Meatmen dates and a whole bunch of videos so attendees know what they're getting into, below...

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Weedeater words by Lindsay Maharry, photos & Oxbow words by BBG


Weedeater headlined Europa Saturday night (9/10), playing alongside Oxbow, Bison BC, and Fight Amp as part of a larger tour for Weedeater & co. It was a rare one-off for Oxbow.

Weedeater as a band, and as people, are completely unaffected, giving their live show a remarkable jolt of undeniable authenticity. Beloved frontman "Dixie" Dave Collins' collision of dirty Southern grit and seemingly effortless talent is mesmerizing. Collins started the show off with a back pocket full of salami cold cuts and an arm full of American flag Budweiser. After riffing Sleep for the sound test, the band exploded into "God Luck and Good Speed". The room shook.

Cross-eyed madman Collins is also a jack of many trades. One minute he's knocking himself in the head, while the next he's straight-faced and seamlessly manipulating feedback in perfect sync with the rest of the band. Between growled lyrics, Collins shot strands of mucus in and out of his mouth, but not without casualties; spit strung through his beard for the rest of the set. He didn't wipe it away.

At one point, early on, he found a bottle of water on the stage. "What the fuck is this for? washin' clothes or something?," he muttered to himself, then threw the bottle over his shoulder and pounded the rest of his beer. He never missed a beat. - LM


Oxbow (my favorite band of the night) vocalist Eugene Robinson's well-documented knowledge of the combative arts translates to his moves on stage, punctuating big bang moments from the songs with uppercuts and downward fist strikes. Slithering to the band's bluesy-avant-jazz-meets-Am-Rep backing, Robinson would disrobe piece by piece- eventually grabbing, fondling and thrusting himself in his skivvies and a black leather vest. To say Robinson's performance is confrontational is an understatement, but also to discount Oxbow as a band with a novelty frontman would be a travesty. The trio of Dan Adams, Greg Davis, and Niko Wenner are exceptional musicians that write incredibly compelling tunes regardless of the vocal situation. David Yow knows it, so take notes young folk... this is how it should be done: raw, in your face, soulful, brutal and excellent.

Fight Amp and Bison BC also delivered my favorite performances yet. Bison are at the top of their live game. More pictures from the show, below...

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Chelsea Wolfe @ St Vitus (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Chelsea Wolfe

Well, technically it's not a CMJ show, but it's during CMJ. Chelsea Wolfe (and her full band) plays Europa on Wednesday, October 19th. Tickets are on sale. Stay tuned for more dates and Brooklyn show details TBA.

Cult of Youth are opening for Psychic TV at Europa on December 15. Tickets are on sale.

Chelsea Wolfe made her NYC debut, before a headlining set by Cult of Youth, at St. Vitus in August. Psychic TV (sort of) played a show in Manhattan on the same night.

words & photos by BBG

Krum Bums @ Europa
Krum Bums

A blackened crust band. An updated NWOBHM band. A poppy street-punk band. A blackened thrash band. A slow crusty doom band, and a traditional doom band with female vocals. Outside of a grind band and a hardcore band, I'd say that almost all heavy bases were covered on Friday night at Europa and Acheron. My night started with the Toxic Holocaust / Holy Grail / Krum Bums tour which hit Europa with support from Salo. Though the crowd was insanely into both Toxic Holocaust and Holy Grail (I preferred the former way more than the latter), Krum Bums were my favorite band at Europa that night. Their high-energy street punk awoke the quiet crowd, who were circle-pitting by their set's end. Toxic Holocaust had the audience eating out of their hand too, with the much larger circle-pit giving way to on-stage sing-alongs for favorites like "Wild Dogs" and "War is Hell".

side note: Toxic Holocaust's fans at Europa need to take a cue from the book of hardcore when it comes to stage-diving; thirty seconds of hesitation and searching for the right spot to dive isn't just embarassing, its just plain pointless.

After Europa, I headed over to the free after-party at Acheron featuring Windhand with local Belus. NYC's Belus is only on their second show, but the band shows maturity and songwriting way beyond their years. Make sure and catch them whenever you get the chance. Windhand was all the makings of an amazing traditional doom band: great vocals, memorable riffs, and bombastic sound. Can't wait to see them again.

All pictures and some recent video (including some from Europa) is below.

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photos by Andrew St. Clair & Tamara Porras

Laura Stevenson & The Cans

Laura Stevenson and the Cans (who have a free Daytrotter session you can listen to/download) played Europa on Saturday (8/13) with Wagers and The Brooklyn What. The show was one of a few US shows the band had scheduled before they head to Europe for a month long tour in September. Tons of pictures from the show and updated tour dates below...

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by BBG

Black Witchery
Black Witchery

As the clock ticked towards 2AM on Monday night (8/8), a five band bill of raw and dissonant black metal was entering its seventh hour. Plagued by equipment issues and over-long sets, the blackened school night in Greenpoint featured an early-Tuesday morning appearance from Spain's Proclamation, along with support from Black Witchery, a reunited Abazagorath, Deceiveron, and Villains.

Early support was a mixed bag, ranging from tongue-in-cheek and fun, to horrid, and not in an "ugly black metal" sort of way. Brooklyn's Villains match over-the-top and revolting in on-stage banter, with seriously great blackened street-punk. Deceiveron followed Villains, and were probably the low point of the evening. Besides being out of tune for the duration of their stage time, their set was long and uninteresting. Due to equipment issues, Abazagorath (who was next) took close to 45 minutes to set up and were relegated to a 13 minute set. Despite that considerable setback, the reunited New Jersey band's thrashy black metal was engaging. Make sure you catch them on an upcoming go-around.

Black Witchery had the largest crowd of the evening, possibly due to the hour that the band hit the stage (around 12:30). The trio's blackened blasts of war metal incited pits while the band kept it interesting with an animated and costumed live show. Black Witchery's theatrical and anti-melodic black metal was my favorite performance of the evening.

The audience had thinned considerably for Spain's Proclamation, and though they they delivered an excellent set of Blasphemy-style war metal, their late set-time and much-more-energetic direct support of similar-influence made it hard to stay enthralled.

More pictures and video from Europa are below.

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Eleanor Friedberger & band @ Europa
Eleanor Friedberger

After checking out Guided By Voices earlier in the day, Fiery Furnaces' Eleanor Friedberger played Europa instead of St. Cecilia's Church on Saturday (6/18) as part of the Northside Festival. The show was opened by Ida, Rebecca Gates, and Spectre Folk. To make that lineup even more exciting, Ted Leo showed up as a secret guest to perform a set right before Eleanor (the second time Ted played Europa in less than a month). Bradford Cox was among the Northside attendees at the Brooklyn show which is pictured in this post.

Ted Leo @ Europa
Ted Leo

If you missed Ted at Europa, catch him as a special guest again on Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen at Littlefield this Monday (6/27). He also plays a free 4Knots Fest kickoff show at Seaport on July 9. He won't be at the actual 4Knots Fest, but Eleanor will (and, as announced today, so will Mr. Dream, the band featuring ex-Village Voice writer Nick Sylvester).

Back in February Eleanor took part in a Loser's Lounge tribute to Queen show at Joe's Pub. Backed by an 8+ member ensemble, she got her Freddie Mercury on to "You're My Best Friend". Check out the video, and more pictures from the Northside show below...

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Eleanor Friedberger @ Lambert's (more by Tim Griffin)
Eleanor Friedberger

As some already know, but I just realized last night, the Eleanor Friedberger, Ida, and Rebecca Gates Northside Festival show that was scheduled to take place at St. Cecilia's Church TONIGHT (6/18), was moved to Europa.

Eleanor kicks off a proper tour in support of her Merge solo album in July. All of those dates and her new video (again), below...

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photos by Keith Marlowe, Konstantin Sergeyev & Sarah Coulter

Tragedy by Konstantin Sergeyev

Tragedy (not to be confused with the Bee Gees cover band who just announced a residency at Brooklyn Bowl) completed a round of dates, Maryland Deathfest included, at Europa in Brooklyn Tuesday night with fellow MDF-ers Citizens Arrest, Night Birds, and Teargas (who played Europa a few days earlier with Doom). Pictures from the Tuesday show adorn this post.

Citizens Arrest by Konstantin Sergeyev
Citizens Arrest

Tragedy, Citizens Arrest, and Teargas fly down to Austin to play Chaos in Tejas this week. There they share a lineup with Autopsy, Mind Eraser, Omegas, Capitalist Casualties, and many others. Tickets for some shows are still available.

More pics from Europa below...

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by Keith Marlowe

Tear It Up

There was a packed house Friday night (3/27) at Europa. People were hungry to see Tear It Up at one of the two reunion shows they were playing (the Irish in Kearney was the next night, with Night Birds). Tear It Up's motto is "Play to Destroy", and the original line-up, Dave, Paul, Andy, Doug, and Matt did just that, playing a setlist taken mostly from their crushing 2002 EP Nothing to Nothing. It was an impressive display from a group that hasn't played together for eight years. From the first note of "Don't Call Me Tonight" until "It's the End" people catapulted off the stage and each other. It's one thing to play a reunion set, another to get the songs out while people are constantly slamming into you and the singer keeps disappearing beneath a crush of bodies.

Singer Dave Ackerman dove into audience again and again, surrounded by a sea of faces screaming along with him. The crowd was pushed up onstage, getting closer to the band with every song, while people leapt over Dave. After the show he told me, "I got hit in the neck really hard." I thought, "Yeah, I bet you did."

Boston's Last in Line also reformed to play this and a few more gigs, and Cell Mates from Maryland opened the Brooklyn show. More pictures (setlist included) from Europa (though none of Cell Mates unfortunately) and videos from both shows, below....

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photos by Chris Gersbeck

Deerhoof @ Europa

Tickets are still available to tonight's "Deerhoof & Friends" extravaganza at Le Poisson Rouge featuring appearances from Ichi and If By Yes (aka Yuka Honda + Petra Haden). It's "A musical event within Carnegie Hall's 2011 JapanNYC Festival, presented by Wordless Music" and Deerhoof's only current U.S. date.

For If By Yes (Petra Haden, Yuka Honda & more(, tonight's show will be the second date this week (they played Littlefield last night) and one of three in two weeks, as the band will hit Mercury Lounge on March 25th (tickets). They are also headed to SXSW and have a show scheduled in LA. All of the dates are inanticipation of the band's new LP, Salt on Sea Glass, out on March 22nd and available for preorder now.

Nels Cline plays on the new If By Yes album and with them at all the shows, as do other special guests who are all listed below.

Deerhoof played Europa on February 8th with Buke & Gass and Ben Butler & Mousepad, a show that relocated from Ridgewood Masonic. Belated pictures from that show, which took place on the night before Satomi's birthday (there was cake!), are below along with all dates...

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photos by Samantha Marble, words by BBG


The Eyehategod / Misery Index / Magrudergrind / Strong Intention destruction train came into Europa station on Friday night (2/18) bringing along a sold out crowd (and quite a few fresh faces). If you're familiar with Eyehategod live in their last few rounds, then Friday's setlist wasn't much of a surprise except for new matieral like "New Orleans is The New Vietnam". Watch one of the new songs in a video from the Philly show at the end of this post.

Mutilation Rites also opened the show at Europa, and would later join Woe and We Are All Savages (but not Magrudergrind) for a late-night show at The Charleston.

More pictures & video from Europa below...

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photos by Keith Marlowe, words by BBG


It was the metal equivalent of the first day back at school on January 6th when Europa hosted the first killer show of the year featuring doom gods/recent Metal Blade signees Pentagram, the great-and-currently-working-on-a-new-record Hull, all-female Judas Priest cover band Judas Priestess (get it?) and Bezoar. Bursting at the seams, Europa was packed-solid with doom fanatics who were unashamed to start the pit by the time that Judas Priestess set it off. Killer show from all bands.

More pictures from Europa, including one of Pentagram's setlist, are below.

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