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by Black Bubblegum

Saint Vitus @ Roadburn (the decline 88)
Saint Vitus

Hey doom fans! Are you sitting down? The legendary Saint Vitus has announced three east coast dates, including Europa in Brooklyn on Oct 16th. According to Blabbermouth, "these dates will mark frontman Scott "Wino" Weinrich's (THE OBSSESSED, WINO, SPIRIT CARAVAN, PLACE OF SKULLS, THE HIDDEN HAND, PROBOT) first appearances in these cities with SAINT VITUS since 1987!" Tickets for the NYC show are on sale (though there seems to be a problem with Ticketweb at the moment). Support is still TBA, though Type O Negative and the "Misfits" (who are playing BB King's on Halloween) are opening the October 17th show in Worcester (weird lineup). We'll keep you posted when more details surface.

Wino will also be in NYC with his solo band less than one week before the NYC date, supporting Clutch. Tickets are still available for both dates at Irving Plaza, 10/9 here and 10/10 here.

Our man JJ Koczan recently caught Saint Vitus at Roadburn. Dates below...

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photos by Zach Dilgard, words by Black Bubblegum


The first half of the BV-BBG showcase at Europa on 6/14 featured some excellent performances by the always dependable Wetnurse, "white-metallers" Liturgy, the intense weed-doom of Cough, galloping crusty-thunder of Howl, and sludgy-punk of Philly's Javelina. Though some equipment issues on the 2nd floor stage caused timing issues which ultimately led to both floors playing at virtually the same time, I managed to catch at least half of every set at Europa. Of what I saw, a few highlights come to mind:

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by Black Bubblegum

Wetnurse in front of the downstairs bar @ Europa last night (Sunday, June 14, 2009)

A sincere thanks goes out to all that attended, supported, or otherwise big-upped last night's (6/14) BV-BBG Showcase at Europa (part of the first-ever Northside Festival). Special shouts go to the out-of-towners (Doomriders, Clouds, Javelina, Howl, Cough, Sourvein) and the mighty Unearthly Trance for filling in for the fallen Zoroaster at the last minute. More pics will be up soon, but until then, here are a few videos from the show of Doomriders performing three new songs, as well as the classic "Black Thunder" courtesy of our peeps at MetalInjection...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Unearthly Trance - "Diseased" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Doomriders - "Crooked Path" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Cough - "288 Years of Sin" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Howl - "Oma" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Wetnurse - "Not Your Choice" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Liturgy - "Ecstatic Rite" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Javelina - "Let The Blood Flow" (MP3)

Ryan of Unearthly Trance / Pollution (more by Paul Birman)
Unearthly Trance

Due to my right wrist being fucked, we are forced to cancel the 2nd leg of this tour. [which we knew] Please go out and support our brothers in arms, Sourvein. We will be ready and raring to go well before July 31 when we leave to embark on the North America is Doomed tour with The Gates of Slumber and Serpentcult." - [Brent of Zoroaster]
That's the bad. This is THE GOOD:

Unearthly Trance has been added to Sunday's lineup at Europa!

Beyond stoked to have the NYC trio on board to destroy Europa as part of the BV-BBG Northside lineup. Their last LP Electrocution dropped in early 2008, and the band members have been involved quite a few other noteable projects in the past including Thralldom, Pollution, Villains, and The Howling Wind. The band is also playing another highly reccommended show TONIGHT (6/12) with another awesome doom trio, Chicago's Indian, as well as The Communion, Hallux, and Bloater at Rockstar Bar.

A lot of people have been asking me how we will pull off that many bands at Europa and have the doors at 7. Will it last all night? Nope. Europa will open up their first floor bar/stage to house half of the bands, who will alternate set times so that you can (hopefully) catch all of it. No waiting... no mercy! Tickets are still available, or get in with your Northside badges, or you can go for FREE....

I have two pairs of tickets to giveaway. Details on how to win, under the show's set times, below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva

DOWNLOAD: Complete Failure - Heal No Evil (ZIPPED MP3 Album)

Heal No Evil Cover Art

Pittsburgh combo Complete Failure's white-hot crusty-grind attack is as furious as ever on their new LP, Heal No Evil. Many people might not know that though. The band released the album themselves, AND they only pressed it in a very limited run of 100 hand-numbered copies. So far these discs were sold during their recent tour with Antigama leading up to and following Maryland Death Fest. And there are still a few left...

Heal No Evil on CD is available for a limited time. There were 100 hand numbered copies made, and I doubt there will ever be any more. So if you want one, head over to www.comfail.com and order one. We encourage everyone who purchases this album to put it on their computer, rip and upload the tracks and share it with all of your friends. Give the shit away and spread the word. The only people making a buck off of this are the people who created it. Your support is very much appreciated. -Complete Failure
I purchased my own copy (mine is #20) of Heal No Evil at their May 20th show at Club Europa in Brooklyn (some pics from that are below). Hurry up and buy one while you have the chance. And either way, download your free copy above!

Complete Failure have also announced a forthcoming EP and a re-recording of their 2008 Steve Austin (Today Is The Day) produced effort, Perversions of Guilt, which was released in 2008 via SuperNova Records (also owned by Austin). Complete Failure is (obviously) no longer with SuperNova. Their full statement on that (which includes the quote above) below:

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photos by Justina Villanueva, words by Black Bubblegum

The oh-so-Brutal Truth
Brutal Truth

Pummeling, fist-pumping, extreme grindcore was the order of the day at Europa in Brooklyn on Sunday (5/17). It was day two of the Auditory Assault Festival, and the godfathers of modern grind, Brutal Truth, met up with the mighty Misery Index, Rotten Sound (who released one of my fave records of 2008), Crowpath (them too), Total Fucking Destruction (with Richard Hoak of BT), Pigsty, Jig-ai, Sulaco, and others. Many bands on the AAF roster were making their first pit stop towards their eventual destination, Maryland Death Fest, which goes down this weekend in Baltimore with Bolt Thrower, Mayhem, Pestilence, Napalm Death, and about 50 of their closest friends.

The cavalcade of NYC shows surrounding MDF continues as Antigama / Complete Failure impacts Europa TONIGHT (5/20), Mayhem / Marduk / Cephalic Carnage / Cattle Decapitation Lair Of The Minotaur / Withered hit Irving TOMORROW (5/21, tickets here), Wolves In The Throne Room hit Europa on FRIDAY (5/22, tickets here) and then again on TUESDAY (5/26, tickets), Trap Them at Lit Lounge on MONDAY (5/25), and last, but certainly not least, Unearthly Trance / The Endless Blockade / Magrudergrind at The Charleston on 5/28.

Brutal Truth will be back in Brooklyn on July 31st with Pig Destroyer and Repulsion, who are playing ALL of the influential Horrified, as part of The Blackened Music Series at Brooklyn Masonic Temple. Tickets are now on sale.

Tickets are also now on sale for our own showcase happening at Europa on June 14th.

More pictures from the Auditory Assault Festival below....

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by Black Bubblegum

Nate Newton of Doomriders, mean-muggin' (photo by Cerebus Photography)

With supreme f'n excitement, we are pleased to announce the Official BrooklynVegan-BBG Showcase on June 14th at Club Europa as part of the inaugural Northside Festival! Hide your wallet, lock up your daughter, and scoot on down for the following lineup of miscreants, rapscallions, and ne'erdowells:

* Doomriders
* Zoroaster
* Clouds
* Sourvein
* Javelina
* Cough
* Howl
* Wetnurse
* and more TBA!

Stokeage! Tickets are only $12 and go on sale Wednesday 5/20. You can also get in with a Northside Festival badge.

Note: you won't find The Tallest Man On Earth at Europa on 6/14 (you'll find him at MHOW two days earlier at the first BV Northside showcase), but you may find some of the loudest (men on earth).

Doomriders recently completed recording their new album Darkness Come Alive due this summer via Deathwish. Europa is one of three shows that the band has scheduled so far, and the only NYC area date.

Zoroaster are touring off of their new album Voice of Saturn, and playing a string of dates with Mouth Of The Architect, followed by some dates this summer with Serpentcult and The Gates Of Slumber.

Doomriders, Zoroaster, and Sourvein tour dates, as well as a Zoroaster video from their last trip to Europa, below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Repulsion circa 1992

They played Europa last night (5/17), and now we can confirm that Brutal Truth are playing another NYC show on July 31st at Brooklyn Masonic Temple. Brutal Truth will team up with Pig Destroyer (their first NYC appearance in two years) and US death metal/grind pioneers Repulsion!

In their first EVER NYC appearance, Repulsion will play ALL of their compilation Horrified as part of a salute to that classic collection of demos recently named the greatest Grindcore album of all time by Decibel Magazine.

While relatively unsung compared to heavyweights such as Napalm Death and Carcass, Repulsion nevertheless had a big impact in shaping the then-young grindcore genre during its brief heyday in the late '80s. As illustrated by a sole full-length release, the 1986 recording Horrified, the band's sound fell somewhere between the earlier proto-grind of Boston hardcore band Siege and the more fully developed grindcore of the early Napalm Death recordings, at least as far as the evolutionary ladder goes. They were also one of the first metal bands to use horror- and gore-oriented lyrics, thereby helping start a tradition that soon would descend to deeper and deeper depths of depravity as successive bands strove harder and harder to outdo one another.... Repulsion's music has still held up fairly well over the years, having been reissued several times and championed by bands and artists including Carcass, John Zorn, Napalm Death, Exhumed, Cattle Decapitation, Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer and Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and numerous others. -[allmusic]
July 31st. Brooklyn Masonic Temple. Ticket info forthcoming. Must. Go.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed, recently saw the coming of their new album Agorapocalypse. We interviewed Scott Hull before Scion Rock Fest.

Repulsion videos below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Brutal Truth @ Maryland Deathfest 2007

Maryland Deathfest's belligerent younger sibling, Auditory Assault Fest, takes place THIS WEEKEND in Brooklyn on May 16th and 17th At Europa. Tickets are still available in daily and two day pass increments.

It was also announced that there will be an afterparty on Saturday (5/16) at The Charleston featuring Buckshot Facelift (ex-Biolich), The Communion, and PurseSnatcher.

AAF set times and poster below...

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photos by Justina Villanueva, words by Black Bubblegum

Anal Cunt

"They are often referred to by their initials A.C. Their musical catalog consists almost entirely (barring the overwrought satirical Picnic of Love album and a number of cover songs) of ridiculously offensive material. The band has often been criticized for its popularity being based solely on their controversial song titles and lyrics rather than any musical ability, and is often mentioned when a debate is being made against the grindcore genre of music. One ongoing dispute is how much Anal Cunt actually believes in what they say on their albums." [Gunaxin]
If you have to do a show doubleheader, why not keep it interesting with a helmet adorned with a dildo mohawk? Justina Villanueva is smart, so she did just that when she braved Europa with the antisocial A.C. and pervs Shat (Anal Blast cancelled) before scooting on over to check out Union Pool with Big Business and Tweak Bird on 5/9. More (NSFW) pics from Europa are below...

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by Black Bubblegum

AxCx 2008: Morse, Putnam, Mahan

"Metal acts that perform songs loaded with hateful, racist, and misogynistic lyrics are fodder for what-are-your-kids-listening-to? TV specials. But some bands manage to transcend scrutiny, or at least ignore it, by using hate lyrics as a form of parody." [Washington City Paper]
A man known to spark alot of controversy will be in NYC this weekend. Get to know Seth Putnam:
About me: Im in the band Anal Cunt [commonly abbreviated AxCx]. I've also been in other bands like Adolf Satan, Sirhan Sirhan, Cunt Saw and Impaled Northern Moonforest. Most of the bands im in are Joke bands and arent all that serious. I recently had a seizure and was comatose for like 2 months. So now im in a Nursing home with a bunch of old fucks....

Who I'd like to meet: Chris Barnes and Jamie Jasta so I can beat the living shit out of both of their little pussy asses.

Seth and the "all-star lineup" of AxCx (Tim Morse on drums, Josh Martin on guitar) will be in NYC hosting a family event on Saturday, May 9th at Europa with porno-grinders Anal Blast and the dildo-wielding pervs of Shat. Tickets are on sale. The concluding tour will serve as a primer for AxCx's new album, Wearing Out Our Welcome, which the boys will record following their May 11th date in Providence, RI @ Club Hell.

Seth Putnam recently dropped a collection of demos entitled Old Stuff Part 3 via his own Wicked Sick Records imprint. In addition, the reunited and current lineup recently released 110 Songs. Putnam offered some insight into the reunion:

This was recorded by the original... lineup of Seth Putnam (vocals), Mike Mahan (guitar), and Tim Morse (drums) on November 17th,2008. This cd sounds the way blurcore was supposed to sound, a complete fucking mess [and]... has Anal Cunt's signature, blur, shit, garbage, catastrophe, total mess sound, which is also tight as fuck. 2008 was Anal Cunt's 20th anniversary, so I, (Seth Putnam) decided to give the original lineup a chance again, since i had talked to Tim Morse for the first time in about 8 years the year before, and we decided to put away our past differences and become friends again.
NSFW videos, and all AxCx dates are below...

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words by Andrew Frisicano, photos by Nate "Igor" Smith


played a handful of shows while at SXSW this year. One was Mess With Texas 3 on Saturday, March 21st. Another was a performance at the late-night Red Bull Moon Tower Party (an afterhours spot that ran each night of SXSW in Austin). The pictures in this post are from the latter.

The Israeli band, which is in the midst of recording its first LP, will play Brooklyn's Club Europa on Tuesday, May 19th with The Homosexuals and Rice. Tickets are on sale now.

The band is also on the bill for the Sasquatch Fest on May 25th in Quincy, WA. All dates and more pictures below...

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photos by Justina Villanueva, words by Black Bubblegum

Young Widows

Young Widows, Tournament, a bass-less (we'll explain) My Disco, and The Austerity Program played Europa on April 1st part of a trek that had YW scooting all over the US including down to SXSW to play the BV day party with The Bronx, Annhilation Time, Trash Talk, Garotas Suecas, and Psychedelic Horseshit.

My Disco also made it down to SXSW, as well as the Bell House, though not much further, it seems:

Due to a theft that occurred at our show in Toronto over the weekend, we can no longer continue the rest of our tour dates in North America. I cannot re-enter the USA as a passport was taken in the theft. I am being sent home to the UK tomorrow night. Our apologies to those who have helped in organising these shows, and for those that were hoping to see us. A special thanks to Young Widows for inviting us to join them on this tour. All shows will continue, just without us. Please support these shows. Young Widows are an amazing band, and now close friends of ours. We thank them most of all...

Thanks, we're hopeful we will return in the fall.

Liam Andrews, Ben Andrews, Rohan Rebeiro.

That statement wasn't entirely true though, as My Disco ended up playing Europa as a duo, as evidenced in the pictures below....

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words By Black Bubblegum

Young Widows @ Red 7 in Austin - March 21, 2009
Young Widows

Young Widows are in town, and the Louisville Sluggers will be joined by like-minded Aussies My Disco, as well as punks Tournament and caustic drum machine killers of The Austerity Program. I'm talking about the show at Europa in Brooklyn TONIGHT (4/1). Tickets are still available. Fans of The Austerity Program can also check for the band at Union Pool on April 26th if you can't make it tonight (shame on you).

In other news, Young Widows' current -uh- recording residence, Temporary Residence Limited, recently announced the signing of Pinback to their label... a move they proudly label "PINBACK + TEMPORARY RESIDENCE = PB&J W/ THE CRUSTS CUT OFF!". Agreed, though I guess it depends on the type of jelly.

Pinback would like to thank Touch and Go Records for putting out our last 2 releases. We have nothing but good things to say about the label. It's hard to see them go. The releases that they did over the last 25+ years have been an inspiration to us, and it was an honor to be on the label.... At the same time we are looking forward to starting a new chapter in Pinback's future with Temporary Residence... We can't wait and are looking forward to writing a solid new record for them."
This is not the first TRL / Rob Crow (of Pinback) joint venture. They released his solo album Living Well on the label in 2007.

Pinback played Music Hall of Williamsburg with Kylesa in October, and Rob Crow's "alleged" side project Goblin Cock played Highline Ballroom in February.

Young Widows were busy-as-all-get-out during SXSW, but still found time to add a last minute, late show at Red 7 on March 21st (the final night of SXSW). They did it to open for the almighty Frodus who used a lot of Young Widows' gear (and who also played hours earlier at Radio Room). Young Widows pics from that show are above and below (Frodus pics coming one day soon).

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words & photos by Black Bubblegum

Howl @ Snake Eyes Vinyl

There is barely enough time to do anything in Austin during SXSW... hence all the food carts and restaurants with open window counters for eating on the go. That said, I think it's a true testament to how much I liked Providence's Howl that with all of the other great bands playing at the exact same time, I wanted a second helping.

After missing them at the Roxwel.com showcase with Tweak Bird and Red Fang (video from that show is below), my first chance to catch the four piece was at Austin's Snake Eyes Vinyl on March 20th directly after seeing The Devil & The Sea and Seahag (mems Deadbird). I was blown away by their set; blackened doom collides with early-Mastodon-ian thunder, but without the fretboard gymnastics... just 1000 lb riffs delivered at 1000 decibels. The next day, I worked in a second show at Mess With Texas.

The band currently has only one show on their calendar, March 30th (TONIGHT) with Young Widows & My Disco at Great Scott in Allston, MA. The same tour hits Europa in Brooklyn on April 1st, but without Howl (tickets here). Hopefully we can get them here soon to make NYC shudder and raise their invisible oranges to the sky.

More pictures from the Snake Eyes Vinyl show below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva

That singer from Ceremony got ups, yo!

Did I brush shoulders with death during Converge's set? Nate Newton's swinging bass whizzing inches from my face, Jacob Bannon's foot on my hand as the crowd fought to tear me a part, nor Jacob's swinging microphone straight out of a Roger Daltrey/Who video caused my near collapse. It was a moment of deviant kismet; All of a sudden Jacob Bannon snapped his wrist and whipped the microphone cord causing it to coil around my neck only nanoseconds before a stage diver jumped squarely on top of me. Hanging by the mic cord, my feet were on the floor and my body was at 45 degrees, the crowd around me holding me up from behind. I could feel myself choking until a bouncer rushed over and unwrapped for the cord from my neck... Hung at a Converge show... I guess that one hasn't happened yet (luckily).

The bill for the evening was massive, filled with the Deathwish roster of past (Ceremony) and present (Rise & Fall, Coliseum, Pulling Teeth), save for Genghis Tron, Converge's tour mates from last year's trek with Baroness and The Red Chord. Unlike Justina (who shot the whole show), I arrived towards the end of Ceremony's set, missing Coliseum, Rise & Fall, and Pulling Teeth, unfortunately.

Genghis Tron and coordinated lighting rig played their first show of 2009 directly following Ceremony. They opened with the epic title track to their critically acclaimed LP, Board Up The House. Drum-machine centric bands such as The Austerity Program, Godflesh, and GT have a large hurdle to get over in heavy music; the fact that there isn't a human being smashing the kit behind them in a genre that depends on brutality is definitely a negative in the live setting. That said, Genghis Tron make the best of it, and Mookie is a passionate and energetic frontman. Justina managed to catch my favorite moment of their set on video (below)... a cover of "Bad Penny" by Big Black!

Converge hit the stage right around 12:30 AM, running through material spanning the length of their career including "Locust Reign" from their 1999 split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed, "Heartache", "Hellbound", "Eagles Become Vultures" (video below), "Last Light" and many others.

At one point during the show, a crazed "fan" slapped a bear hug on Jacon Bannon wrestling him from the stage and onto the crowd floor.

When Jacob finally got back on stage he remarked, "I don't even know what happened here. I'm like nervous to keep playing... should we keep playing?"

They did (no encores), finishing the evening with "Concubine" from Jane Doe and a special treat for the metalheads mixed in with the hardcore kids... a cover of "Wolverine Blues" by the mighty Entombed sung by John Petitbone (Himsa, Botch, Undertow). It was their "second time" performing the song. Jacob Bannon took a breather during that one.

I've seen Converge a lot, so I was hoping to hear a lot of new songs, ones I haven't seen them perform in a while, or anything else out of the ordinary. Unfortunately the new material was in limited supply, but the two new ones they did play bore the Converge seal of oddball drum fills, Swedish Death Metal guitar tone, and clear roots in hardcore. The Entombed cover in particular was a highlight for me... well, that and the whole not dying thing.

Converge are scheduled to hit the studio in May to record their new album, according to our recent interview with Jacon Bannon.

Genghis Tron will play Public Assembly on April 12th with Tombs, Black Anvil, and Wetnurse as part of the Show No Mercy series.

More pics & videos (from the whole show, 3/27 in Brooklyn), below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva


While Ocean/Salome were tearing Public Assembly a new one on Sunday, Zoroaster finished off the evening at Europa... a night that included Neurosis-offshoot A Storm Of Light and the furious sludge-core of Amenra. A Storm of Light came on second (I caught very little of I, Parasite), pulling from their lone LP, And We Wept the Black Ocean Within, as well as dipping into new material which included samples from a newly recruited female vocalist who will appear on future releases. Amenra were next, and I literally cannot say enough things about this band's live show. Take everything pensive out of Neurosis and add in the furious hardcore of Acme, and you might have an idea of what Amenra is doing. Highly recommended.... get your ass to ABC NO RIO on Feb 28th!

Zoroaster were already on stage as I arrived back at Europa from seeing a few moments of Ocean at Public Assembly. Under a thick veil of smog and with a dense set of psychedelic lights, the band burned through material from both their Battle Kommand releases (check out the video for "Tualatin" below), as well as new material from their upcoming full length Voice of Saturn. The band roared... supported by a wall of stacks behind them that might even make Stephen O'Malley blush. Killer band, and if you get the chance to catch them at Scion Rock Fest, DO.

More pictures below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Outlaw Order - "Siege Mentality" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Soilent Green - "Antioxidant" (MP3)


Outlaw Order, aka Eyehategod sans Jimmy Bower (also of Down), have announced a show at Europa on Mar 24th with If He Dies, He Dies. Tickets are on sale. More tour dates below.

Outlaw Order and another Eyehategod side-project, Soilent Green, released excellent records in 2008. Soilent Green's Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction earned an honorable mention as best of 2008, and to be perfectly honest, Outlaw Order's Dragging Down The Enforcer barely missed my cut. Check out "Siege Mentality" and "Antioxidant" available for download above.

Eyehategod have two shows on the calendar: Feb 29th at The Bar in Metairie in their native Louisiana, and a headlining spot at the Los Angeles Murderfest. No New York love. Los Bastardos!

Mike IX Williams (of EHG and 00%) was recently interviewed by Bloodlust where he discussed, among many other things, his role at Phil Anselmo's Housecore Records. Housecore signees Evil Army recently lost their bassist (RIP).

In 2006, Soilent Green also shared a split with Sulaco, who was one of the recent additions to NYC's Auditory Assault Festival.

All dates below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Maruta - "The Collapse" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Kill The Client - "Divide & Conquer" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Copremesis - "Zombie" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Defeatist - "Isolation Tactics" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Misery Index - "Conquistadores" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Crowpath - "Plague Bearer" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Rotten Sound - "Targets" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Gadget - "HSN1" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Jig-Ai - "Shu-Lin" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sulaco - "Model Of Inefficiency" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sayyadina - "My Say Shall Be The Last" (MP3)

Rotten Sound

The ante has been upped. The previously mentioned Auditory Assault Festival just got a little more serious with the addition of THREE bands that made my list of favorite records in 2008... Rotten Sound, Crowpath, and Misery Index! Dig on the NEW lineup which now also includes Lethal Aggression, Entrails Massacre, Sulaco, Man Will Destroy Himself, Maruta, and Copremesis....

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"Kimya and guest performer Eliot" (hortensejones)
Kimya Dawson

So you're up for a Grammy with the "Juno" soundtrack.

Kimya Dawson: (Heaves a sigh) Yeah. (Laughs)

Was it weird for you to be on the No. 1 album last year?

Uh, it was funny. But it was pretty silly. I mean, the songs were in a movie that was really, really popular; and it was just a really good movie. So I think that the way the movie made people feel really made my music more relatable. ... It wasn't like (boatloads) of people were suddenly getting what I do.

Have you gotten calls to appear on other soundtracks?

I've got a few songs on a film that's coming out (that) just premiered at Sundance called "Unmade Beds." And it's (made by) an Argentine director named Alexis Dos Santos. He made a film called "Glue" a few years ago that had a few of my songs in it. ... He had invited me to perform at the premiere last week. But I had started a community choir in Olympia; and our first performance was that night, so I couldn't miss that.

Juno won the Grammy for "Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media"

Kimya Dawson is playing Europa in Brooklyn on March 10th with Shellshag. Tickets are on sale. The show is one day before she plays the REM tribute show at Carnegie Hall which is one day before she plays SUNY Purchase. All dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Shunda K - Free Alpha (MP3)

"Yo Majesty" @ Highline Ballroom - Jan 27, 2009 (by Village Slum)
Yo Majesty

Shunda K, aka one half of Yo Majesty, has been busy lately. To quote an email I was CC'd on before the current "Yo Majesty" tour...

Im looking to set up Shunda K afterpartys' after each YM show date as an attempt to promote my solo career and also give other acts an opportunity to promote themselves as I dont mind sharing...da stage dat is. All of the dates thus far are below, let me know where you can help. The venues Im looking for should be able to hold at leat 150-200 persons'
The tour is now underway and "Yo Majesty" played Highline Ballroom in Manhattan on Tuesday (1/27). The Shunda K afterparty was at Europa... ONE PROBLEM WITH THAT...
"Yo! Majesty was supposed to be embarking on a world tour that would push the critically hailed lesbian Christian rap duo out of the underground once and for all.

Instead, half of the Tampa, Fla.-based group, singer/rapper Jwl B, is behind bars in Florida on an assault charge and apparently out of the crew for good.

"It's unfortunate for her, but for me it's actually a burden off my shoulders," rapper Shunda K (also known as LaShunda Flowers) said of her longtime partner's recent incarceration. "It started being ridiculous the things she was doing. It's actually divine intervention. I'm not sad. I'm relieved."

Shunda K says Jwl B, her partner in rhyme since 2001, has crossed one too many lines - personally and professionally - and is out of the group. But the drama is not stopping K, who started the duoin 1998 - she performs Wednesday at Harpers Ferry in Allston.

"Now Yo! Majesty can be what it's supposed to be," she said, "and that's a relief for the people, instead of coming to a Yo! Majesty show and you're feeling the tension between Jwl and me on stage. I just thank God for what's going on."

K, an openly gay Christian, says life on the road with Jwl has been difficult, with disputes over money, creative control and women sometimes erupting into physical altercations. [Boston Herald]

So I guess that means Shunda K played Highline Ballroom on Tuesday, and Europa too. In case you're wondering, Jwl B is the topless one jumping in the air, and that harmonious holiday picture was just posted to their MySpace for Christmas (which was a little over a month ago).

More pictures from the Highline show (now with only men taking their shirts off) @ Village Slum. More tour dates (lots of them) (mostly billed as Yo Majesty) (and some Shunda ones) below...

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Kevin Seconds @ Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008 (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)
Kevin Seconds

Kevin Seconds is hitting the road. Not literally, because that might bloody his knuckles, but the folkin' punk rock legend will tour the seabaring portions of these United States (the east/west coasts) starting Jan 31st and concluding in late February including THREE NYC shows and one on Long Island! The Long Island show (TBA) takes place on Feb 17th with ex-Groovie Ghoulies frontman Kepi Ghoulie. The two then continue on Feb 18th with a double header....a FREE daytime in-store at Generation records with KS & KG followed by a show that night at Pianos. The next night, Feb 19th, the pair take on Europa (tix here). Full tour dates are below.

...And speaking of punk frontmen who recently played Fun Fun Fun Fest, John Joseph and his Cro-Mags (Jam) have scheduled a show of their own at Europa on March 29th with Maximum Penalty and Dump Body. Tickets are on sale.

...And while we're on the subject of NYHC legends who played Fun Fun Fun Fest, Bad Brains are the subject of a new upcoming documentary! Details are sketchy at best, including the title of the film, but their myspace page professes that the film is "currently in post production" and "follows the music and the life of the Bad Brains from 1979 to present day". Film trailer below.

Bad Brains print by Shepard Fairey

Meanwhile, wheat-paste-ninja-turned-media-mogul-turned-Obama-Campaign-poster-designer Shepard Fairey will release a limited edition silk screening of the band on his website "in a few weeks". It's a collaboration with the mighty Glen E Friedman, check it out above.... pretty much rules.

Oh, and did we mention Daryl Jennifer of Bad Brains has a solo album due this spring?!? Details are sketchy, but as they arise, we'll post 'em.

We didn't catch the show, but HR recently appeared on the bill of an Inauguration show at Le Poisson Rouge here in NYC. How was that one?. The Bad Brains only upcoming date is at the Langerado Fest in Florida on Friday March 6th.

Documentary trailer & tour dates below...

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Converge in Moscow (photo by Alexander Welsh)

Good news / bad news / good news. Let's start with the bad news.

All signs point to Genghis Tron off of the previously announced Deathwish super bill of Converge, Pulling Teeth, Rise & Fall, and Ceremony (now ex-Deathwish) at Europa in Brooklyn on March 27.

UPDATE: Genghis Tron said they will know for sure soon whether they will be playing this show or not. Stay tuned...

UPDATE 2: Genghis Tron are in fact also playing this show.

Tickets are still available.

Now some good news... Coliseum has been added to the Europa bill!

Even more good news: It's part of a seven date mini-tour leading up to the recording of their new long-player in May. Look for the follow-up LP to No Heroes to land on Deathwish/Epitaph later this year. Converge is also playing the embarassingly awesome Scion Rock Fest in Atlanta, GA.

In related news, the Supermachiner side project is back in print. Here's a little history on Supermachiner:

Supermachiner originally began as a collection of four track recordings by J. Bannon (Converge) in 1994. The music was much different than his known vocal work in Converge, having more in common with influences Swans, Bauhaus, and others... Along with the help of good friend Ryan Parker (Daltonic, Black Spot, The Jaded Salingers), the project was brought back to life in the winter of 1998...

The two entered the studio with Kurt Ballou (Converge) in the winter of 1999. During these sessions, Ballou also contributed a great deal to the material. The finished album titled "Rise Of The Great Machine" was released by the defunct Undecided label in 2000 (now out of print). After the album release, future projects were planned but never materialized...

"Rust" features the sought after "Rise of the Great Machine" tracks, as well as four track ghosts of forgotten songs, and other unique audio experiments. All of it showcasing the artistic spirit that made Supermachiner such a unique animal for the time. All the while foreshadowing the future marriage between the "post hardcore" and "shoe-gaze" genres that dominate today's avant garde/experimental music world.

All Converge dates and a Coliseum video below...

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DOWNLOAD: -16- - "So Broken Down" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Obscura - "Universe Momentum" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: JODIS - "Continents" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Satyricon - "The Sign Of The Trident" (MP3)


Happy New Year and Welcome Back to The Week In Metal! We took some time away, but believe me, the hate only grew STRONGER.

Wolves In The Throne Room have emerged from the dark forests of the Pacific Northwest to announce a pair of new releases and drop more details on their previously announced upcoming live LP, Live At Roadburn 08! First up, the Malevolent Grain EP will hit Southern Lord with a 180-gram LP bang, with Conspiracy Records dropping a small pressing of picture discs for the record (a limited batch of CDs will be available on tour). Then on March 31st, the band will drop Black Cascade their new full-length on Southern Lord! Both Malevolent Grain and Black Cascade were recorded by Randall Dunn/Mell Dettmer and are the first to feature new guitarist (former touring member) Will Lindsay of ex-Middian / Age Eternal fame. In addition, WITTR's Live at Roadburn 08 will be released with a companion DVD available with the first pressing of 500 copies, with 150 coming in gold vinyl with a silkscreen. Full WITTR tour dates are below, including their date at Scion Rock Fest.

Obscura, an astonishing tech-death band from Deutchland that may or may not be named after the classic Gorguts LP, are streaming a trio of new tracks from massive and recommended upcoming LP Cosmogenesis. Relapse has been kind enough to allow one of those tracks to be made available here for download... check out "Universe Momentum" available above! Cosmogenesis impacts on Feb 17th.

Tombs is pulling double duty on Feb 21st, having scheduled a day show at ABC No Rio with Black Anvil, Woe, and Bastard Sapling and a Winter Hours Record Release show with Defeatist, Engineer, and The Wayward later that night at Death By Audio. Winter Hours is due on Feb 17th via Relapse.

YOB have announced that they will hit the studio in late March with Sanford Parker to record their new album of "5 songs hitting about the 60+ minute mark". Look for it to surface in late summer 2009. In the meantime, Northwesterners can catch the band at their first reunion gig on 2/28 at The Ash Street Saloon in Portland, Oregon.


Shrinebuilder is in progress! The band blogged through the weekend as they completed recording of their debut album for Neurot.

The previously announced Down/Weedeater/Evil Army tour has been postponed.

With a tagline like "2 stages + 2 days = Total Brutality", you better f'n deliver. That said, The LA Murder Fest will turn those sunny California skies black on May 9th & 10th when Coffins, Landmine Marathon, Ghoul, Stormcrow, Agenda of Swine, and Lack of Interest hit the stages of The Knitting Factory in Hollywood! Also on the bill are sickening sludgemeisters -16-, who's new record Bridges To Burn drops on Jan 20th. Check out "So Broken Down" available for download above from the record and to all y'all left coasters, support the band when they hit the road with Giant Squid! Tour schedule is below.
General Surgery will also report for duty at the LA Murderfest, and recently announced the release of their split with Butcher ABC. Look for it on CD via Obliteration Records on January 11 (email grindrock@hotmail.com for a copy) and limited-to-1,000 LP in February via Living Dead Society/Coperaction Records (email unsane_crisis@hotmail.com for a copy). The band will also hit the road with Ghoul following the Murderfest and leading up to Maryland Death Fest (thx SMNNews). Full tour dates are below.

Malkuth, an absolutely killer black metal band featuring members of No Neck Blues Band, have scheduled a show on 1/25 at Public Assembly with Villians, Castevet, and Ipsissimus. Malkuth recently released Mutus Liber out on Hospital Productions and are prepping their second LP for the label.

Converge have scheduled a show at Europa on March 27th! Tickets are on sale. Converge has been added to the Scion Rock Festival in Atlanta... yet one more reason to go! (Thanks Chris!)

Also recently added at Europa, Young Widows will team up with The Austerity Program, My Disco, and Tournament for a show on April 1st! Ticket info is forthcoming, full Young Widows tour dates below. Tournament is lined up to play with Kylesa, Tombs, and Black Anvil at The Charleston.

Satyricon's new record The Age of Nero drops on Jan 13th via KOCH Records, and I have to say that I definitely enjoyed it a hell of alot more than Now, Diabolical. Check out the video for "Black Crow On a Tombstone" below and dig on "The Sign Of The Trident", which the band has made available for download above! Satyricon will hit the road opening for Cradle of Filth at Starland Ballroom on Jan 15th (tix here) and have scheduled an NYC date at Nokia Theater on Feb 27th (tix here).

That Satyricon video, Mastodon, Khanate, Burnt By The Sun, Dillinger Escape Plan, Coliseum, Amenra, Pestilence and more as The Week In Metal continues...

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DOWNLOAD: Diana Krall - What Are You Doing New Years Eve (MP3)

Rude Bear @ a Muggabears show (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)
Rude Bear

  • Grandmaster Mele Mel, Mickey Factz, Ninjasonik, Trouble & Bass, and more @ Studio B
  • The World Famous Pontani Sisters @ The Bell House
  • RUDE year's eve HEARTSREVOLUTION (Live+DJ set) plus Nick Catchdubs / Bubblyfish / RUDE (DJ set) / hosted by RUDE BEAR @ Glasslands Gallery
  • Surprise Me Mr Davis (members of The Slip) and The Benevento/Russo Duo (late show) @ BB King's
  • Famous Friends & Palms Out Sounds Present NYE 2008! featuring Kill The Noise / AC Slater / The American Dream Team / Udachi / Bradley D & VDRK / Hosted by Chaz & Jason Pants of Palms Out Sounds @ Europa