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Sinden and Fake Blood (photo via @gsinden)

Fake Blood (aka UK producer and DJ Theo Keating) makes fun/quirky dance music and will release The Science EP next week (12/15). You can stream two of the three tracks below. He's going on a DJ tour with fellow Brit Sinden that will hit NYC on Saturday (12/13) at Slake. Alex English is also spinning and tickets are on sale now. All dates are listed below.

As for Sinden, who worked with Mykki Blanco last year, he's recently been releasing music under the The Crystal System banner, which will be a series of collaborations. New single "Got Me Moving" is a collaboration with Fritz and SYF and you can stream that below.

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by BBG


In case you somehow missed the crush of commercials on cable television, MTV has a new and possibly NSFW show called Skins based on a UK series about teens, sex, drugs, mental health and family. Skins, whose demographic seems to be "hip teens" who like nudity (read: teens) and pervy would-be pedophiles, will be celebrated at a FREE NYC party at the tail end of this week.

Rusko, Sleigh Bells, Klever, Drop the Lime, and Kill the Noise will perform at an undisclosed NYC location on January 14th. The party jumps off at 10PM and you must be 16 to get in ("16 to party, 21 to drink."). More details, and directions on how to get in are on the Facebook invite though even with an RSVP, "ENTRY BASED ON CAPACITY AND IS NOT GUARANTEED."

Sleigh Bells' "Kids" is the theme song to Skins, which premieres on Jan 17th. And the show is Sleigh Bells' only U.S. appearance in the coming months. The duo will spend the rest of January into February in Europe. All dates are listed below.

'Skins' party DJ Rusko went on a HARD Fest tour over the summer with Crystal Castles, Sinden & Destructo, though he wasn't on the bill when the tour hit NYC's Terminal 5 in August. Rusko won't be there either when Crystal Castles and Destructo play the same NYC venue on March 18th, 2011 (also a HARD show), and Rusko won't be there when HARD and Destructo return to Terminal 5, one night later, for a March 19th show with Simian Mobile Disco, Skream and Benga, and Fake Blood. Tickets are on sale. It's a "HARD Weekend" (flyer below).

Before then, Simian Mobile Disco are going on tour with Juan Maclean and Blondes (dates below). After then, Crystal Castles, Simian Mobile Disco AND RUSKO (and many others) will play the Ultra Music Festival in Florida (Friday, March 25, Saturday, March 26 and Sunday, March 27, 2011 in downtown Miami's Bicentennial Park). Currently announced lineup at the link.

All SMD & Sleigh Bells tour dates, flyers and some videos below....

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Boy 8-Bit

Last week in dance I only made it out one night, but had an absolute blast! Friday night I headed to Public Assembly around midnight to see Boy 8-Bit. While he didn't go on for an hour or so, his 1-1/2 hour long set was well worth the wait. From about 1:30 until 3, he played a UK-influenced, yet diverse set. He opened with his track "The Suspense Is Killing Me" which he manipulated to be a little more subtle than usual - a great starting point and indication of what was to come.

The rest of the set was a pretty current mix, punctuated with some of his own tracks (including some from the Baltic Pine EP which I strongly recommend - info on the release in last week's post) as well as Boy 8-Bit's own impressive take on some already awesome tracks. From a remix of Fake Blood's "Mars" (a track I thought couldn't get any better) to Bumblebeez's "Rio" (a track I never thought I'd be glad to hear) to what might have been (but I'm not certain) an extremely messed with, instrumental only remix of TTC's "Travailler"...Boy 8-Bit's set at Public Assembly was easily one of the most unpredictable, exciting, dance-able sets of this year.

While I find this week's dance prospects a bit less exciting, there certainly is a lot going on:

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DOWNLOAD: Grum - Sound Reaction (Heart Beats) (radio edit) (MP3)
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Fake Blood @ Cheeky Bastard - 213 N. 8th St., Williamsburg (more by Nicky Digital)

Last week in dance was another busy one as usual. I wasn't around for the weekend but managed to get out a bit before then. On Thursday I caught an awesome set from Fake Blood in Williamsburg, followed by a great night of dancing downstairs at APT on Friday, where Trus'me dropped everything from disco, house, and techno to soul at Disco3000. The dancing continues this week, starting with Thursday and Friday:

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DOWNLOAD: The Black Ghosts - Any Way (Fake Blood mix) (MP3)

Sebastien Tellier @ LPR - Dec 11, 2008 (natkg)
Sebastien Tellier

From Tuesday my week in dance hit a slight hiccup. Thursday night (12/11) it was pouring when I arrived at Le Poisson Rouge for Sebastien Tellier and despite not waiting outside long at all, I still entered the venue sogggy. Unfortunately I also arrived just in time to see Hearts Revolution. I've seen them once before. I'm fine with their beats and I like some remixes of their tracks, but I find their shows to be atrocious (ouch - ed). It's mainly due to Lo's singing which is shrill and unpleasant to begin with, but the lead vocalist's unnecessary commentary which included complaining about the bright stage lights this time around (and wanting to go home and go to bed the previous time I saw her) was not helping matters. Thankfully their show was pretty short and Sebastien Tellier was on not too long after.

While Sebastien Tellier had my Tellier fanatic-friends and I bugging out when we last saw him at Hiro, this time around the experience was much more subdued. The stage show was a little toned down - less pelvic thrusting and fun with the microphone. I brought a Tellier-virgin along and was concerned about what he was thinking of Frenchman... Though everyone seemed really into it, and it was still a decent show, my distance from the stage, and concern that my friend was/wasn't enjoying himself, and a slightly less outrageous performance, made his show at Le Poisson Rouge fall short of the madness I experienced at Hiro in July.

Luckily things picked right back up where they left off Friday night...

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Fake Blood is not Soulwax
Fake Blood

I took two nights off after my early start Wednesday night, leaving me eager to hit the B Saturday night for a party that featured a nice mix of deejays that were both familiar and new (to me). I arrived in time to catch the tail end of Van Scott's set which featured a dancey Lykke Li remix, a super-voded mix of Little Boots' "Meddle" (which I later found out was by Treasure Fingers), and lots of other recent tracks.

Franki ChanFranki Chan followed with an excellent mix of some tracks I didn't recognize along with some new favorites including Whomadewho's "TV Friend" (one of the remixes that just came out at the end of last month) and a lovely hybrid version of the Soulwax remix of the Chemical Brothers' "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" that featured the original "super star deejays" vocal sample instead of "2manydj's" but as far as I could tell, retained all the instrumental parts from the Soulwax remix.

Franki ChanPrincess Superstar took the evening in a highly dancey meets retro direction, dropping some current stuff mixed with some updated, oldie but goodie classic 90's tracks. Her set segued into Larry Tee's with the pair performing a live version of their hit "Licky" that's had dancefloors freaking out since last winter. Larry's set had everyone getting down and remembering what an innovator the pioneer of electroclash was and continues to be.

The night ended with a bang that unfortunately, hardly anyone was left to see: Nadastrom absolutely killed it. I'm not sure what specifically was great about their set ...it might have been the song selection, excellent mixing, just the right amount of wobbly bass...but one of the most satisfying elements of their set was the enthusiasm the pair maintained as the not too big to begin with, Studio B crowd dwindled down to a few handfuls of people:

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by Showtrotta

DOWNLOAD: Little Boots - Meddle (Designer Drugs remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Little Boots - Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Little Boots - Computer Fairyland Mixtape (MP3)

Little Boots

This summer you couldn't read an electronic music blog without coming across Little Boots (aka Victoria of Dead Disco). I first became familiar with her music through Fake Blood's excellent remix of her track, "Stuck On Repeat". Having only heard his version in which the vocals are very sparse, I was very surprised at how much she sings in the original versions of her tracks. Good stuff - which is saying a lot because - 1. I am really weird when it comes to vocals in electronic music, and 2. I [Showtrotta] really like very, very few female vocalists. Here's a video of her singing "Stuck on Repeat" while she plays the Tenori-on:

All the Hot Chip fans might be interested to know that Joe Goddard from Hot Chip (and Greg Kurstin from The Bird And The Bee) is producing her record.

Download three tracks above, one of which is Little Boots' free Computer Fairyland mixtape. The tracklisting for that is below. Also below: the dates and times of the four live sets, and the three DJ sets, Little Boots is playing in NYC during CMJ week...

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