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BSS ("Spirit If") @ The Metro, Chicago - Nov 3, 2007 (CRED)
Broken Social Scene in Chicago

J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr), Scott Kannberg (Pavement), James Shaw (Metric) and Emily Haines (Metric) will all be joining Kevin Drew & friends on stage tomorrow night at Webster Hall in NYC. (Nov 14, 2007). Arthur & Yu are opening. Tickets are still on sale. I definitely want to go now. Updated tour dates below...

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yep, they were the Feist video for Halloween (CRED)
Feist video costume

I forgot the SNL appearance was happening...

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by BrooklynVegan Mike

The 2007 Canadian Polaris Music Prize winner will be announced on September 24, 2007. Canadian resident BrooklynVegan Mike discusses the nominees, and who he thinks might walk away with the monetary prize. Note: He wrote this a few weeks ago - it's all still perfectly relevant, but worth keeping in mind......

PolarisThe Polaris Music Prize is nigh. In its second year the judges have the task of not only picking a winner from a competitive field but also continuing the quality streak they started last year by selecting Final Fantasy's album He Poos Clouds. This year's nominees are a good mix of established acts (Arcade Fire, Feist), Canadian indie-rock lifers (The Dears, Julie Doiron), and some fresh faces (Miracle Fortress, The Besnard Lakes).

This is one humble writer's opinion on the likelihood of each band winning the prize, in descending order from less likely to most likely. Canadians take their national pride more seriously than I think the average American realizes, so when an award meant to represent the best of Canadian music is being awarded, nationalism does play a part. Of course, if prizes like this were based purely upon the music, then the winner and the nominees would look very different. What, no love for Handsome Furs, or Frog Eyes? Anyway, let's begin.

Arcade Fire

Polaris nomineeLet's dispense with the 700 pound elephant in the room. I don't think they are going to win, for a number of reasons. Mainly, as Cadence Weapon said in reference to Broken Social Scene's non-chances of winning at last years Polaris; "They win at everything....in life." The band is so huge in North America, let alone Canada, that I think voters will shy away from it. The second reason is tied to the first, and that is the fact that the prize money ($20,000 Canadian, which is as good as 20K American now because the exchange rate is awful) would be a great windfall for many of the bands nominated, and I am sure those judging will put that into account (no pun intended).

The final reason is the album itself. It is a very good album, but not a great album. Funeral was a cultural touchstone, and will be one of those albums that people will point to when thinking fondly of the first decade of the 21st century. It was the success, in part, of Funeral that led to the creation of the Polaris in the first place. Anything that isn't Funeral 2 will be dismissed by some people, no matter how good it is. I do think, however, they will get their fair share of first place votes, and therefore should be higher on this list, but not enough to win.

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by BrooklynVegan Mike

Osheaga 2007 (CRED)
Osheaga 2007

A label rep I was talking to told me that it takes a festival four to five years of good reviews and turnouts to be considered a serious destination on the festival circuit. In its sophomore year, Osheaga has followed up their triumphant debut with an impressive lineup that should continue the reputation they built for themselves last year. Once again, I was granted the task of covering this event...

Thunderheist @ Osheaga 2007 (CRED)
Osheaga 2007

Arriving for day one of the two day festival around 12:30, I could hear the tail end of Apostle of Hustle opening the festivities on one of the alternating main stages. I made my way to the smaller stages on the other side of the park. Hopes were high for Thunderheist, a local hip-hop/house outfit comprised of DJ Grahm and female rapper Isis,. Taking the stage, Isis seemed to apologize in advance saying "we've been up all night." What followed was a rather limp set that took the wind out of my sails. I chalk it up to just a bad set, as I've heard that their smaller shows around town have been really good. It happens to the best of them. Over on the main stage, Jamie T performed to a somewhat apathetic audience. Unfamiliar with his music before that day, he vocally reminded me a lot of The Arctic Monkeys, a point I'm sure he'll have to have to answer questions about for years to come if his career gains traction.

Continued below...

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Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear @ McCarren Pool

Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew
Kevin Drew @ McCarren Pool

Feist @ McCarren Pool

All photos in this post by Kyle Dean Reinford. More below...

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Feist instructs the troops
FEist backstage @ Letterman

One of the indiest shows of the summer is going down at McCarren Pool in Brooklyn tonight (Aug 29, 2007). The weather is beautiful. Feist is headlining, and here's a re-post of something I got back when Grizzly Bear was added to the show:

Please note that doors will now open at 5PM one hour earlier than originally announced to allow for Grizzly Bear’s performance which will begin at 6:15. Also appearing with Feist is Broken Social Scene (performing Kevin Drew's "Spirit If...").
The pics in this post were taken (not by me) backstage at the David Letterman show Monday. More below...

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Roman Orgy

Attention those who missed the Book Eaters benefit and/or who can't make it to McCarren Pool on Wednesday and/or who missed Grizzly Bear backing Feist on Conan: Tonight's (August 27) your chance to get a piece of the indie action. Feist will be on the David Letterman show, and her backing choir this time will include: A.C. Newman of the New Pornographers, members of Grizzly Bear, Mates of State, members of Broken Social Scene including Kevin Drew, AND members of The National.

* Mates of State are also playing a few shows soon.
* Kevin Drew (BSS) is playing a "MySpace secret show" in Boston (Cambridge).
* Feist took down her mismanaged corporate website
* The National are going on tour.
* I like Kevin Drew's new album so far

Demetri Martin
Revenge of the Bookeaters

826NYC put on another great benefit show last night (Aug 26, 2007) at the Beacon Theatre in NYC. As usual, it starred a cast of top-notch (or at least popular) indie-rock & comedy superheroes (pun intended). The show started at 7pm, but thanks to underestimating how long it takes to get from Brooklyn to 74th Street & Broadway in Manhattan on a Sunday, I was a little late. When I walked in, The New Pornographers' A.C. Newman was almost finished with his set, and I'm told I missed a funny intro that included a short song by Feist, Newman, and Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew. *

BV-reader-poll-favorite Demetri Martin was an able, and hilarious, host. He did stand-up between every performer, and the whole show ran surprisingly smoothly. On a whole, it beat my expectations. Not that last year was bad - it just seemed like a big jumble of performers and a recipe for disaster.

Eugene, Britt, Feist, Ed, Jim, Sarah
Revenge of the Bookeaters

More below...

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Feist listens to J Mascis rock out (CRED)
Feist & J Mascis

Rock out like J. Mascis with the new J. Mascis Jazzmaster Fender guitar. Rock out with J. Mascis at Webster Hall on September 3rd - Dinosaur Jr. just added more tour dates, and tickets for the NYC show go on sale Wednesday.

Kevin Drew rocks outJ's friend Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene just posted a new streaming "exclusive b-side" to his MySpace. That makes three new songs total that you can hear there - two of which will appear on his new album 'Spirit If'. That's the album he'll be performing at McCarren Park Pool with a band supposedly known as 'Broken Social Scene', and a bill that includes his girlfriend Feist, and Brooklyn's own Grizzly Bear.

Kevin also made a new video for one of those new songs, and J. Mascis sings and plays guitar in the song, and in the video. VIDEO & TOUR DATES BELOW....

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Grizzly Bear @ Summerstage, NYC - July 16, 2007 (more & more)
Grizzly Bear @ Summerstage

As previously reported, Jeff Tweedy-favorite Grizzly Bear and Brian Williams-favorite Feist are among those playing an 826NYC benefit at Beacon Theatre in NYC on August 26th. You also know that Grizzly Bear just got done touring with Feist - they even played two shows together at NYC's Town Hall. Well, now they'll be playing together again at McCarren Pool too. Note:

We are excited to announce that Feist will welcome Grizzly Bear, who has just been added to the bill at McCarren Pool on August 29th. Please note that doors will now open at 5PM one hour earlier than originally announced to allow for Grizzly Bear’s performance which will begin at 6:15. Also appearing with Feist is Broken Social Scene (performing Kevin Drew's "Spirit If...").
Tickets are still on sale. Grizzly Bear & Feist also both just announced a bunch of not-together tour dates elsewhere. All of those are listed below....

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Feist reads Harry Potter

Tickets go on sale Friday for Revenge of REVENGE OF THE BOOK EATERS: a benefit for 826NYC


A.C. NEWMAN (New Pornographers) sings alone. GRIZZLY BEAR is a band. FEIST reads from a book. JIM JAMES (My Morning Jacket) croons. SARAH VOWELL speaks. DEMETRI MARTIN hosts.

The show is is Sunday August 26th @ The Beacon Theatre in NYC, and hopefully Feist (who is playing McCarren Pool three days later) does more than just READ - maybe even sing with her friends in Grizzly Bear. More info @ BookEaters.org.

DOWNLOAD: Feist - 1234 (Van She remix) (MP3)

Feist @ Bonnaroo 2007 (CRED)
Feist @ Bonnaroo

I’ve also toured with Feist, but now that I’ve established my journalistic integrity we can dispense with formality. She’s a first-rate guitarist and musician who is inspiring some cult-like devotion from her fans.

I didn’t hear cheering anywhere else like the cheering for Leslie Feist — she’d arch her eyebrow and the place would blow up — which always makes me wonder what the heck is going on. Her songs are minimalist and inventive, and she has a good voice and a good ear, like a PJ Harvey who’s not so mad at boys, but the rabid fandom is usually about something else. She must be code for something that I haven’t figured out. [John Roderick]

Tickets are at Ticketmaster for Feist's August 29th show at McCarren Park with Kevin Drew who has an MP3 to download too. More JR & Bonnaroo HERE.

Did anyone go to both Feist shows at Town Hall? I heard Kevin Drew wasn't there again the second night, but that unlike the first night, Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear sang backup on 1234.

Feist @ Town Hall, NYC - June 11, 2007 (MORE)
Feist @ Town Hall

Presale tickets are on sale at 3pm for the BSS/Feist show at McCarren Pool. (username=feist, password=tickets)

First of all, the Feist & Grizzly Bear show at Town Hall last night (June 11, 2007) was so good. I can't decide if it was the best Grizzly Bear show I ever saw, but it was definitely beyond a doubt the best Feist show I've ever been to (I've seen them both a bunch of times now). Feist's new material is so much more fun live - the old stuff still felt like the hits, but the new stuff was where it was at...

Feist @ Town Hall, NYC - June 11, 2007
Feist @ Town Hall

Grizzly Bear @ Town Hall, NYC - June 11, 2007
Grizzly Bear @ Town Hall

...and as if it wasn't special enough, (Leslie's boyfriend?) Kevin Drew came out to play Broken Social Scene's Lover's Spit with Feist - he didn't sing though - just played piano, but it still felt great.

A few more pics @ Flickr. More tomorrow.

Feist also mentioned she'd be playing 1234 on Conan today, and bringing some friends along to sing backup. At least some of those friends will be all four members of Grizzly Bear - her tourmates.

Feist didn't mention, but the little flyers they were handing out did, that she and Kevin Drew will be back to play a (NOT-free) show at McCarren Pool in Brooklyn on August 29th. Tickets are on sale Friday at noon, and the show is billed on the flyer as "Feist with special guest Broken Social Scene performing Kevin Drew's 'Spirit If...'".......

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Feist & Grizzly Bear are now on tour. They hit Town Hall in NYC on Monday and Tuesday. The shows were sold out, but now some tickets are back on sale. (thx Ondal) Setlist from her recent Ottawa show on Flickr.

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"Patrick Wolf is adorable, but so are the Carleton Singing Knights when they sing 'Magic Position'." [bassnowbrdr]

Patrick Wolf - Magic Position (A CAPPELLA)

In case you were wondering, Patrick Wolf's friends in Grizzly Bear ARE opening for both of the Feist shows at Town Hall in NYC (June 11-12). Grizzly Bear are also playing with the Decemberists and Land of Talk at Summerstage on July 16th. Land of Talk are also playing Citysol on July 14th.

The Carleton Singing Knights also do Grizzly Bear and Nellie McKay. Grizzly Bear practices in Williamsburg. Videos related to all these facts below....

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DOWNLOAD: Feist - Inside & Out (Mocky Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Mocky - In The Meantime (featuring Jamie Lidell) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Jenny Lewis w/ the Watson Twins - Melt Your Heart (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Jenny Lewis w/ the Watson Twins - Born Secular (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Jenny Lewis w/ the Watson Twins - Happy (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Jenny Lewis w/ the Watson Twins - Happy (reprise) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Jenny Lewis w/ the Watson Twins - Rabbit Fur Coat (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Jenny Lewis w/ the Watson Twins - Run Devil Run (MP3)

Bright Eyes is bringing out a special guest at each of his seven shows at Town Hall in NYC this week. Many were dismayed by the appearance of Lou Reed at night one. Ben Kweller came out during night two, and I'm losing track, but Jenny Lewis was the guest at either night three or four, or both or something like that. I don't have a picture, but there is the recent video of Jenny on stage with Ben Gibbard & John Vanderslice, and here are some photos from October of Jenny on stage with Feist (actually the other way around).....

Jenny Lewis & Feist

Jenny Lewis & Feist

Other stuff
* Cannes Film Fest Award Winners
* Concerts get 'Second Life' on Internet
* Kanye West samples Peter Bjorn & John & Daft Punk
* Sufjan Stevens & friends 'Take Away show" video @ Blogoteque
* Jenny Lewis contributed vocals to Jayhawk Gary Louris' new album
* Mocky, Feist, Gonzo, Lidell | Zero 7 & Jose Gonzalez | MP3s
* Mocky, Gonzales & Lidell helped make 'The Reminder' happen
* CBC Radio 3 Exclusive: Fans Ruin Feist Show (for me)
* LIVE: Feist Audience A Little Too Respectful

Mocky feat. Feist - Fightin' Away The Tears

More pics of Jenny, Feist & The Watson Twins below......

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