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by Andrew Sacher

Lucinda Williams

This is the first installment of the new "Five Notable Releases of the Week" feature, where, as the title implies, I'll be picking five releases that come out each week that I think are worth hearing. It will mostly be full-length albums, but EPs and mixtapes will count too (just not individual singles). Even with New Music Friday, release weeks are still sometimes arguable, but I'm going with anything that becomes readily available from the previous Saturday through the time of this post each Friday. Ideally, you'll be able to hear all five picks at the time this thing goes up.

Head below for this week's picks...

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by Bill Pearis

Field Music's new album, Commontime, is out this Friday (February 5). Their first in four years, the record is another impressive example of Peter and David Brewis' undeniable talent and invention. Sometimes the band suffers from being overly clever, but Commontime never loses sight of the songs, which are among the best they've ever written. Stream the whole thing right now, via The Guardian, below.

It won't be too long till Field Music are on this side of The Atlantic, and their tour includes a stop at NYC's at Rough Trade on March 26. Tickets for that show are still available.

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The third episode of BrooklynVegan's "In Residence" show on Spotify is now live.

For this one, BV editors Bill Pearis, Andrew Sacher and site founder Dave play some singles off 2016 records they're excited for, some Wolf Parade and LCD Soundsystem in anticipation their return, plus music and memories about David Bowie and Lemmy. There's also discussion of such topics as the Oscars and recent movies (someone doesn't like Star Wars?), band reunions, and more.

Pull up the playlist HERE and make sure to hit "follow" to add it to your Spotify collection. If you missed them, check out our first and second episodes.

Like all "Spotify In Residence" shows (like Hannibal Buress'), you need to be a Spotify subscriber to hear the host segments, but anyone can listen to the full playlist of all songs. Follow that link to subscribe and stay tuned for another new episode in February.

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by Bill Pearis

Field Music

Field Music's forthcoming album Commontime will be out soon -- February 5 via Memphis Industries. After getting Peter Brewis' "The Noisy Days Are Over," his brother David takes the lead with "Disappointed," a concise three-minute pop song that recalls late '70s acts like Steely Dan. He's talking about love but, when he sings "This is as close to perfect as we were wishing for," my first thought was "It sure is." Listen below.

It won't be too long till Field Music will be over for a short North American tour including a stop in NYC to play Rough Trade on March 26. Washington, DC's The Effects (new band from Devin Ocampo of Dischord acts Faraquet and Beauty Pill) are opening and tickets are still available.

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by Bill Pearis

field music noisy days are over

Field Music have made a music video for their terrific new single "The Noisy Days Are Over." Directed by Andy Martin, it's a throwback to videos of the late-'80s where a story that follows the theme of the song plays out while the band make cameo appearances in the background or on TV screens that just happen to be there. The theme in this case is aging, and fighting it, even though you may not be able to do what you used to. It's fun and very well done. Watch below.

The single is from Field Music's forthcoming fifth album Commontime, their first in four years. It's out February 5 via Memphis Industries. As mentioned, the band will be in NYC for a show at Rough Trade on March 26. Tickets are still available.

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by Bill Pearis

Field Music

After four years of working on other things (though often together), Peter and David Brewis are back with a new Field Music album, Commontime, which will be out February 5, 2016 via Memphis Industry. Says David of their return, "As much fun as we might have had on our own or collaborating, we missed just spending time in the studio, the two of us, trying things out and playing together." The first track to be released is a winner, too. "The Noisy Days are Over," one of Peter's, contemplates aging, but in the funky, proggy, poppy way Field Music are so good at, with a great horn chart to boot. You can stream it, and check out the LP's cover art and tracklist, below.

The Brewises will be in North America in the spring for their first Field Music in about as long, playing NYC at Rough Trade on March 26. Tickets for that show will be on sale soon. All dates are listed below.

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by Bill Pearis


While Field Music are, for all intents and purposes on hiatus as a band, the Brewis brothers stay busy and still work together. Recently they've been helping Ian Black (who played bass in the live version of Field Music) who makes his own music as Slug. The impetus for Slug came from his time in the band, says Black:

you couldn't be on the road with them for a year and not feel inspired. Sometimes doing these things helps create a sense of self belief that you can create your own thing...however delusional that may be.
If you dig the proggy pop of Field Music you will likely want to hear Slug's debut album, Ripe, which was produced by Peter and David Brewis and they play on it too. The album draws from a wide variety of wildly disparate influences:
What ifs' play a massive part in RIPE. What if we use a stoner metal riff and use it like a dub bass part or what if we combined the drumming style of John Bonham with James Brown beat and the squelch bass of Claudio Simonetti and Fabio Pignatelli.
We've got the premiere of "Greasy Mind," one of the album's funkier tracks, that draws from early electro and hard rock. It makes more sense when you listen than trying to describe it. Check it out, along with two other tracks from the album, below.

Ripe will be out April 13 in the UK and April 21 in the US via Memphis Industries. Slug will be touring the UK (with the Brewises in the band) and those dates are listed below...

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by Bill Pearis


English towns Sunderland and Newcastle upon Tyne are only 25 minutes apart and bands from the area share a similar sensibility. Paul Smith of Newcastle's Maximo Park, and Peter Brewis of Sunderland's Field Music have been friends for some time, with Brewis working on Maximo Park's debut EP. The two will be releasing a collaborative album titled Frozen By Sight that's due out in November via Memphis Industries. For fans of Brewis' gorgeous The Week That Was album, this has those widescreen arrangements and baroque touches, along with Smith's literate, lyrical style. Peter's brother Davis (also of Field Music) co-produced. Says Peter:

We wanted to touch on a point somewhere between composition, songwriting and improvisation, but we also wanted to keep a sense of humour and a sense of the everyday.
Get a taste of this very autumnal album via "Barcelona (at Eye Level)" which you can stream, along with the album art and tracklist, below...

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by Bill Pearis


Last year, Manchester singer-songwriter Kiran Leonard released Bowler Hat Soup, an exceedingly assured debut, filled with momements both lovely and loud. It was all the more impressive considering Leonard was 17 upon its release. If you're unfamiliar, you can stream it below. Coinciding with his first proper UK tour, Leonard has released a version of "Geraldo's Farm" from the album that was remixed by Peter Brewis of Field Music and The Week That Was. Says Peter:

I've managed to ruin pieces of music before, but they're generally been my own - remixing takes this anti-skill of mine to a new level. Anyhoo, although I did almost as much deleting as I did recording (it's pretty minimal) I had lots of fun doing it and realized a lifelong ambition to do a track that includes an 'I feel for you' pastiche hi-hat part. I also couldn't bare to leave the recorder/penny whistle stuff out so I utilized them as a break-down solo.
Brewis adds some complex drumming and a lot of synthesizers, giving the song an entirely new flavor. You can stream the "Geraldo's Farm" remix, and listen to the original and a live version, in this post.

As for playing North America, no word yet. But all UK tour dates are listed, along with streams (all of which are pretty different), below...

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by Bill Pearis

School of Language

It's been a minute since we're heard from the Brewis brothers who put Field Music in semi-hibernation after 2012's Plumb. The band did compose the score to a 1929 silent documentary, Drifters, which they performed at the Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival in September...but otherwise not much.

That changes with the announcement of a new album from School of Language, the solo project of David Brewis whose songs tended to be more cerebral and mathy than those of his brother, Peter. The new LP is titled Old Fears and will be out the first week of April via Memphis Industries. You can check out the first released song from the album, "Between The Suburbs," and the LP art and tracklist, in this post.

Let's hope Peter Brewis give us a second The Week That Was album this year too. Meanwhile, check out the new School of Language song and album info below...

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by Bill Pearis

Hospitality @ Brooklyn Bowl, 8/31/2012 (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)

While I haven't revealed by Favorite Albums of 2012 list yet, I'll let it slip that Hospitality's eponymous debut album is pretty high up there. If you've yet to hear it's many guitar pop pleasures, you can stream it below. Wondering what the band have listened to the most in 2012? They've offered up their Top 10 of 2012 which you can peruse below. It's actually nine new albums and then the last slot goes to Led Zeppelin which singer Amber Papini admits she's been gorging on ever since Hurricane Sandy.

Sandy caused the band's headlining show at Bowery Ballroom to be postponed and the make-up date is right around the corner on January 10 with TEEN and Household. Tickets are still available and we're also giving away a pair.

Meanwhile, Hospitality next show after that will be as part of the Kidrockers series at Brooklyn Bowl, happening Sunday, February 10 at 11 AM. Tickets are $8 and on sale now -- kids 2 and under get in free. It's all ages on Sundays at Brooklyn Bowl till 6PM when it becomes 21+ like the rest of the week.

Kidrockers have announced a few other 2013 shows as well: Caveman (who just announced a big tour, including Webster Hall on 4/10) play on January 27 (tix); and Hooray for Earth play on February 3 (tix, they also play Knitting Factory next month). There is also the previously-announced DIIV show on January 13 (they play an "adult" show at BB that same night).

Hospitality's list of Top 10 LPs of 2012 is below.

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by Bill Pearis

Frank Ocean at Angel Orensanz Center, 9/24/2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Frank Ocean

One of the saddest losses of 2012 for me was the NYC print edition of The Onion which I always looked forward to picking up on Wednesdays and browsing while on the subway or getting some food on the neighborhood. (I still have my copy of the "CHINA STRONG" issue, easily one of the funniest they've ever done.) I lament of it for the AV Club half as well, as I've long found it to be amongst the best pop culture criticism/journalism out there. While NYC can no longer get physical copies, you can still read it online where the AV Club has really flourished.

It's Year-End season there too and have just published their Top 25 LPs of 2012 list, which was tallied by a complicated system that led to a lot of ties, including three albums claiming the #18 spot. There was no doubt who was getting the top slot, though, as Frank Ocean's Channel Orange got the most votes by a wide margin. There's no stopping that album on year end polls. Elsewhere on the list, you'll find more than a few records that cater to the late-'30s indie rock fan crowd (The Walkmen, Bob Mould, Field Music) and even Rush's Clockwork of Angels. You can look at individual writers' ballots as well. Check out the whole list below.

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Leonard Cohen

UK music magazine Uncut put out their list of the top 75 albums of 2012. The top ten leans pretty heavy on long-running '60s/'70s survivors who put out new albums this year, but plenty of the list-topping regulars from newer acts are on there too, along with a few interesting surprises (Sun Araw, M Geddes Gengras & the Congos!). You can check out the full list below.

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Q MagQ Mag

Q Magazine put out their Top 50 albums of 2012 list, choosing to do so in no particular order this year, making it more a pile than a list. Check out Q's picks in alphabetical order below.

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The Fly is the "UK's most popular new music magazine," but if you haven't heard of it, its because it's a free monthly that doesn't really get international distribution. You can however read it online. The mag just released it's year-end issue and topping their Best Albums of 2012 is Sharon Van Etten's Tramp (which was just released in a Deluxe edition, a fine Xmas gift don't you know). Sharon narrowly beat out Grimes, whose Visions came in at #2. The whole list, in ascending order, is below and you can read what The Fly said about each album here.

By the way you can still get tickets for the December 15 show at Cameo that Sharon curated with She Keeps Bees and Speck Mountain and "Special Guest."

A list of the Fly's Top 50 Albums of 2012 is below.

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Alt JAlt J

It's that time of year already I guess. NME quizzed a whole bunch of artists about their favorite album of the year. Bat For Lashes chose Alt-J who recently won the Mercury Prize and who chose Polica as their favorite. That and more, if you can understand what they're saying, in the video, below....

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by Bill Pearis

Django Django at Glasslands, March 2012 (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)
Django Django

The shortlist for the 2012 Mercury Prize, an award voted on by a panel of music industry professionals and journalists honoring UK albums of the year, was just announced:

The Maccabees - Given to the Wild
Jessie Ware - Devotion
Alt-J - An Awesome Wave
Richard Hawley - Standing at the Sky's Edge
Michael Kiwanuka - Home Again
Lianne La Havas - Is Your Love Big Enough
Ben Howard - Every Kingdom
Sam Lee - Ground of its Own
Field Music - Plumb
Django Django - S/T
Roller Trio - S/T
Plan B - Ill Manors
Odds seem pretty good for Alt-J (who play Bowery Ballroom tonight), who have not only made a great album with An Awesome Wave, but also the kind of album the Mercury Prize voters like. Though, though we shouldn't count out Micheal Kiwanuka's Home Again or Jessie Ware's Devotion. Now in its 20th year, this year's Mercury Prize will be given out November 1. (I am rooting for Django Django.) Last year's winner was Let England Shake by PJ Harvey.

Frankie Rose

Frankie Rose releases Interstellar this month (2/21) and as Bill points out, she's left the garage pop of her debut behind in favor of synthy, jangly pop. It's a huge step up from her last album and you can stream the entire thing at SPIN. She plays a record release show for the album at Knitting Factory on February 21 with Dive and Night Manager.

The new album from Dr. Dog, Be The Void, is out this week (2/7) and streaming at Conan O'Brien's website Team Coco. Watch the video of their performance on the show last night (2/8) below. Also, don't forget to grab your tickets for their Terminal 5 show on 3/23 while they're still available. More tour dates HERE.

Sharon Van Etten and Shearwater are touring together in support of their upcoming albums which are both currently streaming on NPR. Listen to Sharon's HERE and Shearwater's HERE. Their tour hits NYC on 2/24 at MHOW and 2/25 at Bowery Ballroom. Both shows are sold out but Sharon plays Bowery again the next night (2/26) and tickets are still available.

Islands' new album, A Sleep & A Forgetting, is due out February 14 via ANTI- and you can stream the entire thing below. Their tour in support of it hits NYC on 2/25 at LPR. Tickets are still available.

Instrumental hip hop producer Mux Mool released his new album, Planet High School, digitally this week and that can be streamed in full below (via FADER).

Field Music will release their new album, Plumb, on February 14 via Memphis Industries. You can stream the whole thing at NPR.

Tennis's new album, Young and Old, is due out February 14 via Fat Possum and you can stream it in full below (via P4K). Their tour in support of it hits NYC on 3/3 at Bowery Ballroom and 3/5 at MHOW. The Bowery show is sold out but tickets for MHOW are still on sale.

Air's new album, Le Voyage Dans La Lune, which features a collaboration with Beach House's Victoria Legrand, and as mentioned is a soundtrack, is out this week and streaming in full on NPR.

It's not exactly an album, but Fucked Up's 15+ minute "Year of the Tiger" single which features Jim Jarmusch, Austra, and Annie-Claude Deschênes of Duchess Says, can be streamed below.

Streams below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOADField Music - Measure (MP3)

Field Music @ The Bell House in February (more by Benjamin Lozovsky)
Field Music

Sunderland, UK's Field Music are bringing their pastoral prog back to the States for a short Fall tour, including a September 23 stop at Littlefield. They were last here in February, just before the release of their third album, Field Music (Measure), which is a shoo-in for my personal Best of 2010 list. A hodgepodge of recognizable (if mostly British) influences -- from Fleetwood Mac to '80s-era Yes to Fairport Convention -- all filtered through the the Brewis brothers' distinct style, the double-LP is a real tour de force.

The Brewises bring it live, too, as anyone who has seen Field Music play live can attest. Extremely skilled musicians, the brothers take turns on drums whenever the other is singing. (David is especially fearsome behind the kit.) The other two members of the band are no slouches either. This is likely to be Field Music's last U.S. tour till the Brewises make another record.

Opening at the Littlefield show are Motel Motel who most recently played the Jelly Rock Yard with Zaza. Speaking of the Rock Yard, you have two more chances to experience it this summer including this Saturday, 9/4, with Bun B, Big Krit, Curren$y and more

All Field Music tour dates, plus a couple music videos, are below.

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words & photos by Benjamin Lozovsky

Field Music
Field Music

The members of Field Music really wanted to play a gig in the US; so much in fact, that they had a one-off show at The Bell House Saturday (1/30), flying in early that morning and returning to England shortly after their performance. It was more than enough time to make their mark.

The date came after the band canceled performances in New York City and Chicago late in 2009 due to illness, and this occasion was far from ideal circumstances as well. But even with jetlag, horse throats and only a handful of rehearsals together as a new line up under their belts, Field Music played with inspiration and intrepid musical awareness.

Founding member Peter Brewis wasn't sure after the show whether the band sounded fully meshed yet, but as he and brother David calmly swapped out handling guitars and drums throughout then night, they demonstrated their confidence as leaders of a rapidly congealing group. New bassist Ian Black and multi-instrumentalist Kev Dosdale followed the Brewis' assured approach as the group tackled many new numbers from the band's revelatory, soon-to-be-released new album, Field Music (Measure). Powerful songs like "All You Ever Need To Say," and "Clear Water" added darkness and grit to the intelligence and grace that categorized their previous output. "I think we were listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin," said Peter, speaking of the recording of Field Music (Measure).

The Zeppelin flavor was most evident in the sparse but loudly punctuated drumming that frames many of their new creations. But other harder-edged influences abounded, sitting well with the more artsy inspiration they take from bands like Television and Steely Dan. Basically they've added some balls to their brainy youthfulness.

Speaking of youth, openers The Mugs and The Spinto Band were also at their most juvenile this night, to the enjoyment of the crowd. They both cater in a bouncy kind of indie hodge-podge, and there was a lot of bouncing by the two bands during their respective sets. The Mugs brought out a bullhorn for one number, and The Spinto Band brandished kazoos and clanged lots of cowbell. There were good ideas brought forth by both, and each of the two groups played with enough heart to somewhat mitigate their poorly defined musical identities and moments of lackluster songwriting.

It's not easy to balance the adolescent hopefulness of such spirited music with the ability to act well above your age. Field Music seems to have just the right measure of both.

Field Music return in March while on tour with The Clientele. More pictures from the Bell House with Field Music's setlist, below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Oh No Ono - Internet Warrior (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Oh No Ono - Helplessly Young (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Hooray for Earth - Surrounded by Friends (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Field Music - Measure (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Twin Sister - Vampires with Dreaming Kids EP (Zip)

Oh No Ono
Oh No

Denmark's Oh No Ono are in town this week for their first-ever NYC shows, the first of which was an in-store at Sound Fix last night. Anybody go? I'm seeing them tonight at Mercury Lounge, where they'll be playing with Bear in Heaven, ArpLine and Jaguar Club. Tomorrow they're at Union Hall with Depreciation Guild and Hooray for Earth. Oh No Ono's new album, Eggs, is impressively bonkers and almost impossible to describe succinctly. It's psychedelic, baroque, glammy, 70's AM, with some synth pop and the occasional church choir thrown in. And very catchy stuff too. Maybe they're the Sid and Marty Kroft version of Mew? Hear it for yourself -- there's two tracks at the top of this post. I can't wait to see how they pull all this off live.

Tonight's Mercury Lounge show is sold out, no surprise given they're playing with Bear in Heaven. Tomorrow's Union Hall show is just as solid though, with eight bit shoegazers The Depreciation Guild who will soon head off with Pains of Being Pure at Heart (Kurt Feldman's in both bands) for a tour of Japan. Also playing are Hooray for Earth, who neatly straddle the line between electronic pop and electrified rock. The sound is familiar and inviting yet I don't seem to be able to come up with any obvious comparisons to another band, which is a good thing. They've got a new EP, Momo, that is currently only available through Emusic (the latest in the Emusic Selects series) but I wouldn't be surprised if they were selling it at their merch table. It's definitely worth picking up. You can download the lead track, "Surrounded by Friends," at the top of this post.

Field Music
Field Music

After cancelling their performance last-minute at Skippy's birthday party back in December, Field Music are back for their make-up date this Saturday (1/30) at the Bell House. If you bought tickets before, they're still valid. And if you haven't got tickets, they're still on sale. The Brewis brothers' new album, Field Music (Measure), is out February 16 and here's what I wrote last time:

...it's another knockout from the Brewis brothers, 20 tracks that further refine their distinctive mix of nervy new wave, prog, krautrock, tea party pop and whatever else they're into at the time. It's a Field Music album, no doubt about it, but it's less buttoned up, more rhythm heavy ("Let's Write a Book" shows that one of them's been listening to Can) and willing to give anything a try. If you've never seen Field Music live before, you should definitely come out, the Brewises are shit-hot musicians as well (David is an especially impressive drummer). There used to be a lot of switching instruments when they were a trio, but now as a four-piece I wonder if that'll still happen.
It really is a great album, probably the best thing the Brewis have done together or apart. You can download "Measure" at the top of this post which is reminiscent of Peter Brewis' The Week That Was project from 2008. Additionally, Field Music have announced dates for a spring North American tour opening for The Clientele that includes a March 23 stop at Bowery Ballroom. All Field Music/Clientele tour dates are at the bottom of this post.

Twin Sister
Twin Sister

Friday (1/29) at Bruar Falls is a band a lot of people seem to be talking about right now: Twin Sister. To me, there's a little '80s delay-pedal shimmery-ness to them (Cocteau Twins, Disintigration-era Cure), nods to '70s muted-fretboard soft rock soul, as well as a pastoral folk thing going on. Basically, dreamy and beautiful stuff. They also remind me a bit of Montreal's Luyas who, if they ever make it down this way, Twin Sister would make a perfect double bill. Thier EP from last year, Vampires with Dreaming Kids, is a free download from their website, which we link to at the top of this post. A new EP titled Color Your Life is due in March on Infinite Best Recordings. There's a video trailer for the EP at the bottom of this post.

Twin Sister have a bunch of shows coming up. In addition to Friday's Bruar Falls -- which is free, btw-- they're also playing Saturday (1/30) at the loft above Richie's Gym which is out by the Myrtle JMZ stop. Both those shows are being presented by busy blog Chocolate Bobka and also feature Austin's languid, reverby Pure Ecstasy. The Bruar show also has Family Portrait and Baltimore's Run DMT. Twin Sister have a bunch more shows lined up in February, including 2/25 at Cameo with Toro Y Moi. All dates are at the bottom of this post.

A few other weekend picks, videos and tour dates below...

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Happy New Year

New Years Eve at The Bell House is sold out, though there will be "limited tickets at the door".

Check out our end of 2009 interview w/ Sohrab Habibion of Obits

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for Beth Orton's January 18th show at the Brooklyn venue.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for Charlotte Gainsbourg's January 19th & 20th shows at the venue.

Tickets are still on sale for Vetiver's January 21st show at the venue.

Tickets are now on sale for the Field Music / Spinto Band show there too.

Field Music

Field Music's cancelled December 3rd Brooklyn show has been rescheduled for January 30th. No advance tickets to the Bell House show at the moment, though the venue reminds us that "tickets from the 12/3/09 show will be honoured this evening." The Spinto Band is the opener.

That U.S. trip won't be a long one for the UK band though. Look out for them to possibly schedule a Chicago show while they're here. Then they go back home in time for a show in Scotland on February 24th before returning to North America again in March to tour with The Clientele from March 15th through the March 23rd show at Bowery Ballroom which is now on sale. All dates below...

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Sheff and Caws

Field Music didn't make it, but there was a special reunion set by Pulsars, followed by the super duper Wye Oak who played before special guest Rumours last night at The Bell House in Brooklyn (12/3).

As advertised (at the last minute anyway), Rumours was a Fleetwood Mac cover band. Cover song experts Loser's Lounge made up the band and a rotating cast of singers came to the stage to play individual tunes. Those vocalists included Dave Hill dueting with Erika from Au Revoir Simone, Will Sheff dueting with Beth Wawerna, Matthew Caws, Britta, Sharon Van Etten, Wye Oak, and many more. The show was in honor of Bell House booker Skippy. Well, it was his birthday party, and he even came out to help perform "I Don't Wanna Know" with Mia Riddle. The full setlist (which did not include AC Newman or Eugene Mirman - both must be out of town) with a couple of videos below...

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This is one of my worst days for some time. Unfortunately, we are not able to play our scheduled shows in New York tonight and in Chicago on Saturday. I've come down with flu-like symptoms and given the swine flu situation, spending eight hours sharing my germs with the population of an aeroplane heading to the US would seem like a very silly and fairly irresponsible thing to do. I'm totally devastated about this and would like to apologise to everyone who's bought tickets to come and see us and also to the promoters who've spent so much time and effort organising for us to come over and promoting the shows, especially to Jack at the Bell House -we were supposed to play this evening as part of his birthday celebrations.

We will try our very best to reschedule these shows sometime in the new year. In the meantime, again, I'm incredibly sorry we're not playing these shows. I hope we can make it up to you soon.

That sucks! The Bell House says, "Field Music have postponed their set until early 2010. All ticket holders of advance tickets will be guaranteed FREE admission tonight for Wye Oak, Pulsars, and the special secret set by Rumours, which is an all-star indie rock tribute to Fleetwood Mac (there, we said it). Your ticket will also be good for the re-scheduled Field Music show which will be announced shortly (you will be notified via Ticketweb)."