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by Andrew Sacher

Jhene Aiko

LA singer Jhené Aiko has appeared on a number of Black Hippy releases (both Schoolboy Q albums, both Ab-Soul albums, and Kendrick Lamar's O(verly) D(edicated)) and has her own mixtape out, Sailing Souls, which features collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Miguel, Drake, and others. Similarly to The Weeknd, Solange, or even Autre Ne Veut, Jhené Aiko pulls equally from smooth late-night R&B and downtempo indie pop. And though that description is pretty "in" right now and causing lots of bandwagon jumpers, like the aforementioned artists, Jhené brings something new to the discussion. Her official debut full length album, Souled Out, is due out at some point this year via Def Jam.

Towards the end of 2012, Jhené dropped the Souled Out single, "3:16 AM," which stirred up a lot of anticipation for the album. And now she's back with a new single, the contrasting "Burning Man (3:16 PM)," which is just as strong as its predecessor and keeps hope high for the new record. The track was produced by Fisticuffs (Miguel, Dawn Richard) and you can watch its video, along with the "3:16 AM" video, below.

Jhené did some touring last year, including a stop in Chicago where she played a FADER/Captain Morgan show. A high quality video of her performing at that show with a killer live band is below. No future live dates to report at the moment.

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by Andrew Sacher

Dawn Richard

R&B singer Dawn Richard was formerly a member the mid-2000s Bad Boy Records-signed all-female group Danity Kane, after which she joined Diddy Dirty Money and then began a solo career in 2011 which led to 2012's Armor On, one of the most overlooked but great EPs of last year. The EP harnessed dark multi-layered production that pulled from Afro-centric polyrhythms, minimal late night sensuality, and radio appeal, and showed Dawn growing as an increasingly versatile singer. If you haven't yet, you can watch the video for EP track, "Bombs," below.

Dawn followed that EP last month (December) with the Whiteout EP and is now set to release a full length, GoldenHeart on January 15. Dawn just revealed snippets from the new album and you can stream those and check out the tracklist below. That's the cover art above. The album features production from Druski (who worked on Armor On), Fisticuffs (who worked with Miguel on his great Kaleidoscope Dream), and Denote. You can pre-order it now.

Dawn has a few dates scheduled (and is promising more) including one in NYC two days after the album release, January 17 at SOB's with Bridget Kelly and Aaron Camper. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

A list of all dates, snippets and tracklist from the new album, and the video for "Bombs," below...

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