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Front St. on Monday evening (via @iggsactly)

Lower Manhattan got it pretty good by Sandy, South Street Seaport included. The area was under multiple feet of water. The Seaport Music Festival, who put on the free shows down there, still had their stage set up. Some gear was ruined though they luckily had taken down the deck, lights, tent and canopy in preparation for the hurricane. No word on how the Beekman Beer Garden fared, though one Tweeter fears it is "definitely gone". Wine store Pasanella and Son was reportedly "decimated". Sadly, there has also been some looting at the Seaport's shops.

At a press conference this afternoon, Mayor Bloomberg, who recently confirmed at least 18 Sandy related deaths in NYC, announced that like the subways (Buses start returning tonight [10/30]), it may be three or four more days before power is restored to the tons of residents who lost it due to Hurricane Sandy. This includes all of lower Manhattan where, as you know, a whole lot of Manhattan music venues are. Which probably means no shows till the weekend for Pianos, Cake Shop, The Living Room, Arlene's Grocery, Fontana's, Rockwood Music Hall, The Slipper Room, Mercury Lounge, Bowery Ballroom, Santos Party House, Le Poisson Rouge and others.

Good news, apart from no power, the Ludlow St. area venues all came out ok, with folks at Pianos, Cake Shop and Arlene's Grocery specifically saying there was no water damage. Williamsburg clubs, are getting somewhat back to normal sooner, with shows at Union Pool and Glasslands tonight.

Elsewhere, Park Slope/Gowanus's Bell House reports that they "had some minimal flooding but will be back to business as usual by tomorrow. Working on fundraiser ideas for you now " Bar 4 in Park Slope lost their awning.

by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Corporal - Obama (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Corporal - Glory (MP3)


We recently noted that two castmembers of Superbad play in two different bands, that we know of (Mister Heavenly, The Young Rapscallions).

The HBO series Boardwalk Empire has them beat with three castmembers* in bands and of (mostly) notably, in my opinion, higher quality. Michael Pitt fronts Pagoda and Aleksa Palladino (who play's Pitt's wife on the show) is in Exitmusic, who you might have just seen at Brooklyn Bowl during the Northside Festival and who have other shows coming up including one at Mercury Lounge.

The third is Michael Shannon who leads indie rock trio Corporal. The band formed in Louisville, KY in 2002 but now call Brooklyn home and released Glory last year. (Download an MP3 from the album above.) The band just released a new MP3, "Obama," that serves as a band endorsement of our current president's bid for a second term which you can download above. You can go see Corporal next week when the band play a NYC show at Fontana's on June 25 with Less the Band and the Parlour Suite.

UPDATE: So it turns out openers Less the Band contains the non-Shannon 2/3rds of Corporal as well as Paul Sparks who plays the annoying punchable Mickey Doyle on Boardwalk Empire. That makes four! Is that some sort of record? (Thanks commenters, btw).

Shannon, who has a lock on intense, creepy loner dude roles these days, is a funny guy too (he had a memorable cameo during Season 1 of Delocated) and a pretty good songwriter, especially if you dig '90s style indie rock. He recently submitted his iPod to the AV Club's "Random Rules" feature and the interview is chock-a-block with quotes. Here's a few:

Isaac Brock...I hear he's kind of hard to go on tour with. But rock's not for squares, I guess.

-Will Oldham really keeps to himself. He's not a joiner.

-[Mark E. Smith]... talk about a role model. That guy just drinks beer and eats hamburgers and smokes and barely tries. And he still is cooler than pretty much anyone ever. I think he's even cooler than Lou Reed was.

-My girlfriend loves the Mountain Goats. I don't know. I like the guy; it's not like I don't like him. He has a very interesting voice, that's for sure. But I like his lyrics. I don't know if I'd want to go to a Mountain Goats concert, though. I think I would probably drink too much beer and get tired.

-There's a lot of the new bands that I don't really get. I don't know what it is; maybe I'm getting older or something, but there are bands that people are just falling all over themselves about... I don't know. If someone was like, "If you could spend the rest of your life on an island with one band, which band would it be?" For me, it would be Deerhoof.

The third season of Boardwalk Empire will air this fall on HBO (you can win a visit to the set at Anthology Film Archives). Shannon may have less time for music soon -- he'll play General Zod in the Christopher Nolan-produced/writen (yay!), Zak Snyder directed (boo!) Superman flick Man of Steel which hits cineplexes next summer.

by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Still Corners - Into the Trees (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Immaculates - Hey Joe Kelly (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Gospel Music - This Town Don't Have Enough Bars for Both of Us (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Radiation City - The Color of Industry (MP3)

Still Corners
Still Corners

I think Wednesday is my favorite day for CMJ day parties. You get a lot of good bands, but it's not insanely packed like the weekend shows. And this year, there are a lot of great Wednesday afternoon options.

Before we get into it, I would like to say that Spotify has been a giant help in checking out music from bands playing and if you have the service, I recommend using it. (If you don't, chances are someone you know has invites to give out.) Much easier than Googling for Bandcamp, Soundcloud or (heaven forbid) Myspace sites. Spotify doesn't have everything, but it has most everything. I've got a CMJ 2011 Playlist that I update when I find something new and interesting which you're welcome to check out.

[editor's note/update/disclaimer: Spotify has partnered with us on all BV CMJ events this year, but Bill did not know that when he wrote that above paragraph, so please no conspiracy theories!]

Anyway, day shows:

PICK OF THE DAY: Under the Radar party at Public Assembly has a line-up that is pretty hard to beat, including one of my favorite bands of late, Still Corners whose chilly, majestic debut, Creatures of an Hour, came out last week on Sub Pop. Check out an MP3 of new single "Into the Trees" at the top of this post and you can stream the whole album at the bottom. Public Assembly is good and dark, ideal for their trippy accompanying lightshow. Still Corners also play Public Assembly Wednesday night which must be nice for them not having to schlep their gear around. They also play tomorrow at our day party at Knitting Factory and then the Sub Pop showcase at Mercury Lounge that night.

Also playing at Public Assembly: Norway's super-fun Casiokids, Fiery Furnaces' Eleanor Friedberger (who maybe you caught last night with Wild Flag at Bowery Ballroom), the retro funk of The Stepkids (who also play our TBA Saturday party at Public Assembly), plus Chad Valley, Porcelain Raft. It's kind of a slam-dunk show.

The Immaculates
The Immaculates

THEN AGAIN... the folks at Terrorbird Media have put together a pretty great show at Cake Shop. It kicks off with newish, shit-hot Brooklyn garage-soul band The Immaculates who are worth showing up early for. Check out an MP3 at the top of this post. Then it's Virginia's Eternal Summers who have really come into their own since expanding from a duo to a trio.

Gospel Music
Gospel Music

Then it's Gospel Music which is Owen Holmes who used to be in CMJ 2007 buzz band Black Kids but now makes indiepop somewhere between Stephin Merrit and Jonathan Richman (which is a definite sweet spot for me.) Holmes got help from Hefner's Darren Hayman, Camera Obscura's Traceyanne Campbell and others on last year's Duets EP, but for his full-length debut, How to Get to Heaven from Jacksonville, FL,  he shares the mike full-time with fellow Jacksonville resident Madeline Long. Check out an MP3 of first single "This Town Doesn't Have Enough Bars For Both Of Us" and watch the video (which features his old Black Kids pals) at the bottom. Gospel Music's other CMJ dates are down there as well.

The rest of the Terrorbird line-up: Cloud Nothings, Mux Mool, Widowspeak, Teen Daze and Cubik Zirconia. That's a quality free show too folks.

Of course the nice thing about the Lower East Side is that every venue around there has a day show. At Pianos there's the We Listen For You party with Arms, Guards, The Pass, Parlovr, Nerves Jr. and Headless Horseman in the main room; upstairs it's the Big Hassle Media party with Radiation City, Aeroplane Pagaent, Clubfeet, Marques Toliver, J. Viewz, Pyramids and Army Navy.

Radiation City
Radiation City

If you're in the Ludlow area, do try and check out Portland's Radiation City (3PM) who've made one of the year's more charming debuts which drifts between moody, organ-driven numbers and more upbeat pop. Papercuts covering The Free Design? Add in some Mazzy Star smokiness and you're almost there. Check out "The Color of Industry" at the top of this post, and go seem them live at some point this week. Radiation City also play the PASTE party at The Living Room today too (4PM) and have shows this week, and all dates are at the bottom of this post.

That PASTE party, which goes from 4 - 7 PM also features Lord Huron, Santah and The Lonely Forest.

And finally over at Fontanas (which you may remember from BV day parties of old or episodes of Louie) is this year's Pirate! Island party with a pretty good bunch of bands too: Canada's Hollerado, Nick Diamonds, Fairmont, Army Navy, The Great Book of John and The One & Nines. Set times at the bottom of this post.

Click through for flyers (including a couple day shows I didn't mention), streams, videos and set times. I'll have Wednesday nighttime picks a little later.

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photos by Chris La Putt

DOWNLOAD: The Mynabirds - "All I Want is Truth (For Christmas)" (MP3)

The Mynabirds @ Fontana's during CMJ

"All I Want is Truth (For Christmas)" is a reminder this Black Friday that it's not all about the gifts. Download The Mynabirds' reworked take on "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" above. Buy it on white vinyl with a b-side cover of The Zombies' "This Will Be Our Year", in the Saddle Creek store.

Speaking of Saddle Creek, The Mynabirds played the label's CMJ showcase at the Delancey back on October 21st, but they also played the Pirate Pirate day party at Fontana's while they/she were/was in town. You saw pictures of Devotchka from that show. Shots of the Mynabirds along with Field Days (not to be confused with Field Day) and Generationals who also played, continue, along with Mynabirds' latest non-Holiday video, below...

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble

Kat of Salome

After a massive afternoon, the party was just getting started when Gloominous Doom kicked off the BrooklynVegan-BBG/Relapse CMJ showcase at Fontana's on 10/23. Nebula, Ume, Goes Cube, Naam, and Crystal Antlers all played killer sets in the afternoon, but I was itching for sheer brutality. Fortunately, I had seven great preformances to keep my energy going on through the night.

The Gloominous Doom opened the show, and every metal bill could use a band like this. Metal is a very self-serious genre which is great in some respect, but laughable in others. It's always refreshing to see a band like this, Municipal Waste, or on a local level, Copremesis, come in an make people realize that metal can be fun/wacky too. GD plays what has been described as kitchen sink metal, a bit of death metal, grind, and even ska (!), playing songs with titles like "Urine Trouble". Good times, and by the way, NO ONE rocks a cowbell like Jeff GD (on his prosthetic leg!).

Howl followed GD, and obviously I have gone on record about how killer this band is on its EP and live, but in the basement of Fontana's, their sound seemed especially large. If you dig EARLY Mastodon, crust, and even (Stockholm) Swedish Death Metal (Entombed, etc) make sure and pick up their EP. Look out for an interview with vocalist/guitarist Vincent coming soon.

Complete Failure was after Howl, a band that I have been a fan of since seeing them with the great Antigama at Europa. Anchored by the killer fills of Mike Rosswog (ex-Circle Of Dead Children/Today is The Day) and featuring a thrashing wildman in Joey Mack on vox, Complete Failure do a great crusty grind hybrid that is absolutely fierce live. ComFail recently let me post their entire album for FREE DOWNLOAD, which thankfully has popped up all over the net. These guys rule.

Black Anvil followed, and hopefully you know by the amount of times I have seen them, that these ex-Kill Your Idols folk would tear Fontana's a new one, and they did. The band also previewed some new tracks from their upcoming LP.

Revocation was next up, dispelling the notion that technical death metal can't still be brutal. Tons of live energy from these youngn's, and you can expect to hear much more for them in the near future. Their new, and highly praised album, Existence is Futile is out NOW.

I have a soft spot for Salome, and this band was beyond destructive at this show. Bowel-shaking riffs and stunning vocals were only equaled by tense moments of feedback and silence before the world came crashing down again. A seriously epic performance from this band... I can't wait until their new album blasts off on Profound Lore! And to the wise-ass audience member, it is NOT pronounced "salami" (ha).

Misery Index capped off the night, opening with what could be one of my favorite intros this side of the "Imperial Theme" from Star Wars... "We Never Come in Peace" from Traitors. Brutal, intense and unbelievable set from this Baltimore crew who pulled mostly from their latest LP, Traitors. Misery Index is currently cranking out new jams for the follow up to Traitors, so look for that next year!

To conclude, thanks again to everyone who made it out to Fontana's during the day and/or night. I'd like to personally thank all bands that played, Fontana's, CMJ, Betsey and Relapse Records, and especially Dave Ehrlich from Relapse. Most impoortantly, I couldn't have done it without the support of you. Many thanks!

More pictures below...

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words by BBG, photos by Paul Birman

Goes Cube outside Fontana's
Goes Cube

Goes Cube has scheduled a headlining show for TONIGHT (10/29) at Southpaw with Rumanian Buck, The Unawares, and Elyas Khan. The show is one of two that the band has scheduled in the next week, the second being with Outbreak, Hour Of The Wolf, Violent Bullshit, & Descender at Cake Shop on 11/3. More dates at the bottom of our pre-CMJ interview with the band.

Goes Cube was one of five bands that played the eclectic lineup at the BrooklynVegan Day Party on 10/23 at Fontana's (part of a full day which continued on at the same venue). From tribal psychedelic punk (Crystal Antlers) to full-on stoner riffery (Nebula, Naam) to post-hardcore thunder (Goes Cube) to the punky and spunky (Ume), the day was chock full of killer performances.

Ume started the day with their poppy and suprisingly heavy take on 90s post-punk that is both powerful and charming. Outside of her devilish coo, Lauren is an enigmatic guitarist; all flailing hair, swinging arms, and wild movements. If this band didn't have such catchy songs, you'd probably be content just watching.

Goes Cube was next on the bill, and as semi-old hands in the NYC scene, it's to be expected that this band delivered a heavy and passionate performance. Kudos to Goes Cube, and make sure and get out to see the local boys soon at one of their many upcoming dates.

Naam followed, balancing stoner riffery, psychedelia, and punishing power- there's a reason why they get attached to so many great bills in our city. Nebula headlined the day, playing their take on cali- psych with a new drummer Adam Kriney (La Otracina) in tow following the recent departure of Rob Oswald back to Karma To Burn. If you dig bluesy psychedelia delivered with power, Naam and Nebula are both for you.

Crystal Antlers are veterans of our Day Show, so we knew that catchy songs and punk bombast would be as great as ever. The show of one of THREE that day for Crystal Antlers, so our heartfelt thanks goes out to this hardworking band.

More pictures from the show below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Crystal Antlers - "Andrew" (MP3)

Crystal Antlers @ Pianos, CMJ 2008 (more by Leia Jospe)
Crystal Antlers

We're happy to welcome Crystal Antlers to the lineup of the free BrooklynVegan day show at Fontana's on 10/23! This will be the second year in a row the LBC band played a BrooklynVegan day party during CMJ, and this completes our Friday day show lineup, which looks like this:

* Nebula
* Crystal Antlers
* Naam
* Goes Cube
* Ume
Set times TBA, flyer below,and for those keeping score at home, that's FIVE bands playing a FREE show with FREE Miller beer (and Vitamin Water) (while it lasts)! No-brainer?

Stick around after the show because the BV-BBG/Relapse Records showcase happens at the same venue 30 minutes later.

Crystal Antlers are currently touring (their asses) off in support of Tentacles, their LP from Touch n Go that dropped earlier this year. The band has dates scheduled through the end of the year and are playing quite a few CMJ shows in the coming days including a late night Vice Party with Cold Cave. And these shows are in addition to their upcoming dates with The Big Pink which include shows at Bowery Ballroom (12/3, tix) and Music Hall of Williamsburg (12/4, tix).

Full Crystal Antlers dates, as well as a video for "Andrew" below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Trap Them played BV-CMJ in 2008 (more by Leia Jospe)
Trap Them

Besides the killer Coalesce show at Europa, and the upcoming Shrinebuilder @ Le Poisson Rouge, you can mark you calendar with ANOTHER important day before the year is up.

RelapseI am proud to announce my FIRST OFFICIAL CMJ SHOWCASE (BrooklynVegan - BBG) which we are co-presenting with the good folks at Relapse Records. It's scheduled to go down on Friday October 23rd as part of an all day extravaganza at Fontana's on the Lower East Side!

CMJThe "official" part of the party kicks off at 7:30pm. That's the part of the night that costs money and will be listed in the CMJ guide (and is open to a limited number of CMJ badgeholders for free). Earlier in the day we'll be hosting the "unofficial" part, a 100% free day party at the same venue.

The shows will feature guitar cabinets courtesy of our good friends at Main Drag Music, stiff drinks by Hornitos, as well as FREE Miller Lite and High Life and Vitamin Water while supplies last! (more sponsors TBA if we get them)

The daytime lineup (one of three BrooklynVegan day parties during CMJ this year) will be announced in full soon, but will focus on the heavy side of things (and is partly revealed below). The official show lineup (one of two BrooklynVegan official showcases this year) has a little bit of everything for the heavy music fan: thundering political deathgrind, rumbling doom, crusty grindcore, and even thrashy-ska performed by a man with a prosthetic leg! It goes like this....

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