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by Andrew Sacher

Balam Acab

Balam Acab's 2011 debut album Wander/Wonder was one of the real gems of the unfortunately-named and short-lived witch house era. It seems like most of the world has moved on from that sound -- Tri Angle, the label that put out Wander/Wonder and other great stuff like it, doesn't really sign stuff like that anymore. Balam Acab's likeminded labelmates like Holy Other and oOoOO haven't gotten to a sophomore album, and tangentially related stuff like How to Dress Well sounds completely different now. But Balam Acab just finally put out a second album last night (a surprise release though he had been tweeting that new music was coming) and it's bringing me right back to 2011 in a very good way.

The album's called Child Death and it's only five songs, but they're pretty lengthy and the whole thing runs about as long as the eight-song Wander/Wonder. It's got a lot of what made that album great too: aquatic atmospheres, creaky lo-fi recording, the hushed vibe that feels like he was making this thing at 3 AM and trying not to disturb someone in the next room. It also seems to more prominently feature live guitar, and there's a few guest vocalists too. I didn't think this sound had much more to say, but Child Death is proving me wrong.

It's not streaming but you can pick up the whole thing for $5 at bandcamp. Tracklist and album credits (including Foxes In Fiction's Warren Hildebrand, who mastered it) below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Nicole Dollanganger

Earlier this year, Nicole Dollanganger signed to Grimes' label Eerie Organization to release Natural Born Losers, and she's been out on tour with her. Grimes and Nicole hit NYC's Terminal 5 on Monday and they're playing Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight, but last night (11/17) was an off night so Nicole played her own NYC show at Baby's All Right. Opening was Foxes In Fiction and Emily Reo, who played a set together at the BV/Collect CMJ showcase at that same venue last month, but last night they both played solo.

Nicole played with a two-piece backing band, which she told Nylon about:

I get sick before I go onstage, I usually get sick after, but my backing band are my two best friends, Matt and Kevin. My first show with them was a few weeks ago, and even though I felt absolutely petrified, being up there with two people I love so much made me feel so much better, like we're in this together.
Nicole's songs have a weird, unsettling-yet-fascinating mix of Xiu Xiu-levels of darkness/horror and softer, more delicate sounds. They covered Type O Negative's "Christian Woman," which they've been doing on other dates on the tour too. You can watch a video of the cover from the Terminal 5 show, below.

Nicole and Grimes are at MHOW tonight (11/18). It's sold out but Grimes is giving away a few tickets on her Facebook. More pictures from Baby's below...

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Laraaji' /></p>

<p>Ambient/new age legend <a href=Laraaji has been doing a few reissue campaigns this year. Over the summer, he put out All In One Peace on Leaving Records, which collected select works from 1978 to 1983. Just two weeks ago, he reissued Ambient 3: Day of Radiance, his only album to be produced by Brian Eno, whose connection to Laraaji surely helped put Laraaji on the map:

If the album had been released without the word ambient prefixing its title and minus the sleeve credit "Produced by Brian Eno", Ambient 3 - Day of Radiance would probably now be thought of as a New Age curio and rarity, to be filed beside albums by, say, Steven Halpern. Instead, it came between 1980's Ambient 2 (Harold Budd and Brian Eno's The Plateaux of Mirror) and 1982's Ambient 3 (Eno's On Land). The first of the series was Eno's Ambient 1 - Music for Airports, released in 1978. Ambient it was then for Laraaji.

Day of Radiance was the only Eno-related album made by Laraaji. He has gone on to make around 29 more. Most are self-released and around a quarter are collaborations. He is still active and might not have been so prolific without the Eno connection. In the interview, he offers a simple "Yes" in response to the comment "Eno really helped put you on the map." Eno may have been claiming or labelling ambient as a genre, but after he moved on, Laraaji continued his pursuit of a music that was as beautiful, celestial or ethereal as possible.

The above quote is from an interesting piece at The Arts Desk on the new reissue. Head here to read more. You can pick up the Day of Radiance reissue here.

Laraaji plays NYC TONIGHT (11/4) at Trans-Pecos for a show presented by the Human Pitch label that's billed as Ambient 1. Human Pitch head Landon Speers' project Headaches (whose new album comes out this week) is on the bill, as are two newer ambient artists, Foxes In Fiction and James Place. Advance sales have ended, but tickets will be available at the door. Set times (including an afterparty with DJs) below. His only other dates we're aware of are in Maine next week.

Laraaji continues to make new music too. One of his recent releases was his 2011 collaboration with Blues Control for RVNG Intl's consistently intriguing FRKWYS series. Stream that and Days of Radiance below...

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Nicole Dollanganger

Grimes is about to head out on tour with Nicole Dollangager, the Ontario musician that Grimes signed to her label, Eerie Organization. As discussed, that tour hits NYC on November 16 at Terminal 5 (sold out) and a FREE smaller show on November 18 at MHOW (tix available 10/23 at noon).

Right in between those though, Nicole will headline her own NYC show at the even smaller Baby's All Right on November 17. Opening the show is Foxes In Fiction and Emily Reo, who is sometimes FiF's bandmate like at the BV/Collect CMJ showcase at that same venue last week. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

Nicole released her new album Natural Born Losers earlier this month. Stream it, with her updated list of tour dates, below.

Emily Reo also plays NYC with Spencer Radcliffe and Pinegrove tonight.

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videos by (((unARTig)))

photo: No Devotion at BV/Collect CMJ showcase (more by Amanda Hatfield)
No Devotion

We already posted pictures and a writeup of the BrooklynVegan/Collect Records official CMJ showcase on Wednesday night (10/15) at Baby's All Right, and now we've got videos from the whole thing, courtesy of (((unARTig))). It included Geoff Rickly's band No Devotion (who since played Vintage Vinyl and Maxwell's), Hether Fortune's band Wax Idols, Philly shoegazers Creepoid, and ambient pop duo Foxes In Fiction (who had main member Warren Hildebrand joined by Emily Reo). Check out the videos below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by BV collective

No Devotion / Wax Idols / Creepoid / Foxes In Fiction
No Devotion
Wax Idols
Foxes in Fiction

The BrooklynVegan + Collect Records official CMJ showcase went down last night (1014) at Baby's All Right with label head Geoff Rickly's band No Devotion, Hether Fortune's band Wax Idols, Philly shoegazers Creepoid, and Orchid Tapes artist Foxes In Fiction.

Foxes In Fiction kicked things off as a duo with Emily Reo (sometimes it's just main member Warren Hildebrand), and they sounded really nice. They had a sorta Beach House-y dream pop thing going on, making use out of keyboards, drum machines, heavily effected guitars and more. They play again at the Orchid Tapes show with Owen Pallett on Sunday (Owen was at Baby's Wednesday too, but didn't play).

Then it was Creepoid who are good everytime we see them, but this may have been one of the best. They're no slackers as performers or musicians in any way, but it really is the fog and light shows accompanying their sets that brings them to the next level. And those two things were very on point Wednesday night. They were loud, and they really know how to build up quite the wall of sound.

This was Wax Idols' first NYC show in two years as well as the first supporting new album American Tragic. Like the album, which is not shy about its late-'80s Big Goth sound, Hether Fortune is more of a commanding presence than ever before, putting down the guitar for most of the set to be in pure frontperson mode. With the light show and fog machines set to maximum, Wax Idols were not holding back.

Finally to wrap things up, No Devotion played (only their second NYC show ever). If you're gonna compare them to Thursday, while Geoff gets his hardcore side out in United Nations these days, he uses No Devotion to further explore the epic atmospheric sides of A City by the Light Divided and No Devolución. Their sound is definitely ready-made for huge venues, but we're not gonna complain that we get to see them up close and personal. Everyone on that stage was obviously a pro and they acted like it the whole time (well, unless you count the antics of bassist Stu Richardson, whose level of wastedness was outed by Hether Fortune yelling from the crowd).

As you may know, Collect Records went through a lot of trouble leading up to this show, and we were happy that the show was just able to go on (even without Nothing whose cancellation may actually have had nothing to do with the controversy). Geoff mentioned from the stage that he's not sure if the label will be able to continue, but he thanked all the people who made it an amazing experience while it lasted, and he sounded grateful just to be able to put on a label showcase for a sold-out crowd. We'd like to thank Geoff, Norman, Shaun and all the bands from Collect, Vinyl Me, Please who were giving our free records at the show, and everyone who came out too.

No Devotion play Vintage Vinyl on Saturday (10/17) in Jersey, and then on Sunday they play Maxwell's, a place Geoff Rickly is no stranger to.

BrooklynVegan returns to Baby's for Friday and Saturday shows too. Pictures from the BV/Collect showcase continue below...

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photo: Owen Pallett at MHOW in January (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Owen Pallett

Indie label Orchid Tapes is throwing a post-CMJ party on Sunday (10/18) evening in their living room. Most details are still TBA, but we know that they have one very special guest playing: Owen Pallett. He tweeted, "I'm playing Les Mouches songs at the @orchidtapes CMJ showcase this coming Sunday. New axe + new nails + old bad feelings." Les Mouches is Owen's old trio with Rob Gordon and Matt Smith (who he still collaborates with), and they reissued their album You're Worth More To Me Than 1000 Christians on Orchid Tapes over the summer. Stream a track below.

UPDATE: The full lineup is Owen plus Foxes In Fiction, Four Visions, Infinity Crush and Yohuna. Tickets are on sale now. Only 35 people will be admitted, and all proceeds will benefit the Silent Barn which is recovering from a fire.

Meanwhile, Orchid Tapes musician Foxes In Fiction (who opened for Owen in NYC earlier this year) opens the BrooklynVegan + Collect Records CMJ showcase at Baby's All Right tonight (10/14) with No Devotion (ex-Thursday), Wax Idols and Creepoid. Tickets are still available (proceeds go to Callen Lorde) and badges will be accepted.

Former Orchid Tapes/current Run for Cover artist Elvis Depressedly also plays a BV show tonight, opening for The Front Bottoms at Irving Plaza. They do it again tomorrow, and both shows are sold out.

Those Front Bottoms shows and the Collect showcase are just three of the five BrooklynVegan shows in NYC this week.

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Collect BrooklynVegan

The future of Geoff Rickly's Collect Records looked uncertain after he severed ties with backer Martin Shkreli, who was revealed as a greedy price gouger of a drug often used to treat AIDS patients, but the label is pushing forward. The Collect Records & BrooklynVegan CMJ showcase is still on for October 14 at Baby's All Right, though unfortunately Nothing have dropped off the bill. Tickets are still available and ALL proceeds go to Callen Lorde, a health center that "provides sensitive, quality health care and related services targeted to New York's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities -- in all their diversity -- regardless of ability to pay."

A limited amount of CMJ badges will also be accepted. Vinyl Me, Please will be at the show giving away records and gift bags.

The lineup is now No Devotion, Wax Idols, Creepoid and Foxes In Fiction. It's an early show. Our curfew is 11:30pm. Stay tuned for any more updates and for the lineups of the unannounced BrooklynVegan day parties at the same venue. Meanwhile, listen to music from the bands playing below...

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No Devotion also playing more east coast shows in October.

No Devotion
No Devotion photo by Tom Barnes

For this year's CMJ, BrooklynVegan is teaming up with Geoff Rickly's label Collect Records for an official showcase on Wednesday, October 14 at Baby's All Right.

The show will be headlined by heavy shoegazers Nothing, and before them it's UPDATE: Nothing cancelled! (stay tuned for a replacement or something).... Geoff's band No Devotion, post-punks Wax Idols, more shoegaze from Creepoid, and ambient musician (and the one non-Collect artist on the bill) Foxes In Fiction. Show starts at 7 PM. Tickets go on sale Friday (9/11) at noon and a limited amount of CMJ badges will be accepted. 18+. Vinyl Me, Please will be at the show giving away records and gift bags.

BrooklynVegan also have two TBA free day parties, also at Baby's All Right (for the third year in a row). Stay tuned for more on those.

No Devotion have other tour dates, including an in-store at Vintage Vinyl in NJ. All dates are listed below...

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photo: Cayetana in McCarren Park in June (more by Amanda Hatfield)

photo: High on Fire at Saint Vitus in January (more by Keith Marlowe)
High on Fire

You can browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows, but here are some highlights...

Cayetana, Chumped, Thin Lips, Worriers @ Baby's All Right
BV is thrilled to present this show with four of the indie/punk bands we're especially excited about at the moment. Philly's Cayetana get better every time we see them, Chumped are probably Brooklyn's current best pop punk band, Thin Lips only just put out a debut EP but are already super tight, and Worriers' new personal-meets-political pop punk album is great.

High on Fire, Pallbearer, Lucifer, Venomous Maximus @ Irving Plaza
BV is presenting this one too, and we're just as excited. High on Fire are one of sludge metal's most dependable bands and this year's Luminiferous does nothing to change that. Pallbearer are last year's doom MVPs, Lucifer is the new band of The Oath vocalist Johanna Sadonis, and Venomous Maximus are very promising bringers of occult doom.

Van Halen @ Jones Beach
Van Halen have never been more literally-named than they are right now, with Wolfgang Van Halen joining his dad Eddie and uncle Alex in the band. Still, all eyes on frontman David Lee Roth who still puts on a helluva show (even if he can't hit the high notes anymore). This is the final of three NY-area shows.

Frankie Cosmos, Radiator Hospital, Timeshares, Palehound, Free Cake For Every Creature, Facility @ Stangl Factory (Flem Fest)
Flemington, NJ hosts a pretty cool indie rock festival this weekend and tonight's show is the best of it, ranging from the twee-ish Frankie Cosmos to the indie-pop-punk of Radiator Hospital to the twang-punk of Timeshares and more.

Andrew WK, The Movielife, Kill Your Idols, Crime In Stereo, Incendiary, A Loss For Words, Iron Chic, Giants At Large, Gates, Microwave @ Emporium (Today's Mixtape Festival
The first day of Long Island's Today's Mixtape Festival includes a ton of great melodic hardcore (The Movielife, Kill Your Idols, Crime In Stereo, Incendiary), an afterparty with the king of partying Andrew WK, and more.

Ricky Eat Acid, Foxes in Fiction, Emily Reo, Eartheater @ Riis Park Beach Bazaar
Summer is winding down but you've still got time to make it to the beach. So why not take in some bands, games and good eats while you're at it? Today's free lineup of music includes electronic musician Ricky Eat Acid and the gentle Foxes in Fiction.

Soupcans, Chat Logs, Ghetto Ghouls, IYEZ, Nine of Swords @ Shea Stadium
Bring the noise with this lineup of skronk-heavy postpunk and punk, featuring Toronto's Soupcans and Austin's abrasive treblemakers Ghetto Ghouls.

Excepter, Zaimph, Image Man, Silk Purse, Cyanide Tooth, Rhyton, Kyle Eyre Clyd, Matthew Mullane, Abigail Hobbs, Sarah Louise @ Trans-Pecos
Excepter, who are one of Trans-Pecos' current curators, has put together this marathon called "A Dog Day's Journey Into Night Festival." Music starts at 2PM and will be continuous till 4 AM.

Juan Wauters, Ice Balloons, Tall Juan @ Union Pool
There are few ways more chill (and fun) to spend Saturday in the warm month than at Union Pool's free Summer Thunder series. Today's a good one, with two Juans for the price of one, plus weirdo noisemakers Ice Balloons in between. Starts at 2 PM.

Nick Hook, Veronica Vasicka, Vessel, Ninos Du Brasil, Cut Hands, French Fries b2b Bambounou @ MoMA PS1 (Warm Up)
Sadly, headliner Untold had to drop off this due to "scheduling issues," but there's still a lot of cool stuff like the Tri Angle-signed Vessel, percussive duo Ninos Du Brasil, industrial/noise musician Cut Hands and more.

Cut Hands, Container, Ligature @ Palisades
After Warm Up, Cut Hands keeps the party going at Palisades with two great noisy openers.

American Sharks, Tournament, Hundred Visions, Mammal @ Saint Vitus
This bill brings stoner rockers American Sharks together with scuzzy punks Tournament and garage rockers Hundred Visions.

Title Fight, Basement, Alex G, Adventures @ Starland Ballroom
Basement and Adventures' tour hits NYC next week, but tonight it's nearby and this one is especially cool because it has the great post-hardcore-turned-shoegazers Title Fight and lo-fi indie rocker Alex G.

Moon Boots, Garrett David, Kenny Dope @ Verboten
Moon Boots has been keeping the pop-house revival strong on his steady stream of singles, including the most recent "Utopia" that came out this week. Tonight he plays with New York house vet Kenny Dope and Chicago's Garrett David.

Hard Left, Bombflower, Voice of Doom, Anticitizen @ ABC No Rio (matinee)
Hard Left is Mike Schulman from Black Tambourine / Manatee / Slumberland Records' change to make late '70s UK-style punk. Today's the second NYC show of this tour.

PWR BTTM, Adult Mom, The Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band, Izzy True @ Aviv
It's the release party for the first issue of Hazel Newlevant's new comic book series, No Ivy League, and there's a pretty cool lineup of bands. Self-described "genre-queer" band PWR BTTM, the anti-folk-inspired Adult Mom, Jeffrey Lewis' band with folk legend Peter Stampfel, and Don Giovanni-signed singer/songwriter Izzy True.

John Hiatt, Steve Moakler @ City Winery
Having made records that range from new wave to country over the last 40 years, John Hiatt is a consummate songwriter, and one hell of a singer and guitarist too.

For all of tonight's shows, and tomorrow's, check out our NYC concert calendar.

For laughs, check out the NYC Comedy calendar too.


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What else?

photo: Doldrums @ Bowery Ballroom, October 2014 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Doldrums at Bowery Ballroom October 2014

Toronto festival NXNE happens this week (June 17-21) with hundreds of acts playing venues all over the city. BrooklynVegan will be there too, with our showcase happening Friday (6/19) at Lee's Palace with Atlas Sound,  Foxes in Fiction, Fresh Snow and a late night set from Yvette. Chile's The Holydrug Couple were supposed to play as well, but are unable to make it and in their place will be Sub Pop recording artist Doldrums. That's a good show if we do say so. It's $20 at the door or free with a NXNE wristband or badge. Hope to see you there.

Doldrums will also play earlier that same night in Yonge Dundas Square, a free show that's also with The Holy GraspHollerado and Born Ruffians.

snake tickets

Tickets for Coachella 2016 go on sale at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST.

RSVP for the free Pusha T and Vince Staples show at House of Vans opens at noon.

Tickets for the Chris Cornell show at Beacon Theatre go on venue and Chase presales at 11 AM. Password = SOCIAL.

Tickets for the eight Steely Dan shows at Beacon Theatre go on venue presale at 10 AM. Password = SOCIAL.

Tickets for the Of Monsters & Men shows at Beacon Theatre and Kings Theatre go on venue presale at 11 AM. Anyone know the passwords?

Reggie and the Full Effect, Pentimento and The Weaks are playing the Marlin Room at Webster Hall on July 25. Tickets are on sale now.

Odd Future's Mike G & Left Brain are playing the Marlin Room at Webster Hall on July 9 with Speak and Pyramid Vritira. Tickets are on sale.

The Sadies are playing Union Pool on July 30. Tickets are on sale.

The Very Best are playing SOB's on June 11, two days before their free Northside show with Heems. Tickets are on sale.

Taso, Sicko Mobb, Ricky Eat Acid and Tripletrain are playing Palisades on July 25. Tickets are on sale.

Ricky Eat Acid also plays the Kenmore/Orchid Tapes Northside showcase on June 14 at Baby's All Right with Foxes In Fiction and Emily Reo. Tickets are on sale.

Mykki Blanco "Presents Dogfood MG" at Palisades on June 26 with Psycho Egyptian, Violence and Amnesia Scanner. Tickets are on sale. Mykki also has a free Rockaway Beach show in August.

The Maccabees will be in NYC soon, headlining Le Poisson Rouge on June 9. Tickets for that show are still available.

Foxygen's Jonathan Rado is playing Baby's All Right on June 27 with The Lemon Twigs. Tickets are on sale.

In addition to Tickets are on presale for VinoFile members now.

Browse our 'Tickets On Sale' tag for more recently announced NYC shows.

Browse our NYC Concert Calendar for shows happening today and every day - comedy shows, heavy metal concerts (courtesy of our heavy metal blog), and free shows included.

by Bill Pearis

fresh snow

Toronto instrumental quartet Fresh Snow have been making mutant, motorik psych for about four years now. They've got a 2013 album and a couple singles (including a split with METZ) under the belts and a new one is on the way. If you like to zone on a drony kraut groove, you will probably be into the streamable tracks below. A new record is on the way soon, see keep your eyes peeled.

Fresh Snow have a couple hometown shows coming up, including the BrooklynVegan NXNE showcase which happens June 19 at Lee's Palace with Foxes in Fiction, Holydrug Couple, headliner Atlas Sound and a late night set from Yvette. That show is $20 at the door or free with a NXNE wristband or badge.

UPDATE: The Holydrug Couple had to drop off this show. In their place are Doldrums which makes this a pretty exciting show.

All dates are listed, along with song streams, below...

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photo: Creepoid at BV-SXSW 2015 (more by Tim Griffin)

Philly shoegazers Creepoid, who recently played a trippy set at BV-SXSW (and no longer have any members in jail), are going on a US tour this spring before heading to Europe with Pity Sex (who played that same BV-SXSW party). The tour begins in their hometown of Philly, and wraps up in Denton, TX (no NYC show). All dates are listed below.

Speaking of Pity Sex, the openers were announced for their upcoming free NYC show happening April 17 at Brooklyn Night Bazaar. They'll be joined by Foxes In Fiction, John Galm (Snowing, Street Smart Cyclist, Slow Warm Death, etc) and The Spirit of the Beehive. Pity Sex's only other dates before the European tour are a hometown show with Cloakroom and Congress, and a Chicago show with Whirr, Adventures and The Weaks.

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by Bill Pearis

Heavenly Beat

After two albums on Captured Tracks, John Peña self-released Euchraist, his third album as Heavenly Beat, late last year. The record, which he calls the final segment of his "Prelude To Greatness" trilogy, doesn't stray from the Heavenly Beat formula: nylon-string and slide guitar, steel drums, pizzicato strings, hushed vocals and simple, funky beats. (Kings of Convenience covering New Order's Technique? It's kinda like that.) Eucharist is maybe a little too much like Prominence (one of my favorites of 2013), but it's still a breezy, enjoyable listen and you can stream the whole thing below.

Heavenly Beat is in Columbus, OH tonight, the kickoff show for a February tour that takes them to the West Coast and back. There are no NYC dates for this tour (dates below), but Heavenly Beat will play Brooklyn Night Bazaar on March 14, opening for Craft Spells and Bilinda Butchers. Foxes in Fiction also play and, like most BKNB shows, it's free but you can RSVP to skip the line.

That show is the day after Craft Spells and Bilinda Butchers' show at Mercury Lounge (3/13) with Ski Lodge (tickets). Craft Spells and Bilinda Butchers' tour has added other dates too, and all are listed below.

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

"Owen Pallett really kicked butt tonight" - Josh Brechner

"Owen Pallett was something magical tonight." - Matt Marin

"Thanks Brooklyn for the sold-out show tonight. Thanks also for giving me a million dollar hangover for only $50, cool discount!" - Owen Pallett

Owen Pallett

Violin-bearing art pop great Owen Pallett brought his current tour in continued support of last year's In Conflict to NYC last night (1/29) for a sold-out show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Opening was ambient pop musician Foxes In Fiction, who was joined by Owen on stage.

More pictures from the show below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Ricky Eat Acid (photo by Landon Speers)

Ricky Eat Acid, the electronic project of Sam Ray (also of Teen Suicide and Julia Brown), signed to Canvasback imprint Canvasclub for the release of his new single "Context," due out next week (1/20). While some of Ricky's earlier material felt like a collage of ideas, "Context" sounds bigger and significantly more fully formed. Check it out below.

A few days after the new single comes out, Ricky Eat Acid will play a NYC show at Palisades (1/23) with his Orchid Tapes pal Foxes In Fiction, as well as Ryan DeRobertis (aka Saint Pepsi) and Fissures. Tickets are on sale now.

That's one of three upcoming shows this month for Foxes In Fiction, the other two of which are opening slots on Owen Pallett's tour, including his NYC show happening January 29 at MHOW. Tickets for that one are still available.

All Foxes In Fiction dates are listed, with one of his recent songs and the new Ricky Eat Acid single, below...

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Caribou at Governors Island in 2010 (more by Andrew St. Clair)

You can browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows, but here are some highlights...

Special Guest, Guantanamo Baywatch, The Numerators, RIPS @ Death By Audio
We're down to nine days left at Death by Audio. It's anybody's guess who tonight's special guest is, but the rest of the lineup is garagey, surfy-punky stuff highlighted by Portland's fun Guantanamo Baywatch.

Year of No Light, Sannhet, Gnaw, Vilkacis @ Saint Vitus
France's Year of No Light have been making very high quality instrumental post-metal since their 2006 debut, yet in all those years they never played the US. That's finally changing on their current tour, which is now in NYC and concludes a two-night run at Saint Vitus tonight. Like last night, the show begins with three killer artists in NYC's experimental metal scene.

Caribou, Jessy Lanza @ Webster Hall
Our Love, Caribou's recent followup to 2010's excellent Swim, is less focused on the pop songs that album was, and instead heavier on the electronics and great in its own way. Tonight's his second of two NYC shows on his tour with Our Love collaborator/Hyperdub-signed Jessy Lanza.

Johnny Marr, Meredith Sheldon @ Stone Pony
Recalling his prolific days with The Smiths, Johnny Marr has banged out two albums in a year's time. They're not at his 1985 peak, but they're not bad either. He's a lot of fun live, and peppers hit sets with oldies -- any chance to see him play "The Headmaster Ritual" is worth considering. Unlike his two sold-out NYC shows, tickets are still available to this.

Dan Bodan, Physical Therapy, Sadaf @ Baby's All Right
Canadian-born, Berlin-based songwriter Dan Bodan released his soulful and genre-defying new album, Soft, a couple weeks back on DFA. Tonight's the NYC record release show.

Yumi Zouma, Louis Weeks, Leapling, Erika Spring (DJ Set) @ Glasslands
New Zealand's Yumi Zouma mix synthpop and indiepop styles, which makes Cascine an ideal label for the band. Catch them tonight and ask them about opening for Lorde.

Say Hi, Tim Foljahn @ Mercury Lounge
Seattle's Eric Elbogen is still making quality indie pop under the Say Hi moniker which hasn't changed too much since the mid-2000s, and not in a bad way. Opening this show is Michigan's Tim Foljahn, who's been playing since the '80s and was once in a band with fellow Michigan musician Steve Shelley.

O'Death, Death Vessel, Stone Jack Jones @ Bell House
O'Death's new album is dark and super raw folk that fits their name well. Death Vessel on the other hand may share a name with "death" in it but he makes much more uplifting music. And another dark songwriter, Stone Jack Jones, opens the night. Should be a good show all around.

TEEN @ Apple Store Soho
Part of the Apple store's "meet the musicians" series, TEEN will perform live followed by a Q&A with rock journalist Michael Azerrad. Free, 7:30 PM.

The Rural Alberta Advantage, July Talk @ Bowery Ballroom
The Rural Alberta Advantage's anthemic and folky indie rock is in fine form on their new album, Mended with Gold. Tonight their tour with fellow big-sounding Canadian band July Talk hits Bowery Ballroom for its second of two shows at the venue this week.

Animal Collective (DJ set) @ Brooklyn Bowl
While Panda Bear has a new solo record on the way, the other three AnCo guys are taking the chance to go on this DJ tour which hits Brooklyn Bowl again tonight. The tour returns to the same venue in December too (but without Avey Tare).

Dustin Wong, Takako Minekawa, Ricky Eat Acid, Tristan Allen, Trabajo @ Palisades
Former Ponytail guitarist Dustin Wong moved back to his childhood home of Japan after completing his trilogy of loop-based albums and began collaborating with musician Takako Minekawa. Using a specially designed interface that allows them to switch from guitar to keyboards to sampler to vocals, their music is creative and playful. The duo's second album together, Savage Imagination, came out via Thrill Jockey in September.

Sallie Ford, Crooked Fingers, And The Kids @ Rough Trade
While Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside came to an end last year, Sallie is still at it with a new band and they come to NYC tonight. Archers of Loaf singer Eric Bachmann is also on the show with his Crooked Fingers project, making for a great double bill.

Foxes in Fiction, Mister Lies, Emily Reo @ Shea Stadium
If you're into bedroom-recorded, electronic-tinged lo-fi pop, basically everyone on this bill will be up your alley.

Javelin, Tiny Victories, Idgy Dean, Nadia Kazmi @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar
Chillwave survivors Javelin play tonight at the weekend mecca of music/shopping/games/booze. The bands are free, you're paying for everything else.

Heavy Lights, Doug Gillard, Tinnarose, Bird of Youth @ Cake Shop
Doug Gillard's CV is impeccable, having logged time in Guided by Voices, Nada Surf, My Dad is Dead to name three. His his new solo album, Parade On, is an equally impressive array of sparkling powerpop.

Mike Wexler, Hubble, Psychic Reality @ Trans-Pecos
Psychedelic folk singer Mike Wexler and former The Men member Ben Greenberg with his experimental project Hubble team up for this show which should be nice trippy vibes all around.

Blockhead, Elaquent, Muneshine @ Glasslands
In addition to producing a significant amount of Aesop Rock's material (and other likeminded rappers like Cage, Open Mike Eagle and Murs), Blockhead has a ton of solo material including this year's Bells and Whistles LP.

Suzanne Vega @ Joe's Pub
She may be be best known for "Luka" and "Tom's Diner" (both from 1987's Solitude Standing) but Suzanne Vega's gift for songwriting has continued since. She plays an early and a a late show tonight.

Seu Jorge @ Blue Note
Best known here in America for acting in City of God and The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (which he scored using only acoustic, Portuguese David Bowie covers), but Brazilian artist Seu Jorge has been making music since the '90s. This is part of his eight-night run at the Blue Note.

Ray Lamontagne, The Belle Brigade @ Beacon Theatre
Singer/songwriter Ray LaMontagne released the Dan Auerbach-produced album, Supernova, earlier this year. Tonight he wraps up a 3-night run at Beacon Theatre in support of it.

All Out War, Sworn Enemy, Living Laser, Panzerbastard, Recycled Earth @ The Acheron
Metallic New York hardcore band/Victory Records vet All Out War have been at it for over two decades now and they've been talking about having a new album on the way. Maybe we'll hear some new ones tonight?

Phil Lesh @ Capitol Theatre
As any Deadhead can tell you, Phil Lesh plays the favorites and his current band does it well. It's another night of his never-ending residency at The Cap, and these shows are always a good time.

Slonk Donkerson, Bent Shapes, Heeney, The Doubts @ Muchmore's
Amongst the good local bands are Boston's Bent Shapes who make jangly indie pop...but with real bite. Good live, too.

Sharkmuffin, Chimes, Painted Zeros, Slight, Routine Involvements @ Silent Barn
Brooklyn garage rockers Sharkmuffin are always a good local band to catch, and if you're going tonight you may also want to check out Painted Zeros, who pal around with Porches, LVL UP, Crying and other cool local bands.

For all of tonight's shows, and tomorrow's, check out our NYC concert calendar.

For laughs, check out the NYC Comedy calendar too.


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photos by Bao Nguyen

iLoveMakonnen / Cam'ron

FADER Fort returned during CMJ this year and wrapped up on Saturday (10/25) with a lineup surprise-headlined by Mary J. Blige. That day also featured sets from rapper iLoveMakonnen, whose Drake-assisted hit "Tuesday" is basically everywhere (and luckily he wasn't attacked this time), wannabe pop star Ryn Weaver, ambient pop musician Foxes In Fiction, veteran rapper Cam'ron who's been having a pretty good year thanks to his A-Trak collaborations, Will Smith's children Willow and Jaden Smith who played with alt-R&B singer SZA, rapper Sir Michael Rocks and UK singer George Maple.

More pictures from that day below...

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As mentioned, the Fader Fort is back for CMJ 2014 at Converse Rubber Tracks Studio from October 23 - 25 with Kindness, Weyes Blood, ILoveMakonnen, Foxes in Fiction, TOPS, and more. Full lineup is listed below and RSVP is now open. Note it's 21+ only.

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Fader Fort

The Fader Fort will be back at CMJ year, once again at Converse Rubber Tracks Studio from October 23 - 25 with free performances by bands and DJs (not to mention complimentary drinks). Lineups haven't been release yet but will include performances from Kindness, Ryn Weaver, Foxes in Fiction and Radiohead-sampling, King Krule-covering SZA collaborator Willow Smith (yes, daughter of Will). The shows are free and RSVP opens October 16.

The new Kindness album, Otherness, comes out next week (10/14) via Female Energy / Mom + Pop and features guest appearances by Robyn, Kelela, Dev Hynes and more. You can stream it at NPR and watch the video for "This Is Not About Us" below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Julie Byrne

Seattle's Julie Byrne put out her debut album, Rooms With Walls and Windows, earlier this year (via Orindal), which followed a couple EPs and is a fantastic record of lo-fi folk. Her voice and guitar are mic'd close to the point where a song rarely goes by that you don't hear her fingers sliding across the fretboard, and both are coated heavily in reverb. It's a nice warm reverb though that adds to the atmosphere without covering up her sound. If you like anything from Vashti Bunyan to Will Oldham to Marissa Nadler, this album is worth checking out. The whole thing is on Rdio and you can stream one track below.

Julie is about to kick off a tour which begins in NYC this Friday (7/11) at Silent Barn. That show is one of Portals/Rabbl's new 'Living Spaces' showcases and features a solid lineup of similarly delicate sounds from Sea Oleena, Foxes in Fiction, Small Wonder, Steve Sobs, Poppy Red and Mister Lies on DJ duties. Advance tickets are on sale now.

All of Julie's dates (including shows with How to Dress Well and Mutual Benefit) are listed, with the song stream, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Free Cake

Free Cake for Every Creature is the twee pop project of Saratoga Springs, NY musician Katie Bennett, who is gearing up to release her full band debut, Pretty Good, on cassette June 10 via Double Double Whammy (pre-order), the same label that put out the full band debut of likeminded artist Frankie Cosmos. The new single from that album, "Too Old To Be A Punk Rock Prodigy," premieres in this post and should appeal to fans of lighthearted bedroom-style twee pop. You can listen below.

FCFEC will celebrate the new cassette with an early release show in Brooklyn on May 23 at Silent Barn, which we already mentioned Frankie Cosmos, Radiator Hospital and Quarterbacks were playing. Adult Mom (yet another likeminded artist to Free Cake and Frankie) is on the bill too. It's an early-ish show (starts 7 PM sharp) and admission is $7, or $10 gets you into both that show and the late show at the Barn with Ricky Eat Acid and Foxes in Fiction. Show flyer below.

Radiator Hospital also played Brooklyn Night Bazaar with Swearin' over the weekend and will team up with them in NYC again during the Northside Festival.

Free Cake song stream and show flyer below...

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you probably won't see this guy on tour any time soon
Robin Hannibal

R&B duo Quadron, whose Robin Hannibal is also one half of Rhye, are currently on the road supporting Mayer Hawthorne, and will be touring with them through early March. That tour hits NYC on February 27 at Webster Hall and February 28 at Warsaw, with Quadron opening on both dates. Tickets for those shows are still available. All dates are listed below.

As mentioned, Rhye are also playing shows around that time, including NYC on February 21 at Webster Hall, which is sold out.

However, as Daily News points out, you won't see Robin Hannibal at either of those, as he chooses not to tour. From the Daily News interview:

Q: So it has nothing to do with you being too shy to be on stage?

A: No, no. I've been on stage several times, but it doesn't give me satisfaction. What makes my clock tick and makes me excited is writing songs and making the music. ... Most people often don't know how long it takes to make 3 ½ minutes of music. It's a long process... and that's my complete focus.

Plus, my chops now as a musician aren't as good as they once were. That's why I think Coco and I work so well. She's an amazing performer and I'm not.

This may not come as a surprise if you've been following either band or caught them live in the past. He's a producer for both, but doesn't tour.

Since we last spoke, Ricky Eat Acid (Sam Ray of Julia Brown/Teen Suicide) has been added as an opener for Rhye's Webster Hall show. If you don't have tickets to that show but still want to catch him, you can do so much sooner at the previously discussed Gem Club show at Mercury Lounge on Sunday (2/2), which also has Foxes in Fiction on the bill. Tickets for that show are still available.

Meanwhile, Sam's other band Teen Suicide is going on a previously discussed tour with Special Explosion, Alex G and Sorority Noise which hits NYC on February 27 at Suburbia.

All Quadron dates are listed, along with a video and some Ricky Eat Acid streams, below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Gem Club - Polly (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Gem Club - Braid (MP3)


Boston's Gem Club released their second album, In Roses, this week via Hardly Art. Main man Christopher Barnes made the record at John Vanderslice's Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco with collaborators Kristen Drymala (cello) and Ieva Berberian (vocals). It's a lovely record, pastoral, quietly beautiful and maybe owing just a little to Eno's ambient works. You can download a couple tracks off the record above or stream them below, and you can listen to the whole thing via Rdio.

Folks in the Northeast can see them live too as Gem Club are playing a few shows this weekend, including Sunday (2/2) at Mercury Lounge with Ricky Eat Acid, and Foxes in Fiction. Yes that's Super Bowl Sunday. (Tough gig.) Tickets are available. They'll also be sticking around the city to perform live on WNYC on Tuesday (2/4) at 2 PM EST. UPDATE: Radio performance was canceled unfortunately.

All Gem Club dates are listed, with those streams, below...

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