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"I might have seen Alice Glass stab a man to death with a strobe light. It was dope." - Dead Presidents' Social

crystal castles

...electro-pop band Crystal Castles played opening with their hit "Crimewave." Alice Glass' voice came off more screechy then on the album, but it totally set the ambiance for the show, instigating glow sticks to fly and feet to splash mud. After frivolously cancelling a show in Dallas last spring because the venue "didn't have enough kick drum," I was expecting to be blown away by the power of the kick. Crystal Castles, however, exceeded my expectations. As if the songs themselves didn't rock enough, the kick drum literally shook my internal organs." [Envy]
Crystal Castles were technically not one of the headliners at Fun Fun Fun Fest this year, but they may have pulled the biggest crowd of the weekend. If it wasn't the biggest gathering of people in the muddy Waterloo Park on Sunday, it was definitely the most enthusiastic (though admittedly I didn't catch everyone... like Of Montreal who played on the same stage after CC, but at the same time as Danzig who was on the stage next door) (maybe some people in the large crowd were there because they were waiting for Of Montreal to go on... I don't know, but...).

Alice Glass is a force of nature. She flails around with strobe lights flashing and techno music thumping at super high volume while screeching out lyrics and hypnotizing the dancing masses. The energetic crowd push closer and closer, eyes wide open and arms reaching forward as if hoping to magnetically pull her through the air from the stage. Then she does leave the stage for a bit, propped up and protected by security at the base of the barrier. She even crowd surfs for a minute. That makes her actually in reach and the mayhem just increases.

Mosh pits during other sets at the fest may have been more dangerous (I'm looking at you D.R.I.), but none matched the energy of the CC mass. Maybe there was more excitement when Danzig played "Mother" to close his set (though not to the same crowd of people) (then again I doubt anyone poured their friend's ashes on the stage after Alice Glass walked off stage so Danzig still wins).

It was awesome to witness even though I've seen it before. There seems to be just as many haters as lovers of CC, but they've been proving their strength, aka young and rabid fan base, for a while. They packed the dance tent at All Points West over the summer, attracted thousands to their stage at Lollapalooza, and have pretty much instantly sold out any NYC show they've played in recent times... actually it's been a while since they played a show here that wasn't a festival (the
most recent fest being ATP

More pictures and some videos from FFFFest, below....

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Mika Miko

The show was outside, in the afternoon, and it was raining. Even worse, the band forgot their telephone mic in LA! Neither of those factors stopped Mika Miko from putting on a great 2nd-to-last (unless they add more) punk show at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin on Sunday (11/8). "This will be the last time you see us... or maybe the first time..." they announced to the crowd, though I'm sure at least some people in attendance (like No Age for instance) will be at their very last show at the Smell (whenever they have it). As previously posted...

"In sad news for telephone-microphone hybrid fans everywhere, the L.A. art-punk quintet Mika Miko is calling it a day. The group, known for its breakneck rhythms, trashy guitar riffs and the slumber-party romp of its dueling vocalists, will wrap up their career after playing Austin's Fun Fun Fun Festival and, according to a band representative, a last 7-inch single and a show at the Smell."
[LA Times]
Co-vocalist Jennifer Clavin, when not moving to the side with a guitar, spent most of the show center stage with a mic and tambourine. She cleverly wore a Misfits shirt while performing on the very stage that Danzig would headline on six hours later (Mika Miko are also known to cover the Misfits).

Co-vocalist and saxophone player Jenna Thornhill did just fine with a standard microphone, both at this show, and later in the day when she played with her new band, the Strange Boys. Drummer Seth Densham is also now in both bands (but more about that later).

To add to the specialness of the show, many of Mika Miko's friends supported on the side of the stage including both members of No Age (who performed on day one of the festival) (Dean Spunt and Jennifer also happen to be a couple). Mika Miko encouraged everyone to crowd surf. One kid did so with the help of a skateboard. Dean even stage dove - over the security/photo pit, and into the crowd where he watched some of the show from the front row. He returned to the stage in time for the ending though. There were hugs all around and everyone was really wet and muddy. More pictures below...

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Neon Indian

Neon Indian's NYC debut was on October 24th at Root Studios, and their next round of NYC dates are coming up in December. They have a previously scheduled, now-sold-out show at Mercury Lounge on December 16th, and they've added a second show at the venue for December 15th. Tickets for that go on sale Tuesday, November 10th at noon. it will no doubt sell out quickly too (and may be your last chance to catch them at a venue that small).

Austin Town Hall: So I hear that you guys were tearing things up at CMJ. How has that experience been?

Alan Palomo: It was pretty wild. It's definitely very different from SXSW. That was sort of the universal thing we were anticipating but it really doesn't have the same sort of homely vibe to it. It's hard to navigate through the city and if you're playing a lot of shows it can be almost like complete insanity. The actual venues and the show experiences themselves were actually completely amazing, but getting around can be hard. We did about 4-5 VEGA shows, 1 official Neon Indian show and I did a couple DJ sets apart from that. It was awesome, pretty wild and we got to see some really cool bands. It's definitely a different environment from what you would find in a normal festival. The official Neon Indian show in Brooklyn ended up being really great too. It's kind of surreal now that the album is out and kids come out to the show and just chant all of the lyrics. We got all kinds of crazy crowd participation and that always makes the live show go a lot more smoothly.
Technically Neon Indian didn't even play one CMJ show (the Topman gig was unaffiliated), but who's counting.

Neon Indian lived up to the hype at their set during day one of Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin on Saturday, November 7th (frontman Alan Palomo also played the fest as Vega the same day). A video from Neon Indian's set and more pictures are below...

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DOWNLOAD: Voxtrot - Trepanation Party (MP3)


The real story here is that Voxtrot still exists! Or at least they did for one night at the Mohawk in Austin on Saturday (11/7). It was one of a few Fun Fun Fun Fest afterparties and the Octopus Project was also on the bill. They're now a four piece (Jared left the band), and the little I caught of their set (I got there late) brought me right back to the pre-backlash stage of the band. It helped that the show was in their hometown of Austin and the crowd wasn't afraid to cheer and dance.

It's unclear what the band's future plans are (probably even to them), but they did release a limited edition 7-inch & digital single called "Berlin, Without Return" in August. Earlier in the year they posted the new song that you can download above.

As mentioned, this show happened after a full day of music in Waterloo Park (which is only like six blocks away). More pictures from the Mohawk below...

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"Formed over twenty years ago and having not played Austin in fifteen or so years, Danzig closed Fun Fun Fun Fest with a bang. The band that metalheads, punk rockers, and slightly ironic hipsters all love didn't disappoint anyone who stood in the rain and mud all day long. Glenn Danzig's voice - recognizable to everyone after years from The Misfits and "Mother" dive bar jukebox plays - sounded surprisingly strong as he belted out songs from Lucifuge, Danzig III, and other career defining moments. And he even, appropriately, gave a shout out to Biscuit and the Big Boys for this little monster of a fest they helped inspire." [Austin Sound]
Yes it was awesome, and it was the first time Danzig played Austin in 15 years. After the show a girl a scattered her dead friend's ashes on the stage because one of his last wishes was that his ashes be spread where Danzig had stood... supposedly a true story though I didn't see it happen. There's also supposedly a picture that will surface at some point this week.

Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative was on drums. I think the bassist was Steve Zing, who was also in Samhain. Glenn told the crowd that he and Steve used to be in a band that played an old Austin venue called Liberty Lunch. I think the guitarist was Tommy Victor of Prong. All of these guys have been in the band for a while. John Christ and Eerie Von haven't been in the band since 1995. Chuck Biscuits left one year before that.

It rained all day, but magically stopped right before Danzig. Instead of taking credit for making it stop, Glenn literally took credit for making it rain. Possibly the quote of the day: "I heard you were having a drought here, so i brought in the black clouds of Danzig." (or something like that).

I hope to see them again when they play in NJ on the day after Christmas.

More pictures from the Sunday night set in Austin, including a shot of the setlist, below...

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Fun Fun Fun Fest

Annual Austin music festival Fun Fun Fun Fest lived up to its name once again today (Saturday, November 7th). And that was just Day One. The fun continues on Sunday which ends with a headlining set by Danzig (and Of Montreal on another stage). More coverage and pictures to come, but before I run out to the Saturday night afterparties (going to try and see Voxtrot at Mohawk and Negative Approach at Red 7), I just wanted to post a few pictures. Check them out below...

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Modeselektor @ Bowery Ballroom in January (more by Zach Dilgard)


Basement JAxx

tonight in NYC
* NY Comedy Festival
* Jookabox @ Bruar Falls
* Vijay Iyer Trio @ Jazz Standard
* The Glorytellers, Ida @ Union Hall
* Radical Sons, Your Nature @ Cake Shop
* Tahiti 80 & Soulico @ Mercury Lounge
* Modeselektor @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band @ MSG
* The XYZ Affair, Poor But Sexy @ Brooklyn Bowl
* Fixed w/ Basement Jaxx (DJ) @ Santos Party House
* Sharon Van Etten, Natureboy, Rey Villalobos @ Union Pool
* Crystal Stilts, Grass Widow, The Beets @ Brooklyn Museum
* Brother Ali, Evidence, Toki Wright, BK One @ Irving Plaza
* Osso Quartet, Sufjan Steven's The BQE (film) @ The Bell House
* Idea Fire Company, Infinity Window, Sons of God @ Issue Project Room
* The Helz, Me You Us Them, Dinowalrus, Exit Clov @ Santos Party House
* Dougle Negative, Pollution, Prsms, Passive Aggressor @ The Charleston
* Vader, Decrepit Birth, Warbringer, The Amenta, Augury @ Gramercy Theater
* Carsick Cars, P.K.14, Xiao He, BJ Rubin, Knyfe Hyts @ Santos Party House
* Double Dagger, Black Wine, Night Birds, Dope Body, Modern Hut @ Maxwell's
* Emanuel And The Fear, Peasant, Darla Farmer, Boy Crisis, Das Racist @ 3rd Ward
* Grass Window, Small Black, Pictureplane, Girls at Dawn, Cale Parks @ Market Hotel

Lots of free stuff at the Brooklyn Museum today.

Megafaun is playing today at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY.

The Boss will be playing a full album at Madison Square Garden tonight. Mariska Hargitay has tickets.

Don't forget
tickets are on sale
for the 2010 season of Lincoln Center's American Songbook.

Fun Fun Fun Fest is happening in Austin. Today's full, four stage schedule below.

The Bitters played Market Hotel last night. Video below...

What else?

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Negative Approach

I'll be heading to Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest this weekend, and I only just realized that my late-night show options while I'm there include Voxtrot, Forgetters, and a Negative Approach show on Saturday night with Christ on Parade and Trash Talk. The NA show is the first of a handful of shows the hardcore pioneers will be playing between now and December 6th. Another date they have scheduled is November 21st at Southpaw in Brooklyn. It's listed as a 4PM Matinee. All dates below...

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Danzig O' Lantern (joebeone)

It's been a long time since Chuck Biscuits played drums for Danzig, but his NOT-sad passing reminded me that Danzig has some shows coming up. Not only is he one of the headliners at this year's Fun Fun Fun Fest (coming very soon to Austin), but he'll be back in his home state for a show on the day after Christmas (when he'll probably be visiting mom). Tickets are on sale now for the show at Starland Ballroom.

One of the openers at the NJ show will be Doyle's band Gorgeous Frankenstein which means maybe Glenn and Doyle will do some Misfits songs together again. The other opener is Seventh Void whose members include Kenny Hickey (guitar) and Johnny Kelly (drums) of Type O Negative. They both also usually play in Danzig's band so I'm guessing that will be the case at this show too.

Seventh Void are currently on tour with Type O Negative, and opened the shows at Starland Ballroom and Nokia Theatre earlier this month. Seventh Void play their own show at Trash Bar in Brooklyn on November 21st.

"Misfits" (no Doyle. no Danzig) play Starland Ballroom on Friday night (Mischief Night), and then BB King's on Halloween (tickets).

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Ian from Riverboat Gamblers
Riverboat Gamblers

Ian got hit by a car and is recovering in the hospital A letter from the band with info on how you can help pitch in on his medical expenses, below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

Mika Miko @ Market Hotel in June
Mika Miko

As you may have heard, it looks like Mika Miko's NYC shows they played in June will be their last in the city. The band told L.A. Times that they plan on breaking up after playing Fun Fun Fun Fest, which take place in Austin November 7th and 8th.

"There's no bad blood at all, we're all still really good friends" said guitarist Michelle Suarez. "We've just been a band since high school and all of us are ready to move onto different things. We started the band for fun and wanted to end on a positive note."...But Suarez cited returns to school, new projects, jobs and relationships as things that being in a touring act might thwart. "We finally realized it was just taking too long for us to make music," Suarez said. "And business-wise, everything is so hard to coordinate."
The L.A. Times goes on to say that the band plans to release a 7" and is working on setting up a final show at L.A. venue The Smell (a space recently documented on DVD). Mika Miko's newest record, We Be Xuxa, came out earlier this year and runs in the Cali punk tradition with wormy, direct riffs and crypto-bubblegum lyrics. They sing into telephones, they break out into free-jazz sax solos, they play fast, loud and will be missed.

As just noted, Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin will be one of their final shows. Want to see it for free? We have a pair of tickets to giveaway for the whole weekend. Details on how to win, with some videos, including some classic Nardwuar, are below...

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"An errant malfunctioning power strip sparked a massive blaze Friday morning in the East Austin home of local band Bankrupt and the Borrowers. Founding member Jon Pettis died in the fire." [Austinist]

Bankrupt and the Borrowers had/have 12 upcoming shows scheduled according to their MySpace, all in Austin, and including Fun Fun Fun Fest. Video below...

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jesus Lizard

The Jesus Lizard plays at 11:45pm at ATP tonight (9/11). They play Irving Plaza in NYC on November 16th with recently added openers Skeleton Key and Noveller. They play Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin on Saturday November 7th... at 8:35pm which means you need to decide between them, Ratatat, The Pharcyde and Destroyer. On Sunday, November 8th, people need to choose between Danzig and Of Montreal. Full FFFFest schedule below...

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August 25th, 2009 (Austin, TX) - Transmission Entertainment is pleased to announce the lineup for the 2009 Fun Fun Fun Fest, taking place on November 7th and 8th at Waterloo Park in Austin. Fun Fun Fun Fest made its first appearance on a cold Friday evening in 2006, offering a unique approach to festival booking, filling stages with talent bubbling from the underground: what sounded great, and what was making an impact, regardless of what mainstream media said was cool. What started out as a show for a few touring acts and local favorites has become a movement -- a festival that fans and bands alike realize needs to be experienced year after year.

Now in its fourth year, Fun Fun Fun Fest has made a significant impact on the country's winter calendar, successfully combining the vast worlds of indie, punk, rap, electronica and comedy while showcasing some of the city's most unique local businesses.

Greatest. Festival. Ever...

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DOWNLOAD: Death - Politicians In My Eyes (MP3)

Death of Detroit

Forgotten except by the most fervent punk rock record collectors... Death would likely have remained lost in obscurity if not for the discovery last year of a 1974 demo tape in [bassist] Bobby [Hackney]'s attic. Released [in February] by Drag City Records as "... For the Whole World to See," Death's newly unearthed recordings reveal a remarkable missing link between the high-energy hard rock of Detroit bands like the Stooges and MC5 from the late 1960s and early '70s and the high-velocity assault of punk from its breakthrough years of 1976 and '77. Death's songs "Politicians in My Eyes," "Keep On Knocking" and "Freakin Out" are scorching blasts of feral ur-punk, making the brothers unwitting artistic kin to their punk-pioneer contemporaries the Ramones, in New York; Rocket From the Tombs, in Cleveland; and the Saints, in Brisbane, Australia. They also preceded Bad Brains, the most celebrated African-American punk band, by almost five years. [NYTimes]
Just a few months after Drag City breathed life into ...For The Whole World To See, Death (not to be confused with the legendary Floridian death metal band featuring the late Chuck Schuldiner) was resurrected. The Brothers Hackney have scheduled three US shows over the last weekend in September in their former hometown of Detroit (they reside in Bulington, VT), Chicago, and Cleveland. They're also now confirmed to play Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest in November.

No word on who will fill the shoes of guitarist David Hackney (he passed from lung cancer in 2000), though odds are one of the Hackney's sons in Rough Francis will probably be elected. Rough Francis, who routinely cover material by Death, will provide support on all dates (minus Fun Fun Fun). Earlier this year they appeared with members of Death at Joey Ramone's 58th birthday show on May 19th at Irving Plaza. Videos of their performance are posted below.

Death's back story is an interesting one:

In 1975 at Detroit's United Sound Studios with engineer Jim Vitti, they recorded seven songs written by David and Bobby. According to the Hackney family, Columbia Records president Clive Davis funded the recording sessions, but asked the band to change its name to something more commercially palatable than Death. When the Hackneys refused, Davis ceased his support. The following year they self-released 500 copies from the session on the 7" single "Politicians in My Eyes" b/w "Keep on Knocking," on their Tryangle label, which eventually became a collectors' item.
"Politicians In My Eyes", a song that Jack White of The White Stripes/Dead Weather/The Raconteurs described as "ahead of punk, and ahead of their time," is available for download above (and in one of the videos below). The videos and all tour dates are below...

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Fun Fun Fun Fest

We already know the lineup for Austin's 4th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest on November 7th and 8th will include 7 Seconds, The Jesus Lizard, Red Sparrowes, and Atlas Sound and Broadcast.

FFF's own "Lineup Leaks" page expands upon that list with Why? (whose tour is coming to NYC), GZA, Melt Banana, King Khan & BBQ Show and comedian Todd Barry.

BV would like to further leak that our most-favorite weekend in Austin will also feature sets by Alaska in Winter, Les Savy Fav, comedians Jake Flores, Joe Staats & JT Habersaat, VEGA, Lucero, Metallagher, The Night Marchers (they played Mess With Texas last year at the same venue), and Shonen Knife (part of their large upcoming tour).

Speaking of the Hot Snakes, Obits are scheculed to play the South Street Seaport in NYC tonight (7/31).

The official FFFFest "leak" page includes stage assignments, which are below. We have 2008's FFF Fest in pictures (day one & day two), and you can check out recap videos from 2006 and 2007, also below...

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Trish Broadcast

This fall, Atlanta's Atlas Sound and Birmingham, England's Broadcast are teaming up for an extensive North American tour. Both groups have new material surfacing this year - an EP from Broadcast, to be released on Warp in conjunction with the tour in October, and a new Atlas Sound album to be released this fall on Kranky.

This will be Broadcast's first tour in North American since 2005, and their sets will be a stripped down, 'duet' of sorts, with Trish Keenan and James Cargill performing new work as well as Broadcast classics. Speaking about the new material, Trish had the following to say: "Okay people...Broadcast and The Focus Group have joined hands to create a new ep of seancing songs and witch cult rumbles"

The co-headlined tour will see both bands trading off set times, with The Selmanaires taking the opening slot each night.

The previously announced Brooklyn show (10/21) is now on AmEx presale. The show happening one night earlier at Le Poisson Rouge in Manhattan is also on sale.

The tour ends at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin on November 8th. All dates below...

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Lee 'Scratch" Perry' @ Central Park Summerstage - July 19, 2009 (by Tim Griffin)
Lee Scratch Perry

HR of Bad Brains of Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008 (by Tyler Nutter)

by Black Bubblegum

The Anti-Nowhere League

Punk noteables-a-plenty are on their way to NYC in the coming months, and it all starts this Sunday (7/19) at Europa where The Anti-Nowhere League will team up with Duane Peters Gunfight (with pro-skater Duane Peters, also of US Bombs), Cobra Skulls, Ashers (with Mark from The Unseen), Jakked Rabbits, and The Nihilistics. Tickets are still available. The show was originally scheduled to be a two night affair with 999 headlining on July 21st, but the band has inexplicably cancelled their tour.

While we wait for Kevin Seconds and his impending reformation with 7 Seconds while touring with Bouncing Souls, the man has been busy scheduling more dates in July, August and September. That includes solo shows at Maxwell's on Sept 5th (Tickets are on sale), and another show two days before that at Union Hall in Brooklyn (no tickets yet). All dates below.

Tickets are also still available for both Bouncing Souls shows at Webster Hall: with Lifetime on 8/20, and the 7 Seconds date on 8/21. 7 Seconds will also be playing Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin this year (as will Jesus Lizard).

More punk greats are on the way too, including The Angry Samoans who are scheduled to play Southpaw on Sept 12th. It's the first time the band has played NYC since the CBGB farewell shows in 2006, which we're told marked 20 years since their previous appearance.

And finally, what kind of a list would be complete without the addition of Walter Schriefels, who has scheduled a show of his own at Maxwell's on August 11th. Tickets are on sale.

All tour dates below....

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by Black Bubblegum

Red Sparowes with touring guitarist Brendan Tobin (Made Out of Babies)

Red Sparowes have announced a new axe-wielder to their ranks, replacing the departed Josh Graham. The band comments:

I think it's safe to announce our new guitar player is Emma Ruth Rundle. She's an unbelievable guitar prodigy. A better guitarist than any of us. And, she works building and repairing guitars. Pretty awesome.
What role Rundle will play on the bands upcoming full-length is not known, but the band have completed seven demos to be recorded in August for release on an upcoming LP due in 2010. Look for some of those tracks to surface while the band plays a few dates "in Oct/Nov" including a date at the Fun Fun Fun Fest with the previously announced Jesus Lizard. More details about FFF Fest and the Red Sparowes tour are forthcoming. The band plans a full US tour, followed by a European tour in spring 2010.

Red Sparowes next release isn't that LP follow up to Every Heart... though, it's the Toshi Kasai co-produced (with the band) Aphorisms DVD+12" which is due this fall. That EP along with the entire Red Sparowes catalog is now available for download as "pay what you want" (over $2.50 that is) from the band. Check that out here.

Some videos below...

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DOWNLOAD: Qui - Prison Braid (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Qui - I Love You (AIFF)

The Jesus Lizard's David Yow @ ATP UK 5/10/09 (Terekhova)
Jesus Lizard

The Jesus Lizard: How a man nearing 50 can possess more energy than entire bands made up of younger souls is beyond us, but David Yow was never less than possessed during the legendary grungers' brace of Centre Stage sets on Saturday [5/9] and Sunday... 'Puss', 'Gladiator' and more were rocked out to for the first time since their break up in 1999. [Clash Music]
The Jesus Lizard, who reformed to play two ATP UK shows on May 9th and 10th, will keep the reunion going with shows scheduled through the fall. Those dates include Primavera Sound on May 28th, Pitchfork Festival on July 17th, Seattle's Capitol Hill Block Party on July 24th, ATP NY on September 11th and more (though still no NYC). They're also one of the first bands to confirm for the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin on November 7th and 8th.

Singer David Yow's other band, Qui, played ATP UK too. For that appearance, the band released a limited-edition 7-inch, The Little Golden Blanket, on Infrasonic Sound. The 7-inch's two tracks, posted above, are from a forthcoming Qui LP, due in late 2009. Check 'em out.

Videos of The Jesus Lizard at ATP UK (with examples of David Yow's prodigious stagediving skills) and all tour dates, below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford



Some time has passed since the original experiment and cell phones are more dangerous than initially anticipated. We invite you to test a new solution to protect from SMC at (CLL) PHN-LCKN '09 in Tribeca. This time you get to keep your phone, enjoy complimentary beverages and jam out to tunes by a top secret dance party engineer.

Bring your phone. And no, there are no points for style.

Please select the appropriate ticket based on your height and weight to participate in this experiment to protect against SMC.

Admission includes a full-body protective device, open bar provided by Dewar's and Sapporo, entertainment engineered by our friends over at 5th Finger and a secret performance by someone that will make your friends jealous.

This is a private event and you must be 21+ to enter.


In 2006, we told the world about Severe Micro-Cellulotamination (SMC), a disease which effects cell phone users, and conducted a cellular deprivation experiment to stop the spread of SMC at MoMA. In short, it failed, but that had no effect on the open bar or Les Savvy Fav's art smashing performance.

This event is TONIGHT (Monday, January 26th, in Tribeca (NYC). Yacht is also touring with Chairlift in March and April. More previously-unpublished photos from Yacht's 2008 performance at Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest, below...

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Tim & Eric @ Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008 (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)
Tim and Eric

Tim and Eric are going on tour again in 2009. The NYC show is at Nokia Theatre on January 30th. Tickets go on sale Saturday.

In other Tim & Eric news, they will have a track on Causes 2, a new CD coming out to benefit causes related to Darfur, AND, as you may have heard, Eric Wareheim (Eric) has been directing music videos. He directed that Ben Folds/Regina Spektor video, and the new MGMT one. Season 4 of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (the TV show) premieres on Adult Swim on February 8, 2009. The MGMT video and all tour dates below...

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Dan Deacon

On December 11th at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple, Dan Deacon will unveil his new live set, which features a 15 piece live ensemble performing material from his forthcoming album, Bromst, which will be released on Carpark on March 24, 2009. Deacon plans to tour with an ensemble in 2009 in support of the new record. In addition to the songs with the ensemble, Deacon will still perform a few songs solo and there will be a few other surprises at this show as well. The evening will also feature sets from the always incredible Dirty Projectors and So Percussion.
Coincedentally, four members of So Percussion are also in the ensemble which also includes members of Ponytail and the dude Adventure.

Sometimes BV-writer Andrew Frisicano saw So Percussion at Glasslands during CMJ. He said, "Headliner, So Percussion, a group that doubles as the rhythm section for Signal (who performed Steve Reich's 'Music for 18 Musicians' Sept 13 and 14 at LPR) played a set of engaging, adventurous percussion pieces. The band changed instruments with each song, showcasing a number of intriguingly applied timbres. Its opening tune was comprised of mostly metallic sounds (paint cans, metal scraps); other pieces included a snare and live-radio composition and Reich piece 'Drumming,' performed with sticks on bongos."

I took the pictures in this post at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin in November. A couple more of those, a list of who is in Dan's ensemble, and all tour dates, below...

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