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by Andrew Sacher

G-Side at Glasslands in 2011 (more by Erik Erikson)

Here's some unexpected and unfortunate news. Alabama rap duo and BV faves G-Side (aka ST 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova), who played one of our holiday parties less than a year ago, have announced their split. Though the duo have been together since 2004, it was only last year that they began taking off, but ST 2 Lettaz explained in an interview with SPIN, that, "Though we were still working, which is the great thing about it -- that we were still working -- the whole hype had died down."

However, both members will continue on with solo careers, are still on good terms, and ST 2 Lettaz has already announced that what was going to be G-Side's next album, G...Growth & Development, will now be released under his own name and that he's sticking with production duo Block Beattaz. He says that album will be out either December or January, but he'll preface it with the solo EP, R.E.B.E.L. ("rethink every belief ever learned"), on September 17. The video for a non-EP track, "Wishing Well," is below.

As mentioned, G-Side were supposed to play a NYC show at Glasslands next Tuesday (9/18) and that show will go on but it is now a ST 2 Lettaz solo show, sort of. Block Beattaz and G-Side's two backup singers will still be there and they will be "performing all the hits with a lot of new material." The lineup also includes Deniro Farrar and Tron & DVD. Tickets for that show are still available. As the SPIN article mentions, ST 2 Lettaz performed at G-Side's set at Hopscotch without Yung Clova, and without announcing that he'd be doing so. But the duo's Austin show last night (9/11) at Red 7, both members were in attendance. All remaining G-Side dates are listed below, with no official word on whether or not they will be with the duo or just ST.

Meanwhile, Yung Clova has been posting his solo tracks on the Lambo Music Group soundcloud page. While the ST 2 Lettaz solo track is pretty much sounding like where G-Side left off, Clova is opting for a clubbier sound. You can stream some of his new songs, along with the ST 2 Lettaz video and a list of updated dates below.

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G-Side at Glasslands in 2011 (more by Erik Erikson)

Southern rap duo G-Side and their production crew, Block Beattaz, are heading out on tour this September. More dates will probably be announced, but a few have been revealed at the moment and one of those is a NYC show which happens on September 18 at Glasslands. Tickets for that show are on sale now. All currently known dates are listed below.

G-Side just put out a release with eight G-Side songs, both old and new, chopped and screwed by Trappadon. You can stream that and download the whole thing for free at their bandcamp.

A list of all dates are below.

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G-Side at BV party at Glasslands in December (more by Erik Erikson)

G-Side will be in NYC this week for two shows. First they'll play a free show TONIGHT (6/21) at PIPS Table Tennis & Art Space in Williamsburg (158 Roebling Street). The event runs from 7:30PM - 9:30PM. They'll be playing live with special guests, and Block Beattaz (the duo responsible for producing G-Side albums) will be DJing. The show is being presented by BBOX Radio as part of Make Music NY, and if you can't make it to the show, it will be streamed live on BBOX's site as an episode of Fresh Out The Box. The flier for this show is below.

Then, on Friday (6/22), G-Side will play a loft party in Brooklyn at Slumerican Loft (27 Arion Place). This one's not free but it's only $5 entry before 8 PM and $10 after. G-Side will again be playing with the Block Beattaz and special guests, in addition to DJ sets by DJ Dirrty, Geng-Grizzly, and Farrington G. The flier for this show is below.

This past March, G-Side released a live album recorded at The Parish in Austin during SXSW 2010. You can download that for free at bandcamp, and check out a list of all of their dates below...

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Built to Spill at BV SXSW 2012 (more by Ryan Barkan)
Built to Spill

The Hopscotch festival in Raleigh, North Carolina will celebrate its third year from Sept. 6-8, 2012 in downtown Raleigh, with 175 bands in 15 venues. The initial lineup, released today, runs the gamut from traditional indie favorites to punk to noise music to hip hop to noisy black metal and all stops in between, featuring performances from Built to Spill, sunn 0))), The Roots, The Jesus & Mary Chain (who played SXSW), Liars (who have a show coming up at Webster Hall), Baroness, Deerhoof, Death Grips (who play NYC soon and have new material on the way), Danny Brown (who was at Coachella and plays Prospect Park soon), Pallbearer (who play an exclusive East Coast Show soon), Screaming Females (who recently played NYC and are on tour now), Thee Oh Sees, The Spits (who just played NYC twice), Tenement, The Mountain Goats (two sets, one of which will be an all metal-covers set!) and so many more.

(and now we know the Jesus & Mary Chain are coming back soon)

Tickets are on sale. The full lineup and flyer (update: and a few more announced J&MC dates) are below...

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photos by Erik Erikson

G-Side @ Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn

We've been busy throwing BrooklynVegan live shows this month, and slow to post about them. Back before we started throwing the term "holiday party" into the mix (times three), we put together and presented what ended up being one of my favorite shows of the year: G-Side, Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, and Cities Aviv at Glasslands on 12/6. As extremely talented G-Side backup singer Joi Tiffany put it, "THE NEW YORK SHOW WAS MF CRAZY!!!!!!" The NY Times was also there:

" The show featured three acts -- G-Side, the headliner, from Huntsville, Ala.; the rapper whose name is printable only when shortened to eXquire, from Brooklyn; and Cities Aviv, from Memphis. Each of these acts tells a story about making hip-hop on the fringes of the mainstream in 2011, but the stories are not the same.

At best, they have tradition in common -- not outright nostalgists, or unreasonably emulative, they owe a heavy stylistic debt to the 1990s, both the mainstream and the underground."

Read the review at NYTimes.com. More pictures and some videos from the craziness, below...

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G-Side @ Fun Fun Fun Fest

Huntsville, Alabama rap duo G-Side are on a tour that brings them to their BV-presented show at Glasslands TONIGHT (12/6) with Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire (who the Village Voice just interviewed) and Cities Aviv. (Facebook invite HERE.) Tickets are still available and we're also giving away a pair here. Details on how to win are below.

Earlier on in G-Side's tour, they played Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin. More pictures from their set there, where they came out into the photo pit to be closer to the crowd toward the end, are in this post. The five people you see on stage include the duo, their two much-more-than-backup singers and the DJ. The crowd started relatively small for their daytime set, but grew large by the end due to their undeniable talent and charisma. Read more about another recent show they played HERE.

SPIN profiled G-Side for their December 2011 issue, 'The Changing Face of Hip-Hop.' They talked about the town of Huntsville, Alabama, where NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center is located, and how G-Side rides "past the rocket to test records out." That rocket is the "363-foot-tall white Saturn V" off the highway, I-565. They talked about the tightly knit scene there. G-Side's manager Codie G. said, "In a city like this, all you get is small wins, If I see somebody here get some success, I feel like that's my success." Then the members of G-Side discussed their difficult childhoods and how they eventually met up in their pre-teenage years and began making music together. According to Yung Clova, their new album Island (which is streaming on bandcamp) "might be the last album," Either this album is gonna make us or it ain't. Struggling, trying to pay your rent -- it gets old," he said. Come support at Glasslands tonight or at one of their other upcoming shows.

All tour dates, more pics from FFF Fest, and contest details below...

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photos by Kellyann Petry, words by Andrew Sacher

G-Side @ Purchase Fall Fest

Alabama rap duo G-Side release their new album Island TODAY (11/11/11). You can order it at the link and listen to a track below.

Though it has been announced elsewhere already, we're excited to announced that G-side will be playing at least one BrooklynVegan presented show in December (stay tuned for the possibility of another). The announced show is taking place on December 6 at Glasslands in Brooklyn with Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire and Cities Aviv also on the spectacular bill. Tickets are on sale now. It's one of many dates they just announced. They're all listed below.

Back before Fun Fun Fun Fest (where multiple BVers said they were awesome), G-Side (who also played Pitchfork Fest) played SUNY Purchase Fall Fest on Saturday (10/29) (after playing a last minute show at 285 Kent the night before). The G-Side guys bring one DJ and two extremely talented R&B singers on stage with them for what ends up being much more than just rapping to a backing track. At Purchase there was tons of interaction between those on stage and the audience. They got the entire Fall Fest crowd bouncing, moving it to the left, and whatever other moves they brought with them, chanted "Ain't no party like a Purchase party," and by the end of the set both rappers ended up in the crowd. They ended with an unplanned encore of "How Far," which samples Beach House's "10 Mile Stereo." Pictures from their Fall Fest set are in this post.

More of them, with all tour dates, and a collaboration with UK DJ/Producer Sinden that you can listen to, below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Flying Lotus

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 came to a close on Sunday night. It was another successful year for the well-rounded music fest, and the end of its first in the larger (and much dustier) Auditorium Shores. And though Ryan Gosling may have been the most talked about artist at the festival (Danzig was a close second), the real star was festival organizer Transmission Enertainment for putting together such a kickass lineup on four stages for three days straight (not to mention a mechanical bull) (and skate and bike ramp and tons of good food and vendors and merch and posters and wrestling) (and Turquoise Jeep).

After Hum and then a quick set of comedy by metal comedian Brian Posehn (he did his Slayer joke and one that involved Pantera), Slayer closed out the large Orange stage on Sunday (the other metal acts played on the slightly smaller Black Stage all weekend, but the Orange was the biggest and actually specially built to Slayer's specs).

Slayer wasn't the only wild headliner of the day though. In fact, that's an understatement. Trash Talk played after Henry Rollins did his set of spoken word in the Yellow Tent because Trash Talk had to miss their originally scheduled set on the Black Stage earlier in the week due to a family emergency. Thanking everyone for missing Slayer to see them (actually not true because it ended up Trash Talk was done before Slayer even started), Trash Talk started their hardcore insanity by pointing out that they were on the only stage with no barricade (the stage comedians usually played). Circle pits, stagediving, stage crowding, grabbing the mic, pumping fists (and skateboards) and just general craziness characterized the next 20 minutes or so.

The always controversial Odd Future drew their own giant and enthusiastic crowd to their headlining set on the Blue Stage, and Blonde Redhead closed out the Black Stage to a more intimate and chilled out audience (in the location that was metal, punk, garage and hardcore the rest of the weekend).

Here is our second set of pictures from the final day of the fest, including Asobi Seksu, the reunited Hum, We Were Promised Jetpacks (who just played NYC and one of our CMJ day parties), Odd Future, G-Side, Austra, Grimes, MNDR, Mates of State, Budos Band, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Architecture in Helsinki, Del the Funky Homosapien, Brian Posehn, Flying Lotus, Brody Stevens, Trash Talk, Henry Rollins, and more SLAYERRRR.

We previously posted pictures from both day 1 and day 2, and a second set by BBG day 1, day 2, and day 3

The rest of day 3, below...

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G-Side at Pitchfork Fest (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)

Alabama rap duo G-Side and NYC spitter Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire are teaming up for a last minute show at 285 Kent tonight (10/28). The show also includes a 'special guest TBA' which, as Bill hinted at in This Week in Indie, is Star Slinger (who also plays Music Hall of Williamsurg tonight). More info on this show and other G-Side dates listed below. G-Side also has more NYC dates to be announced soon (stay tuned).

G-Side will be sticking around the NYC-area to play SUNY Purchase's Fall Fest on Saturday (10/29). They'll be performing alongside Fang Island, Jessica Lea Mayfield (solo), Kvelertak, Janka Nabay, R E A L M A G I C, and others. The event is technically only open to students and their guests. Complete lineup and video below.

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire was also recently announced as one of the openers for Das Racist's 11/16 show at MHOW with Despot, after filling in for Danny Brown at Das Racist's Bowery show in September which Despot also played.

All dates, info about tonight's show, Fall Fest lineup and video below...

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Slayer at Izod Center (photos by Samantha Marble)

Slayer, Thee Oh Sees, Public Enemy, Girls, Danzig Legacy, (Danzig + Doyle von Frankenstein playing Misfits, Samhain & Danzig), Hot Snakes, Diplo, Major Lazer, Henry Rollins, Ted Leo & The Phramacists, Spank Rock, Murder City Devils, Hum, Lykke Li, Passion Pit, Four Tet, Rakim, The Damned, Austra, Purity Ring, and Flynt Flossy are just a few of the acts announced today as part of the Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 lineup. Another amazing year! Check out the full lineup below and stay tuned for more announcements coming in August and September.

The new additions to the Austin, Texas festival, which takes place from 11/4 - 11/6, are in addition to the the previous "lineup leaks" that included Brian Posehn, Odd Future, Okkervil River, M83, X (performing "Los Angeles"), Reggie Watts, Flying Lotus, Tune-Yards, Ra Ra Riot, Kid Dynamite and others

2011 is the festival's sixth year, but first at its new home Auditorium Shores (no more Waterloo Park). Tickets are on sale now.

Slayer also has a NYC performance coming up with Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth as part of the "Big Four" show at Yankee Stadium on 9/14. Tickets are still available.

Fun Fun Fun 2011 flyer and almost-full lineup is below.

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by Andrew Sacher

Action Bronson @ Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest 2011 (more by Brook Bobbins)
Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest

If you're looking for good hip hop shows this weekend, there are quite a few options. You can start Saturday (7/23) early with Theophilus London at 4 PM in Weeksville Garden Center with Phony PPL.

At night (7/23), as mentioned, G-Side, who just played Pitchfork Fest, will stop by NYC at Tammany Hall as part of their short tour.

If you don't end up there, underground Queens rapper Action Bronson will play Saturday (7/23) at Gramercy Theatre. Tickets are available. Action Bronson recently dropped his debut Dr. Lecter, which you can purchase at his website. His style is pretty much lifted from 90s boom bap, but Action can get away with that, especially since 90s heroes Wu-Tang Clan have him featured on their upcoming compilation Legendary Weapons, which will be released on Tuesday (7/26) via E1 Music. Check out the track with him, Ghostface Killah, and Termanology below. Also check out a video of the Dr. Lecter track "Get Off My P.P."

On Sunday (7/24), noise rapper Death Grips, who just played the Gang Gang Dance afterparty at Santos, will play a Jelly RockBeach show with Bass Drum of Death, The Miracles Club, and Night Manager. As commenters have discussed, Death Grips played the Santos show with Zach Hill on drums. Hopefully we can count on Zach sticking around for the Rock Beach show (Death Grips also play a secret show LATE Friday night, Saturday morning, somewhere in Brooklyn).

The extraordinarily prolific Tech N9ne will stop by Starland Ballroom on Sunday (7/24) in Sayreville, NJ as part of his tour. The tour includes other artists on Tech's own Strange Music label including Krizz Kaliko, Big Scoob, Kutt Calhoun, Jay Rock, ¬°Mayday!, and others. Tickets for the NJ show are on sale now. The tour is in support of Tech's recently released LP All 6's and 7's, which you can purchase at the Strange Music webstore.

All tour dates and some videos below...

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photos by Dominick Mastrangelo

G-Side @ Pitchfork Fest

"...The Alabama hip-hop duo bobs and weaves across the stage. Live rap is often knocked as being lesser than rock & roll, but the MCs at Pitchfork have always been a highlight. Even when they suck up to the crowd, as G-Side does, with a call and response of "Ain't no party like a Pitchfork party, cuz a Pitchfork party don't stop." I've been to those parties. People go off in corners and debate Animal Collective too much at the Pitchfork parties.

But G-Side provokes an array of synchronized arm activity in the audience--fist raising, finger pointing, palm pumping. I don't see Woods doing that. Even if they're a touch awkward coming from a horde of white kids, the chants of "We get money!" and "Lean to tha left!" raise the energy to at least four levels above chillwave.

ST 2 Lettaz, in a black muscle shirt, jumps off stage and leans into the crowd. He flows a little more poetically than his gruffer partner, Yung Clova. Lettaz begins one song a cappella, breathtakingly, and it connects better than anything else in the set, divorced of the towel-waving and slogan shouting. Overall, the tracks mix of early Outkast and early T.I. Definitely Southern, with slow-roll soul samples and tumbling synthetic snares. "I've got a jones in my bones for the street," goes one refrain. It's kinda cheesy, kinda dated, but charming in a throwback way I haven't really heard since Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. An underused female backup singer, with shaved temples and a feather earthing, pumps up the emotional level, belting a bit operatically at the smokedout opening, and slipping into Kayne's "Power" refrain later. If it wasn't for that inevitable "swag" blurting, and the Yeezy reference, this could be 1997, Piedmont Park, Atlanta. And I'm nostalgic." [Time Out Chicago]

G-Side played day two (7/16) of the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, as described in that review. Pictures are also in this post.

G-Side are now on a short tour and play NYC at Tammany Hall this weekend (7/23). The Tammany Hall show is either free or $3 before 11pm (depending on where you look) and $6 after. White Ring are one of the many DJs also on the bill (G-Side is the only live act of the night). Flyer below. G-side also play "Mad Decent Mondays" in Philly (on Monday).

ST 2 Lettaz of G-Side recently contributed vocals to Montreal producer Lunice's track "Get Her High." Listen to that, with the flyer, all dates, and more pics from P4KFest, below...

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EMA at P4K Fest (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)

Darkstar played their first US show at Pitchfork Festival this past weekend. As mentioned, they'll be sticking around for a bit and will play in NYC tonight (7/18) at Le Poisson Rouge. Phaseone opens the show and tickets are still available. We're also giving away two tickets at our facebook.

TIme Out Chicago caught Darkstar's set at P4K:

On "Gold," the trio's cover of Human League, a distant house thump permeates, rolling alongside hi-hats and anchored by slow piano. This is the energy the crowd needs. People start wading in closer, whistling and fully embracing the music.

Clicks continue to buzz in rapid succession, and the distorted and crunchy synth found in so much of Hyperdub's output sits prominently in the mix. The lead singer looks like Brendan Fraser in Airheads, but this shouldn't make you take Darkstar any less seriously. Their February signing to Warp is big news for these Brits, a trio we'll hear more of in the future.

Speaking of bands who played Pitchfork Festival with upcoming NYC shows, Gatekeeper play on Saturday (7/23) at 285 Kent as part of their tour with Pictureplane and Teengirl Fantasy. The NYC show was originally scheduled for Coco66 but has been moved to 285 Kent. Tickets are still available.
P4k2011's first sounds were very yin and yang. As Gatekeeper's light, blissful tunes fluttered over the trees, EMA (Erika M. Anderson) squinted into the hazy afternoon sun and began grinding out some dark, menacing music. [Chicago Sun Times]
Check out pictures from Gatekeeper and EMA's sets at Pitchfork Fest HERE.

EMA has two shows on Wednesday (7/20). She'll play an early show at Mercury Lounge with Helado Negro (tickets) and a late show at Glasslands with Talk Normal and Abblehearts (tickets). All tour dates are listed below.

Alamaba rap duo G-Side also played Pitchfork and will play NYC on Saturday (7/23) at Tammany Hall.

Gang Gang Dance conclude their tour with a Rocks Off Concert Cruise Thursday (7/21). Nguzunguzu and Total Freedom aren't on the bill like they were for the much of the tour (Pitchfork after party included) but Nguzunguzu have their own shows this week. Here's some words about GGD's Pitchfork set:

A small man waving a stick of burning sage preceded Gang Gang Dance to the Green stage--a shaman of sorts, he stayed on stage for the entire hour, waving his sage stick or a towel and nodding along to the hyperbolic pastiche of dancehall, new age, tropicalia, electronica and Middle Eastern. It's world music gumbo, but highly danceable and about as "now" as you can get.

Lead Lizzie Bougatsos jumped off the stage to greet fans while the band continued banging out its dizzy-making tribal beats. It wasn't long before Bougatos was crowd surfing as fans reverentially passed her around the human sea. "I think when you carried me I became Jesus Christ," she said, returning to the mic. "I'm showered in your love, I'm dripping it. Drippy drippy all the way down!...If you can't act crazy on stage, there's no reason to live." Gang Gang Dance's new album Eye Contact is one of my favorites of the year so far, and live it sounds very different--much less haunted and weird, but damn good all the same. [Riverfront Times]

Gang Gang Dance also DJ on Saturday, 7/23 at Warm Up at PS1 with Syd tha Kyd of Odd Future, who also played Pitchfork Fest.

WU LYUF didn't play the fest, though Pitchfork probably wish they did. They share a bill with DJ Dapwell of Das Racist, who did play Pitchfork, on Saturday (7/23) at Knitting Factory. WU LYF also play the night before (7/22) at Mercury Lounge. Bass Drum of Death are on both bills.

Pitchfork Fest day one pics are HERE. Pics from the following two days are coming soon.

EMA dates and a video of Zola Jesus & EMA doing an unrehearsed cover of 'Crimson & Clover' at a pre-Pitchfork Fest show in Madison, Wisconsin, below...

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It's easy to compare the southern rap duo G-Side to Outkast, as they point out in the track "Inner Circle". The track, off the album The One...Cohesive which dropped earlier this year, opens with the line "So now the critics be comparing us to Outkast, it's funny cause they treat us like some outcasts". But unlike the revered ATLiens, this duo, comprised of ST 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova, are based slightly west in Alabama, and have been much more prolific lately. The One was not the only one....in 2011. G-Side are releasing their fifth LP Island on November 11 and they've got a new video for "How Far" (feat. Victoria Tate) which you can watch below.

They've also got a few upcoming shows scheduled including Pitchfork Fest and July 23 at Tammany Hall in NYC (hopefully the LES venue can handle another hip hop show).

All tour dates and videos below...

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Guided by Voices @ Irving Plaza, New Year's Eve (more by Chris Gersbeck)
Guided by Voices

"As previously announced, the 2011 Pitchfork Music Festival will be taking place on Friday, July 15th through Sunday, July 17th at Chicago's Union Park! Tickets went on sale on March 4th, and, as predicted, three-day passes sold out in a record time of 24 hours! That said, eager prospective festival goers should fear not, as single-day passes are still available for the totally reasonable price of $45.

And now, without further ado, the newest additions to the 2011 Pitchfork Festival lineup! Friday will see the addition of Guided By Voices and Neko Case; Saturday's lineup will feature No Age, Gang Gang Dance, G-Side, and Chrissy Murderbot; Sunday's stellar lineup now includes The Fresh & Onlys, Radio Dept., HEALTH, Shabazz Palaces, Baths, How To Dress Well, Kurt Vile, and Twin Sister. Stay tuned for more bands still to be announced in the coming weeks!"
Guided by Voices are also playing the sold out Sasquatch Fest. Full Pitchfork lineup by day below...

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