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by Doug Moore


Giant Squid are one of the best -- and most underrated -- metal bands currently plying doomy/sludgy waters. Their 2009 full-length, The Ichthyologist, is one of my favorite albums in the genre. Back in the day, though, Giant Squid's music had a decidedly more indie rock lean.

The band are currently working on their third full-length (with a target release date of spring 2014); to tide fans over, they've re-released their long-out-of-print 2005 EP, Monster in the Creek via their label Translation Loss, as of today (10/29). We're streaming the whole thing plus some never-before-seen live footage of a song from the EP over at Invisible Oranges. We also spoke to GS main man Aaron Gregory about the album. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

"What do you remember about the recording session for this EP?

Looking back, recording with Eric Broyhill was a huge change from our previous experience with Billy Anderson. They're both total bros, but Billy practically feels like a member of the band by the time the record is done, where Eric was much more reserved; so excited about the session for sure, but just a more reserved personality and very methodical. Billy is more like, "Let's record that distorted guitar track four more times on top of itself," and then lights some incense and puts animal skulls throughout the control room. Whereas Eric was a little more concerned with the science of the process -- not in a stiff Albini way by any stretch, but more in a Tape Op Magazine kind of way. He's off setting mics up in distant bathrooms to catch strange room nuances. They're both masters of their trade who have different approaches to get the best recordings out of their bands. Broyhill is more process, Anderson is more vibe.

The other bizarre thing we did is basically track all the instruments live, together, in this huge room. The Hanger was a iconic recording studio in Sacramento, built in what was an old Vets hall at one time. The tracking room is this enormous multi-purpose room where I guess they'd hold town dances or bingo nights. It was big enough to have a basketball hoop, a quarter pipe skate ramp, a really big stage, pianos, and a half-ass tropical cabana.

So all of us were set up in this room, playing together, live, tracking straight to 2" 16-track tape. When it came time to record vocals, we tried doing them kind of old-school country style, with all of us singing facing each other, each with our own mic, but still close to each other. That was the other crazy thing, at least by today's standards; everything was done analog until the final mastering. If we wanted delay on something, we ran the track off the tape, through an outboard Roland tape-delay machine. Sure, some bands still do this, but it was a novelty when we did it, and it's a fucking rarity in today's studios. There's just so much more you can do with Pro Tools.

Ironically, while we tried to be ├╝ber-organic, we had the strange idea to track the whole thing to a click, which we have rarely done since. It makes for a fairly tight album, but we can personally tell where we're battling it at moments. Definitely helped when sequencing keyboards, though. The click surely became a real source of stress for some of us, and made for a challenging session at times.

What are Giant Squid's recording and touring plans in the near future?

We're halfway through the writing process of our new album, and we even played a couple new tracks at the shows last weekend, though mostly instrumentally, as I always procrastinate on lyrics. We're looking to record our third full-length in January-ish, which we'll announce some point soon. Don't really have details on that actual process though, as money is tighter than ever, and with us having kids, traveling to record won't really be an option. So we're brainstorming. But I can say, the new shit is as different as any of the prior albums are from each other, while still being SO Giant Squid. It's super-heavy, and super-gentle, and about everything else in between. There is as much an Americana vibe as there is an exotic Mediterranean energy to this new stuff. The writing dynamic between Andy and Jackie is pure magic, especially with the vocals. We feel like this will be the album that will make the world finally give a fuck. But if not, the true fans will love it, that's for sure. We're looking to have that out by Spring 2014.

Meanwhile, we're going to do some closer jaunts on the west coast next year, and another fly-out to the northeast so we can hit NY, Philly, and Boston. We'd love to do some small support runs with other bands at some point next year. (Ahem, Ahab, get your asses over here.)"

Read the whole thing over at Invisible Oranges. Stream the EP and check out that live footage below; hopefully we'll get an NYC date announcement soon.

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Grayceon at BV/Profound Lore SXSW 2011 (more by Samantha Marble)

As discussed at Invisible Oranges, the two-track Grayceon EP, Pearl & The End of Days, is nearing its release date of February 12 via The Flenser. The band, which features cellist Jackie-Peretz-Gratz also of Giant Squid, recently released a stream of "Pearl," but BV is pround to present a stream of the remainder of the EP's other song, "End of Days." Stream the new EP in full below.

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by BBG

"Giant squid sound like June of 44, neurosis and system of a down made an awesome three way music baby." [SethCDiamond

"hey LADIES, it's a great weekend to be a WOMAN in PUNK! canadian riot grrrls WHITE LUNG are in town tonite @ 538 johnson + tmw @ the acheron" -Maria Sherman

Giant Squid @ Saint Vitus
Giant Squid

Translation Loss celebrated their roster at two shows in the East Coast, including NYC at Saint Vitus on 4/21. The Philadelphia-based record label looped in west-coast cello-centric metal crew Giant Squid for the special occaision, filling out the rest of the bill with appearances from Rosetta (who headlined the evening), Fight Amp and East of the Wall. Pictures and video from Saint Vitus on Saturday are below.

Shortly after the close of the show, I braved the elements to head to the sweltering-hot-and-obscenely-packed Acheron to catch the tail end of Crazy Spirit before White Lung hit the stage for their second of two NYC shows (the first was at 538 Johnson the day before). Thankfully, I missed a fight that broke out at the venue during the show and managed to catch all of the bratty-punk set by White Lung who, despite microphone issues and too much stage volume (which forces the vocals too high in the PA), were totally fun and unique. Video from Acheron is below.

If you missed Fight Amp, the band will be in NYC very soon... look for the Am-Rep-meets-hardcore trio to bless Union Pool on June 14th as the special guest for the previously announced Harkonen/The Atlas Moth/Whores show as part of the BrooklynVegan-BBG/Brutal Panda Northside showcase. Tickets are still on sale OR you can use your Northside badge to get in.

All pictures and video from Acheron and Saint Vitus are below.

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by BBG

Rosetta at Gramercy Theater (more by Di Lynn Ring)
Mike Armine

Whenever vocalist Mike Armine isn't handling vocals over spacey post-hardcore riffs with his band Rosetta, you can probably catch him crouching in the corner activating some of the samples and ambient tracks that provide texture and depth to their live show. Now Armine is welcoming an LP of tracks that further explore his ambient tendencies with Verse & Cleansing Undertones of Wake/Lift, a full-length that delves head-first into waves of noise, tones, and feedback, abandoning some of the clenched-fist approach of Rosetta in favor of introspection. Stream all of Verse & Cleansing Undertones of Wake/Lift below and look for the LP on Translation Loss Records this week.

Rosetta released a split with Junius and the The Determinism of Morality LP last year, and recently played with Kings Destroy at Saint Vitus on March 14th. The band will return to the space on April 21st as a special guest where they will join Giant Squid, Fight Amp and East of The Wall. Tickets are still available.

All tour dates and that Mike Armine stream below...

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by BBG

Jackie of Giant Squid at BV/Profound Lore SXSW (more by Samantha Marble)
Giant Squid

Fight Amp, Giant Squid, East of The Wall and special guests will team up for Translation Loss showcases at North Star Bar in in Philadelphia on 4/20 (with Rosetta) and at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn on 4/21 (with special guest TBA). Tickets for both shows are on sale (at the links).

Giant Squid, who released the Cenotes EP last year, is celebrating its vinyl release with these shows. The band currently have no other new releases on the way but their labelmates Fight Amp do...

Studio time is officially booked for our next full-length! Starting April we're recording to 2" tape at Gradwell Studios here in South Jersey, same place we used for our splits with Black Tusk, Kowlloon Walled City, and Ladder Devils. Here come the bummer jams...
Or is that boner jams?

Meanwhile, East of the Wall are hitting the road for a string of US dates with Hull and Black Tusk. You can also catch Brett from East of the Wall at Union Pool as part of Argonauts. All tour dates and some video is below.

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A Storm of Light
A Storm of Light

Josh Graham is multitasking, and not in a chew gum and walk kind of way either. Graham first burst on the scene as the newest member of Bay Area titans Neurosis, handling the visual element which included live pieces and graphic design, eventually leading into the legendary "A Sun That Never Sets" companion DVD. On the heels of that well received DVD, Josh went on to direct music videos and design artwork for Dillinger Escape Plan, Enon, Jesu, Khann, Underoath, Saves The Day, and many others.

Meanwhile, Josh wielded a heavy (like the music) axe (like the guitar) in Red Sparowes featuring members of the like-minded Isis, Battle Of Mice [RIP] with members of local metallers Made Out Of Babies, and Tribes of Neurot (a Neurosis related experimental project). His tenure with Red Sparowes has recently come to an end, but that hasn't stopped Mr. No-Sleep from starting another band... A Storm Of Light." [Black Bubblegum, March 2008]

A Storm of Light plays with Coalesce, Coliseum, My Skull Your Closet, and Tournament at Europa on December 30th (tickets are still on sale) Josh Graham listed 10 Great Things About 2009. Read them below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Amber Asylum - "Bitter River" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Amber Asylum - "Auger Of Thrall" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Giant Squid - "Panthalassa" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Saros - "Reversion" (MP3)

Amber Asylum (photo by Taija Lynn)

Neurosis. Weakling. Noothgrush. Graves At Sea. Saros. Swans. Ludicra. Members of some seriously heavy bands have contributed to the Bay Area beast known as Amber Asylum. But towering stacks and bowel-shaking riffs aren't at the root of their heaviness, it's a much deeper source that draws from chamber music, post-rock, dark ambient, and the avant-garde.

Amber Asylum is the brainchild of Kris T. Force, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and collaborator with Neurosis, Matmos, Swans, and many many others. Over the years, AA has featured a revolving door of collaborators (including Steve Von Till and John Cobbett). For their new album, Force collaborated with Leila Abdul-Rauf (Saros, Bastard Noise), Jackie-Perez Gratz (Giant Squid, Grayceon), Eric Wood (Bastard Noise), and Chiyo Nukaga (Noothgrush, Graves at Sea), in addition to guests Sigrid Sheie (Hammers of Misfortune) and Jarboe. Amber Asylum's new album, Bitter River, is out now at the Profound Lore site (and coupled with the new Saros for a discount), but the band has dropped off a pair of tracks from their upcoming LP for download above.

With a rap sheet like that, you can bet that Amber Asylum's collaborators are busy with their other projects.

Giant Squid and Grayceon are hitting the eastern shores this August, and have lined up a date at Union Pool on August 12th with the mighty Hull (who recently dropped Sole Lord). Full tour dates are below. Giant Squid's new Matt Bayles (Minus The Bear, Mastodon) produced effort, The Ichthyologist, is out now independently. Pick it up through the band, and download one of those tracks above.

As we discussed back in November, Saros recently released their new album Acrid Plains via Profound Lore (get that here) and have a few dates lined up of the west coast including one with Yob (who released a new song and has a record coming). Full tour dates are below, download "Reversion" from Acrid Plains above.

Bastard Noise recently played No Fun Fest.

Jarboe is coming to Santos Party House on June 27th. Tickets are still available.

Tour dates for Saros and Giant Squid, as well as Amber Asylum and Giant Squid videos are below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Crowpath - "The Deed" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Crowpath - "One With Filth" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Crowpath - "Plague Bearer" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Graf Orlock - "Run Over By A Truck" (M4A)
DOWNLOAD: Cripple Bastards - "Sangue Chiama" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ocean - "The Beacon" (Excerpt) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ocean - "Of The Lesser" (Excerpt) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Kylesa - "Set Controls for The Heart Of The Sun" (MP3, Pink Floyd cover)
DOWNLOAD: Kylesa - "Between Silence & Sound" (Remix) (MP3)


Let us all give thanks to Crowpath. For it is on November 25th, that the Swedes will brutalize us at the highly chaotic crossroads of brutal grind, death, doom, and hardcore with their new album One with Filth. The eleven-track LP One With Filth is currently up for preorder with a shirt at Willowtip Records, but you can download THREE of those tracks above, including "The Deed" available only here!

How can it get any better? Maryland Deathfest have added Napalm Death, Venomous Concept, and Misery Index to the already STELLAR lineup which includes the mighty Bolt Thrower. Tickets for Maryland Deathfest are on sale.

As we discussed last week, the mighty Graf Orlock have a new record on the way, Destination Time Today. The third installment in their cinemagrind trilogy, da Graf have been (un)kind enough to hook us BV'ers up with the new jam "Run Over By A Truck", downloadable above!

Ocean (of Maine) drops their new record, the two-track Pantheon Of The Lesser on Important Records on 11/11... check out the pair of MP3 excerpts available for download above. Likey? Pick it up right cheah...

Trap Them's massive new album Seizures In Barren Praise and the domestic issue of Carpathian's Isolation is out NOW via Deathwish Records. Broke/cheap & want 'em both? Email BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM (subject: Trap Them) and win BOTH CDs or BOTH LPs! Include your first and last name, your preference in format (CD or LP)... winners will be selected at random and contacted. Meanwhile, get your listen on at Hardcore Night's Trap Them Listening Party "and Beer Chugging Contest" (awesome) at The Charleston on 11/13.. flyer is below. Trap Them also was interviewed by Crustcake and sat in at WNYU! Download it here (forward to the 27 min mark).

Italian me(n)tal pantients Cripple Bastards dropped their new grinder Variante Alla Morte on FETO Records (owned by Shane Embury and Mick Kenney). Check out "Sangue Chiama", one of the few tracks over 30 seconds long (hell, over 10 seconds long), available for download above!

Neurosis have announced a few new new bands for the Beyond The Pale event at Roadburn 2009 including Om, Six Organs Of Admitttance, Skullflower, and A Storm Of Light! Hmmm, Wino is at Roadburn with Saint Vitus, Scott Kelly of Neurosis is obviously there, and now Al Cisneros from Om is on board.... thats 3/4 of Shrinebuilder... we'll keep you posted for new additions as come up! As originally discussed in February, Scott "Wino" Weinrich has a new solo album in the works... but now it has a name and a date! Look for the new album, Punctuated Equilibrium on Jan 20th 2009, and check out the album art!

That album art plus details on the Amenra US tour, news on Mastodon, Jesu, Metallica, Giant Squid, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and so much more below...

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