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photos by Jessica Amaya

Memoryhouse @ Glasslands

Memoryhouse played Glasslands on June 10 as part of a short run of dates. The Brooklyn show was with High Highs, North Highlands and Wonder Bear. A belated set of pics from that show is in this post.

Sub Pop is re-releasing Memoryhouse's The Years EP on September 13 on CD and vinyl. The EP has been re-recorded, remixed, and remastered and features two new songs. One of the new songs, "Modern, Normal" is available for download below. The band says:

"Very proud to share a first glimpse at our inaugural release with Sub Pop. This of course, is the first physical pressing of Memoryhouse's first EP, The Years, but I tend to find the term "reissue" doesn't really capture just what this EP entails. We've re-recorded Sleep Patterns, Lately, and To the Lighthouse in a manner that is consistent with memoryhouse's noises and idiosyncrasies while broadening our sonic pallet, and cleaning things up so that the songs are, you know, listenable. I'm even more excited about the new additions, "Modern, Normal", and "Quiet America". Believe me, these weren't added just cuz, which is to say that this isn't like the cantina scene from the 90s Star Wars re-release where random CGI monsters are found to be co-mingling with muppets. No. This EP is still full-muppet, but will provide some insights as to where our music is heading on our RealD 3D debut. So if nothing else, take with you the understanding that re-imagining The Years was a thorough and well-considered process, one that should hopefully yield many listens as the clock inches ever closer towards our first L.P.
The song, more pictures and videos from the Glasslands show down there too...

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The masked UK Producer SBTRKT (pronounced 'subtract') is scheduled to play Camp Bisco (7/7) and a PS1 Warm Up event on July 9 with Four Tet, FaltyDL, Matthewdavid, and others. You don't need to head upstate or stand in the sun to see him though because he's also scheduled a Brooklyn show at Glasslands on July 6 with Shigeto and Mux Mool. Exactly what formation SBTRKT will take at the Brooklyn show (DJ, full band, some mix of both, etc) is still TBD, but Glasslands tickets are on sale now. Camp Bisco will be a DJ set and PS1 will be "live set w/guest vocalist". What does "live" look like? It looks like THIS.

His self titled debut LP comes out June 27 in the UK and June 28 in the US via XL's Young Turks imprint, and it's streaming now on Hype Machine. We posted the track "Wildfire" (feat. Little Dragon) earlier this month, which you can grab here. Drake has since remixed the track and contributed some of his own vocals to it. Check that out, along with album tracklist and all tour dates, below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Idiot Glee - Trouble at the Dancehall (MP3)

Idiot Glee
Idiot Glee

Idiot Glee, aka Lexington, KY resident James Friley, plays Glasslands tonight (6/15) with Holiday Shores, Seattle's Seapony and The House Floor. It's a record release party for Idiot Glee's debut album, Paddywhack, which came out last week on Moshi Moshi.

The album puts a variety of '60s pop and soul touchstones through a decidedly modern DIY filter. Says Drowned in Sound:

What's instantly charming about Paddywhack is its welcoming aspect as Friley's honesty and sincerity creates a warming romanticism. In amongst the 'Build Me Up Buttercup' type bass line and floating warble of spaced out synths, he croons: "If you say it right/I'll be right on time/Finally make my way to the pool/And we turn and dance all night." It all flows with the same passionate tone as Rufus Wainwright but whereas Rufus channels his emotion through sharp dynamic changes, Friley prefers to let his voice glide on, entering spectral realms. Admittedly, while all the reverbration works for the spiritual nature of the music, it sometimes doesn't work as well for Friley's voice.
Check out "Trouble at the Dancehall" at the top of this post. After tonight's show, Friley heads across the border for the NXNE Festival and then a couple Midwest U.S. dates.

Seapony also play shows at Bruar Falls and Pianos this week.

Holiday Shores, whose new album New Masses for Squaw Peak will be released by twosyllable records on Sep. 13, also plays three NYC shows this week. All dates, the video for new song "Threepeat Got Old", and a stream of the band covering Talking Heads song "Cities" are all below.

Full Idiot Glee tour itinerary, and a video for song "Let's Get Down Together," are also below.

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

DOWNLOAD: Little Dragon - "Nightlight (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Unknown Mortal Orchestra - "How Can U Luv Me" (MP3)

UMO @ Glasslands
Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra headlined Glasslands on 6/4. Headless Horseman, Balkans, and Fort Lean rounded out the rest of the bill. Despite some gear issues, UMO played an hour long set that concluded with "How Can U Luv Me" to a relatively full crowd. UMO is currrently prepping to release their self-titled debut on Fat Possum on 6/21. Stream three songs at the label site and download one above along with a remix the band did for Little Dragon.

The Glasslands show was one of two NYC dates for UMO, who played Webster Hall with their tour-mates Portugal The Man the night before. They'll return both venues in September while on tour with Toro Y Moi who headlines Webster Hall on 9/14. Ava Luna is also on the bill and tickets are still available. One day later, 9/15, UMO return to Glasslands for another headlining show. Tickets are on sale for that too.

UMO also has a bunch of dates scheduled with Yuck.. All dates and more pictures from Glasslands below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Natural Child - Hard Workin' Man (MP3)
DOWNLOADNatural Child - Yer Birthday (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Miracle Fortress - Miscalculations (MP3)

Domino Radio

Happy Summer everybody. Before we get into this week's recommended shows, I hope you've been spending the week, like I have, listening obsessively to Domino Radio which has put together an incredible all-star lineup of presenters for this seven-day experiment. All the shows are archived, so go back and listen to Felt/Denim mastermind Lawrence, Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie (who appears on the new CSS record), Mute Records founder (and former Silicon Teen) Daniel Miller, Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos spin tunes, among other notables. Upcoming DJ slots include Radiohead's Colin Greenwood on Friday, Robert Wyatt and Alfie are on Saturday, and The Pastels on Sunday. Here's hoping they bring it back at a later date.


Ok, let's get into what this weekend and beyond has in store. Austin powerhouse trio Ume's current tour hits the city this weekend for two shows: tonight (6/9) at Pianos and Saturday (6/11) at The Rock Shop. As previously reported, the band just signed to Modern Outsider records who will release their debut album, Phantoms, in August. Pretty much everybody here at BV are Ume fans. They write great songs and, yes, they are a bundle of energy on stage with some serious guitar heroics provided by singer Lauren Langer Larsen. After NYC the three of them head north to the NXNE festival. All Ume dates are at the bottom of this post.


Memoryhouse also roll into town this weekend. They play Glasslands on Friday (6/10) and Piano's on Saturday (6/11). Both shows are with dreamy acoustic trio High Highs who are worth getting there early to see.

As you may have heard the Toronto duo are now signed to Sub Pop and should have something out on the label by year's end. Memoryhouse is also now a full band, including a drummer, which make the likelihood of their music remaining Eno-ambient less likely. I'd probably have more of a clue if I'd caught their set at our SXSW party this year. Reports I could find from Austin were positive, though not especially descriptive. Anyone got a firsthand report? Personally I"m hoping this more traditional band format pulls them into Slowdive territory. We shall see.

Both shows have their individual draws. Glasslands also has personal faves North Highlands whose debut album is in the can, apparently, and now we just have to wait for someone to release it. They will definitely be the most energetic live band on the bill, unless all the other groups have radically changed. Well, I've never seen Wonder Bear live but judging by the chill sounds on their album Avalanche (a free download) but I have to imagine it will be a mellow affair.

Speaking of chill, you may remember the sweatbox that was Glasslands last summer, well with the new club's new makeover they also finally got A/C. Certainly the 90 degree heat of this week will be a good test for it's power.

Meanwhile the Pianos show on Saturday has Foxes in Fiction which is, on record, basically Warren Hildebrand who is now also a member of the Memoryhouse live touring unit. At SXSW he was backed by Memoryhouse so I'd expect the same here. Last year's Swung from Branches mixed soundscapes with more structured songwriting (he gets compared to Bradford Cox a lot) and his most recent FiF release, Alberto (download the whole thing for free HERE), finds him moving into even more pop territory. It's a packed Pianos bill, including Eastern Conference Champions and Suns (not Suuns).

Natural Child
Natural Child

Let's keep going, shall we? Nashville party rock trio Natural Child are here for a two-night stint at Death By Audio, playing Sunday (6/12) and Monday (6/13). The band's debut album is out now on JEFF the Brotherhood's Infinity Cat label which should give you a good idea of what you're in for. An even better indicator are the two tracks from it at the top of this post from the album. If you like Thin Lizzy, honky tonk side of the Stones and JEFF the Brotherhood, you'll probably dig Natural Child too. These shows are bound to be packed and sweaty (and smokey) so be prepared for that, as well as for having a good time.

Laetitia Sadier

On the opposite end of the spectrum is former Stereolab vocalist Laetitia Sadier who will be playing  Le Poisson Rouge on Monday (6/13) and The Rock Shop on Wednesday (6/15). Her solo debut, The Trip, came out last year on Drag City and was a lovely album. Not that far off from what she did with her band for the last 15 or so years, but it has it's own special charms as well.

Miracle Fortress
Miracle Fortress

And lastly this Tuesday (6/14) is a swell double bill of danceable Canadians at Webster Hall: Junior Boys and Miracle Fortress. Junior Boys' fourth album, It's All True, is out that same day on Domino and is another fine example of their lithe, breezy style. Miracle Fortress -- aka Graham Van Pelt of Think About Life -- just released its second album, Was I the Wave, which finds him setting aside the first LP's guitars in favor of electronics with a decidedly Eno-esque slant. You can download album track "Miscalculations" at the top of this post. It's a really nice record. When I caught him at SXSW, Van Pelt performed solo surrounded by tons of equipment and a few vintage table lamps. Not bad for a one man show.

That's it for this week. A few more day-by-day picks follow.


Looking for some quality indie rock newcomers? TWII-approved bands Radical Dads and Gross Relations are at Cake Shop tonight.

Did you know The Cloud Room was still together? They are and play Mercury Lounge tonight. Of course they're going to play local hit "Hey Now Now," no need to shout for it.

continued below...

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photos by Ryan Barkan, words by Andrew Frisciano

Dirty Beaches @ Mercury Lounge - 5/12/2011
Dirty Beaches

Dirty Beaches - solo performer Alex Zhang Hungtai - played an early show at Mercury Lounge on Thursday (before the John Vanderslice/Damien Jurado show). It was one of two that he has in NYC this week (the second being tonight, 5/13, at Glasslands). For the short set, Alex kept it simple: himself, his loops, a microphone and a guitar. Dressed in a leather jacket, white t-shirt and jeans, he has the retro greaser image down (even his mic looks like it was pulled it from an old dictaphone). At times he'd drop the mic to burst into riffs, though that (the guitar, played with a broken string the entire set) seemed to be mostly an afterthought. The essence of the performance was the moody production and his own theatricality. It struck a Lynchian tone in both the imagery of the lyrics (archetypical Americana) and the sound (which combines punks and kitsch; the sample of Francoise Hardy's "Voila" in "Lord Knows Best" sounds like it was pulled from a Twin Peaks jukebox). As a performer, he's enigmatic and entertaining because he's alone, with no one else to detract from the illusion.

Interestingly, for tonight's show at Glasslands, Alex will be performing with a band. As he writes on his blog...

As for the Glasslands show in Brooklyn, I will be joined by Philadelphia's Lantern as my back up band. They are good buddies of mine and both show will be dramatically different. If you wish to catch the usual DB material, come to mercury lounge. If you like DB and want to hear what I sound like when I jam with other people as a full band, this your chance.
Near the end of the set on Thursday, he covered the song "El Dorado" by the band Matress. Alex blogged about that group too...
Had the pleasure of finally meeting Rex tonight in Portland, AKA Mattress, AKA Reservations. Who was a huge influence on the conception of early Dirty Beaches back in 2006 after I saw him perform at Cagibi in Montreal all alone on a stage, crooning. Armed with tape machine back up tracks, pedals, and other machinery, he rocks the mic like a shadow dancer in the night. Incredible voice.
A video of that track, and more pictures from Mercury Lounge, below...

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Cocorosie @ MHOW in 2010 (more by Amanda Hatfield)

Brooklyn venue Glasslands have booked a pretty impressive list of upcoming shows this month and next. We've already mentioned last night's John Maus show, the John Maus show coming in June, tonight's Julliana Barwick/Helado Negro show, Adventure and Pat Jordache (5/14), Cymbals Eat Guitars (5/20), an acoustic show with Dum Dum Girls and Crocodiles (5/27), and Love Inks (6/2).

Most notably, in addition to those, CocoRosie play Glasslands on May 23. At the moment it is their only US show before heading to Europe for a July tour. Openers TBA. Tickets are on sale now.

Meanwhile, Princeton play Glasslands on Wednesday, May 11 with High Highs, New Villager, and Ivana XL, before they open for CSS and Sleigh Bells at Music Hall of Williamsburg (5/12) and Bowery Ballroom (5/15). Tickets are on sale now.

High Highs also play a show on May 19th with Acrylics and Junip at Bowery Ballroom, and they open for Memoryhouse at two NYC shows in June. All dates are listed below.

Xylos, McDonalds, Mansions & Junipers, and Flashlights are playing Glasslands on May 12. Tickets are on sale now.

Dirty Beaches @ Bowery Ballroom (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Dirty Beaches

Dirty Beaches plays Glasslands with Psychedelic Horseshit, Pterodactyl, and Beige on May 13 (tickets), a day after they play Mercury Lounge with Widowspeak (5/12). All tour dates, South Street Seaport included, are listed below.

White Mystery, who just released their sophomore full length Blood & Venom, play Glasslands on May 17 as the kick off to a 5-night NYC run that looks like this:

05/17/11 Glasslands Brooklyn, New York
05/18/11 Generation Records New York, New York
05/19/11 Public Assembly Brooklyn, New York
05/20/11 Death By Audio Brooklyn, New York
05/21/11 Brooklyn Fireproof Brooklyn, New York
Tickets for the Glasslands show are on sale now. All of their dates and a NYC show flyer, below.

My Teenage Stride play an early show at Glasslands on May 21 with Sea Lions, Beachniks, The Surprisers, and Plains. No advanced tickets for that one, or for the free show they're playing at South Street Seaport this summer.

French Horn Rebellion, who recently released Infinite Music Of French Horn Rebellion, are playing Glasslands on May 26 for their album release party. The show is being opened by Savoir Adore, who play Brooklyn Museum on 5/13 and the In Vino Wine Bar on June 26 (Tickets). Tickets for the Glasslands show are on sale now. French Horn Rebellion are on tour with Yelle now.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra, who are currently on tour with Portugal. The Man and Telekinesis play their own show at Glasslands on June 4, one day after they play Webster Hall with those bands. Unknown Mortal Orchestra are releasing their self titled debut on June 21 via Fat Possum. Hear three songs off the album on Fat Possum's website. Tickets are on sale now for the Brooklyn show with with Balkans + more TBA. Updated dates are below.

The Beets (maybe you saw them Saturday at Cake Shop) play Glasslands on June 24. Openers TBA. Tickets on sale now. Meanwhile they are out on tour.

Videos and dates below...

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John Maus at Glasslands - 5/9/11 (via Contrast and Compare)
John Maus

John Maus (not to be confused with the John Maus who just sadly passed away) played Glasslands last night (5/9) with Gary War, Holy Shit, DJ International Tapes, and DJ WEIRD MAGIC. It was one of just three dates that Maus had/has scheduled in middle May, the next being 5/13 in LA on Maus's home coast. How was Glasslands? Bill, who didn't really know anything about John going in, tweeted, "it was just him onstage with canned backing but it was 4real, unlike, say, How To Dress Well bs. Still, he played too long." A video from the show is below.

If you missed it, look for Maus when he returns to the same exact Brooklyn venue on the date of his new LP's release. We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves is out via Ribbon Music on June 28th.

The next Glasslands show is also part of a tour with Puro Instinct, and actually one of two new NYC dates: there's Glasslands on 6/28 with Geneva Jacuzzi (tickets) and also Mercury Lounge on 6/29 (tickets go on AmEx presale Wednesday at noon). All dates are listed below.

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, video by Bleary Eyed Brooklyn

Flock of Dimes - 5/7/2011
Flock of Dimes

To quote our own post previewing the show,

When Jenn Wasner isn't busy with her band Wye Oak, she makes music as Flock of Dimes. She makes her NYC debut under this name on Saturday night (5/7) at Glasslands with fellow Baltimorians White Life and Other Colors.
And it was in fact a Baltimore family affair at the Brooklyn venue on Saturday night with Jenn even joining White Life during their poppy and energetic set. To add to the family atmosphere, Jon and Emily Ehrens of White Life are siblings and their mother was rocking out in the audience.

Flock of Dimes was usuprisingly great despite throat problems Jenn was having (and the "herbal throat slime" she was forced to drink on stage). Her set included a soulful number she wrote with Aaliyah in mind (appropriately they played Aaliyah and TLC between sets at the club). A video one of one song from Jenn's set and more pictures from the Saturday night show, are below...

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photos by Brook Bobbins

Bass Drum of Death

Duo Bass Drum of Death released their debut, LP GB City, via Fat Possum on April 12th, 2011, and are on tour now in support of it. That tour brought them to NYC this weekend for two shows. They're opening for Crocodiles and The Fresh & Onlys tonight (4/23) at Music Hall, and last night they played their own show at Glasslands which is where these pictures are from.

UPDATE: Make that three shows. they also play at 1:30am Saturday night at Shea Stadium with Unknown Mortal Orchestra who play Pianos Sunday night.

More pictures, with all tour dates, below....

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photos by Dominick Mastrangelo, words by Rachel Kowal

Timber Timbrek

Though I can't comment on the first opener, Baby Alpaca, since I didn't get to see them play, the remaining artists on last Thursday night's bill at Glasslands were united by dark undertones and beautiful vocals - a winning combination in my book. I knew I recognized the name Angel Olsen, but it wasn't until I arrived at the venue that I suddenly remembered that she had been the beguiling chanteuse from Will Oldham's side project, The Babblers.

Stripped of Oldham and placed in front of a talkative crowd, Olsen may have lost a touch of luster, but her richly complex voice was no less arresting, and it was nice to see her in the spotlight. Though she often delves into a lower range, Olsen also shines when - with a charming warble in her voice - she suddenly jumps to a higher register. (Let's just say if I had a voice like that I'd never speak. Just sing.)

I can't say the crowd got much better when Snowblink played, but somehow, the duo managed to maintain their composure even when some kid near the front puked near the end of their set. "Yo, is this guy ok?" singer/keyboardist Daniela Gesundheit broke in, mid song. She and her partner continued to play at a hushed volume. "Ok. We've got a buddy down, so everyone send him some nice feelings," she gracefully said before beginning to sing again.

Fitting for a musical project that got its start in LA before relocating to Toronto, Snowblink's sound seems to be just as appropriate for candle-lit winter nights as it is for lazy summer lounging. Gesundheit's vocals are inherently sweet and innocent, and her interplay with soft-spoken guitarist/vocalist Dan Goldman is pretty charming, too. Highlights of the set included the sparse but no less catchy "Rut & Nuzzle" and a surprisingly good cover of the Dolly Parton hit, "Jolene," which featured especially strong vocals from Gesundheit.

By the time the delightfully sinister tones of Timber Timbre began to resonate through the room, the floor was fairly packed. (Luckily, the puke had been mopped up and the strong odor of cleaning products lingered to mark the spot.)

The majority of Timber Timbre's set consisted of material from their recently released album, the aptly named Creep On Creepin' On. Other orchestral indie folk groups like Lost in the Trees may be delving into similarly dark places through moody instrumentation and surprisingly grim lyrics, but Timber Timbre takes the macabre a step further, thanks to Taylor Kirk's distinctively chilling vocals.

Given the talent of the group and the uniqueness of their sound, it's surprising that their music hasn't caught on as much in the States as it has in say, Canada or Europe, but I suspect it's only a matter of time before they graduate from Glasslands.


Timber Timbre heads back out on tour in May and June. More pictures and their setlist from the Glasslands show, below...

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by Rachel Kowal

Gobble Gobble @ the renovated Glasslands - 4/8/11 (by Eric Rex)

I don't know if it's just solid booking (a la PopGun), or if it's just that SXSW has me recognizing more bands - whatever the case may be, Glasslands is on top of their game lately. (Craft Spells, Surf City, Timber Timbre, Grouper, Eternal Summers/Dream Diary, Free Energy, and Hunx/Grass Widow are just a few of the artists stopping by in April.) And after some renovations earlier this week, the venue is looking pretty good too. The stage occupies the same corner but now faces the door, so there's actually room to stand in front of the stage without having to worry about people constantly walking in front of you. The stage is also bigger and, according to the venue, the capacity of the club has increased. You can sort of see the difference in the picture from Friday night's Gobble Gobble show in the picture above.

I arrived to the show at Glasslands on Thursday, 4/7, just as the second opener, Young Magic, was wrapping up, but I managed to catch Oupa, the side project of Yuck guitarist/vocalist Daniel Blumberg (who also opened for Sebadoh and Richard Buckner at Bowery Ballroom Saturday night). It may have been the Porcelain Raft song "Dragonfly" (video below) that initially convinced me to head over to Glasslands, but it was Oupa's performance that I found to be the most compelling.

Long before he sheepishly confessed to being nervous, Blumberg's mannerisms and posture gave him away. He walked out without a word and carefully arranged a collection of hand-illustrated cassette tapes along the front of the stage. As curious onlookers filtered up to check out the goods, Blumberg began to play, his sound check sneakily morphing into his performance.

Though quite tall, Blumberg occupied minimal space on stage. He hunched down low over his keyboard, his unruly curly hair and loose-fitting denim button-up shirt doing much to obscure him from view, as if decreasing his surface area would also minimize his exposure to the crowd and keep him safe. Even the heavy reverb on his vocals seemed to be more than just an aesthetic choice. It provided yet another wall to hide behind.

But despite his obvious unease with being the only one in the spotlight, Blumberg played with a quiet confidence, and his beautiful, forlorn music perfectly matched his unassuming body language and enigmatic demeanor.

Though brief, I could have left satisfied after hearing just Oupa's set, but I was curious to see how Mauro Remiddi would craft his lush, multi-layered music in a live setting.

Porcelain Raft's music may not be particularly lively, but it did feature some pre-fab drum beats and bass, which was all the encouragement some needed to start dancing. (Compared to the set that preceded it, the music was downright festive after all.) Though the additional musical components succeeded in perking up the crowd and sound decent recorded, on stage, Remiddi seemed to be at his best when he peeled back the effects to reveal the more organic elements: the guitar, keyboard, and vocals.

Remiddi concluded his equally brief set with what is perhaps his most popular and immediately catchy song, "Tip of Your Tongue." You can watch the video for that song, and a whole bunch of videos from the Thursday show, below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

no bandana, no shirt either...
Wu Lyf

As MusicSnobbery points out...

"Making their U.S. debut last Friday was the much talked-out and mysterious band out of Manchester, UK, Wu Lyf (World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation). Half of the story is the incredible and evocative songs they've released or teased. With their epic, no-holds art rock and sense of grandeur, they defy comparison to any current band in the U.K. music scene. The other half is the fact that they buck convention by not releasing any information about themselves. They eschew interviews and the standard PR push that is endemic with new bands. Heck, I was chatting with the lead singer before the show and I didn't even know it until the Wise Blood guy pointed him out....

... Their music thrives on screwing with the complacent. Nothing is straight forward in songs like "Lucifer Calling," "Heavy Pop", "Spitting It Concrete Like The Golden Sun God" and "L Y F". The overall feeling is some sort of religious or spiritual upheaval, maybe purging of their demons. Every song has them screaming until their voices cracked.

My surprise is their set was a decent amount of time, a little under an hour....

....Seeing the band was like seeing the movie There Will Be Blood for the first time. I know it's a brilliant experience, but I can't exactly tell you why..."

My thoughts were very much the same after seeing the intense band perform at the BrooklynVegan-presented sold out show at Glasslands on Friday night (same night the Strokes played MSG, but Wu Lyf's 12:30am set time gave some people the chance to do both).

Wu Lyf also played another set at Shea Stadium on Saturday, again with opener Wise Blood who plays again with Zambri at Pianos tonight (4/5).

And Wise Blood was a whole different kind of entertaining as he rapped over live and electro beats, gave shotouts to people he recognized in the crowd, asked for coke and drunkenly climbed to the 2nd level thing in Glasslands and then jumped down (possibly breaking his foot, as he said under his breath before launching into his final song). You can see some of the action in the pictures, which continue below...

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Wu Lyf

IMPACT: So which new bands are you currently listening to?

The Drums: There's a band that played with us called io echo, they're really incredible, one of the best live shows I've seen for a long time. Also, there's a band called Wu Lyf. They're four kids out of Manchester and in order to go to their shows you have to wear a bandana over your face. They won't let you in otherwise. They only play in churches and are really mysterious.

BrooklynVegan & PopGun Booking are proud to present the NYC debut of Wu Lyf at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn on April 1st, 2011. Tickets are on sale now for what is the band's only currently scheduled North American date (don't worry, you don't need to wear a bandana to get in). Check out some videos below...

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After spending a day unsucessfully trying to get to America, UK band Yuck finally made it, though barely. Maybe they stopped at a hotel for a second, but I wouldn't be surprised if they actually just went straight from the airport, through the blizzard (their first-ever picture of NY), directly to Glasslands in Brooklyn where they arrived around 11pm much to the relief of anyone who recognized that afro walking through the packed crowd. My relief was mostly in that I didn't make the treacherous (but beautiful) trip out just for three local bands (no offense to Darlings & Total Slacker, and especially Fergus & Geronimo who all made it worth being there as well - I showed up early to catch the whole show).

By the time Yuck actually went on - around 12:30, I was tired and Yuck had to be too, but after a few shy Thank Yous (mostly to their label Fat Possum), Yuck dived into their 30 minute set which, a few technical issues aside, seemed mostly on point. Was it amazing enough to compete with the natural wonder that was going on outside - massive amounts of snow, lightning and thunder included? Not really, but, all things considered, it was a solid set of "warm and fuzzy indie rock" from the band who kicks off tour with The Smith Westerns on Friday. I'm looking forward to checking them out again under normal circumstances - maybe at SXSW or next time they return to NY.

Fergus & Geronimo play Cake Shop on Friday (to quote them, "weather permitting"). Three videos of Yuck from last night (thanks Adam), below...

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photos by Jessica Amaya


"If I didn't know any better, I'd say that Captured Tracks was releasing some lost tapes by a band called Minks from 1985 or so. By The Hedge sounds alternately dated and fresh at the same time. The singles released last year as a tease are included here as the New Order-ness is in full effect "Funeral Song," and "Ophelia,". While those tracks were impressive and really whet my appetite for the album, the greatest triumphs are new to By The Hedge" [The Big Takeover]
As This week In Indie pointed out, MINKS' debut album, By the Hedge, just came out" on Captured Tracks and the band celebrated on Friday, 1/21, at Glasslands with Big Troubles, Family Portrait and Widowspeak. Pictures and videos from that show are in this post. MINKS' next show is with Abe Vigoda and Wild Nothing at Bowery Ballroom in February.

And to quote Bill again, "if you haven't heard Big Troubles' debut, which came out early this year on Olde English Spelling Bee, I recommend you remedy that, especially if you have a fondness for early-'90s shoegaze. Big Troubles know their stuff, have digested it all and come up with their own appealing version." Big Troubles' next currently-advertised show is at Shea Stadium w/ Andrew Cedermark, Alex Bleeker & the Freaks, and White Laces on March 5th.

Jessica Amaya stopped by the show, mostly to check out new Captured Tracks signees Widowspeak, and she mentioned they "were pretty damn good". Her pictures and videos from the whole show, continue below...

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Smith Westerns

There was Cullen Omori -- in a shapeless sweater, possibly in need of a sandwich, hair swallowing his face -- holding his guitar tenderly onstage Tuesday night at the Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Behind him his band, Smith Westerns, was playing with a straight face, possibly a bit tentatively. All of the emotion fell to Mr. Omori, then, who was happy to be a ham, dreaming about love that won't ever end, holding notes until they decayed.

By now the setup is familiar: a bunch of young men -- boys, really -- playing sweet, slightly distorted classic melodies. Smith Westerns, from Chicago, does it better than most, in large part because it seems to aspire to something altogether different. Something sloppier. Something with sharp teeth. -[New York Times]

The Smith Westerns played a sold out show at Glasslands on 1/18 with Ducktails, Bass Drum Of Death and Sundelles. The band dropped their new LP Dye It Blonde via Fat Possum on the same day of the Brooklyn show, and are heading out on the road for a batch of tour dates in late January that will lead them to the West Coast. After that, look for The Smith Westerns to make their NYC return at Mercury Lounge on March 3rd. Tickets go on sale at noon.

Updated tour dates and some music below...

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photos by Harriet Roberts and Nikki Sneakers

Religious To Damn

Religious To Damn (mem Blacklist/Vaura/A Stom of Light) played their record release party at Glasslands on 1/13 in celebration of Glass Prayer, the band's new LP out via M'Lady's Records on February 8th. The LP features an appearance from Tamaryn who (despite a supposed last minute cancellation) joined the band on stage. Kevin Hufnagel (Dystrhythmia/Gorguts/Vaura) opened with a solo set on acoustic guitar after Charlie Schmid and his percussion ensemble 'I Sing The Body Electric' performed Steve Reich's 'Drumming'. There was burlesque from Anna Copa Cabanna, and records were played by Jonathan Toubin, Jeralyn Mason, and WIERD honcho Pieter Schoolwerth.

The Glasslands show was free, but unfortunately you will have to shell out a couple bucks to catch Religious to Damn at one of their next appearances: 2/6 at Glasslands with The Vacant Lots, Exit Music and ZaZa, on 2/23 at Union Pool with Man's Gin or on 3/25 at Cake Shop with Tog. Man's Gin also plays Mercury Lounge on 2/12 with Scott Kelly and Wino. Tickets are still available for that one.

Tamaryn will be back in NYC when she opens for the Raveonettes at Music Hall of Williamsburg on 4/20 (tickets are still on sale), and she'll be back even sooner to be part of this just announced February 19th event at MoMA PS1.

Saturday, February 19, 2011 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Saturday Sessions: Hosted by Lauren Devine and Patrik Sandberg featuring performances by Tamaryn, Mirror Mirror, and visuals by Thunder Horse Video

Lauren Devine and Patrik Sandberg present an audiovisual experience featuring performances by Tamaryn and Mirror Mirror, with an immersive visual landscape by installation crew Thunder Horse Video. The one-time-only collaborative event will produce a synthesized encounter with Tamaryn's colossal and dense sound and the natural landscape that inspired it, exaggerated to unnatural proportion within MoMA PS1's physical space. Mirror Mirror's lead-in performance, with costumes by Lauren Devine, will further feature a synchronized video by artists Robert Bittenbender and Casey Jane Ellison.

All Tamaryn dates, and more pictures from the Glasslands show, below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Nightlands - Suzerain (A Letter to the Judge) (MP3)


A solid local bill at Glasslands Thursday tonight (1/20), with Secretly Canadian artist Nightlands headlining. Nightlands is a new project from Dave Hartley of The War On Drugs, and this will be the project's first live show ever. The rest of the lineup is great too: dreamy poppers Tony Castles, former Ponytail man Dustin Wong and art punks Regal Degal.

Secretly Canadian released the Nightlands album, entitled, Forget the Mantra, in November. Check out the gorgeous choral arrangements on "Suzerian" at the top of this post, and check out the video premiere of "All the Way", which is the A-side of a soon-to-be-released 7-inch that will be available at shows, below...

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photos by Andrew St. Clair

DOWNLOAD: ARMS - Heat And Hot Water (Birds and Batteries remix) (MP3)


Grab another remix of "Heat and Hot Water" above. A set of pictures from the December 20th show at Glasslands continues below...

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Weekend (phogo by Marina Forte)

According to Bill, Weekend "pretty much destroyed Glasslands. If not the actual structure then the eardrums contained within. Wow." If you're confused, that's in reference to the show they played at Brooklyn venue Glasslands Gallery last night, 11/21, with their tour mates Young Prisms. Tonight they were scheduled to appear in MA, BUT they reportedly "just got into a pretty bad wreck in NYC - band members all ok but van is totaled - show in Boston tonight is canceled.... remains to be seen what the status is for the rest of their tour. will keep you posted." Damn that sucks. Remaining dates on the tour include Philly, CT, and 11/27 back in NYC at Cake Shop. Stay tuned for updates. UPDATE: The Boston show is back on. Weekend just hopped in Young Prism's van.

A video from the Glasslands show below...

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DOWNLOAD: Prince Rama - "Lightening Fossil" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Light Pollution - "Witchcraft" (MP3)

photos by Benjamin Lozovsky

Deakin @ Glasslands

"Just got back from it. Didn't stick around for the cowboys & indians dance party, though I probably should have. I was faced on mushrooms the whole night and felt like the place was being overrun by 16 year olds. Twice some dumb scantily-clad broads approached me to ask if I'd buy them drinks cos they were only "20". This was very different from the demographic I imagined Prince Rama and Deakin would be playing for.

Really bummed out about the arrest of Michael from Prince Rama, and the subsequent abridged setlist. But still they sounded really amazing, and Deakin's set was very cool. It's a shame most people there didn't seem to give much of a shit about the live music.

Can't believe I didn't stick around longer. What did I miss? But don't tell me a bunch of half naked 18 year old girls with face paint prancing around, beseeching older men to buy them drinks. Because I was there for that.

P.S. I was the awkward weirdo in the blue hoodie.
-dreamlight molecule

The show described above too place in Massachusetts on Tuesday. The show pictured in this post took place place at Glasslands on Monday (9/13), one night earlier. It was Deakin of Animal Collective's first NYC solo show with an assist from current tour/label mate Prince Rama, and Silk Flowers and Amen Dunes.

The trek continues for Prince Rama/Deakin, who play Montreal tonight and scoot across the west coast until the end of September. After that, Prince Rama will then link up with Light Pollution for another tour that kicks off in Chicago in early October before they both play NYC on 10/21 as part of the Carpark/Paw Tracks CMJ Showcase at Cake Shop. More details on that showcase TBA.

It's unclear why the guy from Prince Rama got arrested, but the above account makes at least three times I heard about it.

Prince Rama's new LP, Shadow Temple, is out now via Paw Tracks, dig on one track from the LP, "Lightening Fossil", downloadable above. Light Pollution's new LP, Apparitions, is out now also, and features "Witchcraft" available for download above.

Full tour dates and tons of pics from Glasslands are below...

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photos by Jessica Amaya, words by Rachel Kowal

Tennis @ Glasslands

Wednesday night's Underwater Peoples bill at the Cake Shop provided a welcome ray of sunshine to contrast the rainy, overcast days that characterized the first half of the week. The three artists of the evening kept their sets short and their sound swaggeringly upbeat. Though it seemed a bit odd choice to have Tennis play first, it was a nice change to see the room packed for the first band.

Tennis is primarily the musical project of married couple Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, but they were joined by a drummer. Unlike some husband/wife musicians (Handsome Furs, ahem), Riley and Moore don't look like they're about to start groping each other on stage. They exchanged just smiles and a chaste kiss on the cheek before the show. Alaina Moore has a surprisingly strong voice with the slightest hint of Southern twang to it though she and Riley currently reside in Colorado. The crowd at most shows builds with each additional act, but for Wednesday night, the trajectory for the evening was a bit unique. The room seemed to be the most crowded for Tennis - not a bad feat for a band making its very first appearance in the city.

Next up was Family Portrait. The crowd thinned noticeably as soon as Tennis had finished playing, but a number of people filtered back in after taking a brief respite from the sweltering basement room. Family Portrait played a brief set of dreamy, woozy, beach music that easily transitioned into the music of its musical cousin Ducktails, which also features a member of the Jersey-based lo-fi band Real Estate.

Ducktails is primarily the solo project of Matt Mondanile, but three other musicians joined him to help create a fuller sound. Before they began to play, Matt leaned into the microphone to address the sound guy. As he spoke, it quickly became apparent that there was enough reverb in his voice to render it almost indecipherable, but the effect nicely complimented the music's hazy, swirling melodies. Given the blissful undertones of the music and the name of the project, it was hard not to feel a wave of nostalgia (even though the TV show is technically spelled differently).

In keeping with the flow of the evening, Ducktails played a short set - just eight songs in all and no encore, but spirits were high and at least a few people in the modestly sized crowd heeded Mondanile's prompt to "shake around and dance a little bit."


Tennis played their 2nd NYC show the next night, Thursday, at Glasslands. Family Portrait was again on the bill, as was Magic Bullets and COOLRUNNINGS. At least two people I talked to went for Tennis and walked away a fan of Magic Bullets (who one more NYC show on Saturday). More pictures from the Glasslands show and some videos, below...

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photos by Erez Avissar

Gatekeeper / Games

Games celebrated the release of their new 7", Everything Is Working (out now via Hippos In Tanks) with a release show at Glasslands on 8/19 alongside Gatekeeper, D'eon, Blissed Out, and DJ sets from DJ Keshia Kole. Pics from the show are below.

Games is made up of Oneohtrix Point Never's Daniel Lopatin and Joel Ford of Tiger City, and Oneohtrix Point Never has a bunch of tour dates on the way, including Friday (8/27) at Coco66 with James Ferraro, Arp, Future Shuttle, and a DJ set from Blondes. The show will double as a record release show for Arp, who is celebrating the release of their new LP, The Soft Wave, due via Smalltown Supersound on 9/2.

Games recently dropped a video to "Planetparty" which is below with all date and more pics....

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