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"titus andronicus last night at glasslands was pretty special. and sweaty. a pretty sweaty special." - Ward

Titus Andronicus

"For starters, [Titus Andronicus] looked like drowned rats by the time they hit "Arms Against Atrophy," just four songs in. At previous shows I was never sure whether or not Glasslands had air conditioning, but Glasslands definitely does not have air conditioning. Between Titus' cult following forming their requisite mosh pit up front and being in such a small venue for a band playing Webster Hall next month, the heat in that place was inescapable last night. Suffocating, almost. Everyone was very, very wet. The show, partly because of the heat I imagine, and partly because the cause, took on "an intimate show among friends with songs that haven't been played in a while" feel. They had to slow things down every so often, or they probably would have died. And so the calmer moments on songs like "No Future, Pt. 1" were even quieter; the silent pause before "No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future" turns noisy was even more dramatic; the outro to "Four Score and Seven" extended into an ethereal ambiance, and "And Ever" was like a modern-day "Piano Man." To make up for it, the louder material was more urgent, more epic." [L Magazine]
Check out the you'll-wish-you-were-there-hot-or-not video from the show below.

Check out Titus Andronicus again tonight at Maxwell's (if you have a ticket because it's sold out) where they kick off their tour with Free Energy. If you don't have a ticket, you can still get one for the September 25th show at Webster Hall where Free Energy is also opening (they kept that part a secret at first).

Updated dates below...

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photos by Erez Avissar

DOWNLOAD: How To Dress Well - "Decisions" (MP3)

How to Dress Well
How To Dress Well

For a half hour before Tom Krell went onstage at Glasslands Gallery in the early hours of Saturday morning, associates were setting up a white backdrop on which videos would be displayed during his set. All the while, Mr. Krell's beloved 1990s R&B, from which he draws so much inspiration - Shai, Keith Sweat and so on - played over the room's speakers.

It was the last time those sounds went unmolested. In his soothing and haunting music Mr. Krell, who records under the name How to Dress Well, takes that music as inspiration (and sometimes as sample source) and stretches it, chops it, squeezes it dry of context. Rather than swing, Mr. Krell's music crawls. As a singer, some of his inflections are borrowed from his idols, but his voice is purposefully alien, like Antony Hegarty singing at the bottom of a coal mine...

It was less a concert than an indulgent lark, or a total miscalculation. Taken as a whole, Mr. Krell's catalog is absorbing, dreamlike and jagged at just the right moments. Onstage, though, the songs virtually evaporated in real time, with diminishing returns. Appropriately, it marked Mr. Krell as someone who'd clearly given more thought to the music that preceded him than to his own. -[NY Times]

How To Dress Well headlined Glasslands on Friday 8/13, his first ever US show, with support from The Golden Filter, Glasser and SOARS. Erez unfortunately missed the two openers (one of whom will be touring with Gayngs soon), but snaps of The Golden Filter and How To Dress Well await below.

In other How To Dress Well news, Tom Krell recently dropped a new song for streaming at Pitchfork ("Decisions", above) and video for his new track "Lover's Start". Both are from his forthcoming debut Love Remains, due September 21 via Lefse. That video and a ton of other pics from Glasslands below.

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photos by Lori Baily

Zola Jesus

"Equally enamored of darkly seductive vocalists like P.J. Harvey and Siouxsie Sioux and caustic, lo-fi production, Nika Roza Danilova stands alone on the modern musical landscape as Zola Jesus. Her records are both melodic and experimental as the classically trained former opera singer attempts to reconcile her disparate--and in some ways, opposing--influences: her affinity for '80s niche genres like power electronics and minimal synth, as well as mainstream pop singles. Danilova not only stumbles onto some bizarre points of intersection but manages a unique coherence on her debut LP, The Spoils, and recently released EP, Stridulum. Hard as it might be to believe given such artistic maturity, Danilova is still a 21-year-old student enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison." [Minneapolis City Pages]
Sacred Bones Records brought Amen Dunes, Nice Face, Effi Briest and their current star, Zola Jesus, to Glasslands in Brooklyn on Saturday night (June 19th). Zola Jesus had just been in Toronto and will be back in NYC in July. More pictures from the Glasslands show below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

The Blow @ Great Scott in Boston
The Blow

The Blow, recent NYC transplant Khaela Maricich's one-woman pop band, wrapped up a two-week stretch of tour dates with a sold out (and awesome) show at Glasslands in Brooklyn on Thursday (5/13). Also on the bill were Acrylics and Julianna Barwick (who played the National's High Violet Annex one night earlier).

Khaela performed songs that'll presumably end up on her forthcoming EP, which is due later this year. There's video of a new song and the Poor Aim: Love Songs tune "Come on Petunia" (which borrows a chorus from the Police's "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic") posted below...

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photos by Bryan Bruchman

The Acrylics

Spinner: You had an EP out in October, produced by Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor. How did you team up with him?

Acrylics: Chris Taylor saw us play some shows, and we had some friends in common. He asked us to record initially one track that was going to be on a split 7-inch, and we got into it and recorded an EP. We had about a week to do it. We were in his church studio, which is a beautiful place to record. We had fun. We had been working on a whole record prior to that, and we're still working on that record, slowly. So it was fun that he gave us the opportunity.

Below you'll find:

...which ended up being a big fail....


You have won a chance to be part of an extraordinary MGMT event. The MGMTmobile will be visiting 6 cities, and we are challenging YOU to come find it

We will reveal clues to the location 1 hour prior to arrival. The first 6 people to this location will be part of a very special MGMT experience. Be sure to stay tuned as we reveal each city below. [Where is MGMT?]

This show "event" starts at 5pm?

This is NOT a show. My guess: they're going to play the record for people that get there in time.
UPDATE 2: And it's not even for that many people. The first people that got there went into a van I think.
UPDATE 3: The first few people that got there were loaded in a van. The rest saw "MGMT Was Here" written in on the sidewalk and were GIVEN A BUTTON!

Sorry I ever even posted about this. :-( -- Lame stunt.

DOWNLOAD: Salem - Frost (MP3)

photos by Erez Avissar


On a series of breathy, claustrophobic EPs and singles beginning in 2008, Salem-- the trio of John Holland, Heather Marlatt and Jack Donoghue -- has been honing an oozy, cold style; a pastiche of several strains of pessimistic music: there are hints of noise-rock and shoegaze, as well as the stamp of the Houston rap pioneer D.J. Screw, who slowed records down until they became gummy and desperate.

It's not fun, this sound. And onstage it was even hazier. All three members took turns out front. Mr. Holland, who never took off his ski cap, sang, gripping the microphone hard, with hands heavy with rings. Ms. Marlatt -- who has a sweet voice, very well hidden -- was smoking while she played her keyboard, and smoking when she sang. (But hey, so were people in the crowd.)

She helps enliven "Redlights," one of Salem's best songs, which on Tuesday night was like M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" as heard through thick earmuffs, all low end and distortion but maintaining the hypnotic cyclicality of the beat. [NY Times]

The above review is from the group's show at Glasslands on January 5th, which is also the source of the pictures here. Salem will be releasing their first full length album later this year on IAMSOUND Records. More details will be announced later. More pictures from the Brooklyn show below...

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DOWNLOAD: Salem - Frost (MP3)


"If we wanted to, we could go on about how this is a perfectly timed reaction to all the beach jams released this summer, but we know it's not like that. No, it's just Salem pumping out another ultra-creepy windswept song, no matter what the temperature, only this time they've added some complexity to the drum programming, unscrewed the vocals and turned the whole thing into a battle between lush misery and the kind of marching band drum machine claps we expect from Mannie Fresh. We're more or less watching this band go from good to really awesome, and that's a good situation to be in. "Frost" is the a-side from Salem's 7-inch release with Audraglint." [Fader]
Salem, the dark electro trio of John Holland, Heather Marlatt and Jack Donoghue, play a show at Glasslands in Brooklyn tonight (1/5) with synthy Gatekeeper. DJs play "new+classic-dark-electro-synthpop hits". Tickets are available at the door.

As far as we can tell, Salem only has a handful of releases to their name. Recently they released a single for the track "Frost/Legend" on Audraglint. The video for the "Legend" is below; "Frost" and more are streaming on their MySpace. Salem split a 7" with Tanlines as the December pick for the Fader/SoCo single series. That's streaming.

Flyer and videos are below...

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DOWNLOAD: DJ Ayres & DJ Eleven - Glamourous Life 3 (mix) (MP3)

Will Smith

There's no single New Year's Eve option that is like OMG this year, but the amount of options does keep increasing. We've learned about a bunch more events since our first roundup, and many of them were then covered in subsequent posts. Here are even more....

One potentially really good one is happening at the Old American Can Factory with The Rub. Built by MeanRed hosts . Tickets are on sale. Grab a new free mix from the The Rub's DJ Ayres and Eleven above. Flyer for the event below.

The Rub sometimes play Southpaw on New Years Eve, but that Brooklyn venue hosts two separate shows this year instead (Felice Brothers is sold out, but tickets still available for Dean & Britta).

If you have a lot of money to burn, Standard Hotel's Boom Boom Room is selling $250 to $750 tickets for a night that features a performance by Courtney Love (of Facebook fail fame). Get your spot here. A flyer, just to show it's not too good to be true (that is if she shows up), below.

Public Assembly is hosting a party with DJs from The Ohio Party. Tickets (with open bar and not) are on sale.

Team Robespierre headlines Bruar Falls. Full lineup below.

92YTribeca has a party too with "music, comedy, visual and conceptual art." A lengthy list of those involved is below. Tickets are on sale.

Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids and Scott Durday of the Soundmen are playing a party in NoHo. Flyer below.

Union Hall hosts Project Jenny Project Jan and DJs. Tickets are on sale. Its sister venue The Bell House has Obits and Eli Reed.

Glasslands promises an "extravaganza" with locals Golden Triangle and Electric Tickle Machine.

And remember, Gogol Bordello play pre-NYE shows December 27th-29th at Webster Hall (they're in Charlottesville, VA, for NYE itself). Tickets are still on sale.

Tickets are also on sale for the previously-mentioned Europa Trouble & Bass bash, with DJs "AC Slater/B. Rich/Udachi/The Captain(T&B)/Stareyes(T&B)/Jubilee/VDRK/Bradley D." Flyer below

One stay-at-home option includes watching the Times Square "action" via the live feed while browsing the Brooklyn Vegan archives. The embedded Times Square feed, event flyers and two Will Smith-related videos are below...

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DOWNLOAD: Liturgy - Ecstatic Rite (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: House of Ladosha - Burning Like Paris (MP3)

photos by Lori Baily

Liturgy @ Glasslands

Friday | October 16
Brooklyn Playlist | A Special Concert Featuring Bands from the County of Kings
With Dirty Projectors, House of Ladosha, Jubilee, and Liturgy.
Curated by the New Yorker staff writers Sasha Frere-Jones and Kelefa Sanneh.
8 P.M. The Bell House ($25)

Tickets to all events may be purchased starting at 12 noon E.T. on September 18th, at newyorker.com/festival or by calling 800-440-6974.

That's the complete,info on the previously-mentioned New Yorker Fest show which is not to be confused with the other four NYC shows that Dirty Projectors have coming up before 2010 (2 are at Bowery & 2 at MHOW). It's a diverse lineup...

House of Ladosha

Liturgy played with Larkin Grimm, Extra Life, and Zs at Glasslands on September 3rd. The rest of the Liturgy pictures from that show are below...

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photos by Lori Baily, words by Andrew Frisicano

Zs clapping

On September 3rd, Glasslands hosted an eclectic lineup of Larkin Grimm, Extra Life, Zs and Liturgy. If you missed it, there are plenty of opportunities to see every band on the bill again. For instance, Liturgy is playing both The New Yorker Festival at The Bell House, and a Halloween show at Market Hotel.

Zs' Sam Hillmer is co-curating Death By Audio's The Maze, which takes place through October 2nd, with Zs performing that last night. The inaugural gig for the space will be a show on September 10th with Skeletons Big Band, who are currently doing 3 nights at Roulette. That group's expanded lineup shares some members with Sam Mickens' Ecstatic Showband & Revue. Mickens (of The Dead Science) & Co. are playing the Cake Shop on Wednesday, September 16th with Wildbirds & Peacedrums (who are playing NYC with Deerhoof and Fanfarlo that same week), Katie Eastburn, and Charlie Looker (of Extra Life who also plays in the Revue).

Extra Life has their own shows at both Death By Audio (on September 12th) and Cake Shop (on November 5th) as well as one at Alphabet City spot Drom on October 9th.

More pictures from Glasslands and dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Yacht - Psychic City (Voodoo City) (MP3)


Yacht do not have shows coming up at Radio City or Music Hall, but they are playing Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn tonight (9/4) before playing some dates with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in non-NY locations. Doors are at 8:30 and it's $10 to get in. Eamon Harkin will be DJing and YACHT perform at 10:30pm.

After Yacht, no reason to leave Glasslands (except maybe to the street before being let back in). There's a Flashing Lights party happening afterwards at the same venue:

Friday September 4th 12:00am
Mean Red + Good Peoples present FLASHING LIGHTS
Flyer below.

Yacht's new album See Mystery Lights was released by DFA in July. An MP3 from that is above. Two videos, along with all tour dates, are also below...

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AngelTwo not-shows in one day. First Bowery listed Pissed Jeans at Mercury Lounge (not happening), and now I've found out that (Angel) Deradoorian is no longer playing Glasslands on August 27th. She canceled, though they say she'll make it up by playing the venue in November. Effie Briest and Tony Castles are still on the August show though, and Free Blood and Mahogany have also since been added which makes it a pretty solid bill all around.

Tickets are on AmEx presale (@ noon) for the Dirty Projectors shows happening at Bowery Ballroom and Music Hall of Williamsburg in November. General sale starts Friday at noon.

DOWNLOAD: Sean Bones - Easy Street (MP3)

Sean Bones

Rings, the debut LP of Sean Bones, the stagename of Sean Sullivan, the guitarist for Sam Champion, is out now on Frenchkiss Records. Check out a track from that above, as well as a video for Bones' song "Dancehall" below.

Glasslands is hosting a CD release show for the album tonight (July 22nd) with a bill that includes Bones, Kuroma and Hesta Prynn. If you're reading this from 10am-12pm EST, you can also catch Sean now on East Village Radio.

Sean Bones will also be playing with The xx, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and Free Energy at the Mercury Lounge on August 7th. Tickets for that are on sale now.

All tour dates, a video and a flyer for the Glasslands show, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Those Darlins - Red Light Love (MP3)

Titus Andronicus @ Bowery Ballroom (more by Leia Jospe)
Titus Andronicus

Titus Andronicus
will be playing the Colt 45/Vice Magazine party at Glasslands on Thursday, July 9th (tonight). The band's MySpace reveals that The So-So Glos will also be appearing (though the show flyer, below, only lists a "special guest"). The show is free with RSVP, though there's limited capacity.

The So So Glos are also playing a show on Friday, July 10th at Southpaw with Those Darlins who play a show with Heavy Trash and Shilpa Ray at Mercury Lounge tonight. All dates below.

Titus is also scheduled to play July 10th with Real Estate at the first of the Whitney Museum's four July rock shows. That's still happening -- the concert is free with admittance to the museum which is free from 6-9pm on Fridays - so it's a free show, but first come, first served.

The MySpace schedule for Real Estate, who just played in Brooklyn on July 4th, lists an additional NYC date for San Francisco's Fresh & Onlys. That show, the Mexican Summer/Insound party at Cameo Gallery on July 16th, can be added is not actually part of the Fresh & Onlys extensive upcoming schedule. The show is happening, but the Fresh & Onlys aren't playing it. Actually on the bill are Woods and Golden Triangle.

Or you can catch Woods and Real Estate a day prior (July 15th), when they play Wavves' first post-European-tour-cancellation show at the Bowery Ballroom.

A flyer for the Glasslands show, with all tour dates, below...

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Thee Oh Sees @ 979 Broadway Backyard (more by Tim Griffin)
Thee Oh Sees

San Francisco pals Thee Oh Sees and The Fresh & Onlys, who both made an appearance at the Woodsist/CT Fest on July 4th, are touring this fall. Their tour dates include NYC shows at the Bell House on Friday, October 9th and a Mercury Lounge show the day before on Thursday, October 8th. Tickets to the Mercury Lounge show are now on AmEx presale. General sale starts Friday, July 10th at noon. No Bell House tix yet.

Thee Oh Sees' next NYC appearance will be on Saturday, July 18th when they play as part of the free Siren Festival in Coney Island. To be more exact, they'll be playing on The Stillwell Stage at 3:30 PM. Siren's set times were just announced. Check them out below.

In addition to the July 4th show, Thee Oh Sees also played a July 2nd gig at Glasslands....

John Dwyer...pulled some serious rock moves [July 2nd] during a short and sweaty Oh Sees set: chomped microphones, climbed stacks, cut his knee open, and smashed the fuck out of that lovely green flood light with the headstock of his guitar.

But before all this happened, me and about twenty other people got approached by some circling van cops and told to produce IDs. Never a good sign, right? We all got summonses for "blocking the bike lane" outside Glasslands! I don't know about anyone else, but in my case, unless that bike lane is on the sidewalk thirty feet away from the venue entrance, that's bullshit. Damned quotas... they smelled blood when they saw a congregation gathered on an otherwise empty stretch of Kent and cruised down looking to bust people. They got someone for open container early, but the rest was just crap.

Worst of all, the cops tried to make it sound like it was the people using the bike lane that complained about the crowd, but no one was in the street until the NYPD showed up and started taking peoples' IDs!" [Chief]

MGMT played Glasslands on July 4th. A video from Thee Oh Sees' Woodsist Fest set, and all Siren set times, below...

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That's the rumor (11pm).

photos by Ossip Kaehr

Miho Hatori

Miho by Miho Hatori :
brings you : NEW OPTIMISM with Sound
music squad : Shoko Nagai (keys), Timo Ellis (Bass)
dance squad : Nabe, Ravi Davis, Samer Ghadry
video squad : Prema Murthy
That's how Miho was billed at the Northside Festival show at Glasslands on Thursday (6/11). How did it sound? The pictures in this post are how it looked.

The Brooklyn show was one day before Miho (who by the way is also on the list of people that Thomas Bartlett sometimes plays with) played a Tonic-curated show at the Stone.

Tonight (6/16) you can catch Miho one more time, at what appears to be a DJ gig, at Le Poisson Rouge.

"Nat Geo Music is a free gallery bar party that features modern music from around the globe provided by DJ's from Nat Geo Music, Green Owl Records, & the one and only Miho Hatori."
More pictures from Glasslands, and a video, below...

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Kylesa @ Irving Plaza earlier in May (more by Chris La Putt)

tonight in NYC
* Diane Cluck @ Sycamore
* Forro in the Dark @ SOBs
* Dub Is a Weapon @ Zebulon
* Mountain Jam in Hunter, NY
* I Was A King @ Permanent Records
* The Hood Internet @ The Bell House
* Tortoise, Bird Show @ The Bell House
* Ravens & Chimes, Mia Riddle @ Joe's Pub
* KRS One, Kool Herc @ Santos Party House
* New York Ukulele Festival @ Baruch College
* Carlos Giffoni/Okkyung Lee @ Issue Project Room
* David Amram @ Brooklyn Conservatory Concert Hall
* Pelle Carlberg, The Drums, Las Palabras @ Union Hall
* X, Steve Soto & The Twisted Hearts @ Bowery Ballroom
* They Might Be Giants, Mixel Pixel @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
* Secret Chiefs 3, Kayo Dot @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* Moderat (Modeselektor + Apparat) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* Black Star, 88 Keys, Black Violin @ Nokia Theatre Times Square
* Kylesa, Stinking Lizaveta, Unearthly Trance, Darsombra @ Cake Shop
* Screaming Females, Shellshag, Pregnant, Mimi & Christian @ Maxwell's
* Rural Alberta Advantage, I Was A King, Elevator Fight @ Mercury Lounge
* Todd Barry, Eugene Mirman, Matthew Caws (Nada Surf) @ Highline Ballroom
* Roosevelt Live w/ Alex Battles and the Whiskey Rebellion @ Roosevelt Island
* J.A.C.K., Coin Under Tongue, Kill Kill Kill, Plowing Mud Forever @ The Cameo
* Willie Mae-Ra-Thon w/ Pterodactyl, Grass Widow, Taigaa!, Querent @ Bruar Falls
* Earth Crisis, Crown of Thornz, Indecision, Killing Time, Bold, many more @ Studio B
* Little Wings with Kath Bloom, Bow Ribbons, Little Gold, Stallion Juice @ Monster Island

1990s were supposed to play Southpaw tonight.

Tickets are on sale for some special Steely Dan shows at the Beacon Theater.

Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Walter Becker and Donald Fagen have announced that STEELY DAN will bring their 2009 U.S. Tour to the Beacon Theatre for four nights of special setlist engagements.
The first three performances will be "Classic Album (Plus)" Nights where three landmark albums will be performed in their entirety along with selected additional favorites each night.
July 28 - Aja
July 29 - Gaucho
July 31 - The Royal Scam
The fourth night is an Internet Request Night where the setlist will be determined by internet votes from ticket-holders for the show.
August 1 - "Takin' It to the Seats"
Tickets are also now on sale for a similar type of Cult show at Terminal 5.

Mos Def and Talib Kweli perform as Black Star tonight for two sets at the Nokia Theatre Times Square.

Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman, who have a show coming up together at Housing Works, are performing a very short set together tonight at the Highline Ballroom show.

No Fun Fest curator Carlos Giffoni unwinds from the three day fest with a set at the Issue Project Room, performing with cellist Okkyung Lee.

WAVVES freaked out.

There's an afternoon BBQ at Monster Island today, which segues into "the final Animal Train party ever at Glasslands."


Paul Metzger, Elaine Evans, Colin Langenus and Marc Orleans, Perfect Weiners and Butts, Amen Dunes, Kyle Swick, Chef Kyle Hepp


DJ jon spencer, DJ Jonathon Toubin, GoGO dancing, Preacher and the Knife, Try Cry Try, Secret Project Robot A/V, Live With Animals Circus Set

New York composer/multi-instumentatlist/raconteur/institution David Amram plays tonight and Sunday at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music Concert Hall. Part of tonight's program celebrates Amram's ties to Jack Kerouac (which include appearing in and scoring the '59 Beat film Pull My Daisy) with "Readings from On the Road: John Ventimigilia of "the Sopranos" reading the poetry of Jack Kerouac with Amram's music." Pull My Daisy, and Amram discussing the film, below...

What else?

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photos by Lori Baily

These Are Powers

These are Powers and Pterodactyl played a free show at Glasslands last week. This is what it looked like...

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Colt 45

Thurs 5/21
@ Glasslands (289 Kent Ave)
9 PM - 2 AM --- 21+ FREE with RSVP
Bands are Pterodactyl, These are Powers and Psychedelic Horseshit who played Union Pool last night. Set times below...

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Kaki King @ BAM 2/7/09 (more by Natasha Ryan)
Kaki King

Steven Patrick Morrissey is turning 50 on May 22nd. Morrissey himself will be celebrating with a concert in his hometown of Manchester.

Others will be celebrating, that same night, right here in Brooklyn at Glasslands Gallery where Kaki King will play a "special set" at a Morrissey birthday celebration. Beta Beta, the Bodgea Girls and the Stationary Set are also on the bill. Flyer below.

This summer, King will be at Bonnaroo on June 12th and Northern California's music & yoga festival, Wanderlust, on Saturday, July 25th. The lineup for that fest includes Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Jenny Lewis, Amanda Palmer, Spoon, Broken Social Scene...and many more big "indie" names. The festival also offers yoga sessions with a full schedule of guest yogis. Both music+yoga tickets and music-only tickets go on sale Tuesday, May 12th.

Kaki King's newest record is her Mexican Teenagers EP, released March 30th by Cooking Vinyl.

Full details of both Morrissey's b-day and Wanderlust Festival, with posters, and Kaki King dates, below...

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Teengirl Fantasy (photo by josh sisk)
Teengirl Fantasy

You don't hear too much from Celebration lately. Well, not totally true. The Baltimore band, known for being tight with Brooklyn's TV on the Radio, are credited as collborators on the new Holly Miranda album that was co-produced by TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek. And this Saturday night, February 21st, Celebration plays a Brooklyn show at Glasslands - the very venue members of TV on the Radio have turned up to play with their side projects in the last few weeks. TV on the Radio also have a NYC show coming up. Holly Miranda has a couple too.

Sound Fix Records, the venue, is not long for this world. Upcoming free shows there include a Friday night (tonight) performance by The Forms, and a Saturday one by Howlies. Tonight's Forms show, presented by Guilt by Association, also doubles as a Sound Fix benefit show, so look for the tip jar as its being passed around. Howlies' record "Trippin With Howlies" is out now. That is the occasion they'll be celebrating when they come back to town to play Death By Audio on February 26th.

Telepathe have been added to the Ladytron and Faint tour in April. That means they'll be playing Webster Hall on the 10th and 11th of that month. No need to wait that long though. In addition to some shows at SXSW in March, you can catch Telepathe twice in NYC this weekend, courtesy of Todd P. Tonight, February 20th, the show is at Market Hotel with These Are Powers, Teengirl Fantay, Soft Circle and Katie Eastburn. Saturday they play with Teengirl Fantasy, Hawnay Troof, and Silk Flowers at 92Y Tribeca. Todd P says...

Especially excited about the 2 shows this weekend featuring TEENGIRL FANTASY from Oberlin, Ohio. Teengirl Fantasy, aka Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss, are two young guys currently attending Oberlin College, together they make drum machine and sampler heavy dance music that steals as much from the underground noise scene as it does from the dance world. Teengirl Fantasy smash those influences to make transcendently catchy adrenaline anthems that get everyone dancing.
Teengirl Fantasy remixed one of Telepathe's songs. Listen to it in the video below...

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FMV photos by Jacob Blickenstaff


Fake Male Voice @ Glasslands
Fake Male Voice

Last time we talked about Kyp Malone performing, it was with TV on the Radio on Saturday Night Live and the Colbert Report. Before that it it was with Iran in regards to their upcoming show at Mercury Lounge with Handsome Furs which sold right out.

This time it's about two shows anybody should have no trouble getting into. The first...

Saturday Feb 14th 8:00pm $8
GlassLands Valentines Party: Live Music and Food! Presented by Kyp Malone
Performances by: The Wild Yaks, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, The 100 and the hands, Rain Machine (Kyp Malone) will open the show with a short set. DJ Megan Offner
All food made by chef Christine Buckley
The second is Sunday night, February 15th, at Death By Audio. It's Iran's record release party. Dissolver is out (physically) on February 17th via Narnack Records. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is also on that bill, as are The Fakers and Pure Horsehair. Iran are also playing SXSW. TV on the Radio are also playing Coachella and Bonnaroo.

Kyp's TVOTR bandmate Tunde performed as Fake Male Voice at Glasslands a few days ago with True Primes. More pictures from that show below...

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Garotas Suecas

Self described as "soulful jazzy motherfunkas & a motherfunkette" from São Paulo, Brazil, the band Garotas Suecas are currently visiting our country. You can catch them tonight, Saturday January 17th, at Glasslands Gallery (New York Night Train party), and then again this Friday January 23rd at Death By Audio with Golden Triangle, Tall Firs, and Metal Mountains. GS also play The Bugjar in Rochester, and then Vassar College this upcoming week before returning to Brazil. You may have also recently caught them at Cake Shop and/or Zebulon.

Friday's flyer, a video and all dates below...

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