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Goodbye Blue Monday is one of the many Brooklyn venues that closed in 2014. Brooklyn Magazine notes that GBM is selling off everything in the venue this week:

GOODBYE BLUE MONDAY IS LIQUIDATING ITS REMAINING CONTENTS TODAY 12/30 AND TOMORROW 12/31 BEGINNING AT 1pm EACH DAY. art, tchochkes, thousands of records, books, magazines - everything's got to go and no reasonable offer refused - my friend Tito is overseeing the liquidation. COME AND GET IT!!!
They're even selling the metal gates.

goodbye, Goodbye Blue Monday (photo by Walter Wlodarczyk via Facebook)
Goodbye Blue Monday

Brooklyn lost two more music venues over the weekend. Bushwick/Bed Stuy club Goodbye Blue Monday which went the crowdfunding route to stay afloat in 2013, said goodbye forever on Sunday (11/30). Reports the Brooklyn Paper:

The venue's last day will be Nov. 30, confirmed former owner Steve Trimboli.

"I, for one, am both saddened and relieved," said Trimboli, who still assists in some aspects of the business.

Goodbye Blue Monday has had a few fits and starts in the past couple of years. The venue held a series of benefit shows and an online fundraising campaign in early 2013 to pay for upgrades to the falling apart facility. And the venue announced earlier this year that it would close down if it did not come up with several thousands dollars to pay fines it owed to the city.

The day before (11/29) was the last night for Bushwick's Body Actualized Center, the yoga center by day, club by night that hosted shows by the likes of Prince Rama and other new age-y free spirits. There is a silver lining though, as:
Continuing the spirit of Body, co-founder Bri Yin Sweetie plans to open a retreat center in upstate New York close to the city where we can all go and be freaks on a regular basis (farm, dance hall, amphitheater, yoga zone, sculpture garden).
To recap: Brooklyn venues that closed or will be closed by the end of 2014 include 285 Kent, Death by Audio, Glasslands, Spike Hill, Goodbye Blue Monday, and Body Actualized Center.

(photo via)

For most, however, creating a home base for future stars is often anonymous work--as it has been for Steve Trimboli. He has spent the past 44 years bartending, managing or owning some of the most influential venues in the city's underground music scene. Places like Be Bop Cafe, Tribeca and Scrap Bar were all legends in their own right, each a community hub for poets, prodigies, punks and others.

Today, only Mr. Trimboli's last venture (or as he calls it, a "content generator"), Goodbye Blue Monday, still stands. And though Mr. Trimboli no longer owns or manages the establishment, he can still be found slouching in one of the repurposed cafeteria booths near the back, keeping an eye on the place. Like his previous bars, the venue would probably cease to exist if its guardian ever truly left.

Times have changed, though. Forced to sell the bar in 2010 after declaring bankruptcy, Mr. Trimboli can't officially work at the bar in any capacity. But as he lives above it and is its sole founder, he can't very well watch it die either. Mr. Trimboli has helped start an Indiegogo campaign to raise $50,000 for GBM, which was never the most financially stable business to begin with. At press time, the campaign had raised $1,210 of its $50,000 goal, with 35 days left to go. - [Observer]

Bushwick/Bed Stuy club Goodbye Blue Monday (which, like the New Order song, gets its name from Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions) is running their "improvement initiative" via Indiegogo and you can contribute. Steve Trimboli outlines exactly what the club is going to do with the funds below...

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Goodbye Blue monday

As of this morning, Le Poisson Rouge, The Stone and Death By Audio said they were planning on hosting shows tonight (8/27). All three have since changed their minds. HOWEVER, Brooklyn venue Goodbye Blue Monday (1087 Broadway) proclaimed at 1pm today that "we're open and staying open - today, tonight and tomorrow - if you want to play music tonight - FB, WEB, MS, reverbnation, e-mail - thanks." No actual bands are listed on their schedule, so it's basically an open mic.

by Andrew Frisicano

Franz Nicolay

Ex-Hold Steady troubadour Franz Nicolay is currently on the West Coast prepping for a short tour that kicks off from there next week, but that won't (hopefully) stop him from joining in via Skype on this month's Bushwick Book Club at Goodbye Blue Monday on Tuesday, April 6th (tonight).

His other upcoming dates include NYC-area shows on April 23rd show at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, May 11th show at Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park with Bomb The Music Industry, and a May 14th performance at the release party for Kate Rockland's debut novel Falling Is Like This, at Word Bookstore in Greenpoint, along with music writer Rob Sheffield.

He's also set to play a May 21st edition of the weekly Small Beast series gone big at the Angel Orensanz Foundation. Ticket info for that is forthcoming, and the lineup should include Botanica, Barbez, Bee & Flower, Little Annie, Spottiswoode, Blasco and others.

This May and June Franz heads to Europe as a touring member of Florida punk rockers Against Me, who have a new album, White Crosses, out June 8th on Sire Records. Franz says, "Gonna be a touring Against Me for the summer. I have already prepared my beard and promise to give at least the recommended 35 percent." For whatever reason, the band isn't using Franz in the US though. They kick off a North American tour without him in April and play Asbury Park's Stone Pony on April 29th. Tickets are on sale (Sweden's Moneybrother is also on that bill and part of the tour). Against Me!'s new video for the song "Rapid Decompression" off the new record is below with all dates. The LP will be their second on Sire and their first since the departure of drummer Warren Oakes (replaced by Hot Water Music's George Rebelo).

Meanwhile, Franz's Hold Steady compatriots have been putting up tracks from their new album, Heaven Is Whenever, set to come out May 4th. The record's piano and keyboard parts (which are right up front on some of the new tracks) are played by guitarist Tad Kubler. Three of those new ones are streaming on their Myspace.

As for Franz, he's also released a book & other assorted projects, and soon, a new CD.

[After my tour], I'm starting work on my new full-length with producer Jim Keller, who's worked with everyone from Franz Ferdinand to Willie Nelson to Mastodon. Unlike "Major General," it's all new songs, nothing from the vaults - and in case you're curious what that means, I've posted demos for two of the songs, "Felix & Adelita" and "This Is Not A Pipe," at myspace.com/franznicolay. Hope you like.
All Franz & Small Beast tour dates, and Hold Steady & Against Me album info are below..

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Nite Owl

Hollis J. Mason (1916 - October 31, 1985) is a character in the comic book limited series Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons and published by DC Comics. He is called Nite Owl and is a modified version of the various Blue Beetle characters created for Fox Feature Syndicate and later sold to Charlton Comics. [Watchmen Wiki]
According to Geekanard, last night's Bushwick Book Club (the Watchmen themed one) at Goodbye Blue Monday, "saw a full hour and a half of music, and while as with any open-mic night there will be varying degrees of quality, it was definitely a good time. There was also at least one truly great song that got right to the heart and soul of one of Watchmen's most endearing characters."

That great song was performed by Franz Nicolay (of Hold Steady fame). Check out the video below...

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words by Andrew Frisicano, photo by thepiratehat

Fucked Up

Excited about a Fucked Up/Vivian Girls reunion after their October Market Hotel romp, I showed up at the venue just as Vivian Girls were starting...and just in time to find the show filled to capacity. Making the best of the night, I headed to Goodbye Blue Monday for a couple beers while a banjo-playing Texan and a keys-bass-and-drums trio ("sound like the Dresden Dolls") serenaded.

After two half-quarts of Ballantine, I decided to try my luck again, this time finding the doors reopened and Pissed Jeans finishing up their set to a still very full room.

Fucked Up opened with their quintessential opener - the searing "Son the Father." Early on guitarist Gulag a.k.a. Josh Zucker could be heard tossing off some Ginn-esque noodling into the guitar-rich mix. Pink Eyes a.k.a. Damian Abraham reminisced somewhat fondly of an incident the night before in Boston involving himself and an overhead pipe that ended up costing the band their guarantee for the night.

The set was equal parts old and new albums - from the sing-along chorus of "Invisible Leader" to the ultra-ridiculous verses of "Black Albino Bones" that ended up only half sung as Pink Eyes caught his breath and let the crowd take over.

Speaking of the crowd: a seemingly inexhaustible supply of audience members climbed, as if from a clown car, toward the stage for a never ending cycle of stage dives, many of which played out like a game of King of the Hill on Abraham's shoulders and Half Dome-shaped forehead. As is customary, cameras illuminated the stage with blinding bursts of blue and yellow light throughout, casting Abraham's shaved head in eerie relief to the shadowy backdrop of duct tape and mattresses. At shows like this it's always interesting to see how the photographers and the fans get along, one onstage shielding their thousand dollar cameras and the other throwing themselves onto each other and the floor of the venue, all within inches of the band.

During "Crusades," power to the bass and other instruments cut out - which led to a few a capella numbers in between to kill time (one or two of the covers that kept getting shouted out?). When the band came back, the set closed out strong around 1am - to a crowd that seemed mostly ready to get out and wake up for their first Obama A.D. commute.


Speaking of photographers at this show, ours hasn't had a chance to work on them yet, but don't worry, they're coming. And there's one above, courtesy of thepiratehat.

sad news & a benefit tonight....

Steve Trimboli of Goodbye Blue Monday
Fuck Cancer

i decided to chronicle, in a relatively compact way, ten months of my life for a very simple reason. i’m not dead. a lot of my friends who were diagnosed with this disease were not so fortunate whether because of late discovery, denial or just plain aggressive disease. the big message for me was regardless of financial circumstance (trust me - mine is as bad as can be), moving forward against this stuff is the only way to at least have a chance against it and finding people who know about it is the best defense against it.....[Steve Trimboli]
Steve Trimboli is the owner of Brooklyn music venue Goodbye Blue Monday. Steve is sick and broke (see above). Help Steve by attending the rock show tonight (Nov 21) @ Glasslands Gallery (also in Brooklyn, but note: NOT actually @ Goodbye Blue Monday) (or just stop by the show and drop off a donation) (figure out how to get to Glasslands and Goodbye Blue Monday on the venue map).