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Guided by Voices @ Bowery Ballroom 5/23/14
Gretchen Robinette's favorite photos of 2014

Longtime contributing BrooklynVegan photographer Gretchen Robinette shot a bunch of shows for us in 2014, and to wrap up another great year, she's made a list of her favorite photos that she took since January. That's one of GBV above, and you can check out the rest of her favorite pics of 2014 below...

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photos by Gretchen Robinette

Fools Gold Anniversary at MHoW
Gretchen Robinette's top 10 of 2012

Gretchen Robinette has contritued her thoughts on favorite photos that she took in 2012, leaving us with shots of Ghostface, Janelle Monae, The Walkmen and more. Check out more shots from the uber-talented Robinette below.

Her set of favorite contributions joins fellow photographers Caroline Harrison, Dominick Mastrangelo, Dana (distortion) Yavin, Amanda Hatfield, David Andrako, Jessica Amaya, Fred Pessaro // BBG, Chris La Putt and Ryan Muir.

More photos are below.

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photos by Gretchen Robinette

Blackout in Lower Manhattan and East River Crossings in the wake of Hurricane Sandy

BrooklynVegan photographer Gretchen Robinette braved the East River crossings on Halloween to snap some pictures of an eerie Lower Manhattan in the wake of Hurricane Sandy's destruction.She says:

I biked to DUMBO in Brooklyn and shot the Manhattan Bridge and view of Lower Manhattan , next to Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn Park on Halloween night, post Hurricane Sandy. The park was closed and dark and empty. Manhattan Bridge is half lit, and half dark straight, leading straight in to China Town blackness. Biking on the Manhattan Bridge in to Manhattan now feels like riding into an ominous, creepy black void. I just had my bike light stolen and did not think to bring a flash light. Couldn't have been darker in a city that is always glowing with light. People walked with flashlights just to see the sidewalk in front of them, an occasional blast of white light next to a generator lit up part of a street, enabling people to search for a corner receiving some sort of cell phone reception. Never saw an eerier, creepier, night in Manhattan.

Then Chinatown to Lower East Side, then entering and crossing Williamsburg Bridge. Its strange to head towards Brooklyn to see bright lights and city hustle, leaving behind a heavy dark and emptiness of Lower Manhattan

Her photos are in this post. More below...

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