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Grimes, who is on the cover of FADER, spoke in her cover story for the issue on her anticipated followup to 2012's Visions. We're still waiting on details like a title and a release date, but the interview does give some insight on the album. For one, it talks about the misconception that Grimes "scrapped" her new album after negative reactions to "Go," which was never intended for her new album anyway. Here's an excerpt:

While Visions wasn't Grimes' first album, it was the first to find widespread acclaim, giving the delay between that 2012 success and her announcement this past March that a follow-up was on the way the appearance of a sophomore slump. Still, Boucher says that starting over was worth it. "Everything I made after that was 10 times better," she says, explaining that the extra time gave her room to expand upon the electronic palette that Grimes had become known for and mine the '90s rock and punk and nu-metal that soundtracked her adolescence. "I want people to feel, if they're buying something, like I put my heart and soul into it and I improved myself as a person and a writer." Boucher recorded and self-engineered every instrument on the new album herself, including guitar, drums, keys, ukulele, and violin--but she had to learn how to play them first, in addition to mastering a whole new battery of production programs and learning how to mic her own vocals. (On one track, she used the very same tube condenser mic that Taylor Swift did to record Red, a fact that Boucher, a longtime fan of the country-star-turned-pop-idol, cites with pride).
The whole thing's a good read. Check it out here.

Grimes has a few live dates coming up, including Santa Ana's Beach Goth festival and Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest. Right in between those, she'll come to NYC to play the 2015 Guggenheim International Gala Pre-party on November 4. $350 tickets are on sale now.

The xx at Radio City in 2013 (more by Amanda Hatfield)

The last time The xx played NYC was when they played 25 shows for 40 people each at Park Avenue Armory in March (which Geoff Rickly paid $2000 to see), and their next show here will also be an unconventional one. They'll perform at the pre-party for this year's Guggenheim International Gala benefit which happens November 5 from 9 PM to midnight. There's a benefit dinner the following night which honors 2014 Guggenheim exhibition artists Carrie Mae Weems, Heinz Mack, Otto Piene (in memoriam), Günther Uecker, and Wang Jianwei.

Tickets ($200 for Young Collector's Council members, $250 for general admission) are on sale now to members and GA tickets go on sale July 29 at noon. Admission includes the performance, a full open bar, and an opportunity to view a portion of the exhibition ZERO: Countdown to Tomorrow: 1950s-60s from 9-10 pm.

photos by Amanda Hatfield

Zola Jesus

Clocking in just under an hour, Zola Jesus reimagined some of her catalog for a special event at the Guggenheim last night (5/10) as part of the Divine Ricochet series (that also hosted Grouper/Julianna Barwick and Cold Cave). The show saw Nika Danilova, complete with light up puffy collar, revisiting her work backed by the Mivos Quartet and JG Thirlwell who did the arrangements for the performance. Though there wasn't much running into the crowd, as she often does, Nika did walk and stumble a bit along the beginnings of the rotunda. Pictures and the setlist, which we're not 100% positive is right, are in this post.

Zola Jesus doesn't have many more announced dates at the moment, but will be at Sasquatch, at Hopscotch and Outside Lands, in addition to Osheaga in Montreal in August (which is awfully close to NYC, relatively speaking), and she'll play a string of shows down under this year. All tour dates, the setlist and more pictures below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Cold Cave @ The Guggenheim
Cold Cave

Cold Cave opened their set at the Guggenheim museum on Friday (4/27) in the best way they know how, with blasts of noise. The LA duo's appearance (just Wesley Wisold and Dominick Fernow this time around) as part of the Divine Ricochet series was more than just an all out attack though; the band eventually settled into favorites from their two LPs Love Comes Close and Cherish The Light Years in the unique space. Here are some pictures from the unique show.

The Divine Ricochet series started with a show by Grouper and Julianna Barwick, and concludes with Zola Jesus and JG Thirwell.

The band also had a limited to 223-copies Confetti/Believe in My Blood seven-inch available to the first people to walk in the door, Did you manage to snag one? If not, look for them at an eBay reseller near you.

As previously mentioned, Wes Eisold of Cold Cave is also featured in a new Give Up The Ghost/American Nightmare documentary.

More pictures from the Guggenheim along with a video of the band performing "Love Comes Close", below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Julianna Barwick @ the Guggenheim
Juliana Barwick

Julianna Barwick and Grouper performed at the Guggenheim Museum on Friday (4/13), as part of the three-part live music series, Divine Ricochet, "that accompanies John Chamberlain: Choices, on view through May 13 at the museum." Here are some pictures from the show.

Upcoming performances in the series include Cold Cave and Zola Jesus. To quote the museum:

The series title is borrowed from a 1991 work by the late American sculptor. A lover of music, Chamberlain pushed boundaries as he explored abstraction, rhythm, harmony, and dissonance, providing a vibrant context for contemporary musical experiments in the museum's rotunda. Like Chamberlain's work, the music of Grouper, Julianna Barwick, Cold Cave, and Zola Jesus exemplify the intense push and pull between power and delicacy, structure and abstraction.
Friday's show was laid back, to say the least. To quote Amanda, "Liz Harris aka Grouper came onstage, knelt down in front of her tape deck and assortment of knobs and started fiddling with them. Everyone in the crowd had already sat down on the floor and was watching in reverence" as she made some "interesting/eerie/unearthly sounds. She would switch tapes, scribble things in a notebook, and barely acknowledged the audience." Julianna Barwick, who played first "barely acknowledged the crowd either but sounded magical in there."

Overall the combination of the musical acts, location and John Chamberlain retrospective made for a special event. Check out more pictures, below...

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In honor of the Jefferson R. Burdick Collection of more than thirty thousand baseball cards--dating from 1887 to 1959--Spectrum has organized an exciting Friday night event. Starting at 6:00 p.m. in the Bonnie J. Sacerdote Lecture Hall in the Ruth and Harold D. Uris Center for Education, early-comers can meet William C. Rhoden and be treated to a pre-show signing of his book Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete.

At 7:30 p.m., enjoy a lively panel discussion about our card collection and its relationship to baseball. Panelists include:

Sean Kirst, columnist at the Syracuse Post-Standard and author of The Ashes of Lou Gehrig and Other Baseball Essays
Dale Murphy, retired Major League Baseball player
William C. Rhoden, sports columnist at the New York Times
Sharon Robinson, educational consultant, author, and daughter of the great Jackie Robinson

After the panel discussion, the supergroup The Baseball Project (Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn, and Linda Pitmon, with a special guest appearance by Mike Mills) will perform a very special set, with songs inspired by the Museum's baseball card collection.

Tickets are still available for tonight;s event (4/13).

The Red Krayola also play a NYC museum tonight (and tomorrow) (the Whitney).

Julianna Barwick and Grouper play one tonight too! Their show is at the Guggenheim where Cold Cave and Zola Jesus (with help from JG Thirwell) also have shows coming up. Tix are still available for tonight's show and for Cold Cave's too. Zola Jesus goes on sale on 4/18.

The Baseball Project also played Maxwell's the other night, but have no other upcoming dates at the moment. Check out the new video for 2010 song "All Future and No Past" below...

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Zola Jesus @ Le Poisson Rouge 2011 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Zola Jesus

For her upcoming performance at the Guggenheim May 10, 2012, Zola Jesus has enlisted the talents of one of her most deeply admired performers, JG Thirlwell. Thirlwell is a composer/ producer/ performer based in Brooklyn, who also works under many pseudonyms including Manorexia, Foetus, Steroid Maximus and several others. If there is a common thread to his varied musical styles, it is a dramatic intensity and an evocative, cinematic quality. JG has collaborated with an extraordinary roster of artists including, Nine Inch Nails, Excepter, Kronos Quartet and The The; his compendium is a virtual who's who of every exceptional experimental recording artist of the last thirty years.

For this performance, JG has arranged nine of Nika's songs for string quartet, and enlisted the Mivos Quartet. Nika and the quartet will perform original arrangements from her last two albums, Stridulum and Conatus, while JG acts as musical director. It promises to be a uniquely special evening for fans of both artists. Tickets go on sale April 17th for members and April 18th to the general public.

Meanwhile, tickets are already on sale for the Grouper/Julianna Barwick show at the Guggenheim. Cold Cave tickets go on sale April 3 for members and April 4 for nonmembers.

All Zola Jesus tour dates are listed below...

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Tickets to the Zola Jesus, Cold Cave, Grouper & Julianna Barwick shows go on sale at noon for Gugenheim members. Public sale begins Wed. at noon.

Julianna Barwick is also playing Carnegie Mellon University on April 2 and Oberlin College on April 3.

Zola Jesus @ SXSW 2012 (photo by manotaur)

Cold Cave have confirmed that previously mentioned Guggenheim show, and Zola Jesus, Grouper and Julianna Barwick are playing the museum in April and May too. Details below...

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Cold Cave at Fun Fun Fun Fest (more by Tim Griffin)
Cold Cave

CCC report:

Cold Cave in NYC 27 April
The CCC has confirmed that the information listed on the Matador website is indeed true...

Cold Cave will be playing at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan on Friday 27 April 2012

No further information has been confirmed at this time. This information is not listed on Cold Cave's site, nor is it listed on The Guggenheim's calendar of events. Any updates will be posted promptly

Stay tuned for more info if and when it is ever announced...

In other Matador Records band news, Ceremony are now streaming their new album "Zoo" over at SPIN. The record is out March 6th which is also when the band will start playing some shows in California, eventually making their way to SXSW where they'll play the BrooklynVegan/Power of the Riff party at Scoot Inn. All of their tour dates are listed below...

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photos by Kurt Christensen


"MGMT's trippy electronica beats... fit right into the equation, although a lot of the crowd wasn't feeling it. I overheard one (probably Manhattanite) guy complain, "Give me something with a melody, play songs!"

The set was MGMT's debut of totally new tracks that they created specifically for the event and were inspired by the Cattelan installation. While at times the songs were a bit too obvious (one piece with electronic organ sounds was clearly meant for Cattelan's infamous sculpture of John Paul II killed by a meteorite), other tracks had catchy beats and little to no vocals so that one song smoothly blended into the next.

The light show was what really made the performance. Yet it seemed as I looked around and saw people talking amongst themselves and standing still during the show, that this just wasn't the right crowd to really get into it. The event was missing some key elements: dancing, maybe some drugs and actually more hipsters. Taken out of the stiff setting of a gala, MGMT's unique collaboration with Cattelan would have reached a whole other level." -[Hyperallergic]

MGMT played two nights at the Guggenheim Museum (an 11/10 private party, and an 11/11 show open to the public). They focused exclusively on compositions inspired by Maurizio Cattelan: All and didn't delvie into their prior works at all. Those expecting the hits were not stoked.

Videos from the show, a video with more details on the ideas behind the music, and more pictures from the 11/11 show, below...

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MGMT @ MHOW in 2008 (more by Ryan Muir)

Tickets for MGMT's cheaper Guggenheim show go on sale to Guggenheim members on Thursday morning at 10am. General sale begins on Friday (10/13) which is the same day Andrew VanWyngarden DJs Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn with Aaron Pfenning (Rewards/Chairlift/DFA), Brian Harding (Ex Cops), and "Very Special Guest!" That all goes down after the Razika show.


I know you're sick of Radiohead posts, but, well, they keep doing things! (and anyway, more importantly, this post also contains Portishead!). But back to the point.... Radiohead just played two shows at Roseland Ballroom, appeared on SNL, and on The Colbert Report. They're also rumored to play for Occupy Wall Street today at 4 PM, though that might not happen. In addition to all of that, Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood will perform on Fallon on Monday (10/3). According to Radiohead At Ease, they'll be performing "Give Up The Ghost."

Speaking of Fallon, his week-long run of Pink Floyd covers (that started with the Shins) continued on Tuesday when Foo Fighters played "In The Flesh" with Roger Waters, on Wednesday when MGMT took on "Lucifer Sam" off of The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, with help from Bradford Cox who was dressed as Joey Ramone. Dierks Bentley did "Wish You Were Here" last night (9/29). You can watch all three videos below.

MGMT will also perform at The Guggenheim on November 10 and 11 as part of the 2011 Guggenheim International Gala. The 11/10 show is a private party, but the 11/11 show is a public event. Tickets go on sale Friday (10/14) with a member presale starting Thursday (10/13).

Portishead, who plays and curated ATP NJ this weekend, will appear on Fallon on Wednesday (10/5), two days after Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood do. Portishead play their second of two sold out shows at Hammerstein Ballroom the same night.

Fallon videos below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Die Antwoord

"... So we met with Sean in private and asked him nicely to sort this chick out and only deal directly with us like we had been doing up to this point.Sean told us that his boss is a bit psycho and that he is bound by the contract he signed and that there's not much he can do about her lies to the press.At this point, we decided to just let it all be and not make a big scene.We were kind of let down that Sean didn't have enough of a spine to stick up for his 'friends' but we also thought, "Fokkit, let's just carry on making new shit...whatever."

However when we heard last night that Sean's boss had told the Guggenheim museum that her new up and coming director was the mastermind behind DIE ANTWOORD we kind of lost it.Sometimes enough is enough.

With all this said, Sean is fuckin talented and a sweetheart, but in life it's good to keep it real, tell the truth, and stick up for your friends.

This is why we say, "A fake friend is worse than a wild animal because wild animal can harm your body but a fake friend can harm your mind."

And that's why we also say "Love all but trust no-one."...
[Die Antwoord]
Die Antwoord's video for "Zef Side" is one of the 25 videos that members of Animal Collective and others chose to be in "YouTube Play. Live from the Guggenheim", but as the note above illustrates, there is some drama surrouding who actually should get the credit. Read the whole thing at their Facebook.

Die Antwoord made a last minute move from being opener for Deadmau5 at Roseland to instead headlining their own show at Gramercy Theatre in NYC last night (Friday, 10/29). The Knocks ended up opening the show, and Die Antwoord played 12 songs as you can see on the setlist which is with the rest of the pictures, below...

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Avey Tare @ Governors Island this summer (more by Erez Avissar)
Avey Tare

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and YouTube, in collaboration with HP and Intel, tonight announced the top 25 videos, selected from 23,358 online video submissions and 91 countries, for YouTube Play. A Biennial of Creative Video. The announcement was made at a special celebratory event at the Guggenheim Museum this evening, "YouTube Play. Live from the Guggenheim," with a corresponding global live stream at YouTube.com/Play.

On behalf of the jury, Nancy Spector, Deputy Director and Chief Curator, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, and Jury Chairperson, said, "It was our goal to reach the widest possible audience, inviting individuals from around the world to submit a video for consideration. While our original goal had been to select 20, the jury was so moved by the quality of work submitted that we decided to honor a final list of 25. We believe the end result is 25 of the most unique and innovative video work to be created and distributed online during the past two years."...

...The YouTube Play jury included: performance artist and musician Laurie Anderson; music group Animal Collective, featuring Deakin (Josh Dibb), Geologist (Brian Weitz), and Panda Bear (Noah Lennox); filmmaker Darren Aronofsky; visual artists Douglas Gordon, Ryan McGinley, Marilyn Minter, and Takashi Murakami; artists and filmmakers Shirin Neshat and Apichatpong Weerasethakul; and graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, with Guggenheim Chief Curator and Deputy Director Nancy Spector serving as jury chairperson.

Avey Tare was left out of the jury. Maybe because he's been too busy working on his new album which is released this week. To celebrate, he and some friends will be getting together at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn tonight (10/25), and everyone is invited. Details below...

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Ninja Tune

The Ninja Tune XX box set contains the following stuff which is 100% exclusive to the set and unavailable anywhere else in the world:

- 2 x CDs + 6 x 7"s featuring new tracks from Mr Scruff, Toddla T, Kid Koala, Wagon Christ, Jaga Jazzist, King Geedorah, DJ Food, Kyle Hall, The Heavy, The Qemists, King Cannibal, Blockhead and unreleased archive tracks from The Cinematic Orchestra and Roots Manuva AND new remixes from Modeselektor, Cut Chemist, Zomby, Scuba, Dorian Concept, EL-P, The Bug, King Jammy, Matthew Herbert, Rustie, Prefuse 73, cLOUDDEAD, 808 State, The Orb, Tom Middleton, Gold Panda, JME, Alix Perez, Joe Goddard (Hot Chip), Doomed (Richard Russell) and Roots Manuva. See tracklists [HERE>].

The Cinematic Orchestra were scheduled to play the Guggenheim Museum in NYC tonight, Friday, September 3rd, BUT: "Due to unforeseen medical reasons, The Cinematic Orchestra show has been canceled. The band express their deepest regret over the situation and hope to perform in New York in the new year." Hopefully those medical reasons aren't too serious and we do in fact see them in 2011.

Meanwhile, Ninja Tune is celebrating 20 years, and in addition to the box set, that means parties. Tickets are on sale now for an October 28th show at Santos Party House with sets by Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, DJ Food & DK, Poirier Toddla T & Serocee, DJ Kentaro, and Eskmo.

Two days later, almost the same lineup plays Echo/Echoplex in LA, though they also get Cut Chemist

Eskmo is one of Ninja Tune's newest signings. Check out a video along with 10 streaming tracks from the box set, info on a new book, and more, below...

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photos by Dominick Mastrangelo, words by Rachel Kowal

Andrew Bird

For Andrew Bird, touring with a handful of over-sized gramophone speakers is nothing new, but at last night's show, he worked with artist Ian Schneller to create "a forest floor of horns" (Bird's words) in the impressive, multi-level rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum. The show was the second installment in a three-part series called Dark Sounds (Beirut was the first), which combines a live musical performance with an exhibition. Two hours before the show, the doors to the museum were thrown open, allowing people to mill around the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed space, chat, and peruse the art at their leisure. Underneath the soft din of people, the sound of crickets was piped in through the gramophones that covered wide swathes of the museum's floor.

A few minutes after ten, the crowd broke into a slow clap, and the dapperly dressed Andrew Bird emerged. Bird began to play his first song - a beautifully melancholy instrumental piece - on his violin without so much as a word to the audience, but he soon opened up. "Well, I've seen a few things, but I haven't seen this before. Hey everybody. Pleased to meet you. This is a show I've never done before." Apparently, Bird, Schneller, and the crew drove from Chicago early Thursday morning, and Bird's only time to practice with the blanket of gramophones was in the hours preceding the show.

Bird played a number of instrumental songs in addition to a few with vocals, each time carefully building up layers of violin, guitar, glockenspiel, vocals, and whistling. In between songs, he'd look up at the tiers of fans in the immense room. "I've just got to take a minute otherwise I won't remember what happened," he said a few songs into his performance. There was certainly a lot to take in. Far from being merely ornamental, the gramophones were all wired to project Andrew Bird's music in different directions. Apparently, Sonic Arboretum is something Schneller and Bird have been working on for quite some time, their goal being to create a visual landscape complete with 96 horns. It's not uncommon to hear music reverberate off walls - especially in such a cavernous space, but it was a nice treat to hear it coming from multiple angles without the sound being muddled. This is what you call surround sound.

Andrew Bird

Over the course of the show, Bird stopped and started a few songs over to ensure optimum sound quality. "Let me try that again," he'd say before scrapping the loops and starting over. "It got a little messy [...] I'll try a different approach."

When he had finished playing his single-song encore (after a few false starts), he surveyed the audience one last time, hopped over the low wall behind him, and escaped through the crowd, leaving a chorus of crickets chirping in his wake.

More pictures from the show below...

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words & photos by Dominick Mastrangelo


Beirut played their third sold out show in just over a week on Thursday (7/15). No small feat for a band that hasn't released anything in a year and a half. They played twice at the Music Hall last week, and Zach Condon and Co. were the lead act of the Guggenheim Museum's three-show Dark Sounds Series to coincide with the ongoing exhibit, "Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance."

The setlist changed very little from last week's shows and except for some minor, sporadic problems with feedback the sound was excellent. Condon encouraged everyone to sing along during "Nantes" and everyone, without his encouraging, sang along to "Postcards From Italy" including the crush of girls who lined the front of the stage and swooned in that teen idol way at every glance Condon cast toward them. One of those crushing girls was overheard saying to her friend before the show, "I have a feeling we're going to end up on the cover of Brooklyn Vegan tomorrow."

More pictures, including one of the setlist, below...

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The Guggenheim will be hosting a three-part music series at the museum this summer. Running in conjunction with their "Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance" exhibition (currently on view at the museum through September 6), "DARK SOUNDS" has the following schedule:

* July 15, 2010: BEIRUT
* September 3, 2010: CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA
Tickets will go on sale to museum members ($25) at noon, and to non-members ($30) on Friday at www.guggenheim.org/darksounds...
"Produced by Sam Brumbaugh, Special Events Consultant, and Bronwyn Keenan, Associate Director of Special Events, the series takes its thematic cue from the conceptual threads that weave through Haunted, aiming to evoke the exhibition's elements of melancholy, ghostliness, the uncanny, and our collective and individual obsession with accessing the past. The series title is borrowed from the writings of Montague Rhodes James (1862-1936), who is often described as the father of the modern ghost story."
This makes three upcoming NYC shows for Beirut who also play MHOW on July 5 & 6.

The Andrew & Ian show sounds especially special It is: "Andrew Bird & Ian Schneller's Sonic Arboretum, a site-specific performance involving violin, looped passages, and a landscape of horn speakers." That's Ian with some horn speakers pictured above.

Andrew Bird only has a handful of other shows scheduled. They are all listed, along with info on a "Dark Sounds membership package, below...

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by Benjamin Lozovsky

Animal Collective

"For the Guggenheim's 50th Anniversary, the band Animal Collective has collaborated with artist Danny Perez on a site-specific performance piece that will transform the museum's rotunda into a kinetic, psychedelic environment. Transverse Temporal Gyrus will feature original recorded music composed specifically for the event along with video projections, costumes, and props, rendering the band members and performers into intense, visual abstractions. During the evening, guests are invited to freely explore the space in order to fully immerse themselves in the environment created by Animal Collective and Danny Perez."
Chaos and abstraction found its way back to the Guggenheim Thursday (3/4) night. It had nothing to do with the recently finished Kandinsky retrospective though. Instead it was through Transverse Temporal Gyrus, an almost violently meditative sound and visual installation designed by Animal Collective and artist Danny Perez.

The event was part of the ongoing yearlong celebration commemorating the museum's 50th anniversary. While it's impossible to say what museum founder Peggy Guggenheim might think of such an experiment in spectacle, her track record of gracious support for establishment challenging mind-benders like Max Ernst, Paul Klee, René Magritte and Marc Chagall could be a telling hypothesis.

Animal Collective described their musical contribution to the collaboration as an attempt to mimic the cacophonous yet often unrecognized communication present in both the jungle and thriving urban landscapes. It turned out to be an accurate representation, even through the diluted prism of psychedelia that washed over the towering rotunda for the whole event.

Samples created and collected by the band alternately chirped and blared through the 36 speakers set up along the ascending spiral path, determined at random by a complex (at least complex-looking on a audio engineer monitored screen) computer algorithm. For three hours monastic chants, saw-tooth metallic grinding, and even snippets of recognizable melodic elements from the band's recorded work, among many other sounds, repeated and bled into each other as Geologist, Avey Tare, and Deakin (Panda Bear wasn't there) stood as stylized monstrosities surrounded by black lit, stone-like sculptures and metamorphosing crystal balls. For many attendees, it was hit or miss.

The always challenging and ever-divisive band managed to confound plenty of their fans during the event, but to be fair, a large amount had probably never witnessed a sound installation before. And even as far as sound installations go, it was at times underwhelming. It was perhaps better served as less of a revelatory art piece and more of a completely unique and relaxing way to view and experience one of the most beautiful indoor spaces in all of New York City. Watching saturated colors shifting in tones illuminate the high glass ceiling of the Guggenheim was easily hypnotic.

But as the initially strange noises became more familiar as they reoccurred throughout the night, the mood of the crowd grew more frenetic, as if to connote that more we are able to understand each other, the more confusing our world becomes.

And for Animal Collective, the installation at once seemed like a creative side-indulgence and a culmination of a career long objective: to completely remove themselves as individuals from the music they create, sitting back as prominent but ultimately irrelevant performance objects. With that sort of fulfillment of an artistic destination, Peggy Guggenheim would surely approve.

More pictures from the 2nd of two shows last night, below...

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Animal Collective & Danny Perez
Animal Collective

Transverse Temporal Gyrus, the video/music installation/performance by Animal Collective & Danny Perez happening at the Guggenheim, has sold out its 9pm showing on Thursday, March 4th. Good thing they've added an early show for the same day, to happen from 4:30-7:30pm. Tickets are on sale (thanks Christopher & CJ).

The trailer for their previous film with Danny Perez, Oddsac, which coms to NYC this week, is reposted below...

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Geologist @ AMNH in January (more by Tim Griffin)
Animal Collective

Animal Collective & Danny Perez: Transverse Temporal Gyrus...For the Guggenheim's 50th Anniversary, the band Animal Collective has collaborated with artist Danny Perez on a site-specific performance piece that will transform the museum's rotunda into a kinetic, psychedelic environment. Transverse Temporal Gyrus will feature original recorded music composed specifically for the work along with video projections, costumes, and props, rendering the band members and performers into intense, visual abstractions. During the evening, guests are invited to freely explore the space in order to fully immerse themselves in the environment created by Animal Collective and Danny Perez.
The event will happen at the Guggenheim on Thursday, March 4th. Tickets go on sale to museum members Thursday, February 18th at 10am. Tickets for nonmembers go on sale Friday, February 19th at 10am.

Danny Perez is the visual artist who worked with the band on their ODDSAC film, which is coming to NYC's Visual Arts Theatre on Tuesday, March 2nd and (added second night) Wednesday, March 3rd. Tickets to the new night's 6:30pm & 8:30pm screening are on sale.

More details on the new installation and the ODDSAC trailer again are below...

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photos by Chris La Putt


"[Friday] night the Guggenheim hosted another event for their It Came From Brooklyn series, which brings talented Brooklynites all the way to the Upper East Side. The evening was hosted by Max Silvestri, and featured a (bit too maudlin) reading from Rachel Sherman, and live sets from Tanlines and Yeasayer. A 3-D light show was also advertised, but as the evening went on we were told the glasses were merely for "enhancement" purposes.

The $45 ticket price is a bit high, but those in attendance were also able to check out the Kandinsky retrospective while there... just so long as they didn't have their 3-D enhancement glasses on. The guards were unusually strict about this.

There was a bar set up, with a ticket system in place (one wine was 3 tickets, aka $6); and the museum served as a gorgeous venue, with plenty of great sightlines. Frank Lloyd Wright, however, didn't design it to be acoustically perfect for future indie bands -- leaving Yeasayer sounding more like Mehsayer (sorry). That said, we sort of prefer these museum rock shows over the status quo -- so we hope there are many more to come!" [Gothamist]

Yeasayer's new and free single is out now. More pictures from the Guggenheim below...

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Yeasayer @ Hudson River Park in August (more by Bao Nguyen)

Yeasayer recently revealed in an interview with Pitchfork that they had finished their sophomore album and it would be released on January 19, 2010. There are four new songs they've been playing live; the four new songs are "Madder Red," "O.N.E.," "I Remember," and "Amblin' Alp." Yeasayer has also hinted that they would do something big in October.... [Wikipedia]
One "big thing" Yeasayer will definitely be doing in October is playing the next date of Guggenheim's It Came From Brooklyn Series on Friday, Oct. 30th. Rounding out the lineup are Tanlines (their only scheduled show as of now), author Rachel Sherman and comedian Max Silvestri as MC. Tickets are on sale.

Guggenheim's last "It Came From Brooklyn" show featured Julian Plenti aka Paul Banks from Interpol. Julian has more shows on the way in November.

Yeasayer is currently in the UK, on tour with Bat for Lashes (who played NYC in August).

Yeasayer's Anand Wilder and Ira Wolf Tuton worked on Bat for Lashes' new record, Two Suns, which came out in April. As for their own still-untitled CD, Yeasayer's new disc is expected early next year (see above). Pitchfork called their last album, All Hour Cymbals, the 197th best album of the decade.

At least one member of Tanlines (also playing the Guggenheim show) is in a new group with members of Professor Murder called Restless People.

A Jools Holland video, and all tour dates for Yeasayer, which include Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin on November 7th and Brown University on Nov. 13th (with Javelin), are below...

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First Fridays

The Guggenheim Museum is holding a First Friday event tonight with Dam-Funk. It's $25 for non-members, BUT "The first one hundred guests to arrive wearing red clothing, shoes, or accessories will receive free admission courtesy Côtes Du Rhône." More details below...

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