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photos by Ryan Muir


Japan's DMBQ played a Halloween show at Danbro Studios in Brooklyn with Fiasco, The Homosexuals, Ponytail, Aids Wolf, Child Abuse and Matt & Kim on Friday (10/31). I heard the show was great from start to finish, BUT Ryan only got there in time to shoot pictures of Matt & Kim (the headliners) and DMBQ who played right before them. More from DMBQ's set below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

Matt & Kim

FADER Label, the recording branch of The FADER, is pleased to announce their partnership with Brooklyn-based music collective Matt and Kim. The all-encompassing collaboration between FADER Label and Matt and Kim is more than a record deal. It's a new and unique model that gives the band access to the unlimited resources of The FADER and its' sister company Cornerstone, a premiere music and lifestyle agency. This announcement comes on the heels of Matt and Kim's new full-length, Grand, which will be available on vinyl, CD and online formats on January 20th 2009 through SONY/RED distribution.

Under the watch of The FADER's careful eye, Matt and Kim have already begun experiencing the benefits of the relationship by recently releasing free online singles, Good Old Fashion Nightmare and Daylight, both of which will appear on the upcoming sophomore effort. The structure of this deal will give Matt and Kim unique resources that will allow the band to connect with current and future fans. An important component of the relationship will include Zync, who have successfully represented Matt and Kim to film and TV previously.

Recorded over a nine-month period in Matt's childhood bedroom in Vermont, Grand stands to be the band's most compelling work to date. Matt self-produced the record in it's entirety while paying attention to every detail with meticulous precision, achieving production that Matt and Kim have never had, yet still being very Matt and Kim.

The lightning in the bottle? Matt and Kim will be bringing their elated live show worldwide as they plan to tour nonstop throughout 2009.

"The partnership with FADER Label has been amazing this far and we are looking into the future," remarked, Kim Schifino. Matt Johnson added, "We have already been able to give fans free music [like through Mountain Dew's "Green Label Sound"], play free shows [ditto] and reach new people. It's really important for us to be able to give back to those who have supported us from the beginning."

"We are excited to have Matt and Kim join The FADER family," said Jon Cohen, Co-CEO of Cornerstone and The FADER. "Their songwriting and live performance matched with their amazing creativity set them up for a successful career. With this new model we're able to put Matt and Kim in front of new audiences and create opportunities that aren't available to most artists. Now they are going to have the freedom to connect in many ways with their fans."

Matt & Kim headlined the Halloween party at Danbro Warehouse on Friday (10/31). Fiasco, The Homosexuals, Ponytail, Aids Wolf, DMBQ and Child Abuse also played the show. Now M&K are on tour. More Halloween pics below...

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Photos by Chris La Putt

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals played a show the Apollo on Friday (10/31/2008) - their second annual Halloween show in NYC. Earlier in the week they played a surprise show at a SoHo cafe and the next time they play New York is with Oasis in December.

More pictures, and the setlist, from the show below...

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photos by Tim Griffin and John S. Ra

Soya Milk & Latte (by Tim Griffin)

A brilliant Halloween swept away the gloom from a city that desperately needed some good tidings. I left my home late Friday afternoon in my old, fat Elvis costume, and the streets of Nolita were packed with children dressed as skunks, pixies, angels, and such. I had to stop to watch this mini-parade of cuteness. Store owners filled the little tykes' pumpkins and bags from their own pumpkins and bags with the requisite sweet stuff. I grabbed a cab to take me to a production meeting over at Webster Hall, where I was to be a judge at the $5,000 costume contest. Adults and teenagers in clown suits and monster masks strolled past at lights, and I asked my Pakistani driver what he thought of Halloween. He told me that he never understood it: "Americans are usually so brash and poorly dressed despite the great wealth of the country. But on this day they go crazy and are suddenly creative and very nice." He concluded that it gave him "a great feeling of optimism about us." [Steve Lewis]
More pictures from Friday night's parade below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, show photos by Faith-Ann Young

Lightspeed Champion

Rival Schools closed down the main stage at the Brooklyn Vegan Day Party on Oct 25th, and if you stayed with us, and weren't feeling rather grim, chances are you were down in the Old Office enjoying (hopefully), the late addition to our party, Lightspeed Champion tear through a set that included two new songs and a bunch of covers by bands like Nirvana, Heart, and Pixies. Dev kept it light and fun, sometimes included members of the audience, and tried his best to hold it together after a late start due to the band/drummer (Jackson!) not bringing their own cymbals. Friend and partner in crime Emmy The Great (who also played the Brooklyn Vegan showcase at Music Hall Of Williamsburg earlier in the week) joined in on the festivities.

To make this post slightly more timely, the picture up there on the top is Lightspeed on Halloween (yesterday). Pictures from last week's show, below...

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Michael Jackson Thriler, Greenwich Village, Oct 31, 2008 (by editrrix)

More pictures HERE, HERE, and HERE.

And check out these pics of Zombiecon/Zombiecrawl HERE.

Video of the Thriller part (as seen in the above photo) of the parade below...

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DOWNLOAD: Streetlab - EP Release Exclusive Mix (MP3)

Skeleton Dance

Friday night, 10/31, Halloween!, is here and boasts an impressive amount of great bands spread all over the city. Have fun trick or treating around to as many as you can or pick one and get down:

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words and photos by Faith-Ann Young


A hugely hormonal, mostly teenage crowd packed into Webster hall last night (October 30, 2008) to see MGMT...... the average age around 18 to mid twenties. Rumor was the tickets for this show sold out in minutes and I would say most MGMT fans were at a loss when opener (co-headliner?) Suicide came on.

Now, if you know anything about the 1970s and 80s post-punk scene, you know about Suicide's eccentric performance history and their prominent place in rock and roll history....(Hell, even Springsteen lists them as influences.) Since MGMT are big fans of Suicide (which they've cited several times in interviews), it is perhaps not so random that the two bands share a stage (although most still living post-punk groupies may slit their wrists upon hearing legends like Suicide opened zealously for new pups MGMT.) But let's be clear: the crowd was not ready for Suicide's avant-garde performance art. Musically, Martin Rev and Alan Vega's experimental no wave rock was too heavily distorted, disorienting, and frenetic for any of the kids to appreciate. Plus, it didn't help that ski goggles on a sixty-year old man just makes him look senile- rather than 'punk' or badass. Slow moving onstage, yet trying zealously to motivate the crowd with hand punches and pointing, Suicide's duo more ressembled "oh no, grandpa got into the medecine cabinet again" retirees than fabled rock legends. And shamefully, the eccentric synth moves of Martin Rev, who at one time simply pounded the synth machine with his fists, was old news to electronically-immersed "Mac Garage-band" generation; one teenager mumbled "All they are doing is playing a backing track." The sad reality is, while it's always cool to watch real legends in action, these men are unappreciated by the new kids on the block. When Alan Vega started motioning with his hands, one kid just shouted "we don't know what that means," which was just a feeble reminder, punk as Suicide know it anyway, is dead.


So needless to say, the highlight of the night (editor in disbelief) came when MGMT came onstage in full mariachi suits, laughing. The whole crowd cheered, giggled and toasted their beer cans, as a thick haze of pot smoke wafted down the front row. Visibly refreshed and at ease (especially compared to their lackluster performances at United Palace Theatre opening for Beck weeks ago), the band played to their fans. The crowd pleasers like "Kids" caused the most commotion; at one time the whole of Webster Hall appeared to be jumping up and down (like kids on a trampoline) hands in air, with glee. (Truth be told; when MGMT played a couple unrecognizable songs- i.e. newbies not on their current album - the songs were not so impressive). Best part of the night? When lead singer Andrew broke into a sick rendition of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun," apparently using something (a vocoder?) to adjust his voice to a helium-level octave. Ahhh, to be young again.

MGMT play one more NYC show tonight, Halloween 2008, at Music Hall of Williamsburg. More pictures from last night below...

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DOWNLOAD: Greg Camp - Zombies on Parade (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Hot Lava - Mummy Beach (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Starling Electric - Black Ghost/Black Girl (MP3)

Three free songs on Halloween from Bar/None Records. If you grab just one MP3 above, I recommend the one by Hot Lava.

Christmas on Mars

Wayne Coyne, director of Christmas on Mars and visionary frontman of rock band the Flaming Lips, will join fans and friends for Cinema Purgatorio's screenings of Christmas on Mars: A Fantastical Film Freakout Featuring the Flaming Lips, on Wednesday, November 5, 7pm and 9:30pm, at the KGB / Kraine Theater.
Tickets are HERE. Lots and lots of related merchandise is HERE. Info on work the Flaming Lips are doing for NBC HERE.

Below you will find the CoM trailer(s)/ads, AND some (other?) Halloween-related Flaming Lips videos...

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Marissa Nadler

In the spirit of the season, I put some tracks up on my myspace of the soon to be rereleased Ballads of Living and Dying (on limited edition vinyl on Mexican summer) which remains to this day my spookiest record to date.

On this blog, I put up two new home recordings. Still I have to eagerly wait to put the tracks from Little Hells out there. The first is called "So long theresa," a song written by a friend of mine, Dave Godowsky. I saw him play it at Toad, this bar in Cambridge, MA, and was blown away by it. In addition to his solo work, he is also Izzy in the riotous Guns and Roses cover band Mr. Brownstone. I love his songs and this recording is still a work in progress. I'm just happy he let me cover it.

The second song I wrote 10 years ago and the recording is still a work in progress as well. It was the first song I liked that I wrote. "August Rose Gently" [Marissa Nadler]

The above "creepy halloween photo" of Marissa was taken by James Reed at the Old American Can Factory.

Dave Godowsky performs at Toad again this Sunday, November 2nd. Mr. Brownstone has a show coming up with Satanicide at Irving Plaza on November 28th. Marissa Nadler's last NYC show was during CMJ. Her next two non-NYC shows are listed below...

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Love is All

Love is All's new album "A Hundred Things Keep me Up At Night" will be released on November 18th (not the 11th as originally planned) via What's Your Rupture. In the meantime, and perfectly timed for Halloween (today), the band created a series of Halloween-themed videos for every song on the album. Each video was then assigned to a different website. We got the track "19 Floors"....

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DOWNLOAD: No Kids - For Halloween (MP3)

Halloween Grinch

This little-known sequel to the much-better-known 1966 hit, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" came out in 1977 as a TV special. It's worth noting that the only mention of Halloween is in the title (indeed, starting in the late 90's, it was released under the name "It's Grinch Night," leaving Halloween out altogether). However, the events portrayed here clearly take place in late autumn. Grinch Night, perhaps, is the Whoville equivalent of Halloween. [Wikipedia]
The music for Halloween is Grinch Night was done by Joe Raposo and thanks to YouTube, you can watch the entire obscure cartoon below...

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DOWNLOAD: Night Creatures (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Haunted House (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Dungeon (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Witches (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Encounter in the Fog (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: A Grave Matter (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Mad Scientists's Laboratory (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Elements (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Creatures (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ghosts and Phantoms (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Frightening Devices (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Haunting Music (MP3)

Disney Haunted House

There's much more where this came from at Dave's Free Hallloween Sounds.

DOWNLOAD: Beastie Boys - Sabotage (Streetlab Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Heartsrevolution - C.Y.O.A.! (Streetlab Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Hot Chip - One Pure Thought (Streetlab Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Kinski - Daytime at Narita Int'l (Streetlab Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (Streetlab Remix) (MP3)


Tonight - HALLOWEEN - 11PMish - Streetlab LIVE
Stanton Public - 17 Stanton St @ Christie
This party is totally free. Walk in...
-= Streetlab LIVE @ Midnight =-
A whole bunch more NYC Halloween events are listed HERE (both in the post and in the comments)

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Tim Fite

Like he did last year, Tim Fite is giving away an awesome and free Halloween-themed EP on his website. Don't wait to grab it though. After today it will be gone (until next year at least because this year he is offering last year's again too).

Fite says ³I will be handing out more candy on Halloween this year, and all the bad kids are excited!!!²

..This year Fite is adding a few more songs to his costume clad repertoire in the form of a brand new EP ding-dong, Ditch!!! - a bone crunching examination of the less savory rituals of Hallows Eve. If you have ever hurled an egg at a neighbor, stolen candy from a baby, dug a shallow grave, or been disappointed by a box of raisins ding-dong, Ditch!!! is the soundtrack for your Halloween mischief!

If you're in Philadelphia you can catch Tim Fite opening for Man Man at Starlight Ballroom tonight (Halloween). If you're in Texas, Tim, like many others will be performing at the Fun Fun Fun Fest next week. If you're in NYC, Tim is opening for the Constantines at Music Hall of Williamsburg in December. All dates below....

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Jersey Devil

Dear Friends and Fans,

If you grew up in central or south Jersey, you grew up with the "Jersey Devil." Here's a little musical Halloween treat. Have fun!

Bruce Springsteen

Free MP3 and new video are both at Bruce's site until Sunday night. The lyrics to "A Night with the Jersey Devil" are below...

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Yacht @ SXSW (more by Ryan Muir)

Yacht (now on DFA Records) will be in town tomorrow for another Halloween option. The DFA flyer and all Yacht tour dates below...

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Joe Strummer the Plumber
Joe Strummer the Plumber

What are some other good costume ideas for tomorrow? Don't say Amy Winehouse.

And please keep listing Halloween events HERE.

DOWNLOAD: Atlas Sound - Two Halloween Dances (Mediafire link) (via)

Blake & Amy Winehouse (more)
Amy Winehouse

Halloween is Friday! NYC shows this year include Apes & Androids @ (le) poisson rouge, Ryan Adams @ the Apollo, World/Inferno Friendship Society @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple, Matt & Kim/Ponytail/etc @ Danbro, Danielson @ Knitting Factory, the Misfits @ BB King's, Cafe Tacuba @ Terminal 5, the Black Crowes @ Hammerstein, Phil Lesh @ Nokia, MGMT/Amazing Baby/Violens @ MHOW, and Voodoo Culture Clash @ Spiegelworld

Then of course there's the parade.

New York's Village Halloween Parade. The 95th Annual!

Friday, October 31, 2008 Starting at 7 p.m.
This year's theme is Ghost. This year's Parade is dedicated to Rudie Berkhout --Merrymaker, Genius, Creator, Humanist, Lover, Composer, Artist, Holographer, Mentor,Explorer, Visionary, Mystic, Instigator, Teacher.
We truly miss him.

The official parade afterparty is at Webster Hall.

What else is happening that you recommend? Please post-anything going on Halloween-related in the comments.

Bradford Cox made some Halloween songs. Get them at the top of this post. Dancin Kim teaches you to do the Thriller....in the video below...

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by Black Bubblegum

ryan Adams

Is this like a tradition now? The Cardinals featuring a Ryan "Grizzly" Adams have scheduled a show at the Apollo on Halloween, thats the second year of Halloween shows for "Grizzly". Tickets go on sale Saturday, Oct 18th at 10AM (password = FIXIT). Post-Halloween, "The Griz" has a short UK tour mapped out before he hits the road with the Gallagher brothers (Oasis) including a show at MSG on Dec 17th. Tickets are still available.

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals are on the verge of dropping Cardinology, which hits store shelves/the interwebs on Oct 28th... you can preorder it here. The first single, "Fix It", is available for purchase now, but check out a snippet of it live below.

Grizzmiester R (OK, I'll be the the first to admit when something doesn't work) played Tulsa on Thursday Oct 16th. Peep the setlist below and peep all of his recent setlists, as well as why Danzig rocks his face off at his blog.

All dates below...

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Halloween is less than a month away

Tickets for the two Smashing Pumpkins shows at United Palace in NYC are currently on American Express pre-sale. They become available to everyone else on Saturday morning at 10 AM.


The Staten Island Advance lists '10 ways to max out the 10th month'

Amazing Baby

Amazing Baby - 2008 NYC tour dates
Sep 15 - MHOW w/ A Place to Bury Strangers (tonight)
Sep 18 - Roseland Ballroom w/ Bloc Party (free)
Oct 31 - MHOW w/ MGMT, Violens, Boy Crisis & Francis & the Lights

Bobb Trimble's Flying Spiders & Chrome/Helios Creed are opening the MGMT show at Webster Hall on October 30th. Tickets for both MGMT shows are on sale this Friday and the pre-sale begins this Wednesday at 10:00 am, ending at 10:00 pm the same day (password = congratulations). All AB tour dates below...

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